Thieves Criminal Turkish scum

Many of my property items are stolen by this turkish middle eastern family

Inwhich the daughter here is wearing the cycling jacket stolen from My home.. The mother is the main. Theive and passes on the items..

The make is Civic..

These people are racist scum

“With Sincere Courtesy” Idiosyncrasies!

Relationships of familiar personal digest and entwining, have long been the heart of civilisation…

The strength of a species and it’s separate part..

Without insinuations towards the alignment of a specific culture or society…. We can realise all prosperity arrives with the cohabitation of the prospective land one wishes to occupy… abide by and surrender servitude to its doctrinaires and customers…

The overall success of non industrial cultures manifest via the autonomy of the general public…

“Understand, how can a ship deliver safety to the passengers, if turmoil is present, through out the admiration of the crew?”

Competence of such a project exist without competition and selfish compromise…

Hence! “One for all and all for one!”

You will have noticed many land mines waiting destruction, as well as the beautifully adjusted to temperament and the curvilinear of negotiations for longevity. .. A slight comprise is necessary on such ground… for a natural understanding for longevity and autonomy…

In the same manner, one compromises the food intake for health… “Quality Control”… “Mindfullness”… “Care”… “Facilitation”… “Mobility”… etc…

As a species, it is vital to understand compromise…

Each and all species compromise. That which does not, will become extinguished from existence itself..

The extinction of many species was fault of none evolution or compromise to it’s landscape. Likewise the extinction of romance or marriage is the instigation of those who can not abide by this legislation… The comprehension of compromise over conflict, for care, coordination, cooperation will equal a higher frequency of stability for each party involve as they evolve…


Two high ranking captains squabbling on the ships quarters over rank, duty, privilege, mentorship will more than likely cause harm to the main priority of the ship.. (passengers, crew and ship)….

Worse yet… one may imagine, if high priced irreplaceable artifacts and articles are there on present…?

Everyone loses because of the grandiose self retention of both captain’s egos…

Hence! “Crash & Burn”

Every dimension of relationships mimic this tussle between the ship captains..

You realise in disturbance to relationships, a perpetual tussle is present…. within the every culture identity and gender…

For Example let us study the supreme autonomy in our genome…We shall inquisit through All the separate identities of the human race, male/female!

We may start here by looking at each partnership between opposite cultures.. And the prospective autonomy and reasons why?


plus+ White mails are usually accredited for the presentation of a good role model they administer in their societies to their children..

Often these men will get married and live out a considerable length of time to one woman, before often changing or remarrying as a result of family conflicts…

Often white males are generally reasonable to good role models for their offsprings… spending importance on education via time and sponsorship, aiding childs careers with financial support and interest… In Which The Elite Minds Are Characterised By Genius And Perfection… Precision… Detail And Ingenuity Of The Highest Order….

+ Dis playing etiquettes towards study, work, perseverance, craft, love, family commitments, staying in correspondence with a child… Aiding the family compatability and comfortably conformity ..

+ Providing the wealth and security a wife and spouse will need to produce the most healthy children she could produce, via the lack of the stress component and worry of finance. ..

– Negatives situates on the insubordination of health, via rancid toxins too destructive for the anatomy, and analogue of perpetual analysis in aiding their offsprings… This also leads to a termination of all other fields if the proprietor is unlucky… Often drunk and flacid will not preform sexual duties to the frustrated wife!…

– Negatives Inform Us That Via Cold Dark Conditions, The White Homogenous Soul Designed A Cold Calculated Nature, That Left Them Without The Empathy, Sympathy Of A Loving Soul… The Climates The White Homogenous Evolved In Was Exactly The Opposite End Of The Spectroscopy Of Life Form… Freezing Temperatures galvanised A Psychotic Nature To Survive At All Cost.. Kill Or Be Killed Brother. .. Sister Or Mother… In Which Royals Of Antiquity Routinely Practiced Incest To Keep Their Empire In Their Family… One Noted Queen Of France “The terrible Sadducee of her king son” Her Only Son A Don … For Fear He Would Cut Of Her Head, When He Came To Power… In Which He Did… Keeping Her Alive For Only A While …. “Oh Mother Dear!” He Exclaimed….

– The White Culture Of The West Has Been Labelled Guilty Of Honouring Over Reservation And Boring!

No.2 “The Black Male”

Often highly athletic and enthusiastic, a sexual predator by nature not nurture… The long years nurtured the black homogenous traits in this actuation idiosyncrasies in the hot African heat waves if the bruising jungles…. The burning of fat and energy via heat and chase and elation of dangerous predators of huge omnivorous precedence… Exploded the black homogenous male cortisol, cortisone, corticosteroids and anabolic rates which produce high estrogenic traits and high sex drives… The fear… the excitement. .. the danger… the hidden unknown of the dark under the bright moon light… exclusively exhumed over the black genome… it was neither by desire or choice… but strictly manufactured by evolution under the mist of such vibrant conditions….

