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  • “Engineering Interstellar Eugenics & Ingenuity” 🎆✨🎇®️
    Burgers The Burger 1/3 lb. Patty, Caramelized Onions, Bleu Cheese, Bacon $8 Bacon Belly Burger 1/3 lb. Patty, Caramelized Onions, Bleu Cheese $13 Steak Burger 1/2 lb. Ground Sirloin Patty, Caramelized Onions $14 Salads House Salad Mixed Greens, Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion $7 South West Salad Mixed Greens, Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion $7 Chopped Salad Mixed Greens, Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion $7 Pleasant paintings and sophistication of artistry render the ancient halls, structures and architectural- technological artifacts discovered : importantly one must register; It is quite clear the level of the architecture produced to create the many sarcophaguses, is at … Continue reading
  • Transmission
    If stupid people were not alive, the world we live in would exist as a paradise for all life in it, perhaps and quite possibly a form of utopia! I realised quite often, stupid people were the sole reason for all of the problems in and around societies, all across the globe.. All of the problems and damage to life on earth, was/is solely due to the life of the ‘stupid person’ Unfortunately they/stupid ones cause an affect thoroughly throughout. ‘Stupid Ones’ : Their entire life existence ; The programmes of their life – existence is a plague of painful … Continue reading
  • Multi culture V Monetization
  • Vanguard of Spiritual ♾ Infinity
    If one visualises intensely, a sentient version of rhythm is experienced.. in a stained glass payne… The experience echoes fluctuations in perpetual movement, perceptualise this arousal; A performance perhaps of side to side. Rhythmically orchestrated. Multiple levels of dips arises on this steady motion, while the slightest sways promote a constant rhythme of pronounced motion over the course of impaired balanced. However the locomotion is experienced as a gentle rhythm, complimenting the mechanics of our biology. An evolved super- registered sophistication and perhaps “updated version” ? Swaying in a subtle guise, a gentle inclination and a thought in a particular … Continue reading
  • “Initial Breaking Points” ® NARCISSISTIC CHARACTER DISORDER People do not wish to have their dreams shattered, their programmes removed & remodelled or their Illusions ruined.. ® In this, their own being and evolved sentiment (Be In) of each individuals reality, people wish to remain as blissfully sincere to/in their ideals? It can be earthly shattering for each being to experience the contrary of their own thoughts and expectations, presumptions and misunderstandings. I think people are missing the general synopsis, especially in terms of real understanding, relative interpretation, language, communication and truth. Communication being the catalyst to lost truth via poor translations.By mistaking the … Continue reading
  • Forces of Policy farce; The Evil Ones Be Degenerates!
     “Attractiveness is more important than intelligence?” When aiming to predict success? Interestingly, i think it is the dominant social order of certain parts of each culture.. Points in favour:Everything sells via sexual imagery? Parents desire to produce beautiful offsprings? Marriages is a result via attractions? Divorce is a result of unattraction? Be that through the depths of deprivation, demotion, problems via aging, debt, poverty, ill’s striken, loss, feuds and failure. The cosmetic industry is worth a trillion dollars? HISTORICAL PILLORY The elephant man (Rare and genetic disorders) The Circus acts ( Rare humans and endangered animals ) Pagans stigmatised as … Continue reading
  • Rock Euphoniums Accidental Jazzy Progeny of “Rock n Roll”
    Music Be a great creation The forever more, binding manifestation of existence The Evolution of phonic instruction has aided the human species through human existence The progress of human species has reciprocity to sound waves Diversion of sound creates mass of energy wave particles The one constant throughout creation; Life and sound is ONE abstract Sound is a CONSTANT Measure is also a defining CONSTANT of universal law SPACE and MOTION is another constant of universal participation TIME BINDS all laws as intricate sensitive ethereal strings, tiny precious eternal mechanisms for everlasting life Spirits are a consequence of SPACE … Continue reading
  • “For Casting”
     A future : ‘For – Caste’ Wealth/social status/goals are all hall marks of the trap : Your participation increases the wealth of the elite.. ® : There can be only one real winner in every 1,000,000.. ® The more entities chasing this accult dream, the more revenue is collected.. : The majority will never succeed: The majority play their role as the inanimate erected scaffolding, forever silently.. Of this colloidal feind which hoists it’s hosts high.. This supports the hierarchies in total authority.. If the majority wake up and walk away as individuals can effortlessly perform? The entire scaffolding folds and … Continue reading
  • The A-Pex sustainor : Worlds/Realms
    The Genuine A-Pex predator, Of the planet.. Has not yet arrived.Paramountal for instructions of magnanimous length… Over the legendary breathe of a distinctively coarse course in longevity, subtle few billion or so years. Rough and forming, texturising, growing and shaping, molding and aligning to make habitual and inhabited.Homing skills have developed quintessentially due to the light and energy… ®Existence has something for the solar system in store..A regenerative demise and reform. Quantum, a digit unremembered. Perhaps, several billions or so…? Those of such, whom have quite an appetite for want of more…? Life will regrow & more, thus; Spread and … Continue reading
  • Look at this on eBay
  • Maasai® Love by dying Fate
     Some people or rather many people, assume the faithful ‘MAASAI’ ® will now meet their doom! 🤔 The ‘CREATOR’ ® of all things has a power, which is un-perceived, a measure which is unmeasureable, a plan which, which can not be registered ® nor realise!! NONETHELESS. If we will place our optimistic emotions away, and concentrate on the barbaric patterns of western government coups/schemes/spying tactics, you may realise what people are talking about? 樂
  • Ill-Effects of “ILL-Luminati”
    “ILLUMINATI” Illuminati > { Latin for “Hidden Light” } ; “Extreme light…” Secret light or “Secret Lumination” ; Exclusive Lightening, Exclusive Elimination; Luminescent information or “Ominously Exclusive” To open something or to disclose information is to ; Bring into light or view, Lumia, lumiscity “luminate” or luminous the identity of intended object inorder to reveal previously esoteric (esophageal) acculturation or wisdom. Ultimately this promotes the proclivity of circular information : – To produce bright and clear literature, which previously layed dormant and unfounded. To make bright and known from once which rested within hidden obstacles. To release into true clarity … Continue reading
  • Look at this on eBay
  • Almighty Omega
    For those that stand to postulate much, whom understands maths, speed, object ratio’s, distance and comparison, this may intrigue you a little? 樂 This DATE was not ment for HATEThey examine to exaggerate..The wicked will, Perpetuate…Those who align attempt to imitate..For Existence shall surely illuminate.. Those whom attempt with conjecture and postulate..Whom are emancipate watch existence Liberate…Such a feeling that is so innate outstanding and appropriate..Presence congratulate…The Almighty’s dawn is immaculateIt is too LATE just to try AND RELATEFor many will simply attempt to impersonate… Spying upon from afar, while we simply Demonstrate… Personification of existence The all inspiring … Continue reading
  • Age (of) old Requiem
    A Study to the evolution of fear amongst the English citizens and the explanation into the characteristics of an excessively fright baring culture Continue reading
  • Dictatorship
    Lots of things are slowly starting to come to mind now, similar to important pieces of a jigsaw puzzle ; An extremely large puzzle that incorporates our beginning and ending. Giant Hula Hoops, large balls, flaming fire rings, Dazzling sparklers… Dwarfs.. Acrobatics… The media is part of all the theatrics.. To perplexe one’s mind from the truth… One famous comedy stunt with the audience: Inwhich the entertainer is repeatedly tapped on the back, but each time the entertainer turns around, there is nobody insight?樂The entertainer acts bewildered, then asks for the crowds participation to track proprietor? The audience shouts: “He’s … Continue reading
  • “Psychological Paralysis” ©
    One law for one group of people and separate law for others.I experienced an unfortunate and unforgettable moment one evening when I returned home. The experience rendered ill for days on, without aid or treatment, due to the nature of the incident. A criminal attempt made on myself, which potentially possessed the credentials to terminate my existence as I know it and ended my life. This ungracious incident occurred towards the end of last year 2020 : Alas. Poisoning; One of my bottled drinks was poisoned: I have always purchased this liquid and it has always be in genuine compliance … Continue reading

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  • Thieves Criminal Turkish scum
    Many of my property items are stolen by this turkish middle eastern family Inwhich the daughter here is wearing the cycling jacket stolen from My home.. The mother is the main. Theive and passes on the items.. The make is Civic.. These people are racist scum
  • -1248? 0?
