Enucleate the insanity

Primarily in modern epochs nostalgia appears the romanticist, for the well wisher and day dreamer of a utopian benevolence!

For all past and present and future actuations are forever lost in the translation via space, chronological elapses, momentum, Linguistics, metrication and tradition, to the point no truth exist!

Just equaling the adoption of christhood by those who betrayed him and let him be slaughtered, my words too, will one day be lost as of everyone elses also! The modern day partisan are no longer interested in metaphysics, but set a monument on the a quick fix, a nocturnal habituation!

The fabrication insured by the twits and embeciles, sometimes never ends, rather infesting the planet as they throw away priceless antiquity in knowledge for instant elevation of morphine, endure this information yet one more thing! Then inspire ย to have multiple children and educate them with falsehoods to pass on and on and on forever more! Untill from one family 1 thousand and 1 more offsprings have performed fabrication upon the earths windows of listeners!

Just as though they where monks with the christian newly formed indoctrination!

Changing everything but their fabrication!

100 plus 1 more year and what is in remain! Every other falsification but the truth spouted by the retched tongues of horders of drunkards and their wifes!

Lost in translation

“He who dares wins” set against “He who fares wins”.

Would not like to set a wager on the outcome, for the breath of realisations has long ago pointed to the psychopathic nature behind success, greed, power and authoritarian kinsmenship!

My education in and out of establishments have taught me much in the understanding of patterns and structure. Not simply because of that which I gave my time towards but the nature in which breeds these patterns!

As some detrimental inconvenience can occur for the fortune of yourself if your eyes are open to possibilities! The thing I am sometimes guilty of.

S Memo_74

Lava 1

Lava 2

Lava 3_1

Struggle and change Is a likeness, simmering similarities exist to and throw, throughout existence! The pattern between objects of varied backgrounds, show kinship akin to a mimic or an all mighty cosmic legislation? the behaviours of varied ethnicity who are unfamiliar to one another, yet show great similarity in characteristics of vices and virtues!

S Memo_80

S Memo_89

The power can be within us it we entangle from the negavity of such forces, some of our associates, family, even places and objects can hold a tangible meritocracy towards darkness or poisonous spirits!

So these things you must let go of before it ruins you also! Objects can be burried in the bin but not people as the spirit will latch on to you! So steer your self clear from their presence!


The power is within us, but not us all.. that is reserved for the minority portion of the world!


“The wave vibration” you may wish to read on IMMANUAL KANT, WILLAM HEGEL! in the education category 7th, 8th post for more information regarding vibrations!ย 

Or check science categories?

The jeopardising and ludwigs deceit!

S Memo_49

So ponder if we as part of the human phylogeny are bound to an existentialism of malevolence and subjected degradation?

“The acid- (burning lava and molten rock) For our cancerous depredations- (The mice that keep us destroyed)

Nonetheless! Such as the sun that bakes our food, to the moon that grows our food, turmoil is never left alone without a hint of the knight in shinning armour!

Our very own dark night rising by the light!

“By & By our savoirs are ways slaughtered by the ones who look like us, smell like us, and talk like us, yet the only separation is the fact that truly excoriated they are nothing like us! For they have slayed many and more of the lords messengers, Jesus christ they slayed him upon a cross, took his words later as their own to destroy us- (the very people he protected, Muhammad peace be upon him, was felled, as was martin luther king jr, and any spokes person of benevolent virtue, malcolm X was killed by one who pretended to be like him but was not, for among us are the true gentile dye in the wool conniving perpetraitors.

The remainder of hope were also outstretched by the judas characteristic advocators… For often all of benevolent support is reduced to ashes and dust, in J F Kennedy, Hilas Sallasi, Malcolm X and many more!

Every generation has its support, yet the evils are far out waying the benevolent, for if you defend yourself it is you who they will blame, they say they can harm you but you can not touch them back! This is the law I have come to know to well!

As much as I have witness the backstabbing clones who resemble us but are nomore than cyborgs- (resembling black sheep).

Becareful of them blacks in church especially the women! They are notorious for bringing down our own!

S Memo_81

S Memo_82


Always be well and far away from ย “Conniving ominous of such devilish spirits, from or to or by the detriments of whoever, whatever, wherever such abaite your reserve , creed, culture, colour, gender or class!

“REMEMBER!” “Con- (cheat) knifing- (knife) equates to the actuation of a sharp instrument utilised for the excoriation of you upon your back!

