Flower Flowetry “D” Breeze autumns viable “D Components”

“The molecule photosynthesis juxtaposed life forms”

Breathing, sharing, smiling, dancing, engaging, expressing, their gratitude for life!

Giving one deep sensual breath.. breath of fresh engine air, turbine aerodynamics of our departure be air of our fine force… Superheterodyne status… This guiding stratosphere and capeless crusader… Strong health strong and all empathetically empowerment. The ritualistic warmth, friendly encounters and benign health..

A trully utterly trusted friendship one can admire!

From dancing stars upon my soul, to an ethereal light…

Which ignites my life… My inclination endeavours spirits… worthwhile spirits of a benign nature…

A deep seated seeded sea & dedicated rapture.. reaping, leaving rewards of benign remembrances. .. Sealed and savoured.. A spiritual knight.. A good night least not a good bye night…

They breeze, I breeze, they ignite, I ignite, they shine as I, one the same, I in them as them in me….

We and I….

The eathereal light!

Children of the cosmos, my soul is owned tonight and I owe to the stars… Of light… The delight…

My matter is the star dust…. Such earnest plight… The beneficiaries Of shimmying light… Ohh such such… Still life.. Ritual delights…

First I am here as  i am there as I am everywhere above and beyond, between and against…

For and to… In and out, deep I travel.. Long as the wind from October to October. .. Supernovae murmuring to and throw…

The galactic emblem of ultra sonic magnetism. ..

I ignite and ignite and ignite once more… As there will never ever exist no such more…  My fame is a flame of ethereal tame… It will mame those unfamiliar. .. And this.. This is the name written on the HEART of thy blazing flame…. N.A.M.E……..

Ignition can not stop, so will not stop…….

“Never-Ending Active Metamorphic Entity”

Those who wish me ill health slowly unknowingly fail… Thus fall… Indeed the fall suddenly… Comatose. .. Slowingly you go… Go.. Go… Sleep… Go… You Go.. Deep sleep… Deep… Once one more and one billion more.. 1 billion ill-ion a dozen fall.. Still I ionize my children so… Yes more…

A TRILLION and so….

One million and more counting counting counting….

Untill you will take nomore.. Grasp nomore… Feed nomore… Take nomore as you took before… From Doncaster To St patricks Dunkirk… Rome to Rio … Netherlands to Niarobi… New England to Napels, Lancashire to lagos,  Houston to Haiti, Shangai to Seyshells… You feed quite ill indeed…

Be nomore… So we shall indeed live some more…

See nomore… Be seen nomore… Comprehend nomore as they are nomore. ..

For many will never need no more… As their realism affection is nomore!

So hear once more! While read this on… More..

As many can be nomore… Your time is nomore…

Hear nomore… Be clear nomore…Feel Nomore… While Here nomore….


But still yet our lovvy precious ones we count, can never forget.. little dove flowers be patience as the dirt you sit.. Will prosper on… Far more..

Lovely natures inside and out…. meet my aesthetic friends….  Co… Nurtured by the katabatic orchestry.. As one and twos and threes insofar.. The breeze an polychromatic symphony… A  true measure of the calibrations. ..  Biotic calligraphy a subdivison of subatomic sophistry. .. chemistry… symmetry… Actuarial Actuators of devine actuality..


A prospective “Activatory”… The avalanche.. The aviator and advance amiable “Av-at-ar” a sublime gargantuan guarantor of the noble self! This kind morning still…… love…


Being the sole legislature of your destiny with the authority bequeathed

” One can either be subjected to the malign of false doctrination, or begin to practice personal affiliations to health and wealth?”

Real health and wealth is the substituents of wisdom and understanding!

Understanding is total benevolence. ..

Benevolence is totally beneficial!

Beneficiaries are most certainly good!

For good outways evil and leads to prosperity, Peace of mind, health and wealth!

