“For Casting”

 A future : ‘For – Caste’

Wealth/social status/goals are all hall marks of the trap : Your participation increases the wealth of the elite.. ® : There can be only one real winner in every 1,000,000.. ®

The more entities chasing this accult dream, the more revenue is collected.. : The majority will never succeed: The majority play their role as the inanimate erected scaffolding, forever silently.. Of this colloidal feind

which hoists it’s hosts high..

This supports the hierarchies in total authority..

If the majority wake up and walk away as individuals can effortlessly perform?

The entire scaffolding folds and breaks, tumbling down, all the hierarchies at the top..

Familiarity, with him, that dared

Whom majestically, sat upon the Great Wall?

Sir Humb- Tea Dumb- Tea gleamed as he once rested upon the high wall..? When humb- Tea tumbled and fell of the wall.. All the Kings infantries ….. … … And all the King’s Wife-to-be …… Could not put humb – Tea.. back, Together, again…

For their woes were indeed upon them

All the administrations, Bishops, & Knights, Princes & princesses, Kings & Queens, stuttered, tumbled and fall ®

From their previlege walls.. ………. And onto the floor.. . Is the ending place, where they shall be flawed.. .. A cold oscillation, feverish breezes, layers at the core of a bore…

A nightmarish result and minus a score ….

Procurator fiscal decreasing evermore. Thee core of modern law…

The rendition strenches to the core

For we belong, not you of evil shores..

Devilish schemes and legitimate sores from Psychotic stoics, whom persecute the poor…

Corrupt legislation, the wealiest ignore…. An abundance of richest hidden and stored

It shall be.. A promising tumbling affair.. Be…

Brought to you by the poet.. “Be” K. ALIY ®

Titled: “Be… Tumble and fall” ©

2021-Infin-8-ty® (((((((((((((((((((💣)))))))))))))))))))

People do not realise how often this occurs…

It is actually ironic:


All modern police forces evolved from old, Ancient epochs referred to these individuals as ‘Regulators’ also ‘Men for hire and bounty hunters’ and bandits… Daring and fearless individuals with the apetite for blood. Evolution of civilisations has brought these Psychopaths to the place they are today: A complete unit which controls and devours each nation…Same old mentality with engineered skill and trickery to bamboozle the poor vulnerable villages of society…

‘Jack The Ripper’ was no petty theif! ‘

Before the introduction of law, legislation and acts, existed faith… Before faith existed, prior was an earthly legislation named ‘The law of the land’
In the modern world ‘The law of the land’ is no longer used.

However all across the globe  small sects of remaining clangs and tribes… Gypsies, Pikies, Travellers, Bush-men Indigenous tribes, and ancient cultures continue to exist by the original legislations of earth, practices and nature… 

‘I believe’ ®

There exist inherantly Psychologically sick… kinds. While it appears all people whom seek respect and authority with a specification of apetite and particular deviant genes: Find their oath in the forces; These diviants whom often lack natural god given talents and genuine inherited abilities and career paths find their way into the forces.. Every police officer coexist with this character as a personal temprement and faculty of behaviour. These types hail as legitimate Psychopaths of this world.
I came to the understanding that most crimes, unsolved mysteries and kidnappings are most likely at the hands of the police…
People underestimate the sheer devilish of the forces of human nature…

Delusional aristocratics and those who serve

Uniforms do not stop wrongful actions.. Uniforms exchange the participants of wrongful actions… Specifically designed to give privileged parties first measure against underprivileged groups. Hence; guilty by class, culture (ethnicity) and colour?

Law is not a benefactor of just and good will… thus; Law is a business policy for applications and the activities which actions theory ; Hence, the routine acquisition of world-wide self preservation.

In a just world, facts may be decided in court? The problem here arises as this is not a just world full of honest courts and representatives…
You will not find facts in any court…? A court full of facts will not be allowed to exist. Such a court would become too costly and worthless to the narcissistic virtue of each ruling party (🥳) Such parties whom do not sense their own shameful ways while they perform shambolic conduct. In this Such parties perceive themselves as top tier and fit for the privilege awarded to Kings, be awarded to themselves to prosper.

Courts display enforcement upon the most vulnerable people (Not necessarily via age or disability related) be often poor and isolated, viewed as ugly and unacceptable, while punished as easy targets for “escape goats” coated with the percentage of misery, treachery, blame, disgust, insanity and vilified for the satisfaction of diseased minds yearning to pulverised some.

