Figs Be A Nutritional Source For Nourishing The Self!

Earlier this amiable morning once the sun was in full view, I participated in early morning foraging for some figs in my back garden!


Figs are packed with fantastic nutrinos to boost the anatomical properties of the phylogeny!


A few hand fulls of figs each day is a quoted blessing upon ones health!



Figs are a great source of carbohydrate and sugars, and define a great morning burst of vitality and energy to see you through your day or training sessions!

Fortunately our most loved earthly recipient craves for the fig juice aswell for stored energy on their quest for nectar!

The Humble Bee!

Is always acquaint with a fig or two!

So I hurried to pick a few amiable figs before they where insect eaten by our neighbours the bee and birds!

You will often hear the birds dancing in the trees at the sight of the gorgeously approved figs!

I love figs and have researched one great reminder of healthy apetites!

Gather your figs bright and early, try to consume them straight away, as figs deteriorate in quality rapidly!

Wash your figs with covetousness and gentle care, as figs are extremely delicate to the touch when perfectly ripe!

Now that you have your figs, make sure you have prepared your honey, or purchased some which is indeed great deal easier and safe!


Let us not forget toast, as we are talking of honey!

Have your toast ready and at lighter shade of the brown on bothsides, amiably!



Get some great tasting honey, natural unprocessed is best-(organic)


As the “process honey” has the pollen removed, when cleansing the honey of any stray debris, accidently scattered by the amiable honey bee!

Now! Have your safe sharp clean knife prepared and ready to slice the fig in a complete half- (have one whole fig per pair of toast slices).

Now collect your clean spoon and prepare to cleanly scoop out the whole contents of the fig, from each half your sliced opened fig, with your safe knife!


With your scoop of freshly fig, empty the spoon of fig you scooped onto the warm toast, then spread the fig all over and evenly on each slice of toast!


When you have done that get your honey-(I prefer to use clear honey as it does not flicker or lump upon the toast! Then with a clean normal clean knife used for spreading, apply your beautiful honey onto your warm light brown toast!


When you have completed the speading of both the fig and honey onto the toast!

Place both sides of toast with the fig and honey on top back into the grill to warm the contents sitting upwards upon the toast for a short while-( about 30 seconds while you must watch carefully!

Now instantly remove the toast at 30 seconds and place together as a sandwhich and slice into 2 or 4 triangular sandwhiches!

You can also have a small pot of fruit yogurt dip your toasted fig and honey sandwiches in..

I usually do with an amiable cup of coffee cream tea!!


ย Always remember figs do indeed go off quickly when you see them sprouting, try not to waite to long!

Thank you and enjoy..

Bon epetite from me!

“The Morphogenetic”

“One Should Never Forget, The Journey Of Their Personal Evolution, For it Is In Such In The Infancy Of The Morphogenetic and Ruminations of The Actuality Of Ones Existence, Which Bares Singularity Of Earnest Truism, Yet Still An Addition To The Co adjustment And Coadjuvancy Of Mediation, Meaning, Madness, Mortality, Moral and Moreover!”

Unreasonable actions


Upon earlier ruminations, I have declared the inquisitions and motives of societies members -(Be it outcast, pariahs, the insecure or threatened?) Often use said motives to challenge, acquire, or merely keep by keeping you away from such close proximity of their personal heir or empire! “Fear is a giant on a hill top dashing large rocks down towards any who effort for success, by way of climbing the mountain to the top!

“Deciphering the paradigms of existence”

#please See education ย and predicament categories at end of post! Thank you.

Said motives by others are administerd by fears, and fears manifest by words or actions! Such can ve deciphered by the initiatives of the few!

S Memo_11

S Memo_36

“Those who seek your weakness are the most fearfull of you the most!”

S Memo_32

By way of characteristics will deploy you as a target for hatred or punishment, not necessarily because of you personally, but rather because of their very own lack of governance towards their emotions! Such incompetence is that of immaturity and immaterial gains, often mimicking a child in infancy periods-(soft, weak, vunerable and wholeheartedly insecure)

“Such faux pas and that of said characteristics while injustices ferment towards you, is their personal justification from their fear and immaturity of emotions! As you will be berated and falsified upon in order to justify all and any ills, they wish to administer against you and your name!

