“The Ever Intriguing Estrangment”

“Hello Goodbye”

With in the “Holy cemetary of concise mischeif In waiters who may oblige you of your tickle and fancy… possibly for free…

Relationships be an intriguing estrangement in the core intrinsics of our chronostratagraphical band! As many may have expected from the evolved legislature of modern homosapien desires! Modernisation, Capital, Independency upon Egotistical Genomes have indeed supported the steady incline subsidised by every possible conceived wish. This has indeed broken a once formidable aliance between two essentials… who now appear most unfavourable via all this!….. That is, this misdirection and misinformation for chance ladened participants of miscengenating fortunes! One has to wonder how minds can be so misconstrued, where indeed the once lovable frame has relegated to an off-key miscengenation. Such profoundly dis-secluded misalignments to the miscasted coadjuvancies of the benigns of miscegenations in generations,  often juxtapose a misanthropism in society. The tide of mirador from independent ministerial minstrels, may add to such delegation of skewed agendas! The modern misbehaving agent of occultation and liberation, are indeed a tragedy as a performance of a double sided sword! A modern day “Romeo & Juliet Tragedy!” Often the mass are appropriately offered the architectural bounty of miscellaneous from their epoch, yet the tragedy of misandrousness forbids the Final appropriation in the bounds of rightful sanctions. This volatile procedure bread in society,  actually miscast prosperity into multiple factions of mislocation and non-prosperity! 

The misogny emerging from such dis-obligation of society further feeds the misogynistic platforms that even further concludes in either misogny, mischeif, malevolence, shame, nomenclature, machoschism, abuse, violence, psuedo affection, misogynistic traits and cultivating hideous abnormalities towards both  groups of unhinged gender dysphoria’s! The untamed society has indeed embellished its lost roots and discipline necessary for the profit of a stable coadjuvancy between the two main protagonist! Which in turn profit by enriching the society they abound in, with competent offsprings capable of fertilisation of that with in the ovarium! Such a need for the ovulation is equaled in all earnestness, by the need for appropriate candidates to aid the prosperity of the owner and co host! This union is indeed reciprocal, yet must be nurtured via birth in substantially successful societies!

Such societies are indeed far and few between! As a hoste of broad materials, from finances to education are industrially negotiated throughout each lawful contingent necessary for beneficial evolution of the society!

We are aware that history benefited the family unit in a form, which it struggles to create in this certain epoch! This loss ignited by liberation, has witnessed more failed relationships then any previous error! Where Females once illuminated via feminism appears now to be en grossed via personal crusades! Gentlemen once nobility donning top hats and cane, have eagerly disenfranchised their sophistication for common ego and gangs!

Now the modern facilities of family… Is that guided by father Gang banger, and mother Gang banged….

It is a realisation, the modern homosapien is in devolution from autonomy and true self benign inclinations!

Antiquity brought two necessities to the coadjuvancy of the miscengenates! Dependency And financial support! Females often married young and stayed in such coadjuvancies, this wholesomeness profited the male with an abundance of life via a supported partner, engaging in the fundamental necessary to keep the foundation from total wreckage!

We can visualise such an account was common in the previous centuries, in which homes where commonly viewed as a mans castle, supported by the wife! The wife who often could not find financial profit from outside work, supported and raised children with the precious element lacking in todays society! ONE PRECIOUS ELEMENTRY INDEED!

That precious “Element” is non other than the faithful “TIME!”

For our modern day families whether behemoths or sucinct, lack time! Earnings which are non substantive towards the environment one exists in. Now this awful contrive… eagerly forces each agent of the house hold model to check into over time to feed and support the family contingencies! Working rituals in terms of hours are often negative and honestly unhinge once durable family contingencies!

The delicacy of the misandrousness, I believe has juxtaposed the feminine/homosexual movements! This liberation itself… I am not against (As I believe in free will and rights to all “Crack on to you sir/madam”) I declare!

But I am concerned of the substantial misanthropism it occurs in the ramifications across relationships. Such a chaotic misemployment of liberation can cast disastrous afflictions for future generations. .. as our epoch has bequeathed! Mothers who purposely raise kids in mislocation, often ill and misdiagnosed while subsidised by free flow profit to continue in such a fashion! Modern mothers are not a good role model on their offsprings. Yet that which appears further disastrous is the outfits they chose to walk their newly own prams and push chairs! But seriously now.. often females will choose the most brain numbingly candidates to father their children. It has always been obvious to me, If a unintelligent homosapien meets fornication with the opposite yet unintelligible homosapien of equal Individual Qualities, then their preposed offspring will be no better but even worse!

This is clearly evident in our chronostratagraphical band! Up and down the country it is evident, in the mannerisms, conduct, behaviour, characteristics, interests, amusements, hobbies, kicks, arrangements etc! The lacking of etiquettes is highly evident! In all genders! This is not an illustrated illusionist sketch but an invasion of mismanagement of the whole self by such unfortunate choices made by the weak individuals in society!

This truth needs addressing and ownership of such uncomfortable truths!

Often women will feel alone, and in so believe the answer lays await hidden in a child, their offspring!

“NO” “NO!” I state again… No such amount of children can or will ever fulfill the ever empty cascade with in yourself! That void is an affirmation of personal instabilities. Which necessarily need affirm address before any such life should ever be ever ever ever… allowed to be propagated into actuation! Once a sense of well being and address has indeed been actioned. Then a suitable partner of reasonable age should be sought. Such a partner with reasonable prosperity and genetic benefits for the proposed! Such a gent with etiquettes and conduct to match! A women should not short change herself, as the consequence relegates to the child’s instabilities who will be enduring a life bowing to destitution and criminality! Who in turn will only produce such offsprings.