Lava 3

Often we are bound by the lies and fabrication of the weak of mind, the accusations of the most ignorant and the pettiness of the foolish! It is only a trap for fools- (as stated by Rudyard Kipling in internationally acclaimed prose, “If, Brother Square Toes”).

Nonetheless! You hopefully are not one and never will be, for my Cri De Couer manifests out to those who are in such a minority in this world! If mental inertia evades your cognizance, you maybe already the loss cause for redemption!

Never and not minority of anything else but mind!

The segregation of mind is an abhorrent affliction upon the initiated!

“For the stimulus of education in the world has, will and is forever the sharp section of the bladed knife”

The more you acquire knowledge the further you are alone, lost in translation of the actuation of life amongst the petty and fool hearted!

Who only live for joy sake, while stuffing their guts with tissue moist from their cooking cauldrons, their wifes unintelligible as they are as fickle as their masters, who only raise of springs of the lowest intelligent inheritance. Their dwellings, often hissing with hate, rumour or sabotage for another, they envy, if their discourse of course pays the final visit, announces core affliction, which often shortens one’s life!

The acid for the cancerous growth, be the seeds which where water-ed, till affliction as the blossom!

“Ultimately, this strange pattern is the paradigm and stigmata, such live into old age and leave for their offsprings a reduction of education!”

This is their personal inherent values of heritage!

As often they do not know better and was not and never taught better!

S Memo_70

It became apparent to me how this insufficient state evolved! After many a ruminations, and study, it was clear to me by reading on the history of the 17 18 & 19 centuries that the lower class was not permitted Into education untill the formed government named the wigs- (who are now renamed as the Conservative party of England) Introduced Education to the lower masses! This goverment was the very goverment Mr Guy Falks efforted to blow up, unfortunately with dynamite he did not handle carefully only killed himself from the explosion of the dynamite he bought from a Japanese arms trader!

The unfortunately night was recorded as the forth of November, in which the government employees arrived at work, to the astonishment of the proceedeing events, the next morning to witness the charcoal-ed remains of a one Mr Guy falks- (identified by his dentistry!) Who was at lengthy disrepute with the seasoned established wigs!

The wigs who where always in opposition to the then named democrats- (Now named labour party) where the only two leading official goverment parties of England in the 18th century

Yet irony does have its twist of fate!

Yet it appears all was not lost for the heavy price Mr Guy Falks was to pay for wanting fair policies and education to all!

When the news spread, though the running goverment known as the wigs, who became even.more grossly jubilant with laughter at poor mr guy fauks, such of their jubilation stuffing on ox tale and raw hide with the finest sherry and wine, untill their heart’s were content! They was met with unabashedly berated partisans. As councellors informed the wigs rumour was growing that the towns folk where juvenile about another greater attempt upon the order of the mighty wigs- (Conservative party)

Upon an urgent meeting of all in house members a vote and motion was announced that, two sudden changes must occur, first the identity of their name the wigs must be lost to the memory and second, the memory of this night has to be celebrated to govorn prosperity and hope!

The wigs evidently became the now Conservative party you are familliar with by the exploits of a one late Lady Thatcher!

And secondly the wigs- (conservatives) appraised the demand to except the night mr guy fauks attempted to explode the premises of parliament, as a celebration for the people to regain confidence!

Immediately after this discussion, two major uturns chronicled mr guy fauks brave attempt for change!

The first, was for the very first time in english history, education would be taught to all and not just the middle and upper classes! But also every lower class of Caucasian decent! It was a while later before poor ethnics- (otherwise known as field niggers at the time) could be taught English, ethics and so on. However the fortunate counterparts, who were named as the house niggers where given the finist education as they was bought by rich land owners who treated them with ethics & etiquettes to display to their kids- (nannies, house keepers, servants, buttlers, cheifs) all had to dress well look well and speak well. These individuals where allowed baths and often had a small hut like appartment built for them to live in!

Conditions for the field niggers- (as they was named) was the exact contrary and entirely difficult.

S Memo_47

These workers rarely was afforded a bath- (probably never as even white babies only bathed seasonally) hardly ever and would live in the barn eating off scraps and left overs! Only ever owning one set of cloths their natural lifes. They was born poor, they was treated inhumane and they died poor, often ill uncared for and unmarried! The field workers where under the most severest orders of “disciplined commands” that they could never start a family!

Yet this was the society on the vanguard of political correctness?

