Ritualistic fluctuations, of Character affirmations!

After contemplating several life experiences, expectancies and expectations, via my constant evaluation of life existence!

This brought my cerebral to the coadjuvancy of inferior and superior and all the multiplication of echelons and conundrums! Without the self adulation of a grandiose peperspectives!

I found this a fascinating topic, as it certainly confirms a vehemence to growth, in a mutilation of old ideologies to personal evolution! As most people taught and raised in worldly education, are simply governed by that which the majority concern themselfs with, often I have experienced and calculated that total rejection of ideologies is the falculty of not promoting the personal study of knowing the self and that of existence and intrigue outside of commercial belief! One has to truly be interested with deep foundation of a said topic or the simple coadjuvancy to education-(Not the education which can only get you money in the pocket) and its relative perspectives of the self and commitment to evolution!

My true understanding of EVOLUTION is affirmed by the word UNDERSTANDING. I simply believe one can not evolve without such a union subjected to vehemence in understanding, “Regression of a species is that which lacks understanding and survival!”.

Understanding and one who understands maybe subject to evaluation, as there are multiple levels of decoding and deciphering information!

Basics of understanding derive from the self and appreciation of that which is relative to, then evolve into higher duals of perspectives! The greater the understanding the greater the relativity?*

***See relativity https://khalilaliytheenlightenmentbomb.wordpress.com/category/quantum-mechanics/

Once you have understood the basics of relativity or not-( being still in the acquisition of experiencing, understanding and expanding ) though it is of more beneficial arrangements to understand, one can still experience semi expansion or possibly even full expansion, but at a slower rate!

The levels of expansion of self are also registered in the laws of the Eastern mysticisms. In the Hindu belief, the expansion of said experiences revolves round Brahman-( a vehement connection and oneness with all, the coadjuvancy of such a connection is otherwise known as the “Butterfly effect” or in quantum mechanics known as “The Chaos Theory” , The connection between all things.

The Buddhist refer to such phenomena as “BRAHMA”

The higher being of thought the mind at peak level intuition and thought, the rejuvenation of spirit and self, relaxation and self awareness and gratification of existence!

The way to such an experience is via medication of meditation and its supplications, healthy mind body and soul are the contributing fibres to such spiritual competence!

The reason we/I use the term medication, is quite subjective, however from a western view point everything which is deem to promote the correlation with well being is quite “IRONICALLY” suggested as medical practice or under medical supervisory or suported!

This is wholeheartedly the paradigm of western understanding to well being!

Quite rejuvenating to realise the remainder of the world stipulates this as normal cultural ethics for the goodness of the self! The true way of the selfs cohabitation with life itself!

The growth of understanding is highly magnified by the clarity of self realisation and the separation from its surroundings. Once the agent can fully identify the self as a single entity the next division, is to realignment with outer agents or spaces of the self, the greater the coadjuvancy with external forces the greater the clarity of realisation! Stage by stage segment by segment the self should perpetuate to form unions with everything an all!

Quite profound and quite fearing, but the ultimate is to view good and bad as one, right and wrong as one, left and right as one, up and down as one, small and big as one, heavy and light as one, near and far as one, old and new as one, young and elderly as one, ignorant and intelligent as one!

Quite astounding and not very easy to digest but point taken by me from my intuition, studies, realisations and actuality!

There are a many things which we/one/people have not reached the level of, but not many people can claim to be an influential Lord Dalai Lama! As most of civilisation will not reach levels of realisation in the healthy section of their existence, probably not even ever, which I degree as the “Greatest criminality of life”.

***See “Realisation” “energeia for actuality”


If Realisation is stagnant, multiple facets can be accused, from general health, to circumstances, to living practices, to culture, to heritage, to religious practices, to liberation of personal agendas?!

This is also a depredation of all the neurons within the cerebral cortex, if realisation is stagnant!

Often when an agent is angry the nebulus of the self can not become intransmutable and perform to its potential. Said segments will float as an intravenous convolution of convulsions, preventing the self from the true intransigence of quality genetic material -make up!

Once said realisations have been quantified for “Introspection psychology” the understanding of levels of fluctuations, can be personally set for curriculums intramurally!

This gives the said entity, invariability to investigate and study particulars and components of its new outside alliance or emergence into the said “Oneness” and unity of existence all and everywhere!

Admittedly so, suggesting one makes uniform with that which it distaste is quite absurd!

However! To understand this gist is the most beneficial feet of all, as if every last one individual followed this format, miraculously so, evil to humanity would not exist from mankind, Greed, Sexual deviation, Theft, Crime, Envy, Glutton, Vanity, Revenge and all evils of human nature would be better controlled by each individual, simply because the greater understanding of personal proliferation characteristics of others Dharma & Dharman would also be felt!

“This would be like shooting ones own foot, as they went to shoot anothers foot! Such as the pain from shooting ones own foot would be felt and regrettably so!”

Understanding this oneness, provides the proliferation of many who suggest also that “Weakness and Strength” are truly one and but the same entity under separate guises!

This will be commonplace to sports protagonist, as they already realise that which they are and their personal qualities? Being each a section of a comprising whole (team) in which one of the sections (team players) is weaker at a particular point or use then another? However the said agents are often more then capable in separate roles to make up for any deficiency in a separate area, I.E another area of the sport or sports!

Similar to the “Goal keeper & the Striker!”

Both magnificent in their respective roles and magnanimous in proficiency, yet not so competent in the reversal of “ROLES!”.

Simply given the same approximation to adjust to a new role can often not be the answer to forfill a role or position. This can fall also into multiple factors, why such an identity will not forfill competence in said areas!

Factors may include, any and all from Neurological idiosyncrasies to emotional or physical faculties!

However somewhere within the agent lays superior competence for hidden or not yet discovered illuminations of the self and self practices outwards!

There are many of you who do not know this, however when you realise this I suggest you embrace such evidence and spread such amiable knowledge amongst those who you choose?

*It is stated that;-…





And again agreed!…


So one should most certainly keep their powers quite sacredly, and only use it curteously and sparingly, as once the light bulbs de-illuminate, it has been stated by various ancestors and the old that it can be near impossible to re-ignite the propensity via the once warn ignition of the soul self!

I believe as many do also, we are all concieved with the illumination cultivating in the solace of our alpha, the womb!

Both agents of dynamic potentiality, the forming cells coadjuvancy of becoming the “ZYGOTE”, the two gamete cells from male and female production.

This multicellular organism is the first compromising union manifesting of the fertilising embryo!

In due course the said embryo evolves to the fetus, in which it is my Cri De Couer that the light of onesself is ignited in accordance with emotions, if not from the alpha and further continued with further illumination!

Why are some without spirit and earnest, dimmed by a non ignition and illuminations!

I have considered the above, but I am not certain, how or why the illumination is not evident in all spirits at young age of open life (Birth, continuation and living to age) possibly they were bequethed with poisonous notions via the ramblings of their guardians, or the fluidation passed via the umbilical cord, or even the tyrannical submersible smoke and further toxins, inhaled by said embryo!

Or yet still, the notion remains open such life never wanted life from the beginning of any tyrannical intoxication whether tangible or percieved!


I trust your are well, and have risen to the challenge of life… and never to the time wasting & petty exploitations of said tyrannical proprietors?

Be well faithfulls!



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