 So I say indeed, you have now the opportunity to change your path, maybe you will never be rich financially? Yet that is ok… As richness can be managed also via the soul and spirit if not the mind?

This is why we need many open eyed little people like the “The Little Prince” from Antoine de saint exupery’s wordsworth classic story and play!

 Such amiable open minded souls are necessary for the next chaptors of humanity! For followers still need open minded leaders… or those who can visualise the truth!

Again, akin to the little boy in ” The Emperor Has His cloths On!”

Once upon a time in antiquity, a well groomed gracious and quite fanatically vane Emperor, would always hail an event once yearly in the village town center! In which all of course from near and far. .. would surrender their chores and working obligations to witness the Emperor in all his fine golden robes and splendor!

 each year on term time for one day, the announcement would be eagerly pronounced and excepted, by the immensity… thousands of on waiting supporters that the great amiable Emperor saluted as he would graciously pass by each participant of the crowd… then greeting the supporters. ..

  “Oh look” one supporter stated ” How handsome our great Emperor looks in his fine robe and gown “

“Oh yes yes indeed!” Another stated…

“How proudly gracious our great Emperor…appeasing in his fine threads adorned!”

 Up and down the village many would shout out to the Emperor of how wonderful he looked in his garments!

Apparently so, this strange arrangement perpetuated for decades… as an old tradition past down from king to Emperor in millenias! Such sophistry never lays await without the hint of “Irony”

 Upon a chance happening a little inquisitive boy was sent to stay with his distant relatives… as his mum was too poorly to continue raising him. The mother informed her long distant relatives that “the boy was very sweet, but intelligently demanding so they needed not be alarmed”, yet to be warned “The child is very observational and never over looks a single point!

Needless to state, her auntie thought she had seen and experience all there was to intercede in terms of raising such autonomous earnestly honest energetic adolescent young souls!

All in all, when the little child arrived to his new family, the child was his normal grandiose persona. .. larger then life and entertaining. The little boy was the new town mascot and eagerly loved by all and each who met him. The old was mesmerised by his honesty and intelligence while at play.. and the young where equally fond of his generosity to aid them in work duties!

Yet nobody saw what might have appeard as a minutiae in the matrix of their collectiveness!

  On the forth coming event which was heralded as the turning of a new millennium, in the chronostratagraphical band of their history. It would be an extra exceptional occasion.  Reiterated by the Emperors guards. That the Emperor desires for everyone to appear again and would meet each person in person.

Posters were indeed placed on the boundaries of neighbouring villages and towns in very initiative fashion!

 it would become the magnanimous advocate of the community!  In which sufficient efficiency was needed to orchestrate such a dynamic yearly event!

 On the usually inconspicuous morning of the Kings dignified arrival. The whole road was indeed full. In which the little boy could not see past the unsurpassed crowd. The king was driven in on a golden horse and coach the caretaker shouted!





Crowds screamed and shouted,  in which people where indeed crush by the rush of the pressure from surmounting crowds as edges if feverish consistencies!

The little boy screamed and cried “Yet I can not even see the emperor and his wonderous cloths, I want to see, please let me see?”

His aunt replied “Boy I am but old and too frail to lift you up, I will have to describe to you the robe”

 Which the little boy asked “Tell me the colour of the robe”

The aunt replied “Yes my little Child the robe is red with finely green and gold emeralds on the collar and sleeves, there is specks of white on the back of the robe to compliment the emperors beard!”

“Wow!” Said the little boy… “Tell me more…  I want to know more”

  In which the sweet auntie graciously obliged “Yes my dear, He is now approaching the crowds in which our  emperor is turning around and bending over to bow while the public touch his beautiful silk red robe with green and gold emeralds and the specks on the back matching his white beard!”

“Why is he bowing I have never seen a bow before… please can I see the emperor please…..”

 The aunt replied “” lovely child I am ill and can not hold you up for fear of my ailments… dear “”

Just then as the little boy commenced tearfully wailing. .. a member of the guards heard the little boys tears. ..

The guard asked if the boy ” could climb upon his back? “

The boy immediate climbs upon the back of the guard and sets eyes upon the emporer….

The boy stares in all shock and surprise to what he is witnessing. Then looks into the crowd to witness hailing and applauding as the emporer bows and gestures honourably to the crowd with his right hand in a posturing grandiose ceremonial suggestion!

The boy immediately “Shouts from the top of his voice “But the Emperor Has Not Got His Cloths On?”

The crowd immediately stops and looks at the boy!

One on looker said “Who is the child!”

Other states “He is the new town favourite and he is indeed intelligent!”

“The crowd all look at the emperor investigating his attire… Then all… one by one they realise he is not wearing his cloths so they engage throwing fruit at the emperor…

The little boy gets down from the guard and runs to the emperor who is being pelted by an assault of fruit

The little boy protects the emperor who is layout on the floor hit by pelting fruit. When the emperor finds consciousness he is at his bed with the little boy holding his hand..

 which the emperor says ” thank you ” to the boy for his brave act of protection, while promises the boy anything he wants…. for as long as he lives!

The little boy agrees to the agreement and makes a silent wish…

The king asks the boy to “Disclose to him the contents of the secret wish”

In which the little boy refuses “As he is afraid the wish will not come true”

The king lays back down and sadly utters “Oh I see”

The little boy says good bye to the king and leaves for his auntie acustomed by a guard for safe journeying.