    “A TIME FOR YOUR CONTEMPLATION” Adjusting each mind to the tones of sound resonance.. Often aids the ability of comprehension and preparation of the things you intend to decipher…. Climatising on the fringe of extreme human extinction…  I think you of humankind are too late on the notion… to altering the current trajectory of human beings path of systems, these ancient patterns of governance and beliefs. It has been in affect since the dawn of civilisations and rose to full prominence in the start of the “Industrial Revolution” What we witness today, is akin to the final bolts being added … Continue reading
  • Watch “The Sad Reality Of This World – You Have No Choice ft George Carlin” on YouTube
    💫 Circumstances : The flow of circles 💫 Everything said today, was said yesterday.. In some form of reference in response to? Everything done today was done yesterday.. In some form of reference to, in relation to? Everything experienced today, has existed as ancient experience and… What’s more, somewhere out there lays bare the crucial evidence for interpretation and enlightenment, from the minds of gifted intelligent folk (“… Shem Su Hor”) and those with enough energy and grasp of the light to ponder the magnitude of such? 樂 Everything comprehended today, existed long ago, already as ancient reality, which has … Continue reading
  • The Origin of People
  • The Creation of the 5th Aztec Sun
  • ‘How Music Came To The World’
  • Anunarky Eloah
    In the name of the most high, all praise be to thee… Most high – above all, only, for I shall begin.. Concerning all which Relays before the rapture to come! Despite it all, amongst those of you and I, Some may be gifted to bare, while some may not… Some may be lifted from the torment of their burden… While many will be hampened by the weight of such a burden..? Which indeed, some may lay to witness while many will not.. In which some may be raised to other places while many will not… Some will be lowered … Continue reading
  • Privet Dorogoy
    Privet, dorogoy, 🌹 Velichestvennaya pevchaya ptista. Vy skazali, chto vas zovut Yakhna? “Yakhna…” Myagko proiznesite “Yaahnaa…” Snova! Eto deystvitel’no krasivo; Eto tak krasivo, Kogda ona vydayet svoye imya v atmosferu ….. Kak sladchayshiy aromat, vkhodyashchiy v atmosferu…. Deystvitel’no, “Mindal” Prikhodit’ na um…. Kak ptitsa, ukhazhivayushchaya za kryl’yamii gotovyashchayasya k poletu! Kak “golub” zadykhalsya, medlenno raspakhivaya kryl’ya…. Akklimatiziruyas’ “Rasprostraneniye orla po polu” Kak I proslavlennaya “Zolotaya….” Paryashchiy sredi gor Apalachey… Krasivyye orlinyye glaza, takiye zavorazhivayushchiye… Rezhisserskiy I manyashchiy… Navigatsiya po etim nebesam. Eti vysoty… Kak gory, yesli “Novaya Shotlandiya” Kak gory, I Kogda mne interesno….. ty I my iz “Novoy Shotlandii” … Continue reading
  • Vanity Verses, The Great “I AM”
    So many today “know not” of the reality of accountancy in accordance with the measurement of one’s own life and responsibility to the wider conditions in thus, environment we harbour – Earth. People perpetually have stated: “Governments have made them poor/Governments are greedy and corrupted” Though moreoften these sentiments are partially true! What of accountantability? Ironically… Governments do not force people/individuals to interlope, neither force citizens to marriage or sexual endorsements/gratification of procreation.. neither thrust expensive hobbies, lifestyles upon individuals… Society is certainly not suited for everyone, that remains a fact! These habits are generally individually based choices made by … Continue reading
  • The Punctuation of an Evil Presence; The preliminary evolved synonym.
    The tradition; An abhorrence to allow cultures to remain untainted by their (European) thirst for blood, war, uncivil doctrinaire, embezzlement and trenchant order upon this world. Unlike a child of god, these impersonators (Importers) infiltrate wonders of the world to claim as their own. Nonetheless, forever lacking the meaning simply cannot comprehend the genuine structure and magnificence of things. What these things deem as magic, is none other than the wonder of our lives (The spiritual essence of things and to come) Continue reading
  • Derivatives Of Intention & The Amplified Consistency
    In a world bombarded by individual sellers of personal truth, the derivatives of authenticity patching the multitude of broken courses are indeed lacking in noticeable action/actionable motion. Thus, the actuation manifested by poetry of fruition marked by time… immensely. Generations should not perpetually fall to hoodwink themselves, by adopting the familiarity of regretable beliefs, in the forecasts of “things will orchestrate into everlasting fruition!” In fact… quite simply “No!” Indeed No! it shall not and never will intend too, unless the personal personification of truth and just are vehemently applied without hesitation! As it is known… “REAP THAT WHICH YOU … Continue reading
  • The Most Powerful Man In The World ? “The Black Pope” ?
    So, you thought you were pretty well informed by now about all of the main players on the “conspiracy” playing field? You’ve maybe been hearing for years about (or bumped into on your o… Source: The Most Powerful Man In The World ? “The Black Pope” ?