Totally on the contrary to just ethics, that motion.
It is almost unbelievable, however still, ignorance alive and all those alike, are the exact reason corruption exist so freely:

It is the supporters and all those who turn a blind eye at the face of this malpractice which evolves and finds it’s way into all things… The generations of each society’s ill, sick, tortured, deprived, persecuted are the default construction of the voters will and actions; This fault be the measure of all the partisans endeavors whom held trust in their leaders, that be towards the presence of the governmental sectorial ruling party and state empire that police the nation.

Thus: The reason the world is in this poor condition of life.
With sales on the demand : Without the clients – demand, there is no product. Product being ‘Systemic abuse’ Clients being the Vulnerable/Gov sector workers/Veterans/Ex Gov employers – Agencies/Emotionally scarred without – resillience/Gullible/Pensioners/Histerical/Over fearfull/Desperate/Refugees/ill and Disabled etc…?

These individuals are overly enthusiastic while heavily relient upon the leaders of the country. 
I noticed that individuals in these categories are indeed the true backbone in support of the poor practices and legislative systems promoting wrong doing.

The vulnerable and desperate are the scafolding to the dilapidated bridge. Unfortunately these groups i mentioned, neither understand a thing in regards to law and legislation, while always accepting and confiding to media and law without hesitation.




Courts are set up now as a business.. You do know that Right?

How many times have you known of or discovered innocent people serving life sentences due to :

Corrupt legal team/tampered evidence/court-prosecution failures to uphold etiquette proceedings/misconduct of officers/false witness statements/illegality of procedures/Intimidation of police & prosecution/poverty of accused/deficiency of accused/Ethnicity of accused/Wrong identity/Lack of solid alibi and defence, incompetence and corruption…?

Stepping into a court room is similar to starring at smartly dressed giant blue rabbits wearing wigs smoking cigars and blowing fearcely into a brass ‘euphonium’

Imagine all the creatures that are dancing all around..?

While rats pound the sound of beats upon the drums..

As they flow with the younger piper… along,

The imaginary canal banks…


It is a ‘Two way’ process…

Poverty is a consequence of both white supremacy and ill afforded people making poor decisions in producing babies without good infrastructure, personal wealth and interpersonal skills!
When an individual gains high qualifications, job and wealth and the ability to transform and manouvre with the mindset to be patient and harvests an abundance of education, oppose to producing a family of people and not off puting the tragedy of bringing further damaged and poor lineages of descendents into be in here, sufferering. Eventually creating evermore lineages of people born into suffering in this domain.


People do not realise how often this occurs…?

Almost all people are sucked into the international spell via personal goals and dreams.. These aspects are binding to the spell or system.. Having a career, wife and family is the pinnacle of the spell. Those in such a position do not and quite often can not see under the spell of the deception.. For everything they do in their current situation binds them further into thus, spell. Those in positions of authority casually continue on further, ever playing there role and everyone aids this theatrical farce.


I also have had multiple inventions stolen..
I have witnessed these inventions in the shops and stores, in sales publications and magazines, online and in commercial advertisements..

The theives are non other than Governments serveillence parasites operating technical equipment for the benefit of fiscal prosperity.
These technologies, which is hidden in your home in total disguise, watching, invading and preying upon the vulnerable things you do, while stealing your hard work, time, efforts, genius inventions and valuable personal information.. To further exploit.
The worse is yet to be registered, most people in society, unwisely contributed and indeed so, permitted it to occur throughout it’s earliest administration?

The serveillence is disguise via procurator fiscal legislation as monitoring the safety of the nation…
Perhaps : Once upon a time home serveillence was genuinely used to monitor terrorism…

However, modern times always proves alternative uses for technology which benefits the government.

Not surprisingly:
People whom indeed, voted for these types of government legislations never ever perceive what the true guise of the legislation will later become & used for and the misuses, violations, conflicts of interests and barbaric manipulations regarding such technology and the uses thereof?

Generally, 🔮 Short sightedness of the future and ‘Super – Enriched – Niavety’ towards government’s misappropriation, is a common prevalent and derivative of the infamous authoritarianism and the things amongst the bewildered herd 🐑💨🔛👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 sheople.

Indeed interesting to state:
In addition the Sheople share striking behavioural characteristics to the 🐐 Gregarious Goat-people 🐐👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 aka the infamous Goatians or Goatmen or Goathlanders as also the Great – Cow – people; Otherwise known as “Towards Cowmen/Cowomen” (Cow – people) abbreviated into “Cowards”
Also if we investigate the “Donkey – people” ; Donki – Sapiens or Donkorian!