+ This Attribute insinuates for black males, to be the alpha male, while not owning a single sense of cents or pence in their torn worn forgotten pockets…

+ Many Women, Yearn for the lascivious contact with the black male, for their sporty lifestyle and personality… often healthy and physically alluring to the opposite gender…

+ Black males are often quite spontaneous and artful, everything from poetry, Sport, Art, Entertainment, Music, Craftsmanship, Design, Fashion Is often a normal and natural exclamation of their existence…

+ The Average black male Do Not Often Consider Their Desires Or How it Would Look, But Rather Go With The Flow And Take It From Their On… Without Too Much Thought To Future What Ifs…

– Negatives As A Major Consequence. .. The Unrealistic Affirmations Often Come To Roost, When The Blackman Is Prompted To Reevaluate All Short Comings… When The Age Of Responsibility Arrives… Baby Changing Duties, Punctuation For Work, Correspondence To Child, Consistency For Debt Payments, Child Support Payments To Various Agencies For A Variety Of Mothers. ..- Due To The Over Luxurious Luscious Lands Which brimmed With Prosperity and Fruition… The Black Homogenous Man Never Had To Engineer Food Or Material To Catch Food… Thus Was Fated To The In subordinate Life Of Semi lackadaisical-ness…

– blackmailed Have A Problem With Prohibition, Subordination and Coordination Even In Their Very Own Ethic Countries… This Is A Direct Administration To The Wealfare Support Of Their Tragically Poor Wifes…. Who Will Indeed Bare The Blunt Of This Affliction… Which In turn Will Raise Further Un confident Lonely Souls Of The Earth… We Pray For The Lonely Sole… (I Know It Too Familiar)

No.3 The White Female

Often Gifted The Exploits Of The White Homogenous Cerebrum. … As Lived Side By Side With The White Male Evolved Sufficiently To Gain The Better Blessings Of Their Culture… Prosperity And Fruition From The Industrial System…

+ More Often Then Most Will Have Her Own Status, Financial Incumbency, Stability & Freedom Of Mind And Will To Live Out Her Life Freely Un aided By Muscle Or Dominant Peer Pressure. .. Far Away From The Prewar Eras Of Servitude And Mistress…

+ This Autonomy Often Does Not Breed Hate As One Is Satisfied By Their Earning Potential And Freedom Of Liberty From The Nations Of Power Who Progress On The Vanguard Of Civil Rights…

 +  Often An Autonomous Women Will Make a Superior Loving Mother…. Non Argumentative. … Non Aggressive And Very Loving To A Child Or Husband… The Escapism Of Stress Leaves Such… Happily Fantasising Erroneous Affirmations and Sexual Fantasies…

-A Formidable Succulent Succubus. A Preying Mantis… Llithfaen, Lilithe Of Folk Law…- A Demon Seductress. .. An Evil Soul With The Nurtured Ability To Engineer Conflict, The Ability To Advocate Hatred, Mass Deception To The Lorels Of The Whimsical Imbeciles Who Fall For Such Trickery, Usually Via Their Own Lust… A JEALOUS Streak With The Concise Ability To Divide And Instigate All Out WAR!!! “The HELL-EN Of Troy” Or Of Other Evil Stations And NATIONS Habitations….

–Truly The Mothers Of All Jealousy & Woe

No.4 the Blackwomen

A PRIDE OF HOME REARING, Supportive, Stong Willed, Tough Spirited, Battle Ready, Endeavouring, Educative To Her People And People… Excellent Mother To Her Children… A Fighter Often More Mentally Stronger Then The Male Counterpart…….

+ NOT USUALLY A QUITTER… More Often The Bridge Bone Of The Family… A Traditionalist By Nature And Virtue Via Strict Upbringing… And Traditions…

+ Often Educated To An Equal Level And Further Then The Male Counterpart. … Who Often Will Not Settle For Less Via The Carefully Nurturing Of The Mother…+ often Healthy and Appreciate Of The Small Things In Life… Thus Will Not Belittle The Poor… Or Go Down Without A Fight..

– Negatives Has Been Known To Be Over Over Aggressive Via Loneliness From The Blackmale… This Leads To Disturbed Children Coming To Age As Mentally Disturbed, From Childhood Nurturing…

This is by and large edited in general of my personal study of nations people through my experiences of working, living, dating, studying, socializing and evolving with each group of people…

The Asian Groups Lean More Towards The Black Homosapien Groups, More In The Synopsis Of Familiarity of Behaviour…

Whereas The Chinese Orientation Appear Divided Equally Between Them…

I Would Add That The Dark Latin American Regions Of Brazil, Cuba, Mexico Etc Are More Familiar To The Black Homogenous While The Pale South Americans Are More often identified by “An European Nature….”

For This I Conclude That Black Males Are Extra Luring To White Females Because, The Black Male Does Not Need To Support A Well Financially Competent Female… Who Has Confidence In Her Own Ability To Secure A Reasonable To Wealthy Lifestyle… In Return Sex Is Readily Present From The Nature Of The Black Homogenous Which Fills The Need For A Highly Stressed Overworked White Female…

In Return They Can Live Reasonably Well With Enough Income Strength And Play…

LIKE WISE… The Prominent High Earning White Male Is A Good Catch For A Black Female… As Strangely Enough He Ticks More Boxes On The List Of A Black Women Then Her Own Male Identities Do… Security, Punctuality, Honesty, Respective, Respectable, Educated, Straightforward, Business Minded, Engineering, Supportive, Constructive…

In Return The Black Women Provides All The Support And Strength Any Living Element Will Ever Need…. Unequivocally. …

Amazing…. If I May Say So… As It Is The Truth…

Understand… Their Will Always And Forever Be Objects To The Rule…

Hence… This Is Only The General Rule!,

You will undoubtedly come into contact with those who do not fit the rule or any rule… but they are always the unique minority and not the ever lasting majority….

Thank you…

Please live and love well…

I amongst other who was never sought for our worth… and unique gifts…

It is true… when people lose the sight of individual gifts the world loses in abundance…

For those who do not know… my ironical tale… I was picked to represent my parents country in the 2000 olympics… I qualified via ethnic parenting… Due to the delay of my then aging passport I was delayed by 2 weeks… on arrival to my destination of final qualifucation I had forfeited by delay of 2 weeks…

The fighter who went in my place was far inferior to me… though he manage to capture the bronze medal…


It literally is an examine in relationships and timing… As I only received confirmation shortly before my arrival date… it was the greatest emergency rush if my then life…

Yet who can compete with the law of legislation and the powers that be…



“Hopefully One Day We May Yet To Exist Amongst Them My Friend?”





