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Pleasant paintings and sophistication of artistry render the ancient halls, structures and architectural- technological artifacts discovered : importantly one must register; It is quite clear the level of the architecture produced to create the many sarcophaguses, is at a far sophisticated machinery production than the artwork  depictions which embellish the walls?
The artwork & paintings are merely poor graffiti in comparison to the sophistication of the machineries production…? Being the construction is certainly a consequence of the technology & machinery utilised, opposed to skilled labourers?
Clearly the many artifacts existing and found in proximity are not from the same groups of teams/ endorsers/epochs/civilisations/society & culture and moreover not even the same species of humanoids?

One thing is vehemently obvious and quite striking, perhaps too obvious to the intelligence of most reasonable minds, to be ever confused, especially for all & anyone in the specific fields and trades of mathematics/physics/building & construction/art & design/manufacturing/skill labour & production..?

Existing presently are a growing number of individuals whom are euphemistically luring themselves from the mediocrity’s social -conspirators of nonchalance & saboteur. Paleantology has discovered multiple lineages of unique groups challenging instances of oblivion have indeed migrated towards an unstable and unbeknown future, braving extremely enduring journeys into the far obliqueness of their future, for survival & harmony, continuing throughout human history and settling where previous dynasties held reign and ruled over vast kingdoms with acute knowledge of systems and fiercely guarded esoteric information…?

Such as This being the occult culture of each dominance in ruling parties whom wielded great power & force. finishing results suggest, the work was not ever composed by the same authors it is uneven & not comparative,* indicative of noticing separate workers throughout the many settlers cultures, whom have indeed *unwittingly attempted to crudely emboss and imprint their signature & understandings on the applicant’s original architecture? In some sections of the ancient structures the fine art is incredibly detailed & precise. The depictions of society & culture are finely detailed, while in other places and tombs the artwork & inscriptions appear engineered from the process of a dilettante?
Resulting in the price of ego & failure: Removing the signatures of the original emerging architects?

A look at many of the depictions discovered fairly display the various levels of work, which stand as separate authors or signatures?

Photo of the Egyptian Pyramids of the Giza Plateau ®️

Defacing occured via separate invading tribes and civilisations whom desired to erase all precious identity & the history of previous cultures. Each colonisation arrived with their personal “GOD” to introduce & indoctrinate upon the newly enslaved, whom once existed as the previous ruling inhabitants of the lands?

The invading parties imported new customs, new regulations, new systems and practices for the purposes of strict adherence, discipline & obedience enforced upon those surviving into the modern era from previous civilisations ?

The invading cultures experienced much difficulties in establishing authority over older practices, those whom neglected to embrace the new religious systems, were indeed tortured, expelled and moreoften killed in gruesome fashion?

The defacing, modern restoration and admission of damage actually devalues all the ancient artifacts we see, not only in the exact identical manner of morden alterations to factory set merchandise, but also worse as the standard of the embellishing is a sightly poor attempt for the viewing of sore eyes in comparison to the original ⚒ precision & carefully organised craftsmanship.

Ironically; The machinery production of the architecture & building finish, suggest the appearance of modern day productions?
While the paintings allude to an age so unbeknown to precisely speculate a date of production?
However it appears the contrary is actually the genuine reality; The manufacturing process of the tombs & buildings is not only much older than the graffiti style paintings upon the *’sarcophaguses…’ Actually significantly older than the project attempt & completion…
Initial attempts at projects often end in failure and failure again until the correct materials, methodology, technology, education, science & knowledge is learnt and applied…
Suggesting the theory the methodology & science we witness be a *’certificate of a distant – culture’s – technologically – advanced – systems & progression preapproved/verified & prepared for the destination of any outworldly exportation in the cosmos… including to life on earth’s inworldly importation.

 ‘ The Black Knight Satellite ‘ photos courtesy of Google ©️ 🛸🎇✨

“Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence”

‘Carl Sagan’

An array of evidence is currently available across the globe and leading to the striking probability of alien intervention profoundly exist?
However, the evidence you may not like as such evidence may not correlate to your own narratives?
There is also the matter of ‘Understanding what can be used as reasonable evidence?’ Intelligence towards the specific subject and a sense of understanding the topic, having familiarity/Training & skills in the fields registered for evidence is primarily necessary? ;
‘Architecture & Design/Stone masonry & building/Preparation & planning/Physics & Technology/Astronomy & Astrology/Geographical – Navigational & Astro- Geographical- Navigation/Extraordinary calculus beyond all modern & future present comprehension/Materials & alchemy/Geophysics & astrophysics/Land scaping & surveying/Terror forming & agriculture/Feeding, storing, maintenance & food harvesting/Mass Dietary & mass food preparation/Mass Health control, hygiene & Diseases regulation/Time schedules, hospices & care/Every protocol imaginable/Unlimited resources & responsibility/Transportation/Unimaginable lengths of consistent motivation/Inheritances of significantly ‘Prolonged- persevering & willing task forces’ ?/Margin for error, mistakes & accidents/ Universal- Languages shared amongst staff/Practice & reasoning

These ancient beings appear to have intentionally notified all future residents be this 🌎 earth or elsewhere… of their presence & abilities? The most sophisticated signs purposely come into light to those of an intellectual manner, while also the most simplified presentations resonate and are also visible for those with a difficult sense of comprehensive ability; Those characteristics of outworldly inhabitants can be found thoroughly throughout the entire globe and the night skies.. The beings certainly was not attempting to hide the history of humanoids, though it may be said some authority appears to be extremely apprehensive in regards to making contact or disclosing details of outworldly matters… with the entire human population (Understandably so) ?


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An ancient tomb holding alien artifacts; Mummification rest undisturbed, of an ancient alien corpse below, believed to be alien in origin, of a ruling pharaoh deposited incredibly long ago… In ?

Interestingly, noticed that the yearly orbit of planet Nibiru has a coincidence with significant activity which occured upon earth approximately 3.2 million years ago….? That of the emergence of ‘light’ or “LIGHT bringer” “Lucy” was in the approximation of existence here on earth incredibly 3.2 million years ago? If these figures are indeed approximately, the outworldly beings will be within this star- system from 200 years ago in retrospect upto within the next 200 years in the distant future of coming age; Calculating from ‘1822 Anno Domini – 2222 Anno Domini’ the entire world could witness the re-arrival of seismic activity from gigantic solar winds… solar flares… enormous gale force stormy winds… ice storms & ice sheet melting in Antarctica… giant hail stones the size of cars… extreme floods… multiple hurricanes… chaotic world winds & ultimate devastation across the globe. Due from the massive interconnection of planet Nibiru interupting while entering solaris orbit, wrecking the formation & stability to each of the planets in the solar system precession.

In relation to identifying the architects of the pyramids: Interestingly it must be noted; We do NOT see any ‘Mock examples of Pyramid structures throughout the world, in the way we see Pyramids’… ‘No mock examples’… ‘No trial pyramids’… ‘No sight of the process to an evolutionary pyramid structure’… /s… ‘No test pyramids’… failed pyramids or anything resembling an early process of graduation exist in the world? Unlike what we know to exist with the normal process of progression, building & engineering ?

Such as the above would suggest that the designers were equipped with pre understanding of the task to be formed?
So, perhaps the architects arrived here with plans, sheets, maps designs, instruments, instructions & technology to complete the grand process?

Somethings which have a particular familiarity & evident correlation towards the investigation of said topic can be presented as evidence;
Sound/Smell/Composition/Structure/Colour/Particular Artifacts/Design/Correlation/Use/Behaviour/Embellishments/Characteristics/Craftsman/Creation.. etc see #bodyofevidence
It is extremely easy to reject all singular events as random instances, however when gathering the variety (entirely) of articles together, typically correlate & exist as enough evidence to support the hypothesis rather than against?
Hence; ‘Probability cause’ with little reasonable doubt or perhaps insufficient ‘Reasonable doubt’ ?

As an open analogy, we could suggest the equivalent could be demonstrated if qualified and experienced construction workers travelled to any part of the habitual planet with construction tools and engineering devices in hand and found the correct engineering materials, could then establish safe secure ground for a building project to commence, construct & complete? Infact this process could provide the definite importation anywhere in the known solar system and as far beyond as the neighbouring solar systems, distant stars, other galaxies & perhaps the unknown universes, requiring such function?

The abstract construction of dwelling being the function & product? Similarly this I suggest has occured with the sudden importation of these buildings and construction known as ‘pyramids’ which appear here upon planet earth.

{‘This being the magnificent artifacts titled; ‘Pyramids’ are an absolute understatement of divine alien (Design from hence, Outworldly Engineers) -creation product of exportation brought to earth from elsewhere, inwhich I believe the original architects ought to be given the genuine credit for their efforts of sustainable unmatched ingenuity’}

All planets which was/is/are potentially capable of hosting the requirements for a stable construction project? Can indeed hoste such a project under the circumstances and provisions available from the constructors and instructors service. This type of product can be viewed as an open intergalactic service similar to an intergalactic energy service, inwhich the service plan instructors demonstrate the technology to any interested parties, namely world leaders of other planets? Negotiations could begin once investors become satisfied with the demonstration supplied by engineers & delegates of the product/technologies etc? (Pyramids/Energy-source)

I imagine perhaps several options/power consumption rate/output rate/amps/voltages/versions/metrics/capabilities/climate-resistant/designs/durabilities/constructions exist for the convenience, longevity and compatibility of the investor’s planet/landscape/ozone and climate which to be manufactured for/to?

knowing inadvance each planet has secure and unique values representing materials, may delineate individual cost per project, I.e A planet which harboured ‘trees’ oppose to aiming to mine for the incredible durability of ‘granite stone’ as it’s most pliable and constructive building material, would differ in the level of difficulties/efficiency/labouring warranted for the preparation/labour/time/production/engineering/safety & cost for such a project?

Hostile – disparaging climates and uncivil terrains’ ; Where there exist an abundance of intelligent & sophisticated life, encourages the exportation of such grand projects. If indeed these constructions are much more than highly decorated architecture as many are growing to believe the possibility thereof is a most fascinating prospect, which I could listen to and encourage the conversation for hours/days/weeks/years/decades/life times?

Though the bombardment of great degrees of information is presented upon a daily basis, each person has to wisely understand upon the self the reality of coming into false or examinations of grotesque exaggeration & endoctrination? What is more, there truly exist so much detail to uncover, that those in this world will not ever truly journey to the bottom of this never ending rabbit whole… of historical value? BEING every hidden shaft opens up towards a new ‘Rabbit Hole’ of information and education.

These common evaluations of attempts to process viable production, most oftentimes equates to the ongoing great failures and perpetual haphazzards which renders seismic lengths of passing age to retrial for success & symmetries, similarly which occurred with the *2,000 year – long trial & error process which circumvented the lessons in *manufacturing longevity for the fashionable demand exited by customers requiring additionally ever lasting mummies via locating the most significant & successful process of embalming! This which resulted into the ancient practices of mining for the ‘black crude oil sludge’ located in deposits across the earth. Such as the importance and various applications utilised from the oil’s productions, including ; The typically distinctive Egyptian eye liner, hair dye, oil paintings, embalming process, nail & face painting, material restoration, projects, textile & material manufacture, lubrication liquid, tool maintenance and labouring practices, health remedies, skin diseases, heating & long lasting burning etc…
    Unfortunately the great process has indeed run an unnatural unforeseen tragedy, via the looting of the invading hostes. The recent centuries of discovery & archeology have indeed exposed the mummification process to oxygenation & biological decay. Prior to this unforeseen frenzy from western & middle eastern exploitation against a united african povity.
     {Once long ago carefully tested the age of matter oxygenation via exceeding processes, summarised a succinct failure of decomposition into preservation.
Perhaps similar to the unexplained technologies, the process of mummification was a gift taught to the children of the Earth by geniuses of Extra Terrestrial superhumanoids whom wield great powers and granted intelligence and favour to the early generations of humanity?

Interestingly discovered in recent decades the abstract information supporting the theory ; Approximately “Three point two million years ago” our earliest human ancestor walked across the face of the earth”

Recent years has witnessed further discoveries relating to the various hominid divisions. One so important discovery is perhaps the one acquaintance or acquainted with human’s ever emerging heroine aka”LUCY” …… Known as ‘aka’ “BIG – MAN!!” One wonders if indeed ‘BIG – MAN’ is a development along the phylogeny of the ‘Australopithecus Afarensis’ or a direct relative to ‘LUCY’ ? Suggesting ‘LUCY’ may have had similar siblings of the/her -kind?

“LIGHT” equals which to than other non Means “LUCY”

The below information was requested from another bloggers website inwhich the information is quite useful for the purposes of stated information. Kindly have a read


“The following blog was written bellow by a blogger on WordPress.com by the name of: ADAM BENTON”©️


‘Regarding “LUCY” or “LIGHT” or shall we say “LIGHT BEARER’ or “Morning Star” ?

Perhaps a heroin be it lone-ranger few can genuinely relate towards…

When the story commence in recent decades, unravelling of a monumental period in an age staggering 3.2 million years ago an incredible phenomenon walked the earth of ancient Africa? Across the planes of lush & fertile agriculture”LUCY” Whom indeed appears to be the ‘one’ or of the first of her kind deems a very interesting story of the challenges and difficulties one faces as a pioneer or an abstract form braving perhaps alone for a relative measure of time? The obstacles “Lucy” challenged while pioneering through can not ever be compared to anything humans have since faced It is incredibly difficult to reconstruct the version of reality one so young would have to face in perhaps what appears amongst the most difficult period of life upon earth in a totality of hostile creatures & the original phylogeny of Apex- predators… which would be deemed as monsters in modern day era. Huge monsters lurking in from every direction of a 360° rotation ? A thousand & one questions runs through my mind ; What was “Lucy’s” diet while in the nurturing phase… What was “Lucy’s” favourite food, whom was “Lucy’s” true biological parents?

What age did “Lucy” begin her first steps to upright walking, as an infant or perhaps years later?

What age did “Lucy” leave the comfort of her guardians & venture out into the wide unknown territory of the abyss?

Whom were the siblings of “Lucy”

whom was “Lucy’s” companion and which direction did they set travel to?

Whom was “Lucy’s” offsprings… how many…. how many survived…?

what age did they offsprings live to… where did they settle…?

“LUCY” whom Is defined as an “Australopithecus Afarensis” which it is unclear to me at present if this particular “Australopithecus Afarensis” specimen was one of many or not?

Possibility of siblings arises in my mind in deep inquisition and the subtle ray of satisfaction aspiring the beguiling experience of life in the epoch would lead “Lucy” to perhaps atleast one small saving grace. For one I believe there has to exist a saviour of some form, in guise as a comrade or sibling or guardian angel, reminding serenading and companion for the great adventure? Throughout history and habitual natures, considering commonly known idiosyncrasies may also appear palpable for understanding the sexual nature of hominids… endorses the commonality of multiple siblings via one or more intimate partners? Perhaps somewhere deep in the sanctuary the epochs elapsed rest the hidden information to support broadened relations of “LUCY” – kind the original 1.0 which existed with a full support system of relatives, similar to the typically witnessed characteristics of primates throughout the ages.