The king slowly waves as he falls asleep. ..

This renound play and literature is a formidable story I learnt at primary school relayed graciously by then school teachers… which I feel happy to reinstall to the membrane of any who has forgotten or unfamiliar with this tale!

The moral of the story is following others can and will often blind you from the truth, which sits right in front of your very eyes!!!

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Thank you and be well

Deciphering Your Individual Illusions

“Just A Mirage”

Hazardous to personal realisations, many folk exist in life by a complex feature of the imagination! Sometimes disturbed oftentimes flights of happy fancy… While attributions abound to divisions of intricate synchronicity nurtured by pretend of “False Realisations” & “Make Believe”. This type of danger and route awaking by earlier believers can shatter the personal mind! 

Often redundant, leaving the mind estranged from reality and relapsing into unknown quarantines, where no individual has dare set foot before! These types of imaginations, flights of fancy, make believe are wholesome in individual tastes. They are created soley by the agent to forfill a need or desire, void or emptiness. A childhood story or an emphatic wish or desire. Even a jealous affirmation aimed at another, can and will indeed play out in the cerebrum of the instigator or imagination of the party-inhabitant advocating such poor thought pattens? If the thought patterns are aimed at others another, than it can hold very disastrous contributions of piecing afflictions for that or those it is aimed at? While this persist the party under threat, quarantine or suspion adheres to poor treatment not as a result of fact,  ” But quintessentially the contrary! ” The party or individual direction of image indicated is aimed at? Unfortunately may be the party assaulted as a result of this heinous fictional imagery?

The indicated imagery could be started of by one soul individual, then fashioned by the individuals followers, friends, family, colleuges or anyone either seeking embrace of need from a desperate void in their personal affairs or lonely life! It is indeed important to mention here that alot of false thought derives from over thinking without the attributions of “Intelligence!” Hence! There are indeed crucial divisions of personal chronology when the earnest of deep inquisition is necessary and then their is complete fabrication and heinous destruction!

For example a race was informed that another race of dark pigmentation and large features where subliminally inferior to the pale skin race. The pale skin race was also informed that they should never ever treat this new dark pigmentation species as equal. The pale individuals was told “these dark species!” was “never and not identifiable as human!” and “did not belong in a home or church!” and “could not perform adequately!” and this was affirmed, by their religious leaders for sometime in antiquities! The unjust suffering was prenounce in effect a certain will from the lord above by dictatorial high priest and those men and women of ownership!

Strangely enough we can vision the parallels in modern times, by viewing a hoste of scenarios, which are administered upon multiple minority groups of separate agendas and genres. This…. I will leave to “” The Intellect Of Your Personal Imagination “” hopefully maturely and uncompromising and safely?

Also in such disappointments of disastrous rendezvous with the then captors of quaternion epochs… Unfortunately layed two tribes side by side who lived in peace for generation to generation, untill one tribe was told by and overseas visitor conducting medical experimentation on anthropology that the fact was stated as: “Investigations has conclude via our pristine physicians, who indeed concluded those with the bigger head size via metric measurements, where indeed conclusive unequivocally as the evolved and superior tribe, and further more must control the adjacent tribe!”

Unfortunately this passage lead onto the greatest tribal nation slaughter in the history of tribes. Theslaughtering ocupied the better parts of a 4 year decade… in which the ramifications from the quartenary efficaciouy felt by the grandchildren in modern chronology!

Please take time… to/for you, in order when utilising a portion of genuine intelligence to think about that, which can be proven accurately? Remember thinking is not a high depth velocity pace, and spending valuable time in the prescience of degenerate cerebrums can inflict much in the stance of perpetual harm for the soul agent… plus the fact of ” directing the cerebrum to the state of nothing ” but decrease your own intelligence perpetually!

“The most heinous and disturbing aspects?”

Often align to the fact small and young bodies are directed to think this way, even often for capital and generosity gifts from establishments of governmentally approved coadjuvancies. Such almost imploy such visions of imaginations to give their personal and authoritive businesses momentum!

Remember?! “If there exist NO client, there shall unlikely exist a product, a bussiness, a exploit, a suppose victim, a plan, a deception, an the idiot?!”

The “Idiot” being the main cause of concern! “Idiot” without intelligence remains idiot, but add intelligence to idiot you altermatically erase the idiot from the being…. now resulting in a steady soul minus the idiot division of the soul!

There needs not too a great a deal for sophistication in the encore of upcoming comments, as it is. … too vital to affirming…. the idiot from intellect!

“Remember!!!! In this world we all live in and beyond, everything has been made simple but we have slightly taken away from that via fashion and misdirection! Words become fashionable so often people use them inappropriately or become over offended by the truth!

If the truth hurts you then you are indeed ill… and by all means necessary should seek immediate professional aid… After I would most certainly, (as I do not by words but by physicality)… Nonetheless any pain via truth is a calling to seek professional competence and benevolence and never a cause to shoutout or shutout yourself from a life…. or at least not when well?!

As so forth I must administer my Cri De Cour as I have indeed witnessed the horizontal expliots of the Midnight idiot spread eagle in view of revellers and partisan alike when travelling late in the evening.. Who often wonder why they are idiots male or female!! Yet the idiots behaviour is not just bequeathed with this type of contorted exploits of the physical prowess! But in every single exploits of the cerebrum, the idiots whole vision upon life and their juxtapositions align not with human benevolence but rather with “Immoral affirmations” and such “etiquette handicaps” of being citizen. This area of intrinsic introversion often needs deep expertise via time and investigation, in order to make sure you are indeed viewing not a replica of idiotcy but the actual concrete affirmation itself!

