Personification of Truth

A long time ago… With in our alignment of the galaxy we exist in, a planet flourishing with biotic life and existing within their Laws of nature… brimming with prosperity and culture… The inhabitants lived as we do now! Existing on the goods of the land… building & reaping the resources as the time enveloped!

History has it that this planet no longer exist! Somewhere amongst the many stars dried and exhausted of life… But the desertion of this life inhabiting  planet full with ingredients… the inhabitants were indeed quite nonchalant towards such resources which bequeathed the nature front of the planet… decade after decade… generation after generation in each chronostrataghraphical unit… the idiosyncrasies of the inhabitants never altered from previous centuries… So on.. on and on this idiosyncrasy system occured… in millenniums there on, all natures suffered…  All creatures large and small… suffered as a direct debilitation of the obtrusive misuses of such precious matters! The discipline of these domineering species was unnecessary grotesque to the fertility of their soil… their chromosomes… their stratosphere… their original homes… The grandeur of their autonomy was gestering quite destructively to all natures in existence!

It was examined that leaders sat amongst one another to galvanise support plans inorder to find a resolution to the sacrilege of resources. Upon a course of sacrilegious errors in finding methodologies for reintroducing the renaissance of the prosperity…

Wars created defiance, who sought to profit from such disagreements. Technologies of this epoch was greatly sophisticated, somewhat indistinguishable from mere magic and light Speed… Deployments were exonerated in which divisions of that planet world… search the galaxies for a safe haven from, what was known as, a time of serving. .. It was known in that period the inhabitants had been the catalyst to this slow demise, the planet driven apart, but equivocation and uncooperation, divided the nations into sects of further authority and individual schools of thought… Much is not detailed in the theory of distant planets… but that which is mentioned was… that at some stage before the entering ending of their civilisation… Departures and crusades led them to the planet earth on thousands of occasions. Many historians of religious doctrination have equivocated the notion that the Anunarky are the particular people, emphasised to/of this account.. in which they bequeathed such great knowledge to Egyptians and all cultures before!

Understanding language is a matter of understanding actuation and reason… Language ultimately is the manifestation to express something! The something maybe an idea, an order, a feeling, an action, a thought, an incident, a methodology, an idiosyncrasy, an ideology, an Invention, an aid, a metamorphosis, an explanation, a tool etc…

Unfortunately you will notice the majority of conversations are “emotional interactions” between species/organisms. As we stated in earlier talks about the use of language it seems in terms and rightful use, are shorted lived, because of the emotions harboured inside the laws of existence (Cause and effect applys) emotions ultimately and Instantaneously install a new altered state of being. The emotion of oneself can deviate a conversation from it’s own seems and original position, while hyperbolically turning towards an unforseen happening! I have witnessed associates who moved from the qualia of pleasantries to the destruction in ferocity. This occured via words stated and to what the words meant to the separate parties… 

(An offence was felt by one party, by the use of a derogatory term by the other commitments to dialogue, which appeared not to be stated with insalubriosness and intolerance! Yet the air for a stage show had now been set by the sanctimonious salutiferous protagonists understanding of order and respect!

Both neither agreed, yet all was indeed compromised… simply because of emotions, which led to a more physical form of alterations of their immediate appearances!

Policies are usually defined by individual understandings of words and emotions! The average person can not perceive past their own shrouded understanding of things/events etc… so people will not find anything other than their personal relativity. Nonetheless, will register almost impossible to an honest open minded comprehension and demonstratingly towards deciphering! This you will notice is extremely common when you invade someone’s self consciousness with totally abstract views of life! The mind almost explodes, from the eclectic array of information which would not have been -heard/explained/realised/tutored to the committee/person of interest/cooperates dialogue and attention before! Perhaps registering/imprisoning one ‘mind-blown’

Such as the story is shared above, which is a theory of the white or perhaps a skewed version of a black ancient astro-archaeological homogeneous evolution and their occurrence in thus world/domain…

I along with many do believe that the white homosapient is not a true descendents of this world… My reasoning is based upon much study and analysis… for these are not religious based, neither are they racist or ignorant of such antiquity to understanding based knowledge! I truly believe it is only a further matter of time before all is pronounced understood by open and actual future standards of science!

It is true that the human genome is quite capable of adjustment to natures and climate. In this we understand the full address of metamorphosis! Yet we also acknowledge a very particular socio heterogeneity. It is true that the black genome is adhesive to all that exist in the stratosphere, hemisphere, troposphere of organic life… In fact all life are very responsive to negotiations with other inhabitants upon our dear planet.. Yet as I mentioned prior, it appears and has been displayed that the white homogenous status is not cooperating with the earth’s natural law… it should but does not plan to in any cooperative manner or moral code, very well, nor has it done so in the antiquity of it’s existences. It appears a decree of universal fate, the very manifesto of the earth’s order!

