The Punctuation of an Evil Presence; The preliminary evolved synonym.

Take a few moments to study the signs and symbols in the photo below; Documented picture.1



These signs and symbols in the picture above (see picture.1), may confuse many enthused… Nonetheless, more details will be disclosed shortly further along in this chapter.


Signs and symbols announce our arrival, our presidency, our presentation.
A measure of things to come; be that (our/your) hopes and dreams, wishes and desires… offerings and intentions?
Our mantra or our song is a theme that will notify and announce and remind all those of our intentions and will!
A lesson for the present, a reminder for antiquity and a warning or prophecy for those of the future!

Take note: A cast to identify symbolism!

Upon Investigation, one may lay open to a sudden realisation of the true meaning of a once certain ubiquitous flag (A certain emblem of thuggery and ostensibly grandiose sea bandits/robbers) such a rapacious flag heralded by what is known as “The United Kingdom” (The Rapscallion of nations)

That which has evolved from lower deck thievery to a distant famed culture of finely tuned merchants of theft, thuggery and blatant robbery has withheld truth and just to protect itself while proselytising the desperate and kin alone, to make moths of many and nations who beg at the foot step of this grand scale deceptive machination.

Those who lack education (Genuine education oppose to brainwashing/programming/media/fashion/establishment inventive incentives) and fear ridicule, are indeed ridiculed in silent the most, as they betray real freedom of will and decisions, and while are subjected into poverty, uncertainty and constant fear.

Such grow in the territory of unrivaled fear as we alone sing in the fields, such fields of the bossom and chest that blossomed from the ancestors Cri De Couer

Nations who endeavoured to embezzle, trick, rob, rape, slaughter, starve, abuse, poison, loot, kill, ravish and malignantly plunder the wealth of foreign resources for the sole grandiosity of it’s future…

That future is the present belly of “The present United Kingdom”

One shall not pray forgiveness for rich nations who intern bequeathed such a trauma presently experienced by modern poor nations. Poor nations must understand… take heed, nor to watch your women sell their booty like meat for sustainable living, not stare upon the misery of your offspring, nor glare upon the dead/dying in vain of a saviour misunderstood upon your ravish lands, nor the hunger of your children from the greed of such nations who only grow sick via greed, while yours starve… Nor the systematic corruption within all posts of law, nor the mockery of the Ill or the proselytising of the gullible or the propaganda and defamation of the feared.

Nor the false “Hopes”, false preachers, false imams, false priests, false pretences, false teachings, false saviours, false bishops and false men of the almighty in false dwelling and sanctuaries of the creator and his creations.

Know genuine from fakery?

If you understand history/globalisation/capitalism/socialism/embellishing and programming then this should be intuitive and initiative for you?

Such a belly has formed as the United Kingdom. A distinctive Kingdom of foul play, liars, cheats, deceptive rule makers and administers.. who play “Pipe Piper” to the dim/drunk/drugged and enthused fused Psychological membranes of the followers.

Akin to peter piper, who indeed rid the down of all it’s rats these imposters aim to rid the world of not rats but rather the genuine characteristics of spirituality; Spirituality is a force to recognise and reckon with or against.

While UK has seen fertile soil and stock incline in wealth, due to the amassed wealth ransacked from foreign lands, due to tricking lands inhabited by empathetic natives.

The contrary has bequeathed those present dishevelled poor lands!

Whom once echoed equality (Imagine a world of fair play, so much that species of mammalian/s existed in a relative Qualia).

Not possible you may suggest?

The consumption of meat produce and the side effects (Cancers) is a modern phenomena proselytised by the western states, who found agriculture a time consuming affair upon Barron infertile land before soil was imported from neighboring nations.

These are the emblems adorned upon the types of ships (Pirate ships) whom sought to invoke such horrors upon civil foreign lands while removing any sign of languages, books and education systems (Upon raping booty/burning live stock/killing women and infants/Torturing the remainders/destroying complete civilisations and hiding particular evidence of foreign ingenuity)

If a thought be a sign to grasp…


If an expression be an emotion?


If a word be a gesture!


If a picture… be a representative of a thousand words?

What say you, if an instance or moment be that of a persistent pattern in actuation…?

Let us now extend that moment to a period in time… an age and perhaps an epoch!

Would that not be a tradition; a way of life (Irascible way of life).

Number sequence; Acculturation

A second look at these symbols may broaden the horizon of any enthused reader.

Note: Understand, that under the auspicious acts of the west we have been proselytised to progress in a backwards/upside down wrong to right fashion…

Everything we have been taught is false accountership and misleading informatic diatribe, while the gross host horde the genuine structure of things.

The easily proselytised and hoodwinked partisans are gathered together by circular Informatics, due to an inability to gain detachment from mainstream media western acculturation and skewed occult practices; by mixing and engineering new test-like societies (states) to keep the masses occupied while the same masses are hoodwinked from their booty (resources) by further machination which releases further finances to the hosts. The parasitic objectors.


Notice the ‘X’ is representative of the notorious “Scull & Bones” image situated on the flags of pirate ships!

Here again below, we take a closer look at the representation of the ‘X’ and the evolution, which is situated upon all three of the main flags of united Kingdom.

That of England, Ireland and Scotland



The representation of the letter ‘X’ is mirrored with negative synonym rather than positive fragments.

Often mark as a symbol of negativity and loss or moreover a symbol of warning prelude to a loss or fragmentation.

This arrival (sign) is entrusted with regret or degradation of a form.

The ‘X’ is a comprehensive toxic symbol, which prevents achievement or inclination to progress.

If a kingdom heralds this sign as their personal symbolism, it spells notoriously barbed and vehement splenetic overtones for any opposing nations, be it.. that the host aims to relieve other nations of all their booty and wealth in entirety and complete contrast.

The ‘X’ cast aspects of doom and disgust, which is often a reprisal of pirate culture, dilettante aspirations, while self nurturing cheap ambitions from wayward seafarers.

From that which my ancestors and immediate relations have witness along the ages, I disclose to you all who may either fall upon such a malignant emblem of sure consequences…

(Union Jack/United Kingdom & such Flags that endorse such a culture)

To indeed protect thyself and that of thy family with a protective prayer from such a curse witnessed by nations who and whom it’s citizens fell to the vitriolic system of abuse entrusted upon by the the systematic abuse from the “United Kingdom” & suchlike.

Pray you do not ever witness and fall to this fate bequeathed upon desperate nations by the hands of the west and United Kingdom.

For such a kingdom was not achieved via natural resources, honesty, integrity, genuine hard work, nobility, fair business, genuine fair law, impartiality, kindness, qualia, love, unbiased systems, universal equality, genuine trade… and respect for all living things.

But rather quintessentially the contrary of every organic/natural and fair law of the people and species who reside in this domain.

Every rule was broken in humanity for such a species (western) to gain and then regain sole advantage to greed and wealth.

So much so that after a long and trenchant-ly tedious battle against the good will of earthly inhabitants, time has come for the earth to restore balance to land and resources… As earth evolves it now obliterates the obliterators of life and culture!

“The circle of life” is always expectant!

It shall expect you, as it always has all those before… So…

Expect such… fore…

Words are born.

Put your hands slowly together, let us now pray for the circle to administer universal justice against such a poison in the world!

Nations of antiquity shall be rekindled, as presentations shall indeed be rekindled back to what they was before…

“Poor, shall return back to health”


Wealth, back to poor Barron lands…

Importers of nobility back to where they derived from thereon.

Impostors of royalties back to that which they stood for first, mere six thousand years ago; peasants and thieves… Thus circle of life!

Blood to blood, Earth to earth, Mineral to minerals, Dust to dust, while all shall be rekindled to such and such again…

We do not pray forgiveness for our enemies or all those who perpetuate malice upon our lives…

But rather cancer, poverty and persuasive illness .. shall blight patrons of western shores.

We now bow to the mystery of the elements, the power that be, the electricity that grant us well-being and peace in existence…

Not force or false pretence or Majesty, neither false Kingdom, nor fake jurisdictions of law, no importers of a perpetual substantial insubordination-al hierarchy. Neither molesters of innocence/truth and justice, neither cowardice/propagandist hate sovereignties.

Only the omniscient presences that presents an unrivaled presence, that has and shall continue to engulf our life here and after… urges us to leave behind the west; These western nations skewed diplomacy, while urging us to return to our own roots/lands and tongues of antiquities. For western morals are unto themselves (states/order governed solely by human ego/greed and thirst) a no go and aggressively none-progressive state for spirituality and Qualia.

The energy-efficient which the mockers have mocked… is none other than our strength of ultra magnetic agencies.

The frequency of life is the vibration of actuation we breathe, the sustainer of our Qualia.

Peace be upon… peace be upon…

Peace be upon… the true spirits of the most high and not the fakers who embellish disguise.

“The Genuine Denizen” (denigration and black ignited plight)


Black shoe polished, utilised by black entertainers in 1950’s America, for caricature and emphasise the purpose of an extra extremity!

Black on Black… the give away here in this photo below is attributing to the distinctive black hair and nostrils! “Black on Black”


“Hey Yeah!”