While evil eventually runs out of steam, gas, akin to a locomotive, it needs more intensity and matter to produce robust crude movement! Far from aesthetic, rather crude, unhygienic, cumbersome, noisy and squandering. .

While abrupt, hazardous and none resourceful!

“Power without perception is futile”

(Fist of the northstar)

S Memo_219

S Memo_215

As how power is administrated is a potential hazzard to you by you!

“They not know, what they do!”

(I believe are the words uttered from a one Jesus Christ)

I understand this statement as it is important not to follow others! As everyone makes mistakes, in which such agents can surreptitiously galvenise another to misguide and falsehood.  As one eventually could be following somebody else’s mistakes for years, decades, and how so unfortunate too!

I sit and wonder sometimes about the old and their turmoil in the west! But I can not help but to wonder what they must have done when they was young to have bequeathed such dettrimental circumstances, without such health and happiness! The truth is a little intelligence is needed, as one can continue making the wrong mistakes, tiny errors of their very own.

I.e pepetually listening to others who wish them ill health! Never learning to read and write (The two most fundamental skills of the modern world). Not allowing yourself room to grow as an individual! Not trusting yourself! Complaining when it is to late and your own fault for your circumstances (by way of falling into the trap of others).

This occurs sometimes in many arrangements when people gave so much to falsehood and pretences, alignment of their nature to endless paths of miscellaneous sections of deep mischief.  Often find it hard to turn back around as people find it difficult to relearn good natures.

Yes this is true!

“People will try to hurt you via many ways? People will try to kill you in many ways?

There are some who are incredibly illiterate in the world, with a large surmount of ill will attatched to their ignorance, akin to a heavy ball steel on a weighty steel chain! Such folk exist in turmoil and they may try and kill you via a physical action and the employment of a weapon!

There are the wealthy who are unanimously afraid of loosing that which they have. Believe when I state they already know they can not survive in a lower class and often commit suicide as a final result of financial burdens accumulated via years of poor financial decisions! Such individuals can grow very wicked indeed, to the point the “fear they harbour from frightfully worrying about loosing there lot, metamorphs them into a nonchalant populous of the human race”. Insofar guard their wealth by way of the continous suffering of others wealth and health. As a constant poison will feed neglect to others and hope many and much will starve away or be broken and leave their boat alone!

I feel not a “molecule” of love for such people who have plenty but are so frightened to loose it they generate suffering willingly or unknowingly?

Via financial neglect some people will kill you!

then their are those who have no authority over anyone, they have not the heart to face another or the spinal cords, or the finances to destroy another, but will seek machinations of machiavellian preportions!

Many buy way of sabotage, propagation lies and condemnation! Some may use old scriptures while others partake in heresay innuendos. While others prefer insinuations of deep deformation and distribution of mass distortion! The sincere goal is to destroy another, so it is wise to question even the motives of your mother let alone a complete stranger?

An example may arise in defamation from a number of positions! Let us study one in adequate detail!

S Memo_151


There is four people? We will identify them by shapes?

Triangle. .. Square…. Circle…. and Hexagon!

The haxagon appears to acquaint with many and much!

The triangle is non submersible, and detest the circle who is a unique shape.

The circle is submersible, collaborative, coperative, challenging, supportive, realistic and more the triangle can not seem to find in its very own limited dimension!

The square is unfamiliar with strengths and does not pay to much heed in any direction but will continue to be a square or follow the majority in any direction?

For we could state that if the hexagon wanted to pursue goals in life, it would probably not recieve fortunate advice from either square, triangle via their restrictions of thought!

Where else the circle would be more rounded of in giving realistic advice!

That which would come from the triangle would be 100% dettrimental to the hexagons life in the ling run of events. As such characteristics are extremely narrow minded, usually can not adapt outside any box or quarantine and are lost without a hand to hold!

The square though may lead the hexagon to jeopardy. Also ironically can also lead the hexagon to prosperity simply by accident!