The legacy of “Lucy” lives on, while reminding me of something which appears to me as oddly satifiying, especially when one envisions the level of challenges presented to any unique species which is just at the commencing linear of early evolution? To believe any early generations of species would die and seize to exist appears to be the common evaluations of attempts to process, oftentimes, non- equating variables?

Perhaps we can one day take a calm long breathe and inhale blooming blossoms while fresh air breezes, taking time to imagine walking along beside the great adventuress, with her benign ‘spirit-soul’ guiding & encapsulateing a little ‘Lucy’ in some of us… if not each of us… Or perhaps a soulful exchange; ‘Visa – Versa’ a little each of us in side the spirit & dna of “Lucy” ?

A good rendition here of the intelligence displayed when the sensation of interest and happiness is actuated & witnessed ©️

A wonderous depiction of “Lucy” in awe..


Expression of mild inquisition and perhaps a release of dopamine ®️

Captured here is a great depiction of emotions displaying gentle awe and a gratifying intrigue in response to a subtle startle. Similarly to when something extraordinary is witness in nature or technology sends a warm surprise to the synaptic fibres of our senses, relaying back expressions of the sensations experienced. This you will commonly notice from the sight of a gigantic tusked elephant and all – rarely witnessed surviving species on the verge of final extinction. The acrobatic displays of ‘Whales & Dolphins’ to aero dynamics of ‘Eagles & Avia…’ Just as the glimse of the most exotic flowers blossom in spring, a variation of exotic insects and butterflies display their creation to the world at large. All articles of life becomes very aspiring when witnessed for the very first time…?


“LUCY” The ancient ‘Australopithecus Afarensis’

Inquisitive “Lucy” glares into new habitation and invest time for the scenery and calculating the geography, seeking nourishment, measuring safety, shelter and maintenance ?


Just below displays a depiction of ‘LUCY & BIG-MAN’ : ‘BIG – MAN’ was later discovered approximately 2010- and believed to be a strong relative or of the ‘Australopithecus Afarensis’ hominid group?

“BIG – MAN” & “LUCY”

Interestingly another story arrives to unravel the beguiling history of an ancient history and futures past. There is much synchronicity in the details and information ✨ I am yet to disclose here along with corroborated information previously undisclosed here? The combining information draws striking if not shocking conclusions for those whom are in the majority of practicing open -mindedness & free thinking…?


‘The place of first arrival’ … ‘The place of commencement/Begining’ or “The place of rendezvous/Meeting/Establishing®️” The place of transcendence, alignments or realignment.. The place of ascension, resonance, restoration & reverberation?

The location aligning where the ‘Elohim’ created ascension down from the cosmos to the arrival destination? Suggesting the location was used as a travelling port or harbour from one location to another? For the transportation of the Intergalactic beings? (Powerful Ones/Gods/Advanced beings/Aliens)

‘The first time’ is titled in ancient Egyptian belief systems, to describe the first moment or actuation of ‘The descending from the Gods into this galaxy and solar system’ . The markings of the descending Gods are hailed as the pillars of ‘Orion’s belt’ , the star system and the pyramid formation of the alignments to true North/East/South/West degrees latitude.

Interestingly, the side walls of Pyramids of the Giza plateau were once believed to be in perfect alignment with true ‘North/East/South/West’ directions of the solar system measured & approximated millions of years ago? Erriely these positions have only been examined in recent periods using highly sophisticated technology to acknowledge each position of the pyramd’s side walls? Today, now due to the slight degree of rotation misalignment via pole shift/Axes of the planet, this is naturally a motion which each solar -body including planet earth, for-goes & forges naturally, altering the alignment by the slightest margins from over great lengths of space & motion. These perfect alignments which existed once long ago are now still in close range to proximity in perfect alignment, offering misalignment by only the slightest margins throughout millions of years? This alignment is truly astonishing when registering the degrees of time which has since elapsed? Existing to showcase the intelligence of other life-forms or beings in the unknown universe, by concluding an equivalent wonder of the solar system’s products to the other abstract anomalies as of space & motion?

Earth’s counterpart be known as ‘Gobekli Tepi’ (As above so below) previously mentioned, which sits in alignment to the aforementioned recorded Egyptian star system ‘Zep – Tepi’ .

Beautiful scenery at the Giza plateau in Cairo Egypt

‘Egyptian Spinx’

Some linear details which might be of interest & intrigue in the understanding of these ancient astrogeological star mappers & their personal quest, relays records which previously sat miraculously buried here upon earth.


The Great Spinx: The ancient King list in the ‘Halls of records’ buried deep beneath the great spinx situated at the Giza plateau. The entrance which sits between the paws of the spinx leads to the lone corridor opening up to several chambers deep underground below the ancient spinx.

In the translations below, I emphasise here are the extraordinary passages of time elapsed in the existence of each Kings rulership. The earliest Kings inscribed upon the ‘king list’ appear to individually rule for durations over exceeding normal recorded time periods; Located upon the ancient ‘King list’ situated eight Kings whom ruled a combined duration of over a quarter of a million years! As the list continues further on the ruling lengths of the Kings begins to reduce drastically in duration from thousands of years to regular decades. The reason for this extreme duration can be explained further along these details, once you continue reading. The Kings whom ruled for extreme lengths of time, existed as Kings upon earth –(Whom may not have existed as ‘Kingship’ or Rulers outside of earth), beings whom originally derived from outer solar systems, introduced to planet earth. Those whom hailed as ‘Kings’ came here from planets with a greater orbit than earths. The home inwhich one derives from, the planet atmosphere, the longer the planetary orbit be… the greater lengths of age one exist by and to be, in which each moment spent upon earth… passes by, incredibly quick compared to the equivalent fraction of time on giant planets, with giant orbits, inwhich time moves slowly. Bigger planets orbit the sun much wider while the duration is much greater. Smaller planets orbit the sun via a much smaller orbit and shorter duration. Bigger planets journey across a wider curvature & longer journey, resulting in further time elapsing, days & nights being hugely greater & longer in duration from the axle which is hidden from the sun’s perspective, resulting in extremely long dark periods of shadowy existence, than the smaller planets. In relation, the smaller planets journey via a smaller curvature & smaller journey around the sun! Introducing a shorter day light period, while also inhabiting the relative short – dark – night – period! Resulting in beings from distant planets with incredibly wide orbits, whom came to live upon earth’s short ‘orbit – atmosphere’ would indeed exist for frighteningly extreme epochs in age? The wider the planetary – orbit the beings derived from… the greater lengths of time the beings would exist to experience upon earth’s orbit – atmosphere?

Bellow is the translations derived from the ancient ‘King list’ situated within the ‘halls of records’ beneath the great ‘spinx’ at the Giza plateau

“HALLS OF RECORDS” Beneath the great spinx A

Inscribed In the halls of records well noted is of one “King” whom exhibited his personal status ruling for the seismic length of ‘twenty two thousand years’ – (22,000yrs as a commanding pharaoh)

This degree of space and motion which elapsed, is indeed very likely & typically of inhabitants whom are alien to this earth and solar system? Beings/Life duriving from a larger planet & orbit, would indeed exist for seismic lengths of time upon this earth as a default consequence of natural ecological biology inhabited from all the atmospheric temperatures and the biology of outworldly inhabitants conditioned to exist upon greater worlds, with heavier oxygen, such characteristics typically aligned with large planetary orbit systems are awarded advantages when coming into the atmosphere of smaller planets with shorter orbits? Life which was formed on such huge planets will indeed evolve in sufficiently – oblique – tendencies of unequivocal unique default status? Unique to what we experience here upon earth? Perhaps greater oxygen cells, larger lung capacity, thicker blood & blood vessels, slower metabolism, thicker skin, greater volume of enzymes, faster retention system, dense bone structure, robust immune system, larger more powerful heart circulation system via inexplicably monotonously tedious pumps per beat of blood… circuitous-ally flushing throughout entire arteries… veins… respiratory… all major organs…?


Measuring from the duration of a numerical 22,000 years, inwhich one king ruled over entire evolving civilisations, I was able to relate the following numerical durations of planet Nibiru’s solar orbit (1year journey across 2 Stars) in Junction with numerical duration of earth’s solar orbits per ratio time for time? ;

“10 Seconds upon Planet Nibiru, equivalence upon earth is 1 Year…”

“01 Minute upon planet Nibiru, equivalence upon earth is 6 years…”

05 Minutes upon planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 30 years…

10 Minutes upon Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 60 years…

15 Minutes gupon Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 90 years…

30 Minutes upon Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 180 years…

45 Minutes upon Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 270 years…

60 Minutes upon Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 360 years…

120 Min/2Hrs on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 720 years…

240 Min/4Hrs on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 1440 years…

480 Min/8Hrs on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 2880 years…

960 Min/16Hrs on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 5760 years…

1440 Min/24Hrs on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 8640 years…

91.25Days/3Mth on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 788,400year…

182.5Days/6Mth on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 1,576,800yr…

525,600Min/1Year on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 3,153,600 years…

As planet Nibiru journeys : Travelling widely along from greater afar…👣 emerging from one destination, that of it’s own star – system ☆🌌 { Leaving it’s system in an eliptical extra wide galactic orbit across 🎇🪐 towards another destination system (this Star’s solaris system)💫 journeying to & from a binary star – system orbiting around our star🎇 system solaris… continuing the age long quest euphemistically on🛸 undisturbed un disparaged, distinguishing old paths the long solace for rendezvous with home again… Calculus: I indeed estimated one of it’s own years of a single orbit is equal to an unimaginable “Three Million, One hundred & fifty three thousand & six hundred earth years” This magnanimous sanction of passing age, space & motion is a wonder and suggest comprehension to the defying consequences of the planet Nibiru’s inhabitants ability to out- live complete age defying epochs of multiple civilisations time after time, continuing without challenge…? Upon realisation it is no surprise, to the 22,000 years of subjectiveness of one King’s rule. Ruled the entire evolution of multiple civilisations… in the same way humans out-live mosquitos, flies and all manner of insects… upon this dear earth.

“Anunarky Revolutionaries” ☆®️

The inspired trigonometry… Calculus… Pie… Resonance… Frequency… Astrology… Geology… Architecture… Technology… Sophistication … Velocity… Cosmology… Linguistic formation & syntax… are everywhere we look. Everything we have today is due to those beings whom first made contact millions of years ago… all of the agricultural benefits we witness today was taught to early generations of humanoids, as to some seeds & harvest crops would be an impossible creation for humans without being showed the process first hand, long ago? Along with all aspects of farming, natural health remedies, law of the lands, registering the care for all nature & all life, cohabitation, nurturing, nursing, morals, virtue, peace, love & more… ? These beings taught humans everything, yet something altered across the journey? Perhaps humans turned against their rulers or the children of these rulers killed their father’s in battle? Such offspring were titled as ‘Nephilim’ -(Children of the Anunarki) which exists in the verses of Genesis. The creators/ fathers of these rogue, often troubling offsprings, were titled as the watchers also translated from ancient cuneiform inscriptions into the “Anunarky/Anunarki” -(Those whom came from above to earth) whom seeded the life force of the ‘Nephilim’ after breeding/intercourse with human brides? The ‘Nephilim’ grew to gigantic proportions and referenced as renowned mighty men of old; Giant Battle hardened humanoids whom feasted upon all the flesh of the lands and fiercely worriors.

Many of the ‘Nephilim’ existed in tragic tales, those whom wondered all across the lands searching for their tribe or a village to represent, were often chased out and hunted, many killed, lots more driven into deep despair of isolated solitude till death and starvation. Nephilim whom many existed without nurturing care, instructions, language and supportive family systems roamed as beast of the land without education and commandments. The ‘Nephilim’ : Fornication was their embellishment creating multiple strange and hazardous hybrids? Multiple of the hybrid creations existed on to create more powerfully frightening hybrid creations as dragons etc…

Whom… “Allulim”… “Alaljar”…. “En-men-la-ana”… ???

Written incredibly long ago of “Genesis” in the ‘Book of Enoch’ are without doubt compelling information describing the period of the Elohim: Reads ; Enoch lived sixty- five years (65yrs) and begot “Methuselath/Mesthuselah. After Enoch begot Methuselah Enoch walked with ‘God three hundred years’ (300yrs) and had sons & daughters. { So all the days of ‘Enoch’ were ‘three hundred and sixty – five years’ (365yrs)

And ‘Enoch’ walked with God ; And he was not , for God took him?

‘METHUSELAH’ : Lived one hundred & eighty-seven years (187yrs E) and begot ‘Lamech’ . After ‘Methuselah’ begot ‘Lamech’, ‘Methuselah’ lived seven hundred and eighty two years (782yrs E) and had sons & daughters. All the days of ‘Methuselah’ were nine hundred & sixty nine years (969yrs E)

365 Earth years is approximately one hour (60 minutes) upon Planet Nibiru? Could this be that Enoch actually walked with God for the duration of one hour in total upon Planet Nibiru? ; First Enoch walked with God for 65 Earth years which translates to 10 Minutes 50 Seconds (10:50s) then introduced ‘Methuselah’ to God. Afterwards Enoch walked with God for three hundred earth years (300years E) translates to fifty minutes (50 Minutes)

Methuselah lived for one hundred & eighty seven earth years (187yrs E) translates to typically thirty one minutes & ten seconds upon Planet Nibiru (31:10s) Methuselah introduced ‘Lamech’ and lived another seven hundred & eighty two years (782 yrs E) Translates to time period upon Planet Nibiru of (“216:10s”) two hours & sixteen minutes & ten seconds. All the days of Methuselah were nine hundred & sixty nine (969yrs E) translates to two hours forty seven minutes & 20 seconds (“247:20s) I have a strong conviction and reason to believe these durations are the earth equivalent, and instead Methuselah spent the Nibiru equivalence of 247:20 in association with someone important enough to register the duration? I believe the writers and oral transcribers have mistakenly made error and confusion with these details in parts of the retelling of older traditions historical information, transcribed into later day European languages, which did not understand the text and misinterpreted information of galactic beings? It is indeed believable that Methuselah did live for great age, that is not the question here..? Reading the paragraphs suggest to me that these inscriptions were and still are attempting to indeed detail an event or something else perhaps?







It is of relevance to note that of the significance in the approximation : 3.2 million year orbit of planet Nibiru (3,153,600 yr) This figure date relates to important intervention matters which occured upon this planet earth upon the early hominids whom were indeed biologically upgraded for specimen production. We know that the “Australopithecus Afarensis” has indeed incurred upward mobility suspiciously unnatural to it’s kind. Calculus of the orbit from planet Nibiru if my calculations are indeed correct will be upon this solar system undoing for two hundred years of weather bombardment and more… It is a striking coincidences of seismic properties, perhaps too coincidental. If ,y Calculus is correct, Nibiru returns each of their year which equals our 3,153,600 date to expand and upgrade a new animal species? Snake, Chimpanzee, Lizard, Elephant, Ant, Mantis, Wolf, Bear, Bird… Each species to be trained to labour or perhaps other purposes upon distant planets… Elaborate experiments of nightmares & horror, reproduction systems for slavery, mercenaries for war, or meat for the pleasure of galactic beings food saurce?

