The PLUS 1 (+1) On The Vanguard Of Skewed Intelligence!”

He who transcends thoughts……. floats with the wind…..

This way and that way, maybe beneficial. … maybe not….. Cast not your aspersions of your mismanagement of data… only facts please, for no more no less!

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Is It Not Ironic? 

1. That there exist people who are racist to others yet advocate against racism!

2. Strange as it maybe it is indeed true! Within the Afro Caribbean Islands/Afro Americans who are often racist to their neighbouring Africans by means of abusive name calling… are amongst the highest protagonist of racial slugs, poor behaviour and addressing of fellow ethnics! It has surprised me a little bit, that these same degenerates should rise up to any name calling to themselves when they have been at the fore front of the systematic degrading since establishment of their cultures commenced! It is nothing short of applications in the thickest irony, that a culture, class and identity perform their participation into modern societies this way? Perhaps it is the only way they will learn or the only way they can feel comfortable within any society they harbour?!

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Yet It Appears As Nothing More Then The Fools Mentality!

For when a creed administrates adherence by slogans of primates and relation of features, it is a reasonableness to assume misguide has fowl played! This misguide is attributed to the reasoning if any at all was reasoned by the ill-thought ill malpracticed of the perpetrator/s! I have come to a conclusion that the generation which premotes this is a useless generation in wholesomeness, to the addition of a plus one (+1) on the vanguard of skewed intelligence! One has to be very worried sometimes, if not wholely dissappointed in the evolution of such a race! How to teach such a race to grow favourable to the themselves aswell as to other races? This shall take great engineering, since the fact the race addressed as “Blacks” appear to lack the international acceptance of their peers, kind and non-ethics alike! Yet again, it must be inserted here>>> ” How peculiar an arrangement it must appear, to all others viewing into an ethnic group who demand respect, yet are not truly living by that which they want given to them? “. How peculiarly absurd indeed!

The level of this disease is spread throughout the world, “where indeed it must be stated” wherever ever the black race lays eggs, is usually not scene as a profitable means to the evolution of society.  Well not at least I would say: Not without real intelligence within the household?”

Such registration of derogation never bides well for the entirety of the club/group!

As is vehemently required to instruct with sincere proficiency, such agendas of being and living into a world in which they are already viewed as a looser the moment they are born!

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Unfortunately it often does not pay for many blacks to view ornamentation of high value as they do not have good earning power as a culture. This often leads to two forms of disillusion behaviours.

1. Jealousy…. In which hatred and scores of ill treatment are administered by the disenfranchised to the enfranchised.

2. The ultimate hate… In which grotesque attitudes of malevolence and discord is juxtaposed by perpetual perpetrators and penniless alike to society!

yes yes indeed! And yet again quite ornamentation-ly!

There actually exist those who are working very hard against you, to enjoy, you do not succeed. This discourse  will be advocated by both black & white ethnicities! They exhume that you know them, however you often unlikely know them or even of them or their associations! They have a personal fantasy of you. Possibly sexual…. violent…. extreme negatives, nihilistic even archaic. These disturbing fantasies exist in the bedroom of their councils. With in a section sits a chamber, where in the grotesque of their ideologues are fed! Fed by whisper, phone calls, news, t.v, magazine, fashion, dialogue, contortion, masturbation, jealousy and hatred!

The remnants of the cerebrum spills out…. into the outside world and out of their apartment, out of the window upon the cracks in the concrete.

In which decades of passing debris are compressed along with odd toxics to form this manifestation of a humanoid! Such humanoids learn motion and various versions of syntax, metrics, communication, commodities and the machinability to survive amongst all else!

Have many not read “THE EMPEROR HAS HIS CLOTHS ON?”


It is a wonder how on earth the race do survive, when every last child born from such desperation is often viewed surreptitiously as a drain again rather than a gain again!

formulate this to the masses may have crucial benefits in longevity!

Always believe those who do not have your interest at heart shall misguide you by all means necessary!

But what is worse, by my investigations of the tragedies upon the world, it is clear you will not know who your true enemies are until they have cheated you! Indeed again and again cheated you will be, because naive you stand and naive you shall indeed fall!

Your real enemy may often be the one/body either closest to you, walking you/with you?!…..

Many shall watch from a distant while continuing to enjoy guiding you astray! Your happiness benefits them not, especially when hungry, ill afford and tired and sick!


Be well….. truly


Khalil aliy (c) 2014


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