Vanguard of Spiritual ♾ Infinity

If one visualises intensely, a sentient version of rhythm is experienced.. in a stained glass payne…

The experience echoes fluctuations in perpetual movement, perceptualise this arousal; A performance perhaps of side to side. Rhythmically orchestrated.

Multiple levels of dips arises on this steady motion, while the slightest sways promote a constant rhythme of pronounced motion over the course of impaired balanced. However the locomotion is experienced as a gentle rhythm, complimenting the mechanics of our biology. An evolved super- registered sophistication and perhaps “updated version” ?

Swaying in a subtle guise, a gentle inclination and a thought in a particular documented environment.

Of crowded spaces, other times the contrary. Often a slight bump of crowding, pleasantries and fermentation, textures and moisture.. Obscurity mixed with insecurities?

Perhaps a slight motivation provided a synopses in the glare of a stained glass payne… The looking payne?

Forced one to lean their form, against the metal hinge of the old door frame..

Respite from the Jerks of falling. Hopefully we have not yet fallen on the path least favoured, be that, of the floor?

Noticed the stains of smudges, dirty fingerprints amongst debris upon the square Payne door..

Imagine the bereavement of the one who’s task was made, attempting to clean this daily chore

No, not a feature I would relish much with either love of chore nor dispiriting flaws.

Memories of a cat hurrying across a floor impeded the moment, A sudden deprivations, this momentum skewed the present thought.

Mmm.. hmm

Time to hurry… specifically.

The hordes of commuters…

Staff, professionals, students, catalyst of their destinations. Their synchronisation, ritualistically transporting their private cargo to and from..?

Tendencies galore; Private and personal, the episodes of poor idiosyncratic.

The epicentre for anything of nursery…

Habitual affairs.. thus; Que, a long reminiscent gaze is disturbed by an immediate instant, thus ; Realisation,

Perhaps, post abnormal reflection arouses the ambient senses.

A taste of a moments breeze, not quite fresh air, a mixture, the wind appears broken and spoilt, of stale particles these are shared equally to all attendees. First come are served the same.. little longer, little use?

Manufacture the modern circulation-vent system. Gla gla be the echoes of throat clearing in the immediate surroundings.

Sombre at first for so longing, in the distance.

Conversation is slightly heard at the intervals. Concessions for the empty and unaccepted. The weary are unappreciated, often full and inebriated, many empty yet still forlonged

Greyish : Advanced… Stained glass paynes, finger-prints, hair, specs of saliva, lip gloss, Journey velocity against a tiny flea remains sticking to the payne.

The squashed debris of a fly with the wing in perfect tact.

Plus, intriguing fluescent lip stick smudge, remnants of old discarded food, breathe, tissue, fungus, dna, bacteria… and habits.. thereof

All this, contribute to the participants of a watered journey.

A little etching and words of graffiti

Dust… a different world..

Air?⌛✨🌻 distinctively..

A separate world..

Yet, the same for sure.

Brought to you by the poet otherwise known as the artist aka… K Aliy ®️

Titled : “Vanguard” ©️



Maasai® Love by dying Fate

 Some people or rather many people, assume the faithful ‘MAASAI’ ® will now meet their doom! 🤔

The ‘CREATOR’ ® of all things has a power, which is un-perceived, a measure which is unmeasureable, a plan which, which can not be registered ® nor realise!!


If we will place our optimistic emotions away, and concentrate on the barbaric patterns of western government coups/schemes/spying tactics, you may realise what people are talking about? 樂

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Almighty Omega

For those that stand to postulate much, whom understands maths, speed, object ratio’s, distance and comparison, this may intrigue you a little? 樂

This DATE was not ment for HATE
They examine to exaggerate..
The wicked will, Perpetuate…
Those who align attempt to imitate..
For Existence shall surely illuminate..

