“Soveriegnty & Monetary Value Of Precedence”


Secrets in the wind you will love me relentlessly I shall not return your love to you.. not ever!

From there upon sits my beauty, fine, preciousness in delivery and always waiting.

magnitude hold no boundaries….

Laugh with the wind as my easiness attracts you… But I shall not give in to your charms so cheaply. You will fight for me… in which you will win and loose.

Rich to your delight, though shall quench your thirst as master feeds his hounds when hunting for spoil!

You shall and again shall savour the moments of longings for me.

We shall indeed sit and wine the evening through. A prospective moment you shall indeed ask for my hand in marriage. Then we shall laugh while drink the barrels empty till morning light arrives.

When I have taken all you have I shall leave you and you shall even watch me slowly walking. Yet quick I move in haste to a new love.

Smoother than that you wish to barter for me. Silkiest offerings I shall glimmer in light, be afraid as no man women or child can denounce!

Hands upon my flesh, you dream of me at night! Your conquests are measured by the volume of our encounter!

Hands upon my body allows grown men to smile, while the unfortunate dream for a pinch of me!

This beauty I have while nothing will compare, my silver lining thread dons my authenticity. ย The gold in my curves simply promotes thy authentication.

Though shall indeed promise to kill, slaughter and behead for me. Dishonest Shall Your Daughters Become,ย “To Own A Piece Of My Power”. They shall also trick, lie, and steal for me as I shall own them from your barter!

Yet that is not enough as I want more!

You shall indeed give your first sons from Adam, Joseph, Izak & Abraham for a moment by my side!

You shall cry for me while your wives ย watch upon you and weep!

I cause more concern then volcanoes, and blaze a trail that leaves more ashes than fires! I am the heat in you and reason for your pre longing!

Many shall die because of me as many shall live because of me. I am your alpha and your omega. .. You may kiss the sovereign that sits on my middle finger… I hold my hands out to you… Indeed you shall reach out for comfort… and again… even though you are aware I cause you pain, misery and regret!

You shall loose much of your life for an empty relationship with me. Though I have warned you of my evil and destruction to your life you shall still persist to chase me!

Through your desires I shall oblige you some of me!

You continue to love me half past and full time dispiriting and discouraged from your fall… though I warned you so.. as did your wives calling from afar!

Your love holds no boundaries as you persist relentlessly for me, though I shall give you consent I shall ignore you and abuse you!

I shall not waver my consent nor shall I ever ever reciprocate your dying love for me!

I shall enjoy watching you model whores of your only daughters for me…

My power and presence carries great sentiments down the ages…

My history is in the earth that you walk upon as many have fashion my likeness from all matter to barter.

Your trade shall bring you closer to me, I shall never know you name, yet your great grandchildren should speak my name upon their birth… as they shall come to understand my value… and raise kings from my precedence!

My monetary value abounds magnitudes of magnanimous misery, with many ministry abiding miscreants. The mistreated, mismanaged meagrely.

Thy who dare shall not win..

Indeed yet all will fall.

My nameย is hailed there in again and again down the ages through the hands of sages… though they warned you of my evil!

My names is written upon the buildings built you contain me!

As billions will die for me.. I shall watch and treasure how sweet I pity your kind.

I am sovereignty my name is……

“I Am Money”

I own this world, though I am only fashion from the paper you have created from the our forest to signal my symbol.

My symbol is power, greed and freedom.

I shall live indeed forever as you continue to breed and dream of money!!!

A poem by the poet… ย khalil Aliy

Titled: ย  “Money”

All rights reserved since 2009

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