Lyrical Vibration of the African humming bird

The African hummingbirds are a species of Alves (Birds) which are indeed small, with the aeronautical characteristics of a bee… extremely diverse in motion and capability in flight… engineered via the education of evolution… the slight hummingbirds have the capability to fly backwards…. with their tail rear end leading first… subsequently in an unusual manner… matter of fact, all directions akin to the copied technology of the mechanical drone..

The only other few species normally and easily identified and witness to fly backwards… is the wasp and bee families… flies have the same motion aswell as other rare specific species…

The identity of our hummingbird is miniscule in bird proportions… Naturally existing as a mere seven and a half centre metres in length (7.5) which is three inches  (3″)… but have been recorded in measurements up to lengths of thirteen centre metres (13cm) which is five inches long (5″). The very smallest of humming birds is just a mere five centre metres  (5cm). This is called the bee hummingbird! Reported to weigh in at the weight of an American penny, which is approximately just two and a half grams… (2.5g).

They are realised as hummingbirds… because of their beating wings and rhythmic chant from expressed high vibrations in energy release!

Hummingbirds have the highest metabolism of any homeothermic animal…. (Homeothermic relates to thermoregulation: -eternal thermeter regulator! The regulation that maintains the natural internal organ temperature regardless of foreign influences outside the genome) weather, nor metrication geometry will not effect the temperature and temperament of the hummingbirds natural proclivity to autonomy!

It has been suggested that not all species of homeothermic capability are endothermic…(Endothermic  capability arises in agents that regulate body temperature  by organs activity and physiological traits… sweat glands, orifice, hair functionalities. Endothermic are naturally warm-blooded creatures… of mammals and birds. But specific aquatic life are also endothermic.. (certain breed of shark and fish have been identified in trophical waters)? most are the opposite in cold blooded creatures… these are characterised  as ECTOTHERMY, the exact polar to endothermic! 

Because the hummingbirds have an extreme output ratio they exist on a high diet of energy componentry. When such harvesting is indeed scarce, the hummingbirds exclude themselves (each) from daily routines by the assistance of “Torpor” (hibernation). This aids energy conservation while descending the metabolic expenditure to 15 times less than its normal energy consumption!

When of great magnitude, the significance of the African hummingbirds, are their rhythmic charming sounds…

It replicates the beauty in The ancient light drums of African spiritualists… (yet it should be stated the African drummers would have mimicked the sound of the African hummingbird) The sound was used to call warriors to war, heal the I’ll, call to prey, make advocating heard, call former assimilation, hunt, call to mate, marriage, and just about everything you can imagine in society’s acknowledgement of actions! Akin to begin, As in: “in the name of the father we commence” or “Bismilla hir Raminnn nir Rahim!” Or “Our Father who art in heaven”… These signifies all acknowledgements of a higher source as the giver and sustainer who will grant authority to the intended action/s or of duty and right of passage (etiquettes).

You will notice the rythmetic sound of the hummingbirds appear to be quite peaceful and pious… the energy release is a high out put… but it aligns with their necessary nectarine diets… The energy exchange from hummingbirds reciprocate the earth… by pollinating ingredients steadily back to the ozone layers of the atmosphere!

They do not just absorb but give back ten fold graciously! Which is deemed as the most important aspect of life!

The hummingbirds climate and habit favour their gifts to the world… for the hummingbird is a master vibrationalist and competent in the arts of spiritualist. Thus in the vanguard of such natures!

Musicians train their voices for thousands of hours to reach a certain quality of vibration which the untrained voice can not perform… This pious vibration practiced by homosapients is only 1 million (1/1000000) of the quality vibration of the African hummingbirds!

Yet this vibration steadily aids peace and harmonic validation, insofar expressed within the quantum of the organs reciprocity with nature!

Also it will aid the planet better when better preserved bodies die and decay into the grounded earth.. These well preserved bodies will not appear as toxic matter to the earth, so will not be rejected by the earth! The earth rejects inorganic mixed materials… synthetics etc… a body badly preserved becomes toxic to the planet!

For example here we can exam music artist through the decades… of such importance in vibes…

  1. Soul singers, early blues and jazz singers along with later motown greats, further harvesting these gifts through their affiliations with church ministries throughout the United States of America. .. You will notice such of the beauty practiced by modern legends as in the America 90’s RnB (Rythm and Blues) sensations, Jodeci, R-Kelly, Silk, Intro, Guy, H-Town,  💃💞💖💃💃(Noticeably all each leading singers of the bands have at least one extraordinary long range 🔛🔛🔛⏳⏳vocalist! If you listen to Ke-ci from Jodeci, Aaron Hall from Guy and H-Towns Leeds singer you will notice the extraordinary range… (the hummingbird syndrome)

1970’s Smokey Robinson and Joan Armourtrading will absolutely captivate you, with this expert long wave vibration in their respective singing styles… All adopted from early Afro-ethnic American jazz and rock musicians 👌🔊🎼🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎶🎼

Listen to Ke-ci from U.S. sensation jodeci and Aaron Hall from Guy… Charly Wilson of 70’s Gap Band… all produce the extended tone of the delightful hummingbird in their midrange vocal set. While exceeding greatness in respective solo careers with exceptional range… probably amongst the best of all time… including Whitney Houston and Maria Carey.