States the entertaining ingredients of the black artist’s¬†proliferations!

Some black people’s aspiration to be viewed, valued, and considered for endorsements and sponsorship was quite extreme to say the least!

Modern day black citizens in the west attribute similar intentions in modern-day times. Notice black people attempting to play the perpetual rookie role in movies, or the stereo typical drug seller and gangster… the women often settle for typical essential roles, as the baby making factory machine at the bottom of the hill, forever churning out a hot fresh supply of police ballistic targets, for the auspiciousness of the wicked police to practice training upon! I am certain each police officer keeps a tally upon score records per hit and fatality!


The black homo sapient’s offspring, located in the European western hemispherical environment, has now become so disenfranchised towards the prosperity of its own kind, that it is now currently the single greatest threat to the¬†prospectus of the “Black identities Chromosomes” in the homosapient!¬†

Greatest of all in all,¬†The sense of who the¬†“Black homosapient”¬†is…? Refrained from being a component of this magnanimous fixture many centuries ago! Possibly even many millenniums ago… *[See the story of the inhabitants named “The #Isrealites” in the chronostratagraphical unit of “The #Prophet” (PBU) #Noah!].

It is worth staring through the decades… actually centuries and state that those periods of degradation… insalubriosness, malevolence, engineering havoc, brutality, ¬†pestilence, disproportionate abuse, distributed dystrophy and the perpetual Holocaust bequeathed upon to the black chromosomes idiosyncrasies and neurological genetics and Psychological damage, by namely the white race amongst softened up by Arabs *[ See the cruelty from the #Arab-slave-trade from¬†300 Anno Domini – 1600 Anno Domini!¬†]

The Instantaneous Gratification absorbed by the feasting of foreign flesh and carcases from the utility of workers, servants, Whores, baby producing factories and all systems which endorsed subdivisions, of the very deprevied¬†imagined cruelty deployed upon a populous of indigenous frightened people… perpetuated the atmosphere for thousands of thousands of miles into millions in every direction! Even across the oceans the fear sank deep beneath the title waves of fear centred weather storms, as if there existed subdivisions of Gods wrapped in a drunken game of deep ocean spinning! Swimming the vast oceans for sport and terror!

But no… this was just the extreme turbulence generated atmosphere of fear… created by this historic scholarship of engineered evility…¬†which has never been surpassed since!

Where did this wicked machinery, of torture ideology originate from…?

Is indeed the irony of all!

For this we have to investigate a particular race of being, as far as we recognise to date, It was actually the (our)¬†Arab brethren who taught this evil methodology of slavery… to the taxonomy of the white homogenous evolution of slave trade! Europeans for many centuries of antiquity frequently visited Arabic lands, for business and technology (woodcraft, medicine, Merchandise and trade). The Europeans indeed feared the Arab ferocity to battle but trusted the mechanics of their technology, Merchandise, medicine, riches, proclivity for a thirst of power and mechanics to rule a people with fear!

The then Arabs were only matched by the ferocity of the Ottoman Empire and the Great GHENGIS Ghan himself!

Nonetheless, the Europeans and their modern determination shrouded in their abhorrence to foreign policy, systematically utilised any rigidity that would prosper their pockets! None other than greed was their middle name, a name that has been imprinted upon the cerebral cortex of every descending fetus at childbirth in western lands!¬†(Here arrives greed, many whisper) Screaming for the handsome pounds and already Surreptitiously anticipating gradients of future profit, their tiny baby hands clinched fists, aspire a notion… as if to mimic¬†a sincere affirmation of holding on to the paper notes of the currency. So many will eventually bleed for this paper matter, this inherited God of many, fall for and die for in a virtual world wind sustained by such mechanics of the rat race… all before have faltered towards and horribly forfeited in sustaining it… ¬†Also, this tragedy appears to exist by the posture of a grandiose lure and seismic seduction of the false light strobe!

This lures everything in approximations to the “False light strobe” (Misguiders/Misguide) for candidancy towards a benign doom!

Ignorantiquity of the¬†black homosapients phylogenetics and evolution has aided this perpetual¬†doom! Everything that the modern black lives for, exist for, endeavours for only perpetuates this modernised version of insalubrious calamity and future disparaging proclivities! The black homosapients of the west utilise a side of cunningness and offbeat methodology, to gain passion and control of possibly the ignorantiquity and niavety of less educated black spirituality. By miseducation and misleadership the blacks own offbeat comprehension of black spirituality… Slacking their pants down and talking gibberish, lacking in education and manners, not reading and investigating, not policing their diet, and comrades is no black firm of spirituality and ancestry realisation. ¬†Ironically such a demise is called “being black…” I call it “nonsense far from thy sight!” And into the bankruptcy of ideologies!

The water, air, food, attire, materials which exist in the west have only furthermore incapacitated the total existence of the black homosapient!

The synopses of the dreadful education system has further encroached all education towards this evolution in the organism against true prosperity! dystrophy and disability has never been surpassed since 4000 years in antiquity for the black homo sapients evolution!

“It is nothing short of a mere miracle that the bible’s old testament actually prophecies… this very encryption of empyrean affirmation to the denizen of the roaming organism… the Israelites” (A subdivision of modern black homo sapients who are descendents, related to ancient Isrealites who were indeed indeginously tortured and banished from their own lands to digress¬†in a forever torment… untill The mighty God calls upon a time of future establishment and mercy… in which the subdivision of the ancient Isrealites have trusted God’s law, so embark upon redemption and improve their UnGodly ways from old. The present wickedness and evil Lucifarianism to the qualia of love and universal purity)… is the change expected and awaited!


This is well established, ¬†that no such human phylogeny as a nation… has these traits. We may witness individuals with these great tendencies, however, often these great disturbing and often off-putting tendency issues are endorsed by individual prejudices, which the protagonists unfortunately never acknowledges or can be persuaded to acknowledge!

Often many try to single out pious blacks for self insecurity reasons while destroying the prosperity of black homo sapients in general!

We are left often wondering who has tought this calamity of wicked machination & evil ingenuity! It is as though black ethics in the UK were forged in a warehouse by monkeys, then programmed and released with extreme proliferation and these intended orders of black destruction! Even to carry out the teaching of such disturbed programming!




Black homo sapients in the west… Are¬†100% Of the inconvenience to other blacks and can never witnessed their very own denigrated postures and idiosyncrasies of wicked mischief! Often such blacks will indeed instinctively cry out of unfair treatment, at the hands of white people… while conveniently removing all the mistreatment they first commit upon themself’s as an organism, then their immediate race and then the wider community! ¬†(Cause and Effect applies *See #Causeandeffect )


The modern-day black homo sapient is a true letter to the disenfranchised antiquity of ancient black homo sapients. While now has inherited the title¬†“The Real Denizen”…


A genuine denizen, once a foreigner but now a reformed grotesque statue of oppression to the taxonomy of personal relativity and heritage of ethnicity! A very real and genuine denizen, has truly earned current dislocation of their senses and all that made their ancient ancestry dominant; In the compartment of surviving ingredients. The gradient which endured the harshness of great antiquity! Now the modern black homo sapient existing in the “European states” have probably gone further in the obtrusive debilitationisms and denigration of other black homosapients! These black homosapients in the European states have truly over exceeded the expectations of their masters will. Administering their own debilitation of the obtrusive denigration upon the lives of strangers to them self, other (generally speaking) innocent black homosapients trying to establish autonomy and spiritualism in their life! The Unconscious uncorrected uncoordinated black homosapients existing in the bounty of the UK, England, Europe are without a doubt the greatest danger in the entire globe to any black prosperity that current exist! I have studied this debilitating phenomenon for a very long time, in first hand experience, while realisation and all transactions of the true danger beckoned, “The black ignited plight!”

This statue of Lucifarianism has been filtered via every unconscious routine, every conceivable outline, every conclave and every demise or coagulation of the organism’s structure and wellbeing!

“Some truths are so profound,

They need to be stated twice”


These British black citizens spirituality is usually nonsense in which they do not live by their practice preaching? ¬†(born or raised here in the UK) Blacks are indeed more of a danger to another black homosapient’s¬†prosperity then any other races to black progression!

It is clear and present the irrefutable demise of¬†black UK citizens. Such agendas and that of the ideologist dream, would conveniently go out of their normal routine or fixture to cause mistreatment or debilitation, towards another black citizens existence or progression! Such as the programming ingredients from these autonomous robots, that they abuse all blacks including strangers in routine fashions! ¬†This is often the initial catalyst why so many people¬†date outside their familiarity and black heritage! When one’s own people’s proclivity is determined to the highest dangers to their personal survival… it makes sense to truly seek the benevolence outside your race for the sake of survival of your personal idiochromosomes and spermatogenesis! Black babies do not survive very long in Europe because of the contamination of all facilities, products, instruments and resources ¬†(Not that white babies have fantastic survival rates).

