Thursday’s Money Saver Advice Session (Monthly)

Everyone has a plan, yet the majority of folks are often              Falling short of the actuation of their plans! Usually harboured by financial constraints, time, knowledgeable affiliates, experience, beliefs, circumstances, demographics, geography, culture, religion, acquaintances, health, education, gender, sexuality, heritage, identity, ability, aesthetics, vunerability, weaknesses- (kindness etc) etc etc….

S Memo_147

The truth is there lays a host of genres that prohibit you to acquaint with a life a little bit more beneficial than the one you adorn!


As I versed, there really exist a right way and a wrong way to do everything in this world!

S Memo_150

Believe me when I advocate, there is a right way and a wrong way to eat your food!

S Memo_142

While the unfortunate wise are born to suffer, one must remember, “There exist nothing in this world worth keeping which is bequeathed freely!” It is an absolute certainty that good things often come to the disenfranchised by difficulty! 

Remembering this…. There is a right way and a wrong way to cook your food!

There exist a right way and a wrong way to wash your food, keep your food and even collect your food- (whether this be exhausted by hunting or purchasing from stores).

This “Right Way & Wrong Way” actually existing in every element of existence per se!

The only problem arises in the actuation that, unfortunately, “you will not live long enough to learn everything right or wrong!”

HENCE!  “Learn From Others & Others Mistakes!” period!

S Memo_159

S Memo_161

Some folks are so better off, that the requirements of learning, is not as detrimental to there progression, as they have literally, a plethora of contingencies via fortunate circumstances! (We are NOT prince charles, Prince Harry or any other benevolent successor to a mighty benevolent heir or empire!)

This reality is harsh, one that is too harsh to often think about! (This being an ultimate realisation of life, utters the profound affirmation, that we will not inccur unlimited lifes)

Remember! We are ethereal creatures, our biological time piece will be surmountable before all our desires and dreams are even half punctuated! This realisation of effort over time, is probably the most conclusive component to completion of project! Not all of your projects are achievable! Many of your projects are totally prohibited as of now or even then, some will be realised from prohibition when society evolves just a little further! (Yet unfortunately as the prohibition decreases other prohibitions are actuated)

As an example of interlocking prohibition I have set out in example 1.

Ex1. In England in 1920, poor school children could not afford to go to school, if their parents were not working and able to afford school fees! – (This was direction, the prohibition order by way of parliament, untill the magnanimous poll shift of the tripartite act of 1954, which allowed all children of lower class to attend schools in England and Wales for full time education nationally).

Now can you imagine all those children living poorly in England and wales in the early 20th century– (1900 onwards) Such children who were not afforded fundamental education, would not have gained the sufficient attributes to gain the prosperity of wealth, health, status and prosperity.

Many of those children unfortunately died in wars, so strangely enough had only one due instruction for their existence– (Live to fight/go to war to feed your family) such trends you can visual are far from fortunate, and fall outside of any type of prospects. 

This early example of your future- ( along with blacks who could not go to war or education before the amercan civil war in the USA, Poor White woman in England Who could not have decent jobs known as suffragettes, Mentally ill participants who where treated as demonic entities, Women who were accused of witchcraft, were all traits belonging to poor circumstances via chronological epochs! )  to your circumstances, it is only one of a plethora of suggestions which will cripple you before you are old!

This I have learnt is where time becomes the greatest acclimatisation! For time is never on your side. We have to acclimatise with time its very self. We are habituated by time and time is not our friend. All age  is at a grand mercy to this legislation, via suffering and discrimination of the great monster aka “TIME”.Ignorance blacks

Knowing this truth, makes it quite difficult to make a decision, especially from/with poor chances handed to one?!– (Some grotesque decisions people have to make out of such choices of, do we eat rattle snake or cobra?). Then have the unwanted trepidation, of catching the unwanted savoury!

Paths are so important, yet the greatest thing you have to learn as quickly as possible, is the grotesque realisation, that there really does exist a multitude of folk who, will discourage, misguide, misdirect, misinform you, and what is worse will enjoy it, laugh at you for falling into their trap and probably even brag about it by trying to shame you! While all indeed heavily wasting huge amounts of your time!

I can not save you all, nobody on earth can, I can only point out some of the errors in the world I came into contact with, that existed then, now and will do still tomorrow!

S Memo_139

This universal trigger and devil of messing with your prosperity has indeed a life of its own and has quite a simple name! – (This name is usually known by misguidance, the misguidance perpetuated by ignorance, envy, fear and jeolousy is often enough to keep you out of the redemption you crave and work for!).

My personal cue is, – (The devil is a conniving but smart psychopath, who has evil wisdom in the age of historically old antiquity of the dark arts, do not ever underestimate him/her or you will loose profoundly).

The devil has his soldiers who work feverishly day and night to keep you locked astray, the worse fact is the actuation that the devil is successful more times than he is not! “A record to defeat all pound for pound records” So hopefully you might comprehend that which I am reffering to when I advise about time for you an its importance to your very life!

Time is the most precious element we own in this existance!– (just contemplate for a moment………. the numerous occasions you have heard such a statement… “If I knew then that which I know now I would be so much better off”)

Hence! Time is a most precious commodity, probably the greatest commodity of them all! If you could sell it……. how much would it be worth???

or if you could buy/purchase time or shares in time, how much would you pay for time??? If you can answer this question with a figure/Sum €£¥$!………………

Then one day in your life….. You actually might understand what I gave you/or that which i am giving you?

Today I am giving you some “TIME” so you do not waste your very own “TIME!.

Via my life and examples of things that did not work, which I have tried and wasted! Although I was informed by others sworn advocacy and blood, word even some swearing on their life, their mothers life, even their childs life! I have even heard people actually say “They swear on gods life, that I should try it and it will work, on gods life”.

Not that I ever took their advice, but before as a child I did, too often, this was my weakness untill adulthood!

Now my one regret of life is no different to any other persons regret- (as you now know what the number one universal regret is as I mentioned before! Stated… If I knew then……. etc!)

This universal declaration of misery can be avoided by you, if you follow a very simple legislation!

This legislation is worth more than the entire weight in gold of your home!

The simple legislation which will always protect your future, your mind, your time, your finances is as follows!

No1. Always Trust Your Heart Over Any Voice, Whether that be even my words, your fathers words, your mothers word, your doctors words, your spiritual advisors words, Any spiritual/rigorous religious book or person/s… never ever actuate their advocacy if it does not agree with your heart?!

The heart is a ““”Heart”””  The “Extraordinary facillitation, Subliminally superheterodyned advocate, a matter of subatomical conscious  carbohydrated atoms entwine with the soul with pure intransmutable intravenous katabatic atomic subsonic consciousness!

One has not even fully calculated the real extremism of such awareness! This extraordinary organ actually inhibits a greater level of fact about you, your life, health then any scientists can instruct you with!