    Originally posted on khalilaliytheenlightenmentbomb's Blog:
    IMMANUEL KANT “CRITIQUE OF PRACTICAL REASON” “Act in such a way that the maxim of your will could always hold out the same time as a principle of a universal legislation”                                                                                                                              …
  • The Missing Planets On The Solar Belt
                  The mighty solar system a minute dimension in the galaxy we harbour… The mighty Sun boasts as the orthodox attraction of the solar system we harbour. Orbiting the Sun is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, The Kuiper Belt Which harbours an unquestionably destinct plethora of debris, these deposits are situated between Mars and the Jovian planets. A tag allocated for the larger planets outside the kuiper belt, that are gaseous in nature instead of the rocky surfaces acknowledged in the four earth like planets within the kuiper belt. The jovian planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus … Continue reading
  • “The Genuine Denizen” (denigration and black ignited plight)
    BLACK UPON BLACK… Black shoe polished, utilised by black entertainers in 1950’s America, for caricature and emphasise the purpose of an extra extremity! Black on Black… the give away here in this photo below is attributing to the distinctive black hair and nostrils! “Black on Black” “Hey Yeah!” “WAS SSSSSSSHAKING SUUUUUP!” States the entertaining ingredients of the black artist’s proliferations! Some black people’s aspiration to be viewed, valued, and considered for endorsements and sponsorship was quite extreme to say the least! Modern day black citizens in the west attribute similar intentions in modern-day times. Notice black people attempting to play the … Continue reading
  • Personification of Truth
    A long time ago… With in our alignment of the galaxy we exist in, a planet flourishing with biotic life and existing within their Laws of nature… brimming with prosperity and culture… The inhabitants lived as we do now! Existing on the goods of the land… building & reaping the resources as the time enveloped! History has it that this planet no longer exist! Somewhere amongst the many stars dried and exhausted of life… But the desertion of this life inhabiting  planet full with ingredients… the inhabitants were indeed quite nonchalant towards such resources which bequeathed the nature front of … Continue reading
  • “Do not be evenly yoked with thy who seek the demise of favours” “Do not!!!!”
    Originally posted on khalilaliytheenlightenmentbomb's Blog:
    There are many types of neurological syndromes that bequeath the cerebral! To many to state amongst the familiarity of the common states of un-wealth of being will undoubtedly encumber the average cerebral in a life time, to the anthropogenesis of all species! All cave dwellers to cosmic chauvinism… have a mental dilapidation which galvanise another behavioural characteristic! Such can be inherited, Caused via nurturing… Intoxications… Head traumas… Emotional or Psychological traumas… (Stress..) etc… Will betray a composed functionality of mind! The “Over concern of others or opinions” Of concern, of other, opinions, ultimately will lead…
  • 📯Generic Idiochromosomes Collide📯
    Originally posted on khalilaliytheenlightenmentbomb's Blog:
    I have wondered upon many nights and dawns, of the differences between each ethnicity. The socio heterogeneity which illuminates my cerebrum especially and quite intriguingly, are the distinctive divide of the two polar hues of the monochromatic spectrum…. Black and White! You may have also heard as I have experienced, from others in personal socio heterogeneities, this statement: “We are all the same”… “We are all as one” or “We are all from the same descendents”  Maybe not, as not for thee, though through needing…. whom we have affirmed acknowledgement, descending from Neanderthal-anthropological generics! Yet one…
  • 📯Generic Idiochromosomes Collide📯
    Source: 📯Generic Idiochromosomes Collide📯
  • 📯Generic Idiochromosomes Collide📯
    I have wondered upon many nights and dawns, of the differences between each ethnicity. The socio heterogeneity which illuminates my cerebrum especially and quite intriguingly, are the distinctive divide of the two polar hues of the monochromatic spectrum…. Black and White! You may have also heard as I have experienced, from others in personal socio heterogeneities, this statement: “We are all the same”… “We are all as one” or “We are all from the same descendents”  Maybe not, as not for thee, though through needing…. whom we have affirmed acknowledgement, descending from Neanderthal-anthropological generics! Yet one has to acknowledge, convicted upon the … Continue reading
  • Resume Consciousness
    Originally posted on khalilaliytheenlightenmentbomb's Blog:
    “Many Are Wide Awake… Yet Are Fast Asleep! While Many May Appear To Be Asleep, Yet Are Wide Awake!” While You May Come To Realise, That Many Are Awake In This World (Only In The Physical Realm) And Can Neither Perceive… Realise… Visualise Any Affirming Actualisations In Current… Previous… Future Chronological Periods…? There indeed exist some, few (Few In Ratio To The Capacity Of Human Life In The World) That Are Sleeping And Quite Heavy (Heavenly… Explicitly… Soundly… Quite Quiet,  Comfortably) Yet Are Wide Awake… (Having An Awakening, Quickening Of The spiritual Soul… A Heavenly…
  • Lyrical Vibration of the African humming bird
    The African hummingbirds are a species of Alves (Birds) which are indeed small, with the aeronautical characteristics of a bee… extremely diverse in motion and capability in flight… engineered via the education of evolution… the slight hummingbirds have the capability to fly backwards…. with their tail rear end leading first… subsequently in an unusual manner… matter of fact, all directions akin to the copied technology of the mechanical drone.. The only other few species normally and easily identified and witness to fly backwards… is the wasp and bee families… flies have the same motion aswell as other rare specific species… The … Continue reading
  • Melanin Bares Unimportance If…? Unity Bares futility!
    “The melanin of a culture can rather weigh down total Unimportance, while ever becoming more of a destruction to the common conclave of the subdivision seeking unity, if the themes and perspectives of its favoured members are not in total agreement of it’s Kingdom of lands!” In my above statement I declare, the commencement of building a strong unity between peers of legitimate cultural subdivisions, will only arise via the construction of true honest views and constructible… reliable… liaising with members who are truly seeking the benevolence of “good proclivities” which is sustainable and prosperous… Ideas… ideas… ideas… does produce … Continue reading
  • The bark of the harshes testimony
    The evolution of the genome… has delivered nothing short of a mere roller coaster ride for all reciprocal species… Imagine if one was an old oak tree… rooted in the millenniums of human phylogenetic’s?  Just Imagine the sights one would have engulfed… behold the horrors embraced by the elements of nature, from the subatomic to the vastness across the landscapes…? Sense the turmoil which had/have/has indeed poisoned our friend the earth… our landlord the earth… our regulator the earth… our sustainer the earth… our helper the earth… our mother the earth! From this understanding one has to admit, surely it is … Continue reading
  • What Lingers In The Advent Domain?