I myself often do not take others to their world of words regarding story telling and incident reporting! I myself have realised everybody has an agenda? Often the agenda can be both negative and positive or one or the other? Through “Forfeit” of others lifes I realised I could not listen to many others anymore, unless their language was of real intellect and truth-(not because they/other/another affirm it is truth, but rather because I recognised its truth via study of that which they reported?)

Another aspect of the idiots code of conduct is those who believe what ever they are told/hear/given etc… These is an affirming abuse of the evolution in each and every personal  intransmutable metamorphosis of anthropogenic organism. The total lack in the intransigence segmentation of the self illuminates via woeful lack of will!

To just give in to any thought is to be a beast and truly!

Deep thought separates human from beast whether male or female it is the same animal conduct if you can not think cohesively as an unparalyse agent! But instead regulate ones own abreviation to anothers beliefe along with everything you are told without proof is quite animalistic in terms!

I believe if you think dirty thoughts about strangers then “Truly and genuinely perhaps you are a dirty person!” In the guise of a modest or moral person!

I believe that the majority both male/female is still in beasts territory from the lack of intelligent intransigence! This I attribute to the characteristics from substantial insubordination/abomination/detrimentation Intumescented by such ill affiliates of the human species! Often the emperor/emperess will induce the family unit with that which they have genuinely perceived via society wrong or right! You may witness or notice if an individual views a concession as a warrant/order/legislation/law they will feel threatened/abused/cheated if the intended concession has either seized/refrain/nullified to exist? And will feel betrayed by the organisation prohibiting the transaction/deal that no further exist!

Even to the point the quarrying party may take matters in their persona to get others to build some percent of a faction against the organisation. Usually by first recruiting family, relations, love ones, friends, comunity, etc etc. Often may raise a partition solely from a bruised “Ego!” Such life is often shamely a bruised “Enigmatic Genome!” No more no less!

Even against individual parties or other workers, the personal “Trip wires of jeopardy & machiavellianism” can still manifest for the dub-jects (ignorant subjects who lay naively of the which hunting, yet will embrace unashamedly such woeful toxications?)

One after the other akin the parish and party who abait in the quartiles of such nonchalance to education… The ambassadors of idiosyncrasies from the conclaves of antiquities quaternary epochs!

I also am a witness to actuation that this testimonial is an actuation of govermental procedures to power and abuse. Often recruited by the hate mongers of society… the partisans… the quatre of unsophistication…. The parry of disfunction & disfranchise who administer such adversity upon the world to relieve themselves of misery. Yes those often aquaint with happiness via distriction, prohibition towards….. whether anatomical or subatomical some appease the release of friction towards and upon others! This is why you will find those most poor will abuse anybody they can and even use them as a stepping stone to betterment of their frail lifestyle! Often and ashamedly the respective governments around the world perpetually supports/funds/reimbursings of such practice and synchronicity in this grotesque affair of advocacy by contortions of information! This support does neither earnest good but enrage and encourage more of this malevolence in humanity. The greater increase you give the partisans, the more they will increase the addiction to this behaviour for profit and security!

we live in a decade in which telling lies to authority can reimburse you for unfortunately being born poor. Unfortunately it is mainly executioned by females more then men, as their is truth to some of the stories but certainly not all who seek monetary value and security!

It has now evolved into a legitimate working practice to deceive by any means necessary for monetary support! The genuine are difficult to decipher as all are almost involve in some scam or profit margin engineering!

“Who Do You Trust”

I trust no one, and if you indeed sensible you will do the same! Do not either wait to become a victim and do not allow others to tell you who you should be!

I truly believe either a rascist or a brain washed rascist of any colour will state “You to be other than yourself!” Do not worry it is only the highest fear shinning through the party who wishes to stigmatise you?

“””” Believe this so! You are indeed a million miles ahead of them, as it is impossible to see anyone behind you but we can all see those infront of us, because our eyes face farward as we move farword!“””“””  in the effective late illumination of this life!

Go farword and spread light and truth whenever and wherever it is needed… You are indeed a gate keeper if you have earnestly thought and studied my writings with intricate depth and vision. If this hails true to you.. go forth spread in abundance everywhere…

You are never alone. ..

Take care… be your good self against agents of wispering machination… yet do not be a fool by not protecting yourself anyway you can!


Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 4.

Part 5.

Part 6.

The PLUS 1 (+1) On The Vanguard Of Skewed Intelligence!”

He who transcends thoughts……. floats with the wind…..

This way and that way, maybe beneficial. … maybe not….. Cast not your aspersions of your mismanagement of data… only facts please, for no more no less!

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Is It Not Ironic? 

1. That there exist people who are racist to others yet advocate against racism!

2. Strange as it maybe it is indeed true! Within the Afro Caribbean Islands/Afro Americans who are often racist to their neighbouring Africans by means of abusive name calling… are amongst the highest protagonist of racial slugs, poor behaviour and addressing of fellow ethnics! It has surprised me a little bit, that these same degenerates should rise up to any name calling to themselves when they have been at the fore front of the systematic degrading since establishment of their cultures commenced! It is nothing short of applications in the thickest irony, that a culture, class and identity perform their participation into modern societies this way? Perhaps it is the only way they will learn or the only way they can feel comfortable within any society they harbour?!

S Memo_274 Firing Line S Memo_272 Eye cleanse_2

Yet It Appears As Nothing More Then The Fools Mentality!