As the square will follow any group, as a consequence may accidentally follow a good group as well as an unfortunate group!

Yet the circle would indeed be the correct entity and shape to instruct advice from! For true wisdom holds never any partiality, pretence, favour, obligations or favourites!

Just the benign best possible service or scenario!

S Memo_226S Memo_212 S Memo_136

S Memo_201

You see! Actually there exist many squares, triangles, hexagons in life!

Most of them will grow old and suffer from the enrolment of such decisions. While a few will ripe the rewards from the infringement of the enfranchisement of etiquette and productive advice!

We are to blame for many of our positions in life, the majority of the time from adherence of improper instructions!

S Memo_195

How many chances do we need?

This will differ between each folk as some had a vetter circumstance to work from. Others will have a terrible circumstance to work from and need to be extra extremely diligent in every waking hour!

S Memo_221

Remember! Many who approach you have already got a set up plan in action to kill you softly and slowly.

You will become old and bitter, then look for anyone to poison also with lies and hatred!

It is your life listen carefully!

S Memo_195

The deciet is already coming for you, if it is not already there yet!

S Memo_190

Thank you and be well clear of false witnesses and fallacy. … they will not be in good stead…

Be well… protect your hearts and desires..

You want to know the result! Ok.. Simply spend time with the old in hospital… They are indeed a lesson into misdirection and mislead!

S Memo_192

Be your good selve and continue..

Be your fool self but blame nobody.. as all the aid is available in this epoch as it was not available before for the children of yesterday who are now blindd to the light and still suffering!

Open your windows and hear their cries, they are the damned!

S Memo_223

Remember there exist not one outfit, group, contingency, coadjuvancy, organisation, culture, society, paradigm, sect, following, country or unity in the world which is without fault


S Memo_185


“In order to understand any race, culture, species, identity, creed, class, religious affiliations, ethnicity etc… It is highly recommended & important to study the demographics of the antiquities of the particular division!”

“Fore their exist no today without a yesterday”

(Khalil Aliy)


“What was…. Now is….

What now is…. Shall be…

As what shall be… Shall again return to that which before was?…

(Khalil Aliy)


“You understand?”

This certain revival of life is the summary of nature and existence! The subway of portholes and metamorphosis! The chain between life in depth, the death and rebirth. Not death as in total annihilation, But rather the change of things from familiarity and freedom of housed similarities! A freedom of a caged bird is akin to a change, a stone to a rock or to/return to sand and dust from atom and particular substance!

No such survival of being exist….. Without area for change!

Witnessed or in torrent darkness a change occurs without/with the consent of the self hosted directorate manager, the self entity!

“A change will occur”

http%3A%2F%2F38.media.tumblr.com%2F8c557327ae50c69c521dce9e18d51f44%2Ftumblr_mqsdg4AvPw1szm930o1_1280S Memo_29

Change can be magnanimous-ly supported or directed by education or suffering or a simultaneous coadjuvancy! Understanding change is a matter of personal maturity! Maturity is a skill of multiple divisions and factors;- Emerged and collaborated.

MATURITY IS A CONSEQUENCE OF AND INCLUDING: Growth, Hormones, Genetics, Chromosomes, Biology, Physiology, Chemistry, Neurology, Geography, Inheritance, Circumstance, Education, Chronology, Parenting, Education, Study, Wisdom, Experience, Nurture, Nature, Trauma, Accident…. Etc!

Basically everthing becomes additional, Thus creating majurity, which manifests as an ever increasing and changing substance of the organism! The organism in part, holds on to each factor to build upon a new self governance, like uploaded data files to a system which broadens the functionality and capabilities of the device or organism!

S Memo_7S Memo_13

Maximising and ultimately strengthening the structure and modes of the organism/device/self!

Each organ is aided with growth to booster the unit/organism!

Each order or organ adds to the over all well being and health of the organism!