Those whom attempt with conjecture and postulate..
Whom are emancipate watch existence Liberate…
Such a feeling that is so innate outstanding and appropriate..
Presence congratulate…
The Almighty’s dawn is immaculate
It is too LATE just to try AND RELATE
For many will simply attempt to impersonate…

Spying upon from afar, while we simply Demonstrate…

Personification of existence

The all inspiring “Alpha to the Omega”

Knows whom to update, for what, when and why?

Swifty manoeuvres all things, becomes all things, strikes all things.. Leans, protects, shields, stretches and Resonates upon all things..

Twist, turns, pressures, annihilates to form all livings things.. Revolving and storming to the precision of measurements, climaxing great speed upon all things..

Determined, shall flex a detrimental detonation upon each and all things..

The Pending may illuminate.
Together shall be a fateful mate..?
Seniors out late on a weekend DATE.
Soul – spirit united in race…
A living journey of seismic sophistications..
The outer world inwhich we once originate..
Inner World state: One and Two gathered to create..
Outer world state: Three and four brought tomorrow to cremate.
The inner regions determinate..
The outer world lines exterminate..
The boutiques be joyously closing their GATE… Hell have no fury like those whom were eliminated..

Bereaved in the flames of those terminated

Excoriated in the ashes of those exterminated

This prevalent behaviour is the implement.

Deferment, aligns the path to meditate..

The mind, skates along a fracture, Skipped, fixed, rendering eternal.
Prayer that never hesitates to Mediate..

The Mediterranean Sea of meditation.. The soul everlasting abyss..
This pace and grace was awarded to some from a mighty place…
Gathered and bestowed all hail be the author of an enchanted Maze…
The tutor of a mystical fate…

I Be.. As I belong…

Yet I belong Not to You, whom are formed from a wicked fate..

This Slate, shall wiped new…

From beyond a distant Race..
From the “From the Alpha to the Omega”
Which hails from a mighty Place..
Presents gifts are a kind gesture that resonance from far away
behind the almighty, one almighty Gate!

Thus: Fate of humanity rests, upon an unusual #Plate?
while individuals of solace find hostel in an unknown kind of Embrace.
In the corners of their estates comrades band, bend, bow, kneel, Trace to incline upon a prostration therefore shall indeed, Meditate.
what you do and Slate are means  of your very own Fate…
Unfazed unfortunately unfaded..
Such Gates of requiems…

Have lead to an awful extended maloncholy fate.

One day I will be long gone from this unruly place…

Existence shall not erase my ever lasting pace.

My hallmarks shall last the test of motion & space…

The metamorphosised of benign.
Those of you who existed in the same date…
Will recall to trace my lasting phase..
for history mistakes my exacerbated face…
Société pending to contemplate upon the mistreatment of a most personal solitude, of any individual State!

Come one, come all…

Human types shall challenge to erase this lasting case..
Yet all faithfully, sincere nature shall embrace, praise and trace my effervescent lace..

Stretching throughout time & pace..
When I am gone existence shall relate all that has taken place…

For all of you whom do not believe,

Eagerly can not perceive…

All praise be the the Almighty “Alpha to the Omega of existence.


In existence we grace” ©
2021-Infin-8-ty ~~~~~~~

Flower Flowetry “D” Breeze autumns viable “D Components”

“The molecule photosynthesis juxtaposed life forms”

Breathing, sharing, smiling, dancing, engaging, expressing, their gratitude for life!

Giving one deep sensual breath.. breath of fresh engine air, turbine aerodynamics of our departure be air of our fine force… Superheterodyne status… This guiding stratosphere and capeless crusader… Strong health strong and all empathetically empowerment. The ritualistic warmth, friendly encounters and benign health..

A trully utterly trusted friendship one can admire!

From dancing stars upon my soul, to an ethereal light…

Which ignites my life… My inclination endeavours spirits… worthwhile spirits of a benign nature…

A deep seated seeded sea & dedicated rapture.. reaping, leaving rewards of benign remembrances. .. Sealed and savoured.. A spiritual knight.. A good night least not a good bye night…

They breeze, I breeze, they ignite, I ignite, they shine as I, one the same, I in them as them in me….