For this we are fortunate to notice, the rearranging of the mighty earth! The ingredients of the earth’s contents being distorted, dislocated, dismayed… disformed and disappeared! All this has occured from the natural order of things! Unfortunately The white homosapients have become obtrusive upon the earth to a point that geographical engineering has insalubriously shredded the natural defences that protect that planet from galactic bombardment  (free meteorites/debris) The upper realm of the stratosphere miraculously lyrically defends the climate and inhabitants from oncoming shells….

The debris of these Shells the petroleum of broken planets and galactic ruptures! Invading lights and extreme phonic explosions are burnt up by the heat and pressurised dispensations which essentially encloses the earth’s sphere, akin to a force field! (Once only dreamt of in imagination) which has been observed to be a phenomenon of the ozone layers protecting our planet earth! lithosphere.

We believe that the western ideology is solely organised for the benefices of Geoengineering the planet to suit their Geology, as you will recognise that the regressive genome of the white homosapient is not supportive to the entire climate. White homosapient can neither go to any part of this world.  This supports the reasoning that white homosapient is not really of/from this world we call earth! Many plagues have infested thus world and viability of disruptions to the earth… Nature has told us this story time and time and time again… yet we all refuse to listen to the cries of the mighty earth…

The earth shouts… “They are not from me… hear me my children… here laid out on the floor are my cries… which fill the pools of ancient oceans. Here the voice cracks from your mother, all around… these organisms (white homosapients) are not one of my children… see what they do to my womb… see my bleeding and pain… my arms and lungs are violated they Rape me so… and pull out all my hair, from the roots… they spray toxic fumes in my eyes and now I am blind!… they are not one of you… see how they treat me… only a stranger would treat someone so… they are not one of you… understand my pleasure. .. pain and sacrifice… and please pray they leave! Or I will be destroyed like sister mars”

Sister earth!

Examination of this phenomenon has been sanctioned by scholars and Physicians who share such an insight and fully exciting theory! Please understand if this information is unfamiliar to you, that knowledge sharing is not… I relate is not about finding fault or demonstrating harm to others well being! This truth we are Sharring here, is regarding the facts that, if a species that has long since existed in a planet, and has all the general characteristics of survival to similar species of it’s so called order, Question binding: Then why has it no defense against the most fundamental structure of the planet? Most bacteria does not negotiate with strangers… and will invade… it that which is identified as its structure (Alien organism). The thing which can survive the bacteria in decreed laws of scientific analysis is; “Time!”

Just time it’s self can find away to coexist with bacteria! Any element in time with such bacteria will become friendly upon one another (Black homosapients and earth’s bacteria) melanin is the stabiliser serum… the bacteria bequeathed black people with… it shall not survive in white homosapients supremacist state of neurogenics and deoxyribonucleic  acid!


The issue rises here, that the white homogenous traits are often debilitated and destroyed via this education of the virus in this earth! The virus recognises an invades when it sees an intuder. This occurs as do all inhabitants in their natural habitat…. If we examine Tigers. .. Lions…. Marine life… insect species… we can observe that they are aware of friend from foe or inductee from imposter! The white homosapients are the imposter to this planet…

[ Remember:   I did state earlier that emotions can break a state of being… this said and done and communicated demonstratingly, it must be reiterated that many will not be please to acquaint with such information in the instance! ]

And further still…

[You will notice in modern times of communication, that upon reading responses on various social networks, tempers and emotions are regularly on display akin to a Illuminated diverse peacock in fancy dress sense, boot and tie! Most people I have notice often blow off at the nostrils this appears, via the threads of Internet communications. Again emotions. Often stating the most ridiculous responses to endeavour for purpose of insult towards cooperative dialogues. Often to no avail… From this i have come to notice a sense of false thought… (false confidence) You may notice examples of individuals stating information that they believe will get a reaction out of the poster of main subject…) Such things are done when the truth is acquired to the senses for the first time. Hence; “The Truth Personified Hurts”.




The actuation is many white citizens do not understand knowledge which arrives with out their own image imprinted upon it! Imprinting as we have already discussed at the beggining chapters of these pages is the motherhood of all information!

(Hence white biblical historic figures; Jesus – Yeshua – Yashu – Isa “PBU” … Moses – Musa “PBU”… Jacob – JACOB – Yacub -Yahuti PBU…) Plus many many more… All!

See… [Imprinting ] in category; Psychology!

As in my studies I quite comfortably recognise professional applications of tutoring and paramount plans of affirmation and truism! I have enjoyed my studies and still do, unfortunately I have recognised this Cri De Cour is not the norm in the western world.. though the technology is incredibly sophisticated, it is not understood by most, not even a fraction of the populous in the western world. This I have come to understand arises via physical poverty, poverty of the mind further than the pocket… Most adults work only for the purpose of the contract and meeting basic human needs! The synopses of knowledgement often does not get passed down to the child. Reasons range from over exhaustion from extended working hours (supporting families/luxuries), to family visits negotiations/poor communication. As a consequence the child grows up without that sense of general knowledge (Common sense). Often this leads children into adults who do not know anything outside the professional trade (If they have a trade?)