Remember! Everthing in or on the earth is a subdivision of the earth, a organ of the earth!

The earth uses each organ for the earths full capacity and reciprocates with each organ and particle for sustainability and benevolence, including vein, artery, lungs, bones, minerals, flesh, skin, hair etc etc of the earths body parts and the synopsis of the earth!  image


Thank you and be well

The Catalogue Of Catalytic Catastrophic Isms

Oftentimes you may have realised, negativity versus negativity be the exercise of futility. You may often have witnessed such folk subscribing to such arrangements, exhumed in full! For if two entities exchange further negatives of their characteristics, the only outcome relates to cancellations, obliteration, annihilation!

S Memo_13

Oftentimes you may feel nonchalantly about the process of two negatives of nihilistic traits annihilating each partisan! After all it maybe to ones own benefit or not so?

“Whoever knows?”

That which maybe more common is the fact, two benignly filtered agents are usually witnesesed to progress further in existence as a beneficial quality of special personal evolutionary traits!  The need for annihilation never arises in commercial community, communication, distribution or mitigation of any transgression! The negative force engrossing that of nihilistics have the capabilities of cancellation to another agent including the self- (In which a slow drama unfolds, ever so slightly, untill eradication is finalised from the inside to the outside of the agent).

Where else the benign entity can not cancel out another agent and as a consequence beneficially can not cancel out itself! But can steer other agents away from chaos and even has the superpower to redirect a nihilistic entity to prosperity!  (Footnote; It is very important to remember there exists a multitude of imitations of such a benignly organic product).

Such products of life are in all earnest true works of nature!

S Memo_7


Every element in all existence from the alpha to the omega is identified as; matter/muslim/element/thing/object/energy/creation/arrangement/substance! – (“MUSLIM!”)

Matter or substance as many uses and can be used or uses something to fufill meaning or action or purposes/s. What this meaning is… Is, and can be very very hazy at time even between scholarly folk and astute graduates from well paid education! From the first entities in existence to those here in our epoch to a future inconceivable, my investigation has lead me to realise there will always be this doubt if reason and devision amongst that which has the ability to live as a fully functional entity-(Not a stone/rock but biotic organic multichannel cellular life).

S Memo_244

I used the “Arabic” word muslim above, as it is a justly word in the english language to express matter, object, creation, substance, element.

This word carries a lot of weight and meaning once you study it’s meaning and it’s potentialities! At the same time understand that the English literature is not sufficient to capsulate the Arabic language in all entirety in anyway shape or form. The English language is too small too knew too inferior to describe the arabic text and meanings and this is often the catalyst that dictates confusion, which arises in reading arabic content! The arabic syllabus and language is insurmountable in any language. This language of arabic is 1 million times more in measurements, meanings, precision, contents, volume, history and dated and age!

This should explain the insurmountable difficulty in true comprehension of the arabic language and that of the “Noble” ” Qur’an “.

S Memo_243

The truth I came into witness is the true measurement of many who did not could not understand the meaning of this magnitude of writing history!

When trying to read this famous book it is recommended that you have at least half a dozen expert arabic translators- (as even the translators continuosly differ in oppinion!-( You may understand why there are so many different sects and decisions/devisions etc of islam in the world, yet only one book for the followers of such a paradigm as islam). The noble book states there will be 73 sects in the final days!

Do you know how many sects there exist today?

Which is the correct paradigm?

“The Sunni ummah practiced by muslims, are the most favoured paradigm. As word has been mentioned though with equivocations of disputed paths opposed by -(shia, ismali, handbali, deobali, suffi, muslim, mystics, etc etc etc etc etc. Abu Bakr The successor of the prophet muhammad (s.a.a.w) who guided the sunni paradigm-(teachings and respects of prophet Muhammed-(s.a.aw). Sought to keep in line with the practices of prophet muhammad –(s.a.a.w).