Yet I must disclose to you, with all competence arrives the component of almost opposites! For every strike has its misses, as every gift has its technicality!

Unfortunately this gift of the heart is never entirely free, and is paired by the price of your actually health!

The heart can not or never will be deciphered or trusted, if one is either intoxicated, spiritually or mentally fully corrupted!

No such physical condition will obstruct any condition or deciphering from the heart, but if the mind is intoxicated or severely mentally unstable all messages from the heart will always be skewed or misunderstood or not clearly totally decipher-able!

Take care of your heart and your time!

You often may only get one chance per choice to make the greatest decision in order to benefit you and save time!

S Memo_160

Be your good self and good luck!

Save your time, one day you will really need it!

You will see!

The Death Of The Renaissance Period, was the beggining of the end!

Upon an intriguing inquisition and the ruminations exported via an echoed ramification layered transgression, relayed by pariah and dilettante relinquishing virtues and morality!


Letter to almeria_6


A possibility for acquaintance with eugenics!

Once again my cerebrum awoke with a quadrature, scalar quantity and parallelogram of forces & spark laden epiphanies, all lecture symptoms symmetrically equating world issues and estovers of mass nonchalance and discord!

“My cerebrum had been set on fire this time with the ablution of thought and message”

It was my early morning rise, that bathed the way for the succession of anagrams of realisations through the vortex of my cerebrum and the armageddon of understandings!

It has become my belief that the world is suffering due to a statistical actuation of un-benign over the benign!

“The truth unmeasurable, that needs sky bound attention is as follows”

The ratio of competent folk in the world is dwarfed by the ratio of uncompetent folk by my approximation of over and under five hundred thousand and under one million to the ratio of just the one competent folk!

I.E the stupidity and foolishness of the modern participations of modern homo-sapiens are at an all time high and forever growing with tangible afflictions for the succinctly formed moderation of the enlightened- (this present day version of enlighten folks, may after all be nothing more than the normal everday folk, if they were transferred back in chronology) Yet this epoch of enlighten folk are today quite extraordinarily so aware of such faculties and behaviours, that they appear light years ahead of the brain dead majority!

If one aspires to carefully adhere inquisitions with sublime due diligence, of the necessary realisation, equations and the understanding of the sociolinguistics offered to comprehend such blight, one may be yet bathed in the true horror of such a juxtaposition in this epochs perpetual demise!

The stratosphere harbouring the modern day fools, the imbeciles, the twits and the stupids!

Man/woman, round or small, attractive or not the imbecile is where you will find them!

Neither the once rich/poor devide is either attributable as once before! Thus matter as significantly as did previously! For nationalised education is nomore the extraordinary deviding cliff, which was utilised to keep parties from communicating freely. As such was humanised by crushing much a deviding cap, actioned since the tripartite Act of 1954 in England and Wales!





However, where the problem arises on our modern dynamics of dilettante parental invasion, maybe due to the exploite of the childs toy?

Namely “The Barbie Doll!” and other expensive predecessors afford to little children as a utility tool to aid their compassion! These manufactured symbols of baby child rearing, may have aided the explosion on pregnant teenagers dumping their children just like litter! In which the child now a real life mother mimics her very own understanding of raising a baby!- (Her earliest lessons was to dump the toy when she got bored, throw it upon the floor, if parts did not work or function adequately?) Kick, stamp and bang the toy if she became frustrated! Except now it is no longer a toy, but actually a real life baby, that has earthed emotions/fear and bleeds and feels pain and transgression!

Had only the mother as a child, been taught to love her toy baby, she may have raised gentle her own! Yet as a consequence modern mothers are quite disenfranchised with their litter as the fostering of education was ill adviced in the mothers own twilight of youth and spiritual growth!

So now her off spring stands no chance as mother treats baby as broken barbie doll or worse!

We can see this problem up and down the country, abroad and further afield.

I would state quite openly it is an epidemic of world wide importance! As the human race depends on much needed resources to tackle such an epidemic!

The epidemic drains all natural reservoirs, in a similar fashion to the format locusts exploit and loot natural resources of field corn etc! A total blight upon the harvest of the land, situates an epidemic of such proportions!

The proprietors often are nonchalant and do not actually understand the seriousness of task to hand of raising children! For this many including myself are 100% in favour of legislation governing children and unsuitable mothers to even get pregnant let alone have a child in the first place!

Child birth or rearing is certainly not a right of way which should be allowed to all parish and participant of earth! But rather an excluded suitability programme, taken by students in order to pass examination suitability for rearing life!

As I grow I witness more and more people who are clearly not suitable for raising life, in which testing before hand would have been appropriate! Obviously some will squeeze through just, as state security for such divisions is as fallible as any other division- (Once we understand this appropriation, after all humankind is a huge work in progress).

Yet such a long lasting debilitation of resources has to be eagerly opinionated and aided for the benevolence of the other species if not the echelon of homo-sapien anthropogenics!

This often appears to me that some of the worse mothers of all time have children, exist in our chronostratagraphical zone and even flourish across all geographics in pepetual generations- (as mother as child as parent again,8) that suggest, such an enterprise of family demographics entwining via generations is the sole reason why? There exist a quantum scalar quantity of such dilettante child rearers in our epoch!

I remember my years in captivation, in which at different times the question was raised quite rarely in that lengthy period of the quantity and ratio of competent folks who dwelled in the institution!

Each participant I ever conversed with about such a topic- (which was only less than the fingers on my hand) only gave a rational ratio of about 1/1000, in prison population who was of competent mind, I always thought that was genuinely generous!

As I thought the ratio was a little greater, plus on a world scale I believe it does not differ, people outside of incarceration are no more better and actually seem emotionally and characteristically distraught and damaged, yet probably even more devious– (Especially if you care to check up on statistics) which is often unimaginable of crimes against others, crimes against children, sexual crimes, fraud, etc and those never solved all of this will suggest the ratio of criminal practice per percentage of person is about 90%.

S Memo_93

As a child a statement I heard relayed in a famous action movie always came to mind!

“Who do you trust? Me! That is who, me”

Was the famous words uttered by actor Robert De-neiro in movie “untouchables” (If my movie guide history is dare correct?)

I always understood that statement as basically you should not ever trust anyone, regardless of who, why or what they say?

It came to me in such places of incarceration, that such following collaborations , because of these childhood exploitations by greedy manufacturers, extensively weak minds, ill afforded parenting, lazy minds was the reason for this outbreak of the death of the intellectual!

We will never see another renaissance period or even 1/1000000 of a rendezvous of such astonishing greatness again!

It is obvious to me now, that men and women are just not built that way anymore! The way we was once manufactured via a multiplicity of earthing has been lost via the electrical cables and software programmes of recent millenniums.