We can perceive a great resemblance in subservience of characteristic nature towards servitude under administrative dominance by their governments.

Despite the wrong doing and abject criminality of their overlords, subservient slaves may fearfully remain in a position of willing to still remain patriot – istic (Ally) honour and obligation towards those individuals in the hierarchies?

However : I mitigate things by how it is administrated..?
By that I mean: Everything can be used for a revival of good or evil?

What concerns me more is what has become of the minds of the many?
If we exam the Psychology of majority partisanship:

Elected the governments…
Voted for the Candidates…
Cried for the installation of CCTV.
Enthused for Monitoring practices..?
Demanded More of These Evil Police be present on the streets…? “
Rallied for police given increased powers to” Stop & Search” laws ?
Demanded for longer sentences?
Cried out for Further “Prohibition”?
Demanded Police be given the use of ballistic fire arms..?
Voted for Police to not be prevented from call of duties..?

Now here we are…
Police officers have been given the highest rights in all of Law and protection… This hails by the title “Licence to Immunity”

Guess what this means and look who surrendered it to them ?

If the BBC “BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION” are involved in this documentary as a finance resource then this document is corrupted
: Whenever wherever whatever, why – ever western societies involve themselves with foreign nations, those nations always succumbed to further debilition…
Remembrance : We are the world/save Africa/foreign appeals/one voice/names/Khalil/Aliy/World/Names/Places/Dates/Events/Poverty/Refugee/Syria/Iraq/Libya/Afganistan/Asylum/Water/Hunger/Pregnancy/Rape/Abuse/Black people/Gangs/Middle east/Fear/Religions/Control/Negligence/Guns/Touch/Arms/War/Terrorist/Corruption…

These words are mentioned to galvanise immediate actions…
The western media prefers to use these words as these words represent specific programmes which can be actioned, in any moments in time and place..
The programming initiative from birth into Western Schooling and further onto society…

Ignoring independent information, ignoring one’s genuine intuition and ignoring self study, will unfortunately
lead to self deprivation of yourself the working classes/poor/debilitated.

What’s more…
These words which relate to actions, that are programmed to your Psychy which enable emotional responses… Often violating one’s freewill and true sense of independence and 💭 thoughts..

The responses do NOT end with an emotional OUTBURSTS? 🤔

The objective is frequently financially motivated :
However, an agenda can be physically experienced through your behaviour and actions via hatred towards… another, often for no legitimate reasons other than for the initial programming… Abuses ( Subjection/Harrasment/Targetting/PILLORY/Scorn/Hatred/Threat/Escape goat/Decoy ) ?
The enmity you experienced is utilised to destroy and defame targets, activists, blacks and black nations by way of dethronement of black governments/empires, fair astute individuals with a sense of virtue and importance. Finally when the scheme is set when isolation of targets are achieved..
In order to ravish the tagetted lands and feast upon the resources of the subjected individual or identity, nation…?

Take a good long look at the countries most acquainted with these types of programs? 🤔

The programme established, is a long-term scheme… Which consistently takes planning and operative scheming throughout.
There exist groups and think tanks engineered for this task, deployed by official agencies and bureaus. Carefully working shifts around the clock inorder to engineer these long term goals.. ®

These financial bureaus and agencies are incredibly sophisticated by the use of the most advanced equipment and technology for maintaining the support from gullible – desperate – niave Hive minds

Whom often unwittingly aid the atrocities against black nations..
Everything you contributed to and acclimatise to in the western world aids your personal destruction and that of poorer nations…

You are trapped within a ‘surreal prostration’ in constant subservience
towards evil progenitors and white supremacy all over the world…. ®

Your selfish goals, family, addictions and dreams forever bind you to this evil legislation, which has been long since in affect all across the globe, authorised by Societies ®

Each people do not understand exactly who the government actually is.
Governments and their bureau agents are ruthless individuals.
The word political gives the impression government agents are soft. They are oftentimes Psychologically disturbed.

Every countries governments are the leading gang of the current period, until a future gang disposes of them.
To hope for government legislation for your everyday problems is a slightly ever increasing naivety, on the part of each citizen’s perception.

Rating: 1 out of 5.


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The A-Pex sustainor : Worlds/Realms

The Genuine A-Pex predator, Of the planet.. Has not yet arrived.
Paramountal for instructions of magnanimous length… Over the legendary breathe of a distinctively coarse course in longevity, subtle few billion or so years. Rough and forming, texturising, growing and shaping, molding and aligning to make habitual and inhabited.
Homing skills have developed quintessentially due to the light and energy… ®
Existence has something for the solar system in store..
A regenerative demise and reform.