Ultimately I believe we have been contacted and are in the process of recontact with outer beings. This will be the very first & only contact for those of this age… whom will not live to see again, this seismic duration, unless via reincarnation of a kind… The destructive force & orbit of planet Nibiru only comes around once every few million years, though Planet Nibiru’s orbit will indeed remain in our solar system for approximately fifty thousand years (50,000yrs E)

The technological knowledge bringers of this world, our original developers whom first seeded life here, have indeed calculated our progression and much wonder have they bestowed upon us with gifts and blessings as much as difficulties and struggles… It is often difficult to state which way approximately is best. Sometimes I wish to live, other times I wish to die… To know is to die… Not too… is to live totally in ignorance… unfortunately neither are too appealing in this world… 🌎

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If stupid people were not alive, the world we live in would exist as a paradise for all life in it, perhaps and quite possibly a form of utopia!

I realised quite often, stupid people were the sole reason for all of the problems in and around societies, all across the globe.. All of the problems and damage to life on earth, was/is solely due to the life of the ‘stupid person’

Unfortunately they/stupid ones cause an affect thoroughly throughout.

‘Stupid Ones’ : Their entire life existence ; The programmes of their life – existence is a plague of painful occurrences upon the life of unsuspecting individuals minding their own business. Hence; Genuine ‘Stupid Ones’ can not always perceive the damage they inflict upon the lives of other individuals in and around society. By and large the bureaucracy and idio-cracy of the ‘Stupid Ones’ is so, that this prevents them from realising they are moronic individuals…

One’s soul should solely euphemistically arouse their inner most house, the deepest dwelling of subconsciousness and properties or perhaps the conscience of one’s faithful principles and fibres thereof. A faithful spirited sense of meditation and contemplation can guide one towards better investment for the purpose of understanding and comprehensions.

Each conflict we witness is a profound interest of the ‘mind – set’ bequeathed by the stupid, idiotic and moronic people’s bureaucracy upon earth. Stupid people lack all version of comprehension to research and further fulfill while continuing the practices of faithful ‘open mindedness’ . Sincerely, ‘Facts’ never end at one’s own delight and appeasement as we have discussed before. Genuine stupid people are always appeased by their own short intelligence, interpretation, facts and information { regurgitating information for their sole self’s appeasement. Whereas genuine intelligence factors moreoften finds further alternative data and is able to comprehend an array of information possibilities in research that may not sustain previous/current models and standard protocols or/of their results. Genuine stupid people are incapable of such varied skills in research and problem solving. By these flaws the stupid mind becomes further incarcerated in it’s own belief systems and prejudices. In all my life throughout space and motion, I have never found any beneficiary information which was reiterated through the process of listening, watching or receiving information from a stupid/moronic or idiotic person; Be that through the auxiliaries of radio/Television/Multimedia/Congregations/Interviews/Activities/Personal.. etc?

The services of stupid people remains numb to me as I am sure this occurs for most!

Stupid people can arise from any place/location/culture or class { Moreover stupidity is generally a default of inheritance factors : These factors stem from neurological deficiencies/enzymes blood pheno-type groups/genetic disorders/inter-breeding habits/poor breeding compatibility issues/personal diet/poor habits and choices/bad decisions!

Take a look and study the obvious characteristics of ‘class dietary preferences’ below!

  • Upper Class Society Groups : Per capital ; Spend little as possible per their individual income upon popular fashion brand items for their children year in year out. Moreover will spend good money on quality and sustainable food for each child, throughout the year. “Food being the way to the heart” is multiplied beneficially in the form of quality food being distributed directly to the heart of the brain cells ( enzymes of each brain cell )
  • Lower Class Society Groups : Per capital ; Spend as much as possible per their individual income upon fashion items, image, attire, cosmetics, appearances, entertainment. Lower class society groups spend all of their money on image/entertainment and have very little dedicated for Food-Maintenance and dietary supplements. These be the reasons to mental inferiority of LCSG’s. The non aspirational, non talented, low achievers, docile, unstableness, psychologically volatile and waves of wholesome incompetence in society are produced from the contrived patterns of the infamous LCSG’s. Moreoften the majority of LCSG’s spend well over their income bracket upon bad habits. While turning to loans, ‘buy – back’ schemes, food banks and theft of other people’s private properties to survive from ill-choices. As a result of this version of prejudicisms against myself here, I am poorly afforded and hugely charged the bills and scandals of these ‘dim-wits’ to pay via my belongs which are continuously stolen from me to feed their illiterate ill-afforded growing numbers! Though I am suffering from multiple illnesses myself, I find myself paying for them/their litter-offsprings/pets/fuel/drug addictions and poor choices – decisions?
  • While my belongings are stolen from me by these versions of entities, inorder for these theives to comfortably sell on my belongings, which they have indeed stolen and corruptly and illegally stolen to live above their earnings class, which often provides a supplement further along the future of problems in around society for many to pay for?
  • Moreoften sadly realised: The LCSG’S- COMMUNITY; Tend to procreate much more often and haphazardly than the ‘UCSG’s (Upper Class Society Groups) The LCSG’s lack of accountability -(Zero), admissions -(Zero), admittance -(Zero) and finances all equal very little to nothing at all -(Zero) . With the lack of security and low level prosperity rewards it is an amazement to one everday, how the ‘LCSG’S’ can afford to ignore all the disadvantages and necessities to building a stable family and continue to procreate regardless of conditions!
  • Is This A Proficient Strength Or A Profound Weakness For The Longevity Of The Human Phylogeny?
  • If we draw an imaginary triangle and divide the triangle by drawing four evenly spaced lines across the shape of the triangle. We now have five division split by four lines. Each division represents a class group. The single small section at the top is the elite. The two below are the middle groups while the final two divisions are the lowest groups. If we then mark along side the right triangle line from the top to the bottom with a colourful marker. This marker line would indicate the good spirits in the world perhaps. The remainder of the triangle space represents the evil spirited people of this world. However; notice that there is more evil spirited folk in the bottom two columns combined than the remainder of the pyramid?

Furthermore, throughout one’s experiences here, I have accidentally realised that the mind of the many are quite often the binding factors to the universal tones of stupidity/idiocracy and moronic earth dwellers.

Unfortunately due to the principal cast of ‘Misguided – Feelings, Emotions and Sensations’ the current trajectory to autonomy is a skewed format filled with a distorted vortex. A poor syntax/Wrongful measurements supported by poor equations and toxic stimuli! Sensationally all of these results, one measured derived via emotional applications of peoples hearts; ‘The further distorted the heart of each examiner the further distorted the examinations/measurements/findings and results ?

One summarised : This should be a factor that could easily be rectified via locating a good and suitable person/heart? The problem arose, when locating good hearts were indeed not in current supply and not to be found anywhere, near or afar? There were no good hearts to take up the positions needed for genuine autonomy upon the societies of the earth? Neither: One person never could do all the work necessary for balance and autonomy to flourish and coexist upon the earth.. One society/country/nation! Infact not even one continent could fix all the problems of the earth. I doubt even half of the world’s population could make any difference at all? (Ancient archeological evidence – depictions/Biblical revelations/Literature from antiquity and ancient aural info all combined provide insurmountable support to this summary)

I came to realise: Each generation produces great numbers of voices whom all attempt to open the mind’s eye of the masses. Quite distinctively these entities fail to open the minds of the masses while alive and filled with well-being; The hordes do not become acquainted with the genuine knowledge gifted to the masses? Either :

A) The mass of individuals each become encumbered with insurmountable strife and personal degradation… increasingly insurmountable to overwhelm by their might alone ?

B) The knowledge givers/Enlightenment ones/Shinning ones often die unexpectedly and thus: Remains the hordes of people to figure the unimaginable while beguiled?

As an analogy, let us look at thus, momentums : If we imagine a large building which is occupied by many offices each filled with people inside private cubicles. The building, offices on each landing -(Level/Floor) and cubicles are all fitted with ‘wind sealed doors’. Each space is protected from the outside conditions when windy and turbulent atmospheric instancies arise. Each teams of staff continue on with their individual work in office space while ignorant to the conditions outside… which may alter each instant, unless the staff go outside or investigate? However, most will not need to or even want to as the staff are quite complacent for the time being inside, until something necessary arises? Throughout each year the conditions do alter, in which some conditions are quite hazardous to health and at the micro-cellular level and atmospheric levels. Many of the staff in the building have experienced increased suffering as a result of travelling outside in dangerous conditions, thus: Range from minor injuries/health problems/accidents to major injuries/health problems/diseases and death?

However: It is very fortunate for all things inside the building’s function and it’s many occupants, those that have utilised the benefit of these powerful wind-sealed doors to prevent the full catastrophe of the entire building witnessing full internal and interior damage caused by subsequent terrestrial weather conditions and any haphazard?

For a moment, let us contemplate the magnitude of these things? … . .

Now.. suppose we exchange every and each of the ‘wind seal doors’ on each cubicle with a person or guard? Exchange each ‘entry door’ of each floor with a person or guard? Exchange the ‘principal entry door’ with a guard or few guards?

Now symbolise this particular ‘wind’ as being a ‘destructive evil legislation’ : ‘Coherent force of malignant natures and traumatic experiences’, in which the dangerous atmospheric conditions symbolises a form of being extremely debilitating consisting of harmful instructions, punishing, repugnant, non-apologetic, excruciating to the existence of anything in sight while taxing to the health/well – being/life of living things.

Furthermore, suppose we rename the guards or people (Doorway) whom are standing at the entrances the ‘Enlightenment’ ‘Bright Ones’ or the ‘Shinning ones’ instead of ‘Doorway’

We begin to relate and reaffirm things.

Imagine if these symbolised ‘Guards’ (Enlightenment Ones/Shinning Ones) are disposed of via wicked schemes, propagation, redundancy, death, illnesses etc. Broken by the will and authority of the ‘Evil Ones’ akin to broken doors by the forces of powerful natures?

What now will occur to the inside of the building and those existing inside it’s quarters?


Many people are existing as gate-keepers which is preventing other people from experiencing the full weight of degradation and deprivement. These people I speak of are living as an act of will, legislative act, be in of Principals and degree upon, of something akin to a shield preventing malice reaching out to others in the world. When the shield is removed and buried, It is only until these ‘enlightenment folk’ die that others will be made aware of the true problems of this life to experience personally for themselves. For others will experience the full extent of the problems derived, that were indeed once blocked and carefully and purposely hidden from reaching the path of ignorance, now and through the events of future tomorrow will no longer be prevented from them, ‘While their individual experiencing’ shall arrive to remain, a constant affair!

Remember: This is to open your mind via only one analysis condition. The doors (Doorway) could also symbolise and represent much more. ‘Skill’ … ‘Love’.. ‘Income’ … ‘Employment’ … ‘Home’ … ‘Trade’ … ‘Happiness’ …’Health’ … ‘Life’ ‘Insurance’ … ‘Family … ‘Friend’ ‘Support’ ‘Legality’ … ‘Favour’ … ‘Previliges’ … ‘Religion’ … ‘Spirit – Soul’ … and ‘Eternal Justice..?

There are billions of people all over the world, existing and attempting to relieve others from all forms of life, opportunity, peace, harmony, well-being, love, fairness and prosperity on a daily basis minute by minute and hour to hour! These entities I speak of are solely fueled by their appetites of malicious applications! Such entities have no interest but to cause wrong doing, via their bitter tongues of discontent and fabrication, propaganda, poisoning corruption and trickery!

‘The mind is poisoned by listening to the blistering voices of corruption just as pure water is contaminated by the dirt

I believe everything exist in a form of a door which can and will disappear when you least expect it too, without realising it’s formidable importance to your very own previliges?

‘ I noticed often, the common relationship between evil people and stupid people had a profound impact on earth. Evil people routinely utilised the haphazard non- intelligence of stupid people in order to deploy widespread contamination of maleficent and deplorable acts of conflict against others (targets/spiritually inclined)

} As we have discussed in previous chapters : All stupid people , lack the comprehension to realise they themselves are stupid and moronic. Also the fact they lack the mental attitude to study themselves and that of such flaws. These things, which always bequeaths a steady range in further problematic nuisances across-the-board of each environment connected ;

I.E ‘Cause and Effects’

Spiritual proclivities and spiritual beings are at constant odds to the non spiritual kinds.

The bible (Old Testament) , in the early chapters of Genesis discloses two separate distinctive forms of creation exhibited at distinctively separate periods of eon, by the creator: I once imagined this to be the trait of the Black Homosapiens and White Homosapiens possibly? Or quite possibly this could refer to Spiritual Beings & Non Spiritual entities ?


Perhaps we exist in a ‘Spiritual-Bind’ multidimensional realm… our thoughts and feelings transpire in a multi lateral spectrum..

The synopses : Multi spectrum of sensations signifying responses and relays from an array of ‘three hundred and sixty degree auxiliaries’ (360°). All senses triggered and flamed, electrified and amped, juiced, revived, ignited powered and ironed by the crust, made malleable of the mallet!

Thoughts are hindsight, memories, creative thinking, plans and alternatives, juxtaposed into a various transitory stimulus… in all one single moment each time we contemplate.

All versions of our existence receives the information simultaneously…
Via the mind… similiar to the sensation of a plus (+) sixth sense and greater cognisance; The feeling and sense of spacious communication, all efforts of reciprocal mediation via a vast range of senses, to/with/without a physical presence available to be presently recognised ? All juxtaposed adjacent in dimensional latitudes. lateral, vertical, horizontal, perpendicular and diagonal measurement. Stimulating the receptors and synaptic fibres throughout.

Upon this world it became apparent to me the behaviour of physical bodies : Mass which behave truent towards life are dense physical bodies without purpose, use, skill or ability and exist as an earthly form of either : vacuums/black holes for other objects demise! Such masses congregate to sabotage the works or existence of other objects for nothing more than emotional applications; Appeasement of the heart is injected into the quarters (veins) of the saboteurs. Saboteurs addiction to their habits fuel their light/lifeline and will. Whereas in general relativity and it’s relations all objects appear to exist as a function towards something other when noticed?

‘The target is liken to a high-graded energy cell block, for the existence of the saboteur’s sport or hunt?

The ‘energy cell’ produces the energy for the purposes of the saboteurs to continue their vindictive traits. Moreso; In actual fact the energy radiating from the cell flows 360° outwards and onwards unbiased to whom it will provide energy for. Received by all elements for any purposes. Strangely; Good and bad alike, kind and wicked alike, gifted and non-gifted alike, peacemakers and sinners alike, pious and mischievous alike, talented and untalented alike, tamed and untamed alike… the multitude and range of unlimited and limited, linear or superior quality beings or elements neither dis-associates the cell from proceeding energy towards elements.

Quite bizarrely and often fantastically ; If the ‘target’ dies -(Drained of life) the saboteurs become lost and deflated while slowly metamorphosising displaying redundancy in temprement and council. Rearranging form and fermentation in the process until ‘deceased – state’ arises from the termination of life as a result of unattraction and non – willingness; The death of fuel – cells provides the limitations of life for the council of saboteurs. Ironically the fuel was none – other than the target. The saboteurs hold great levels of abhorrence towards targets yet ironically and tragically depend on the energy of the target to exist.


Saboteurs ; Ritualistically drain energy – cells from those with flowing light emanating from their individual presence or performance. While not only attempting to defame and untimely defuse the ‘light-bearer’

While ultimately and perhaps fortunately displacing and decapitative of their energy source, binds own short comings prematurely. Now headless and frantically seeking new sources to attach and drain.