    Continued in this summary from the previous topics concerning will power and the spirit domain… Not to delay further upon another second… we shall initiate here and commence… from there in, with what we left of in the previous pages… on this special topic! Kindly pay attention! There exist an extremely very old book, once written articulating the genesis of species, titled: “The Book Of Creation”. This book originates in a foreign language and is apparently four thousand years old. Myself I never came into contact with such a wonderful manifestation. .. Yet I was informed it was translated Into Latin … Continue reading
  • “The Mythically Poetic Heroic Journey”
    “It Is Universally True, That The Renegotiation Of Trauma…. Is An Inherently Mythic-Poetic Heroic Journey!” “It Is A Journey That Belongs To All Of Us Because We Are Human Animals” Peter A . Levine (Waking The Tiger, healing trauma). Indeed I will agree in wholesomeness to the above statement by Peter A.Levine. A journey which will cost the traveller, their personal… private and further more future weight in gold! Such an experience is quite often too much load to bare for the traveller alone of such seismic afflictions throughout each life experience! The complete compromise necessary to shift through such … Continue reading
  • The Non – intelligence (I.E The Lowbrow)
    Living in the western state, opens the cerebrum to actuality, quicker than it would, if for example. .. one was a layman or seer existing in the suburban outback of a deserted desolate environment, surrounded by oxygen and complete solitude! Growing up in cities, increases the age experience of the individual. I myself would not advise anyone to raise a child in a city location. From my experience, I can honestly state, children who grow up in the city environment, are quite off-balance. .. in terms of Psychology. Often quite bilious and snide. The constant attempts from “99%” of the population … Continue reading
  • “The Splenectomy Of The Fire Host
    Any Renunciation Advocated By The Self, Off And Against The World Of Such…  Bilious Forms… Splenetic Hosts… Vitriolic Or Baleful Spirits, Will Indeed Cause A Ramification Of Disturbances In The Life Of That which Is Administrating Renunciation… Spirits and the spirit world cast a dark dormant shadow upon that which “Alights” to pious improvement and stability of self! K.Aliy To each individual or companionship, if your are open minded and quite aware, that generations evolve, yet natures remain the same! Evil is with in, as it sits without a host or candidate… Evil Never Dies Nor Will Evil Ever Desipate, Simply For The … Continue reading
  • Agricultural Longevity (Blossoming & Biochemistry)
    Summer reaches out to all life, the heat drains fluid from all organic compounds… The protoplasm engage in water retention. The biotic substances are starved while dehydrated. .. You are busy or pre scheduled with multi tasking duties… Now! Who will feed the plants…? As you may have forgotten… Not to mention you spent a considerable amount of time in previous occasions, rearing your beloved polychromatic symphony of decahedrons. Such bouquets sit as your prize possessions. . Yet it maybe costing you a substantial sum each month in maintenance. .. I.e If your collections of exotic bliss, is costing you … Continue reading
  • “Genesis Of Malice”… (Spirit World)
    “In This World… We Live To Connect With Past Companions, While Reminding Our Past Previous Associations Of The Thus Construction and debauchery K.aliy    K . Aliy  , Reasons For The Malice In This Realm” Khalil Aliy 2015 (C) Revelatory In this important chapter, here by, it is important we deal with severe matters at hand, by the underlying utterances of thus issues, not fully Pre-aligning… Pre-liaising… Pre-realising… Pre-analysis… pre-recognising such realisations of problematic Re- accuracy… the denial of such actuations… and the future torment of avoiding these affirmations. .. and occupiers. .. which you hold the keys to dismantle… virtually! The … Continue reading
  • Protoplasmatic Symbiosis
    Nostalgia “Mocking Birds… Make A Monotonous Mockery, Of Mass Misery… Via Mediation, Of Media Medium, In Thus A Medley” The Realm Of The Narcissistic statues, truly ferments from within the western front, submerging it’s claws along the deep ocean sea to all inhabitants that reach out, birthed from within…. to western demographics affairs. .. Along the shores and utilising the atmosphere upwards and outwards… If you happen to drift a shore on to such lands, be careful where you may end…? “The Grass Is Not Greener With Hypocritics” ln a village long ago… in a quite town somewhere in the … Continue reading
  • Notification Of Certain Phylogenetics”
    Ooooooo Black Sheep… Black Sheep… Oh… Oh Once Mighty Black Sheeps… Oh… Oh Now Low Black Sheep… It Is A Pitty & dis-functional How You Have Become… Low & Behold, Oh heralded Unfortunately A Black Sheep… “Groups Of Bar… Bar Black Sheeps…. Once Giants Who Roamed The Forgiven Lands… In The Magical Land, Under The Warm Night Sky Once Roamed The Black Sheeps… The Strong Armed Black Sheep Adorn In A Natural Habitat… Kings & Dons These Black Sheeps Once Were! Long-Long Ago…. But Never Too Long Ago… Sheeps Gazed At Fire-reign Foreign Vessels Rain Upon Their Clangs… With The Emergence Of … Continue reading
  • “They Just Do Not Get It (Misguided Psychological Arousal)
    “They Just Do Not Get It” Many people Psyche is driven by a profound acknowledgement, alluring to a black or white understanding in the deciphering of things… elements… situations… factors… The common mind has “No Real Value Or Substance” Often unintelligible, uninterrupted, unfortunately misguided, very similar to another worldly known species…? It is often examined as the “Misguide In Sheep Mentality” Where many sheep will follow those in front to near death and danger, even following the leader over the cliffs edge, tumbling down a rocky mountain to a relighted allarming discovering. A discovery of a frighteningly perpetual gruesome end of life! … Continue reading
  • Knocking On The Misrepresentation Of Heaven’s Door
    Knocking On Heaven’s Doors… While Lost In Misrepresentation. … As we have finely reiterated in previous chapters regarding language and the etiquette use thereof, “Language of phonetics… alluring to an incomplete syntax of symbols, meanings… expressions… descriptions… and explanations in the communication of various respective socio heterogeneity… Nonetheless, communication alluring to the incomplete synonym, is slightly derailed of precision in the actuation of expression of emotions or felt sense! I.e “The Words Have Not Even Been Invested For Suggestions Yet, In Any Contemplation Alluring To Inventing Syntax & Phonetics, Which Decipher, Such Subatomic Felt Senses” THE FELT SENSE: “Our Feelings And Our … Continue reading
  • Resume Consciousness
    “Many Are Wide Awake… Yet Are Fast Asleep! While Many May Appear To Be Asleep, Yet Are Wide Awake!” While You May Come To Realise, That Many Are Awake In This World (Only In The Physical Realm) And Can Neither Perceive… Realise… Visualise Any Affirming Actualisations In Current… Previous… Future Chronological Periods…? There indeed exist some, few (Few In Ratio To The Capacity Of Human Life In The World) That Are Sleeping And Quite Heavy (Heavenly… Explicitly… Soundly… Quite Quiet,  Comfortably) Yet Are Wide Awake… (Having An Awakening, Quickening Of The spiritual Soul… A Heavenly Bliss, Consciousness Of The Subconscious… Enlightenment). … Continue reading
  • “The Journal”
    In This Affirmation And Continuing On From The Previous Affirmation here, In “Autonomy, Catastrophe And Trauma”…  Hopefully We Can Delve Further With More Precise Inquisitions. Also…! Understanding, These Chapters Are Never And Not For The Most Ignorant Of cerebrum Or Easily Offended…. Hopefully, If You Have Been familiarising In The Early Blogs At This Website Http:// You May Be Now familiar With The Affirmations We Have Been Sharing Here… If You Have Not…? Well! Need I Explain More…? You Are Probably Not Ready For That Which We Are Sharing!.. Also, Also understand That, Each Individual Cerebrum Evolves At A Separate Rate, Plus The Fact … Continue reading
    “It Is Highly Virtue To Autonomy, That One Can Be Truly Measured In Appreciation, With A Degree Of Pre Trauma Available To Reflect upon” By this statement… what I advocate is due to the tacit facet of the necessary fluctuations in the polar degrees of the spectrum in hostility and calm, we can  analyse circumstance, wealth, well-being or health… of a participant or agent…? The earth (World) for instance, has a large degree of autonomy which is measured by the fluctuations in chaotic worldwide weather bombardments. .. Too much of these chaotic weather bombardments, then the earth as a complete … Continue reading
  • Illustration Of The Nuclear Strobes Relation!