For when a creed administrates adherence by slogans of primates and relation of features, it is a reasonableness to assume misguide has fowl played! This misguide is attributed to the reasoning if any at all was reasoned by the ill-thought ill malpracticed of the perpetrator/s! I have come to a conclusion that the generation which premotes this is a useless generation in wholesomeness, to the addition of a plus one (+1) on the vanguard of skewed intelligence! One has to be very worried sometimes, if not wholely dissappointed in the evolution of such a race! How to teach such a race to grow favourable to the themselves aswell as to other races? This shall take great engineering, since the fact the race addressed as “Blacks” appear to lack the international acceptance of their peers, kind and non-ethics alike! Yet again, it must be inserted here>>> ” How peculiar an arrangement it must appear, to all others viewing into an ethnic group who demand respect, yet are not truly living by that which they want given to them? “. How peculiarly absurd indeed!

The level of this disease is spread throughout the world, “where indeed it must be stated” wherever ever the black race lays eggs, is usually not scene as a profitable means to the evolution of society.  Well not at least I would say: Not without real intelligence within the household?”

Such registration of derogation never bides well for the entirety of the club/group!

As is vehemently required to instruct with sincere proficiency, such agendas of being and living into a world in which they are already viewed as a looser the moment they are born!

S Memo_261 Medusa_1

Unfortunately it often does not pay for many blacks to view ornamentation of high value as they do not have good earning power as a culture. This often leads to two forms of disillusion behaviours.

1. Jealousy…. In which hatred and scores of ill treatment are administered by the disenfranchised to the enfranchised.

2. The ultimate hate… In which grotesque attitudes of malevolence and discord is juxtaposed by perpetual perpetrators and penniless alike to society!

yes yes indeed! And yet again quite ornamentation-ly!

There actually exist those who are working very hard against you, to enjoy, you do not succeed. This discourse  will be advocated by both black & white ethnicities! They exhume that you know them, however you often unlikely know them or even of them or their associations! They have a personal fantasy of you. Possibly sexual…. violent…. extreme negatives, nihilistic even archaic. These disturbing fantasies exist in the bedroom of their councils. With in a section sits a chamber, where in the grotesque of their ideologues are fed! Fed by whisper, phone calls, news, t.v, magazine, fashion, dialogue, contortion, masturbation, jealousy and hatred!

The remnants of the cerebrum spills out…. into the outside world and out of their apartment, out of the window upon the cracks in the concrete.

In which decades of passing debris are compressed along with odd toxics to form this manifestation of a humanoid! Such humanoids learn motion and various versions of syntax, metrics, communication, commodities and the machinability to survive amongst all else!

Have many not read “THE EMPEROR HAS HIS CLOTHS ON?”


It is a wonder how on earth the race do survive, when every last child born from such desperation is often viewed surreptitiously as a drain again rather than a gain again!

formulate this to the masses may have crucial benefits in longevity!

Always believe those who do not have your interest at heart shall misguide you by all means necessary!

But what is worse, by my investigations of the tragedies upon the world, it is clear you will not know who your true enemies are until they have cheated you! Indeed again and again cheated you will be, because naive you stand and naive you shall indeed fall!

Your real enemy may often be the one/body either closest to you, walking you/with you?!…..

Many shall watch from a distant while continuing to enjoy guiding you astray! Your happiness benefits them not, especially when hungry, ill afford and tired and sick!


Be well….. truly


Khalil aliy (c) 2014


“Soveriegnty & Monetary Value Of Precedence”


Secrets in the wind you will love me relentlessly I shall not return your love to you.. not ever!

From there upon sits my beauty, fine, preciousness in delivery and always waiting.

magnitude hold no boundaries….

Laugh with the wind as my easiness attracts you… But I shall not give in to your charms so cheaply. You will fight for me… in which you will win and loose.

Rich to your delight, though shall quench your thirst as master feeds his hounds when hunting for spoil!

You shall and again shall savour the moments of longings for me.

We shall indeed sit and wine the evening through. A prospective moment you shall indeed ask for my hand in marriage. Then we shall laugh while drink the barrels empty till morning light arrives.

When I have taken all you have I shall leave you and you shall even watch me slowly walking. Yet quick I move in haste to a new love.

Smoother than that you wish to barter for me. Silkiest offerings I shall glimmer in light, be afraid as no man women or child can denounce!

Hands upon my flesh, you dream of me at night! Your conquests are measured by the volume of our encounter!

Hands upon my body allows grown men to smile, while the unfortunate dream for a pinch of me!

This beauty I have while nothing will compare, my silver lining thread dons my authenticity.  The gold in my curves simply promotes thy authentication.

Though shall indeed promise to kill, slaughter and behead for me. Dishonest Shall Your Daughters Become, “To Own A Piece Of My Power”. They shall also trick, lie, and steal for me as I shall own them from your barter!

Yet that is not enough as I want more!

You shall indeed give your first sons from Adam, Joseph, Izak & Abraham for a moment by my side!

You shall cry for me while your wives  watch upon you and weep!

I cause more concern then volcanoes, and blaze a trail that leaves more ashes than fires! I am the heat in you and reason for your pre longing!

Many shall die because of me as many shall live because of me. I am your alpha and your omega. .. You may kiss the sovereign that sits on my middle finger… I hold my hands out to you… Indeed you shall reach out for comfort… and again… even though you are aware I cause you pain, misery and regret!

You shall loose much of your life for an empty relationship with me. Though I have warned you of my evil and destruction to your life you shall still persist to chase me!

Through your desires I shall oblige you some of me!