Strikingly: Once the light is dimmed and fading into the distance, in the not so distant future, fear provides excuses for mass environments and that of acquainted king-folk -(Saboteurs). With the death of each ‘super-star’ (Supernovae) – ‘Bright-Star’ that elapses, the surrounding darkness echoes greater restraints upon the obliqueness of the envirnoment. The envirnoment is widowed by the unfortunate events of the supernova. Though great periods of light elapses while a new star is born via the events of the supernova. Without the information present in-advance to when/where the next available star will be born into proceeding the place of the supernova, fear and darkness grows further upon the estranged of space and motion.

“As Above… So below”

That which occurs within the night through morning of the great heavens also occurs through in the ‘Dusk till dawn’ upon the earth.

The bodies of the earth are heavy and not heavenly. These bodies i refer to, are indeed encumbered with current evil doings, future plans and schemes to make evil doings proactive with additional incentives. Bodies of the earth are toxified with negative doings, celebrating negative doings while ever further chained to this earth, binded by the acts of negative doings.

Eventually a division may realise; Many here on earth are providing to others, a long lasting path to an existence of misery via deception and hate. Demise may occur via the saboteurs guise of another persona (Perhaps family or friends) : Binding and sufficiently crippling each spiritual entity to an extended period of spiritual suffering upon this domain.

Friends are no-more than your average ENEMIES, Energised by your influence and empathy

: TO take advantage of (Take heed warning!)

All those whom aim to employ personal poor action slander/hate/insult/offensive/degradation etc towards you, are not your equal… specifically exist as imposters relating to anything lower than versions of an equal. South of feral, perhaps ; Tormentors harbouring a version of inhospitable poverty (Spiritual/Emotional and Neurologically, unhygienic) and oftentimes extremely troubled souls insearch of vunerable prey to feed upon for energy and light! Scoffing and attempting to prevent the steady emitting glow of light from reaching out to others! The light which arouses as an enhancement of electricity, a persistent warm glow stretching throughout space and motion, over great age, beyond space and orientations. The light awarded by the creator ‘Alpha-Omega’ Such as of the manner of thus; Monumental indignation, this be a quintessential indication manifested across all places and spaces of the greatness and wonder of the powerful one source radiating upon all life in it’s path.

‘Alpha – Omega’ ‘Be’ ‘Alpha – Omega’ upon everything everywhere every-moment!

Alpha – Omega of the universe.. Whole.

Oh ‘Alpha- Omega’ omniscient one.

Oh ‘Alpha-Omega’ you alone is trust.

The almighty ‘Alpha-Omega’ the everlasting one.

Effervescence ‘Alpha-Omega’ one brightest – one

Oceania of ‘Alpha-Omega’ Be A flowing form…

Light bearers of ‘Alpha-Omega’ Be A lively form..

Essence of ‘Alpha-Omega’ Be everlasting forms

Brought to you by the Poet aka K.Aliy®️

Titled : ‘Oh Alpha-Omega’ ♾©️

2022 -Infin-♾✝️



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Ancient etchings depicting a scene?

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Vanguard of Spiritual ♾ Infinity

If one visualises intensely, a sentient version of rhythm is experienced.. in a stained glass payne…

The experience echoes fluctuations in perpetual movement, perceptualise this arousal; A performance perhaps of side to side. Rhythmically orchestrated.

Multiple levels of dips arises on this steady motion, while the slightest sways promote a constant rhythme of pronounced motion over the course of impaired balanced. However the locomotion is experienced as a gentle rhythm, complimenting the mechanics of our biology. An evolved super- registered sophistication and perhaps “updated version” ?

Swaying in a subtle guise, a gentle inclination and a thought in a particular documented environment.

Of crowded spaces, other times the contrary. Often a slight bump of crowding, pleasantries and fermentation, textures and moisture.. Obscurity mixed with insecurities?

Perhaps a slight motivation provided a synopses in the glare of a stained glass payne… The looking payne?

Forced one to lean their form, against the metal hinge of the old door frame..

Respite from the Jerks of falling. Hopefully we have not yet fallen on the path least favoured, be that, of the floor?

Noticed the stains of smudges, dirty fingerprints amongst debris upon the square Payne door..

Imagine the bereavement of the one who’s task was made, attempting to clean this daily chore

No, not a feature I would relish much with either love of chore nor dispiriting flaws.

Memories of a cat hurrying across a floor impeded the moment, A sudden deprivations, this momentum skewed the present thought.

Mmm.. hmm

Time to hurry… specifically.

The hordes of commuters…

Staff, professionals, students, catalyst of their destinations. Their synchronisation, ritualistically transporting their private cargo to and from..?

Tendencies galore; Private and personal, the episodes of poor idiosyncratic.

The epicentre for anything of nursery…

Habitual affairs.. thus; Que, a long reminiscent gaze is disturbed by an immediate instant, thus ; Realisation,

Perhaps, post abnormal reflection arouses the ambient senses.

A taste of a moments breeze, not quite fresh air, a mixture, the wind appears broken and spoilt, of stale particles these are shared equally to all attendees. First come are served the same.. little longer, little use?

Manufacture the modern circulation-vent system. Gla gla be the echoes of throat clearing in the immediate surroundings.

Sombre at first for so longing, in the distance.

Conversation is slightly heard at the intervals. Concessions for the empty and unaccepted. The weary are unappreciated, often full and inebriated, many empty yet still forlonged

Greyish : Advanced… Stained glass paynes, finger-prints, hair, specs of saliva, lip gloss, Journey velocity against a tiny flea remains sticking to the payne.

The squashed debris of a fly with the wing in perfect tact.

Plus, intriguing fluescent lip stick smudge, remnants of old discarded food, breathe, tissue, fungus, dna, bacteria… and habits.. thereof

All this, contribute to the participants of a watered journey.

A little etching and words of graffiti

Dust… a different world..

Air?⌛✨🌻 distinctively..

A separate world..

Yet, the same for sure.

Brought to you by the poet otherwise known as the artist aka… K Aliy ®️

Titled : “Vanguard” ©️



“Initial Breaking Points” ®



People do not wish to have their dreams shattered, their programmes removed & remodelled or their Illusions ruined.. ®

In this, their own being and evolved sentiment (Be In) of each individuals reality, people wish to remain as blissfully sincere to/in their ideals?
It can be earthly shattering for each being to experience the contrary of their own thoughts and expectations, presumptions and misunderstandings.

I think people are missing the general synopsis, especially in terms of real understanding, relative interpretation, language, communication and truth. Communication being the catalyst to lost truth via poor translations.
By mistaking the gist of the skepticism to something entirely different to what people are genuinely skeptical of here… Be that each individual’s personal relativity in this realm, this world? ®

People here, in the western world are more often vulnerable to the schemes of their Psychotic governments.. Agencies etc.. Plus all the relative bodies working around the clock to lure finances from the unsuspecting people.
Your love maybe genuine, yet the intentions of your governments are to ‘obtain information by any means necessary’ and utilise your genuine love for the prosperity of authoritive admissions, administration – prosperity minus prospectives of the poorest citizens.. ®

In this, skewed authoritives require the composite of the used and demeaned and unsuspecting citizens for war, to spy, create fake romances and Instability in society against free information, independent studies, innocent investigations and rumours, etc..

Those with the least moral fibres will always find a place for themselves somewhere within the lower levels of recruitment agencies, opperating for establishment’s endeavors or for the progression of the corrupted system. Those who simply enjoy taking advantage of their position and that of the vulnerable folk.

There are documentaries exposing particular types of agency – activity, which you can freely search for on YouTube..

There is a particular documentary – movie on the use of ‘C.I.A covert Psyop’ } In this disclosure the narrator shows evidence government agencies enthusiastically infiltrating government enemies/Free thinkers and totally harmless individuals of society whom are keen researchers and students. Harmless individuals whom are going about their daily life, with their own personal thoughts and culture, unbeknownst to themselves they are being spied upon for no reason other than often entertainment sake of the business application in place, be that… to sabotage and control the lives of others for the appetite of the masses of sick individuals whom have alternative perspectives of existence, while living within the state: It details deployment of fake relationships, romancing targets inorder to gain the trust of the subjects..? This is deployed by the federal agents to deceive targets and gain confidence and trust via fake relationships. Taking to task by various agencies including a variation of police powers:: C.I.A, F.B.I, C.I.D, and M.I.5, M.I.6 AGENTS etc to infiltrate and disperse all home grown political opposition groups whom are against western government think tanks and those whom have separatist aspirations and virtuous conducts. In addition monitoring the daily practices of regular people whom may occupy a slightly higher intelligence and competence than most people, including those with often divine and uncommon interests.

Often all ethnic groups.. become targets simply for having alternative views upon life, Including non threatening political groups like green peace, human rights groups, animal safety groups, faith groups, nature groups, scientific groups and almost all general groups whom share thoughts and practices in regards to cultural habits while existing independently, often this is in regards to formats of existing with less stress etc.


A measure of crude structure and the imbecile nature of the species arises for witnesses, with the following statement:

“One must be guilty, why else would they, the partisans be stating it” ?

Of gossip and local feral trash talk, the Misinformation of transcriptions, community and translations. Those whom routinely and characteristically employ the practice of vilification towards anyone whom may be different to the norm or quirky in some format or thinking. Purchasing ideas and esoteric information not easily understood by the affiliation of partisans, these partisans whom display emotional turbulence towards targets and enmity towards others, is a consequential related to how the partisans feels about themselves and their own ineptitude in life.

In a particular document I watched decades ago, a story unfolded of a woman who was having a relationship unawares she was a target of ‘M.I.5/M.I.6’ covert surveillance operations, due to her affiliations. The identity of the woman was obscured, however her existence was extremely abused upon and used by a sophisticated fake activist – “covert spy” whom was an agent working for M.I.5 intelligence bureau. Whom had been deployed to make contact with the women of a sustainable group of individuals through the process of a fake romance inorder to learn information to report back to head quarters. Further assignments were later revealed to break up the activities of the group activist: She explains that their entire political party was broken up and dispersed in less than a few years due to the employed tactics of the M.I.5 agent who provoked arguments, fights, constant disagreements, spread rumours – slander – hate – confusion and DIVISIONS. This evoked turmoil and constant fueds in the party which lead to fall-outs and mayhem between the members of the once close friendships. The identified explained how these people (Activist of group) were indeed her long term friends whom she had been acquainted with for a number of years, yet their entire party were easily interrupted and dispersed by the antagonistic and spiteful attitude of the, “M. I. 5” agent.

A separate document details the discussion of M.I.5/M.I.6 agents and explain how ‘THE agents’ are taught to provoke constant chaos and non unity beween the parties and associations of the civilianships.This includes the business associations, personal and private relationships, friends, family, partners etc.. The main facet of the “M. I. 5” covert scheme is uninterrupted ‘Isolation’ , further chaos and instability to the participants ill-health and demise.

Anyone whom you have previously, currently, future, come across… whom you realise deployed and instructed or is attempting or is providing service of ‘ill-will’ by mediation of provoking the ‘Isolation’ of another’ is in effect while affected others and has been at the very least a programmed entity, providing assistance to the subjugation and terrorism of another living being’s existence in life!

First report the person, attempt to utilise a legal service so all is recorded professionally : ‘Citizen Advise Bureau’ or another charitable organisation/s..?

Make publicly known via media outlets etc

When reporting to your local constitution or council, police precinct or police constabulary : Understand nothing may come of the report, however your one report may prove vital in the unravelling of a future case, which may have resulted in the disappearance of the initial victim you reported concerns of.

Remember the victims are not suppose to be punished or harassed, by fiscal policies or thrown into some detention, so make that clear on your report (Especially in cases when reporting against those in positions of trust and authority)

Note: The employees, employers, regulatory authorities should be held accountable and responsible, for every abused person in society, that is what they are payed for and not to profit from the abuse of others life? Unfortunately most of these officers and regulatory bodies are not interested in you or ‘I’.

Other than the vanity and self preservation of themselves : They (Authority personal) are only interested in ‘wage, providing the expenses for their children, the security of their family, affording the lifestyle of their loved ones, providing resources, supporting the education and schooling of their children!’

Finances provide all.. this for these authoritive personals.

The tasks are the consequences of the wage they anticipated. These regulators endure the task for the monumental wage to support their prizes.. You and everyone other than them and Co, are registered in their Psyche as ‘collateral’ and are/is just another obstacle/stepping -stone blocking the route to wage?

In regards to the interviewed document disclosed : I can not remember the name of the document.. Here.


I am and have experienced the exact same thing with all versions of relationships with family, friends, working in western society, throughout my entire life, retrospect to genuine childhood experiences :
I never comprehended the mitigation for authoritive abuses to me and or anyone else? Regards the experiences while they continued to destroy my life, the public play a crucial role in the disturbed targeting against the unsuspecting civilians, those whom are more often targets as a result of others misinformation, others enmity and envy from the cruelty of Psychotic individuals in society, whom have found a system inwhich they can utilise to manipulate and manoeuvre abuse almost at will to anyone.. at anytime?

Authoritive figures do not like to ever apologise for harm and blatant wrong doing

Such representatives would rather continue routine subjugation against the list of innocent civilians and instigating propaganda. All this to convince society the targets are what the authority says they are? Despite obvious signs the regulators are woefully wrong, huge degrees of revenue and finance is deployed and depleted, inorder for the grandiose machinations of grand scale schemes to be administrated. All this for the application and appeasement rather than admit wrong doing and honesty. These authorities forfeit the citizens civil liberty and human rights by grand scale, violations. Obviously they have not learned, as such organisations seem not to. From the perspectives of the history of this world or any of their ancestors, such biological organisms continue repeating the sins of their fathers abuses: Though the history is complete with acts of audaciousness combining the well documented slavery. The subjugation continues thoroughly in one manner or another: As we know of the relationships trials and tribulations of previous exploitations and endangerment, entrapping the rights of those in the circus as freaks shows. Prevention of these abuses was widely ignored; The participants of these cruel cultures constantly defended their rights to abuse vulnerable individuals. From and amongst the tramps of deep antiquities, adorning dark coloured stained fangs on the faces of the diminished, feral and vagrant poor villagers, criminals and trespassers. Agents and conspirators whom enthusiastically bequeathed diminishing practices upon the life of the young and unsuspecting. Occurrences registered the abuse of ‘Saartjie bartman’, Irish Giants, Dwarfs, People with unusual and sometimes ill-fated body deformation, such as the case in the London circus showcasing of the famous “Elephant-Man” : “Joseph Carey Merrick” tormentuous struggle till death his trials and persecution from with in the stomach of the most uncivilised society the world may have ever witnessed?

The persecution of the subjects ever continues to torment individuals in the lands of England UK. Such persecution is maintained often as a result of pride and prejudices from the vanity of those whom do not want their Illusions shattered or revoked. Narcissistic narratives is the perpetual condemnation of a person or thing despite the obvious reality they do not fit the description model of slander that has been carefully and eagerly spread to convince the people of the identity’s characteristics? Often continuing to engineer extravaganza to provide proof for the vanity of many obsessive narcissistic appetite and delight. In the illegal pursuit for self satisfaction the narrative is to incline to the point of attempting to either : Apprehend the mistaken target by FALSE information and reports.. Forceful Manipulation, set up, coercion or false administration and perjury? The funding exhausted by such archetypes is often quite astronomical, for what would have been nonsensical reasoning, yet these are the ideals of a narcissistic Psychopaths Psychosis. One or many behind the position of authoritive presence?