20150308_011024 20150308_011020





I wonder if they can see us…   (Beautiful Stars?)

Your identity succeeds you S Memo_399 S Memo_398 S Memo_395 S Memo_394 S Memo_393 S Memo_391 S Memo_389 S Memo_388 S Memo_387 S Memo_386 S Memo_385 S Memo_377 S Memo_383 S Memo_382

S Memo_380 Black S Memo_384

Being the sole legislature of your destiny with the authority bequeathed

” One can either be subjected to the malign of false doctrination, or begin to practice personal affiliations to health and wealth?”

Real health and wealth is the substituents of wisdom and understanding!

Understanding is total benevolence. ..

Benevolence is totally beneficial!

Beneficiaries are most certainly good!

For good outways evil and leads to prosperity, Peace of mind, health and wealth!

While evil eventually runs out of steam, gas, akin to a locomotive, it needs more intensity and matter to produce robust crude movement! Far from aesthetic, rather crude, unhygienic, cumbersome, noisy and squandering. .

While abrupt, hazardous and none resourceful!

“Power without perception is futile”

(Fist of the northstar)

S Memo_219

S Memo_215

As how power is administrated is a potential hazzard to you by you!

“They not know, what they do!”

(I believe are the words uttered from a one Jesus Christ)

I understand this statement as it is important not to follow others! As everyone makes mistakes, in which such agents can surreptitiously galvenise another to misguide and falsehood.  As one eventually could be following somebody else’s mistakes for years, decades, and how so unfortunate too!

I sit and wonder sometimes about the old and their turmoil in the west! But I can not help but to wonder what they must have done when they was young to have bequeathed such dettrimental circumstances, without such health and happiness! The truth is a little intelligence is needed, as one can continue making the wrong mistakes, tiny errors of their very own.

I.e pepetually listening to others who wish them ill health! Never learning to read and write (The two most fundamental skills of the modern world). Not allowing yourself room to grow as an individual! Not trusting yourself! Complaining when it is to late and your own fault for your circumstances (by way of falling into the trap of others).

This occurs sometimes in many arrangements when people gave so much to falsehood and pretences, alignment of their nature to endless paths of miscellaneous sections of deep mischief.  Often find it hard to turn back around as people find it difficult to relearn good natures.

Yes this is true!

“People will try to hurt you via many ways? People will try to kill you in many ways?

There are some who are incredibly illiterate in the world, with a large surmount of ill will attatched to their ignorance, akin to a heavy ball steel on a weighty steel chain! Such folk exist in turmoil and they may try and kill you via a physical action and the employment of a weapon!

There are the wealthy who are unanimously afraid of loosing that which they have. Believe when I state they already know they can not survive in a lower class and often commit suicide as a final result of financial burdens accumulated via years of poor financial decisions! Such individuals can grow very wicked indeed, to the point the “fear they harbour from frightfully worrying about loosing there lot, metamorphs them into a nonchalant populous of the human race”. Insofar guard their wealth by way of the continous suffering of others wealth and health. As a constant poison will feed neglect to others and hope many and much will starve away or be broken and leave their boat alone!

I feel not a “molecule” of love for such people who have plenty but are so frightened to loose it they generate suffering willingly or unknowingly?

Via financial neglect some people will kill you!

then their are those who have no authority over anyone, they have not the heart to face another or the spinal cords, or the finances to destroy another, but will seek machinations of machiavellian preportions!

Many buy way of sabotage, propagation lies and condemnation! Some may use old scriptures while others partake in heresay innuendos. While others prefer insinuations of deep deformation and distribution of mass distortion! The sincere goal is to destroy another, so it is wise to question even the motives of your mother let alone a complete stranger?

An example may arise in defamation from a number of positions! Let us study one in adequate detail!

S Memo_151


There is four people? We will identify them by shapes?

Triangle. .. Square…. Circle…. and Hexagon!

The haxagon appears to acquaint with many and much!

The triangle is non submersible, and detest the circle who is a unique shape.

The circle is submersible, collaborative, coperative, challenging, supportive, realistic and more the triangle can not seem to find in its very own limited dimension!

The square is unfamiliar with strengths and does not pay to much heed in any direction but will continue to be a square or follow the majority in any direction?

For we could state that if the hexagon wanted to pursue goals in life, it would probably not recieve fortunate advice from either square, triangle via their restrictions of thought!

Where else the circle would be more rounded of in giving realistic advice!

That which would come from the triangle would be 100% dettrimental to the hexagons life in the ling run of events. As such characteristics are extremely narrow minded, usually can not adapt outside any box or quarantine and are lost without a hand to hold!

The square though may lead the hexagon to jeopardy. Also ironically can also lead the hexagon to prosperity simply by accident!

As the square will follow any group, as a consequence may accidentally follow a good group as well as an unfortunate group!

Yet the circle would indeed be the correct entity and shape to instruct advice from! For true wisdom holds never any partiality, pretence, favour, obligations or favourites!

Just the benign best possible service or scenario!

S Memo_226S Memo_212 S Memo_136

S Memo_201

You see! Actually there exist many squares, triangles, hexagons in life!

Most of them will grow old and suffer from the enrolment of such decisions. While a few will ripe the rewards from the infringement of the enfranchisement of etiquette and productive advice!