The main issue arise from the fact the approximation of Islamic followers can not even read and are illiterate. Those who can read can not fully understand the true meanings behind this incredible peace of literature!

Those who can read in arabic can not understand what the verses in the mighty “Qur’an” are even illustrating, while those who can read The Poor English or foreign translations have been robbed of the pure true meanings. Thus! Where all misinformation, misguidance, Misinterpretation arises!

Remember! A practising muslim is different to a muslim!

That which is a practising muslim is that which is performing that which it was design to perform or endervouring to perform that which it Believes it was design and created to perform???

Interpretations to clarify that which the entity, substance, matter, thing, object, muslim, part, devision, is crucial to its existence and that of its future and salvation!

You may realise a practising muslim wants nothing more to dot than that which it was design to do.

Notice a tree, being in all just a tree. A bird flying and not behaving like a cat or a goat. Notice sand as sand. Notice separate elements who can construct to assemble multicellular devisions and chemical values, each taking on the full value and scope of what it was designed to be? The sky being the sky… Planets and supernovae’s illustrating in all metrication and astronomy their potentiality and value!

I believe from thus reasoning, we can equate that which sits quite comfortably with the elements in question is probably what the element was design to accomplish!

S Memo_238

Water being a manifestation of every element and energy comprised of one part oxygen and the two parts hydrogen, has the ability and agility to take on a kaleidoscope of multiple comprises!

“The magnanimous entity humankind has named water can take on a generous subdivision of extremes”

It is after all the quintessential epitome of multipurpose value existing. Just as sand it has an array of functionality! Even more so we could state atoms have no limit to that which they can transform into and embrace!

One could state indeed atoms are practical practising muslims, attempting to carry out their very function ideals and authority in becoming with everything and in existence with everything not selfish dictatoring!

So understanding this complex value? Exerts we are indeed all muslims-(This translation of word mean subject etc)

Yet practicing means learning or improving, maybe striving or perhaps understanding!

So a muslim of design, a practising muslim would be identified as one or that which understood its object in this life/existence or aiming to meet such objectives and fufill it’s very purpose in existance!

Be your best version, as the majority of folk are far from acheiving that which they was design to be! I doubt being drunk and such flights of fantasia and laughter is a true emblem of the paradigm once accessed against the magnitudes of space time!

Wasting huge sums of finances on attire is also a paradigm shift, further allusions are constructed via the couch patato and bar room reveller!

The junkie or drug enduced or also exploiters of a wasted life!

Steer clear from vanity, for nobody but yourself will even notice such minor trivials in a damaged planet!

What others think of you is never important, just your very own journey is and that which you have given existence.

“Be Like Water! My Friend”


BE YOUR GOOD SELF…. Study… Practice. ..Evolve, Entwyned… RELAX!


Aficionado Of Autonomy!” The sunday evening Psychological screening open advice session.

“Emerging from 21st century Aluminium”


S Memo_241

The road to civilisation begins from the autonomy of unrestricted health in all areas of the self in all entity entirely. The self governance in entirety is paramount to service of others and personal survival. Modulation internal external of self greets autonomy in abundance. Consistorial patterns also rewards one’s longevity.

S Memo_239

“There can truly not exist a paramount coadjuvancy without the prescription which binds the union”

That prescription is in actuality the single autonomy of each single section, sector, agent, element, part, contingent, parry, etc towards the synopsis. All constructive unions are forged via healthy intrinsics. The phylogeny is a taxonomic evolution in perpetuity, rendering, altering, shifting and negotiating. Education and study inform our species of the most favourable contingent for survival. The central unit is the highest taxonomy of this unit. In the species this relates to the mind! Acquisition of a healthy mind has to be the number one precious viable possession for trade off of our species. In all earnest nothing can outweigh the quality of a well functional mind. Not greedy, neither nonchalant, overly frightened. But rather the aficionado towards the autonomy! A selective unit can never be at odds with its contingency or all else betrays, while failing prohibition setout by the phylogeneticism. This shear metamorphic hybrid system is constantly in evolution for survival.