The embryonic type suffragists that produced that special formation in an epoch of dicotyledoneae- (eadicot, dicot) type individuals of special blossoming and polychromatic brilliancy, from artistry to free hand masonry, to high fidelity, to literature has long since been dead and buried from our realisations and genome!

The paraphylectic status needed has also been vanquished from the cockpit of the sperm banks and possibly relegated upon a wax work relic at madam tussards museums!

Not a dilettante_1

So we are only left with the dust and the hinder of a brilliance from an after thought of previous millenniums, for no such millennial pursuits can reestablish the greatness of what has been exchanged via the electric age!- (the death of the brain wave).

S Memo_87

Just as one physician broke into new echelons of science the world waited to suffer, on the laziness it afforded us from his brilliance!

In hindsight it actual was a curse, for the instrumentations of one mans genius, has aided nothing but left the remainder of the post generations of Idiots, twits, fools and imbeciles to ponder a life that will not afford them the same creative geniuses!

Thank you and be well!

How Emotions Debilitate Consciousness”

Upon an inquisitive survey, which led to a dialogue concerning groups, an epiphany speculated in my cerebrum which shrouded me with much thought!

S Memo_107

It can be verified that in all metrication and diversity, every single last person, postulates by affirmation into a multitude of areas, minorities, majorities, subdivisions, echelons, subminiatures, sections, hierarchies, affiliates, out casts, coadjuvancies, destitutes, divisions, personals etc etc etc etc….

Also simultaneously!

It is appropriate to understand we all have multiple likes and dislikes, attitudes to separate things, these alone will always pit us against contrasting and collaborative postures to indifference and the multitude of diversity in existence!

S Memo_87

As a mere example, let as shimmeringly contemplate the structure of the basic rock! Then pitch it against the back drop of stones! In which some idle folk may state that “The rock is either out of soughts amongst the stones and is of a different essence!”

“No” Quitely simply not true, for the rock is the sand, just as the star is the atmosphere!

The stone placed amongst a pit of sand may resume the same affirmation from appellants of bias fortitude and skewed data!

For identities are not always exact in every foreseeable structure, though they maybe the same!

S Memo_75

The Rock, the Stone, The Sand after all are but the same substance in 3 separate stages of form! In the identical way people are alike by essence yet separated by form! It is a shame via agendas of grotesquely fierce greed, feed, need, impede, fear and the obstructions devised to control and separate the now deemed partisans! This unfortunate shame has been purchased wholeheartedly by the simpletons of the western and spread throughtout the north as their ultimate identity!

Yet they fail to realise the separation of identity is the ultimate faux pas and has no real substantial presence except for that which one pays heed to govern!

S Memo_35


“The Mountain, The Hill, The Mount, The Rock, The Boulder, The Stone, The Pebble, The Sand, The Dust are all indeed remnants that lead continously in reciprocity back to the form of the mountain and dust again!**

All uniquely situated in their personal form yet added to make a larger substances and possible benevolence! It is a shame that human intelligence mimics this dividends in the state of major indifference and the lack of intelligence for poor understanding and realisations!

Confusion often arises where people talk, however as a consequence to others, do not actually know anything about that which they talk about, and evidently can lead millions astray even at times a whole generation!

The most diabolical assertion I have reoccurringly come into contact with, is assign to this statement and poorly advocated quote! 

“I Know Nothing”

“Socrates- (Socretes)”

This statement by the legendary iconic philosophical astute, has falling by way of misinformation! As almost all have attributed the meaning to socrates stating he himself knows nothing of life!

  • “No” “Quite Simply” “Even misuse and torn to shreds as confirmation of misinterpretation and loss in translation from Latin to English”

That which the common parish of quotes and history fails to realise is the context, circumstances and reason by this poorly refreshed statement?

He who was forgoing torture treatment on his death bed by Athenian Greek soldiers was not acquaint to giving up details to the enemy in question!

S Memo_28

**Lost in translation

Vote earth

I have come to the realisation that everything ever said, is probably underpinned as a factual statement when in reality is a further skew upon the true statement itself!

If one affirms to realise this affirmation, you may also recall the systematic distortion of a truth, turned into a popular childs game named the “Chinese whisper”.

Often poor living standards from, the food you eat, to your groups of socialist can empty toxic waste to your own benevolence, which often adds further weight to increase issues one may have already encountered!

Thus preventing you from real elevation, realisation and actuality! By the time you realise you have been kept behind by mischievous souls who truly wish you unsuccessful benevolence in secret, it is often to late, where a capacity of misguidance has been inherited!

The momentum of such a task is to Ludwig the unsuspected to believe in a particular path!

It is apparent to me nature has its identity in all as a constant reciprocal all have its identity in nature!

Life, metamorphosis, consciousness are characteristics of every entity and force akin to the mountain to sand to mountain in perpetual fashion!

Every grain of sand has a value, yet it is attached to an even bigger value as sizeable object. Also this very size can be infinitely large or small. We could also suggest that the consciousness grows as the size multiplies! The consciousness dwindles as the greatness reduces diminishingly!

Human consciousness I fathom is a grotesquely unattached consciousness to the coadjuvancies, of the full construction of consciousness to all things everywhere! Humankind has adapted a inferior division of said consciousness which is totally unacceptable, while hesitantly bypassing but misleading the truer unpracticed version! I have come to realise that the innate objects in our natural environments have a greater width, depth, length in all metrication of consciousness!

It is also my Cri De Couer, that we  humans, truly know nothingness, and have not come close to introduction on what may be deemed as the abstraction of life!

To get a feel of that which I mean, one would have to be prepared to extract their normal thinking away from formal establishments of institutionalisation and the effort of keen!

It is indeed true that people know nothing and have acquainted less about life- (not that socretes ever stated this to his torturous captors on his death bed in this realisation).

The matter of sophistication and entity is present from the microscopic to the ultramagnetic of the grand! Human emotion diverts consciousness and skews the natural sublimation of its attachments- (realisations) Thus by surrounding yourself with for a better word toxic matter and uneconomic objects- (dead weighted instruments, the idiot, pretentious objects, labels etc, materialism etc) we block, stall and lay severe ambiguity to all and every tinge of any echelons, that submerge us in the actuation of energetic ephoria and subliminal astute tutelage in the awakening of such zones!

The natural forest and its biotic habitat has endeavored to submerge in a superior subdivision of consciousness via existence- (2-4 billion years) and life the human species has not yet existed long enough to comprehend!

This level of consciousness is totally insurmountable from humanistic perspectives! For innate matter sides with no such nerve of the inferior motion! It has also been reported that mamals carry a higher level of consciousness! I am in total agreement with such a statement, as I see a superior level of control via many groups of ungulates and carnivorous predators alike! Including that of jealousy, greed, exploitation, systematic abuse, petty and fowl play, bias jurisdiction, prejudism and corruption!