We and I….

The eathereal light!

Children of the cosmos, my soul is owned tonight and I owe to the stars… Of light… The delight…

My matter is the star dust…. Such earnest plight… The beneficiaries Of shimmying light… Ohh such such… Still life.. Ritual delights…

First I am here as  i am there as I am everywhere above and beyond, between and against…

For and to… In and out, deep I travel.. Long as the wind from October to October. .. Supernovae murmuring to and throw…

The galactic emblem of ultra sonic magnetism. ..

I ignite and ignite and ignite once more… As there will never ever exist no such more…  My fame is a flame of ethereal tame… It will mame those unfamiliar. .. And this.. This is the name written on the HEART of thy blazing flame…. N.A.M.E……..

Ignition can not stop, so will not stop…….

“Never-Ending Active Metamorphic Entity”

Those who wish me ill health slowly unknowingly fail… Thus fall… Indeed the fall suddenly… Comatose. .. Slowingly you go… Go.. Go… Sleep… Go… You Go.. Deep sleep… Deep… Once one more and one billion more.. 1 billion ill-ion a dozen fall.. Still I ionize my children so… Yes more…

A TRILLION and so….

One million and more counting counting counting….

Untill you will take nomore.. Grasp nomore… Feed nomore… Take nomore as you took before… From Doncaster To St patricks Dunkirk… Rome to Rio … Netherlands to Niarobi… New England to Napels, Lancashire to lagos,  Houston to Haiti, Shangai to Seyshells… You feed quite ill indeed…

Be nomore… So we shall indeed live some more…

See nomore… Be seen nomore… Comprehend nomore as they are nomore. ..

For many will never need no more… As their realism affection is nomore!

So hear once more! While read this on… More..

As many can be nomore… Your time is nomore…

Hear nomore… Be clear nomore…Feel Nomore… While Here nomore….


But still yet our lovvy precious ones we count, can never forget.. little dove flowers be patience as the dirt you sit.. Will prosper on… Far more..

Lovely natures inside and out…. meet my aesthetic friends….  Co… Nurtured by the katabatic orchestry.. As one and twos and threes insofar.. The breeze an polychromatic symphony… A  true measure of the calibrations. ..  Biotic calligraphy a subdivison of subatomic sophistry. .. chemistry… symmetry… Actuarial Actuators of devine actuality..


A prospective “Activatory”… The avalanche.. The aviator and advance amiable “Av-at-ar” a sublime gargantuan guarantor of the noble self! This kind morning still…… love…


Everything Is Bound To Be Loved By The Light!

Everything in “Existence” Is bound by the one sole legislation! The light source which holds no subscription elusive of prejudisms and the machinability of deception!


“Light Simply Endeavours To Love All”

Thus The Mighty Light!!!!!!!!

The light as we know of is a non disclaimer, and has no preference, or a switch mode, alternative sanctions for others! “Simply take me as I come, I shall love you as you stay!” Attitude of the Love from light is a blessing upon existence to be known! 

Simply shinning on everything with form in our dimensions!


Not and never a juvenile delinquents mimic! But an earnest benevolence of actuation for the cause, the self, the amiable unity, utility the coadjuvancy with every element which will ever exist! The cause for causation, the real in realisation, the actuation in actuality, the one soul light of all luminaries!

Light refraction, our greatest gaurdian, our nourishment, our benefactor, our reverend good spirited dictator, that blesses thy worth with life and growth, the touch, the light! For without as we are nomore, for food will not grow, a single harvest will never arise, for we would never have existed!

images (15)

Magnanimous Light, save our soul from the distant darkest that abides to disintegrate us so, Light! Your pepetual santity legislates life to be and is Light the benevolent benefactor!

“For We, We are loved, lived and exhumated over and over and again… for yet no wait, we shall not reflect our past days in distant forms!