These things have come to my understanding that this is probably one of the reasons, to why so many citizens go missing or commit suicide..?

A particular article I recall reading published over in the USA, disclosed the suicide of a female police officer.

Somewhere in the middle of the 2010’s (Approximately 2016, thereof?)

This story was also located on a popular American news broadcasting station?

An honorable long term female police officer, committed suicide due from malicious harrasment and intense targeting from station colleagues.. I am very familiar with these versions of architectural cruelties, administrative from the complete society and any other whom feels redemption from their participation.

The unfortunate events which engineered for her to do as she did: Committing to such a detrimental act in her own self termination or so perhaps? ; So, in the investigation police stated? after enduring the perpetual malevolent harassment of her male colleagues. Due to her placing in a complaint against male machismo, misogyny, perverting the cause of justice, abusing human rights and abuse of positions of trust, unlawful physical violence against suspects and innocent civilians by her male colleagues out on duty and in the professional work place.

This appears an incredibly high price to pay for acts of human virtue and moral code. Nobody and no one should ever have to die for being lawful and virtuous, especially from the actions of malevolent inciteful incel beings.

The covert harassment is often abused by the operators to abuse whomever, any ethnic groups, rising athletes, entertainers, successful families or businesses whom practice honesty and virtuous conduct… Black families, children, entrepreneurs, isolated individuals.. etc ®

A document worth searching for if you find the time, check it out, it is totally unbelievable unless you have previously experienced such unbenign treatment. The document proves the facts political bodies, agencies, citizens are all aligned with the government, conducting malicious harassment, to unsuspecting others, etc.

You may not believe this for now?


One day you may realise this actually occurs, while experienced by many citizens of the western countries.. Deployed in all levels of society, and supported by those in authority who are of paronoid Psychopathic characteristics..
Unfortunately perpetrators are rarely found guilty of wrong practices regardless of how many lives they destroy: Children, disabled folk, vulnerable folk, ill healthed, blind, isolated, family or whomever…?
Most people are forced into Committing suicide due to the depravity of the perpetrators Psychological state and dangerously notorious intense level of abusive appetite for harm and terror. These things I speak of are the daily routines which are experienced by many victims.

The unfortunate choices for each genuine victim are a living poignant reminder of this reality, which Is found located under a dictatorship, hiding behind the surprising orchestrated guise of a “Mega-Hoodwink”

Those whom complain to the authority figures are never protected from the effects of Psychopathic personal : Usually those in prestigious positions of authority and management of police, probation or mental health services. Much of the evil addiction sadly hails from these quarters.

Anyone who is a genuine victim to this version of deprivation are found to be routinely targeted furthermore, after placing in complaints about police officers.. or other agencies?

Victims are locked up in prison, and persecuted for exaggerated offences against them; Statements are often redacted or falsified to frighten the complaintif inorder to force withdrawal of their initial complaint.

Other victims are detained under the mental health act, to sabotage the correspondence and timing restrictons of the complaints procedures.. Often being detained or and medicated longer than the actual case for investigation: While the complaintif is not available for correspondence with the investigation, as a steady consequence misfortune arises, unfortunately the case is often closed, forcefully, reluctantly and with subtle coercion can totally anullify any existing complaints due for process. Hence ; The victims ever remain as their titled?

The complaintif have been recorded to remain in detained clinics for the unfortunate remainder of their life?

These characteristics have routinely existed throughout English history from authority to citizens.. Without a true divination of the versions of people whom are committed to these acts. These acts which I surrender, stand as the quintessential opposite to the nature of existence everwhere.

Those in positions of authority harbour great malice inside their hearts and minds, for they all exist as: Anti-Virtuoso, Anti-Moral fibred, Anti-Cogniscently Developed, Anti-Heroic, Anti-Disciplined, Anti-Psychological prosperity, Anti-Professional, Anti-Trustworthy, Anti-Truthful, Anti-Just, Anti-Legal, Anti-Principals, Anti-Caring, Anti-Heavenly guided… Anti-Legislation of existence… Anti-Almighty creator, Anti-Loving, Anti-Obedience to the one true source of all creation everywhere…

Anti-Compromising, Anti-Listening, Anti-Understanding, Anti-Civil being, Anti-Civil Kind, Anti-Kind, Anti-Omniscient, Anti-Heavenly, Anti-Compatible, Anti-Original, Anti-Benevolent, Anti-Universally Prosperous for the entire scope of each & all Human Animal Plant Bacteria Species

Anti-Earth nature Atmospheric Ozones, Anti-Well being sustainability prosperity of the Earth 🌎 World

Anti- Genuine, Anti-Godly, Anti-Godly practice, Anti-Godliness, Anti-Soulful, Anti-Free, Anti-Free spirited, Anti-Humble, Anti-Kind hearted, Anti-Nature, Anti-Africa, Anti-Fair ones, Anti-Shy, Anti-Lawful, Anti-Shining ones, Anti-Honest, Anti-Dark skins, Anti-Acheiving, Anti-Talented, Anti-Gifted, Anti-Sincere, Anti-Righteousness, Anti-Artful, Anti-Open -(Illuminatti) Anti-Sentimental, Anti-Honest, Anti-Empathetic, Anti-Isolated, Anti-Knowledgeable, Anti-Stoic, Anti-Wise, Anti-Spiritual, “Anti-Chosen ones”, Anti-Alpha to the Omega, Anti-Phrophecy, Anti-Faithfully, Anti-Promise, Anti-Guarentee, Anti-Trusted, Anti-Etheral, Anti-Bestowed, Anti-Graceful, Anti-Light beings, Anti- Human beings, Anti-Worshippers & Believers Anti-Creations messengers -(Anti-Christ).

These people I speak of here, are no doubt the quintessential representations of ominously rancorusly acrimonious and cruel splenetic backwards and regressive archetypes who are gifted “non-disciplined positional authorisation” , hence; Vile acts of poor conducts and terror enthuses their kind..

‘The Assylums, Hangman’s Noose, Pillories’

All the ancient and medieval devices of extreme cruelty may have existed as necessary, yet necessarily removed, except for just one..?

That one last remaining enginuity of perpetual cruelty, is the often sad and increasingly sadistic Psychology of the incel being: The crotesque Psychological apparatus. The poor mind ; this be an insult to all existence and that which lives within the membranes of autonomous electricity which flows in the fibres, nano cells and membranes of an incels synapses?

Note: The incel is not a kind of Incel, no!

The “Incel” is a being of incel characteristics ; The artical of its nature

This is quite cruel and barbaric, while reminding society that after all these centuries pass, the suffercation experienced by civil society from the hands of middle aged white incel men is not dying but inclining at proposterously large degrees. No procedures have been altered since routinely poor police practices of past centuries have seen investigations dating back to the ‘Winston Sylcott riots’… and all past centuries of habitual misconduct.

The government is without genuine action as notably constantly relegating their resources away from such matters. Minus effort to pervert this unchallenged behaviour by people in regulative authority: C.I.A, M.I.5, F.B.I, M.I.6 C.I.D exist as cruel agencies in evolutionary status of protective enforcement for the empires prosperity (Roman soldiers)

If you wish to help the people, I would advise you research much, to uncover the evil which exist in the agencies of human existence whom utilise their powers strickly for subversive Psychotic natures while trying to convince the people of acting in their interests.. which exist always as lies…

In my experience I openly state this world is a sick nursery for all the Psychopaths to flourish in places of authoritive positions…

The only people who I have encountered whom do not show such large degrees of skewed demeanour are those in careers and pursuit of sports..

Unfortunately such police agencies employ these sports avenues to abuse many people that they may not like, people with disabilities, ethnic identities, isolated individuals and rising future generations whom are vulnerable to these tricks of abuse which I have indeed spoken of, these schemes exist against people, creating poor relationships for information, often to no genuine use except narcissistic emotions of pursuit: A grandiose sense of self fulfilment and achievement in the numbers of people they destroy their lives for the increased pay. The fulfilment of reaching their task target number by the office of regulations and investigation. Innocent lives are the constant victims here. While others view upon this as validated entertainment. We are preyed upon, akin to the vulnerable animals within nature, hunted for our resource be that flesh or workforce slavery, while dangerous affairs are hidden from our sight in prestigious secretive places…Those that govern at the very top, are not from here, nor do they strike any neurological- physical similarity to the majority of citizens across the globe?

The life of another is viewed as mere entertainment, from the perverse and nonchalant Psychological perspectives of such skewed characteristics. It is quite nonchalant and of a feral identity in all truth, when people have resulted to viewing upon others in this way as entirely mere entertainment. Furthermore, such citizens exist in the true deprivation of existence, whom have fallen upon this permiage of entertainment.


If the BBC “BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION” are involved in documentary as a finance resource then it would be advised that big companies have huge monopolies on the direction and determination of the broadcast. For non partial documents it can be often beneficial to better pay attention to low budget documentations and broadcasting avenues..?

A sincere production is often experienced with cheaper independent productions and companies.

: Whenever wherever whatever, why – ever western societies involve themselves with foreign nations, for the profit of the production and not for the vulnerable

The objective is the frequency of financial motivation :
However, can be physically experienced via your behaviour of actions via hatred towards… For no reasons other than the initial programming…
The enmity you experienced is used to destroy targets, activists, vulnerable folk, whistle blowers, black people or even nations by way of consistent hatred and malevolence. Enhancing systems to penetrate the heart of cultures and the dethronement of black governments/empires. When results are achieved by such attitudes, finally the stage is set when isolation of targets are achieved..
In order to ravish the tagetted lands and feast upon the resources of the subjected targets or nation…

As an example:

Take a good long look at the countries most acquainted with these types of programmes? 樂

Apparently and quite often deployed as a long-term scheme… Which consistently takes planning and operative scheming.
There are ‘think tanks’ engineered solely for this purpose, by official agencies and bureaus  working shifts around the clock inorder to engineer these long term goals.. ®

Who often unwittingly aid the atrocities against black nations.. Poor nations and anyone who opposes of such intrusion to the rights of the targets.
Everything you do in the western world aids the destruction of other nations and black nations…

These financial bureaus and agencies are incredibly sophisticated by the use of the most advanced equipment and technology for maintaining the support from gullible – desperate – niave ‘Hive Minds’. These minds will often Ignore genuine fair literature, by refraining from reading and receiving honest information and advise… Often individuals only see that which they are chasing, while all stop warnings signs routinely ignored.

Often the partisans aim to feel good and confident in regards to themselves with the aid of false sense of achievement and misaligned pride, which derived, due to earlier tactics of name calling, belittling, stigmatising and defamation experienced. Now in fear of such pasts and with the fear growing of a repeated experience. These workers given in to the “Road of least Resistance” as any corruption money is worth a fortune in there native lands? The easily accessible become substantially motivated to be subservient. With the aid of a slight temptation to prosper relatives in native lands.

  • Note: A sentinel being which lacks all intelligence of being: Mind, emotion, matter. Placing finances before ethics is never prospective.

Lives are trapped within the magnitude of such existence, this be for all… a ‘surreal prostration’ in constant subservience towards evil progenitors and white supremacy all over the world…. ®

Our individual selfish goals, family, addictions and dreams forever bind the individual to this evil legislation authorised by Societies ®

Our own soul bleeds, and yet it bleeds without fortune or ending…

No death sentence, not yet…

Repentance was your enemy..

For a price of attendance.

It’s apparent Science fiction is not fully fiction : I previously mere wondered ‘where Hollywood derived there stories’ …?
Biblical stories, it appears translated in different languages across the globe .

Anu/Adamu/Noah/Horus/Yeshuah/Isa/Musa/Perseus/Jesus/Mohammad are perhaps the same identities translated into many languages around the world.. ®

樂 Or perhaps amongst the many spirits sent to ‘Be’ into embodiment upon earth to teach humankind of the legislation of the ‘Alpha to the Omega’

It is not for me to prove what is already proven..
Really it is for you the seeker to go in search of our creator and those alike to you, to go insearch of what lays hidden from your own investigations..

The Biology of Violence : Debra Niehoff; I found to be an intelligent read amongst those which attempt to investigate the natures of humankind, pieces of literature regarding the apparent wars of Europeans across the new world… ®
These literatures give insight to the tactics utilise by western elites to gain advancement and advantage over
other nations resources.

Remember :

It is not for me or any other to prove what is already proven..
Really it is for you and those alike to you, to go insearch of what lays hidden from your own investigations..?

Everything is intrinsically back to front, inside out and faithfully upside down!

As I have stated, quite emphatically on accessions, I reiterate such importance here: AGAIN

The truth of this matter, is the “help” inwhich you politely refer to, actual does not exist in the payed professions or non – paid professional environments..

Quite often this special aid can only be found in one place:

The loving environment of a stable home

Nothing in the universe can compete with that environment.
All other environments act as only second, in the form of supplements at the very best!

“How 🤔 incredibly sad and desperate of a society”

A sad society and a very tormented society.

One that finds redemption & entertainment, only in the handicaps and disabilities of genuine vulnerable people, whom are quite clearly suffering in side…
Yet the people have utilise that for their entertainment?
Incredible really..

“No civilisation or civilised society can find virtue in the tormenting of those in pain… and need of help?
These are truly the actions of a sick and twisted demented nation, in the guise of civilised humans…”

It may appear offensive of this truth, yet I am unclear of how to make the evils of European nations appear wonderous and civilised..
Nonetheless. If you come into any ideas, feel free to leave such information for the betterment of disclosures to all whom seek truth with a mindful eye of the dangers of this world.©️✔

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For the upkeep of this site and information gathered


Brought to you by the Poet K.Aliy ®️

2021-Infin-8-ty ✨

Forces of Policy farce; The Evil Ones Be Degenerates!

“Attractiveness is more important than intelligence?” When aiming to predict success?

Interestingly, i think it is the dominant social order of certain parts of each culture..

Points in favour:
Everything sells via sexual imagery?

Parents desire to produce beautiful offsprings?

Marriages is a result via attractions?

Divorce is a result of unattraction? Be that through the depths of deprivation, demotion, problems via aging, debt, poverty, ill’s striken, loss, feuds and failure.

The cosmetic industry is worth a trillion dollars?


The elephant man (Rare and genetic disorders)

The Circus acts ( Rare humans and endangered animals )

Pagans stigmatised as heresy (Beliefs of other faiths and practices)

‘Hoten tot’ Saraj Barten

Slave trading babies

Crocodile bait – black infants: Known as “Gator Bait”

‘Slave Labour’ ; Vulnerable Foreign nationals forced into deplorable work environments, without human rights and legal aficionados, building the nations of white “smurfing” societies!

Prostitution slaves (ladies of the night)

Examination & showcasing of slaves

‘Black slaves’ exchanged as modern mules (Rumoured and viewed as beastly animals)

‘Witch hunting’ ( Death and the steady vilification against Intelligence & the study of medicines & herbalist practitioners of ancient antiquity )

Ancient foreign front lined soldier’s bodies ( used for shielding the protection of white soldiers )

Malignant – tormented – Isolation & Outcasting of Social Pariahs/Deformed/Harlots/Whores/Ophans/Ill-ness/Tramps etc

The further unappealing, unattractive and physically ugly an individual appears, the further that target is encumbered as a social outcast, pilloried for the society’s pleasure, abused for sport, while poorly and wrongfully treated.. for the benevolence and financial prosperity of the white skin clangs.