“Woe amongst them as woe be to their credulity, and woe upon them!”

And shall they serve only as embellishments of immorality, banished from the light!

For they shall never free themselves from such misery of this illness!

14 - 1 (16) 10007459285_5fd79e9cc1_z

We belong far away far away from these identities!

Unfortunately amongst many a rumination and inquests of my own, I have come to the uneasy but realised view, that the majority of citizens around the world are born from incompetent parenting appose to competent parenting benevence– ( I Am Not Referencing Such Abnormalities Of Our Species In Paranormal Or Abnormal Behaviours? ) But rather the casual incomprehensible incompetence of the majority of earths inhabitants.ย 

As a rule competent citizens have extreme precision to actuality and events, in which their mode of negotiations through obstacles is examined variables in approximation and calculus!

1) For example! We can exam here, postulate, dissect and reason a hoste of the beneficial factors of the competent citizens structures?

A) calculation of funds, approximations, detrimentals before proceeding on a journey and boarding public transport?

*Answer! In which a competent citizen would have ย checklisted a series of import aspects, including fair, correct change, route, map, emergency telephone numbers, alternative transport, destination address, correct attire, inform kindred or next of kin?

*Unfortunately said incompetent citizens do not abide by such enhanced perceptions of faculty or fault in advance of events, and as unfortunate consequence befall, are hurt by the fall into the pit of their own making!

The above examination, is present throughout an incompetent citizens life-( Untill the moment of realisations continue to occur throughout each new experience or moment, an epiphany or “Enlightenment”). The very worse of incompetent folk never realise their faults so do not pick up on their own enlightenment or epiphany and rather discard of any chance happening of intellectual thought process sessions!ย 

The by product of this is in actuation, which they often find it difficult to heed advice and pre warning in sufficient periods! It is an unforgettable but unforeseeable epilogue of trial and errors for the incompetent citizen!

Error after error after error of simmering familiar misfortunes!

The two levels of incompetent folk I have unearthed are the full incompetent folk, inwhich their incompetence was bequethed by both parents!

Then there is the half incompetent citizen, inwhich only one of the parents were incompetent! Which has yet again been bequethed upon the offspring!


Inwhich one needs to be very carefull who they choose to trust!ย 

It is often spoken by elderly folk this statement

“If I Knew Then What I Know Now, My Life Would Have Been So Much Better”

This statement means very much to me, as I have repeatedly heard it vocalised a thousand times as a child, at different stages of my then young life, in which every single member of family reiterated such truisms!

Except for only one, that one was my father- (Yet I am sure even he had made a mistake somewhere nomatter how insingnificant it may have seemed at the time?)

My father was the competent educated self, though I hardly got to see him!

I can register alot of his competence as I can register my mothers incompetence!

Half competent folks have half a chance in life, but often from the evils of the world, are jeopardised and fractured upon a broken unsteady hill top of dreams and gifts, in which a chaotic epiphany strikes a loud cord of realism and actuation, the dream transpires into vapours from their auras, it has become far too late for their own benign success story, but as a relegation from both the dream and then the pain from their own unrealised success, are able to steer others to success from their own trials and tribulations! *This may formulate as the final ending to their lifes, “The Half Success Story at The End” inwhich their truths guided others benevolence away from what would have been more tragedy for another folk somewhere else!


“Be You Noble, Beast Or Predator”

I shall disclose to you this plain trick of the evils I watched them scattering amongst my kind, That folk-(Follower.Off.Lucifers.Kindred) who points out a sole figure-( Any sole/soul/solo/personal/individual ) upon the earth and whispers figuratively upon and says to you?

“”Becareful Of That Person!””

Rather contrary, it is actually the opposite, for it is them or that individual you must becareful of, as they perpetually guise to decieve you and they will successfully, but just how much and for how long will you allow yourself to be played like a mule, as they snigger behind your very self?

Do you understand?