You continue to love me half past and full time dispiriting and discouraged from your fall… though I warned you so.. as did your wives calling from afar!

Your love holds no boundaries as you persist relentlessly for me, though I shall give you consent I shall ignore you and abuse you!

I shall not waver my consent nor shall I ever ever reciprocate your dying love for me!

I shall enjoy watching you model whores of your only daughters for me…

My power and presence carries great sentiments down the ages…

My history is in the earth that you walk upon as many have fashion my likeness from all matter to barter.

Your trade shall bring you closer to me, I shall never know you name, yet your great grandchildren should speak my name upon their birth… as they shall come to understand my value… and raise kings from my precedence!

My monetary value abounds magnitudes of magnanimous misery, with many ministry abiding miscreants. The mistreated, mismanaged meagrely.

Thy who dare shall not win..

Indeed yet all will fall.

My name is hailed there in again and again down the ages through the hands of sages… though they warned you of my evil!

My names is written upon the buildings built you contain me!

As billions will die for me.. I shall watch and treasure how sweet I pity your kind.

I am sovereignty my name is……

“I Am Money”

I own this world, though I am only fashion from the paper you have created from the our forest to signal my symbol.

My symbol is power, greed and freedom.

I shall live indeed forever as you continue to breed and dream of money!!!

A poem by the poet…  khalil Aliy

Titled:   “Money”

All rights reserved since 2009

The Four Actuations Of Affirmations

★  When Folk Inform Another/Others To Disclose Information To Them With The Truth Or Of The Truth?

1. Tell me the truth (Tell me what I want to hear only)

●That which they are really asserting and postulating, is for others or another or yourself to tell/say to them which they want to hear and can take/listen to and handle! This often will not be the truth but instead a comfortable lie of their appreciation/grandeur and comfort!

Because this (The lie that is) will support their theory, prejudices, ignorance, learned understanding, belief system, association, comfortability, stubbornness, ideology, reasoning, escapegoating, stance, malice, brutality, evil ingenuity, characteristics, behaviour and actions!

Remember! It is almost impossible to change old habits and degenerate cerebrums of this level of behaviour.

Hence! You can not teach an old dog new tricks!

This lie becomes their personal licence to preach hatred or treat others or another with ill will! The comfortability of their personal zone and core of their true self!

Let us disect a small example!

If for example you constantly placed accurate assessments in school curriculums, in which your work was so accurate that other teachers use your work as an example to teach some curriculum to the wider majority!

Yet your head teacher always marked your work down, even lower then those who were actually copying your work and handing it in to the head teacher as their personal work, yet they copied the work from you!

Here we can suggest! The head teacher was not becoming truthful in his assesment of your work, while forfeiting honesty was aligning an ulterior motive for his prejudices! -(which could be a number of things about you the student which the head teacher is prejudice against?).

if the teacher questions you about your work, stating they do not believe it is yours, here we can state the prejudice has been disclosed by the teacher. In which the head teacher wants their very own satisfactory answer which would align as a  Satisfactory Falsification appreciated by the teacher!

Summary! The head teacher wishes for you to lie to him/her to make them feel happy about their personal discourtesy via mismanaged misunderstanding and comfortability of emotions!

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★  When people state they know another/other/person/topic/thing etc

2. I know them… I know that…. I know her/him…

●  That wich they are really affirming is they know of. This is truly entirely different then actually knowing!

Know of, is only barely to acquaint with a story or rumour from a source or chain of parties, maybe even to pass acquaintance on an occasion or two without earnest reciprocation! If any ever at all?

Summary: As I explain before to know something or someone can truly only be measured by acknowledged and measured reciprocation by both parties or personal study of element aligns you with proximity to assertion!

S Memo_263

★ “KARMA” What goes around comes around!

3.  Sincerely do unto others as you would have others done unto you!

●  Sincerely almost all do not understand that which this means except high ranking noblemen and women of practicinf faith groups!

Whereas the average partisan is only casually concerned with this old affection and affliction of life! If one turns their head to the right and blows harshly from their lungs through their mouth.  At some stage in the near future a harsh gesture will be met by them of equal propensity! Equal to that which was felt by the outside agent not the inside agent -(What you may degree as nothing or fun can be felt harshly consequential by others or another)

Summary: One should aim to tip toe through life as not to harvest to much bad karma! Imbeciles never ever tip toe through life, and in doing so manifest constant degradation for their offsprings heritage and luck! 

Even to destroy nature, insects, flies, bees, other carnivores or ungulates without regulation, necessity, professional assistance, paradigmatic procedures is but a heavy burden you will indeed wait to witness!


It is a balancing act as also, you will not face bad karma for misinterpretation, misinformation, misunderstanding by others of you to you! This is not your business if others choose to manifest such ignorance. Only ignorance will be returned to the misunderstood by other ignorant parties, while you are not in presence but in peaceful surroundings!

For ignorance begets ignorance as benevolence begets benevolence!

S Memo_262 S Memo_264

★ To be “Enlightened” is not to walk in fancy robe or live in the middle of nowhere, or hold open a spiritual manual, or to simply partake in yoga! But to truly feel deep down such essence of understanding and energy for thus life, an awakening can be both pleasurable and miserable… Ultimately this is the cote of understanding “Enlightenment” not a false pretentious misgiving of one emotion, but understanding all emotions exist and will be used like every single part of the anatomy! “Understand?” Because to understand is to comprehend! As is to raise awareness!

4. Awakening, consciousness, consciences, under standing, Stepping back, perspective, perception, insight, wisdom, knowledge!