S Memo_237

“In order for the species to survive a superheterodyne capability is necessary”

The strong coadjuvancy is necessary for prosperity over any life tearing, prohibiting coagulation to one’s health, work etc. A strong unit of one is superior, then multiple universal structures of inferiority. This is why disastrous coadjuvancies should be prohibited by the self for survival. Distructive marriages, relationships, friendships and further ships which debilitate the entity is never an asset for the evolution of the self! Selection of life long acquaintance is the highest point of decision making, as destructive affiliates will aid to ones destruction.S Memo_234

Protecting the unit is a universal ingenuity which must be protected by each party in the contingent for survival of the unit. Outsiders will always aim to corrupt the curriculum of the unit. But must  never succeed.

IS Memo_232

Modulation of monetary denominations

“The Law Does Not Concern Itself With Trifles” (Anonymous)

“The Good Of The People Is The Cheif Law”      (Cicero) 

“Laws Grind The Poor and Rich Men Rule The Law”                                                                    (Oliver Goldsmith)

“If The Law Supposes That, ‘Said Mr Bumble…, Then The Law Is An Ass- A Idiot” (Charles Dickens ‘Oliver Twist’).

Regarding laws and the intrinsic vehemence that governs all species, unfortunately and often do not align with man made laws, humankinds legislation and ethics! I often sense on individual assessments, that legislation often endevours to make a progressive step farword, while simultaneously taking two steps backwards! Possibly this fluctuation which attempts to pitch the two most powerful protagonist of human contingencies head to head in mortal battles, of ethics and morals verses mortals. Legislative practice for the majority! Strange as it may be no one coadjuvancy is superior, as often epochs and geography can dictate proceedings of chronology! Such chronicles can stain humanitarian issues quite detrimentally even if such as the philanthropy of the humanitarianism emerges as dictator!

“We can note that civilisation would not have made it this far without the aid of the rigidity of the religious transcripts and the governance of those who subscribed to such teachings. Yet the modernisation of society via the aid of science is equally as important!” As Fritjof Capra states ” A more general framework will have to be found, and in this new framework some of the concepts which are at present accepted without explanation will have to be ‘bootstrapped’; they will have to be derived, that is, from the overall self-consistency”.  According to Geoffrey Chew, these might include our conception of macroscopic space-time and, perhaps, even that of human consciousness: Carried to its logical extreme, the bootstrap conjecture implies that the existence of consciousness, along with all other aspects of nature, is necessary for self-consistency of the whole”

This analysis combining spirituality and science is as good a analysis as one could ever support regarding the correlation of suppose opposites! The unfound truth which sits as subjection is a realisation that all manifestations truly combined multiple facets! If one can sponsor such thought and spare reason it is quite reassuring to note all possibities of benevolence awaits sometime in the future of humankind! This type of supportive legislation to comprehension of the humanities is needed in the cerebrum of all earths humanoids! Neither one objection/subjection can succeed. .. What is indeed required is the coadjuvancy of both legislations. The deep moral intrinsincs of human nature governed by the regulative order of socialists prosperity! Socialist prosperity is something which needs to be under the most sophisticated inquisitions by all, including poorest to richest. Each under the umbrella of moral and financial value and constraints. A system where the poor can not be left like rats in a field to fester uneducatedly, roaming and breeding unquestionably, unreasonably, unrestrictively, unrestrained, unregulated, unanswered, uneducatedly and unambitiously while unrighteously unhealthily!

S Memo_229

This type of neglect to the poor, forsakes the poor to multiplex of inbreeding and family discourse and detrimental health issues. Often the family will be left homeless and to acquisition with the contagious afflictions of a modern bubonic plague- (Abola) Who knows where this disease made its introduction first? Yet we can not help to speculate if you brave very poor degenerate species of mankind to their own devices, what will you have? The answer is a revisit to the medieval ages in all actuation!