If so? Then ask yourself, and question their motives, they shall be humbled by your guile?

And you shall be in profit, other than that you shall grow old and bitter just like the majority!

S Memo_104

I bid you good night and take due care, the road ahead is long and an unsteady solitude destination!

“Enlightenment!” The Internal Eternal Organic Internet

“Awakening To The Wonders Of The Existence”


For modern partisans, reaching a state of benevolence is difficult indeed, many who have built a lifetime upon the fancy and the razzmatazz the artificial world offers, will pass away the opportunity of a steady relationship with “,Enlightenment the ultimate realisation”.

For the artificial as nice as it appears is constructed from the fibres of the official and leases often a trail of havoc vocations to the organic fibres of the world!

Be careful of that you waste your money upon! For it shall never benefit the earth! Whats more if you can not afford such trouble of synthetic structured artifice, then one may exclume you are indeed in favour of not trashing this hour another minute more!

“AS the Earth Thanks You once more, For Your Personal Special Benevolence of non acquisition of unsecured materials for recycling”

14 - 1 (15)

See category# education# 6th, 7th and 8th post down! On my site!

For such who unfortunately lack the benevolence and are increasingly handicapped by the ills, spoils, oils and grease of this world, which permits them to redundancy of a higher echelon of the human evolution, will forever befall upon trouble and strife!

The slippery slope most travel upon is the majority slope, which endows them “NOT” with etiquettes and tollerance bequethed for human evolution!

S Memo_28

For example I have met many people who I did not see in years, but on a short period of re-acquainted unforgettable tragedy, I came to the reality that the person standing in front of me had not spent any years on personal evolution and as a dettrimental consequence had not matured, as one was suppose to given the length of period since our last encounter!

( As a side note to this, it is regrettably informed that the majority of poor folk in the western world are living stagnant as a flaw of this consequence).

Thus! Will not move forwards in life towards progression of the self! ย Also by this they can not forsee others evolution and have set their very own personal chronograph to a time that stands still in their cerebrum! -(ย This is sometimes the reason why some people laugh at your attempts for success while others are just plain scared to be left to lonely in low quarters of life by themselves and regrettably I must state “THAT THE TRUTH HURTS” )

S Memo_97

This behaviour is aligned to a child or infants cerebrum when accessing the world and can not fully understand superior brains which evolved through trial and error!

Because of the pain of realisation, most of the western doctrinaire has evolved into an unusually unique conglomerated congealment of spiritual degradation and that of a conccubbine fashion by falsehood of reality, anything which makes them feel good is becoming their truth, some will even attempt to frame others or make others appear bad to make themselves look innocent and allure others from their dark cupboard of ills and past sacrilegious and abominable behaviours!

Sadly and unmistakeably enough, that which sits in deposits of the anatomical construction, projects upon the agent in all mannerism

Sadly and unmistakeably enough, that which sits in deposits of the anatomical construction, projects upon the agent in all mannerism

This appeasing of falsehoods to themselves by themselves is akin to the greatest madness and distortion of mind, body and soul and constructs as a personal killing machine devised from the self to the self!

But this still is not very hard to believe when you realise, that every single soul in the western hemisphere is sincerely not independently happy or satisfied!

As when one in the westen hemisphere tastes a drop of goodness they want to acheive the same state they felt the first time they tasted it!

But however can never acheive it within the same dosage! Now as an unfortunate consequence to embark on a greater amount to surmount the initial titillation!

But yet each time the agent wishes to reach the titillation has to embark on a higher dose time and time and time and time and time yet again, untill almost no measurement of the source can titilate the insatiable appetite to the source!

This is an expedient growth of poisoning in which the west have become the “In Current Indispensableย Indisputable Heavyweight Champions Of The World!”ย Towards destruction of self and others neighbouring!

This be the universal abiding by such destruction and contemptuous confriction contemporaneousness is that of a special requiem within their unity!

The tragedy is that they are Pepetually effortlessly de-enriching emotionally advanced natures and cultures with their personal skewed informations of benevolence!