A type of sport is achieved for the detrimental expenses of the agent, being, animal, fibre, matter or element?

The constant amongst these toxic practices are as follows :

* Extermination of target !

* Poignance of non similarities between targeted entities and partisan forces


* Binding concrete forces of similarities within each partisanship or conclave .

* Objective ?

* Inclining dispositions of melancholy

* Examination of target .

* Dispositional characteristic perceived ; unfamiliar/unique/oblique/perplexing/Strange ?

* Vulnerableness / Condition ?

* Obsessive interest towards target from partisanship .

* Grandiose Psychotic Perspectives of partisan hosts/Embellishments/Identities-Affiliate/Rank-Class-Order-Plate-Ethnicity-Race – Gang ? ?

* Scheme, incentive, promotion, prize, result ?

* Deployed chaos, Machinations employed, Machiavellianism .

* Vehement biases – prejudices – seclusion – impoverishment – restrictions – condemnation !

* Misuse of crowd, abuse of public !

* Deception, falsification, mistreatment, abuse of positions, misuse of authority and legislation !

* Misinformation, Gossip, Rumours .

* The Isolation of… the identified of interest ?

* Rendered termination !

Apprehend the sad reality inwhich this occurs throughout each generation of society. Neither age, class, race, epoch, ethnicity, gender, religious factions, nor disability prevent the stride of the partisan’s endeavors from existing towards targets.

Understanding the common intrinsic values, of the following reliable facts is of benefit towards understanding societal discriminations.

The more beautiful a person is, the more that person is adored?

The further a person’s beauty reaches, the further they prosper?

The inclination of a person’s beauty will support the person’s progressive path in life?

The failures or poverty of individual beauty oppresses the opportunities of a person?

Organic beauty is more than mere superficiality of the surface.

Physical beauty be akin to a superimposed subsidiary; These elements are totally conditional to aspects of time, class, wealth, generation, health, practices, comfort, nurturing, education, well being.

Each and all solo or combined activities of torment, cruel upbringing, aggressive chastisement, suffering, deprivation, Psychological abuse and infant physical beatings will deform the bone structure, biological instructions and physical appearance of the child while the child is still growing. A beautiful child regularly beaten will on go in the future enough structural damage to increase alteration of natural beauty into an ugly deformed adult. Thus; Metamorphoses be, that male of female child into adult ? Such a transformation is one inwhich I myself experienced repeatedly painfully, from the hands, instruments and Machinations of many evil practices of the people?

In fact I would disclose; These dreadful experiences, appear to be common throughout the polarity of disadvantaged black society… also

Considering the fact, physical abuse arrives in a vast measurement of extremes: Some people claim they were beaten, however not every child undergoes the same level of beatings as the next child? Be that a neighbour, friend, stranger or siblings…? Ranging from different generations and the items and techniques used in that generation, to the culture, enviroment, stress level, mind set, support unit, isolation, loveless, drinking habits, difficulties, marriage status – Ill health and mental Psychology of the parent raising and beating the child can and do alter considerably in time and space?

  A once beautiful face, can and will indeed alter after too many melancholy years, experiencing the harsh physical and emotional turmoil within the punctuation of a stress filled existence!

In the modern world: A beautiful face incorporated with a healthy mind is parallel to a healthy mind with several multiple masters degrees..

Further unfortunate facts: Incarceration is moreofren an experience for many unattractive people, over attractive people whom commit the same crime?

Sexual previliges is a common advantage of physical appearance and attraction?

“Kind hearted essence” means nothing to those in receipt of a beautiful face  unless the “kind heated essence” is matched equally by superior aesthetics.

Aesthetics is a mesmerising super power which is utilised to manipulate and take full advantage of others by proprietors at all costs!

Job success, Medical aid, Prosperity, Help when in danger or the experiences of difficult situations and awarded Justice against the violation of human rights abuse, will only ever be decided by physical attraction?
Poor service and poor experiences is also a result of unattractive-ness in general society..

Politicians, Prime ministers, Presidents and council attain support and favour via the level of physical attraction they can appear to draw from constituencies and the general public?

Often guilty verdicts are also at the mercy of “un-attractive/attractive appearances…”

Without the natural inheritance of ‘The Quality Aesthetics’ an individual is more likely than not, to remain alone and lonely throughout the course of one’s life. While aging citizens whom have indeed lost their partner and encumbered bereavement, are more often facing increasing consignment of permanent long-term isolation and loneliness!

One is less likely to succeed in a career of front line media production work, showbusiness and entertainment without quality aesthetics…

People or animals are often more likely to be bullied if they appear to be ugly in appearances regardless of their nature, politeness or shy characteristics..

Whiteskins (Kin/Kind) have appointed themselves as major emperor and empress of all aesthetics and worlds?

Ugliness is 100% acknowledged as evil, regardless of how hard you try to be kind ( The further one tries to be kind hearted ) the uglier the partisans will have you deemed ) Goodness is only measured by beauty, which exams everything an ugly person kindly administrates is bound to be viewed as ‘evil actions of evil person’ by such skewed people?

Ugly people are not allowed to exist in the same place as people whom view themselves as beautiful..? Those whom view themselves in the stratospheres of beauty will aim to make your life extremely difficult, while tormenting you for their own deluded and harmful Psychosis, projecting delusions and hatred of themselves.

Believing and trusting depends on attractiveness…?
If you ask for help, you will not even be offered the aid you need, due to your physical appearance and depth of physical beauty or the lack of?
Whereas someone whom may not even need that level of help will be offered such help to them due to physical attraction or familiarity of appearance?

When the opposite occurs or an instant of halo – type behaviour; Which is usually viewed as a characteristic of the term “virtue signalling” parading or show casing acts of moral virtue and kindness for the reward of the public’s pious opinion and praise of the action; Akin to a token gesture, perhaps surrendering to an orchestrated self righteous appraisal?


All these issues are true 👍 in the western world..
Inwhich physical attraction constitutes over “100%” of your life experiences…
Your skin pigmentation-/Your features/Hair texture/Your teeth/Tattoos/Scars/Deformities/Paralysis/Psychological trauma or other disabilities control every minute – second of your earthly existence.. in the western world.

Other parts of the world inwhich spiritual proclivities play some % of a role..?
Physical appearances are still of high value unfortunately so?
However, not as ridiculously important.. perhaps attraction may be an approximation between “66% – 99%” for the majority of occasions, I calculate, or somewhere in the radius of that proximity?

I recall many years ago one summer evening, watching a group of finely dressed men offering a group of beautiful women, some free food they had just bought, as the two groups were all walking in the same direction..
The women at first all refused, but after one of the men kept persisting upon one in particular, she then decided; She, Took the food, politely said “Thank you” and placed it straight into a bin…!!
A small crowd outside whom took interest watching the occasion, began laughing hysterically at those men, whom were helplessly pursuing the women.

I watched on also, thinking to myself,

” Hmmm… Did they accidently miss the lonely – homeless person sitting on the floor, only across the street from them? “

What i discovered has changed my perspective already!
The dynamism of socio demographical heterogeneity, which previously enhanced my perplexity, in regards to nature of species and the conclusion of events are now beggining to be clearly apprehended.

I recall and ruminate upon a plethora of rejected responses I received from business applications, clerical work and numerous  components of that stratosphere… Oftentimes, existing as the recipient of multiple rejected applications, only confirms, the fact one’s appearance is not appeasing to the required measurement for the role applied for, from the perspectives of those whom may be slightly short sighted or perhaps one dimensional, in terms of personality – perspectives and parochial character hiring methods?

Again and again, regardless of the business, or product for governing the responses are often the same.. Thus experiences are forever scorched in this, these experiences of mine, imposed into my memory banks… Strangely, I had not acquainted failure with lack of aesthetic beauty, all those years ago. Of present, I have grown to unfortunately realise just how much general importance is granted upon the measure of any physical appeal and aesthetic value an individual has or has not? Appearances, perhaps is measured frankly as one would measure life or death? Those of quantified aesthetic abundance? Are gifted plentiful of life via favouritable resources and pleasure. Many people in the western -world are endowed with richness of great aesthetic proportions. The western world has adopted an approach to life in which it appears, everything in life is only second to the quality of beauty one has to present?

In the west, people with the highest levels of natural beauty are awarded a type of honourary status. This performance is generally reserved for ancient sages and Seers, as well with those of nobility, prominence and  prestige.

Though often a wonder, not surprising as extreme beauty is often experienced as an instant of euphoria and pleasure to view or be in the presence of those whom were bestowed this great gift in life. This is often most notably admired via the large screen  theatre exhibition and gallery halls in showcase of relative exhibitions and events.  The catering and sponsorship  awarded to the participants in these careers is a collosal one.


Wealth is easily attained by great amounts of natural beauty. Beauty is a constant almost all people in the west strive to encapsulate, be the recipient of, while aiming to inhabit one’s own everlasting presentation of refined beauty! It is not a wonder why western citizens are in receipt of huge amounts of debt, solely for one purpose, the acquisition of attaining immortality via physicality of beauty!

The increasing beauty industry is one of the wealthiest establishments on the face of the earth. Estimated to be in the region of a trillion dollar industry, worldwide. Incorporating all aspects of physical applications for the confidence and improvement of one’s life.

Established, in the world that a person is trusted or not trusted, simply due to the level of beauty they have and appear to display?  

Worldly known, that the less attractive a person is, the further that person is not trusted by people and the more vilified such a person will become in society? When such a barbaric fashion is put into daily ritual practices, by entities whom have indeed ritualistically classed themselves by default as above all others and titled themselves as the “The Keepers Of This World!” The outcome of such a degree is experienced by all others as a living nightmarish hell, authorised by the instincts and perspectives of a sadistically cruel and narcissistic section of the human species; Perhaps better registered as the “Humankind” be that type, edition, latter… Model or Version?


Sentencing and guilty verdicts are known throughout the entire world to be an inhumane constant amongst the faulty juristiction of this world’s political affairs. Often in the world, verdicts of guilty charges, sentences are at the mercy of the jury, prosecution and courts perception in regards to the defendants level of physical beauty? If the defendants are extremely poor, unappealing in their physical appearance and of foreign dispositions to the council and nation at large. Such circumstances will moreover lead to the guilty verdicts drawn against the defendants. Defence Council careless and are moreover joyous in such acceptance to whichever financial prosperity rewards, arrives for defence councils co-starring role-part in the courtroom theatrics.

Noted within the thousands of cases courts have witnessed, often beautiful appearing defendants especially those of white western origin will often not see and experience the pleasure of a prison cell service, due to a number of reasons including the relation to identity, nationality, ethnicity, class, appearances and level of aesthetic beauty? Quite recognised throughout the world, “White (Caucasian) women” are not sent to prison, nowhere near as much as they should be, for the level of crimes these women commit and perpetuated in society. Much of these caucasian women, are without true realisation of the advantaged hand they are bestowed, by the grace of God perhaps.. or the ignorance of “Mankind/Womankind”

Due to this unregistered act, we witness caucasian women throughout the world complain and scream against their so called unequal opportunities. Whereas, in reality, one could state these caucasian women, in fact have the higher opportunity to exist advantaged. The majority of surplus received by caucasian women increases their personal income by a relative advantaged percentage each year. Understanding that freebies/inclusions/discounts/free services and admissions/huge discounts/free rides and lifts/presents and expenses, gifts and items on special occasions, all calculate to large amounts of finances when inquisitively calculated? Caucasian women also do not realise just how much the participants sacrifice in order to award these women with items some can not afford for themselves, family members, friends or even paying back debts? Via past relationships I spent money on partners I had reserved for bills and other important factors? Most relationships left me in debt via large loans to accommodate and aid the lifestyle and bills of the female partner’s expenses. This is not uncommon, rather a standardised programme in the male to female dynamism of relationships. Men forfeit increasing fixtures of their income for the privilege of female company. Be that conversational, spiritual, professional, intellectual or intimate? By and large, however it may appear, men are forced to shred their protected prized wallets of iron clad layered pouches and incline. “Men pay to play” often in more ways then one.

Often times leading haphazardly into quite an unfortunate situation and demise? The thought of the ‘devil’ comes to mind, when we contemplate the reasons this appellation is awarded to certain versions of women, as are often widely accepted. Interestingly, the question presented: Whom has actually seen the devil and what support evidence is available of the appearances of such an entity? Whom was it that decreed the sex and gender, colour, image and description of such an apparition..? Why is it, I postulate, the ” Devil “, otherwise known as “Satan” or ” Iblyss ” is customarily articulated as a man of beastly appearances? Whom was the chief orchestrator – creator of this apprehension we have been bequeathed with? Has not anyone anywhere throughout 🤔 the solace of antiquity, ever questioned the possibility to if these stories main characters are true and that of: If their individual physical composition are exact? Note: The instruments of passage which delivered these accounts are wholesome in the art of deception and forked – tongue-ness. A nation and identity which stands in the presence of full deception by any means, especially! Is the reason so many people are indeed perplexed, that people of adult age and various classes put their trust, freely, into a constant system of lies, from a race known throughout history to be untrustworthy, will now offer a composition of righteousness and morality as to speak into any truth upon existence, whatsoever..?



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The consequential characteristics of female nature, is worldly known and somewhat strikingly to the fabled features of the notorious agent, vilified throughout the entire practices of Christian society from deep within ancient antiquity and forever-more told. For the transcripts researched, have disclosed a one life altering moment in the history of existence in the scholarly teachings of an intriguing revelation, thus fables be known the world over in theology, the story exist, be the creation BE ‘ADAMU’ ; MAN! For it was Satan whom challenged the authority of the ‘Alpha – Omega’ . Stating a rebuked refusal to prostrate in praise and submission, of subservience, down infront of GOD’S newest creation; “ADAMU” – MAN – !

A form which was engineered from the elements of the earth. For that which was known by the form of ‘Creation manifested from the elements of fire ‘ be Satan/Devil/Iblyss. This entity being a favourite of ‘Alpha – Omega’ be also the proudest entity of itself and creation. The eye of Iblyss be the individuality of pride throughout this comprehension of existence. The eyes of Satan/Devil/Iblyss indeed clouded the perspectives of their historic actions.

Coincidentally, the term ‘Red Eye’ alludes to great insurmountable degrees of highly – functioning-toxic- envy, that is registered. This term is a common denomination to describe women’s firey temperamental and discourse nature.

The action of ‘Subservience’ is generally despised by the human females of the species. Not only do females display an abhorrence towards such characteristics perceived as extremely respectful, however slightly fearful or unmanly, by the practice. Females feel enslavement to practice such a conduct, and despise the conduct in men, while registering the behaviour as sensitively weak and not of a conduct females wish for in a man or partner?

Perceived by females as not a confident attitude to find attractive and often appearing quite queer and fearful. Women do not like to bow down in servitude to surrender or show courtesy to anyone and not a man who they feel is made and built less worthy than women?