    “When The Rays From The Sun Strobe Out Towards Any Location, The Location Receiving The Sun’s Rays Is Acclimatised By Heat. If Any Objects With In The Paramagnetic Parameter Of The Burning Strobe Prevent The Sun’s Rays From Penetrating Further Then The Object Shade And The Shades Metrication Will Be As Cool As Autumn…. The Sun’s Rays Only Heat The Spot Or Location In Direct View Of The Sun’s Rays…. This Is Akin To A High Powered Spot Light From A Powerful Touch, Emitting Heat From The Wattage Capacity Of The Instrument! The Precise Spot And Location Light Is Displayed … Continue reading
  • Witnesses Of A Relunctant Messiah
     “Show Me Your Comrades…? And I Will show you Who You Are!” Advised here in earlier chapters… of the methodologies to personalise autonomy and the necessity to acquire suitable liaisons, in the chapters of one’s life. Acquaintances of educated and moral notability are indeed fundamental on the congregation towards personal success. Otherwise a proclivity towards solitude is equally as potent in the longevity of self preservation! The attributes of solitude is quite a simple measurement. One simply can never be dissatisfied with the arrangements imposed by self authority in decisions and reliability. The realisations of depending (where and when possible) … Continue reading
    On a recent blog at the below website address…. A mild but acquiring discussion has risen with in the confides of socio heterogeneity. … Importance Of Washing, That Being Cloths, It Has Become A Modern Dilemma On The Recommended Intervals Garments Should Be Cleaned/Washed…?” I Remember Growing Up As A Child Living At Home, I Did Not Understand That Which I Know Today And The Significance Of Washing Cloths Prematurely, In Such Collective Spatiotemporally Orders…While Presentations Akin To Sphragistics, Not For Visual Importance But Rather Hygienic Importance. .. Certainly… As Most Kids Formalities… My Attire Was Necessary Clean… But Not … Continue reading
  • Exploitation Of Manipulation
    “At Which Stage In The Personal Evolution Of Our Organism…. Do Each And All Set Upon Each Other?” You Will Indeed, Be Familiar With Such A Question, As It Is Motioned, From Time To Time! From Early Age We Begin Forms Of Early Manipulation Which Are Absorbed From Our intrinsic Instincts That aid our Survival… Though Our Primitive Understanding Of Survival Is Based On Euphoria As Infants… We Still Graft The Necessary Ingenuity To Graft Our Inner Mist Of Desires And Lavish.. I can remember an occasion, when I was waiting in the patients area of the doctors surgery… Watching an … Continue reading
  • Trespassing In Unceremonious Turf
    “When We Administrate A Vocality Of Wisdom To A Vacant Mind (Foreign Ground) We Are Sometimes Not accredited Or Appreciated” More often than most such lackadaisical tendencies and the non advancement wisdom from such pariahs or less of education, are unclear to the treasures they are receiving…. None the less, give freely…. your rewards are worth your weight in gold… Even if your work is routinely stolen… still give freely… you will collect your reward from elsewhere… Myself I notice many of my work is stolen… with not a hint of accreditation given to me… often somebody elses name appears … Continue reading
    Peter A. Levine From his book Waking The Tiger (Healing Trauma) States “Disease is the anatomies Dissociation with Ease” Finely and superbly put, one can agree in wholesomeness. Every single profession in the medical industry has perpetually endeavoured to reveal all concerning phenomenon of illnesses, including symptoms, cures and catalysts! When we say catalysts, we are not subjecting reference to the how…? As in… “how did so & so catch the flu…?” Or how did they break their leg… Or worse yet, how did they lose their life or that of their child…? It is not only such a question which is … Continue reading
  • “With Sincere Courtesy” Idiosyncrasies!
    Originally posted on khalilaliytheenlightenmentbomb's Blog:
    Relationships of familiar personal digest and entwining, have long been the heart of civilisation… The strength of a species and it’s separate part.. Without insinuations towards the alignment of a specific culture or society…. We can realise all prosperity arrives with the cohabitation of the prospective land one wishes to occupy… abide by and surrender servitude to its doctrinaires and customers… The overall success of non industrial cultures manifest via the autonomy of the general public… “Understand, how can a ship deliver safety to the passengers, if turmoil is present, through out the admiration…
  • “With Sincere Courtesy” Idiosyncrasies!