Quantum, a digit unremembered.

Perhaps, several billions or so…?
Those of such, whom have quite an appetite for want of more…?

Life will regrow & more, thus; Spread and forever grow more to spread… Life apprehend’s the invitation.. In the end. Things existed as ethereal fluctuations towards damaging forms.. Even our old friend, the majestic butterfly evolved via toxic transformation.. As a floating bee spawned from a caterpillar’s descend.. Until reformed, a process of an un admirable crescent.. To the new end.

You see, these new ill-nourished irritants of the domain… a bleakness – nutrient of thus; Open world. An unforgiving existence as too many versions of ill-minded perogatives begotten to state flourishing proportions exist upon the demised, earth world?

Devilish delinquency is a recognised trend… of world earth’s western society bequeathed upon the entire universe as is comprehended from human perception.

The domain is tragically wholesome eagerly crippled with top tier corruption and over whelmed by each citizens duplication upon earth.

The poorest neighbourhoods are joined by like minded folk, together unions are created so the poor with nothing while aligning the exhibition of disreputable conduct will only give birth to more and more of the groups’s mental deficiency’s -kind. Poor people date other poor people to create offsprings with poor dependencies as future parents. Such pariahs often exceed their fair share of stock/government subsidiary/planet resources/energy/fuel/CO2 level expenditure- over taking and never putting anything resourceful value and conduct into a system for progression. I do not understand how this regressive value is even possible or legislated..?

‘Giving Birth In This World Is Not A Benevolent Attribute, Once Realise What This World Is Home To & For?

One question’s the legitimacy of all involved in the council of democracy and ethics. Those whom exist at the top of governing are not able/capable to exhaust any truth from those in positions of management at the lower and middle divisions of authority/regulators/investigators/ombudsman/advisors/enforcers/clerical appointees etc..? The truth is often misappropriated away from those at the top of governing by the lowest end of official duties, whom are deceitful in alignment with the malignancy of ‘schadenfreude‘. Those at the lowest division of regulations do not want to be found guilty of illegalities/Improper conduct while serving. As a consequence much truth is not disclosed in report analysis of the problems experienced in lower class society. Lower class society group’s problems experiences : If abuse and malpractices are indeed experienced, will most often never and not be fixed and redeemed through legislative administrative protocols. Major information is constantly undisclosed/skewed/misrepresented and often fraudulently sabotaged by malignant natures of lower rank official candidates who are steadily and vehemently corrupt in all nature. Middle to higher class stratosphere groups moreoften do not hope to care or sympathise with the many encumbered with tragically unfortunate lifes. Existing within the most relevant keys to universal equality, often are all those whom casually confidently posses the least ethics and moral fibre. Such kind exist in the most crucial positions while occupying positions of trust and authority.

Why do those at the top of governing never ever accept or see that these corrupt personal exist within the most crucial departments? What is wrong with all these official people and why are these officials so blind to the corruption of those at lower levels and across the spectrum? All in authorised positions are indeed always approached and encouraged to misappropriate documents and investigations by other unsavoury personal of authority.

Over the course of my adult life every document I submitted for investigation against the practices of wrong doing and harm was finalised with following correspondence: “We did not find any wrong doing, bad practice or misconduct in our investigation process”. Regardless to the extent of harmful experiences/degree of damage/assault/death, pain or injury/misconduct/abuses/loses/theft/damage/improper/misuses bequeathed upon/associated to myself- I – the victim of hatred and scorn etc by the practices of principals and those in position of trust and authority. Forevermore, the final outcomes are moreover subjected to further intimadation harrasment or abuses by other linear and principal authority figures. Even when the age of the minor (myself) at the period of time was not taken into consideration when asking for an investigation against police abuse against young child and vulnerable persons.

‘Police/Authoritive/Representatives’ cruelties mirror the malignant unbenign of Anti-Civility and Corruption’