We are to blame for many of our positions in life, the majority of the time from adherence of improper instructions!

S Memo_195

How many chances do we need?

This will differ between each folk as some had a vetter circumstance to work from. Others will have a terrible circumstance to work from and need to be extra extremely diligent in every waking hour!

S Memo_221

Remember! Many who approach you have already got a set up plan in action to kill you softly and slowly.

You will become old and bitter, then look for anyone to poison also with lies and hatred!

It is your life listen carefully!

S Memo_195

The deciet is already coming for you, if it is not already there yet!

S Memo_190

Thank you and be well clear of false witnesses and fallacy. … they will not be in good stead…

Be well… protect your hearts and desires..

You want to know the result! Ok.. Simply spend time with the old in hospital… They are indeed a lesson into misdirection and mislead!

S Memo_192

Be your good selve and continue..

Be your fool self but blame nobody.. as all the aid is available in this epoch as it was not available before for the children of yesterday who are now blindd to the light and still suffering!

Open your windows and hear their cries, they are the damned!

S Memo_223

Remember there exist not one outfit, group, contingency, coadjuvancy, organisation, culture, society, paradigm, sect, following, country or unity in the world which is without fault


S Memo_185

The idioglossia of one’s idiochromosome


Lava 2_4

This is the degree upon the west, who by decree cause yet nothing but ill will upon the earth and natures inhabitants. From the invasion and destruction of innocent microscopical  the life to contamination of the insurmountable!

Blood be thicker than water

“I often question how degenerate a mind can become, as to not even consider future dangers untill it has risen, often to late”

This suggests would suggest genuine characteristics of the utter stupidity of the homo-sapien that hales out of the west!”

Never Ever Believe The Police

Long since, have I contemplated the mental degeneration of folks from the western shores. Often realising such idiosyncrasies, formed actuation of drug inducement, but rather I did not inquisition nearly as deep enough! As upon further introspection it is evident most individuals who have inhabited the western north Atlantic ocean, have evolved quite unexpectedly crudely in all metrication and dissociation away from sophistication of antiquities pure geniuses! The last of the Renaissance men are all but dead! If you by chance so hapoen to spot one? You will be indeed blessed in your life! For such relics are banished accross time space and energy as rotten cattle are from organic farms!

The lords name in vain

Living in the west neither  cooperates/produces/indoctrinates to  lawful earnestness out of citizens in this unfortunate epoch. By comparison the existence for those citizens is to feed the upper classes and be a product for the livelihood and prosperity of the “upper tier class”. This is including a pony for the police office to ride, while Pershing the path of least resistance for maximum profit. A cow to be milked so financial organisations can send their offsprings to an expensive indoctrination. A universal fraud so the wealthy can raise their succinct replication in a costly manner.

The malevolence is even displayed through the youngest members of this unbenign environment right to the law enforcers and beneficiaries! Ironically  law enforcers are cut/gathered and prepped from the exact impoverished  clotha those who they arrest/frame/false testify against.

United Kingdom, England at that matter, to seek residential status is not something I would ever advise in all earnestness to anyone anywhere at any given time, ever!

The blood of the west is fashion_1

What England may offer anyone seeking residents in financial categories is dwarfed by what you unintentionally will receive to foster in mental dilapidation, misery, victimisation, stigmata, affliction, internal robbery and exhaustion if not “anatomical combustion”- a phenomenon of recent decades past in which old age pentioners would burst into flames from the mass distortion of chemical corruption internally entwined in organs;  Namely stated as “God’s punishment” for a wicked life lived via ill will to others, adjacent with a malign host of other weird and obscure bombardments of turmoil the body can engross!

Lava 2_2

My earnest hypothesis is the cancer bartered by most is nothing more than the ill –  will emotionally displaced either secretly or openly morgaged upon others life?

How can one feel sorry for such a malign fate when all around are the most evil of species by way of human version of a black widow- (the western mentally) crooked, selfish, greedy, envious, vengeful, spiteful, nasty, grotesque hate spawned from masses of medusa! (Ancient Greek Mythological figure; A women with snakes on heir head, while the lower body was of a python)


Myself born and bread here in the west, chose not to have children, for too much evil roams here in England! It has become a natural phenomenon that every agent you lay your eyes upon is engaged fanatically in some saught of scandal or other! Money laudering, drug trafficking, prostitution, pedophilia, mental or emotional abuses, fraud, sexual or sexuality abuse, theft or robbery. Along with “defamation… falsification… purgery… slander… propagation… misinformation… misrepresentation… deceptions… trickery… evil engineering… corruption… scandal… honey traps… malicious ingenuity… cheat… Indecency… filth… lies… hate crime… sabotage… all heinously employed by all, even some who often attend church!

S Memo

The most distinguished and disappointing attrition to this, is the fact that the greater the longevity in this region for any entity, premises or association the greater the decline in your ability to remain pure and succinct in yourself. The values of many in England spoil and rot away long before your fibres will be cast from your corpse, when leaving your open casket decay, to infest upon yet another akin to a contagion! You will be remembered least, forgotten quicker than the last one before.

England I compare to rather a plague legion, to end all plagues and everything else!


You could easily imagine the future quarantine of mass civilians, infected by such a hedious transparent plague, which degrades the self irradicates the will, distorts the features of any one  elemwhom eastheticonce echoed easthetically – (Farrah Faucett the hollywood actress, died in 2009 from cancer while sufferring for ten years with a home made video). This intrigued me very much so, how something so attractive- (as she was voted one of the most beautiful women of the century) could end up this way? 