You will also notice the features not challenged but inherited by European artist in more modern songs. .. Daniel Bedingfield, Berlinda Carlisle, take that… have copied the drone hummingbird syndrome from The black Afro-American descendents. Who indeed cultivated their skills via the aid of the pentecostal church choirs…

These rhythmic chimes where known to give the Afro-Americans great uplift and confidence! These Afro-Americans who adopted the trend from the early Afro-ethnic cotton farmers… who utilised humming to reduce the stresses of their days in the burning heat, where actually mimicking the hummingbirds of Africa!

Hmmmum hmm mm hmm hmm hummmmmm lyrically adjusted to humming… The slaves of the slave planations, exhaulted their days with uplift and steady ease… This also aided their debilitation of working hard in the cotton field via releasing slow energy vibrations to balance work-heat ratio!

The Ancient Africans adopted the same technique when building the giant pyramids of Giza! Loud drowning waves were exhaulted to aid the work pace central alienation component, as workers routines enchanted in motion… by the mimick of the hummingbirds vibrations, relayed by the drums…

The Arabic alphabet has a very special symbol named the alif (Aliph) it is pronounced with the same extended prolonged nouns as elongated vibrations..

Similar to that of the hummingbirds… and echoes..

To pronounce the Alif…: which resembles a short vertical line… similar to the letter l (L) from the English alphabet!

To pronounce this vowl. … follow the bellow instructions please! Set out…

Firstly: Open your mouth slightly enough to place your tongue on the bottom edge of your lower lip!

Secondly: Then while slowly taking in a deep breath!

Thirdly: while slowly releasing the oxygen from your nostrils!

Fourthly: lift your tongue up against the roof of your mouth (uppersecution).

Fifth: Make sound while this procedure is in motion…

The exercise will replicate that of a low-level vibration hum…. similar to the rhythmic chant of past African ancestors…. or the deep drone of whales and crocodiles




Try again untill you believe you have perfected this harmonisation.

This Alif symbol represents that charm…

To make this slightly easier… you may wish to sit on the floor, as you will be grounded (earthed) to the matter relation of nature… Also close your eyes as if to meditate!

Now please try again… in fact I insist you engage in this for as long as you have time to practice this ancient healing method of mind body and soul…

This will 100 percent sooth your mind at the very least… while you are concentrating on the connection with your ancestors of acient ancestry, it will also align your organism with that of nature, as it will also benefit your health from daily toxicity. You will also notice a transcend-cosmos alignment with the cosmos! The type of transcendence you never experienced before!

While you are engaging in this activity everyday… I would suggest you best engage in a quite quiet space… ultimately the outdoors would be perfect… any nature environment… parks…. fields…. near rivers and waters… all quite locations… or quite rooms…

If you can not locate a quite room or space… cover your eyes with ear muffins,  a hat, ear plugs, cotton buds, early phones, etc… When you have become confident at this you can do it absolutely anywhere, and you will not even notice or be effected by the surrounding effects of the outside world… You will be even able to do it in the most busy of places… You can also hum silently or very low under your breath so no one else can hear you… As you can also exhume as loud as you wish so everything can realise you!

If you ever listen to the Arabic calling to prayer, you will indeed notice this same vibration at the commencement of calling to prayer…

Bisssssssssssssss mmmmmmmmmmillllllllllllllllllllllll

Lllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Rammmmmmm minnnnnnnn nirrrrrrrrrrr Rahimmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ..

Alllllllllllllllll Laaaaaaaaaaaahh hu Ackbar Alllllllllllllll Lahhhhhhhhhh hu Ackbar

Alllllllllllllllll Laaaaaaaaaaaahh hu Ackbar Alllllllllllllll

Lahhhhhhhhhh hu Ackbar

These prolonged vibes actually heal the body of toxins and answer the express for immediate body detoxification… these particle exchanges or detoxification occurs via the mouth… akin to opening windows to exchange old dirty air for new fresh air..

The airways in your lungs must be perpetually filled with fresh air, dailey! If this process is not actioned you will be forced to visit your doctor on more occasions than ever necessary!

Peace love and light… All righteous nubians aswell as all those who live for the prosperity of the people in piety and respect!

Notification Of Certain Phylogenetics”

Ooooooo Black Sheep… Black Sheep… Oh… Oh Once Mighty Black Sheeps… Oh… Oh Now Low Black Sheep… It Is A Pitty & dis-functional How You Have Become…

Low & Behold, Oh heralded Unfortunately A Black Sheep…

“Groups Of Bar… Bar Black Sheeps….

Once Giants Who Roamed The Forgiven Lands…

In The Magical Land, Under The Warm Night Sky Once Roamed The Black Sheeps…

The Strong Armed Black Sheep Adorn In A Natural Habitat…

Kings & Dons These Black Sheeps Once Were!

Long-Long Ago…. But Never Too Long Ago… Sheeps Gazed At Fire-reign Foreign Vessels Rain Upon Their Clangs… With The Emergence Of Mighty Ships, Which Brought The Demise Of The Once faithful Black Sheep. ..

Now The Blacksheep Has Bequeath The Quintessential Guile, Of A Foreigner In His Very Land.

The Very Land, They Was Taught To Fish & Hunt, Educate & Know, Construct & Instruct, Visualise & Perceive, Embrace Autonomy & Harmony. .. Art & Poetry… Philosophy. .. Maths & Academics. …

All Science Instead Of Alchemy Was Never Dubious To The Once Black Phylogeny. .. Now Only A Cast Iron Shadow Remains, Of The Emperors Of Black Sheeps..