S Memo_94

Also many illiterate cultures follow accept and abide by such poison chalices of indoctrination offered by the West! Such once indeginous tribes, accept for barterring produce and tools and as a blindfold, do not know that which they are being offered and accept the baits as did the “unfortunate wolf”

*See category/finance/ for metaphisicology is for the astute wealthy hierarchy

I do not and have never lived within the confines of the westen spirituality, mind and emotion as I have witnessed its evil prowess upon such lifes! Those who do are nothing short of barbarians and will endeavour to use you or whoever they will to entise further their personal exploitations, everyone is not to be trusted white black, male female, old young, religious non religious, criminal non criminal, sane insane, professional unprofessional, trust at your own unfortunate sacrifice!

Hence! ” I Lived Amongst The Villages And Witnessed The Evil And Maliciousness Of Their Ways, I Noticed That The Wheels Of Their Spirits Was Turning In The Opposite Direction To Wheels Of My Own Heart, It Was Then I Realised I Was Not One or Amongst The People!”

*(KAHLIL GIBRAN) From Treasures Of Kahlil Gibran.

Competently for myself I have travelled to foreign lands in poor nations and witnessed the real benevolence of meaker peoples who by casuality shine a brighter illuminiscence upon the earth!

S Memo_1

Some peoples application towards life is one of inverse progress -*regressive state of non-bearance to evolution of the mind!

Anothers application towards life is a perpetual manifestation of competition to others lifes -(Even without the said others awares of such people competing against them).

For example; The teenage girl who secretly wants to be like her other friends, or the mother who dresses like her daughter, or the young male who strives to forge the ultimate body, while yet another attempts to race every power driven motor vehilce he follows, in his mere 1.6 litre engine!

Oftentimes even and strangely enough fully grown men would attempt to trick his associates fiancee into bed just to feel slightly better about himself, or anothers lover or ex! -(Often such and such exploitations is wholeheartedly petty and quite sad).

For humankind as a species have lost all direction of personal lifes!


What is worse they have convinced themselves that others care about what they are doing, oftentimes nobody cares what another is doing if it can not benefit themselves also, so the effort goes without saying, “It was wholeheatedly a waste of your time if you was attempting to get the attention of your intended target via your actions!

This often is a huge error and attribution of said ignorance, by sole parties of materialism and earth bound characteristics, such will display via emotions and lack of etiquettes in such a hemispherical domain!

Often they are the least and last to know anything, and when handed a peace of information characterise as though it occured recently.. not realises it may have occured several generations ago!

S Memo_84

ย The west contribution to youth is to behave young! Yet there is no greater obomination upon the world then to see a fully grown adult believing they are young and prancing like an infant!

There confusion is of a sad one, as the wires where lost in aย “Great Chinese Whisper” of titanic proportions! Youth of body soul and mind does not mean drinking like a teenager or wearing teenage attire or conversing like a child with child jargon!

Youth is truly well being, health and vitality period!


“As A Consequence such incompetence of self Will Suffer By Themselves If Pepetually Competing Against Others, Fore When They Are Old They Will Not Be In The Classification To Compete With Youth-(The Fountain Of Benign)”.

Often you may come in to contact with said properties, who will get everything wrong, and will display a total contrast to the actuation of an event or happening! -(This can also be a prohibited result or a “Mental Block” & the characteristics of “Imprinting” all similitude roled into one notion of “hightened ignorance” and incompetence of self and mind!

*This is not and never and attack but a door to realisations, as actuality is never easy to accept!

Many can never and will never accept they are first weak, incompetent, wrong, A liar, repetitive of false and incorrect information!

When you look inside yourself, you come to know oneself, then if enough years has passed by since first enlightenment, you can use this formula to understand others actuality also!

***(As a side note it is important to state, the official handicapped persons and paraysed physically and mentally of this world via birth or accidents can not be at fault for any actions, such with severe mental illness also fit into this arena, and as a matter of importance are not at fault for there characteristics and behaviour)

Yet it is affirmation to also declare many and much should try as they are born able with able minds, that should not be fashion upon A beverage everyday!