This was an incredible parody on a subliminally fortunate career and talent, an amazing women and one who I enjoyed the previous feature entertainment, consequentially this indeed appeared more than ironic and soul destroyingly, while tragic at the very least!

Reminiscence of an amiable entertainer I use to love watching as a child, who I grew up to notice in real life!

I felt quite in love with paula yates as a school child! I can recall running home from school to switch on Channel four on t.v to view, what I believe was called the “Word” or something or another?  A good vibes music and arts programme steared at the young and fashionable! Probably similarly to that which focuses on music and entertainment in present television! – (T4/MTV etc). Sorry but i do not really watch t.v much anymore, so unfortunately I am not upto date with the world of the misinformation and disinformation, plus un-etiquettes portrayed for the eagerly excepting unfortunates!

Yet as the brilliant Mark dwain expelled magnanimity in this subliminal quote!

“If you do not read the news papers, you are uninformed.  If you do read the news papers you are misinformed”

Such true take on the abstractions of hedonistic life in the western frontiers!

While the darkskin ethnics are relinquished internationally as being amongst the most misinformed meat eating mammalians of the civilised world which ever existed so much so, to sell their own prisoners as slaves while allowing foreign invaders to help themselves to Africa’s gold, land, women and resources?

Suggests gullibility extraordinarily and easily vulnerable to whitemen and women! By the realisation Africans are the only people who would destroy their own heritage and kins, at the order of any Caucasian or Europeanist value system!

I questions how cheap such a people are! Probably one could assume such endogenous creatures existed as dis-advantaged slaves, if they enjoyed the business of abusing their own? (Race) “Twits” blacks are indeed!

Or is it rather the case as stated by the “Willie Lynch Document”?

“The Nigger-Mother” did her job far too well and broke every black spirit she could, for life???

For I have always loved yet another dynamic quote, for someone was uttered? “THERE CAN BE NO SIN WITHOUT SINNER, AS THEIR CAN BE NO PRODUCT WITHOUT PRODUCER- (IF there is a product, there must exist a market or demand for it to truly exist and spawn longevity).

Hence! such as supply on demand!!

14 - 1 (17)

So back to my crush on the late Paula Yates, who I along with probably millions of the young boys, found her curvy natures very appealling as an adolescence!

Plus her wonderful bright eyes!

Anyway those were indeed, but just starry moments in my young life!

However strangely enough, it appears fate always has a date for some of our thoughts!

Much later in life I took up a job, in which my colleagues spoke of how they saw paula yates, to my then surprise I could not believe them, they even told me the road where she lived!

As a fan I had to see if I would be lucky to set eyes upon my childhood feature! Yet weeks flew by and I must have been the only one out of my young colleuges who did not notice her!


Once I finally forgot about noticing her, as I was not even sure on the exact door of her home? Later, I was actually walking on the road that she lived on in westbourne grove Wc1, west London. Finally I actually recognised her, though she looked the same I noticed how sad she looked, I never had the nerve to approach her back then and unfortunately i missed my opportunity to say hello to this famous beautiful celebrity I use to amiably race home to view on t.v.

I noticed paula yates but I never had the nerve to say hello! But I would the next time I laid eyes to her!

The following week, I walked along paula yates road but strangely enough I noticed there where men wearing the white uniforms you would often see on the t.v detective forensic dramas when a body had been exhumed for autopsy! At a certain adress!

I thought nothing of it and just assumed an elderly person had died which occurs often from loneliness!

About a week later I was off sick, when I returned back to work I was transferred to another office in a new location which needed competent experience staffing to manage. I took the placement- (not that I remember having any choice or say in the decision!

I was excelling they needed me and I had to go to their aid! Anyway my destiny with paula was cut short as I would not be able to make a hello trip rendezvous from an entirely separate area!

I retrospective order the memory has been kept pristine of the moment I saw a celebrity I felt admiration for!

“Yet strange thing life really, yet a curse doubling as a journey to experience”

I came home one day.. cold tired exhausted from a lond day at work! It must have been close to a year later! I remember swiching on the news, I almost droped my cup of beverage to that which i layed on the box!

“what?!” “WHAT IS THIS?!” I remember reiterating…

The the iTN news reporter stated that 37 year old paula yates has been found dead at her west London home, and she leaves behind 2 kids!

It was a tragic ending to yet such a richful life, truly a beautiful women I thought, the worse part about the report was they stated that, they believed it was due to her partner who subsequently took his own life the year before?

By the same method- (Hanging on a rope attatched to a door) 

I believe the boyfriend was the musician from navanna, i think they stated, but I am not too sure about those minor details, huchince or something? A suppose iconic figure in the environment of that type of music scene one should know- (a very famous musician in that rock genre of music) but forgive me for my endulgence for music is not my priority here in this matter!

I could not see this ever coming while I have been near perfect in prophesies of events to come!

I always wondered about my only encounter with her from a distant, I do not know if she ever notice me or not, but I have always faulted had I had spoken to her, it may have made a significant differnce to her! Life is really that strange! I was doing quite well then in life for my then young age! Nothing at all compared to her standard, I always thought to myself I could have invited her to see my next competition bout?

But I remember how inappropriate it all was back then, different age, race, religion, class, finances, , appearance, etc etc.. probably may have been subjected to a police profile for a rapist or robber?! By parishes of ignorance and racist affiliations!

The worse thing about this regret was the fact that post news broke that she had been suffering from depression! I thought to myself back then, “we even had something to talk about” had I had the notion to first introduce myself  to paula yates?! But sure anyone can understand, when you are much lower than another in standards, life experiences, class, finnance it is not quite the norm to talk to others of separate status! Though i am sure via safe nurturing of child to adult, that it maybe possible to break away from stereotypes.