Satan a being historically spoken to be created from the elements of fire (Fire being a higher element than mere dirt from the earth, Earth-dirt as the source of ADAMU/MAN) by the one legislative authority – ” GOD “

Interestingly, in a particular chapter of the old testament, genesis, a story is disclosed between the two main principles of the Bible book (GOD and the Devil) in which a forever transcription is scorched all across the fabric of earth’s history. This transcription is a formidable importance as not only did the participants disagree on a legendary scale, including the magnanimous manner of this collossal disagreement, sheds similarities to the nature’s of human partnerships between man and women!

What if “Satan” was/is an entity of female proportions or non binary? Was it not Satan whom when challenging God of the old testament, apparently stated :

” (Satan entity) would lead many astray and away from the righteous path, into the shallows of a colossal hell-bound inclusion ” ( Leading and deceiving, legitimately a female practice in the modern world )

‘Lead astray and away from the roads less travelled upon’ sheds a poignance of commonality with the terms of dating certain types of the female enigmatic species? The nature’s within are striking of this dialogue between the partisans. For how many men have lived in receipt of such threats of disrespect, disregard and dispositional characteristics perceived? Routinely known, that the female of the species is also in receipt of the cunning capability to lead many authorities astray. From heros and ancient legends and men of renown capabilities, many men have perpetually fallen by the schemes of women, at a single moment in time, to councils, armies, hierarchies and even destroying long standing establishments. History informs us of such information, tales of sorcery and fables of enchantment have indeed ravished the psychology of the ages. Women by default are created complete with a indepository spirit and are quite often ill temperatured by nature as a customary component of female mechanical creation.


It may be realised as an impossibility to gain any truth from such a nation of organisms, perhaps race and even specifically designed as a separate species? Question: “Are all humanoids upon this earth actually of the same species” . In reality there exist a difference. This difference is an alteration of a relative proportion. The proportion is in affect of a 0.10% – 1.10% out of a 100% in differentiation between black humans and white humans species..? Though the percentage may appear as miniscule to you at first. However understand, as that particular percentage is very relative to alteration, indeed!

The answer is yes there actual is a real difference.

The difference between humans of today’s periods and chimpanzees is relative in the separated distinction of approximately 3% only. Strangely acknowledged when it is quite obvious the distinct appearance separation. Outside of humanoid statue (upright presentation, similar limbs and features) one would of thought the differentiation is hugely greater than only approximately 3%?

The percentage differentials between black and white humans derives via obvious appearances in facial features, hair density, bone structure, body dexterity, muscle structure, molecule dna, blood pheno – type, subsidiary for weather acclimatisation and adaptibility – conditions, virus exposure and transmutation recuperation against severe viral attacks.. For this dispute I find it strangely peculiar yet slightly irritating so, that many racist white people bestow their ignorance and hate upon blacks and browns while whites do not want to exist near blacks and browns via apartheid! However strangely are continuing to ever inject the blood pheno-type of black people into the blood system of caucasians as an antidote and cure to escape almost all current illness in the modern world?

Prior, outcomes eluded rational summary and reasoning, due to the cultural heritages of pillory and fanatical Psychopathic scapegoating. Socio demographics engineer outcomes depending on class, culture and appearance. Punished and villified without experiencing the factors which carefully lay cultured of those said results?

Appears as a constant problem in every single place encapsulated by the UK…
Journey to nations further away from the UK and such social norms appear less predictable, cosmetically and intrinsically?
Experiencing families and culture exhumed exhibition of wonderous experiences.
Retrospection of the affilliation communicated by the admiable hoste and acquaintence while mesmerised by a mystery of surroundings, outside throughout, everything is rich and fine, was informed of the dark silhouettes and mafiaism: “Prejudicisms exist in succinct towns” for as such of the mafioso!

Quenched a small parch to digest and briefly contemplate while briefly in the moment; Philosophical and commemorative still, those places be encouragingly civilised in comparison to the feral bread of poor environments in the UK?

People via the antiquity of their lands are very much ignorant and have registered as evil people in general throughout the lands. Continually scheming and plotting
mischievous and evil designs, inorder to immobilise and disable vulnerable unsuspecting free – spirited – sentinel beings.


Without any further targeted individuals to harass in the world, the narcissistic’s value becomes reduced and redundant. Narcissist will experience loneliness and emptiness, in the same manner isolated prisoners experience incarcerated terms. The life of an isolated individual, is/are equivalent to, the requisitive quality of top premium fuel agency, for the narcissistic mind/life to feed off. Without isolated individuals to feed off, the narcissist slowly dies. Vulnerable people are indeed generally marginalised, together with targeted groups. Targets of narcissist hail as “reserve dishes, perhaps long appetisers, refugees for the meat gauntlet in preparation for the monumental appetite of the narcissist to lament and lavish upon in true predatory fashions”

Supporters of the farcical

Naive people accidentally aid the narcissist by helping to assist the seclusion of, secluded, Psychologically tortured and terrorised individual targets, exist often without any realisation accepted. Often the targets are dispelled from social activity and vanquished from society for the pleasing of such mobs. The mobs whom often do not have the mental capacity to perceive their erroneous pyscho-statue of wrong doing and whom or what it is they have indeed killed or orchestrated death against..?

Note: See/research on every civil rights activist or protagonist whom was indeed assassinated by the arms of the people they strived to liberate?

The naive, whom often, are without realisation to grasp and understand the proclivities of their own skewed participation. This veil of participation and subservience, surrendered by the inequalities of naive co-conspirators, hails as legislative support to the narcissist. Narcissist in reciprocal fashion reward the most subservient and loyal regiments. Narcissistic parties have one aim and two main support parties..

: A Financial Sponsorship

: A Supportive Agency for the keep of NARCISSISTIC moral (Naive and often desperate stock of ignorant individuals as followers and supporters/Incels/Simps/Moron/Puppets/Smurfs etc)

Sole aim of NARCISSIST : Self preservation of the policy at all cost to each and all life and liberty

Both of these subgroups are bound by the lore of ignorance and unexpected-Ness ; Fear!

Without any reassurances, the subservient exist in constant fright

I have indeed witnessed and experienced that many of the crimes in society are actually actions of the police forces and subsequent agencies schemes and characteristics. These schemes are linked to insurance rates and the purchasing of such lucrative contracts which deplete the earnings of the policy holders.

POLICE constantly refine and set the bait!

Police hold the security and access rights to each and all surveillance equipment, security equipment via Western law and legislation.

Police are non other than evil forces taking full advantage by deception, of unsuspecting vulnerable people.

The wealthy aristocratic and elite are dependent upon cocaine from the popey fields, to pay the bandits for their services of protection and regulation.
Cocaine is in constant use within all the products of western medical practices!
More drugs are used in civilised wealthy areas of societies than in the poorest neighbourhoods of the world. The wealthy need their daily fixes to reduce the experiences of medical pain from the affects of living. These living experiences of deep and sudden deprivations are managed with the three interconnected administration aid; A quality nutrition aid of effective medicines, herbal formula, physical – emotional – mental mediation and education combined formula.

The elite and wealthy aim to keep their positions by any means necessary. Enriching their own life experiences via the expenses of others. The aristocratic rely upon the forces of bandits to regulate society. The bandits whom have now grown in statue and importance reciprocate by using the various governments to create legislation which increases the bandits power and subsequent wealth.

Today the once simple regulators are more than just bandits, for they now operate above the law and enfluence the decisions of the government bodies and aristocrats.

These aristocrats whom are indeed often walking in fear for their life, should aim to regulate their/bandits behaviours and utilise better choices via their superior and previliged education? ®

Cocaine you see, is not the problem, not anymore a problem than cyanide is a problem within the expertise of nuclear biology.
Nor is any animal, beast.. In the hands of trained experts a problem!
Nor is a 🔫 weapon, a kitchen 🗡 knife or any other potentially harmful agent.. ®

There fore, the missing constant to all the problems, has to be the “mind” of that which is subjecting viewing towards the article based upon their interpretation viewed via poor and underprivileged – “Education” ®

Where there is no “education” (Toxic Learning) or poor education, there is no ‘Hope and Anarchy..’ instead.

There exist deprivation in all areas of lower classes due to the lack of previliged education and resources.

Lack of education and genuine information leads to further irresponsible actions.

Fix the obvious education issues, while the default will succeed. As this will ultimately lead to total fruition for everyone… and sustainable peace via better choices and enhanced thinking skills!

Unfortunately the western countries have appeared to promote the contrary.

This modern infrastructure is ruled by the police in truth for profit. The bandits have amassed the wealth of the nation and hidden away. Constantly bribing the governments for evermore funds. Steadily expanding to increase their forces and position upon the world. Staging faux passes and hoax to bamboozle the forever unsuspecting. The unsuspecting are unashamedly blinded by positions and authority.

Naive people, whom are often poor in no fewer than one deficiency or another until passing from this life. This experience registers until clear and paramount sights of all their exhaustion is emitted :

© Poverty be an abnormal ritualistic candidate… For Poverty also be a neurological deficit…?

Perhaps ancient medieval eras engineered dispositions.. to govern upon. Minus underclass upper classes default against a full-time authority.

Under class be deprived, this be a quintessential default of broken, defeated beaten mass of expendable energy.
Perhaps akin to an analogy: Such broken bubbles of the earth in search of sand, perpetual surrendering to hoste of adoption?


The liberation card is one’s meager choices..

If you live meager in society or in an off grid solution you can bypass the enslaved suffering so many fall for..

This can be achieved via one’s choice of participants… and redundancy of building an unnecessary family one ill affords!

Individually existing is not a contract dependent on one’s reproduction…

Government agencies is a contract dependent on large numbers of families…

  Google amongst other regulative corporations are indeed very busy Censoring ‘The Truth’ $$%

That version of “middle class..”
I was referring initially to those aristocrats born into family wealth
The unbenign politicians with expensive university back grounds..

Are quite dependent on the system of the poor..

The only way out I believe is either attempt to exist in a meager off grid environment with, which many people are successfully doing?

This is easily achievable as a single person; The effort of family is what “binds each person in society to chained slavery” ; Unless you can locate a spouse that is extremely eco minded?

If one’s spouse is without this common mathematical conception, you will predominantly suffer more than is identified as necessary to exist?

The chosing of one’s spouse or isolation as an alternative in life is the key to Psychological prosperty, spiritual redemption and physical freedom i believe!

Everything is intrinsically back to front, inside out and faithfully upside down!

Appearance dominates too much importance in the world, with much explanation to the reality of many social problems.

It is a wonder and amazement to register all our problems derive through the passage of our lack of beautiful appearance. Our misfortune and harsh physical punishments continue to scare our minds while our swollen joints persisting our physical experience incarcerated in the various continuous arrangements of these nightmares.


While growing up, the connection between one’s prosperity via their biological appearance was quite abstract to me. The genuine thought of success or peace due to sustaining a level of national accepted appearance elluded me until quite recently { Neither made successful connections… Distinctive analyses prior to this age… Analysing western accepted biological appearance measured against my ethnic biological appearance concluded the distinctive experiences between each, representing two roads diverging. Inwhich one is too cruel for full comprehension!

  • One: Contained a perpetual jagged and coarse incline throughout. Laced with constant slippery intervals. The steep incline met with towering walls appearing as “The Great Wall of China” and fortified Fortresses with large scale battalions, ready and firing at will: ‘Fire canons, explosive bombs, blazing arrows, lava and poison darts hailed as these death measures reigned down upon such paths’. The slip of road was extremely narrow in long sections, the compliment of mile long drops on each side of the roads edge, over looked pits of 100 ft spikes, the stench that arose defied life and breath with a nauseating spell. Inwhich each section encapsulated the rotten-torn-decayed bodies of billions of casualties. Each were notibly met over the coarse since it’s creation?
  • Second: Contained an extremely wide and smooth admirable path. Either side of the gigantic path rested fields stretching hundreds of miles of bright green grass, tall trees and exotic luscious fruit bushes, herbs and vegetation arranged for miles. Themes of decorated tropical fields, exotic birds singing to anyone whom happened to be travelling the path. While the tamed animals roamed the distance next to the bright pure waters of the rivers and oceans. Alive breathing with more exotic life. The commentary of the fresh air and natural aroma perfumed the atmospheric ambience.

I had previously thought: All my extensive run of extremely crude life experiences, misfortunes and bad luck was a natural result to my upbringings, characteristics, isolation etc.. I often think now throughout the advancement of disability: “The affects perhaps, were only a section of the relationship to deprivation and oppression”

‘Experience Akin to a formidable Ally of Intense Subjugation and Misery’

All of my problems was really due to this..?
The thing is I have been called names all through my life: Ugly, Crazy, Mad, Stinks, Idiot, Fool, Stupid, Shamefully ” plus far worse and more random explicitly etc etc.
People always called me harmful and abusive indignations/names/references all through my life… Perhaps they was unwittingly actually confirming how they genuinely felt about themselves deep down inside themselves?

Moreoften the name calling displayed their own unsatisfactory position and lot in life. The misery of their administrations inwhich these people made very poor decisions with their previleged entertainments and family systems of supportive choices. Others made poor decisions with their previliged ethnicity, of ‘protected whiteness’ to be able to exist with liberation, peace and security. To be of ‘whiteness’ and deprived in the western world suggest a decree of personal incompetence and neurological deficits could be in affect?

Still I never registered all the abuse I received was a result of ethnicity and appearance, as my state of psychosis was steered upon the elements of God.
I contemplated at intervals, isolation and psychological indifference was the targeted vulnerability. Perhaps multiple characteristics form together in a culture that is notorious for abusing the rights of others.

The torment rendered earthly deadly all across multiple occasions throughout the experiences of my life.

Yet i always became unsuccessful in the light of most sincerest prayers and wishes.

Now clearly.
Stands to reason, the experiences rendered of torment and abuse. Echoed via the heart of a nation so deprived and bathed in the complete ignorance against any perceived dis-advantages/disability/ethnicity of others, this world has known. We beings witness the affects/consequences of/from white previliged people via the courts of law/legislation and displayed by the evil practices of the police service, civil servants, sector workers and every trade in existence perpetrated by the minds of such white kind, western kind. English white, being at the top of the division as previliged groups of whiteness.

Inwhich their wrong doing are never subjected to harrasment by comparison to the remainder of the world? Perpetuating crimes and human rights abuses without concern, restraint, punishment or charges or judgement and conviction.
Regardless of which crimes and laws are committed, expressed or defied, rarely experience punishment, inherent for their criminal behaviour?

Acknowledged in media there exist substantial villains whom are praised, affiliation die to cosmetic appearance.
As things stand to exist upon the forever practices of evil legislators. These whom, which are exonerated for punishing ethnic and disadvantaged minority identities by the affiliation of political people who have ordered the killing of such class groups of ethnicity without suspicion. unsuspecting people.. oftentimes ignore class crimes of their own.. Crimes by white females whom I am fully aware of, inwhich have subjected misconducts of heinous sexual natures: Full on sexual penetration, sexual intercourse upon minors without any criminal proceedings ever brought farword, how? Why?

I isolate my self as possible from racist characters, if one attempts to defend their human rights to exist in peace, the outcome results in further abuses taken against one, in the format of punishment by citizens and those racist members of the police hierarchies!

Because of unattractive-ness

It really makes alot of sense to me now..