S Memo_51

House masters rules! Stated “Slaves could only get left over meals- (1 Meal aday) and could not yet feed a nigger baby” when they have yet pigs to feed and crops to harvest!

S Memo_40

Many slaves efforted to run away, yet was mostly caught brought back for punishment if worthy of hard labour?

Unfortunately many was Shot and killed if incompetent and weak!

Any women found to be carry babies where forced to subjected termination, unless the master had any inclinations it could be his- (mixed raced babies had a fifty fifty chance of survival, in that distortion, mess, coelenterate of life and being, the slave trade epoch)

S Memo_36

One can still commend many for not wanting to bring a life into such a cold world of hate and its ingenuity!

I do not fully comprehend the madness of bringing a child into a lopsided disadvantaged paradigm-(shift) not I, never and not I!

I could not fathom bringing life into such a malevolent environment- (that of planet earth). Ruled by dictators, theives, the un-quench-able, insatiable, out reached and verminous exploites of the haves and have nots!

Who rumour with hate the reactology of retrocessive embellishments suited for discourse of the genuine diminution of life! Better for one to disable themselves permanently at least!

“Such epimeric equinoctial acquiescence of the geological achromatism”

The deciphering off the vibration within you!

S Memo_13

Unlocking your benevolence can protect you against such disease of state! While plain simpletons often romanticise the joy of spatialness to the intellect! For often your depravity is their happiness!

I was not aware as a child, enough, of such things I came to experience or fully appreciate these historical values, it compensates the ignorance of mind to know history! And why a nation acts the way it does! For example many many whites are wholeheartedly ignorant, yet what is worse is they can not see it or even understand the word ignorance!

“Yet the most accurate way to understand an individuals ignorance is to research into their history- (whether it be family, culture, heritage, personal, education etc?) Yet in this somewhere lays truth and reason to their state of mind and behaviour?

Remember! Nothing happens without a kick starter or catalytic variable!

The lower sections of English Caucasians and eastern europeans was not allow into formal education in the 17th century Anno Domini!

Now it takes years of centuries for the gift of education to flow through a class, gradient, culture, heritage, gender or even species!

Now we can identify why The poor white English section speak and act in the mannerisms they have projected!

They premote the acquittal of knowlege, are are symbolic of ย the pupil who starts school 6 years behind his peers- (very unfortunate for him who has a slow start in education, and will never ever catch up in this world to those who have the best first and are on a steady track!

This very problem is romanticised in multiple separate groups or genres! Same for the blacks, late starters to western education and are for ever falling behind, this is even worse for white females as they was enroled onto education even after blacks, via the aid of a one Mr Frederick Douglas, actually know by Mr Godfrey Douglas- (my fathers name who taught in England and recieved acclaim at his era along with jealousy I was informed).


Spirit of vibration alignment

Tap your energy a little each day!

S Memo_90

Be well in all earnest dear faithfulls, one day I will be gone too, like all those before, it is only the pattern I have discovered that the initiated are marginised by the evil majority!

3 thoughts on “Enucleate the insanity

  1. thank you for opening my mind and sharing this with me. Very thought provoking Confused by all the ingnorance within and everything of that which is surrounded by… leaving one in a state of carelessness~of knowing what the possibilites of such can produce and manifest within~ leaving one very confused by thought, experience, familiarity \ of the knowing what the unknown could bring. Maybe a catalstt of such inportance to one is needed to push the ignorant into being aware and informed, helping one make a decision with an open mind and a heart rather than of the professional walls one also has put up because of pbligated job or oath or rule! Maybe one needs anothers guidance and hand to face the ignorance one has put forth, knowing the outcome is always that she’s always going to be Alone suffering in pain…..i understand all to well sometimes and sometimes seperation between country and state is of necessity and professional matter. sometimes one needs another to reasure ones decisions,a hand to hold, some love, a friend,other than that of a mentor of giving perspective on whats right and whats wrong, and being mindful in regards to decisions….especially when the history of repetive behaviors has worked hard to change and the dictators and addicts of teh world don’t ever deserve too or be rewarded with such knowledge and extraordinary change..that only the priviledged are deserving to know

    On Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 8:03 PM, khalilaliytheenlightenmentbomb’s Blog wrote:

    > khalilaliytheenlightenmentbomb posted: “Primarily in modern epochs > nostalgia appears romanticist, for the well wisher and day dreamer of a > utopian benevolence!”He who dares wins” set against “He who fares > wins”. Would not like to set a wager on the outcome, for the breath of > realisations has lo”

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