However! I knew and understood where my devils lay later on in my emerged state, to acquire my own antidote as did my pragmatic genius sake and the ultimate alter egoist fusion and subliminal Fictional character kept running and searching for his medicine state, “The one David Banner aka Incredible Hulk!” As I to had my demons- ( more to the 2001 film and updated version than the original comic book story!).

My mothers benign was well suffogated in my genes as well as tortured in my anatomy and physical state while growing up with a lunatic for what of a better word than a thing!

My mum undertook severe physical beating too!. Back in her day in that region of the world unmarried women of religious backgrounds, was never going to get away with being pregnant at 14-15 and not sufferring the consequences of such young and personal undemocratic malign to the sovereignty of a strict household and coagulation by cultural coadjuvancies!

Decending from generation to generation akin to a rock rolling down a hill top at velocities and momentum!

Yet who, what, where, When, how and why? Was such an instrumentation of such barbaric archaic commissions even introduced to the learning of a simple species!

why? Ahhh yessss… hmmmm but of cause, yet them again! Hmmmmmm… Forever and always were there lays invest there lays power! Where there lays power there lays threat! So after all it was the whiteman who taught my ancestors to beat each other so savagely, as to protect there only interest in capital from the slave trade and breaking of the nigger mother! – (Outlined in the willy lynch document)

And for this we must be greatful and love you as we would ourself! Ok!

You should be aware you have destroyed my family,? Mother miserably insane, drove my father to leave this country- (although he was a school teacher and taught you well from that which he was educated with).

All my families efforted to bring benevolence while you sabotaged will for ill! Most of them took out their issues on me! Yet I am suppose to thank you for this?! 

My poor mother carried me when she was continually racially abused, I realised now all her ill health was passing onto me while I was growing in her womb, the lack of support she recieved and stress as an ethnic then must have caused my own conditions to manifest!

The lack of adrenalin, cortisone, and positive hormones that a women’s body produces when she is stressed gets passed down to child!  While premoting poor genes and health issues I have studied to understand!

In which that child will be born difficient of something and will always exist ill!

All my sicknesses are hereditary from my mothers inheritance of racial abuse to her and my father!

Thank you for the pain and suffering you have caused my family and thy, for it shall not go unpunished for aslong as I live!

“What goes out to see, inevitably circulates back to the shores”

I always remember feeling sorry for her ex husband as he certainly endurred hell (Bob geldof)

Only for one of the daughters of the late Paula Yates to also commit suicide this year by mimicking  andher mother mothers lover!

This life is wonderfull hell!

For the children of the slaughtered may karma manifest back to those enslavers plainly for all misery endured!

For the children of the slaughterers?

Cancer for the cancerous. …

“The Morphogenetic”

“One Should Never Forget, The Journey Of Their Personal Evolution, For it Is In Such In The Infancy Of The Morphogenetic and Ruminations of The Actuality Of Ones Existence, Which Bares Singularity Of Earnest Truism, Yet Still An Addition To The Co adjustment And Coadjuvancy Of Mediation, Meaning, Madness, Mortality, Moral and Moreover!”

Unreasonable actions


Upon earlier ruminations, I have declared the inquisitions and motives of societies members -(Be it outcast, pariahs, the insecure or threatened?) Often use said motives to challenge, acquire, or merely keep by keeping you away from such close proximity of their personal heir or empire! “Fear is a giant on a hill top dashing large rocks down towards any who effort for success, by way of climbing the mountain to the top!

“Deciphering the paradigms of existence”

#please See education  and predicament categories at end of post! Thank you.

Said motives by others are administerd by fears, and fears manifest by words or actions! Such can ve deciphered by the initiatives of the few!

S Memo_11

S Memo_36

“Those who seek your weakness are the most fearfull of you the most!”

S Memo_32

By way of characteristics will deploy you as a target for hatred or punishment, not necessarily because of you personally, but rather because of their very own lack of governance towards their emotions! Such incompetence is that of immaturity and immaterial gains, often mimicking a child in infancy periods-(soft, weak, vunerable and wholeheartedly insecure)

“Such faux pas and that of said characteristics while injustices ferment towards you, is their personal justification from their fear and immaturity of emotions! As you will be berated and falsified upon in order to justify all and any ills, they wish to administer against you and your name!

“Woe amongst them as woe be to their credulity, and woe upon them!”

And shall they serve only as embellishments of immorality, banished from the light!

For they shall never free themselves from such misery of this illness!

14 - 1 (16) 10007459285_5fd79e9cc1_z

We belong far away far away from these identities!

Unfortunately amongst many a rumination and inquests of my own, I have come to the uneasy but realised view, that the majority of citizens around the world are born from incompetent parenting appose to competent parenting benevence– ( I Am Not Referencing Such Abnormalities Of Our Species In Paranormal Or Abnormal Behaviours? ) But rather the casual incomprehensible incompetence of the majority of earths inhabitants. 

As a rule competent citizens have extreme precision to actuality and events, in which their mode of negotiations through obstacles is examined variables in approximation and calculus!

1) For example! We can exam here, postulate, dissect and reason a hoste of the beneficial factors of the competent citizens structures?

A) calculation of funds, approximations, detrimentals before proceeding on a journey and boarding public transport?

*Answer! In which a competent citizen would have  checklisted a series of import aspects, including fair, correct change, route, map, emergency telephone numbers, alternative transport, destination address, correct attire, inform kindred or next of kin?