For this eternally I place mamals as a higher form of species, emotionally and consciously!

Since humankind has lodged upon planet earth as a relunctant messiah, all its efforts has come to the destruction of the earth for greed and the deity of luxury!

In this essential assessment,  it is my believe that the majority of folk in the world are, without hope and will not succeed!

The number one culprit is fear, which controls all distortion and distribution of fear, dishonesty and the like!

You will find people are or appear much below themselves or the mindful, not via dress sense but rather by fear of stating their truths or worse joining coadjuvancies of convenience for fear of loneliness!

The question that warrants space is, who would want such spirits around their essence?

Fear subsequent leads to the biggest crimes across humanity ever known!

One can not seriously ever trust agents who fear so much?

What would our world be akin to if all of nature feared the way humankind feared!

Our plantation and biotic life would be totally poisonous and inhabitable! Even the light would not penetrate its shield of fear renouncing it un-photosynthesis in which life would not be bound by light thus would not grow!

Fortunately the echelon of consciousness adopted by all other life outside humankind is bound by a super heterodyne consciousness! A subliminal consciousness unrivalled by any effort juxtaposed by human efficiency in all width &  breath of metrication for all time possibly always!

If you understand this, you maybe earned to have done well! For it is not untill then you would have learnt to go your own way by your choice, not left out or forced by others!

That is the difference, the ultimate decision!***

Be well!S Memo_20

“Thursday’s afternoon financial philanthropic advocative session” 01.

“As the world’s multiplicity duplicates in every fascet, comsumption and product has worn first prize parralel to noble laureate recognotion of the galaxy,in this manifestation of mined resources converted and utilised then dumped. This proceeds the most contagious assemply of danger to all life created by one soul inhabitant, namely guilty of spoil!

The human race is as guilty as charged of squander waste and dump, as a theif caught red handed with his hands in the amiable cooky jar!


Consumption is rife, waste is increasing, squander becomes a route for the lesson of regret, while nonchalance to mother earth has evolved as the new ever popular fashion of rock and roll!

The earth is truly blighted by the rendering of its most unorganised tennants- (you, me, him, her and every last individual, who fearlessly ignite the mass or destruction and rot upon mother nature, while depleting all resources!

You you and you sir/madam!

S Memo_82

Yet once again we know who is the most highest culprits in this engineering fete, of mass production, squander and blight!

S Memo_57

Yet how much is it worth to advise others of such seeds of blight?

The answer is “All the money known to ever exist”.

As that is the true price any person of sound mind would give to protect the future of their grandchildren, children and more!


Obviously we can not expect everyone to care, that would be impossible, but the little you do will have some beneficiaries to your life!

“That which goes around comes back around!”

To blight plus more…

Orbital model of atom

S Memo_97

Health degeneration, climate dilapidation, resources dissemination, disease and drought!

S Memo_86

Is the oldest statement recorded in the book of beneficial ethics!

S Memo_12

Yet we modern anthropological beings have only and are still endeavouring to comprehend its meaning!

Nonetheless! Advice only ever sits as advice in the thin air of anatomical life unless it is attatched to a pot of gold!

S Memo_23

Well you shall have some gold to day for your effort of time!

S Memo_41

Money saving tips are equal to that of being presented with such rewards needed to proceed in the here and now of your journey! Wage, expense, trade, favour, cash, treasury, sovereign, capital, aid, funds, associates, dollar, pound, paper, material, matter, substance, earnings, stock, shares and money or that which you ever use to voice such power of the subsidies needed in society to exist?

I often calculate matters of money, as you can appreciate such accustom is quite difficult to protect handsomely!

Upon recent investigations via ill health I have had to find subsequent ways to allow the personal bartering affiliate to stretch that much longer in the quarters of my existence!

After spending what appears to be a great deal on the reservation of one’s basic estovers I calculated each partition of my benevolence where money can be saved!

I will be posting each and every thursday a money saving advice tip which when calculated can slash normal shopping bills by approximately 50% annually- (Yearly) No doubt others will probably charge for such advice as the world does not evolve upon fresh air solely! Often to the degree that others are so keen to increase their capital that they even inherit the machinations of spoil recruit and sabotage!

Nonetheless! I calculated recently how much money I spend on mops and mop heads! Which came to over £100 a year!

You may not fully understand the reason for this figure, yet I can assure if to enrole or partake in a proffessional diplomacy of cleaning or Bicks course– (British Institution of Chemical Science) it will be more then detrimentally inherent the reasons why?

Firstly bacteria is a huge killer and danger, and multiplies with the extremities of oxygen in the natural atmosphere!

Each secregated dwelling area has to have its own personal mop– (Usually colour coded as standard practice).

Yellows are for the importance in detoxifying bathroom facilities-

(metrication of the flooring area etc)

Green are for the danger of kitchen facilities-

( “”  as stated in initial area    “”)

Blue are for the hygienic accommodation areas of rest and entertainment facilities-

(“” as stated in initial area “”)

while Red are fore the cleansing of toilet facilities-

(“” as stated in the initial area””).

Often one should be now aware even if you wish to purchase the most cheapest mop and bucket you have to wash- (though often not advisable, as the tiny threads usually clog your washing machine over time and possibly even if released via powerful agents, are flushed via pipes to block national pipe grids and form a obtrusive contamination of wast’s accumulated to surmount a gross distortion of mass in sewage drains!) or change the mop end within every fornight?- (which is much more advisable and hygienic by cleaning standards!

Their exist such shops who would charge the absolute least price of just £1 to buy a new mop end!

If we calculate the cost we can evaluate just how much money the cheapest shopper of ethical hygiene spends a year?– By using the metrication of a standard apartment for one person, in which you have 5# or 6# separate areas of habitat per single entity. 1# Sleeping area, 1# Recreational area, 1# Cooking area, 1# Toilet area & Shower area- (or 1# Shower area if separate shower room to toilet room), 1# Hall way area! 

So please recall we stated the cheapest mop replacement cost just £1 we should change every 14 uses– (In Which it is advised to mop everyday) which calculates to 1 new mop head every 2weeks. Now we can multiply that by the standard living area per single agent in society which amounts to 5/6 rooms! Unfortunately most are not quite as fortunate to have the six stable areas of convenience so we will graph our visit by 5 areas of location for the calculation!

Now we have the £1 fee for the mop!

Multiply this by the 14 day period, for the usage longevity!

Then we have the metrication of space per single agent? 5 living “quarter’s” of habitation? 

If we except the £1 and then multiply that by the 5 “quarters of living area”

then We arrive at the not so unexpected figure of 5- (which is just £5 every fornight of usage of this 1 instrument?)