Evil doings is first established in positions of authoritive measure, later is deployed via poor ethics into the main stream of society’s environments, ‘be’ homes/work/leisure/gatherings etc. Such structures are set- out in protocol -course for the direct intended stipulation in multiple ’causes and affects’ in the domain of life in a 360 degree manner to all things everywhere. These poison projectiles which is utilised by government agents exist to rejuvenate their systems. White western society exist as a genuine schadenfreude in this earth domain. Such benign spirits released have affected all things and lifes in a sustained domino affect. Perhaps lives were indeed long enough troubled throughout all existence upon this solar system. However the emergence of ‘white society’ has not in anyway, shape or form made redundancy of the illegitimacy of the following non abstracts in this domain : Harm/war -mongering/sabotage/hate/evil -doings/greed/murder/malignancy and harm. In- fact, all unscrupulous actions of ancient antiquities have generally increased via the audacious foaming of ‘white – society’ upon this universe. These traits within organisms on earth have vehemently assigned vindictive affects upon all things, including perceptions/behaviours/laws/comprehensions and characteristics towards and by all things here on earth. Relative magnitudes of such diverse & distinctive disabilities, echoes fluctuations of delirious states and insane proclivities until further destruction has fully arisen. The host nations are evil, as are those whom praise these host nations and travel to be a citizen or guest in such an evil inspired nation. Those that travel to these shores are often inspired by evil doings and have no problem participating in evil doings. One has oftentimes witnessed as a common practice the passsage : ‘Many of such religious individuals of faith pactices whom indeed often lack extremely foundational moral codes and principles, whom are quite often quoting verses of biblical proportions, whenever the moment of fancy endulgies the sense, which may appear to the vulnerable of mind, quite advantageous and laudable while these same individuals are fully inhabiting further perverse & evil paths, structures and therefore, thus ,hence; Malign patterns of susceptibility and cruelty further bequeathed upon the previous & continuing debilitation of life here upon earth.

‘No such benevolent person would wish to migrate to an evil nation for self prosperity’ { Not least that being be a Prophet/Angel/Missionary from the quadrant of ‘Alpha-Omega’

Moreoften organisms migrate to likeness where the organism flourishes with similar like-minded souls.

Generally ‘United Kingdom’ and ‘England’ is genuinely referred to as a “Godless Existence..” ‘A Deathful motion…’ ‘A Distinctively Disreputable Existence’ ‘A Sinful Experiment’

Uk and England is not an environment which has been established through ancient practices of ethics/justice/morals/peace and universal equality. The contrary is apparent when the study of UK and England is researched upon. There exist no good laws or fixtures of ancient England and UK. None from the hands of the Roman empires throughout to the Byzantinian periods/French dictatorship/Persian and Ottoman empires interventions and present. The future shall not change the wickedness ingrained in all it’s citizens throughout space and motion. The engraving of the ‘western schadenfreudes’ characteristics upon this domain, whom hold application appointments to practicing the harmful malignant viewing against others civil liberties while tormenting the souls of the less vortunate & vulnerable. This too shall indeed come to pass. Just as many of such evil kindred organisms have indeed come to passing via most distinctively excruciating harmful demise upon their soul spirit and body.

forces often align with the sides of wrong doings and mischievous ideals. Those whom align with such work are often wicked hearted, malignant and totally untrustworthy lacking in moral fibre and pronounced gracious conduct. Often by simple chance the work of goverment agency/forces may accidentally aid the proprietary of a victim or vulnerable folk by way of accidentally preventing or abusing another innocent citizen or person? Care towards general citizens is not a priority or natural earthly embodiment of law agents personal characteristics. Unforseen : Unfortunately, abuse only echoes further abuses against and for everyone, continuing throughout societies upon the present citizens and future descendants. It is the rightful duty for all citizens to register & report. While abuses continues to occur from the nations of the following: ‘Anti – Christ’ ; Governmental positions, Civil servants, racist, the malignant, the feral & uncivil. Mass societies individual’s should most eagerly create a space to research the past fore – fathers and ancestors to unravel the multiple problems of the present motion. As also to study the present in order to perceive the unordered disreputable future of citizens and societies across the globe of space and motion.

‘Disreputable beings’ pretending to be civil servants in total guise, adorning uniforms embellishing displayed positions of authority and maleficient legislation, further manipulate for advantage sake, inorder to quench the chromosomes of those most psychotic and undignified appetites. These versions of humanoids fight to keep others abused, while other citizens whom may not have authority, will continue supporting the abuse. Legislation is derived via emotional lies/deceit and imaginary instances inwhich actions have not occurred. False occurrences support the ideals of the schadenfreudes appetite to willfully keep people in positions of abuse. All white – lies are created to keep others in a state of persecution/torment/injustice/imprisonment & abused and nothing more. While ignorant humanoids pray for the benevolence and benefit of the Psychotic administrators of abusers in thus ; Universe.

I wonder how many people would take or have accepted without knowing, the credentials of the affiliated doner for life saving surgery practices?

Was the affiliated doner a convicted Rapists or not yet?

Was the affiliated doner a convicted pedophile or not yet?

