“”Entanglement”” New name for worm holes in spacetime!

“A black-hole ”

โ— “According to current ideas in astrophysics, every star reaches a stage in its evolution where it collapses due to the mutual gravitational attraction of its particles. Since this attraction increases rapidly as the distance between the particles decrease, the collapse accelerates and if the star is massive enough, that is if it is more than twice as massive as the sun, no known process can prevent the collapse from going on in definitely”

“As the star collapses and becomes dense, the force of gravity around it becomes forceful and hyperbolic-al!”

When this propensity occurs not even light can escape from the zones of the pulverized dilapidation of the star!
No frequency or omission can penetrate the rendition of such a forceful dilapidation!
No light ย emissionsย outwards from such a vacuum, as all energy is indeed sucked in… to create a formed black-hole!

This black-hole is the topic of recent discussions in the perplexing encryption of science!

Noble prize laureate Dr Albert Einstein, First theorised the juxtapositions of black holes in 1916!

Black holes was seen as a gateway to another dimension!
Later coin as worm holes as the diagram illustrates above!

The modern affirmation released recently… ย Suggest that black holes are indeed a centre of disintegration, at the point where matter is loosely suggested that the ย apparent demise of matter in such environments is “slowly torn apart” then disintegrated by heat…

I am unclear if this disintegration is a Combustion or a direct disintegration?

โ— Combustion;- is a release of heated particles from the object in essence, internally to externally!

โ— disintegration;- is a release of heated particles or dead particles which do not have to be heated, falling apart like dust into oblivion… externally to internally!

My personal theory on the new theory of wormholes named “Entanglement” from its many smaller worm holes at the polarity!

Matter dead or alive, once purpose has been served.. can not continue existing in space.. as room in each dimension has to be made for a further element…
Though the space is great… The elements are perpetually metamorphosing to create ether… C02…H20… C02-H03… As a matter of carbohydrates for the energy of atoms… which are the building blocks of matter!

Like every as here on earth is a good example, revolves around one another and a churning pot for deformation and reanimation coexist in the same funeral!

The black-hole in space is the disembodied ment of all matter, where it is broken down to form a new element!

similar to a builders cement mixer!
But instead the cement is produce straight from the breaking down of s building into tiny sand particles via the wormhole-blackhole-Entanglement to produce fine grains of sub – particles which later forms other elements possibly stars… planets… ether… etc.. etc…

If exploding planets situated. .. were never inhaled by the anormous vacuum.. the galaxy would be akin to a mighty junk yard, full of floating space junk in debris… craters… asteroid… etc etc etc…

However, the mighty “Entanglement” utilises the incredible vacuum from the collateral cosmic dilapidation!
To continue the incredible geometric force into the dilapidation, to refine the elements for either pure ether or a clean matter… elements…. particles. ..

I.e water filter purification of used water to be reused!
Filthy water used as energy to restart the purification process!

The surplus matter will be used as energy to drive the vacuum disintegration process!
While the remainder is pure ether!
Ready and stable to reform another planet or star!

thank you for taking the time out to read my blog…