Now we need to calculate the yearly usage to maintain this level of hygiene in your amiable home, from the figure presented of 5– (£5pounds fortnightly per standard single person area?) Multiplying this figure by the fortnights- (2week periods totalling in a year?)

Let us conclude how many fortnights are in a year in this section?

First we can state, generally speaking there exist 365 days in a year by humankinds evaluation of the demographics associated with international understanding and value of humankinds, measurement to days and years?!

If we except the 365 digit and devide that by 14?

We find the expected sum of ….. …. just 26.0714285714

This sum represents the value of fortnights in a normal year from september to september by human standards!

Now we have calculated our fortnight figure– (Each two week period in a single year), we can forward that to the multiplication of our expence per fornight of mop head- (Which disclosed previously smounted to just £5)

So now! Take the figure of 26.0714285714 and multiply that figure against this figure of just 5- (remember this figure 5 represents your £5 expenditure per fortnight, while the long figure of 26.0714285714 represents your yearly total calculation of fornights!

Now let us calculate the moment of realisation?!

26.0714285714 x (multiplied by) 5 = 130.357142857. We can round this figure of to represent 130!

That is £130

So an averagle sinlgleton living on their own in a standard size appartment would need to spend £130 just on one the mop replacents?!

As I stated cleaning them by the washing machine method is neither cost effective, hygienic to your washing machine or worthwhile!

However what is worthwhile is a closer insoection of the construction of the simple mop end!

Let us look closely in the photographs and explain each section!

A simple mop is comprised of 4 separate parts!

1. In Fig.1 The handle or broom part for gripping and holding!



2. In Fig.2 The mop end which is made up of 3 sections- (if you care to take a closer inspection wearing disposable gloves for hygiene) 



A. In Fig.3 The thread or cloth for soaking and cleaning. 



2. Fig.4 & 5. Yet display the two part brace attatching the mop material for cleaning- (in which 1 part has the thread for the broom or handle stick! While the other has the detachable mechanism for holding the cloth or material!

Fig.4 and Fig.5 below





Look closely at the mop and notice the spherical wholes on either side of the thread insertion for the broom handle/stick holder! – (Long segment of the mop)

Displayed again below in fig.7



You will notice a type of pin in each whole which can be prised apart by multiple methods- eith8er you can push a screwdriver to release the pins from each end or you can prize the bottom of the clamp with a screw driver or safe strong tool?! I used a screwdiver as displayed!


Then prise this section open with a tool (as mentioned) in the previous section ( also displayed in Fig.6 (above).

Once you have achieved this you can put old or torn clean bits of cloth, or you may cut up old cloths you was going to throw away anyway!

Thus saving you that extra bit off money a year!

Remember! It may not sound like alot to most people, Nonetheless, when one calculates, the only necessity to ever buy just the first five initial mops!

Well you can calculate the subtration of 5 from £130 yearly cost?!


The idioglossia of one’s idiochromosome


Lava 2_4

This is the degree upon the west, who by decree cause yet nothing but ill will upon the earth and natures inhabitants. From the invasion and destruction of innocent microscopical  the life to contamination of the insurmountable!

Blood be thicker than water

“I often question how degenerate a mind can become, as to not even consider future dangers untill it has risen, often to late”

This suggests would suggest genuine characteristics of the utter stupidity of the homo-sapien that hales out of the west!”

Never Ever Believe The Police

Long since, have I contemplated the mental degeneration of folks from the western shores. Often realising such idiosyncrasies, formed actuation of drug inducement, but rather I did not inquisition nearly as deep enough! As upon further introspection it is evident most individuals who have inhabited the western north Atlantic ocean, have evolved quite unexpectedly crudely in all metrication and dissociation away from sophistication of antiquities pure geniuses! The last of the Renaissance men are all but dead! If you by chance so hapoen to spot one? You will be indeed blessed in your life! For such relics are banished accross time space and energy as rotten cattle are from organic farms!

The lords name in vain

Living in the west neither  cooperates/produces/indoctrinates to  lawful earnestness out of citizens in this unfortunate epoch. By comparison the existence for those citizens is to feed the upper classes and be a product for the livelihood and prosperity of the “upper tier class”. This is including a pony for the police office to ride, while Pershing the path of least resistance for maximum profit. A cow to be milked so financial organisations can send their offsprings to an expensive indoctrination. A universal fraud so the wealthy can raise their succinct replication in a costly manner.

The malevolence is even displayed through the youngest members of this unbenign environment right to the law enforcers and beneficiaries! Ironically  law enforcers are cut/gathered and prepped from the exact impoverished  clotha those who they arrest/frame/false testify against.

United Kingdom, England at that matter, to seek residential status is not something I would ever advise in all earnestness to anyone anywhere at any given time, ever!

The blood of the west is fashion_1

What England may offer anyone seeking residents in financial categories is dwarfed by what you unintentionally will receive to foster in mental dilapidation, misery, victimisation, stigmata, affliction, internal robbery and exhaustion if not “anatomical combustion”- a phenomenon of recent decades past in which old age pentioners would burst into flames from the mass distortion of chemical corruption internally entwined in organs;  Namely stated as “God’s punishment” for a wicked life lived via ill will to others, adjacent with a malign host of other weird and obscure bombardments of turmoil the body can engross!

Lava 2_2

My earnest hypothesis is the cancer bartered by most is nothing more than the ill –  will emotionally displaced either secretly or openly morgaged upon others life?

How can one feel sorry for such a malign fate when all around are the most evil of species by way of human version of a black widow- (the western mentally) crooked, selfish, greedy, envious, vengeful, spiteful, nasty, grotesque hate spawned from masses of medusa! (Ancient Greek Mythological figure; A women with snakes on heir head, while the lower body was of a python)


Myself born and bread here in the west, chose not to have children, for too much evil roams here in England! It has become a natural phenomenon that every agent you lay your eyes upon is engaged fanatically in some saught of scandal or other! Money laudering, drug trafficking, prostitution, pedophilia, mental or emotional abuses, fraud, sexual or sexuality abuse, theft or robbery. Along with “defamation… falsification… purgery… slander… propagation… misinformation… misrepresentation… deceptions… trickery… evil engineering… corruption… scandal… honey traps… malicious ingenuity… cheat… Indecency… filth… lies… hate crime… sabotage… all heinously employed by all, even some who often attend church!

S Memo

The most distinguished and disappointing attrition to this, is the fact that the greater the longevity in this region for any entity, premises or association the greater the decline in your ability to remain pure and succinct in yourself. The values of many in England spoil and rot away long before your fibres will be cast from your corpse, when leaving your open casket decay, to infest upon yet another akin to a contagion! You will be remembered least, forgotten quicker than the last one before.

England I compare to rather a plague legion, to end all plagues and everything else!