Tilted, Twisted, Beat…. Broken, Tossed, Skewed. ..And What Appears Gladly Exerted The Monicker Of The Earths Most Ridiculed Inhabitants. .. Quite Rejoicingly Worshipping Paganism While Bathed In New Cloths Of Falsification…

I Speak The Truth, When I State, You Was Never Ever Suppose To Be Hunting Money, Gold Or Sovereignty. .. For The Blacksheep Once Walked Upon Such Treasures Freely…

 Ok…. Now To Late To Retrieve That Which The Early Black Sheep Unwittingly Sold For Liquors Unlike The Cider Once Produced In The Feverish Lands Of The Gold Coast… For These Liquids Where Further 100 Times Increasingly More Potent, Than The Chieftains Casual Ciders..

Full Time Not Half Past, Was The Culture To Embrace New Traditions Via Horrible Intoxications….

For Fear Of An Uproar Revolt, Via Sombre Intelligence, The Cast System Was To Be Introduced To The Culture… Rewarding The Lighter Shades, And Those Who Mimicked The New World Proficiently Over Their Old World…

Oooh Black Sheep Ohhhhhh Black Sheeps. .. You Ignorant Black Sheeps… What Did You Do, In Those Unwittingly Non favoured Moments….

Such Business… Such International Deployed Transactions, Altered The BlackSheeps Genome Forever………

Oh Ohhhh Black Sheep Forever…. I Tell… Forever….skewed Atitudes, Side Whipped By Ignorance Upon Ignorant Fashions, Music, And Love Of Bling… Bling You Fools, Now Fused With The Masters Fashions, Is That Which The Black Sheep Stood Upon, And Never Chased Or Killed For…

Now. .. Oh Now Looky Here… Oh Oh Dear Dumb Defeated And Charcoal Brained-Dead, Maraijuana Infested Fiends. .. Black Sheep, What Became Of A Ritual Of True Honour And Sovereignty. ..Did That Go Flushing Down With The Liquors Via The Gut To The Bowl And Some Under…. Tunnelling. …?

Today….. New Born Blacksheep Offsprings, Acknowledge Very Succinct Actuation, Of True History And Knowledge ….. Contracted To A Contrary Contraposition…. Less Enlightenment And More Contacts… Less Acknowledgement Yet Further Accumulation Of Desires/Materials…. Less Authentication Yet Inclining Designer Labels (Often Fake).. Less Substance Further Pride And Fictionalised Beliefs…. Less Experience Yet Further Here says. … Less Quality Yet Further Quantity…. Less Realisations Yet Further Commonplace. … Less Truisms. .. Yet Further Deception… Less Further Education Yet Further Misguided. … Less Academics Yet Further Instructing. …. I Say Get It Together. .. Get It Right .. Get It Straight…. Incline From The Lower Decks Of Ignorance And Sub-human Idiosyncratics bathed in distitution….. Know Thy Self. .. Oh Ohhh Black sheeps… Not The Fancy Names Of Football Stars And The politics Of Celebrities. … This Is Plainly Idol Worship And Paganism At Its Most Profitable. …


Had its earliest routes way before the epochs recorded in historical chapters. … oh dear ones. .. Acknowledgement of this….

Paganism derived shortly after the grouping of humanoids, in which groups situated in separate locations in the hemisphere, cultured their respective ClangS Memo_443 Mis-Justice Injustice PT.2 Injustice The Memory Wobble pt1 Part2 memory wobble

Electric Shockswave DuplicationS Memo_442 S Memo_441 Creation of sodom and Gomorrah_1 S Memo_439 Teaching children to be well S Memo_438 Diamond cone shaped pyramids Bad habits S Memo_432

And into ritualistic patterns of behaviour…. anything found or desired was deemed heavenly and precious. Thus, would be prepared for worshipped and later symbolised for idolised worship. A construction or a miniature personal version for close proximity and transportation. … This Is Akin To A Modern Day Badge, Sticker, Emblem Of Ones Favourite Team Or Professional Practice. .. Cooperation… Service… Institution. .. Club… Union… Party… Affiliations. .. Campus… Registry… Organisation… Etc..

For example the respective of Her Majesty (Know in previous eras as majestic, majestica literates from the word MAGIC! magic, magica, magicus, magique, magicae, magic power, makefica -(The illusion to give authority by conjures/conjuror-( “CON – JURY” …becareful…) Queen Of England And The Various Affiliations Are Indeed A Cooperation, With Juxtapositions Throughout Their Lengthy History… Which Is Supported, Acknowledge and upheld and reinforced by strict subordination inclining towards Logos… Emblems… Signs…. Followers. … Rituals… Greetings… Orders… Culture… Practices. .. Etiquettes… Worshipping. .. Formalities… Hierarchies. .. Laws… Legislations…. Taxes… Payments…. etc etc etc…

Without such the distinctive structure, all practice would indeed fail… and fail it would, again and again and again, again….