We the mortal immortals are loved by the light, full time and increasing! We the servants of light are yielded by the light refraction to live and encourage  for life it self! By further shinning a light on everything we come into contact with, for we follow our governing masters command not half past but full time! We where born in the darkness but forged but the light, Such amazing formations have become from thought of such light! The immortalised soul agent is the power that leads our salvation, no darkness shall ever dim the light, for we know as long as light exist we are loved forever and aday by the light!

For dear light sake,  as your journey through portholes to pathways, you breath life into everything, you the choir symphony of majestic inheritance, who holds no prejudice or succinct practices & pettiness to any living entity, we love you as we would a gracious parent! Your prestigious illuminations to us are the original parent, for without your love, life would cease to exist dear light!


Your light, your mighty name is treasured and spoken casually, not realised by many that your govenance of all entities is a miracle light!

Your illumination be our moisturiser for our soul, when we are dry, you the sole agent producer of the photosynthesis to first life that eases our darkness! Your mighty crackle at lightning strikes, abides your arival, for sister moon is your creation as thankfull as we are, sun is your creation as delightfull as we are!

Dear light in such contemptuous darkness many are lost with out your bright! You hold no prejudice but shine a light upon the earth and existence!

Your juxtaposition is our Manuel for evidence life!

For we minute creatures equal that of ant power,  when we bequeath every prejudice plus 1 million more, akin a matchstick alight!

The chronograph abides by your legislation, and so do matter! For we know nothing of your birth and true power, except you are the light and love of existence  everywhere!

“For as long as we remember you the light, we remember we are  loved by the light” 

1380206_417582481680470_1298986157_n (1)

For we, less of your light, are binded by death akin to unfaithful lovers in the midst of torment and suclusion, for we light of your light are that, withering away like dust to dust, death to death, ashes blown away by the poring rain!

Your illuminations bounds greatness as the light dilates, your effervescent vibrates ochestras of authority over existence!

For we know you are the light in a dark world and the light of existance that shines to the cord of mighty echelons and regions distant in existence!

Existence is your formation your home your dwelling, planets are your toys, while universes are your rooms, galaxies your furniture, while mechanical anatomical presences your creations! Life is galvenised only by your endearing sight your breath of light! Yet we the idiosyncrasies of existance do not pay heed to your credentials and authority! Yet your love has taught us piously, yet evidently foolishly amongst us will lay waste to synthetics, oppose to your nourishing value for longevity!

Your evidence is displayed inevitably, your love is un matched un outmanoeuvred and never outsourced!

 Be your light!


For your governance, be to legislate growth and life!

Truly the greatest gift of all existence! (TTGGOAE)

Light Be thy Loved” (LBL)

“LOved bY THy Light” (LTL)


(A Prose by Khalil “The Enlightenment Bomb” Aliy)

*All rights reserved

Thank you sincerely with courtesy

I hope you have enjoyed the prose!20140722_211748





As We Await

Sister Sun’s arrival

Child Stars You’ll Listen

To My Tale Triste!







Hear Me Now, Feel My End

Too Soon, Too Soon,

My Wounds Are Deep

Gaping and Un-Healing!

I can NOT Simply Believe, I Had Forgone Sensibility To Believe, I refused and Relinquished To Once Believe.

My Children Have No Mercy, While NO Feelings For Me Are Distributed!

Seems They Are Locked In A Tragic Twist Of Fate, They See No Recompense Or No Turning Back!

Fate Wills Their Destruction, I can Withdraw No-more!

I Can Not Bare To Watch MY Foolish, Children, The Daughters V Sons Of Noble Antiquity!

As They Kill ME, Half Past and Half Mask!

They Slowly Kill Me, To My Weakens End,

Quicker, They Kill Me Yet! Mere Ignorant Without Recompense!

They Loved Me As Would An Unfaithful Lover,

Part Time and Half Cast!

Now Unmasked Of The Deceit and Descend,

No More Sweat Sneaky Feel

Seeking Tomorrows End… But Not To Late Had They Only Redressed The Wounds Of My Gloom!