    Relationships of familiar personal digest and entwining, have long been the heart of civilisation… The strength of a species and it’s separate part.. Without insinuations towards the alignment of a specific culture or society…. We can realise all prosperity arrives with the cohabitation of the prospective land one wishes to occupy… abide by and surrender servitude to its doctrinaires and customers… The overall success of non industrial cultures manifest via the autonomy of the general public… “Understand, how can a ship deliver safety to the passengers, if turmoil is present, through out the admiration of the crew?” Competence of such … Continue reading
  • “Agrimony” The Lonely Children & Forever Tomorrow’s
    “A Small digestible Effervescence, To Cure An Upset Stomach, Is A Word Of Blessing Which Ruminates As An Antidote To Eradicate The Germination toxicity” Language and it’s importance is highly powerful in the transferring of information and wellness… We must understand the process of the intermission. .. Intermingling. .. interminable reciprocation of this magnanimous atomic disturbances… The sound waves felt by process of vibrations is the exact apparatus which delivers the noise by way of exploding atoms… which we have conveniently manipulated over thousands of millenniums to create sounds… These sounds became identifiable as instruction or message and meaning… Meaning … Continue reading
  • “Alpha To The Omega” The “G”reatest “O”rder “D”emonstrated
    Originally posted on khalilaliytheenlightenmentbomb's Blog:
    “BISMI-ALLAH HIR RAHMANIR RAHJEEM “AA-OUZOOBI-ALLAH MINUSHAITANIR RAHJEEM “ALLA-HUMDULA LI ILAHA How do we even try to describe the supreme being… The one which started all existence… Fore the word “GOD” is too far inferior, as such a disruption has been too far tainted and ruined by mankind and mainly via the newest international language set upon the earth! That of the ENGLISH language and the multiple meanings per word. Such a language is still inferior to the comparisons of “ARABIC” for instance which is millions of times larger and more accurate. RATIO between the two…
  • “Alpha To The Omega” The “G”reatest “O”rder “D”emonstrated
    “BISMI-ALLAH HIR RAHMANIR RAHJEEM “AA-OUZOOBI-ALLAH MINUSHAITANIR RAHJEEM “ALLA-HUMDULA LI ILAHA How do we even try to describe the supreme being… The one which started all existence… Fore the word “GOD” is too far inferior, as such a disruption has been too far tainted and ruined by mankind and mainly via the newest international language set upon the earth! That of the ENGLISH language and the multiple meanings per word. Such a language is still inferior to the comparisons of “ARABIC” for instance which is millions of times larger and more accurate. RATIO between the two languages is vastly NONE comparisable example … Continue reading
  • Ionospheric Disturbances Of Our Cultures
    “Euphonic Symphony” We shall attempt to preserve some basic understandings of fruition and autonomy today… As you have been aware, we have travelled… engaged.. evolved and sculptured the cerebrum and our personal automation for preservation and pious.. We shall not destroy the body… But as you have been keenly aware we have freely taught you the survival instincts, in order to best place harmony in your world on earth. We shall endeavour whether your ionospheric disturbances become broken or not. Every year a child is born… every man or woman becomes of age, in which the necessary arrangements are needed … Continue reading
  • “Esoteric Wisdom” The lonely children & divergence
    “As A Child Growing Up In A Lonely Home… For Several Years Living As An Only Child… I Inquisitively Roamed The Dwellings In Search Of Adventure Lonesome Days… When I Was Permitted From Stepping Outside In The Dark Pouring Rain In Winters!” Even afternoons from mornings were dark and dreary… As it appeared life had seized to ferment the streets beneath my window overlooking the down stairs neighbours luscious garden.. Such a garden blossom in summer… which the footballs of children I played with regularly bounced on the hedges and exotic flowers. .. the echelons of plant life I came … Continue reading
  • “A Before & After Point!”
    “With In The Crucial Division Of Evolution & Personal Autonomy, The The legislation Of Awareness Sits Very High In An Echelon Of Pure Value” Question…? How can one simply have true evolution if one can  not visualise… notice…. understand… conceptualise. .. have cognisance of… comprehensively a before and after point………???? To Know… is truly to grow…. as also to grow is actually to know! Never physically but intellectually and metaphysically. .. One can grow physically as often children do, without any internal growth, spiritual growth, intellectual growth! This is the ultimate hazard. A subsequent hazard which divides Man from beast ( … Continue reading
  • We Indigo Child Heart’s Live In A Natural Zone Under Threat By Poisonous Venom!
    “Thy Super-enhanced Indigo Zone, Never and Not A Delegate of Deleterious Dilettantes”… “Autonomously Amiably Spoken… The Actuation Of Earnest Trust & Know… But The How?”… “But The All Encompassing Wonder To The Undisolved, Unsolved, Unsolicited, Uncaring, Dislodged, Those Who Lack In Advantageous Attributes Of Understanding, Shame, Etiquette, Decorum, Thought, Often Unintelligible & Highly Corrupted/Corruptible” Never be fooled or lulled by the appearance of such souls?  For often appearances are not always exact! But it is advantageous to study the thought process…. If one is not attributed the freedom to study thought.. then trust your heart… (unless you are sure your heart … Continue reading
  • 2014 in review
    The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 22 trips to carry that many people. Click here to see the complete report.
  • “The Triviality Of Concerns”
    Is it not quite interesting, how paradoxical agendas are treated or manifest issues of concern.. One could not quite help but to notice the triviality of one groups crusade oppose to more detrimental issues across the atlantic! “Mean while, elsewhere in the unbelievable world of quintessential polar opposites” A separate story unfolds, one of unnecessary importance and headlines. Niether of tragedy human debilitation or injured life! Be well and take care Thank you Regards the poet.. .Aliy
  • “The Ever Intriguing Estrangment”
    “Hello Goodbye” With in the “Holy cemetary of concise mischeif In waiters who may oblige you of your tickle and fancy… possibly for free… Relationships be an intriguing estrangement in the core intrinsics of our chronostratagraphical band! As many may have expected from the evolved legislature of modern homosapien desires! Modernisation, Capital, Independency upon Egotistical Genomes have indeed supported the steady incline subsidised by every possible conceived wish. This has indeed broken a once formidable aliance between two essentials… who now appear most unfavourable via all this!….. That is, this misdirection and misinformation for chance ladened participants of miscengenating fortunes! … Continue reading
  • Deciphering Your Individual Illusions
    “Just A Mirage” Hazardous to personal realisations, many folk exist in life by a complex feature of the imagination! Sometimes disturbed oftentimes flights of happy fancy… While attributions abound to divisions of intricate synchronicity nurtured by pretend of “False Realisations” & “Make Believe”. This type of danger and route awaking by earlier believers can shatter the personal mind!  Often redundant, leaving the mind estranged from reality and relapsing into unknown quarantines, where no individual has dare set foot before! These types of imaginations, flights of fancy, make believe are wholesome in individual tastes. They are created soley by the agent to … Continue reading
  • The PLUS 1 (+1) On The Vanguard Of Skewed Intelligence!”
    He who transcends thoughts……. floats with the wind….. This way and that way, maybe beneficial. … maybe not….. Cast not your aspersions of your mismanagement of data… only facts please, for no more no less! Is It Not Ironic?  1. That there exist people who are racist to others yet advocate against racism! 2. Strange as it maybe it is indeed true! Within the Afro Caribbean Islands/Afro Americans who are often racist to their neighbouring Africans by means of abusive name calling… are amongst the highest protagonist of racial slugs, poor behaviour and addressing of fellow ethnics! It has surprised me a … Continue reading
  • “Soveriegnty & Monetary Value Of Precedence”
    Secrets in the wind you will love me relentlessly I shall not return your love to you.. not ever! From there upon sits my beauty, fine, preciousness in delivery and always waiting. magnitude hold no boundaries…. Laugh with the wind as my easiness attracts you… But I shall not give in to your charms so cheaply. You will fight for me… in which you will win and loose. Rich to your delight, though shall quench your thirst as master feeds his hounds when hunting for spoil! You shall and again shall savour the moments of longings for me. We shall … Continue reading
  • The Four Actuations Of Affirmations
    ★  When Folk Inform Another/Others To Disclose Information To Them With The Truth Or Of The Truth? 1. Tell me the truth (Tell me what I want to hear only) ●That which they are really asserting and postulating, is for others or another or yourself to tell/say to them which they want to hear and can take/listen to and handle! This often will not be the truth but instead a comfortable lie of their appreciation/grandeur and comfort! Because this (The lie that is) will support their theory, prejudices, ignorance, learned understanding, belief system, association, comfortability, stubbornness, ideology, reasoning, escapegoating, stance, … Continue reading
  • Our Date We await???????