*Unfortunately said incompetent citizens do not abide by such enhanced perceptions of faculty or fault in advance of events, and as unfortunate consequence befall, are hurt by the fall into the pit of their own making!

The above examination, is present throughout an incompetent citizens life-( Untill the moment of realisations continue to occur throughout each new experience or moment, an epiphany or “Enlightenment”). The very worse of incompetent folk never realise their faults so do not pick up on their own enlightenment or epiphany and rather discard of any chance happening of intellectual thought process sessions! 

The by product of this is in actuation, which they often find it difficult to heed advice and pre warning in sufficient periods! It is an unforgettable but unforeseeable epilogue of trial and errors for the incompetent citizen!

Error after error after error of simmering familiar misfortunes!

The two levels of incompetent folk I have unearthed are the full incompetent folk, inwhich their incompetence was bequethed by both parents!

Then there is the half incompetent citizen, inwhich only one of the parents were incompetent! Which has yet again been bequethed upon the offspring!


Inwhich one needs to be very carefull who they choose to trust! 

It is often spoken by elderly folk this statement

“If I Knew Then What I Know Now, My Life Would Have Been So Much Better”

This statement means very much to me, as I have repeatedly heard it vocalised a thousand times as a child, at different stages of my then young life, in which every single member of family reiterated such truisms!

Except for only one, that one was my father- (Yet I am sure even he had made a mistake somewhere nomatter how insingnificant it may have seemed at the time?)

My father was the competent educated self, though I hardly got to see him!

I can register alot of his competence as I can register my mothers incompetence!

Half competent folks have half a chance in life, but often from the evils of the world, are jeopardised and fractured upon a broken unsteady hill top of dreams and gifts, in which a chaotic epiphany strikes a loud cord of realism and actuation, the dream transpires into vapours from their auras, it has become far too late for their own benign success story, but as a relegation from both the dream and then the pain from their own unrealised success, are able to steer others to success from their own trials and tribulations! *This may formulate as the final ending to their lifes, “The Half Success Story at The End” inwhich their truths guided others benevolence away from what would have been more tragedy for another folk somewhere else!


“Be You Noble, Beast Or Predator”

I shall disclose to you this plain trick of the evils I watched them scattering amongst my kind, That folk-(Follower.Off.Lucifers.Kindred) who points out a sole figure-( Any sole/soul/solo/personal/individual ) upon the earth and whispers figuratively upon and says to you?

“”Becareful Of That Person!””

Rather contrary, it is actually the opposite, for it is them or that individual you must becareful of, as they perpetually guise to decieve you and they will successfully, but just how much and for how long will you allow yourself to be played like a mule, as they snigger behind your very self?

Do you understand?

If so? Then ask yourself, and question their motives, they shall be humbled by your guile?

And you shall be in profit, other than that you shall grow old and bitter just like the majority!

S Memo_104

I bid you good night and take due care, the road ahead is long and an unsteady solitude destination!

prejudism is usually ignorance over everything. .

gPtFFDCE9eyNqEyvscVpKxkgWji6lQDFg-norFp6JlwThe most common form of prejudices are probably via culture or identity. .

The poorest of society who are quite uneducated are seldom appreciative of eclectic polychromatic variations in cultures…
Often degenerative via birth…

Only to coexist in a degenerative existence, untill finally apprehended by death, with the degenerative disorder still in tact right to the unfortunate resting place!

Often the poorest, of society’s who do not intricate with other cultures and the outside world, have naive world views so ignorant it bares resembles to artifacts derived from ancient history!
The lifestyles are often skewed and prosperity is a word never fathomed by the degenerative of a society!

A lot of aims/goals/potential and ambitions are not fully suggested within the membrane of such owners of an ignorant juxtaposition towards cover seas cultures..

Learning is a major degenerative within the family unit..
In many cases multiple factors arise for such an affliction, often not fully appreciated by those with nonchalance towards eclectic affiliations!

Fear over understanding is one factor: The fear can be inherited via family values within ones designated family, either adopted, natural birth, conceived via collaboration of the personal family unit…

Such a skewed ideology, does not actually benefit the unit in the long order, but may actually encumber the unit with difficulties along the road. As realisation advances life for the unit encumbers much problems…

The world appears a much bigger place by the cerebral state of the perspective from such prejudices.

The unit will feel threatened constantly by advancing technology, which will make the unit feel resentment at not being able to adjust to constant changes in the age of evolution…

A proclivity to remain the same as past generations doctrinaire, is of a proclivity juxtaposed by the unit, who struggle with adaptation!
This can also lead to difficulty often finding work, finding environments that are aligned with the thought pattern of such a unit can be an upheaval task, As a lot of work environments seek an improved body of work ethics outlined by majority of states!

One who has a company would often prepare the company to all get along than personal rifts in the working environment! disjunction of liaising colleagues, often lead to dilapidation work ethics, production, sustainability, health, moral, confidence and investment by the business as a whole collaboration! “Together we stand divided we fall”.

When investment is not made to rectify such nonchalance towards cultural acceptance, the working unit can either encumber effects of demoralization by abusive colleagues…

Negative crusades by prejudice affiliations juxtaposed by colleagues to one another out of hatred, fear, jealousy propagated by prejudism! Such and the juxtapositions of a unit will never succeed in the business attained, but would be an example of failure to structures in an ever expanding environment (culture).

A pack of wolves constantly attacking each other without leadership, will one day fall victim to the own device…
probably an unseen attack by emerging wolves may apprehend the disputing pack by an agitated alarm, sending the wolves scattering off guard and off formulation!

“One for all in all for one”.