Was the affiliated doner a convicted serial killer or not yet?

Was the affiliated doner a convicted child abuser or not yet?

Was the affiliated doner a convicted drunken driver or not yet?

Was the affiliated doner a convicted killer or not yet?

Was the affiliated doner a convicted racist or not yet?

Was the affiliated doner a police officer or not?

Where the affiliated doner a convicted criminal or unconvicted criminal ?

Was the affiliated doner religious & from which domination do they represent or not yet?

Oh… was the affiliated doner a convicted theive or unconvicted theive… perhaps not yet also?

Or perhaps a fare – dodger, tax evaders, convicted of perjury, embezzlement, fraud, kidnapping or hate crimes… I wonder intriguingly.

Why would one (the hypocrites) wish for the blood of such individuals to be present inside their anatomical system..?

Surely, this too is a sin!

Oh hypocrites be aware of your own selfish dangers before you open upon the ways of others? Painfully many through this action have existed as the interventionist whom invited ‘spiritual- redundancy’ for their sole keep! Oh of you fools: If you do not know what you are saying/unsure/uncertain? Least ‘be’ acquainted with reverse action/solemnity and simple tender quietness. Quietness shall bid you a fare well, not likely to those whom openly chastise the victims of harm while lifting the councils and patriotic merchants of wrong doing. Such as the overly eager hordes of schadenfreudes… the poorest… those whom indeed eagerly ship themselves across to western shores.

Moreofren criminal investigations, and criminal searches and convictions are only a matter of lack of privilege status and the inhabitants colour or ethnicity play a major role.

These are amongst the many reasons why it is known to exist as : ‘Not commonly benevolent practice and not godly, neither natural to surrender giving blood donor-ship… organ donor-ship‘, for the narcissistic existence of exceptance to wicked and malicious humans to continue on with evil paths and formations of being along life’s journey. As it is often not known whom your blood and organs is taken from and given to? Apprehend such appreciation of the almighty as, thus : If God ‘Alpha-Omega’ ordered or desired for any beings and kinds to remain in existence it would ‘be’ so, without any hesitation in part from ‘Alpha-Omega’ participation for others. Legislation of ‘Alpha-Omega’ is absolute and exist without restraints/cooperation/laws/flaws/help of other laws. Mixing biology is a recognised poisonous restriction to the natural state of the human genome. Genetic malfunction of the natural legislation to existence is forfeited as a resident of existence. Punishment is often awarded by even further ill-health. One whom understands the almighty and breath-taking legislation, hence : ‘exist into us be’ not to give blood or organ donor-ship. Dangers of these earthly misrepresentations are indeed paramount to both giver and receiver of biological donor-ships.

‘Remember the story of the great deluge & why?

When existence gives life be thankful as when existence takes life ‘be’ thankful as these notices are indeed measured in the dimensions of an ancient archeo -astrophysical legislation’

Sorrow not… Yet rejoice at the dead, rejoice at the end, fore they where fortunate to have found life or awarded life. To give biological donor-ship is to manipulate physics of life ‘be’ human, insect, animal, biotic anomaly or otherwise. Thus ; Sustainer of creations has warned against the mixing of determined blood/biology. Known otherwise as an abomination in the legislation of existence craft and breath to life & DNA.

That which is encouraging is exercising your natural body via work/trade/journey/maintenance/education/craft/natural -health-extracts etc/natural food sustainance -appearance-sugars-flavours/cleanse/ablution/nourishment and dietary nutrition/fasting/sport/community & fellowship/recreation & leisure/play/rest, rejuvenation and sleep/yoga, meditation and prayer.

Evil – troubled – malignant folk thoroughly aim to prevent and pose subjection against all such natural human qualities and states of neurological well-being and autonomy’

‘The troubled personal’ of each chronostragraphical heterogeneity are a colosal percentage in guise of civil servants in office and duty and citizens/others seeking citizenship. Due to these versions of humanoids the Phylogeny of humankind is ever declining in prosperity, ethics and moral codes of conduct.

Routinely I have experienced throughout the worse of ‘foreign countries disposits’ migrating and filled with enmity and such jealousy to these western shores… Ethics perhaps, is without a season, family, friend or home, so appears..?

Profoundly ignorant indeed, bestowing plights in thus: Domain.. administrating to all things in western parochial perspectives, only?

Thus; Too many appropriated the vastness, indulgence to dissipate upon the things of worldly feast, liken to trillions of bourbon’s appetite..