●  Awaken from a state of sleep or from a state of another or other subcontractors. To become the sole subcontractor and beneficiary of the self. Then to send out all beneficiary data collected from experiences in various subcontracted environments including the self!

Summary: To be aware and share every molecule of this awareness with the world! But just to openly talk without prejudices or hatred. To manifest the experience to everyone as to enlighten the burden of the ignorant freely! Yo explain and disclose routes, doors, traps, tricks, afflictions, methodologies and benefits from personal experiences and deep inquisitions!

Never to mention matters you have not spent at least a decade in either professional, curriculum, private, paid or personal study and analysis with subsequent data! The data can be in your memory banks if your are indeed sure of personal experience?

Thank you sincery for reading the 4 actuations of affirmations. This I conclude if not met with reissued realisation becomes ones falsification.

Try to always analyse your view, All information, why you believe it or not, why you want to believe it or not, why you enjoy believing it or not, and that which you get out of it or not?

Also explain to yourself why you have spent time studying that which you study and how it can enhance your life and benefit you, not another but for you!

And be well…

Well wishes!

Brought to you by K.Aliy

Our Date We await???????

●  “Be Ye Thankful For Such Light, Thus Life One Have Been Bestowed!”

I will suggest it is highly affirmed to be gracious in your waking day, for the hour has not yet set when all ye know will eventual fade ever slowly away?

Leaving you minute by minute in this natural state of the moment! Yet still second by second ever growing closer to the pinnacle departure akin to the tectonic parting of one’s life. Thus a longing affection to belong with the fresh air of autumns automatical breeze. Thus manifests a signal of great importance once and for all. The autonomy of summers spill, shines an unquenchable thirst akin to a child longing for more play time on the new birthday gift this warm day.. Thus instant of bright delight… sunlight…

Be ye thankful. .. I pledge my alliance with the nobility of karma as I have before me… In such good tide a functioning heart, that beats perfectly in synchronicity to my ever reciprocating lungs!

Be ye thankful for your health, for it shall not last for ever, time shall arise when it shall affirm ” Nomore Nomore, yes it is I who shouts nomore!” “You have indeed taken all I can give and still you want one more burst from my tired armour” (signed the heart. .. yours sincerely… your heart xxx )

S Memo_265S Memo_197S Memo_264 S Memo_263 S Memo_262 S Memo_260 S Memo_259 S Memo_257

“Be indeed fortunate to be in the press of beauty where ever it lay” (Near or far… yet a wonderful display noble crafts have engineered)

” 20141108_171847 20141108_171844 20141108_171854 20141108_171505 20141108_171459 20141108_171135 20141108_170744 20141108_170721 20141108_170715 20141108_170709


Ignore false kindred they wish you ill will I tell you. For they shall whisper trickery the world of antiquity is well aware of. Only but you to acknowledge the pain of history by forfeit to such material of machiavellianism and sabotage!

1415565034011 S Memo_254 S Memo_244 1415565304834 S Memo_252 S Memo_242


S Memo_255S Memo_253

Be your good servant, by turning your ears away from hatred and scorn, for the devices of jealousy lay constant awake in fourthousand-fold for your grandeur and unpleasantness! To you I say do not be mesmerised by fooled  or laye as fooder for those who talk and enginuity as pigs laugh and lay awake at your recoil upon coil. To sabotage and corner your givings… For at last, it is in the depository by nature of the indentured servants denticulation towards mismanagement. This is the vow which shall behead all fake bredrin and kind. For only one and only.. That is truly only you… Yes you have ye blame for falling to be tricked at day and night once more after all have opened the eye to the way forward from ill health.  NOW left only you… Yes you  to fathom and decipher  for whom and which are you fooled or free for stupid and emptied of vices or virtue?!

S Memo_249


Never let guile and ingredients of ingenuity have the final laugh!


You do not need to partake in the wrongful doing of mischievously mischiefs who council in cloak and fake importance to fake embrace, fake gifts, fake embroidered emblems, with fake hand shakes and machiavellianism upon fake smiles for grimaces!

Such folk deploy a meal to lead you to your gutters end and lay… while content of your misery and failure!


“For it is not to late, our fate is not yet trigonometricated as bait”

For surely in the distance yet may lay a hint of a light… Just set bright enough to catch our drousy attention?

1415565304834  For

Yet one day a gate may yet lay await for our embrace in this race, we can only hope the truly benign shall meet at the foot steps of such a place… with worn out boots, tools, heels, arms in tow and crying tearfully with broken voices and warnout faces for yearfull encounters of misery and onslought we bequeathed!

Untill that day we acquaint our dearly amends with the grand of heavens gate!!!!!!°°

20141108_170404 20141108_170407

That Which Was, Inevitably Shall Be! As That Which Shall Be, Once Again Shall Return To That Which Was?

“History Always Repeats Itself”

S Memo_200 War of the species in galactic travel S Memo_218 S Memo_197 S Memo_145

As mankind often do not learn from the errors of their ignorance, sufficiently and adequately!

Humankind often strives by grandiosity, and quickly displays abhorrence to the past without, trusting the complete comprehension of things. This abhorrence becomes the hinder, for full and genuine true maturation!

Such office manifests as a trap for fools in the encore of human development! Such non steadying metamorphosis is that which directs all wars of indifference. This harsh precinct of authority will one day see the undoing of humankind to ashes!

S Memo_233 S Memo_227 S Memo_2

It maybe a fact! That if all of life and existence since before the big bang, is nothing more than a “Revolving Doorway”. Then it should indeed make an abundence of sense, why we never learn before we destroy ourselfs!