S Memo_81

Importantly enough, once again the west idea of this attribution and practice, to such societies paradigm behind it, such a mistake as this will only allure to further fabrication and skewed practices by the fast forward approach and “Instant Gratification” to everything! Oppose to patience and steady inquisitions!

Often answering without carefully contemplated etc etc etc..

The west base everything upon emotions and are always quick to jump to a position of personal mind without proper reason!

Fascets that allure to this terrible malign are an attribution of an unsteady society from the inside out not the outside in and unsteady people!

Materials do not give confidence and strength but rather spirituality gives confidence and strength!

S Memo_85

All the rigidity of the religious practices in the west to not, and I reiterate “Do not acquaint to even as little as a group of religious practitioners from the north of the hemisphere!”ย 

This unfortunate practice is due to a multitude of factors!

A least of factors of the skewed representation of spirituality governed in the west!

1) Money -(Which often prohibites ones personal time to reflect and practice as one is often Psychological occupied, by the material behaviour of such trade of money)ย 

2) The behavioural practices of those who chase money -(This can also govorn an agents life if his associations, family, acquaintances are driven by more money! Even his neighbourhood will effect the way he treats money, can I spend on nice materials for fear of sabotage or should I move to a better neighbouring environment-( which often cost more money, which leads to more hours spent at work with shrewd unbenign folk ) This type of coajuvancy is akin to a coagulation of your benevolence -( limited to that of a blood endured patient of the cerebrum, hence! “Blood Clotton” and stuck in their tracks!

S Memo_87

You will find as I did the further I travelled up the ladder of spoken beneficiaries, the acquaint clarification illuminated motives and ideologies which was not to my neurological structure!

Often people at the top are cold hearted, and as a previous Psychologist ruminated, “You will discover that bussiness people are Psychopathic in nature!”ย 

Which is evidently true I sported! -( meaning displayed as in communicated or spoken ).

*The business person’s sole trade is to make himself as much comfortable profit as possible in that which they harbour! All sense of humanitarian basic traits often automatically denounce and detatch, like that of the leaves off a tree in the autumn!

The business persons characteristics are that of a fearful creature trying to protect their spoils, they fearfully have no room for regulation of benevolence so opt out and make others appear as negligent and incompetent as possible to remain in a high position of wage, earning and power!

For example alot of my work is good over the years as is others but, to put your foot in the correct space for progress is something else when fear realises you are alive!

often people have the type of fear which will prevent you from success, people of white and asian complexions are not really fearing (in the same stance and fortunately for them) ย as darker skin homo-sapiens are frequently feared and shut out, even to the point darker skin homogeneous traits fear one another, and will do anything to subdue that fear, even administer fake jokes, bogus stories, and petty nonsense to makethemselves “A dye in the wool illiterate” and such an unspecified illiterate often feels less obliterated by a possible supperior force of nature! And more becoming for his casting of aspersions against another who is really quite superior and endearing!

This type of cloak and dagger “tack tick” is often juxtaposed by such fear and traits of weaken mindedness from the western coajuvancy.

Often hindered behind retorted smiles, which turn into grimaces when you are doing better in your life!


Thank you for reading my blog, may this benefit you in some way today!

Peace be upon you well wishes!

I bid you good day…

Agriculture and Organics

Harvesting, Freshly Governed Organic Produce!

“Always Has Been An Intriguing Symptom Of Mind To Nourish The Self With Better Than Average Stock”

Oftentimes Quality Stock Actually Cost More Than Even The Fast Un-organic Produce, Consumers Hastily Crowd For!

Oftentimes, One Pays Quite increasingly on this synthetic absorption of mere aesthetics, guised as produce-( For Un-qualified Stock ), Inwhich Most Of The Pricing is Due To Packaging, Tansportation, 3rd, 4th, 5th Parties Who Negotiated With Pricing Along The Steady Chain Of Corporate finance!


Nevertheless and unfortunately by the instant it reaches stores, stock can be unafordable and expensive! For this type of marketing characteristics, one can identify how the poor, are always undernourished-(never starved, just simply lacking in nutrients). You can often visualise and perceive on reasonably close inspection, in many who have poor diets the affects of lack of neutrinos and beneficial factors, when one can not afford from the organic tray!