Nonetheless, white babies have more universal support, from family, relatives, nationality, friends and extended family, culture, programmes for white people, unspoken white privilege, non discussed community collaboration for whites, sponsorship from white people to white people… care and assistance backed by white… The exploit of the totalitarianism for white benefits… Donorship, Etiquettes… Courtesy… Candidacy… Businesses assistance and philanthropy… Free Masonry for whites, etc, etc…

The hemisphere is totally biodegradable and the measurements for saving this division of the hemisphere is lacklustre. The chlorine levels in water are extremely high and food poisoning from packaging is a demon’s¬†fixture upon all citizens anxiety list!

Many years ago I remember listening in to a conversation held in the hairdressers section of a Barber shop, the advisor was explaining to the clientage all the increased damage the water was having on the hair.. “Black people have unique hair follicles, which must be treated with great care and attention accordingly… If the water balance is incorrect¬†(PH levels of Mercury, ¬†sulphur, acid) persistent damage will occur…” A very similar think was mentioned to me by mother regarding skin! She always told us “Everyone was born lighter (regarding family) but each person exchange tone with age”.

A person’s skin pigmentation darkens as the individual ages! When I saw individuals baby photos and adult photos it became conclusive the evidence of skin and hair destruction to black people by climate and weather conditions. Also this was Scientifically proven… that skin complexions do darken as the organism ages, as a result of not scrubbing enough dead skin off the body every night/day! The skin of all organisms naturally EXCORIATE by themselves, but because of creams and oils from the body, the EXCORIATED layer remains upon the new underlay in error! As a consequence it resumes the position of the previous application, preventing excoriation, the darker pigmentation arises via the decayed dead skin build up on the new skin layer. Now remaining upon the top service of the body! Because of this you will notice many years of ever-increasing darkening and in particularly private places of the body! Namely neck, under thigh, inner thigh, under breast, armpits, genitalia, bum cheeks, gluts, belly button, behind ears, cracked area, joints & joint area.. etc.


Amongst the damage to the black homosapients appearances is nothing compared to the damage daily of the mind…

Just think about it for a while…..

An ongoing while actually?

“If the water can do such damage to reinforced hair foliage and skin….?

What do you visualise or perceive it can do to tiny micro biotic organisms in your diet and that of your tiny precious cells. The same exact specifications that reproduce billions of cells and die every second in the chamber of your neuro genics…?”


Enter a caption


Think about it!.facebook_1449432953130


Thank you for reading these blogs

Be well and continue to pop in for some information…

Peace light and love to you and yours..



“Esoteric Wisdom” The lonely children & divergence

“As A Child Growing Up In A Lonely Home… For Several Years Living As An Only Child… I Inquisitively Roamed The Dwellings In Search Of Adventure Lonesome Days… When I Was Permitted From Stepping Outside In The Dark Pouring Rain In Winters!” Even afternoons from mornings were dark and dreary… As it appeared life had seized to ferment the streets beneath my window overlooking the down stairs neighbours luscious garden.. Such a garden blossom in summer… which the footballs of children I played with regularly bounced on the hedges and exotic flowers. .. the echelons of plant life I came to realise as an adult away from such environments! Strange how for all those years I lived right above exotic effervescence without paying true heed and admiration to the eclectic sophistry if such well taken precision if biotic beauty and life. The dichotomy of sincere established etiquette aesthetics… lured me.. but my young ignorance of flowers would not permit such early interest in the discotheque of such decorative posture and ambience. ¬†The deco hydrocarbons… ¬†The beautiful dicotyledons.. such an array… The family bliss of eclectic splendour in biotic growth un-till now escaped mesmerism! It is no wonder that first sight can indeed rumour later explosions of interest and suppress inhibitions! I can still relatively comprehensively locate thoughts¬†and feelings¬†of such times.. Often poor and boredom struck¬†at home.. Alone I could not afford to travel so I located objects to fix and understand in the confines of this home. Books was around.. so intrigued fermented…¬†¬† A Blue Old Hard Back Conveniently Logged Between Several Books Which All Appeared Unimportant! The title appeared of interest, but what was such a title doing in a 1 women govern home…? I mentioned to myself… I thought it might belong to the teacher my father left to my mother… I now later believe it may have been placed for me… For this coming quote rides high waves of autonomy in life’s perpetual volumes of trial and endeavour in existences! “You Reap The Seeds You Sow” “That Which You Plant Is That Which You Will Grow! Picking the harvest we have grown… is a paramount I have come to acquaint in this life” I thank God. .. and my father and mother for that book… For it most certainly opened my eyes as a lonely child… to the world of prayer and possibilities! “As An Adult I Have Come To Know Many Families… Mainly One Woman Households Parenting And peppering¬†Their Layer Without A Hint Of Literature In Sight! No such room held any literature! Disgraceful.. and Very dangerous… This had to ferment as a hostile home and indeed it did! The iodous of life aids inquisition via growth! The ionospherics scintillation for our existence supports such growth! When you enter a vicinity, everything in nature supports our being and those who have searched the lands and graced the nobility of literature deserve¬†everyone’s applause for¬†he/she who leaves clues for your benefit….? Will aid our prosperity and are indeed true kinsmen/women! Children sit at such an important dimension of your evolution.. That which you keep in your home becomes their personal¬†“SALVATION!” In time this will become their second nature and everlasting ethereal trusting companionship, to aid them and whoever shall need them! You do “NOT”¬†just save one child, you save a whole generation! As you do not just destroy one child… you destroy a whole generation! Many single mothers have no books in their home.. This becomes an instant tragedy.. as the child when bored runs out of interesting things to do..Then turns to bad habits and sabotage… Lying… Breaking… Stealing… Losing Concentration… Making up falsified Statements… Even drinking and smoking around the home amongst drinking and other prohibited avenues children should refrain from! These nonchalant actions become traits of the child to adult (Man child) This disturbed adolescence is now truly traumatised and broken. ¬†The seal has been set, now the world will indeed watch the broken scaffolding fall beneath its structure killing scolding and structure slowly together! The¬†“Dreaded computer console” has become the modern book, but only cast shadows upon reality and growth! I have walked into many women’s homes who I dated to only see shelve after shelve of DVD’s and computer games! I have also come to understand this¬†lackadaisical phenomenon appears to only occur in poor women’s¬†home from the west.¬† I have also noticed many poor black and white women do not read or keep books in their home.. especially modern women who¬†constantly follow fashion! These women teach this to their children quite naturally! In turn it is passed via generation to generation! Set a new breed of homo-sapiens! You will notice there exist echelons of ignorant people.. which is evolving in numbers worldwide! “The new version of plague is the single mother without literature in her home” For this sentinel being on the vanguard of their free rights and rights to be free to be ignorant, while raising ignorant children, is indeed a bequeathing of future detriments abound!S Memo_339 S Memo_340 S Memo_341 S Memo_345 S Memo_346 S Memo_348 S Memo_349 S Memo_351 S Memo_350 S Memo_352 S Memo_358 S Memo_357 S Memo_361¬†¬†Extreme conditions trauma S Memo_341 Be reading well… and always investigate that which you are told… for machination is the explicitness of cunning folk! Thank you kindly and be well friends…

The Death Of The Renaissance Period, was the beggining of the end!

Upon an intriguing inquisition and the ruminations exported via an echoed ramification layered transgression, relayed by pariah and dilettante relinquishing virtues and morality!


Letter to almeria_6


A possibility for acquaintance with eugenics!

Once again my cerebrum awoke with a quadrature, scalar quantity and parallelogram of forces & spark laden epiphanies, all lecture symptoms symmetrically equating world issues and estovers of mass nonchalance and discord!

“My cerebrum had been set on fire this time with the ablution of thought and message”

It was my early morning rise, that bathed the way for the succession of anagrams of realisations through the vortex of my cerebrum and the armageddon of understandings!

It has become my belief that the world is suffering due to a statistical actuation of un-benign over the benign!

“The truth unmeasurable, that needs sky bound attention is as follows”

The ratio of competent folk in the world is dwarfed by the ratio of uncompetent folk by my approximation of over and under five hundred thousand and under one million to the ratio of just the one competent folk!

I.E the stupidity and foolishness of the modern participations of modern homo-sapiens are at an all time high and forever growing with tangible afflictions for the succinctly formed moderation of the enlightened- (this present day version of enlighten folks, may after all be nothing more than the normal everday folk, if they were transferred back in chronology) Yet this epoch of enlighten folk are today quite extraordinarily so aware of such faculties and behaviours, that they appear light years ahead of the brain dead majority!

If one aspires to carefully adhere inquisitions with sublime due diligence, of the necessary realisation, equations and the understanding of the sociolinguistics offered to comprehend such blight, one may be yet bathed in the true horror of such a juxtaposition in this epochs perpetual demise!

The stratosphere harbouring the modern day fools, the imbeciles, the twits and the stupids!

Man/woman, round or small, attractive or not the imbecile is where you will find them!

Neither the once rich/poor devide is either attributable as once before! Thus matter as significantly as did previously! For nationalised education is nomore the extraordinary deviding cliff, which was utilised to keep parties from communicating freely. As such was humanised by crushing much a deviding cap, actioned since the tripartite Act of 1954 in England and Wales!