Early doctrines lacked forceful precedence, to sustainability of doctrinal behaviours, who would indeed forfeit, by way of ambush from more aggressive non alliances. … Who would invade the tribe for the booty and reservoirs, while kidnapping the tribe hostage and subjecting new beliefs to the tribe…

This is often the reason you will find multiple dominations and indoctrinations in various cultures all submerged into one or segregated upon different villages in close proximity to one another. .. As often old tribe elders would secretly subscribe the old format of their original heritability to the young in the village, which often was unified and accommodated across the generations…. This massive submerged eclecticism, was to enable a forecast of patterns set with in the future tribes for ownership of their chosen god/gods/idol/idols… Whether that be man/beast/women/calf/avialae/star/sun/shield/wep-onry etc etc etc…

Today, if we take a look at the emblem of the British empire and judicial system….? We can see many individual traits of past worship…

● Those Suppose Scales Of Justice In The English Judiciary System… Along With The Shield And Sword…

● The Two Lions On The Emblem Of, The Courts Of Justice (Injustice In Actual Reality, as in reality one should not slay Another living creature unnecessarily). 

● The Three Lions On The English And The Cross (Representative Of Early Ecclesiastical Monks, Who Also Aided The Propagation Of The Beliefs Of St Thomas Aquinas! “SUMMA THEOLOGIAE”

We can identify this trend around the whole globe, entirely…

Please investigate, that which either your family, friends, religion, paradigm, culture, law, institutions, associates, corporations, have indeed ritualised over their history and yours… you will find very intriguing features of their identities and history… Even words and phrases. ..

You remember “Breakfast…?” No! I myself am fine and “Breakfast” is neither a person of interest…

Break the word literally. … So we have 2 words…

No.1 Break & No.2 Fast. Which means to stop fasting and commence eating… as explained in Category faith… Language… here… check bottom category links for more information. .. A common attribute of religious beliefs is to fast, to empathise wilts aggression for more of humanity… This is a very… very good attribute my mother taught me as a very young child growing up… WHICH I THANK HER FOR… while at the time I also wished for that fast food, which gladly I was not given…. (Thank God)

This is also a shame often we do not appreciate some difficult things untill almost to late… As an adult I am very diligent in regards to that which I eat, how much of it, when it eat it, where I eat it, yet most of all… how it is made… I have realised I was attributed with a huge advantage over many of my peers, who indeed, were engrossed with poor diets of instability and nutrition…  Now many are sick, anatomically, while very unhealthy also neurologically…

I understand nobody is perfect, as I am my own biggest critic of past transcriptions and transgressions abound!

Many individuals neurologically, can not absorb information well, you will indeed know some perhaps. .. I myself have inquisitively studied the behaviours of mostly the poor… I have come to acknowledge their biggest problem stems strictly from the food they eat… Ironically we should all really adopt complete comprehension of the fact, every device, instrument, organism or machine has its natural or prefered fuel to sustain its proper utility and longevity…

Please question, which car you own (If you own a car) and what fuel type is it…? Now comprehend trying to drive the car using any fuel you fancy…?

Question if you can and is it possible without damaging the chassis if the automobile…?

Comprehend, every mechanically or organic object in existence, relies upon its natural resources to sustainability. ..

Now ask yourself..? What is the natural resources of humankind…

Your Answer Should Read: “Natural Organic Nutritional Food For Human Consumption”

The key word… above is natural absorbed naturally. .. often raw or lightly cooked!

This is amongst a host of issues modern folks are painstakingly fused with… Amongst the top proprietors of misguide, is honoured to black families, who ironically, have exchanged organic food absorbency in their digestive system, for synthetic food only absorbed in the recent century. .. This engrossed distorted change to their diet is also effectively distorting their ionisation, neurological chemical balance. … basically one can state it is being excoriated to oblivion akin to a body burning in fire….

As just one distorted cerebrum, will evoke another and yet another still… untill a whole colony is risen from the ashes of subliminal destruction and disorientation. ..

Couple this with the distorted habit of drug induction on a daily basis…. you can witness the destruction of such organisms, deteriorating in front if your very own eyes, quite sadly….

please spread the word… less pride destroys you only. .. and never not me!


Knocking On The Misrepresentation Of Heaven’s Door

Knocking On Heaven’s Doors… While Lost In Misrepresentation. …

As we have finely reiterated in previous chapters regarding language and the etiquette use thereof, “Language of phonetics… alluring to an incomplete syntax of symbols, meanings… expressions… descriptions… and explanations in the communication of various respective socio heterogeneity…

Nonetheless, communication alluring to the incomplete synonym, is slightly derailed of precision in the actuation of expression of emotions or felt sense!

I.e “The Words Have Not Even Been Invested For Suggestions Yet, In Any Contemplation Alluring To Inventing Syntax & Phonetics, Which Decipher, Such Subatomic Felt Senses”


“Our Feelings And Our Bodies Are Like Water Flowing Into Water. We Learn To Swim Within The Energies Of The (BODY) Senses!.”


“Just As Perseus Used His Shield To Confront Medusa, So May Traumatised People Use Their Shield -(Equivalent To Sensation) Or The FELT-SENSE!” To Master Trauma (Traumatic Experiences). The Felt Sense Encompasses The Clarity, Instinctual Power And Fluidity Necessary To Transform Trauma”

From Peter A. Levine’s “Waking The Tiger”

According to ‘Eugene Gendlin, Who coined the term “Felt Sense” in his book -(FOCUSING).