You could easily imagine the future quarantine of mass civilians, infected by such a hedious transparent plague, which degrades the self irradicates the will, distorts the features of any one  elemwhom eastheticonce echoed easthetically – (Farrah Faucett the hollywood actress, died in 2009 from cancer while sufferring for ten years with a home made video). This intrigued me very much so, how something so attractive- (as she was voted one of the most beautiful women of the century) could end up this way? 

This was an incredible parody on a subliminally fortunate career and talent, an amazing women and one who I enjoyed the previous feature entertainment, consequentially this indeed appeared more than ironic and soul destroyingly, while tragic at the very least!

Reminiscence of an amiable entertainer I use to love watching as a child, who I grew up to notice in real life!

I felt quite in love with paula yates as a school child! I can recall running home from school to switch on Channel four on t.v to view, what I believe was called the “Word” or something or another?  A good vibes music and arts programme steared at the young and fashionable! Probably similarly to that which focuses on music and entertainment in present television! – (T4/MTV etc). Sorry but i do not really watch t.v much anymore, so unfortunately I am not upto date with the world of the misinformation and disinformation, plus un-etiquettes portrayed for the eagerly excepting unfortunates!

Yet as the brilliant Mark dwain expelled magnanimity in this subliminal quote!

“If you do not read the news papers, you are uninformed.  If you do read the news papers you are misinformed”

Such true take on the abstractions of hedonistic life in the western frontiers!

While the darkskin ethnics are relinquished internationally as being amongst the most misinformed meat eating mammalians of the civilised world which ever existed so much so, to sell their own prisoners as slaves while allowing foreign invaders to help themselves to Africa’s gold, land, women and resources?

Suggests gullibility extraordinarily and easily vulnerable to whitemen and women! By the realisation Africans are the only people who would destroy their own heritage and kins, at the order of any Caucasian or Europeanist value system!

I questions how cheap such a people are! Probably one could assume such endogenous creatures existed as dis-advantaged slaves, if they enjoyed the business of abusing their own? (Race) “Twits” blacks are indeed!

Or is it rather the case as stated by the “Willie Lynch Document”?

“The Nigger-Mother” did her job far too well and broke every black spirit she could, for life???

For I have always loved yet another dynamic quote, for someone was uttered? “THERE CAN BE NO SIN WITHOUT SINNER, AS THEIR CAN BE NO PRODUCT WITHOUT PRODUCER- (IF there is a product, there must exist a market or demand for it to truly exist and spawn longevity).

Hence! such as supply on demand!!

14 - 1 (17)

So back to my crush on the late Paula Yates, who I along with probably millions of the young boys, found her curvy natures very appealling as an adolescence!

Plus her wonderful bright eyes!

Anyway those were indeed, but just starry moments in my young life!

However strangely enough, it appears fate always has a date for some of our thoughts!

Much later in life I took up a job, in which my colleagues spoke of how they saw paula yates, to my then surprise I could not believe them, they even told me the road where she lived!

As a fan I had to see if I would be lucky to set eyes upon my childhood feature! Yet weeks flew by and I must have been the only one out of my young colleuges who did not notice her!


Once I finally forgot about noticing her, as I was not even sure on the exact door of her home? Later, I was actually walking on the road that she lived on in westbourne grove Wc1, west London. Finally I actually recognised her, though she looked the same I noticed how sad she looked, I never had the nerve to approach her back then and unfortunately i missed my opportunity to say hello to this famous beautiful celebrity I use to amiably race home to view on t.v.

I noticed paula yates but I never had the nerve to say hello! But I would the next time I laid eyes to her!

The following week, I walked along paula yates road but strangely enough I noticed there where men wearing the white uniforms you would often see on the t.v detective forensic dramas when a body had been exhumed for autopsy! At a certain adress!

I thought nothing of it and just assumed an elderly person had died which occurs often from loneliness!

About a week later I was off sick, when I returned back to work I was transferred to another office in a new location which needed competent experience staffing to manage. I took the placement- (not that I remember having any choice or say in the decision!

I was excelling they needed me and I had to go to their aid! Anyway my destiny with paula was cut short as I would not be able to make a hello trip rendezvous from an entirely separate area!

I retrospective order the memory has been kept pristine of the moment I saw a celebrity I felt admiration for!

“Yet strange thing life really, yet a curse doubling as a journey to experience”

I came home one day.. cold tired exhausted from a lond day at work! It must have been close to a year later! I remember swiching on the news, I almost droped my cup of beverage to that which i layed on the box!

“what?!” “WHAT IS THIS?!” I remember reiterating…

The the iTN news reporter stated that 37 year old paula yates has been found dead at her west London home, and she leaves behind 2 kids!

It was a tragic ending to yet such a richful life, truly a beautiful women I thought, the worse part about the report was they stated that, they believed it was due to her partner who subsequently took his own life the year before?

By the same method- (Hanging on a rope attatched to a door) 

I believe the boyfriend was the musician from navanna, i think they stated, but I am not too sure about those minor details, huchince or something? A suppose iconic figure in the environment of that type of music scene one should know- (a very famous musician in that rock genre of music) but forgive me for my endulgence for music is not my priority here in this matter!

I could not see this ever coming while I have been near perfect in prophesies of events to come!

I always wondered about my only encounter with her from a distant, I do not know if she ever notice me or not, but I have always faulted had I had spoken to her, it may have made a significant differnce to her! Life is really that strange! I was doing quite well then in life for my then young age! Nothing at all compared to her standard, I always thought to myself I could have invited her to see my next competition bout?

But I remember how inappropriate it all was back then, different age, race, religion, class, finances, , appearance, etc etc.. probably may have been subjected to a police profile for a rapist or robber?! By parishes of ignorance and racist affiliations!

The worse thing about this regret was the fact that post news broke that she had been suffering from depression! I thought to myself back then, “we even had something to talk about” had I had the notion to first introduce myself  to paula yates?! But sure anyone can understand, when you are much lower than another in standards, life experiences, class, finnance it is not quite the norm to talk to others of separate status! Though i am sure via safe nurturing of child to adult, that it maybe possible to break away from stereotypes.

However! I knew and understood where my devils lay later on in my emerged state, to acquire my own antidote as did my pragmatic genius sake and the ultimate alter egoist fusion and subliminal Fictional character kept running and searching for his medicine state, “The one David Banner aka Incredible Hulk!” As I to had my demons- ( more to the 2001 film and updated version than the original comic book story!).

My mothers benign was well suffogated in my genes as well as tortured in my anatomy and physical state while growing up with a lunatic for what of a better word than a thing!

My mum undertook severe physical beating too!. Back in her day in that region of the world unmarried women of religious backgrounds, was never going to get away with being pregnant at 14-15 and not sufferring the consequences of such young and personal undemocratic malign to the sovereignty of a strict household and coagulation by cultural coadjuvancies!