However, where the problem arises on our modern dynamics of dilettante parental invasion, maybe due to the exploite of the childs toy?

Namely “The Barbie Doll!” and other expensive predecessors afford to little children as a utility tool to aid their compassion! These manufactured symbols of baby child rearing, may have aided the explosion on pregnant teenagers dumping their children just like litter! In which the child now a real life mother mimics her very own understanding of raising a baby!- (Her earliest lessons was to dump the toy when she got bored, throw it upon the floor, if parts did not work or function adequately?) Kick, stamp and bang the toy if she became frustrated! Except now it is no longer a toy, but actually a real life baby, that has earthed emotions/fear and bleeds and feels pain and transgression!

Had only the mother as a child, been taught to love her toy baby, she may have raised gentle her own! Yet as a consequence modern mothers are quite disenfranchised with their litter as the fostering of education was ill adviced in the mothers own twilight of youth and spiritual growth!

So now her off spring stands no chance as mother treats baby as broken barbie doll or worse!

We can see this problem up and down the country, abroad and further afield.

I would state quite openly it is an epidemic of world wide importance! As the human race depends on much needed resources to tackle such an epidemic!

The epidemic drains all natural reservoirs, in a similar fashion to the format locusts exploit and loot natural resources of field corn etc! A total blight upon the harvest of the land, situates an epidemic of such proportions!

The proprietors often are nonchalant and do not actually understand the seriousness of task to hand of raising children! For this many including myself are 100% in favour of legislation governing children and unsuitable mothers to even get pregnant let alone have a child in the first place!

Child birth or rearing is certainly not a right of way which should be allowed to all parish and participant of earth! But rather an excluded suitability programme, taken by students in order to pass examination suitability for rearing life!

As I grow I witness more and more people who are clearly not suitable for raising life, in which testing before hand would have been appropriate! Obviously some will squeeze through just, as state security for such divisions is as fallible as any other division- (Once we understand this appropriation, after all humankind is a huge work in progress).

Yet such a long lasting debilitation of resources has to be eagerly opinionated and aided for the benevolence of the other species if not the echelon of homo-sapien anthropogenics!

This often appears to me that some of the worse mothers of all time have children, exist in our chronostratagraphical zone and even flourish across all geographics in pepetual generations- (as mother as child as parent again,8) that suggest, such an enterprise of family demographics entwining via generations is the sole reason why? There exist a quantum scalar quantity of such dilettante child rearers in our epoch!

I remember my years in captivation, in which at different times the question was raised quite rarely in that lengthy period of the quantity and ratio of competent folks who dwelled in the institution!

Each participant I ever conversed with about such a topic- (which was only less than the fingers on my hand) only gave a rational ratio of about 1/1000, in prison population who was of competent mind, I always thought that was genuinely generous!

As I thought the ratio was a little greater, plus on a world scale I believe it does not differ, people outside of incarceration are no more better and actually seem emotionally and characteristically distraught and damaged, yet probably even more devious– (Especially if you care to check up on statistics) which is often unimaginable of crimes against others, crimes against children, sexual crimes, fraud, etc and those never solved all of this will suggest the ratio of criminal practice per percentage of person is about 90%.

S Memo_93

As a child a statement I heard relayed in a famous action movie always came to mind!

“Who do you trust? Me! That is who, me”

Was the famous words uttered by actor Robert De-neiro in movie “untouchables” (If my movie guide history is dare correct?)

I always understood that statement as basically you should not ever trust anyone, regardless of who, why or what they say?

It came to me in such places of incarceration, that such following collaborations , because of these childhood exploitations by greedy manufacturers, extensively weak minds, ill afforded parenting, lazy minds was the reason for this outbreak of the death of the intellectual!

We will never see another renaissance period or even 1/1000000 of a rendezvous of such astonishing greatness again!

It is obvious to me now, that men and women are just not built that way anymore! The way we was once manufactured via a multiplicity of earthing has been lost via the electrical cables and software programmes of recent millenniums.

The embryonic type suffragists that produced that special formation in an epoch of dicotyledoneae- (eadicot, dicot) type individuals of special blossoming and polychromatic brilliancy, from artistry to free hand masonry, to high fidelity, to literature has long since been dead and buried from our realisations and genome!

The paraphylectic status needed has also been vanquished from the cockpit of the sperm banks and possibly relegated upon a wax work relic at madam tussards museums!

Not a dilettante_1

So we are only left with the dust and the hinder of a brilliance from an after thought of previous millenniums, for no such millennial pursuits can reestablish the greatness of what has been exchanged via the electric age!- (the death of the brain wave).

S Memo_87

Just as one physician broke into new echelons of science the world waited to suffer, on the laziness it afforded us from his brilliance!

In hindsight it actual was a curse, for the instrumentations of one mans genius, has aided nothing but left the remainder of the post generations of Idiots, twits, fools and imbeciles to ponder a life that will not afford them the same creative geniuses!

Thank you and be well!



1.0^1.0^1.0^1.0^1.0^1.0^1.0^1.0^1. Communication


In simpleton’s¬†terms, everything communicates quite typically. Where the agent be of known source or of sublime obscurity?

Whether the aforementioned has qualities of  simplicity or similarity to said natures from, organic, biotic, atomic, cosmic, galactic, sonic, anthropogenic, agricultural, universal, germinal, photosynthetic!

Said entities do not need to be coexisting as living entities in order to communicate to each other!

For example, we could suggest to forms?

A) being the human form!

B) being the form of wool, stripped from the dead  carcass of lamb, and manufactured into Rug!

*Let us arouse the notion that we bring said parties together to communicate!


*Can they communicated adequately to be of service to one another?


*How would they communicate…?


*Is it necessary for them to communicate to be of service to one another?

If we proceed with question one, we can most certainly agree with vehemence that they can communicate to each other, but not in the traditional language of each entity, but a more universal language, that which governs every matter from the alpha to the omega of existence!

The universal language that illuminates this scope would language described via touch, sight, smell, taste or hear!

Everything in existence everywhere in the cosmos will undoubtedly use a form of sense to distribute a communicative link of a type, with an object of obscurity or familiarity!


So yes they most certainly communicate in reciprocity to be of service, but mainly to the service of one over the other in this instance!


Each would amiably and sophisticatedly communicate in respective familiarity!

The human has a range of skills known by to communicate including the sense to distribute adequately where, when, to what, why and how ir even not to!

Where else the “Rug” has only one form to communicate to its observers, and that is by the touch of the observer in to the rug!

This would be efficiently performed by said entity to establish the texture of the “RUG” to understand its form or purpose, or of what it could be if use for!

For example; our indigenous ancestors would have found such aesthetic animals comforting as blankets in the winter periods, so would have, butchered many mammals for multiple reasons, including feasting and assembly of structures and apparatus!

*Remember! One does not have to advocate via the terminals in their face to communicate, as their are other options for the sophisticated!

We could also advise that the human vocabulary is the least sophisticated and precise form of communication in all actual existence! Ever known!

*This is also the most nonchalant, most corrupted, most confusing, most misinformed, misguided and possibly useless at times to the majority of the world!


Simply because of the age-old relativity!

Allow me to decipher! Simply the fact, that which means one symbolism to an agent or identifier, often means the opposite to another life source or matter!

I.e soft by my definition will not be exactly soft by your refined definition, as the same could be said for hard, strong, firm, big, bold, elusiveness, witty, intelligent, nice, polite, honest, good, pretty, rich, greedy… etc etc etc…

This is mainly due to experience of our cardiovascular, neurological membranes, chromosomes, structure and practice of our genetics in our life to date!

Our information biotic surreptitiously alters every second of our life, often for the betterment of our life, then suddenly, the unexpected deterioration arises, detrimentally!

The human rug communication is vital for the alignment of the two parties! As the human approaches the rug, one can truly get full affirmation by use of all the senses, untill the need for the vital affirmation is warrant!

Question! Can I use it?

Such agents would have to then use the communication of touch to get the final affirmation of said materials!

Touch can also mean taste, wash, drink, mold, bury, dilute, evaporate, engineer!

All to make further use of!

The “RUG’S” affiliation to reciprocity, would just be the fact that it exists, it has no such need to store data, or make records.




So yes! We can interpret it is of high importance for either one way, two-way communication to be illuminated to be of benefit!

As stated earlier, the human genome would have been much more successful in antiquity had we never altered from senses, as we did and simply stuck to evolved speech, but rather employed our less used senses which are always exact and precise 100% the entire 100% of occasions!

The senses often communicate our worse fears, but are always correct, it is a phenomenon I am still studying and will release information in sections over the course of time, here on my blogs!







Yet we can conclude the communication the cat and the flower share are of a far superior echelon and more precise than, two humans in any discussion!

The vocabulary and our relativity makes every single spec of data seem pointless and unreliable!

It is lunacy to trust another’s view-point if their relationship to relativity is separate from our own!

This is the very problem why all information is badly skewed!

And further 1.0^1.0^1.0^1.0^1.0^1.0^1.0^1.0^1.0^1.0^1.


Especially taking into account the diversity of relativity and its illustrious dimensions of importance being subjected to the individual identifying identification of the identifier?