“A Felt Sense Is Not A Mental Experience But A Physical One. Physical. A Bodily Awareness Of A Situation Or Person Or Event. An Internal Aura That Encompasses Everything You Feel And Know About The Given Subject At A Given Time -(Encompasses It And Communicates It To You All At Once Rather Than Detail By Detail”.

Peter A. Levine Also Suggest (Which I Agree, And Have Expressed With Illuminated Inquisitiveness Here In Earlier Chapters)….

“The Felt Sense Is A Difficult Concept To Define With Words, As Language Is A Linear Process And The Felt Sense Is A Non-Linear Experience.  Consequently, Dimensions Of Meaning Are Lost  In The Attempt To articulate This Experience. We Define A ORGANISM As A Complex Structure Of Interdependent And Subordinate Elements Whose Relations And Properties Are Largely Determined By Their Functions In The Whole. Therefore The Whole Of The Organism Is Greater Than The Sum of The Individual Parts. In A Similar Way The Felt-Sense Unifies A Great Deal Of Scattered Data And Gives It Meaning. For Example, When We See A Beautiful Image On Television, What We Are Seeing Is A Large Array Of digitized Dots Called Pixels. If We Was to Focus On The Individual Elements (PIXELS), We Would See Dots And Not The Beautiful Image. Likewise, In hearing Your Favourite Music You Do Not Focus On The Individual Notes, But Rather On The Total Aural Experiences. Your Experience Is Much Greater Than The Sum Of The Individual Notes”. – Every Event Can Be Experienced Both In The Duality, Singularity, As Individual Parts, And As A Unified Whole. Those Which Are Perceived in A Unified Manner Through The Felt Sense Can Bring Revelations About How To Undo The Trauma. We Must Be Able To Identify And Employ The Indicators Of Trauma That Are Made Available To Us Through The Felt Sense”.


As I myself have witness (K.Aliy) these (above statements) accounts to be true in wholesomeness and actuality, It makes sense to state in seeking redemption from tragedy or illness, the route to autonomy derives from a complete analysis of the synopses. Realising this strength and allowing/deploying the synapses to flow naturally manifest forms of enlightenment, while euphoria arrives to medicate any debilitated states in the self of the organism. This organic state of existing via the self sense, is after all an organic primary state, which should not be relinquished or relegated for synthetic senses, or unprofessional expertise or misguide.


Learning comprehensively, the facets of the anatomy ought to be a fundamental importance of any organism striving to survive/evolve. Similar to escorting to administer longevity from any product or device. Also one would be in favour most often, one who absorbed the literature of such an important manual. Deciphering safety protocols and system safeguards to protect the self from obliteration, hurt, danger and degeneration, is an importance to sustenance within the virtue of autonomous longevity! Understanding all systems become weaker aligned with age will elude from the duplicity of fortitude. A special resolve which often has relegated to degeneration, via slow debility -(Like the steady waters which proclaim monotonous wearing away of the sharp edge rocks along coast and in sea beds of titanic oceans!) Is necessary for resolutions of traumas. Traumas will indeed later manifest as cancers and other debilitating illnesses, by way of subjecting the anatomy to shock and instability. Such unfortunate growth of trauma only bequeathed the anatomy with illness via the unsteady relations of subatomic life. That is the… (((Particle Life))) see Quantum Mechanics, Physics And Education & Relative Categories At The Foot Of Each Blog For Further Understanding!

Thus, as we have discussed in Health & The Various Supporting Categories Regarding Vibrations,

The Shocked Atom becomes the Unsteady Atom, thus disrupting its nearest next door neighbour or cohabitees out of pious subordination and the autonomous organic habitation of corroboration within each organ/organism. An organ can be upset or disabled by poor vibrations or unsteady vibrations….


Quite simply insubordination of atoms is caused by, feeding the immune system -(Anatomy) poisoning!

Poisoning Of The Cerebrum: Often will occur via threading toxic or malicious manifestations or vibration to the six senses -(Hearing… Viewing… Touching… Consuming… Smelling… Nervous Intuition… Such poison will disable the primary functioning of atoms akin to receiving wrong information/direction/instruction via telecom communication. 

Poisoning Of The Heart: An organ subjected to a steady supply of abuse, perpetual confusion or unfamiliar foreign idiosyncratics, will debilitate the functioning of such an important organ, which regulates passage, traffic flow of the atoms liaising in interactional communication and purpose, similar to international traffic lights in which Green lights prompt go… Red lights administer prohibition… while Amber display caution and alertness. 

 Poisoning Of The Senses: Disrupts communication to the brain and vice versa, resulting in instability and disfunction of the genome.

Poisoning Of The Lungs: Poisoning of the lungs interferes with all substantial sectors of the anatomy as ready oxygen can not be administered in primary mode.

Poisoning Of The Shell/Skin/Outer layer reduces protection of organism and longevity and strength of organ. 

Thus all major factors communicate in quality health will communicate advance signals via correct vibrations, while degenerate facets communicate broken signals that disrupt the system. These disruptions mislead function by sending incorrect information -(This unsteady flow of atoms sending communication in the nerve system is equivalent to misinformation distributed by the senior fire chief to lower staff employers on the ground, via various offices then departments. When the wrong information is received by the fire crew it will be acted upon, thus creating error and damage. So as the atoms receive incorrect information not realised will also lead to mistake and error).

This is why we have inexplicably versed that cancer is ultimately a self-inflicted illness. When one takes the understanding that there is no safeguard, such souls protect their anatomical structure at all cost always.