Decending from generation to generation akin to a rock rolling down a hill top at velocities and momentum!

Yet who, what, where, When, how and why? Was such an instrumentation of such barbaric archaic commissions even introduced to the learning of a simple species!

why? Ahhh yessss… hmmmm but of cause, yet them again! Hmmmmmm… Forever and always were there lays invest there lays power! Where there lays power there lays threat! So after all it was the whiteman who taught my ancestors to beat each other so savagely, as to protect there only interest in capital from the slave trade and breaking of the nigger mother! – (Outlined in the willy lynch document)

And for this we must be greatful and love you as we would ourself! Ok!

You should be aware you have destroyed my family,? Mother miserably insane, drove my father to leave this country- (although he was a school teacher and taught you well from that which he was educated with).

All my families efforted to bring benevolence while you sabotaged will for ill! Most of them took out their issues on me! Yet I am suppose to thank you for this?! 

My poor mother carried me when she was continually racially abused, I realised now all her ill health was passing onto me while I was growing in her womb, the lack of support she recieved and stress as an ethnic then must have caused my own conditions to manifest!

The lack of adrenalin, cortisone, and positive hormones that a women’s body produces when she is stressed gets passed down to child!  While premoting poor genes and health issues I have studied to understand!

In which that child will be born difficient of something and will always exist ill!

All my sicknesses are hereditary from my mothers inheritance of racial abuse to her and my father!

Thank you for the pain and suffering you have caused my family and thy, for it shall not go unpunished for aslong as I live!

“What goes out to see, inevitably circulates back to the shores”

I always remember feeling sorry for her ex husband as he certainly endurred hell (Bob geldof)

Only for one of the daughters of the late Paula Yates to also commit suicide this year by mimicking  andher mother mothers lover!

This life is wonderfull hell!

For the children of the slaughtered may karma manifest back to those enslavers plainly for all misery endured!

For the children of the slaughterers?

Cancer for the cancerous. …

Enucleate the insanity

Primarily in modern epochs nostalgia appears the romanticist, for the well wisher and day dreamer of a utopian benevolence!

For all past and present and future actuations are forever lost in the translation via space, chronological elapses, momentum, Linguistics, metrication and tradition, to the point no truth exist!

Just equaling the adoption of christhood by those who betrayed him and let him be slaughtered, my words too, will one day be lost as of everyone elses also! The modern day partisan are no longer interested in metaphysics, but set a monument on the a quick fix, a nocturnal habituation!

The fabrication insured by the twits and embeciles, sometimes never ends, rather infesting the planet as they throw away priceless antiquity in knowledge for instant elevation of morphine, endure this information yet one more thing! Then inspire  to have multiple children and educate them with falsehoods to pass on and on and on forever more! Untill from one family 1 thousand and 1 more offsprings have performed fabrication upon the earths windows of listeners!

Just as though they where monks with the christian newly formed indoctrination!

Changing everything but their fabrication!

100 plus 1 more year and what is in remain! Every other falsification but the truth spouted by the retched tongues of horders of drunkards and their wifes!

Lost in translation

“He who dares wins” set against “He who fares wins”.

Would not like to set a wager on the outcome, for the breath of realisations has long ago pointed to the psychopathic nature behind success, greed, power and authoritarian kinsmenship!

My education in and out of establishments have taught me much in the understanding of patterns and structure. Not simply because of that which I gave my time towards but the nature in which breeds these patterns!

As some detrimental inconvenience can occur for the fortune of yourself if your eyes are open to possibilities! The thing I am sometimes guilty of.

S Memo_74

Lava 1

Lava 2

Lava 3_1

Struggle and change Is a likeness, simmering similarities exist to and throw, throughout existence! The pattern between objects of varied backgrounds, show kinship akin to a mimic or an all mighty cosmic legislation? the behaviours of varied ethnicity who are unfamiliar to one another, yet show great similarity in characteristics of vices and virtues!

S Memo_80

S Memo_89

The power can be within us it we entangle from the negavity of such forces, some of our associates, family, even places and objects can hold a tangible meritocracy towards darkness or poisonous spirits!

So these things you must let go of before it ruins you also! Objects can be burried in the bin but not people as the spirit will latch on to you! So steer your self clear from their presence!


The power is within us, but not us all.. that is reserved for the minority portion of the world!


“The wave vibration” you may wish to read on IMMANUAL KANT, WILLAM HEGEL! in the education category 7th, 8th post for more information regarding vibrations! 

Or check science categories?

The jeopardising and ludwigs deceit!

S Memo_49

So ponder if we as part of the human phylogeny are bound to an existentialism of malevolence and subjected degradation?

“The acid- (burning lava and molten rock) For our cancerous depredations- (The mice that keep us destroyed)

Nonetheless! Such as the sun that bakes our food, to the moon that grows our food, turmoil is never left alone without a hint of the knight in shinning armour!

Our very own dark night rising by the light!

“By & By our savoirs are ways slaughtered by the ones who look like us, smell like us, and talk like us, yet the only separation is the fact that truly excoriated they are nothing like us! For they have slayed many and more of the lords messengers, Jesus christ they slayed him upon a cross, took his words later as their own to destroy us- (the very people he protected, Muhammad peace be upon him, was felled, as was martin luther king jr, and any spokes person of benevolent virtue, malcolm X was killed by one who pretended to be like him but was not, for among us are the true gentile dye in the wool conniving perpetraitors.

The remainder of hope were also outstretched by the judas characteristic advocators… For often all of benevolent support is reduced to ashes and dust, in J F Kennedy, Hilas Sallasi, Malcolm X and many more!

Every generation has its support, yet the evils are far out waying the benevolent, for if you defend yourself it is you who they will blame, they say they can harm you but you can not touch them back! This is the law I have come to know to well!

As much as I have witness the backstabbing clones who resemble us but are nomore than cyborgs- (resembling black sheep).

Becareful of them blacks in church especially the women! They are notorious for bringing down our own!

S Memo_81

S Memo_82


Always be well and far away from  “Conniving ominous of such devilish spirits, from or to or by the detriments of whoever, whatever, wherever such abaite your reserve , creed, culture, colour, gender or class!

“REMEMBER!” “Con- (cheat) knifing- (knife) equates to the actuation of a sharp instrument utilised for the excoriation of you upon your back!

Lava 3

Often we are bound by the lies and fabrication of the weak of mind, the accusations of the most ignorant and the pettiness of the foolish! It is only a trap for fools- (as stated by Rudyard Kipling in internationally acclaimed prose, “If, Brother Square Toes”).

Nonetheless! You hopefully are not one and never will be, for my Cri De Couer manifests out to those who are in such a minority in this world! If mental inertia evades your cognizance, you maybe already the loss cause for redemption!

Never and not minority of anything else but mind!

The segregation of mind is an abhorrent affliction upon the initiated!