Lets us also exam language and inquisition into its diversifying usage!

For a mere exam if we look at the word “FACTOR”



FACTOR 52.17


MULTIPLICATION, product, multiplier, multiplicand, multiple, lowest (or least) common multiple (LCM), factor, submultiples, highest (or grestest) common factor (HCF, GCF), prime factor, power, square, cube, fourth power, exponent, index, square root, cube root, surd, root mean square (rms), factorial, factorization, exponentiation, extraction of roots, multiplication tables.

FACTOR 59.11


GENETICS, Classicalgenetics, Mendelian genetics (or Mendelism), Mendel’s laws, heredity, inheritance, hereditary character, factor, gene, chromosome, dominance, recessiveness, genetic constitution, genotype, biotype, phenotype, population genetics, genecology, gene flow, gene frequency, gene pool, genetic drift, gene complex, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, biochemical genetics, microbial genetics, genetic engineering, eugenics!

FACTOR 59.13


GENETIC MATERIAL, DNA, RNA, genetic element, gene, factor, allele, operon, structural gene, regulator gene, operator gene, gene complement, genome, genetic code, codon, anticodon, messenger RNA (mRNA), transfer RNA(tRNA), ribosomal RNA, protein synthesis, extra chromosomal genetic element, plasmagene, plasmids, transposon, gene mutation, gene sequence, exin , introns, gene splicing!

FACTOR 106.6


ASPECT, element, factor, fact, facet, datum, detail, minor detail, minutia, incidental, item, particular, point, thing!

FACTOR 143.1


PART, fragment, small fragment, particle, portion, proportion, certain proportion, majority, minority, fraction, half, moiety, third, quarter, eighth, tenth, tithe, percentage, aliquot, aliquant, divisor, factor, quotient, dividend, share, whack (inf), quota, remainder, balance, surplus, element, better element, worse element, faction, class, category,  subcategory, group, subgroup, family, subfamily, genus, subgenus, species, subspecies, phylum, division, subdivision, segment, sector, arc, curve, semicircle, hemisphere, partition, compartment, department, ward, community, parish, district, country, region, area!

>>>>>>Fraction 173, 132 remainder, separation 136, allocation 731, party 665, class 163, assembly 161, arrangement 152, 249 region!

FACTOR 146.2


THING INCLUDED, inclusion, enclosure, Ingredient, constituent, factor, additive, appurtenances, feature, component, component part, item, element, part, piece, bit, contents!

FACTOR 148.1


COMPONENT, content, constituent, part, integral part, integrant, ingredient, element, aspect, feature, facet, detail, particular, factor, item, link, part and parcel!

FACTOR 169.4


MATHEMATICAL RESULT, sum, summation, total, running total, score, reckoning, tally, bill, aggregate, whole, amount, quantity, difference, residual, remainder, product, factor!

FACTOR 226.4


CONTRIBUTING FACTOR, contributory cause, contribution, agent, leaven, stimulus, factor, hidden cause, influence, planetary influence, stars , astrological influence, destiny, fate!

FACTOR 232.2


INSTRUMENT, Means, medium, catalyst, vehicle agency, influence, mechanism, force, factor, organ, implement, device, tool, machine, apparatus, appliance, equipment, gadget, contrivance, expedient, compromise, contraption (inf), gizmo (or gizmo) (US sl).

FACTOR 251.2


CIRCUMSTANCES, setting, ground, background, footing, basis, stand, Standing, standpoint, viewpoint, position, place, context, factor, contingency, condition, junction, case, state, state of affairs, status quo, image, atmosphere, scene, scenario, lay of the land, the way of the world, how things stand, how it is, of the world, outfit, layout (inf), ball game (inf), kettle of fish (inf),  set-up (inf), picture (inf), whole picture (inf), the size of it (inf).

FACTOR 367.4


MATTER, prime matter, material, raw  material, basic material, materials, materials, materiality, stuff, mass, fabric, body, frame, structure, substance, solid substance, corpus, organic matter, flesh, flesh and blood, plasma, protoplasma, cells, organism, element, elementary unit, fundamental particle, building block, principle, first principle, unit of being, origin, the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water, ingredient, factor, component, constituent, Mineral, monad, chemical element, atom, molecule, elementary particle, electron, neutron, meson, proton, quark, nucleus, nucleon, photon, quantum, ion, minuteness, nuts and bolts (inf), the  nitty Рgritty (inf),

>>>>> Life science 59, Essence 103, physics 56, chemistry 57, component 148.

FACTOR 653.15

MANAGER, Person in responsibility, manageress, responsible person, person in charge, key person, VIP, kingpin, administrator, executive, chief executive officer (CEO), company director, managering director, store manager (or manageress), shop manager (or manageress), office manager, bank manager, banker, bank official,  executive, doer, statesman (or state woman), politician, procurator, housekeeper, housewife, househusband, chatelaine, steward, farm manager, baliff, reeve, agent, factor, consignee, superintendent, supervisor, inspector, overseer, foreman (or woman), gainer, ganger, gaffer, charge hand, warden, matron, sister, charge nurse, nurse, senior nursing officer, protector, proctor, disciplinarian, party chairman, party manager, whip, party whip, majority whip (US), minority whip (US), custodian, chief whip, caretaker, curator, librarian, keeper!

As we can see words and symbols of expression can be intriguing to understand , with arrangements of assortment of defining usage!


Also one may take personal history and experience of said party, community, nominator or negotiator of expressive and disclosed vocabularies.  This particular history can also entangle or tangle meanings further to skew the relativity of a subject!

It is upon this examination, which aroused my cerebrum many and much too much moons ago, that such an epiphany enlightened my side!

Verbal communication is truly out of vacuum use and disproportionately inferior to the sense of emotional reasoning upon each individuals “Cri De Couer!”


This is why I stated, human evolution maybe partly rescinding due to the fact we as a species have lost our inner greatness, which has been drowned in the digressional states of glutton and toxic indulgences… which destroy and severe the heightened sense of reason and understanding!


The heightened senses which mammals practice!


Modern human evolution is an eviction of our transcendental evolution!

The majority of humankind has skewed the potholes for the awakening…

The sand is now intent on travelling backwards to their infantile mental state of a mere fetus!


I hope you are well and freed from hating..

That should be reserved for the lesser motals who practice evil ingenuity!




Be well friend and do not waste your very own energy on the pitfalls who dwell between cracks upon the earth!

One is better than that!

“COSMIC COLLATER” The light refraction and the earth bounds!




Jealousy ~ Jea > Jay 78 Birds > singing, perching. 565.4 Talking!

Lousy ~ Lousy > 82.12 Verminous, 618.4 poor, 622.8 unclean, 754.10 shoddy, 862.7 Evil

In actuality and technically speaking, we can reiterate formally that!

“JEALOUSY” = Singing Verminous!

“JEALOUSY” = Talking Poor! Talking Unclean! Talking Shoddy! Talking Evil!

We can also concluded without equivocations, that defamation, slander, evil genuine ingenuity, propaganda and malicious intent is an unfortunate demise and morning, afternoon and evening supplement of the truly weak indeed!

Lets us more than merely suggest, as we take time to ponder and submerge the deeper intellect of the cerebrum in inquisitiveness of such mirrored characteristics, to that of a most peculiar insect!

“THE Misbegotten, misapprehension, Miscalculated, Miscarrying, Mismarried, Misconcieved and Misconstrued MOTH”

“The Moth!”

Human nature mimics the moth in a kaleidoscope of arrangements be it mismanagement!

The moth is a type of miscreant, ungracefully disgraceful insect in its affairs of legislative practice, it’s very culture, ideology, methodology and practice!

Its pillars of religious affairs appear to resignate from any light source, while its main concern is to set its legislation aligned with the illumination of effervescent light!

The moth which has conventional characteristics of the butterfly, less aestheticism in amiable¬† governance from the “Moth” which lacks the polychromatic juxtapositions of the effervescent butterfly!

The moth highly ungracious but totally lustrous to its desired addiction!
The moth highly addicted to the theatre of light!

Such an Insidious creature would do anything to get to the light, even forgoing its very own safety and life to acquaint with this effervescent entity!

Extraordinarily so, that which mimics a light refraction will be the sole objection of the moth, forgoing all safety to reach the pinnacle of its affection!
Whatever emits the reference of light, whether it be Fire, Heated sources, Hot lightbulbs, Open flames, Halogen objects, the addicted moth will forego its very own safety ignoring any last micrometre of measurable intelligence, to reach the light, a possible more often then most, unfortunate death sentence or an insatiable desire for adrenaline?

Will not redirect the moth to a saver zone! And by default will be killed by the love of its affection and desire!

This light refraction is the moths heroin, in which for a dose wired to its neurons is willing to forego life its very self!

Meet the human counterpart!

This type of counterpart craving is akin to the very human nature we speak of here!

Unfortunately there are real life moths living and breathing in the world!
Unfortunately I have met and known real life size moths, walking around using those who have the light around them, in order to steal their light from them!

Yet the light can never be stolen from those who have the light!