Unfortunately those who believe or leave the duty of care of their very own anatomy in the hands of others/other/medical proficiency? Such folks will not take care or proper procedure to protecting their very own anatomy, for they shall always believe the actuation belongs to that of their respective government, social welfare reform, medical practice, general practitioners or even the public.. Everything but themselves….

Thus you will be familiar with the quantum of ill tragic minds in social heterogeneity around the globe… Often born out of illegitimacy to perpetuate the exact same future circumstances for young life. We can see disturbing trends in multiple broken minds from disenfranchised and broken groups… many substance users or over cravings which ultimately destroy the self. Youths often destroy the self… as do the poor… the spiteful… as do blacks. .. as do the non-educated people… Uninitiated and the greedy…

ULTIMATELY. …. only the self is highest responsible for the longevity and restoration of the self…

There maybe interventions from other nobles… Including heavenly authors… Cosmic subsidiaries. .. love and cosmic subordinations… higher facilities… Synchronicity… Flowing polyphonology of high fidelity/Autonomy/Polytheistic annunciations.

Thank you & be well non-haters… Truth tellers… Light Workers and non mockers….




Aficionado Of Autonomy!” The sunday evening Psychological screening open advice session.

“Emerging from 21st century Aluminium”


S Memo_241

The road to civilisation begins from the autonomy of unrestricted health in all areas of the self in all entity entirely. The self governance in entirety is paramount to service of others and personal survival. Modulation internal external of self greets autonomy in abundance. Consistorial patterns also rewards one’s longevity.

S Memo_239

“There can truly not exist a paramount coadjuvancy without the prescription which binds the union”

That prescription is in actuality the single autonomy of each single section, sector, agent, element, part, contingent, parry, etc towards the synopsis. All constructive unions are forged via healthy intrinsics. The phylogeny is a taxonomic evolution in perpetuity, rendering, altering, shifting and negotiating. Education and study inform our species of the most favourable contingent for survival. The central unit is the highest taxonomy of this unit. In the species this relates to the mind! Acquisition of a healthy mind has to be the number one precious viable possession for trade off of our species. In all earnest nothing can outweigh the quality of a well functional mind. Not greedy, neither nonchalant, overly frightened. But rather the aficionado towards the autonomy! A selective unit can never be at odds with its contingency or all else betrays, while failing prohibition setout by the phylogeneticism. This shear metamorphic hybrid system is constantly in evolution for survival.

S Memo_237

“In order for the species to survive a superheterodyne capability is necessary”

The strong coadjuvancy is necessary for prosperity over any life tearing, prohibiting coagulation to one’s health, work etc. A strong unit of one is superior, then multiple universal structures of inferiority. This is why disastrous coadjuvancies should be prohibited by the self for survival. Distructive marriages, relationships, friendships and further ships which debilitate the entity is never an asset for the evolution of the self! Selection of life long acquaintance is the highest point of decision making, as destructive affiliates will aid to ones destruction.S Memo_234

Protecting the unit is a universal ingenuity which must be protected by each party in the contingent for survival of the unit. Outsiders will always aim to corrupt the curriculum of the unit. But must  never succeed.

IS Memo_232

“THE TREASURES OF ANTIQUITY” Thus the Encryption Enucleated Entwined!

2013-10-16 06.31.46

A KALEIDOSCOPE… of informatics in antiquity remains suspect as records have not always presented the ultimate actualities!

Present day theorist can only suspend such notions as the non-convergence suspect, The equidistance, lacks much substantiated benevolence towards competent record keeping. So say shame on those who burnt great books of antiquity as to purposely distort the truth!

The aministrators of such may not be as competent as those who poses the expertise to perform a pericardiectomy/pericardectomy while keeping the subject alive? Such is the paramount of keeping notions and actualities alive the records should be kept from formalities of eclectic governance, solely for the reason of non-disturbance and interference of information by pariahs

One of the greatest treasures humankind has realised is the power of translation from antiquity to present. This self aid and guidance of multiple strategies, namely ideas and factual alliances serve human kind with the prose to strive for perfection!

The knowledge and the author of the book, franchises all who endeavour to extract the properties of the written council, which manifests as a potent guide to fruition and aid! Knowledge is in abundance in the 21st century and is upon every agent to seek for the benevolent of the sole agent it keeps and surroundings it abides, for its young, akin and familiarities can and will indeed benefit from the knowledge of a singular agent! Also will the society it abounds by substantiate such etherealization of such awakened actuality!

Such as the nonchalance of many who have never read, an entire book in their life’s perplexes much!

Please do not get such mistaken for the unfortunate souls of the psychologically and physically restrictions of agents of forms of paralyses!

As one entity encumbered no say in their personal singularity!

While the other is simply choosing to avoid knowledge by way of choice for “Instant Gratification”

The blueprints… Pathways.. Routes… Directions… Guidelines… Patterns… Instructions… Roads… Destinations… Save Havens… Ambitions… Prosperity… and Benevolent legislations are deemed trustworthy by all those who have already travelled along natures pathways to personal evolution!

13 - 1 (88)

Recorded by the benevolence of pious nobles in antiquity and modern times, who graciously thought to leave humankind with a portion of their ideology and methodology. For without the gratuitous philanthropy of such pre-modern contemporaneities more than most of ubiquitous antiquity would be most certainly lost for all time sake! Books are humankind original time pieces to record the state of a generation and great epoch. Such records are indeed dynamic for the understanding of future generations. These future generations have a bountiful of prosperity at their disposal by just unlocking the mechanism with the key that releases historical information!


