Being the sole legislature of your destiny with the authority bequeathed

” One can either be subjected to the malign of false doctrination, or begin to practice personal affiliations to health and wealth?”

Real health and wealth is the substituents of wisdom and understanding!

Understanding is total benevolence. ..

Benevolence is totally beneficial!

Beneficiaries are most certainly good!

For good outways evil and leads to prosperity, Peace of mind, health and wealth!

While evil eventually runs out of steam, gas, akin to a locomotive, it needs more intensity and matter to produce robust crude movement! Far from aesthetic, rather crude, unhygienic, cumbersome, noisy and squandering. .

While abrupt, hazardous and none resourceful!

“Power without perception is futile”

(Fist of the northstar)

S Memo_219

S Memo_215

As how power is administrated is a potential hazzard to you by you!

“They not know, what they do!”

(I believe are the words uttered from a one Jesus Christ)

I understand this statement as it is important not to follow others! As everyone makes mistakes, in which such agents can surreptitiously galvenise another to misguide and falsehood. ย As one eventually could be following somebody else’s mistakes for years, decades, and how so unfortunate too!

I sit and wonder sometimes about the old and their turmoil in the west! But I can not help but to wonder what they must have done when they was young to have bequeathed such dettrimental circumstances, without such health and happiness! The truth is a little intelligence is needed, as one can continue making the wrong mistakes, tiny errors of their very own.

I.e pepetually listening to others who wish them ill health! Never learning to read and write (The two most fundamental skills of the modern world). Not allowing yourself room to grow as an individual! Not trusting yourself! Complaining when it is to late and your own fault for your circumstances (by way of falling into the trap of others).

This occurs sometimes in many arrangements when people gave so much to falsehood and pretences, alignment of their nature to endless paths of miscellaneous sections of deep mischief. ย Often find it hard to turn back around as people find it difficult to relearn good natures.

Yes this is true!

“People will try to hurt you via many ways? People will try to kill you in many ways?

There are some who are incredibly illiterate in the world, with a large surmount of ill will attatched to their ignorance, akin to a heavy ball steel on a weighty steel chain! Such folk exist in turmoil and they may try and kill you via a physical action and the employment of a weapon!

There are the wealthy who are unanimously afraid of loosing that which they have. Believe when I state they already know they can not survive in a lower class and often commit suicide as a final result of financial burdens accumulated via years of poor financial decisions! Such individuals can grow very wicked indeed, to the point theย “fear they harbour from frightfully worrying about loosing there lot, metamorphs them into a nonchalant populous of the human race”. Insofar guard their wealth by way of the continous suffering of others wealth and health. As a constant poison will feed neglect to others and hope many and much will starve away or be broken and leave their boat alone!

I feel not aย “molecule”ย of love for such people who have plenty but are so frightened to loose it they generate suffering willingly or unknowingly?

Via financial neglect some people will kill you!

then their are those who have no authority over anyone, they have not the heart to face another or the spinal cords, or the finances to destroy another, but will seek machinations of machiavellian preportions!

Many buy way of sabotage, propagation lies and condemnation! Some may use old scriptures while others partake in heresay innuendos. While others prefer insinuations of deep deformation and distribution of mass distortion! The sincere goal is to destroy another, so it is wise to question even the motives of your mother let alone a complete stranger?

An example may arise in defamation from a number of positions! Let us study one in adequate detail!

S Memo_151


There is four people? We will identify them by shapes?

Triangle. .. Square…. Circle…. and Hexagon!

The haxagon appears to acquaint with many and much!

The triangle is non submersible, and detest the circle who is a unique shape.

The circle is submersible, collaborative, coperative, challenging, supportive, realistic and more the triangle can not seem to find in its very own limited dimension!

The square is unfamiliar with strengths and does not pay to much heed in any direction but will continue to be a square or follow the majority in any direction?

For we could state that if the hexagon wanted to pursue goals in life, it would probably not recieve fortunate advice from either square, triangle via their restrictions of thought!

Where else the circle would be more rounded of in giving realistic advice!

That which would come from the triangle would be 100% dettrimental to the hexagons life in the ling run of events. As such characteristics are extremely narrow minded, usually can not adapt outside any box or quarantine and are lost without a hand to hold!

The square though may lead the hexagon to jeopardy. Also ironically can also lead the hexagon to prosperity simply by accident!

As the square will follow any group, as a consequence may accidentally follow a good group as well as an unfortunate group!

Yet the circle would indeed be the correct entity and shape to instruct advice from! For true wisdom holds never any partiality, pretence, favour, obligations or favourites!

Just the benign best possible service or scenario!

S Memo_226S Memo_212 S Memo_136

S Memo_201

You see! Actually there exist many squares, triangles, hexagons in life!

Most of them will grow old and suffer from the enrolment of such decisions. While a few will ripe the rewards from the infringement of the enfranchisement of etiquette and productive advice!

We are to blame for many of our positions in life, the majority of the time from adherence of improper instructions!

S Memo_195

How many chances do we need?

This will differ between each folk as some had a vetter circumstance to work from. Others will have a terrible circumstance to work from and need to be extra extremely diligent in every waking hour!

S Memo_221

Remember! Many who approach you have already got a set up plan in action to kill you softly and slowly.

You will become old and bitter, then look for anyone to poison also with lies and hatred!

It is your life listen carefully!

S Memo_195

The deciet is already coming for you, if it is not already there yet!

S Memo_190

Thank you and be well clear of false witnesses and fallacy. … they will not be in good stead…

Be well… protect your hearts and desires..

You want to know the result! Ok.. Simply spend time with the old in hospital… They are indeed a lesson into misdirection and mislead!

S Memo_192

Be your good selve and continue..

Be your fool self but blame nobody.. as all the aid is available in this epoch as it was not available before for the children of yesterday who are now blindd to the light and still suffering!

Open your windows and hear their cries, they are the damned!

S Memo_223

Remember there exist not one outfit, group, contingency, coadjuvancy, organisation, culture, society, paradigm, sect, following, country or unity in the world which is without fault


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