Fortunately and blessing…¬†it is not as easy to saturate the light from another as it would be to take their money, property, wife or family!

To effort to saturate ones light would be a certain definite improbability, to be honest!

As the light of another is their life, as when they die the light leaves with them, and can not be sold, exchanged, bartered, borrowed, swapped, reignited, challenged, restored, reincarnated or mimicked!

*One light for one person!

Nobody can mimic or redistribute ones personal light!

*No other can claim or stand in ones light!

As a personal light is to powerful to behold,  if it is not ment to be your light!

Do not force it or forge it as the power may consume you!

Spiritual souls live in a spiritual realm, they see their personal light aswell as the light of others!

It is worth noting, the non emergencies of light exist also, as those who do not incur the light struggle to live in a dark world without light, and in so, cause friction, mayhem, jealousy, defamation and hatred upon all immortal beings who carry the sacred light!

The soul is an immortal porthole, the body is mere physical presence and matter, nothing more than mere cosmic collateral collaborating as cosmetics… For and to the mortal earth-bound dwelling!
To franchise and mistakenly misconfigurate over!

*It is not the real self!

Be careful of harlots in the night, these forms are earth bound devils in disguise, plainly perpetuating their masters evil concurrent affairs!

Concoctions and subliminal affairs!

An abomination of soughts!


*Evil, Slanderous, malicious and deceptive!


Take amiable care faithfuls who ernestly live without hate for others!

you can not waste your time trying to appease devils or evil spirited folk (nomatter what their personal affiliation to, greed, class, or origin)


Be you good day!


with sincere courtesy


khalil Aliy


The mechanism to understanding any¬†environment, is best served by decoding in retrospect the¬†earliest¬†known epochs in¬†antiquity to¬†which it survived? ¬©Rafn_Sig_-1855waterfall-kayak-935huge-waterfall-kayak-935volcano-erupting-clouds-935 Such of an intriguing chronological epoch… would undoubtedly reveal the truest nature of its modern cousins! THE GREED IS DEEP WITHIN THY BLOOD Not a single hero or heroes can withstand its calling its very might! The segregation is based upon physiology… Biology… and millions of years of cultural conditioning… The cradle of civilization, approximately commenced in the deepest hottest regions of the global hemisphere, in A chronostratagraphical ¬†epoch when all was but far from sophisticated and benign. This location otherwise recorded as Africa! has witnessed abundance of distortion over the millions of centuries. ¬† Before the whole planetarium started cracking to form various regions and zones… In this period of this special undertaking of magnanimous twists and the galvanization of the shifting of the tectonic plates.. facebook_1343394515ab581309-5cd8-4bbc-9aeb-13f239e13b12lava-flow-2-935x600 Today’s species of humanoids started slowly commencing phlegmatic alignments with evolution.

This metamorphosis, took approximately millions of years to undergo under extremely polarized conditions to that which we experience today. After what has been recorded as over 30 million years of this great divulge and entwined ¬†phylogeny. bushesblured branches.. Now after more than thirty million years the black gene is set in stone greater than a rock of cemented minerals and will take ominous power to undo this incredible feet of natural engineering. So great is the shift, that it will take easily as long as it has seen to devise the original contract of the phylogeny. Modern day nationalities escaped the chronicling of the tribal wars, after condemnation within indigenous tribes waged war upon each other. This threw sects into different parts of the hemispheres, trekking through the global land on foot before the juxtapositions of the then galactic parting of the planet! Now cultures were demonstrating identities through rituals and early ideologies, patterns of fixed behaviors and strange rituals drew fashion via their simple believe systems, thought up by the heads of each clang. Markings for tribal appearances, indicated where participants belong to… while indigenous hierarchies adorned genetics, fashioned straight from the dead carcass of their prey (skin and bones which rested as the remains of their meals!).

Subtle changes galvanized the rise of identities and further illustrated the power of inclusion exclusion by association! female_warriorimages (7)images (4) By the turn of the most important event of the world’s history… The parting of the lands for giant oceans to sail through! Cultures was finally set and with by the vehemence of each founding believe system. Africa was the far dominant and richest continent of all the continents at the time, with a worth of Gold, Diamonds, Rubies, Pearls, Sapphire and a a host of other priceless and exclusive materials to become the prized materials of the then modern world! Between the 30 million period to slowly begin forming communities of their own, in each and every part of the globe, also to understand this great change one might understand the upheaval task to change the Black mentality to a western mentality? Understanding it has been 30 million years in the great fires of forging such identities! That which is even more interesting is when our earliest European cousins finally landing in what is now¬†The land which is¬†separated¬†by the¬†Norwegian Sea and North¬†Atlantic¬†Ocean… Eastern¬†Europe. Which in such chronostrataghraphical epochs was very cold¬†and¬†harsh, in which the lands was quite¬†Barron¬†in freezing cold temperatures… not witnessed before from these trekking humanoid species, who journeyed across¬†the¬†globe. bas_10005104 images (1) images (2) ¬† This pursuit for stability and nourishment, favoured¬†early indigenous homo-sapiens to that which we are familiar with as the further afield European Land, trekking across the European hemisphere in-search for lush and fertile soil in ¬†fairer conditions for habitation, natural agriculture and the magnanimous pursuit of photosynthesis of biotic production! images (5)download (10) After many millenniums of searching, dying, breeding, starving, cannibalism, compromising, digesting disgust and impurities of the bodies cavities. Early indigenous tribes took great initiative to engineer hosts of trickery and by their evolved talent of machination was able to slowly learn the guile of invade, scrape, trick, conquer, steal, pulverize, harbour, trawl, snatch, win, destroy, battle, forsake, cheat, loot, fight and greed!¬† Such ingenious artistry gave early Homo sapiens the¬†greatest¬†power any invader to conquest and steal from another tribe¬†could ever desire! “The ability to master a¬†deceiving plan!” 400px-BarbariansBarbarians-Box????????????????? “It appears life is never present without THE HINT OF ¬†irony! Be it fortunate or unfortunate irony” The scent of the aromatic metaphoric sensuality, of EVOLUTION symbolized “Law Courts proceedings in Session”. For a new dawn was awaken, not for the mere flint and stone, but for the hungriest and most innovative of minds, the most hungriest and those desperate beyond any measurement in any chronostrataghraphical alignment,¬†since and before! Brutish species willing to do anything for necessary nourishment of the digestive systems. Killing and eating the enemy was not off the radar, no laws prevented early Homo sapiens, from administering actions as they did, brutish and barbaric species, of omnivore tendencies ¬†at the very least who would feast on children as part of their diet from enemy tribes, was a far superior delicatessen than their very own human feces!

“THE ALMIGHTY BARBARIANS” 288_realsizecanstock5331004canstock1633500canstock7942779 THE DAWN OF A NEW WORLD FORCE… “THE VIKINGS” canstock14501437Defense, Viking warrior, male dressed in Barbarian style with swPeace, Viking warrior, male dressed in Barbarian style with sworViking warrior, male dressed in Barbarian style with sword, bearPeace, Viking warrior, male dressed in Barbarian style with swor From the many centuries of invading foreign lands, the early¬†indigenous¬†tribes grew in¬†considerable¬†size and strength, first¬†from¬†inbreeding, later from kidnap of females of enemy tribes who were abducted or taken in battle. As fornication was rife the population grew and no age was prohibited, regularly children would be used as all form of adult duties from fighting to breeding babies, education was succinct and communication was at its bare minimum, The symbolic manipulation of sound waves gave orders or directions. Sounds broken by breathing directed simple patterns to govern speech. Words where not even formulated yet and the rise of barbarism was the fashion of the day akin to modern-day heights of fashion! Before the early barbarians chased game, flesh was an old delicatessen! However as intellect grew over many… many much more millenniums, traits of harvesting and cultivating carbohydrates came into fashion much after the feasting on vegetation which was also brought over to once Barron lands of present day Europe! This information is highly important to understand by all modern races whichever culture you identify with? The understanding of how, where, why, who, with, what, when, wrong and right? is highly educational for humankind’s existence, though there are an abundance of growing adolescence who can not be taught anything… there are a tiny few who can be taught history and shall amiably one day grow up to be fortunate enough to create betterment in their chosen societies! download (25)¬†download (22)download (23) download (3)¬†download (18)images (44) ¬†THE EMPORER GHENGIS KHAN” ” IN ORDER FOR A SPECIES TO TRULY EVOLVE AND KNOW WHERE THEY ARE HEADING? THEY MUST FIRST BE PREPARED TO¬†EXCORIATE¬†ALL MYTHS AND KNOW WHERE THEY HAVE ORIGINATED FROM?”