Preposing the oratory; ‘Adoring the adorning prize with a silken tape silava entwined…’

Whom, their unfortunate bowls ends, silk tapered wormed while intestines wage warnings.. blocked bowls and fatty acids, torturing enzymes the suffering has no end insight, the tiny parasitic liberal fiends, exercising feasting upon it’s choosing, the bounty of master’s chamber’s. Delicacies, these rich in delight, sweet, abundant, greasy, gluttonous, chemically enhanced and poisonous..

Chastised inside out…

The Great Deluge

Deluxe illustrated and utilised, ‘Omega’ ‘be’ bite down and chew all tonight..? Churning and renewing all elements in the process.

Fester before serenading to serve a coarse course in distant motion, alighting the forever skies ablaze a new tone, turning the vibration of all things associated asunder cleft of being wholesome.

Before openly swallowing whole… pronounce the huge monumental assuage.

Monumental breath of force equally shadows, defilling the prey.. Silhouetted tears throughout the night…

One more bait, just one last bite, a quiet taste is quite an acquired paté, paste quenches the forever long derivatives of this thesis.
The marshes, provide harshness in the ever journey long…?
Bitter insects which devour your flavours in dissipation. Finally desolation forecast mass isolation in the skys shining down on everything ‘be’ Principals of the impeding devouring hour. Total decimation of energy fields/designs and products thereof.

Dissemination instructs, while corpses rotting with multiple sores scattered upon the bodies of reigning shores, shown. Displayed afield, death… displaced, dissembly, dislodged, voids of dislocation and departments of disembarkment.

Galactic shores bare caskets open, with spirits released, bereaved of body, disembodied mass bodies coexist embodiments of subtraction.

Black, Blue, Silver, Gold, White, Pink, Beige, Orange or Brown..

Say : Who knew of the tormentuous doom..?
There are lots in store… specifically assigned for detracting the agitated alittle further… evermore and more…

Big, tall, fat and juicy, medium, small, tiny while rare inclusive..

Some broken, some chipped… all analysis incorporated.

All prepped, for assignment.. vanishing little by little the decomposition fragments thoroughly through a special process. Speed and the deterioration of slow departure, the mighty arrays of one grand luminaire.

To those of the future; Take heed oh prey, for the final cometh, following nights..

For once the core’s – edge of thus ; Outer perimeter of ‘Alpha – Omega’ enters the zone of this universe, the magnanimous luminaire breathing, stretching it’s array across thus; Insurmountable motion and space shall ‘be’ composed alight. A fiercest bright light will ‘be’ manifested for millennium clocks throughout stages of space epochs age. Pure timed diamond gold brightest luminous, akin, as a bulb is switched on, as a lamp post is automatically operated from the ‘light – terminal’ as a hall is luminated, the entire breath of the universe our galaxy – solar system travels within shall be steadily and romantically set alight. A flaring bright candle luminaire existing throughout the breath of space and motion’s ions. Akin yet insurmountably powerful and all perceiving majestic eye, bright white flame, all things vanishing in the distance of the approaching ‘Alpha-Omega.

Light bearers shall be energised from the core – edge (outer region) admittance of the “Alpha – Omega”. Center core existantial perimeter of the ‘Alpha – Omega’ is an extremely insurmountable obstacle for anything -(creations of existence) to ‘be’ within – existence near/exist in/exist around orbital to. So, indeed carefully and witness the all powering and obliterating affects passing/coming of such an all surrendering annihilation from the greatest paramountal force in all directions of existence throughout the magnanimous metamorphosis, thus; Space and motion’s subliminal unity.

fore almighty’s time of ‘being’ alters everything in the present and distance. Everything life knows shall ‘be‘ forever obliterated in the approaching order of, thus : ‘Alpha-Omega’

“Oh you asunder, Here Me Now” : Shall state the crackling vibration of sequences from the stream of the ‘Alpha-Omega’

Serving obliteration.. and changes. Rejoice at the ending of life’s – death as rejoicing at the beginning of life’s – birth. Rejoice when you have finished your food, as one rejoices when food is served. Rejoice all endings and beginnings ✨.

Least of all, do not betray the might of thee, thus; ‘Alpha-Omega’

Hence ; Shall NOT be profitable for malignant wicked folk. ‘ALMIGHTY ALLAH’ decreed, long ago and revealed many would die a tortuous death. Such ‘tortuous happening’ appears present…

Existence authorised to exist by the authority of existence itself.. while all things within are diminished by metamorphosising and transmutation.

