“Transgress by deviance”

True GUISE baits thy shadow…

Never “EVER” digest face value…

You “MUST” not!…

Fore a vicious “scorn” , lures, thy spoil…

bequeath of “Envy” seek you thy must!…

Turn your “Heal” so thy face your back…

Fore “transgress” and deviance, engineer ones raft!

Lured, affirmation. ..

Till expectations experience… Juxtaposed fore thy..

Sense… thy visual of thy malign…2013 - 1 (44)Thy apparatus of thy malign….

Sighed a gratitude of thy respect… fore transgress you shall not…
Nor “Dog” you shall behave!

For patience is a reservation eluded of chase!

Fore “chase” is a course preserve by trickery!





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