¬†400 ANNO DOMINI”images (50) images (56)images (51)images (48)

“IN 1585 THE SPANISH AMADA BEGAN AN 80 YEAR WAR!” images (17)images (9)images (8)images (23)images (32)images (29)

I can understand how European intellect evolved so vastly? They simply had to engineer their resources, unlike other cultures who had their resources in front of them and only had to devise the hand-made tools to catch their supper for survival of the tribe to persevere. “FRENCH REVOLUTION” download (2)images (17) “THE ENGLISH COLONIAL WARS” images (25)images (21)images (30)download (27)images (34)images (20) ¬† ¬† “AMERICAN WAR AGAINST RED INDIAN APACHES” download (28) ¬† “FROM AMERICAN CIVIL WAR TO IRAQ WAR” ¬† download (4) ¬† ¬† download (15)download (14)images (39) ¬† FROM THIS EARLY EPOCH BEGAN THE DAWN OF¬†CONTINUOUS¬†BLOODSHED AS HUMANKIND FOUND¬†THE¬†OMNISCIENT¬†



Take and greed grew to such proportions of the machination and authority of¬†Machiavellian¬†characteristics the world has repeatedly witnessed, every now and again rising like a weed in the fertile lush land, to drain the earth of its pious beauty and quality! A new order of the day arose like a dark distant cloud¬†measuring¬†misanthropy upon the simple-minded folk of the epoch. The world turned on itself… as every tribe was NOT SAFE UNLESS¬†WARRIOR¬†MEN WAS ASSIGNED TO THE VILLAGE TO PREVENT WIDE¬†SPREAD LOOTING AND TRAWLING BY FOREIGN INVADERS!¬† As epochs passed and the species evolved further with better intelligence into modern-day Homo sapiens, the Embellishment grew as authority became the new desire named power, no longer was feeding the self the tribe or the village enough to imprison the human thirst for satisfaction but an insatiable appetite festered among-st the choir of the inner human beast… IMG_90956219392069 Unleashed from its pit¬†among-st¬†the aroma of corpses in all metrication¬†of the¬†uncharted¬†hemisphere Greed… Sloth… Envy… Vanity… Lust… Jealousy and murder! Are the reverberations from the fore fathers left in inheritance for the children of the earth! cablemask.. ¬† Humankind’s awful awakening and hidden agenda? The sole obligation to desire that which is not his… The ¬†Illustration of a kleptomaniac… The acrimonious detestation of a pig and the guile of a heartless monster to determine his greed over the life of the poorest and kindest! water-spouts-lake-michigant-935-185085719-2storm-chaser-9-935x600-1-1 ¬† SHAME… SHAME… SHAME … ON YOU HUMANKIND!….. ONE DAY….. THE EARTH WILL HAVE THE FINAL SAY!…. bluredbushes...




Many will pretend only to lead you astray for selfish ingenuities, as we have discussed already on numerous occasions,¬†(INSTANT GRATIFICATION, AN¬†APOCALYPSE¬†OF THY CEREBRAL…, WE ARE NATURES SHATTERS MIRRORS, MENTAL BLOCK, IMPRINTERS, IF¬†PHILANTHROPY THE SIZE OF A MUSTARD SEED… ETC…

To every guiding light which has illustrated a healthy paradigm to me another thousand have illuminated to me a substantial engraved danger! This revokes the notion that many people are wishing you well when really it is obvious the opposite is more concurrent with the truth! As I have stated in forums this should actually be common knowledge in this chronostratagraphical unit by the majority of non-indigenous anthropological homo-sapiens! I have always believed in study and professional etiquettes, research, actuality, factuality and precision to data. Undertaken myself to the professional expertise of those in the know for my whole life. I have become acquainted with the rights of correct passage and benevolence of healthy perseverance, over lifes that are portrayed against the backdrop of inclining pestilence via unhealthy perseverance!


(Khalil Aliy)


It is in such substantial levels of pestilence, that the importance of mere folk who wish to persevere take advice from only two types of people…. while I will disclose to you who they are!

1). Exclusive to successful people, or those who you may envision as themselves are successful in your chosen field!

I.E if you wanted to get into business or open your own business it would be totally beneficial to take advise from a careers advisor who could put you in-touch with business owners or etiquette competent management… to explain to you all the necessaries & attributes one needs to become successful in a particular field, this you absolutely must do! As it will waken your synapses to that which is truly possible over that which may not realistically be possible for you per Se! Definitely never ever align your aspirations with others…¬†” As what maybe possible for others may not be possible for you or yet, while also remembering that which was possible for you may never be possible for others, (¬†QUOTE FROM MY OLDEST SISTER MANY MANY YEARS AGO). This I know to be fact, and I also believe that it is a strong reference indicating These¬†Three aspects…;- 1) Circumstances… 2) Talent… 3) The¬†Amiable¬†“Window of¬†Opportunity!”

“WHY?” ¬† \(-) (-)/ ¬† “VIGILANTES”

Wide iris dilated to better ones clarity if not corrective spectacles, which aid in recognising the future disturbances that prevail in your demise! You must administer time saving resources to get you from point “A” in your personal chronostratagraphical unit to point “B” in the most efficient period possible without “Burnout”¬†or “Abnormal Degenerative Health”¬†which unfortunately is bequeathed upon most people within our galactic period! Keeping ones eyes open is totally important, while never ever being side tracked by jealous, envious disturbances of human made nature!¬†Thus the real actuality of the subliminal nature is a guiding light, and i have come to swear by it, how it has given me blessings, even removing or prevent poisonous spirits to reach my soul, the toxicity of such can not enter my soul, even if at times it reaches my surrounding, before long it is expelled! Purity of soul and mind is fundamental to success of your business, as nobody will go near a business which is lacking in etiquettes or a business which seems to playful, nonchalant and lackadaisical!

“Any toxins must be cleared from your life before real success can be administered!”

(khalil Aliy)



(Khalil Aliy)


As I have mentioned above¬†“There is a right and wrong way to do any and everything!”¬†So take advice wisely, Without ever meeting you I already know you have had thousands of spilled advice from jolly individuals who do not have the slightest clue what they are talking about, I have had this also my whole life but I am wise to it now, and that is the only benefit of it!


Because it leads you to nowhere but a complete vacuum of your time and energy, I would even go as far as to say it could be made a criminal offence to give misleading information to others, in actuality, as it could easily fall upon the area of¬†either “Child Abuse”, “Vulnerable¬†Adults” as multiple examples of lifes¬†will¬†definitely¬†fall upon the advice given out by either¬†encroachment¬†of¬†narcissistic…¬†intoxicated… character disordered… un-heralded¬†mischievous¬†identities¬†masquerading¬†as the¬†pious ceremoniousness of chivalrous coagulation.¬†Or simply by the detriment of well wishers who do not have the expertise or professional coalescent of a legitimate codification! Such is the detriment that all exploitations do damage to those who look earnestly for a better way, Truly administering personal legislation, without proper factuality is truly misleading and corruptive, advice is only worthy when administered from those with efforts in such paradigms!

“I have been fortunate to spend years in multiple¬†divisions¬†and subdivisions of class

Believe me when I disclose to you that there exist more than the familiar few classes made popular by main stream media? You may believe that there rest only the Elite class… Wealthy class… Middle class… Working class & poor class! But this is vehemently wrong in today’s galactic period!


Simply multiply the list by¬†Ten, and you will have 50 total classes of separation of wealth and not merely just 5!¬†Ten extra classes per contingent! Each class trying effortlessly to leave the very class they are in to one above, while for those who see no room for elevation… succumb to the top consumers in such a resume of the class below their class! You may also witness a peculiar phenomenon amongst the varied degree of poor classes!


“Desperate¬†people do¬†desperate¬†things, while those¬†desperate¬†of all do the unthinkable”

“Verily¬†in their¬†desperation, such as the¬†desperate, who are forced to eat each other to survive!”

(Khalil Aliy)


I have been fortunate/unfortunate to come across many tales from real life indigenous tribes, who have disclosed of such information!

That which i have come to understand is never keep a greater volume of desperate folk (if any in your acquaintance list), then you have non desperate acquaintances!


I.E long time participants can indeed advise you on any pitfalls as they may have also witnessed and participated and have knowledge about pacific interests, including that which does not work, as such advocates may have since experienced or experimented with such notions or pathways! All this information is heralded in the scope of factual advice, as this comes from three main areas,¬†1) My experiences.. 2) Tutoring to me… 3)¬†Professional¬†studies….

It is professionally known not to take advise outside quality sources, a multitude of entities must be vehemently coherent for any such advise to register as factual actuality! I use to give advise to poor peer groups but i would often see the information wholesomely torn, convoluted and skewed like a feasting barbecue sometime later! The way humankind intercepts… Incorporates… interoperates information is totally out of our very own hands! We can never do anything about this but just simply keep to our word and keep our level of education so high, that it will fall out of the reach of the nonchalantly lackadaisical of neurogenetics of humankind, who indeed subscribe daily to misinformation!

Your work can be guarded by the fact it will always be incoherent to those who have a very low appreciation to literature, as their intelligence is incredibly low! Wording should not be lost so it is of magnanimous importance, that one either administers investigation thy self, seek trustworthy professional aid! This being a necessity in the error of universal social malfunctioning, where the truth is lied about and the lie is portrayed as the truth in replacement!