The earth and everything in it, is to become of, oh faithful servants of existence… ®

A subtle word of importance to the wise/unawares/simple and unsuspecting alike: All written work is generated through the gift of these hands quintessentially from the authority of ‘Alpha-Omega’

Authoritive existence as the almighty ‘Alpha-Omega’ (Allahu Akbar, Bismillahir Rahman Hur Rahim) has bestowed the information to be created for reading and contemplation of guidance and comprehension and following gentle paths and abiding by obedience to the practices of goodwill and fairness and justice throughout.

For those of you disobedient ones whom wish to continue theft of such written evidence of legislation without stating sources and falsely marketing as your own work, refrain from such practices immediately, refrain all previous work from such a practice of theft of written work from this blog post ‘Khalil Aliy The Enlightenmentbomb.com ‘

Kindly refrain from copying and publishing all other exclusive written testaments i have disclosed as your own testament less addressed to this title myself/my identity /notifications and information disclosed from this site and written exclusively through myself Khalil Aliy the enlightenmentbomb.com blog via the magnanimous of the ‘Alpha-Omega’ ‘ Allah hu Akbar

Thus; Shall not deliver you well, for the words of this site I have created via the power bestowed by the almighty ‘Alpha-Omega’ (Allah- hu- Akbar) are coded with existential information you may not fully or do not understand. Those that have copied the information and disclosed as their own vehemently do not understand what they are reading in the least. These words are attributed to ‘Alpha-Omega’ ordered to me for you not for prize or praise. Hence, messages with descriptive explanation never to be existing as misrepresentations /Misinformation and misunderstanding.The entwined intriguing intricacies of detailed information which has been forever misrepresented is solely due to the fluctuations of interpretations which exist unbenign throughout ancient antiquity to present days and will continue onto futures past and on. This has echoed Inquisitions throughout written language. The misinterpretation derives via obvious lack of investigation to where the information derives from and the inspiration or force instructing the text/worded structure such as the affiliated written meanings behind each word & phrase & prose & chapter When the affiliated is removed from the text, the message becomes obscure and oblique to th original manifestations & meanings/lost/confused and misrepresented by hordes of misinterpretations. The readers of all the future researchers can not investigate and decipher the true meaning of the written text, the implications and the sensations are all completely erased from future generations whom will want to understand the hidden meanings of the written messages to the people. This generation are complete with incomprehensible actions which will forever distort the paths and any beneficiary instances which could aid future generations momentums for process of prosperity. The mimicry and copyright theft distorts the genuine meaning of information messages throughout the passage of time. Future generations are being condemned and prevented from realisations by generations of people whom have intercepted import information and poorly interpreted the messages of time and space. Future generations instantaneously become unprivileged by the concealed written languages of old and present ages… This akin duplicates the present & past periods of cultures, whom indeed lost the true temprement and passages of ancient scribes and transcipts witnessed. Faithfully seekers become empty and bereft of the connections to existence via the selfish and psychotic shenanigans of each demographical heterogeneity. The lack of interest and beneficiary services awarded to the prosperity and benevolence for the benefit of future generations, stands indeed as lost via cruel and selfish parochial methodology, bureaucracy and insane ideology, thus, hence ; Encoded the actuation and esoteric text alludes continuously all for the expensive appetite of ‘Gins’/wicked personal/evil spirits/shaitans/narcissistic psychological state/Kinds of hatred/versions of dispositions/disorderly and deceitfully motivated/corrupt and unjustifiable. Eventually shall not rise in ethereal prosperous planes of existence and being. The future shall bind such creatures to the heals of snakes and lower level technicians of the the undergrowth upon earth and mudd. Existing in a binded future present.

Hence; The reason scripture or any form of heavenly inspired verse or written language is carefully not to be misread/misinterpreted/altered or attempted to create version next to for improvements upon, as in versions upon versions. One occasion and remained for all futures to read and not be lost via multiple translations over the great age of motional space environments and infin-8-ty.

These words are inspired soley by the mighty wonders of the ‘Alpha-Omega’ and the earthly divisions of my correspondence the private vibrational communication between, I – myself the creations communications with and towards the almighty father of the heavens and the skies and everything of existence which birthed creation by the sole almighty creator, thus : ‘Alpha-Omega’

These are conducts of concise considerations when obeying the multi-universes laws of existence decreed by the one sole sustainer of all legislation everywhere, thus ; The Almighty ‘Alpha-Omega’ praise be… forevermore…


Brought to you by the Poet aka K.Aliy ®️🌌🪀💜✨💫

2022-Infin-8-ty 🔛⚛🔀🔁🔄♾


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