This property is the data bank of all life forces, the very ribbons which bind all matter together in living entities! The mechanism entwined in a single agent, which holds extremely more data by over millions than all the data in computers banks in existence! Such is the vast properties storage within the Deoxyribonucleic Acid, that one can not help but to inquisition? what else lays within the coded sequences of the Deoxyribonucleic Acid? Since all data can be stored which advocates more than the worlds currently stored information banks! Such magnanimous secrets which are locked within the transparent coded safe, simply await humankind’s proclivity towards chronostratigraphical units of empirical findings, epochs of great periodical magnificence which spearhead change and the thirst for bursting into new ages! Such times awaits humankinds future to steady unlock all that there is to adhere to in the chronogramatics alignment of human benevolence! Such devination… Ophiomancy.. Haruspication… Pythonism… Mantology… Psephomancy and Hieroscopy are indeed the chlorinated elemental juxtapositions of humankind’s subliminal inheritance!

Largely so, in what maybe the greatest foreseeable dispensation for the future of our origins to make good! The benevolent beauty of our small self to the trying persecution of our older-self, the empirical data ruminates within our veins, as our experts digest the metaphysical propensities of what was… what shall be.. and what is in actual fact!

13 - 1 (94)

“”That, which you align your cerebral with, can never be removed normally, and is also yours for life to negotiate as you see prosperous…

Such, as the fortitude of your knowledge, it shall set you free from the confines of your restrictions…

This is not, for any haphazard hyperbolical degenerate, to confine you to anything you do not see fit…

We are only the mirrors of ourselves for ourself!…””

“” Your endearing diffidence to the acquisition of knowledge is your personal gift to yourselves by yourselves at the expenses of yourself for yourself and those you favour!

Such is the advantage which rest upon your existance as an impenetrable shield to defect due diligence back to the piousness of the diligent!

While refracting the delinquent dilettantism back to the idolaters!””



Thank you for continuing to read my blog i can only hope that it has been of interest to you all!

I trust you are well and harmonious!

for now take care and farewell!


“Why waste your oxygen In Entertainment when the original joke devised is on yourselve”

"Frying the brain via electromechanical gratification"

“Frying the brain via electromechanical gratification”

Never a sensible idea, to labour fruitless for nor in ones demise!

“Think about!”

Such of the ignorance of the majority in existence, they unfortunately do not/have not realised, the tactical juxtapositions of their governors deployment of the most paramount device of enslavement by the numbers!

To ensnare the mind by remedy of impulses of desire and lust, cravings of acquisitions and greed all to often do lead, into an unhealthy demise of a degenerative state akin to a zombie!

To turn of the television but for a period in your life, Is to enhance ourselves in every way possible…

The majority of those in existence are akin to a slightly evolve Neanderthal with the indulgences of excessive inducement of euphoric cortisone features.
This stimulating the impulse to act first, without the chauffer mechanism of thought. secondly if not at all!
This often results in degenerative generations abusing and excreting what may seem the verbal juxtapositions of their intestine!

“Diarrhoea Juxtaposed on the Internet”

All too often, we will at some stage interact with the emptied cerebral of multiple degenerative, defecating on the posts!
An abhorrent antagonistic malign guise as civil, rather than the true nature later discovered of the ingenuities of the partisan crowd!

The nihilistic virtues of such archetypes…
The accommodation of mind by such anarchists world view is aligned quintessentially with…

“Tell – Lie- Vision”.

Such as the mind control of the television, that it impacts and influences that who comes into contact with the superheterodyned influential mechanics of the;-

“Degenerative cerebral apparatus”

Otherwise known as the;-
“Modern Mental Eradication Device” (MMED)

The superheterodyned output from such devices, often and can distorted the brain waves…
As two separate frequencies are being fused!
Something paramount has to give at some stage, And The M.M.E.D or D.C.A do not have organic structures to be affected by the electric frequencies of the human phylogeny!
However the consequences are startling in reverse, as studies into radio magnetic frequencies by mechanism of magnitude eclectic of human architecture, Corrupts by interference;- correlates the neurological chromosomes of species!
(Often frying the brain)
This correlation is to all species not just of Anthropogenic!

Such of the frying of the brain, this prematurely introduces chromosomes to toxicity;- the personal phylogeny if the organism or cerebral organs.
Such if lucky may escape such trends… while others will in the long run will identify with cancers throughout the body!


We are all born with cancer!
These are called ” free radicals ” in the blood stream.
Their job and priority is to eradicate surplus,

“Free radicals, which supply the energy the organism utilise for perpetual sustainability, also eradicate gradually cellular structures and apparatus.
Thus aging the proprietor/organism correlating aging cell degeneration!
This diminution is the juxtapositions of the inherent deceased!
Prophylactically… proprietors are proscribed a multitude of elements!
which can only disguise such Abominations to the organism!
Dimensions and external appearance, from features to measurements can be distorted or destroyed… from cellular dysfunction!

“Better To Refrain Then To Repair”

Alignment with avoidance of Violence evades vengeance of A Vocation of Violations!