This travesty of chronology witnessed by every ancestors, the period over 1000 years and prior, in which humankind was very ignorant and the poor festered around as mice without education or restriction of decision! Layed the ultimate catalyst to fever, detriment, abuse, disease, horror, carnage, death on a international scale.

Yet for many centuries improvement of societies gained momentum. Yet it appears again a slight intervention of ethics, morals, intrinsic statistics of that which the monopolies of societies can afford to construct in order to save the majority of the human race, thus saving humankind per se.

The monostatic of illegitimates, who give birth upon birth are far from understanding, that which it takes to raise a family.

For those who in adolescence, were never ever taught by monopist type parenting…  Need such.

In order to fulfill adequate benevolence in family prosperity, such pillars of this coadjuvancy needs to be adhered to:

No1. Seek education first, before you even think of fornication.


Complete necessary understanding of skills to enhance work capability (This relates to being self sufficient and able to support yourself and a future family or immediate family)


Find stability and be grounded. (This relates to housing and accommodation, one can not truly sponsor a family if they do not have a home for the intended family, this is never the responsibility of another or overseas contracts of aid etc).


Not a good idea to seek a love interest, with bad ethics and character, a thirst for greed and emotionally instabilities (Such faculties will indeed often bequeath down to any children you incur from this union).


Always seek relationship with those with ethical or some form of spiritual or moral values (longevity is always honoured via such benign traits in companions of such kindred spirits).

S Memo_221

When we analyse the detriment of unhealthy relationships that are spawned from unhealthy relationships. It is clear they too… manifest into further nurturing of perpetual unhealthy citizens of mind body and soul. We could also state that, “all of the worlds main problems is solely a result of over production of unhealthy relationships that bequeath infants that will not succeed in the world or even benefit the world!”

S Memo_208

The problem, is a fact that, sadly so… unintelligent people do not realise, is the resource capacity on the world is not infinite. Yes this is true, every single produce in the world takes effort, time, energy and further resouces to produce the resource in the first place. This worlds resouces can not produce stock at the same rate life is being born. The difficulty is educating the less educated to understsnd this affirmation. Often media has skewed the uneducated souls vision of reality to the point, all true understanding has been lost to such people. Unfortunately this skew on life, has become the dettriment for us all on earth as a consequence on earth. Now that poor generations perpetually give birth without hesitation or restriction of the impact on earth, to their neighbours, infants, life, humanity, resources, other species, global vegetation, earths produce and vertilisation of resources.

This selfish act by the modern day homogeneous, is nothing short of the destruction of humankind. While the epitomises the nonchalance of their neighbour and the life they wish to raise.

S Memo_183

The more humans that are born the more earths resources and energy is under threat, from global intake of resources to support the additional lifes.

It is common sense, that if you keep adding numbers to a space, metric unit, area or geography, a few hazardous actuations will undoubtedly occur?

S Memo_196

Over crowding, disease, suffering, lack of quality, crime, hostility, abuse, destruction, ill health, etc.

No human being should continue having kids when there are already billions of kids who are suffering!

If it is the most evil act one can administer in the 21st century…? Then I do not quite understsnd the necessary to give birth when one can easily adopt a child.


Addition to any equation leaves little room for quality. This I suspect is a version of greed. One of the seven deadly sins. Greed, Glutton, Vanity, Sloth, jealousy, Revenge & Murder!

S Memo_177

In which the world has also become strained, from rich individuals who will manipulate and exploit the most vulnerable!

Both the rich and the poorly uneducated are exploiting the world in great units of trickery each and every second around the world.

The greatest irony is those, who are increasingly careful and calculated of financial protection and worry about the life of children… often do not have children because of this understanding and sincere value of life!