I always feel it is better to almost go without, then to eat and feast upon garbage, I would rather dress poorly, not have a car, have nothing but eat well! Food preparation and competence of nutrition is an important factor of the self, one can not be inform and in physical or psychological competence, if you are for example on a spiritual benevolence, but eating in quite a hazardous fashion, and in heavyweight quantities also!!!


Condition and nutrition should not be opposing parallels, as one often paralyses the other! A matter of decision making catalogued into compromising compulsions for the benevolence of your personal matter be your interest and gain!

Everything one chooses to indulge, should benefit them on the whole, rather then the amiable glance of their neighbours. For this to take full governance, some steady reseach and computation of nutrition needs earnest investment solely for the comprisal of said agent!



The Botanic Garden…

One does not have to grieve upon their meals in misery or curse upon a meager diet, but to invest chronologically in earnest knowledge about what is best for self! As people often rightly differ in chemical balances, you may find some who need more salt in their diets, to those who need more sugar chemicals, to those who need more acidity, to those who require more iron, to those who demand more sulpher, to those who first for more magnesium and so on and so on?

S Memo_71

Biology of the state is wholeheartedly complex, and individually we do not align, so the personal requisitions of monitoring such personal requirements for steady gain has to be a must!

As explained accessibility of affordable stock is not easy! So simultaneously arranging personal stock, maybe the way forward for now! -(Eating that which you can afford, will not allow you to squander, considering one invest in the opportunity to produce it from early stage to ripening accomplishment! This be the accessories to a good harvest leaves one feeling more than satisfied with whatever is produced!

6 produce I grow, potatos, beetroots,  Onions, Lettuce, Raddish, Rhubarb!

6 produce I grow, potatos, beetroots, Onions, Lettuce, Raddish, Rhubarb!

Uprooting these rhubarb stalks makes good biological profit, when skin diced and blended with honey and my other fruits for tasty beverages!

Uprooting these rhubarb stalks makes good biological profit, when skin diced and blended with honey and my other fruits for tasty beverages!

Grown this year, ready succulent and devoured, a portion at a time!

Grown this year, ready succulent and devoured, a portion at a time!

Myself as such a generator of achaean practice and the love of botanical fruit, which only seriously started this labouring practice of growing my own fruit & vegetables several years back! But have enchanted my benevolence with such amaible practices, as the antioxidants our biology needs is wholeheartedly acquisitional from fresh produce straight from the earth! These polychromatic sources of andioxidants are the spice of human life and needing harvesting to enrich the bodies of such bounty!

The Particles, red and white blood cells, which make up our great immune systems are dependable on such acquaintances! Such a rendezvous of high spontaneously galvanising mediation from antioxidants to the blood cells, work as reinforcement of labour, love, life, house, nursing, tutor and guard!

One can see such an amiable sophistication of intricacies when illuminating study is exposed of the methodology of such particle behaviour!

Every medicine is bound by nature, as nature to us is medicine! For example remove the bee from this world, and no plants will survive without pollination from our best friend the “BEE”


REMEMBER! No plants means no life for humans quite simply so! So it is best to not use aerosol cans and anything which kills bees an insects, each manifest their own personal benevolence inwhich mankind is only now globally discovering-(Not a minute to soon but rather late) As we are aware Bee quantities are falling each year because of manmade substance and substitutes! When all along such pharmaceutical subsidiaries are not needed if we simply take care and be more informed of our personalised practices!

The photosynthetic structure of this world harbours all natural cures, antidotes and remedies for each and every affliction witnessed! Our phylogenetic phycomycosis blends and actual metamorphosises with that of biotic culture, no artificial stimulations are indeed needed, as patience is a virtue upon health and sturdy study!

The phonation of our immune system is built in the biotics of organic matter plain and simply undeniable!


For good health, better mental stability, money savings and long life… One should become accustom to a partial fixation with mud, in order to grow your own food!