“For the stimulus of education in the world has, will and is forever the sharp section of the bladed knife”

The more you acquire knowledge the further you are alone, lost in translation of the actuation of life amongst the petty and fool hearted!

Who only live for joy sake, while stuffing their guts with tissue moist from their cooking cauldrons, their wifes unintelligible as they are as fickle as their masters, who only raise of springs of the lowest intelligent inheritance. Their dwellings, often hissing with hate, rumour or sabotage for another, they envy, if their discourse of course pays the final visit, announces core affliction, which often shortens one’s life!

The acid for the cancerous growth, be the seeds which where water-ed, till affliction as the blossom!

“Ultimately, this strange pattern is the paradigm and stigmata, such live into old age and leave for their offsprings a reduction of education!”

This is their personal inherent values of heritage!

As often they do not know better and was not and never taught better!

S Memo_70

It became apparent to me how this insufficient state evolved! After many a ruminations, and study, it was clear to me by reading on the history of the 17 18 & 19 centuries that the lower class was not permitted Into education untill the formed government named the wigs- (who are now renamed as the Conservative party of England) Introduced Education to the lower masses! This goverment was the very goverment Mr Guy Falks efforted to blow up, unfortunately with dynamite he did not handle carefully only killed himself from the explosion of the dynamite he bought from a Japanese arms trader!

The unfortunately night was recorded as the forth of November, in which the government employees arrived at work, to the astonishment of the proceedeing events, the next morning to witness the charcoal-ed remains of a one Mr Guy falks- (identified by his dentistry!) Who was at lengthy disrepute with the seasoned established wigs!

The wigs who where always in opposition to the then named democrats- (Now named labour party) where the only two leading official goverment parties of England in the 18th century

Yet irony does have its twist of fate!

Yet it appears all was not lost for the heavy price Mr Guy Falks was to pay for wanting fair policies and education to all!

When the news spread, though the running goverment known as the wigs, who became even.more grossly jubilant with laughter at poor mr guy fauks, such of their jubilation stuffing on ox tale and raw hide with the finest sherry and wine, untill their heart’s were content! They was met with unabashedly berated partisans. As councellors informed the wigs rumour was growing that the towns folk where juvenile about another greater attempt upon the order of the mighty wigs- (Conservative party)

Upon an urgent meeting of all in house members a vote and motion was announced that, two sudden changes must occur, first the identity of their name the wigs must be lost to the memory and second, the memory of this night has to be celebrated to govorn prosperity and hope!

The wigs evidently became the now Conservative party you are familliar with by the exploits of a one late Lady Thatcher!

And secondly the wigs- (conservatives) appraised the demand to except the night mr guy fauks attempted to explode the premises of parliament, as a celebration for the people to regain confidence!

Immediately after this discussion, two major uturns chronicled mr guy fauks brave attempt for change!

The first, was for the very first time in english history, education would be taught to all and not just the middle and upper classes! But also every lower class of Caucasian decent! It was a while later before poor ethnics- (otherwise known as field niggers at the time) could be taught English, ethics and so on. However the fortunate counterparts, who were named as the house niggers where given the finist education as they was bought by rich land owners who treated them with ethics & etiquettes to display to their kids- (nannies, house keepers, servants, buttlers, cheifs) all had to dress well look well and speak well. These individuals where allowed baths and often had a small hut like appartment built for them to live in!

Conditions for the field niggers- (as they was named) was the exact contrary and entirely difficult.

S Memo_47

These workers rarely was afforded a bath- (probably never as even white babies only bathed seasonally) hardly ever and would live in the barn eating off scraps and left overs! Only ever owning one set of cloths their natural lifes. They was born poor, they was treated inhumane and they died poor, often ill uncared for and unmarried! The field workers where under the most severest orders of “disciplined commands” that they could never start a family!

Yet this was the society on the vanguard of political correctness?

S Memo_51

House masters rules! Stated “Slaves could only get left over meals- (1 Meal aday) and could not yet feed a nigger baby” when they have yet pigs to feed and crops to harvest!

S Memo_40

Many slaves efforted to run away, yet was mostly caught brought back for punishment if worthy of hard labour?

Unfortunately many was Shot and killed if incompetent and weak!

Any women found to be carry babies where forced to subjected termination, unless the master had any inclinations it could be his- (mixed raced babies had a fifty fifty chance of survival, in that distortion, mess, coelenterate of life and being, the slave trade epoch)

S Memo_36

One can still commend many for not wanting to bring a life into such a cold world of hate and its ingenuity!

I do not fully comprehend the madness of bringing a child into a lopsided disadvantaged paradigm-(shift) not I, never and not I!

I could not fathom bringing life into such a malevolent environment- (that of planet earth). Ruled by dictators, theives, the un-quench-able, insatiable, out reached and verminous exploites of the haves and have nots!

Who rumour with hate the reactology of retrocessive embellishments suited for discourse of the genuine diminution of life! Better for one to disable themselves permanently at least!

“Such epimeric equinoctial acquiescence of the geological achromatism”

The deciphering off the vibration within you!

S Memo_13

Unlocking your benevolence can protect you against such disease of state! While plain simpletons often romanticise the joy of spatialness to the intellect! For often your depravity is their happiness!

I was not aware as a child, enough, of such things I came to experience or fully appreciate these historical values, it compensates the ignorance of mind to know history! And why a nation acts the way it does! For example many many whites are wholeheartedly ignorant, yet what is worse is they can not see it or even understand the word ignorance!

“Yet the most accurate way to understand an individuals ignorance is to research into their history- (whether it be family, culture, heritage, personal, education etc?) Yet in this somewhere lays truth and reason to their state of mind and behaviour?

Remember! Nothing happens without a kick starter or catalytic variable!

The lower sections of English Caucasians and eastern europeans was not allow into formal education in the 17th century Anno Domini!

Now it takes years of centuries for the gift of education to flow through a class, gradient, culture, heritage, gender or even species!

Now we can identify why The poor white English section speak and act in the mannerisms they have projected!

They premote the acquittal of knowlege, are are symbolic of  the pupil who starts school 6 years behind his peers- (very unfortunate for him who has a slow start in education, and will never ever catch up in this world to those who have the best first and are on a steady track!

This very problem is romanticised in multiple separate groups or genres! Same for the blacks, late starters to western education and are for ever falling behind, this is even worse for white females as they was enroled onto education even after blacks, via the aid of a one Mr Frederick Douglas, actually know by Mr Godfrey Douglas- (my fathers name who taught in England and recieved acclaim at his era along with jealousy I was informed).


Spirit of vibration alignment

Tap your energy a little each day!

S Memo_90

Be well in all earnest dear faithfulls, one day I will be gone too, like all those before, it is only the pattern I have discovered that the initiated are marginised by the evil majority!