Unfortunately many individuals have been raised from households who have never worked. This crises gives them, the offsprings no just and quality input to knowledge. Such people who have been established from these unprofitable and problematic lares… tend to not be able to offer anything to society or anyone else! Most will indeed argue akin to a trooper, but can not produce anything more than gesters of insults after insults after insults… Everyone would have engaged in this type of unprincipled plight of communication if it be profitable. Yet it has to be realised whom are the intellectual ones and whom are just fakers wasting everyone’s time… In the end we avoid such characteristics of time wasting individuals who aim to register their profit of emptiness upon yourself or educated minds!


The empty mind wishes to exploit your time, as family may not have subscribed the organism with something valuable inside! This is why you may find thousands of uncoordinated and provoked diatribe splurged by the forever uncoordinated dilettantes of such domains! It benefits the one whom ignores the onslaught in such unwarranted disastrous interactions!]

I have observed that the white homogenous organism spends a great deal of time in observation of other cultures…. namely the black homosapients! As a young spirit in this life experience, I was not fully aware of this practice… but have come to acquaint with it as not just a mere fascination (which is what is thought is being upheld by less educated black homosapients, namely blacks in the criminal acquisition of merchandise) Often the black homosapient believe that the white homosapient supremacist view is to observe them to copy them… Well yes but not in the fashion that the black homosapient denigrates/perceive… (Street culture fashion)

It is neither the black homosapients look or dress sense that is scrutinised by the white homosapient… No not at all, but rather the cells, deoxyribonucleic acid, melanin, idiochromosomes, neurogenics and genetic membranes of the phylogenetic organism.. It is this very “WHY?” “HOW?” and every thought in between that galvanises the induction of extremity in inquisitions to the genome of the black homosapients!

The success of the black homosapient lay within the secrets of the planet which nobody has fully explained… Yet it is quite basic…: Understand, Only that… which was originally made from… that which is endorsed,  can naturally survive an existence with in that…; which harbours dangerous viruses to the taxonomy of the geographical state! If you are not from that, well how will you truly survive? Truly you will not, and by trying too… you will only destroy the whole planet as you did before and probably everywhere you arose from before that one and thereon before!

It is true that natures often do not change, and we can see that the nature of the power seeking, authoritive mining, Ill fanaticism and vampirial-Lucifarianisms… probably will never change from that which it has only existed as in long ago light year dwellings amongst the cosmos!

The faithful fatalities in existence of antiquity… indeginous civilisations often fatally destroyed what was known of in that civilisation… often by war and sacrilegious attempts of obliterating the overturned defeated cultures! Unfortunately we are now next to having our own provisions destroyed by such a harvesting appetite; This intrusive insect-natured feasting of the distinctive organism… hailed as the westerner! (WHITE HOMOSAPIENT)

Will they destroy us as they did their very own planet in the distant galaxy all those millenniums past in distant chronostrataghraphical epochs?! Or will they visit another galaxy and find another civilisation similar to this one to leach upon..? In the antithesis of antiquity the ‘We’..? Suggest, many individual questions and perhaps alternatives from possibilities. Perhaps in the theme of one standing possibility; Maybe the white homosapient visited planet earth… (on voyage in searching for a new planet to inhabit) – and educated the earliest Egyptians? (Khemetian civilisation with tools of survival!)

More so, the white homosapient are not the actual Anunarkies! However something else and to mention also knowing/suggesting they possibly are not from around here!

Ancient tribes have passed down knowledge to decree that white people are neither the Anunarky, they are not from around this neighbourhood! (PLANET/SOLAR SYSTEM)

The white homosapient may have leap-frog or piggyback & educated the/their way to earth via multiple planets until they found one worth harbouring and propagating their own genome onto/upon? They may have lassoed around mars to piggyback earth… for a later transition of yet another planet to stalk…? Or perhaps they/the white genome sent the/their DNA interference (Panspermia) onto a giant meteorite which exploded when a giant meteorite destructively crashed into the earth with the force of a thousands tons approximately sixty five million years ago…? (APPARENTLY) that occasion wiped out almost all life, which had existed to Pre that date?! In this hypothesis, all previous life was indeed annihilated to endeavour space for new life being new organism to the galvanised and established territory.

So the question arises still: Will we ever know to whom or where they have come from, or will they destroy us and this planet with their lust for craving resources merely for luxuries?

I believe any good organism is indeed dearly welcome to stay upon planet earth… and to join existence as an extraterrestrial entity upon ti’s domain/home… (keep it organic) But if we go to war for our earth… (Our dearly beloved) we will have to send these imposters back to another dimention where they came from?

I am fighting on my mother’s and fathers side (Mother earth and the mighty cosmos)


Thank you for reading thus chapter so far…🌠🌠🌠

Be well if you equired spirits of a good nature…💚✨

Regards Khalil…..