 QUITE simple and quite intelligently…

Thus a healthy Mind is A healthy body…
Thus a healthy body is a healthy spirit…
Thus a healthy spirit is a healthy soul…
Thus a healthy soul is a healthy organism of the evolution of society as a remedial proposition!

Though mutations of the body are a sign of the cancer alignment of the organism…
Some retrospective mutations caused by free radical malign, have aided the organism to survive via evolution.
Altering the dimensions of the organ into beneficial advantages for the organs in multiple environments!

Anthropogenic restructuring for the advancement and alignment with environments and domain proprietaries!

“Master ruler governor”

Once identity of elements which hinder the evolution of the species are manifested quite clearly, evolution rate will galvanise all properties of the organism!

“The underlining disturbing truth”

Your EMBLEM is your Mentality, as your Mentality Dictates your Behavior, Sectarian Ignorance, Symbolic of your Juxtapositions!

How society’s media can fool you so, into skewed realisation, via too much drugs and intoxication for the cerebral, often leave people over ignorant!
Enlightenment often falls on the abused and uneducated far to late either to render the malice from total dominance, eradicate the organism it cohabit in!

“Could you ever Image a fool! calling you a fool?”

One must now realise the serious level of degenerative effected by the brain washing system!

Dictating to billions at a time the understanding of words, Customers, meanings informally by way of skewed representatives of the paid emblems!
To formalities by way of illustration and guides!

A simple misunderstanding between two separate factions is the understanding that they are both worshippers of a cult!

Religions and atheists are the closest factions the world identifies.
Both opposing denominational evidence for the partisan crowds and pariahs.

But honestly are but one and same… In the opposing beliefs lie the ultimate identification!

All accommodating rules and habits of there separate religions!

★ Attire… Cloths adorned to symbolise group identity (Nike… Adidas… Prada… Jimmy-Choo… Timberland… Ugg-Boots… DKNY… Calvin Klien… Hugo-Boss… etc)

★ Aromatics. .. After shaves scents and perfumes for the cloths (CK… Joop… Versace… D&G… Jean-paul-Coteur… Armani… Eve Saint-Laurent… etc..)

★ Places of worship… Recreational gatherings and fellowship! (Parties.. clubs… Snooker/pool rooms… gentleman’s associations… members unions… affiliations associations… groups… etc..)

★ Belief systems… Subjected practise… inherent symbol of affiliations… mental agreement of group…
(Do and do nots… sex after marriage… prohibition of affiliation with infants/minors as adult… virgin honour chastity…Snitching/grassing… talking to police… federal affiliations. ..)

★ Pillars of faith group… Strengthen beliefs… practices. .. group interests. .. group hobbies. . Group identity (prayer… players… philandering. . Masochistic affirmations. .. Misogynistic ideology. .. Sexual rituals. . Idiolisation of forms.. obsession of body)

★ Affiliated Building…. Dwelling of representation… (Hall… Home… Club… Disco.. Gym… Church.. mosque… Area of use… permitted unit for practice.. etc etc…)

★ Deity… God, Power, Energy, Object,Ultimate representation, Monument, Carving, Symbol, (Television… Radio… Music… Cloths.. Sex.. Oneself… Universe… Sun… Mother/Father… Friend… Books… Cars… Materials… etc)

★ Belief systems. .. Organisation traits… Organizational manifestations.. (The word… The Gospel… The umrah… Revelation… Talk… Whisper.. propaganda… Slander. .. Malice… Corruption… Spread… Hate… Envy… Gossip.. etc )

★ Faith Book… Book of indoctrinations… ( Noble Qur’an… Holy Bible… News paper… Love Novels.. Romance fiction… Autobiographical content.. Journals… Feeds… Blogs… Forums… Profiles… etc )

★ Prophet…. Idol… Protagonist… Supporter… Founder… Administrator… Embassy emblem ( Pop-Star… Film Star.. Author.. Poet… Preacher… Hierarchy. .. Priest hood… Director… manager… Football Star.. Rap Star… Model… Politician. .. Activist.. philanthropist… News presenter… TV Host…
TV presenter.. Celebrity… etc)

★ Union Emblem… Symbol of group… Tag of group.. (Nike sign… Sporting tag… Fashion label… Crucifixion. .. beads… Tattoo… Symbol of unity… cross… etc)

★ Union appearances… Image of affiliations… (Beards… Scull hats… Hijab… Scarves… Hot-Pants… Fashion trends… Knee high boots… Trainers… Lycra.. Hair Styles… Jewish Hats… etc.. )

★ Modern Respected Protagonist… Imam… Priest.. (Television… Radio… Internet… etc)

★ Purpose… Reasons for group… desire(To go to heaven… To have fun… To live without constraints… etc.. )

★ Belief … Understanding… Acknowledgement. .. (Here after… life after death. .. heaven… Earth… Nothing… Have no belief… etc )

“A mind is a terrible tool to waste”

Figuring out the true alignment of your experience is quite an interesting blessings. ..
To stay ignorant is possible the biggest disturbance of an uneducated cerebral!

Thank you for taking the amiable time to read my thoughts experiences.. learning and education..
I can only hope you find something useful in this a thesis that will ultimately encumber you from such predicaments, of preditorial encumberment!

“For the chains of life are forever bound to our minds and not to our feet”

source Information;-

Dr Maria Fiatrone
Research center for aging at Tuffs University

Dr James F.Fries
Standford university