The family unit can differ greatly from a working unit as they are yielded together by blood! Even if the family fight they may still be force to collaborate by a common interest;- that being of blood tie!

A family of fighting wolves can survive an apprehension, for the common bond will guard the lifes of the other wolves in the pack! A modern-day racist family maybe very strong together but are incredible subliminally weak apart.

The need for constant affiliation with like-minded cerebrals, is always present as fear of outside influence forever encumbers the cerebral state!

If family interest are not in vicinity. .. then the proclivity to affiliation with the nearest of such incredulous doctrinaire is a priority for the racist!

“Devided we fall together we stand”.

The factions of racialism ideology, would not ever want to be seen alone for paranoid delusions, which may stem from fear of attack. This fear stems from their very juxtapositions and proclivities. ..

Human nature often encumbrances a deep continuation in retrospective visions, portrayed from the very own cerebral state..
projections of their irony!
The very own path the adopted towards others..
usually betrays the peace of mind inhereted by such ideologies from racist…

“Live by the sword die by the sword”

A truly unwanted practice equivocated by the sensible liberal section of the human species..
To live freely and be able to go wherever one wants to go to is a benevolence of the heart mind-body and soul!
For one can never suggest to be wholly with such strong prejudicisms to others of variable reasons!

“Do unto others as you would have others undo to you”
And your love ones!

The neurological pathways in the brain can cause unsustainability of understanding and patience, if not regulated by good examples of behaviour from suitable guardians!

Between the ages of 6months old to 3years of age, Is the most regenerative of any cerebrovascular and neuron chromosomes cells! The rate of growth is the fastest of the life existence to the species! Quickly forming the identity and formation of the chromones to align effective order in process for the challenge of life!
The geometric rate is several billion per second! This occurs as all future identification for the outside world is being assembled in a fast track type process! Cells quickly in sn anatomical rate adjoining and structure life apparatus of stems and vascularity! Hence:-

” Anything you teach your child at birth will be the childs natural ability as it becomes an adult! ”

Parents who take the time to give their children a skill are in actual fact doing 5 things at once, in the life of that child!

1. To give that child a natural talent that would hortatively benefit the childs earning potential, as the child would have a natural ability over normal individuals!

2.This would protect society, from a future delinquent of immoral substances juxtaposing a malignant menace to society!

3.This would save the society millions just from one life of crime, As the average criminal affiliated often never contributes but rather subtracts from the society it is born in to! Costing legal fees… judicial fees and rehabilitation substantial cost along the demise of such characteristics!

4. A benefit to the parents who saved a life rather than the norm who just give a life then give up… in trying times of the entities existence! Such parents would be blessed for not torturing but teaching a child the benevolence of good living, oppose to parents who allow the child to learn everything the hard way! “A wasted life”.

5. An amiable benefit to the child, that can be used to teach other children or adults, while a blessing to the child! And not a unfortunate fate detested by modern families of another persons child or life! Such a child can have amiable kids and pass on the doctrinarian ever lasting in return like a lapsing rainbow! Recitations of reciprocation for the earths pleasure and inhabitants!

Such admiration is deserved of such parents who follow all the etiquettes to raising perfect children to adults (perfecting meaning a non menace to society).

Parents who poison the embryo of the life are in all doing the works of an Abomination to say the very least! As life being the greatest phenomena should not be taunted… broken… misdirected.. or poisonous bequeathed by ill practice of nurturing whether Physically… Psychologically.. emotionally or Spiritually….

“For it is harder to teach old dogs new tricks”

You may find challenging adults of authority, and simple bad etiquette towards society aligned with that of a aggressive ungulate..

A form of Anthropogenic  degenerative earth dwelling inhabitants! A meat-eater of subliminal uneducated constructions! Quite abusive and discourteous in mannerisms and character!

A parents failings can be a childs unfortunate inheritance not realise where or how untill old age arises and the offspring is forced to accept realisation of ones encumbered and travesty! Idiosyncratic. .. ingratiating skewed…cajolery and sycophantic!

Such ingratitude poised on an earthly being is a horrendous gift for human kind… one the realisation of how far one has travelled to get to their present juxtapositions. .. is a heart-felt appeal for order from such pariahs who give births to such Abominations of the phylogenetic-ism!

My Cri De Couer ; To Single woman thinking of having babies would be to inform them not to at once for their gratification maybe the worlds horror come into being! The nurturing of fashion over education is the most paramount mistake, a parent can administer to humankind!

This later becomes an addiction and a prelude to crime when the child grows up, then identifies money buys what you want but inherent instant gratification skews the life pattern towards earning money! Hence!

“The road less Travelled”

Most individuals will have a skew thinking on life anyway by pitfalls and evil ingenuities, aimed towards them by prejudiced entities!

The addition of incapable parents is an additional assault on the child’s life! Resulting in the invasion of future psychologically disorder… Possibly passing down a chain of psychoses one onto the next like a link of chains! “So the chain must be broken” Many will opt out off having children and rightly so… in order to protect life… society and the environments!

A point raised earlier in this thesis was the formation of the brain cells, This is important and should not be damage in any way while formation is under construction! Brains cells can be eradicated by anything traumatic from sneezing to head injuries…

After the age of 3 years old the brain cells slowly reduce the regeneration of cells!

As age takes hold learning can be more difficult… as we grow intoxication helps to eradicate billions of brain cells at a time! If there is a dilation in cell degeneration information will be lost!

“Amnesia”  Remembering occurs when cells duplicity is in effect of each other!

INFORMATION is stored by the vibration movement of neurological chromosomes! Amazingly sophisticated engineering of the genetic apparatus!   Not to be wasted or diluted with misogynistic rational!