    ●  “Be Ye Thankful For Such Light, Thus Life One Have Been Bestowed!” I will suggest it is highly affirmed to be gracious in your waking day, for the hour has not yet set when all ye know will eventual fade ever slowly away? Leaving you minute by minute in this natural state of the moment! Yet still second by second ever growing closer to the pinnacle departure akin to the tectonic parting of one’s life. Thus a longing affection to belong with the fresh air of autumns automatical breeze. Thus manifests a signal of great importance once and for … Continue reading
  • That Which Was, Inevitably Shall Be! As That Which Shall Be, Once Again Shall Return To That Which Was?
    “History Always Repeats Itself” As mankind often do not learn from the errors of their ignorance, sufficiently and adequately! Humankind often strives by grandiosity, and quickly displays abhorrence to the past without, trusting the complete comprehension of things. This abhorrence becomes the hinder, for full and genuine true maturation! Such office manifests as a trap for fools in the encore of human development! Such non steadying metamorphosis is that which directs all wars of indifference. This harsh precinct of authority will one day see the undoing of humankind to ashes! It maybe a fact! That if all of life and … Continue reading
  • Flower photography
    All rights reserved Photography by khalil Aliy
  • Flower Flowetry “D” Breeze autumns viable “D Components”
    “The molecule photosynthesis juxtaposed life forms” Breathing, sharing, smiling, dancing, engaging, expressing, their gratitude for life! Giving one deep sensual breath.. breath of fresh engine air, turbine aerodynamics of our departure be air of our fine force… Superheterodyne status… This guiding stratosphere and capeless crusader… Strong health strong and all empathetically empowerment. The ritualistic warmth, friendly encounters and benign health.. A trully utterly trusted friendship one can admire! From dancing stars upon my soul, to an ethereal light… Which ignites my life… My inclination endeavours spirits… worthwhile spirits of a benign nature… A deep seated seeded sea & dedicated rapture.. … Continue reading
  • Being the sole legislature of your destiny with the authority bequeathed
    ” One can either be subjected to the malign of false doctrination, or begin to practice personal affiliations to health and wealth?” Real health and wealth is the substituents of wisdom and understanding! Understanding is total benevolence. .. Benevolence is totally beneficial! Beneficiaries are most certainly good! For good outways evil and leads to prosperity, Peace of mind, health and wealth! While evil eventually runs out of steam, gas, akin to a locomotive, it needs more intensity and matter to produce robust crude movement! Far from aesthetic, rather crude, unhygienic, cumbersome, noisy and squandering. . While abrupt, hazardous and none … Continue reading
  • Organism
    “In order to understand any race, culture, species, identity, creed, class, religious affiliations, ethnicity etc… It is highly recommended & important to study the demographics of the antiquities of the particular division!” “Fore their exist no today without a yesterday” (Khalil Aliy) “What was…. Now is…. What now is…. Shall be… As what shall be… Shall again return to that which before was?… (Khalil Aliy) “You understand?” This certain revival of life is the summary of nature and existence! The subway of portholes and metamorphosis! The chain between life in depth, the death and rebirth. Not death as in total … Continue reading
  • The Catalogue Of Catalytic Catastrophic Isms
    Oftentimes you may have realised, negativity versus negativity be the exercise of futility. You may often have witnessed such folk subscribing to such arrangements, exhumed in full! For if two entities exchange further negatives of their characteristics, the only outcome relates to cancellations, obliteration, annihilation! Oftentimes you may feel nonchalantly about the process of two negatives of nihilistic traits annihilating each partisan! After all it maybe to ones own benefit or not so? “Whoever knows?” That which maybe more common is the fact, two benignly filtered agents are usually witnesesed to progress further in existence as a beneficial quality of … Continue reading
  • Aficionado Of Autonomy!” The sunday evening Psychological screening open advice session.
    “Emerging from 21st century Aluminium” (K.Aliy) The road to civilisation begins from the autonomy of unrestricted health in all areas of the self in all entity entirely. The self governance in entirety is paramount to service of others and personal survival. Modulation internal external of self greets autonomy in abundance. Consistorial patterns also rewards one’s longevity. “There can truly not exist a paramount coadjuvancy without the prescription which binds the union” That prescription is in actuality the single autonomy of each single section, sector, agent, element, part, contingent, parry, etc towards the synopsis. All constructive unions are forged via healthy … Continue reading
  • Modulation of monetary denominations
    “The Law Does Not Concern Itself With Trifles” (Anonymous) “The Good Of The People Is The Cheif Law”      (Cicero)  “Laws Grind The Poor and Rich Men Rule The Law”                                                                    (Oliver Goldsmith) “If The Law Supposes That, ‘Said Mr Bumble…, Then The Law Is An Ass- A Idiot” (Charles Dickens ‘Oliver Twist’). Regarding laws and the intrinsic vehemence that governs all species, unfortunately and often do … Continue reading
  • Thursday’s Money Saver (weekly)
    “Remember, There exist a correct way and an incorrect way to perform tasks” In teenage age years, I loved the endorsement of cash and all that it aided aspiration to! I never even noticed jealousy at that time in my life, because one was so busy chasing money! I remember still, my first part time job at the age of 11 years old! I worked for the local news agent “John Menzies” delivery early morning news papers, one hour before school started each morning! The morney was not great but it certainly came in handy, as I never use to … Continue reading
  • Thursday’s Money Saver Advice Session (Monthly)
    Everyone has a plan, yet the majority of folks are often              Falling short of the actuation of their plans! Usually harboured by financial constraints, time, knowledgeable affiliates, experience, beliefs, circumstances, demographics, geography, culture, religion, acquaintances, health, education, gender, sexuality, heritage, identity, ability, aesthetics, vunerability, weaknesses- (kindness etc) etc etc…. The truth is there lays a host of genres that prohibit you to acquaint with a life a little bit more beneficial than the one you adorn! As I versed, there really exist a right way and a wrong way to do everything in this … Continue reading
  • The Death Of The Renaissance Period, was the beggining of the end!