Please State… Never and Nothing Is The Only Date, Chronologically We Await

And Today For My World And IT, With The Unchanging Ways, They Challenge My Degree, My Abundance, My Nature

My Gifts, My Volumes, My Breath and Fruit From My Forests

Never and Nothing They Shall Continue To BRING, Challenged, Decreased Insubordinate They Revel and Consume!

Now A Path To LIVE The Truths Of The Revelations Cast From OUR Chancellor,

Wanting Our Very Own Omega, Chasing, DESIRING, Wanting In The Distant Stars Our Family To JOIN!

My Children and Mine

Surrender To Forgone Forbidden, Fossilization,

Each and Every Single Time We Breath, Snatching The Open Air From MY Lungs!

Once More My Breath, My Skin, My Eyes sandy and My Sad Tears..

Are Polluted Poison


The Apparatus Conceptualized,

Fore This… SISTER MOON, Is ONLY The Beginning!

Of My Children’s Sinning!

My Power’s Fading..


You’re Told By The Hurt Of Mother Earth,

Now A Play Thing

For The EMPTY Ungrateful Parasites, Child So Cold!

Ingenuity’s Of Fowl Plays, Blame, Tricks Of Distortion, Misdirection and Causality Of Earnest!

Tender They Deceive With Tears and Lies, Propaganda and Blame, Envy, Hatred, Slander, Revenge and Cruelty!

I Long For The Ones That Do Not Embrace Of MY Children’s Spoil and HATE!

Their Prayers Their Care and Tenderness, Is Ridiculed By Loveless….

Sister MOON, Recall Our Beginning, Our Childhood, Our Fest!

Has Now Turned To “Loveless” Emotion..

The Embrace Now In Anaconda’s Grip

An Umbrella Of POISON, An Unmerciful  SWIFT,

Swift With The Killing.

Killing Is A Sport I Have Witnessed,

Funded With Fire An Greed On My Beloved Wondrous Rain Forests.


With Not But Neglect They Have For Their Main Source,

They Slaughtered Their Siblings Blossoms and Bees…

Like The First Murder Of CAIN..


They Salute The Poisoning Of THE brain, While THE CLEAN Living Are Starved,

Their Pure Sisters Oceans Will Never Be The Same Again,

Due To Daily Spoil Of TOXICITY, While My Once Adorned Weather Skies Choked Like The Sea Creatures On OIL REFINERY,

Factory Smoke, Carbon Emissions!

The Mother Earth, Finally Is Dying…

And Nobody Is Crying….

animation; thunder lightning

Now, Winter CONSTANTLY Looms,

While My Power’s Are Fading,

Your Are Told By The Hurt Mother Earth Experiences.

Now A Play Thing

For The Ungrateful Child So Cold

Tender You Fool My Tears!

Sister Feel My Wounds..

But I Continue To Spin,

in The Dimension Of Our Existence

Untill My Curious Homo-Sapiens Offspring Eradicates My Gut,

While Forfeiting The Ultimate Price For Their Sins, Via Ones Ignorance!

Now! Against My Ever Changing Tears My Breathless Breath,

Once Formidable Skin, Earthly Desires and Ethereal Biotics…


Plus Other Crimes, One Million Murders and More…

They Kill, and Perpetually Subtract, Blood Thirsty Nature An Immoral Disease Upon My Face,

They Scatter Their Choices, and Fill Each Land With Illness and Graving

The Nightmares Are Constant, For The Children Are Evil…

They Subtract and Kill One Two Three Million and More, Without No END..

They Kill I Kill

One Million Plus

And I Never Wanted To Hurt The Homo-Sapiens

But Our Chancellor Orders Me To Quicken Their Fate, It Shall Not Be Their Home!

This Is The CIRCLE Of Their Life!

Or At Least It WERE!

But now! Is The END!


No, No, It Is Too Late For Repentance..

Please Accept Your Death Sentence…

I Have Giving You All Oil, Riches and All I Can Afford…

Such Life, Such A Beauty Was Appreciate By All Who Graced Before You…

You At Least Where Not The FIRST…

This Was Never Suppose To End This Way…

Your Kind Will Never Have Again! Such Beauty and Life! You Will Never See Again..