Self employment to the un-appreciated of knowledge can also be a total waste of your time, as many people in our chronostratagraphical epoch are simply inebriative… via a personal “Instant Gratification”,¬†choosing to characterise oneself of idiosyncratic ineducable ineffability! Often the message is lost in such units by the unfortunate cerebral state of such individuals. Knowledge is precious and should be kept out of the hands of the fabricating minds of the mischievous!

From past experiences… I can see giving information to some indistinguishable persons is equal to talking to a goat!

An old Arabic quote reads!..

“Giving valuable information to the wrong people is like giving precious diamonds and pearls to a pig!”

To understand this quote, allow me to summarise!

1). What will a pig do with precious valuables?

2). We can conclude that had the pig understood the value of the precious gift. …? It had been given, the pig could have set it self free and all its family species in history!

Knowing this famous Arabic quote, most can agree that the majority of humankind is in actuality NO different from the pig!

Thank you, and I trust you are finding my blog of use to you, there lays a world of knowledge here as nothing tops experience in this world! I trust you have a good evening good day to you and yours!

Thank You


AN APOCOLYPSE OF THY CEREBRAL! “IF You Can Bare To Hear The Truth You’ve Spoken Twisted By Niaves”



What is the meaning of truth or what is truth?

May we realise further, the detrimentation of the depth of understanding and acquisition of know, and actuality! I am forever disappointed at the level of the average cerebral to actuality which is mostly lost in many factions within current chronostrataghraphical units. Such is the depth of nonchalance to factuality that it can not be stated perpetually enough for the establishment of thy closed-minded cerebral, in precedence! I have ruminated on such degenerated states in modern times, we can quite confidently asses the degeneration is a course and side effect of the home entertainment facilities.

This is the direct attribution to present day time management, expelled on “Instant Gratification”¬†as the detriment of this disease! (The perpetually closed cerebral) Such which needs the educated side of society’s to relinquish¬†and unlock such as the curse of a dormant mind! This present day phenomena, is in actuality the equivalent to the fall of Babylonia in Biblical Scriptures”.¬†

The chronostratagraphical unit set in antiquity, often produced a kaleidoscopic array of the worlds most seasoned minds, in perpetuation of constant transcendence, soaring through actualities and realisation like a well skilled craftsmen embroidering intricacy onto a work off art! In continuum of high intellect which crafted so many genius minded folk of the day, this undoubtedly had an improving benevolence on the average partisan indeed, and dramatically inclined vertically the local bar of excellence a notch in Wisdom! Everything from the literary fields (in which science a philosophy were entwined as one subject) to industrial labouring, every craft and discipline was well appreciated as the etiquettes of ones nobility. We can also postulate that the propositional competence, was beneficial by time utilisation, such benevolent prejudices benefited the average cerebral!

This movement of spending hours into years into decades solely on singularity of trades produced the most extraordinaire of craftsmanship. Others who was advantaged by social groups could adhere to further studies which indeed would benefit their cerebral and the benefit of the family traits! One can quite easily illustrate how intelligence is gifted in antiquity transported down the genetic orientation within the close neurogenesis of familiarity (GOOD STOCK/thoroughbred/healthy alignment).




As i have stated previously IN BLOGS, the greatest crime ever undertaken by an agent is to refute from all education while replacing thy void, the empty digest of soul manifestation¬†with mere aspects of “INSTANT GRATIFICATION”.

Truly a postulating vermination! which indeed never benefits the sole agent which relinquished thy self to the practice of vegetation! Thy book being the substance “the cure to thy disease”¬†the anointing ointment and benevolent proclivity to destroy the¬†disease, the virus which prevents the cerebral from know!

TO TRULY ACQUIRE OR HAVE KNOWLEDGE ONE MUST BE PREPARED TO UNDERSTAND THE PROGRESSION TO ADHERING A TRUTH. ALL SIX SENSES IN TRANQUILITY HAVE TO BE IN COMPLETE ALIGNMENT TO THE PROPERTY BEING EXAMINED BY THE EXAMINER! The knowledge is the decree of the insemination research.Thus! Realisation occurs, the prelude to¬†Enlightenment! Thus… The journey of metamorphosis of acquisitions… Empty to complete… Standardised to description of nothing to something… The route to realisation and factuality.

The Learning To The LearnedRelation to the RelationshipPost Structualist to formal Graduate of postulantsDiscovering to the Discovered.

The ultimate process of knowledge is aligned on the parallels of the tested… The formation in synchronicity of objectives or tasks recorded! Often in perpetuation for consistency and understanding of all possible alternations! To acquire knowledge is to acquire something tangible or intangible for the benefit of the cerebral cortex in present and future condition, To know something is to field a selection of tests… Studies… Records… In longevity, casuality. The metaphysical approach would oppose a serious of questions where by testing would be deployed to equate to the raised questions.

A study in which a metamorphosis of abstracts and illuminations occur to produce insight or actualities of the proposed objective! On multiple repetitions of exact outcomes realisation can be manifested on agreement of complex results which proposed same identification compliance of instrumentation identified by identifier. Pattern of results in the metamorphosis of the identifying object by agent, either failed/failure still results in actuality of the properties of the elements identification!

Thus knowledge registering as the element of certainty of information! Either failed or succeeded by identification of the senses in recognition of course! (Preferably all aligned would substantiate a state of actuality).

* EXAMPLE 1;-  We are aware that, the large african elephants which humankind has observed, Can Not FLY!

* EXAMPLE 2;- ¬†Humankind ¬†is also privilege to the realisation… That¬†many mammals require botanical substances to survive!

Such acknowledgement is a cause of progress through illumination, through¬†Thought… Question… Inquisition… Identification… Critical Examination… Test… Result… Test.. Result.. Test.. Result…¬†Eventuality…¬† Realisation & Actuality! THUS! All “TRUTHS”¬†lawfully request such a paradigm to cause,¬†ACTUALITY!”

The factuality is this system of identification will not always manifest in critical actuality, which is a major dramatic frustration in the consistency of information in longevity! This is a substantial problem which often can not be eradicated! The sole criteria to this convoluted measure of distortion of information solely depends on the consistent competency of the identifier to the object being identified!


The true measure of the populous in humankind who are competent enough to cause actuality is probably less than 1% of the population of the world! Most people i have come across have even mistaken the words i have spoken in the instance right in their very presence, which has caused an immediate reminder of facts, such as the facts i stated! Such facts are often dangerously lost, WHICH HAS CONCERNED ME, DUE TO THE OF THE PROPENSITIES OF THE HUMAN NEUROGENTIC!

The issue arising from, not every cerebral cortex is stable! We as visual material creations place over concern on the optics… Which often simply manifest as an illusion!


For information on valuables relating to the properties of information convolution! Such information convolution can find its way into the realms of lost or forgotten, by accident of the self biasness or prejudism or even poor health or lack of competence by the received party/agent from source or element!

Example of successful information reciprocation/interception/interpretation!

Usually falls responsible to the agent receiving the original information to pass on the identical format, yet though this appears extremely easy, It actually is evasive of all participants rescheduling the information, this becomes the ultimate trivia, it is almost impossible by humankind, as multiple alien devices of trivia always seem to significantly emerge into the original information. Unfortunately elements are misguided by personal emotions/perceptions and personal experiences to the interpreted or interpreter?

THUS! Distorting the original information by personal prejudism or mistake!

EXAMPLE 1;- Dimensional Analysis performed by person (A) may result in a different measurement against the result from person (B)… Especially if a system of units is not administered throughout the exercise of each participant?

IN Actuality the example mentioned can take effect in any given subject from any given mediator! Thus! knowing this, one needs to ask themselves how much information in the world can you actually trust? Information about strangers?

That is not too important unless you are the one spreading the information, then you need to be sure, before you tagged & reported for abuse! you know that which you declare, before such adheres to as propaganda/unlawful fabrication/deception/malicious hate/fascism/sexism/gender-ism/racism/slander?

There are individuals who i never ever take information from no matter what it is, because i have studied their behavior which takes time to pin point their very pattern, I now know from intense personal and professional inquisitions, also how the neurotics of species can easily be effected by many causes, including substance abuse.

Such is the detriment that it destroys the neurological chromosomes for life, resulting in declining function of the cerebral cortex, the element which controls all the senses in Identification/Interpretation/Understanding/Realisation etc… Such is the induced detriment, often if speech is not slowed right down, brain functions abnormally and can not register exact data the exact way it was originally displayed! Training the brain, may somewhat improve memory by intense reading, writing and drawing.

Artist have been recognised to having exceptional memories! However it is important not to get misleading intentionally with misinterpretation unintentionally! One proprietor, never acknowledges the correct information because the brain is not intellectually capable (stable)! While the other proprietor chosing not too except correct information for personal bias or prejudism!


Thank you for the time to gather some important facts for your own personal journeys, all my experience and knowledge has derived from my own personal journeys, in which the summary so far is that the increasingly disparaging majority of those who have self-knowledge, is dilating further and further apart from those without knowledge and intelligent consciousness of self, society and etiquettes!!

I trust you are taking interest in my essays and have found these blogs, some what interesting to follow.. by yourself and trust your instincts always..   Always feel free to leave a comment or any interesting alignments facts or advertisement.

Kind Regards k.Aliy