Yet they are the exact citizens of any society who should have raised kids, reason being, is… in all actuality such folk have the necessary care and foresight of realisation to premote and nurture the greatest in stable life for induction into this world!

Realisation of earth should bring, fear, care, compassion, reality, reservation, intuition, study, comprehension, subtleties, moderation, hesitation, intelligence, self nurturing, patience, skill and benevolence. For these are signs of the benevolent.

Never haste, greed, scorn, hate, glutton, selfishness, rush, instability, confusion, laughter, mockery.

For these are signs of the ill trusted and unfavoured bilious vitriolic idiosyncrasies of the self-catering monsters…

Be your good self

Be well✌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💯🎓✔

Thursday’s Money Saver (weekly)

“Remember, There exist a correct way and an incorrect way to perform tasks”

S Memo_172

S Memo_168

S Memo_164

In teenage age years, I loved the endorsement of cash and all that it aided aspiration to! I never even noticed jealousy at that time in my life, because one was so busy chasing money! I remember still, my first part time job at the age of 11 years old! I worked for the local news agent “John Menzies” delivery early morning news papers, one hour before school started each morning! The morney was not great but it certainly came in handy, as I never use to get weekly pocket money! That job lasted for one whole year! Before I went into delivery of “The Evening Standard”. Which I worked for 18 months! Once again money was necessary for my life at that age, as was everything I saved for, including money from relatives! I then moved onto work for a larger company called “Gate ways” subsequently are out of commission now, as where franchised by somerfield, who are now the “Co op branch of food change!

succession of jobs perpetuated right through school and untill I left home and punctuated the college campus, universty and then full time work!

S Memo_159

The financial experience of such hobbies can appear as theft from the spender to the franchise, as most garments do not cost a great deal to produce!

But for the lable many will often reluctantly or ill advised to spend great figures on simple attire fashioned from simple cloth!


“When one looks in retrospective order”

It is clear to me where most of my money went! I was a keen lover of expensive clothing, anything from sports wear to the latest custom designs, and eye catching exclusive labels!

I can still remember spending £110 on a pair of trainers when I was still in school! I wanted to be the first to wear these trainers, back then as a child! I can still remember the feeling I had for owning something which was not due out in tbe country for at 7-8 months! Young people as myself back those days where labelled earners! “probably equivalent of todays Ballers of that age” flashy people!

I do not regret spending large amounts of financial income at that age, when I look back. I really enjoyed the buzz, the ownership, the originality, the hype! This trend continued for years, with expensive clothing labels, trainers, shoes, suits! I have been quite fortunate to acquire relative intuitive skills and presentation of earning money as I grew! If I was to calculate how much money I spent each year on labels, I realise I could have bought a car each year in the height of my endorsement of fashion!

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The last several years money and fashion has not been my top priorty or concern, but I have been greatfully appreciative of any endorsement which I came into contact with!

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One major factor I realised not too long ago was that my weight has hardly changed from years ago to now!

I Have always kept a good shape, and kept my body in a firm physical specimen (Mainly as a result of my sports fields & careers and love of training).

As a result has kept my body often slender and toned!

Strangely enough, when I give advice to people about loosing weight and keeping weight down, I always reiterate to them the benefactors of this by way of financial savings!

You see! In fact people who put on weight, are at a loss financially! As this will increase ones spending on new cloths each year! An acquaintance I knew, would increase a dress size on average every two years! She endorsed her food fanatically! I guess it was just her personal way of “Filling The Void”. I would feel very sorry for her as I thought she was the most beautiful person inside and out!

But for all the advice I reiterated, nothing could penetrate the unquenchable desire for food!

Believe lots of people have this type of fanatism, with absorption of food and as a consequence is costing them a fortune each year to afford new clothing to fit their ever increasing weight!

“My sincere advice to all who wish to save money, first if nothing else, try to keep your weight down, like me you will safe a fortune on not having to purchase new cloths to fit your increasing size each year.

Be well and thank you!