S Memo_80

Possibly even the last big bang or “EACH BIG BANG” is a direct result of intergalactic warfare?! Since humankind was born from organisms, humankind has perpetually inclined its thirst for want, intrigue, curiosity, in due/undue diligence, desire, unsatisfactory and much much more!

Lava 3_1

It should be no surprise that a form of humanoids eventually creates the “NUCLEAR BOMB OF ALL INTERGALATIC BOMB’S” to destroy the multiverse (Multiple universes and galaxy) rending space time back to square one, in perpetual fashion of, big bang explosions which end and continue space time?!


This is my theory behind the big bang as presented above. I am yet uncertain how matter constructed itself the very very first time in existence! This will continue to elude all!

Yet still my hypothesise is what I stick by.


“Khalil Aliy” can only hypothesise, that after a time unrecordable in absolute emptiness, nothing or empty space gradually over a period un-state-able and unimaginable! Emptiness somehow via stagnation of emptiness evolved the most basic desire of intelligence! That basic intelligence was “Be” or to “Become”. In which the tiniest unrecordable element became something, atomically to infinitely small to register, but slowly grew of equal time!

With in the abyss of absorbed absolute abandonment. ..Arrived the unexpected instinct to be. Fashioned from a period akin to the entire length of a past  eternity. Arose  from nothing such thought to be!

Creases in time occured via the extraordinary positionings of nothing existing as nothing. This is indeed a miracle of soughts for the human mind to comprehend. Yet remember after all our cerebrums are but infinitely nothing in comparison to intelligence of galatic substance! So to understand something came from nothing is to much excruciation for even the most intelligent cerebrum to comprehend!

Yet this is exactly what occured, the very first time being came to be from nothing to something!

NOTHING! Strangely Presented with an unimaginable length of elementry period became by thought to be, then grew into something else, as expansion.  Many many empty extraordinary lengths of the unit of what we now call light years past away. This past presented, the ideal time period for nothing to form something. (Remember, I am referring to a period as long as a past eternity) for nothing to become something. Upon further extraordinary lengths of period time past again and again and again, before this something became something of unimaginable infinite smallness in size. This tiny agent became more and more and once again, more still and the tiny agent became value, over the unrecordable length of time! Fore many light years (in ratio length of light years and not actual light yet) past before a spark so tiny formed, that can not ever be recorded, this formed the original ignition of light from the nothing! (Whether this ignition occured via an anxious vibration, akin to frustration desiring to be or not is unclear to me of yet!


What is clear, is to state such a happening, would indeed occur, over a period in time so long, one could not possibly fathom?!1414942290292

In extraordinary lengths of time past… Created folds in such emptiness.

Eventually more time past before it became definite, which later form element, vibration, particle, atom etc etc. so on.

Once life existed as multicellular organisms, equal unimaginable lengths of light years past untill, forms took shape.

Again equal light years past untill the next stage was set.

This very construction paradigm is unimaginable long. To the point it is hazzardous to contemplate!S Memo_151 S Memo_215 Pheonix flight_1 S Memo_108 S Memo_237

Physicians the world over have it wrong about the “very first ever big bang”. Without any grandiosity I am very confident my analysis is true to the happenings of first existence.

That which the modern physicians are correct about is the repeated big bangs! That is a direct consequence of our nature to destroy things as I have already previously explained earlier in this particular blog! That would be a collaboration of exploding planets and dying stars. We are not sure why a star dies except because its energy fades, this could also be due to over drained resource from inhabitants.  It is quite confirmed the sun planets burnout per usual, but earth bound planets are usually drained of energy, or die as a consequence of their star sun.


Mars could actually be a star sun which indeed met its natural burned out period or it could be a planet drained of all resources and then reduced to the size we understand it to be today?!

The repeated big bangs and the speed of the vacuum are a direct result of the gas, energy, mass, electrolytes, matter and chemicals which already exist post -(Afterwards as a consequence) ” initial Existence Theory, of how life very first began in space time (1.0).

All the perpetual big bangs which have arisen, in sequence of unimaginable occasions, are not akin, nor do each big bang mimic the original formation, of the first intergalactic intelligence from the stagnation of nothing to be -(become something). The so call first big bang, which I do not agree with! -(I do not agree with the hypothesis of the “theory” towards the very very very first growth of life I.E “big bang theory”).


The continued big bangs are a direct result of dying star planets and the inhabitants relation and destruction via the most violent anatomical destruction not yet visualised by future beings, not yet in existence. Though in future would exist a “Hybrid of the human genome” just as uncle homo sapien is a biological acquaintance of/with all anthropogenic beings in antiquity. The new galactic being with be a cross bread of galactic beings bread in galactic space in the same way early ancestors evolved by cross breading here on earth! Cross bread millions of years ago occurred between separate species of anthropogenic form. However in the antiquity of prehistoric ages, via further evolution rose the conquerors of the domain.  The dominant humanoids! Their ingenuity to adapt, and instruct, galvanised their prosperity, habitation and goals. They were never ever complacent. Like we are not complacent today.



The only problem is this double edge sword of curiosity, indeed brought war of a magnitude we regret. Thus such as it is included in human idiosyncrasies, it will prevail victor in the final moments of the future in order to restart the big bang trilogy!


Maybe one day that future species may do something different, when they realise this affirmation?!


Thank you sincerely


Khalil Aliy


a84d6842cd065b3451dd457bc0c68688c44958edWhat ocean sand looks like - magnified 250 times.