    Upon an intriguing inquisition and the ruminations exported via an echoed ramification layered transgression, relayed by pariah and dilettante relinquishing virtues and morality! A possibility for acquaintance with eugenics! Once again my cerebrum awoke with a quadrature, scalar quantity and parallelogram of forces & spark laden epiphanies, all lecture symptoms symmetrically equating world issues and estovers of mass nonchalance and discord! “My cerebrum had been set on fire this time with the ablution of thought and message” It was my early morning rise, that bathed the way for the succession of anagrams of realisations through the vortex of my cerebrum … Continue reading
  • How Emotions Debilitate Consciousness”
    Upon an inquisitive survey, which led to a dialogue concerning groups, an epiphany speculated in my cerebrum which shrouded me with much thought! It can be verified that in all metrication and diversity, every single last person, postulates by affirmation into a multitude of areas, minorities, majorities, subdivisions, echelons, subminiatures, sections, hierarchies, affiliates, out casts, coadjuvancies, destitutes, divisions, personals etc etc etc etc…. Also simultaneously! It is appropriate to understand we all have multiple likes and dislikes, attitudes to separate things, these alone will always pit us against contrasting and collaborative postures to indifference and the multitude of diversity in … Continue reading
  • “Thursday’s afternoon financial philanthropic advocative session” 01.
    “As the world’s multiplicity duplicates in every fascet, comsumption and product has worn first prize parralel to noble laureate recognotion of the galaxy,in this manifestation of mined resources converted and utilised then dumped. This proceeds the most contagious assemply of danger to all life created by one soul inhabitant, namely guilty of spoil! The human race is as guilty as charged of squander waste and dump, as a theif caught red handed with his hands in the amiable cooky jar! Consumption is rife, waste is increasing, squander becomes a route for the lesson of regret, while nonchalance to mother earth … Continue reading
  • The idioglossia of one’s idiochromosome
    “NEVER FEAR THOSE WHO CAUSE YOU PAIN UNABASHEDLY, TROUBLE AND  NOT TOSTRIFE. Fore NOT TOO LONG, THEIR DAYS ARE FILLED WITH ASHAMEDLY PAIN & STRIFE (I PROMISE)” This is the degree upon the west, who by decree cause yet nothing but ill will upon the earth and natures inhabitants. From the invasion and destruction of innocent microscopical  the life to contamination of the insurmountable! “I often question how degenerate a mind can become, as to not even consider future dangers untill it has risen, often to late” This suggests would suggest genuine characteristics of the utter stupidity of the homo-sapien … Continue reading
  • Enucleate the insanity
    Primarily in modern epochs nostalgia appears the romanticist, for the well wisher and day dreamer of a utopian benevolence! For all past and present and future actuations are forever lost in the translation via space, chronological elapses, momentum, Linguistics, metrication and tradition, to the point no truth exist! Just equaling the adoption of christhood by those who betrayed him and let him be slaughtered, my words too, will one day be lost as of everyone elses also! The modern day partisan are no longer interested in metaphysics, but set a monument on the a quick fix, a nocturnal habituation! The … Continue reading
  • Variant Organic Polychromatic Hues… Of Summer 2014
    Distant shots… Bless….   All natural photos.. No colour or hue enhancement      100% un choreographed colour photo of 2014..  
  • Figs Be A Nutritional Source For Nourishing The Self!
    Earlier this amiable morning once the sun was in full view, I participated in early morning foraging for some figs in my back garden! Figs are packed with fantastic nutrinos to boost the anatomical properties of the phylogeny! A few hand fulls of figs each day is a quoted blessing upon ones health! Figs are a great source of carbohydrate and sugars, and define a great morning burst of vitality and energy to see you through your day or training sessions! Fortunately our most loved earthly recipient craves for the fig juice aswell for stored energy on their quest for … Continue reading
  • “The Morphogenetic”
    “One Should Never Forget, The Journey Of Their Personal Evolution, For it Is In Such In The Infancy Of The Morphogenetic and Ruminations of The Actuality Of Ones Existence, Which Bares Singularity Of Earnest Truism, Yet Still An Addition To The Co adjustment And Coadjuvancy Of Mediation, Meaning, Madness, Mortality, Moral and Moreover!” (KHALIL ALIY) Upon earlier ruminations, I have declared the inquisitions and motives of societies members -(Be it outcast, pariahs, the insecure or threatened?) Often use said motives to challenge, acquire, or merely keep by keeping you away from such close proximity of their personal heir or empire! … Continue reading
  • “Enlightenment!” The Internal Eternal Organic Internet
    “Awakening To The Wonders Of The Existence” For modern partisans, reaching a state of benevolence is difficult indeed, many who have built a lifetime upon the fancy and the razzmatazz the artificial world offers, will pass away the opportunity of a steady relationship with “,Enlightenment the ultimate realisation”. For the artificial as nice as it appears is constructed from the fibres of the official and leases often a trail of havoc vocations to the organic fibres of the world! Be careful of that you waste your money upon! For it shall never benefit the earth! Whats more if you can … Continue reading
  • Agriculture and Organics
    Harvesting, Freshly Governed Organic Produce! “Always Has Been An Intriguing Symptom Of Mind To Nourish The Self With Better Than Average Stock” Oftentimes Quality Stock Actually Cost More Than Even The Fast Un-organic Produce, Consumers Hastily Crowd For! Oftentimes, One Pays Quite increasingly on this synthetic absorption of mere aesthetics, guised as produce-( For Un-qualified Stock ), Inwhich Most Of The Pricing is Due To Packaging, Tansportation, 3rd, 4th, 5th Parties Who Negotiated With Pricing Along The Steady Chain Of Corporate finance! Nevertheless and unfortunately by the instant it reaches stores, stock can be unafordable and expensive! For this type … Continue reading
  • Everything Is Bound To Be Loved By The Light!
    Everything Is Bound To Be Loved By The Light!.
  • Everything Is Bound To Be Loved By The Light!
    Everything in “Existence” Is bound by the one sole legislation! The light source which holds no subscription elusive of prejudisms and the machinability of deception! “Light Simply Endeavours To Love All” Thus The Mighty Light!!!!!!!! The light as we know of is a non disclaimer, and has no preference, or a switch mode, alternative sanctions for others! “Simply take me as I come, I shall love you as you stay!” Attitude of the Love from light is a blessing upon existence to be known!  Simply shinning on everything with form in our dimensions! A TRUE FREE SPIRIT, THE ORIGINAL FREEMASON. … Continue reading
  • illumination Be one’s Greatest Gift, Such True Effervescence!
    “Illumination Be One’s Greatest Gift and Such Amiable Governance of Effervescence!” Ones light and restoration sits like an alternator in a car which has the steady but mechanical robotics to charge the battery, whenever the car ignition and throttle is revered! So we can symbolise such mechanical status to that of the human phylogeny! The heart is alive and switched on while never resting, instead continually deploys blood throughout the arcade of the physical entity, the brain sets the orders of instructions, the heart chambers are akin to a sophisticated gear box and intricate sophistry which regulates the velocity of … Continue reading