Now Is The End…..

Now Is The End…..

Now Is The End…..


cf0611ed3a485aba95c7717410c7fcbddownload_20131120_143730download_20131115_102417download_20131110_14195913 - 1 (3)vjQWUt9sCaYzcvIFufM9c71Y3EVpEDKncVOwbw_HNsg

“Transgress by deviance”

True GUISE baits thy shadow…

Never “EVER” digest face value…

You “MUST” not!…

Fore a vicious “scorn” , lures, thy spoil…

bequeath of “Envy” seek you thy must!…

Turn your “Heal” so thy face your back…

Fore “transgress” and deviance, engineer ones raft!

Lured, affirmation. ..

Till expectations experience… Juxtaposed fore thy..

Sense… thy visual of thy malign…2013 - 1 (44)Thy apparatus of thy malign….

Sighed a gratitude of thy respect… fore transgress you shall not…
Nor “Dog” you shall behave!

For patience is a reservation eluded of chase!

Fore “chase” is a course preserve by trickery!





part1 superheterodyned “Spatiotemporal”

Part1. Superheterodyne “Spatiotemporal”

Quantum Leaps… Black Holes. .. Time Warps. .. Atomic Speeds. .. Proselytized Nucleaus Properties. ..

Pulsating Variables… Galactic Travel. .. Sonic propellers… Intensities. .. Distant Stars… Super Novae. .. Bubble universes…. The Ether. .. Dark Mass… Ethereal. .. S-Matrix… This Gravity… Puissance… Galactic Mass… Hatrons. .. Cosmic velocities. ..Tachyon… Parodoxic… Expansion. ..

All random drives and I stumbled across access to multicellular elevating gate ways…

My detriment; It is between 2212 -2220AD..

The digital diaristics are skewed and shimmery, I barely read a faint of what appears 17:00hrs but I can not be sure… I do not know what day it is, not that this should make an impression on my cutrent predicament. ..

I awake… with you in my head.. I am in the bed I layed in on earth I dreamed.. with you in my head…

I pause and play each moment of my life on earth…

My memoirs of the distant past.. now over governed by the light years that devide my reality from my life…

I exist in this refractivity…. No other life force in my craft.

The dream fades I remember. ..

You have been at your desk for hours again.. a Polytechnical chimes draw my attention… as I flutuate to consciousness momentums.

I dream where I stood with you with me.. drinking from crystal ware. ..Here we have been sitting for days and conversing.. In a ever changing world, where time evolves as metaphysics of thought come to fruition..

This ever changing world through yielding evolution and space nothing can deliver me from space time…Via all encumbrances space and dimension, Age and continuum…

Through my journey through civilisation through evolution. ..

My existance in tachyon world.. In and out of space time collecting data. . The craft is lost from route.. orbiting far away milk aways in search for reason and existance.

Try as I might I do not want to remember my route to the toxications of the distant past!



All though I know now my journey was set to let me free encumbrances of history bearing down on my soul!

To be Continued


The love of ones work, ones talent, ones gift, ones quality which drives emotion, That pushes the talent past ordinary boundaries which fuels the causes…

The potion that elevates the motion upon a juxtaposed notion…

The calm in the storm…

To ignite the energy which aggregates the emotions.

To awaken the molecules that galvanised fruition, for the blood streams effervescence and juxtapositions. ..

The spiritual awakening of the requisition, simply lingers…

But wave’s a flourishing pulse, a fibration to elevate the spirit the soul the heart and body till every single molecule jump’s effectiveness. …

The vibration sends the sweat in pepetuation inside the organism…

Pulsing heart..

The spirits shall glance and bow, upon an acknowledgement of such artistry and prescience.

Of the power that lives with one..

The soul…

The symptoms of symbolic symmetries that promote the applause, from even that of demons that stand up & roar appreciation of such  artistics….


Shine a light

The presence the presentation…