Reasons for foreign appearing ethnics migration away from the UK

The UK is not a good choice of migration to set a destination for. This is especially for those of foreign appearance, language, name, practices and faith.


The truth of this matter, is the “help” inwhich is politely referred to in western politics … Vehemently is not functional to exist in the payed professions or non – paid professional environments..

Quite often this special aid can only be found in one place:

The loving environment of a stable home

Nothing in the universe can compete with that environment.
All other environments act as only second, in the form of supplements at the very best!

A most courteous note: Take heed!

Sorry to disclose such detrimental matters of truth to you. However, when a person is broken, they will usually remain broken’ that way until death…?

Good fortune be it wealth and fame only delays the genuine cracks from visibility.. and scrunity!

Perhaps wealth or fame is bad fortune: The sooner realisation is manifested, the sooner one can begin the long enduring process of understanding who they really are, while carefully attempting to decipher what occurred to cause their apparent dispositions…?

It is a hard life.. in all truth, one subjected by feelings of melancholy and perpetual persecution!

I never really followed the Big brother thing…
I practically did not know much about her… (Nikki Graham)
Until I watched her videos today..
Previously I think I once read about her turrets or something 🤔 I believe?

However, I now see that I missed out on alot of her entertainment…
Though I also believe:

“How 🤔 incredibly sad and desperate of a society”

A sad society and a very tormented society.

One that finds redemption & entertainment, only in the handicaps and disabilities of genuine vulnerable people, whom are quite clearly suffering inside…
Yet the people have utilise that for their entertainment?
Incredible really..

No civilisation or civilised society can find virtue in the tormenting of those in pain… and need of help?
These are truly the actions of a sick and twisted demented nation, in the guise of civilised humans…

Only can a deeply sadistically cruel and tomented socio heterogeneity find entertainment in the deprivation awarded to others experience via personal illnesses and pain.. Thus, the very actions speak mass volumes in regards to the genuinely sad neurological state of existing and deprived benevolence missing from a complete species as of the “Human-Kind” of such earthly organisms?

I believe it is not people like Nicky Grahame that should be cut short of life,
Not unless they are being chaperones swiftley to a place of aid and redemption?

R.I.P Nikki Grahame… Peace to you my dear

It certainly does appear those experiences were in full affect throughout her life…

I would add there, exist in Nikki, also a physical neurological trigger, as I read somewhere she spent increasing amounts of her life in hospitals…

I believe all disorders have a biological foundation from birth not realised by mainstream society?

People believe illness commences when the symptoms appear?
I think the illness was long present sitting hidden there inside the afflicted, waiting for an opportunity to display the characteristics of the determined disorder..?

Most people I come into contact with in social environments do not understand this, they often blame the person and say they are “crazy and behaving as a child” or demean the sufferer in some form?

Often the symptoms are used as an opportunity by malicious and narcissistic individuals to cause further harm to the afflicted?

The hordes of narcissist in existence are clearly seeking out and searching for the vulnerable people to harm all throughout the narcissist and vulnerable groups lifetimes! The vulnerable are energy capsules to the narcissist. For this reason alone, I believe, women in general should not be keen to marry the majority of men available and vise – versa! The quality of partners available for cohabitation is rancidly deplorable.

Actions ranging from purely malicious to obvious evil intentions.

I find it a little upsetting to watch these old videos with the hindsight of what is taking place in the videos.
These displays of warning signals, prior to the tragedy we are now fated to comprehend!

The realisation that all along, something much deeper was taking place and metamorphosing inside the home of afflicted for the privileged viewing pleasure of the audience…

I imagine this would be the equivalent It seams:
Watching a cancer victim, travelling to my home to entertain me each day, without my knowing they are dying inside with terrible pains while the secret of their torture exists undisclosed.
The recipient Unbeknowing of the full appreciation of others own illnesses… and challenges?

I guess what may be taken is the knowledge of the diverse illnesses of people, aswell as acknowledgement of this beautiful soul… may they rest in peace.

Many may not have realised, at the time?
Quite possibly Nikki’s torment may be realised as Psychological abuse, soley for the viewing pleasure of the audience?

This may be similar to that of jesters and performers entertainment for medieval Kings and empires; Showcased for cruel torment and ridicule!

Game show entry for the poorest and most vulnerable members of society to earn some money…
Though fully taking advantage of contestants disabilities..

It is work, though nothing has altered in the presence of entertainment for the evil of public viewing. “These demons that need to be fed their daily dose of splenetic – appetite narcissistic – fancy and delightful viewing of the ill and dying vulnerable prey” yet quite extreme, perhaps not suitable for most people.

Perhaps “Karma” our great good friend shall avenge in the end, forever and forever as always?

Entertainment and viewing: Oftentimes we witness the emotionally over sensitive moronic police officers, Thus: Officer Tackleberry from the Hollywood “Police Academy” franchise. Those displays are genuine real characteristics of many officers, displayed throughout the movies mimicking and mocking, while providing viewers with the decades of deep laughter as both adults and children viewing participants. A striking story was unfolding elsewhere. Scripts from movies are quite often duplicated and arise from the actual events of real life scenarios. Be it often exaggerated for viewing in audiences and screen size caricatures.

“Freeze! And put your hands up so I can see them”

Are indeed common instructions of some protocols.. However have become excessively spoken when more simpler adequate communications can be delivered?

Where are you going?

What are you doing?

How intrusive they can be to one’s experience, when people only want to go about minding for freedom in the open… minding their own personal business, be it a stroll for fresh air.. or whatever the affairs?

The affects of the harrasment is quite often intrusive and registers as any provocation genuinely subjective to race, class, hue, gender, age, ethnicity, isolation of social status or perhaps vulnerability of the targets. Thus; Unfavourably whom are cautiously susceptible to police or the society targetting, strictly via their appearance.

There exist death contracts and warrants upon people of society.. Which may be transcribed in the manner of official orders or social decrees by public figures or the groups, such order occurs all across the globe. Routinely these subjections are linked to European societies and the progress for European societies only.
Crimes are being covered up by those whom behave in the manner displayed by evil criminals.

As we continually witness the passing deaths by execution through the administrations of western authorities powers. Unfortunately delivered to all the vulnerable individuals and selective celebrity speakers alike, thus; They have Maketh the implement, the instruments of passover is manoeuvred to sentence upon the unsuspecting perishables of this expression. Society is guilty as charged, for each individual and doer, whom practices to perfect the role played, in their overall doom!

Incels: These with the human appearance and idiosyncratics 🐑 more stable for sheep are moreoften faithfully fearful cowards.. in all truth. Inwhich is commonly known of the incel’s characteristics via distinctive behaviour patterns. The incel’s greatest appetites is feasting upon those whom are under great attacks and assaults. Similiar to the characteristics of vultures in the presence of afflicted prey, except whom do not patiently wait for the afflicted to die. Rather engineer the intended affliction through the ignorance of the sub-human creatures in the environment. The opportunities arise for the incel breed only when the afflicted are dying? The interest has been payed in full when the afflicted has seized from breathing. Prey are a wide variance, often targeted, vulnerable, poor, victims with disabilities, things associated which stand uniquely of being, and those with severe difficulties and isolation as a commonality.

Many evil people in western society.. are a domino affect of the incel breed { A variable inclusion of the strictest whiteness : Often angry and agitated white males of poor working class groups whom carry a chip on their shoulder and a ‘seismic level frustration which opporates as an impediment against success and prosperity. In the adult world these simple people are registered as none other than “Smurfs” they appear as true legitimate morons causing concern where there never was any. There short comings in existence are attached to: National unions, national flag, patriarchy, Sector workers, poverty and instability, inferiority complexes, lack of resources, often carries personal prejudices and subjugation, excessive targetting and obsessive hatreds..
Incels… are renound to be quite dormant incestuous half-chaps and literally quite naughty life – kinds. A registered deposit of quite possibly a true catalyst for much of the destruction and deprivation that occurs throughout the entire world..?

The ever increasing destruction upon life by evil organisms that really have no business being alive, except to deliver state executions upon the lives of artist and other talented beings of existence. The aim of ‘whiteness’ or ‘Hue – Less Being or kind’ is so to annihilate the ‘Hue – Man’ along with each and all beings and distinctive characteristics of light and purple radiance: The effervescent radiance of spectrums and polychromatics of photosynthesis.

The domino affect which derives via the loss and misery we may or not witness is perpetually in affect from such perpetrators.

Evil white society is instructing to remove people intentionally then cover up the crime with more crimes, in order to hide further crimes and the lies accumulated from these wicked actions..

Those whom report these evil crimes, like myself are subjected to further abuse by the various affiliations of such conclaves. Having such experience as:

  1. Not believed of report disclosures
     2. Increased illness via substance poisoning 

3. Tampering and sabotage of home, vehicles, food and liquids are as repeatedly poisoned.. as a result of these physical abuses, i am ongoing substantial kidney disfunction and disease due to poisoning. This has been in affect, only since I moved into this extremely evil and racist white neighbourhood, which produces a high disfunction from white degeneracy in the community and what appears, the obsolute obsession of recreational substance affiliation known as “contraband drug addiction”

4. Detained in mental facilities and drugged with forceful high doses by medical injections against one’s will; Such protocols are standard detention clinic procedures against the choice of the patient!

5. Removal of one’s private property on strip searches, the intentional gross mishandling, damage and loss of one’s private property, be it expensive items which can often not be replaced?

6. The tortment, intimidation, physical and serial abuses and scarring remained by white racist serial sexual fiends go unpunished due to their whiteness.

7. Sabotaging of one’s relationships, acquaintences, prosperity, autonomy, health, security, freedom, liberty, love, mind, body, finances and life in general

The instruments often associated for use in the targetting of people are often pronounced as idiots/stupids/morons/dim-wits/sheepskins..; Those that are truly incomplete individuals with an obvious lack of moral fibres can be found wanting and wasting in various low level government sectorial services, policing, security work and housing associations. Unfortunately the most deplorable organisms I have come across in this world, i have located in such positions! It is a sad shame how the poor will sell their soul for anything and more.

Stated in antiquity: When whites arrived in Africa clutching tightly a Bible book: the whites told the blacks to close their eyes..
When the blacks opened their eyes...
The whites had disappeared with the resources of Africa and the blacks were holding the bible book.

I would add the whites not only disappeared with the resources of Africa but hijacked and took what was there - remaining in the minds of Africans.

With the insight to recent passing away of, two distinctive rappers from Bad Boys For Life inc ; "DMX" - 'Earl Simmons and "Black Rob" - 'Robert
Affiliation of the Ruff Ryders Crew... things became further clear how I was becoming further ill and whom was behind it... This is a consistent pattern in the lives of many people... Specifically of the marginalised and afflicted groups, whom exist as sitting targets, authorised against by the most cowardous people of the entire universe. These schemes and evil protocols by white society to dominate and rule the attire universe by any means necessary is a distinctive theme of white culture and thirst!
Also a blood sport by deprived and deranged Psychotic white society!

Black people, minorities, whistle blowers, prophets, enlightened folk and poor people are more over executioned by the state, from the festival type aspirations of the various majority mob programme codes.

More than half of the criminals in the western world are organisations, consisting of the police forces and various organisations collaborating…with heinous conducts often against vulnerable isolated individuals for wage, assets and merchandise.

List of Criminal Sponsors/Recipients :

Top 21 alliances that are mischievously inclining the rise of crime!

#1.- #21. Afiliates keeping crime in business;

No.1 Police forces and Agencies.

No.2 Courts and Magistrates.

No.3 Prisons and Probations.

No.4 Barristers and Solicitor firms.

No.5 Judges and Jury.

No.6 Governments and Councils.

No.7 Parliament Affiliations –

; Members and Constituents.

No.8 Voters and The Ignorant.

No.9 Aristocrats and Diplomats.

No.10 Niave and The Gullible.

No.11 Neurological Impaired and Mentally Deficient.

No.12 Poorest and most Fearful.

No.13 Feral and Abandoned.

No.14 Entrepreneurs and Businesses.

No.15 Parents and Students.

No.16 Sciences and The Arts.

No.17 Universities and Colleges.

No.18 Entertainment and Leisure.

No.19 Sports and Recreation.

No.20 Industries and Families.

No.21 Media

To comprehend and explore these sadistically criminally motivated cultures, we could add, everyone is a criminal breaking several laws at a time without the interest of impeding prosecution, surveillance and subjugation to certain members of society due to class or position of authority held?

These extreme versions of Prejudicisms, we witness, on a daily basis, is the hallmark of whiteness and Psychotic behaviours.. the universe over…

As a default; Human’s Law exist to be unrestrictedly bias and prejudice!
Which results in a fake and synthetic system of law and legislation;
I.e “Plastic Laws authorised and regulated by plastic people”

Though nobody is perfect in this corrupt world…
It is quite profoundly inherent in the idiosyncratics of white society. Yet incredibly ignored by willfully collaborative agents, when the obvious is simply stating the reality of things.. defence and persecution is produced by all guilty parties..

The word “Criminal” is entirely subjected to the favour… and prejudice of “Whiteness” (Privileged and all those exonerated by western society)

Via a lifetime of torment and mistreatment i would acknowledge that appearing “White” or perhaps “Whiteness” in general terms has become quintessential to western prosperity while the contrary is subjected to The NEW EVIL;

Further more I would state:

1.Culturally behaving in a white mannerism.

2. White appropriation.

3. Western aspirations.

4. Western Law & Legislation.

5. The idiosyncratics of Whiteness.

6. Product stereotypes of whiteness.

These by way of affirmation and the demonstration measured by careful study are aligned with the definitive ‘legislation of enhanced evil

These are not light words, nor should they be viewed for humour in any way, product or shame.. Those experiences are of incredible importance and long life burning pain, to dear ones and comrades.

By and large; Such understanding usually derived, as ‘BE’ this… is the result etched out, from the torment of the humongous pain!

‘A life Snatched, Is a life lost’

The prejudices which define the evil of whiteness or authorities of humankind is so readily perverse upon, acted as those whom play hoste to GOD rather than subjects..

This outlines the favour

Who’s favour?

Ask your nearest diplomat, executive management, captain or nearest cheif…?

My own experiences has lead me to hospital and degenerate diseases from the hands of racist people in organisations of power..

The experiences of torment are non ending. Often the crimes are covered up my falsified medical reports from Crooked Asian Doctors.

Many of these asian doctors experienced should not be trusted in these positions of citizen’s health and life. (General practitioners are payed or accept extra wage to support lying and mischievous police. Unfortunately false testamentsare written by the unethical Asian GP) The medical industry only cares for financial revenue and not honesty. Many of these GPS character should be put in prison out of danger to the citizens whom are being executed. A triple torment is experienced here by myself and others alike.

Racist white folk and the followers of their administrations..

Enter into your property and tampering with your food… in secret..

Many people are removed this way..

The crime is covered up by often detaining anyone who speaks on it..
Many people are intentionally killed..

This has been happening to me..
Medical experts said it was very strange that someone like me would have kidney poisoning..
I executed a 100% healthy life cycle i was a healthy person..
Until they gained irresponsible advantage of me, by way of access to my home via housing associations…
These racist organisations collaborate to kill people they do not like…?

A similar experience occurred last year to a black security guard I know…
Inwhich he was hospitalised for sometime.. his food was also poisoned

They are killing you in secret…

Wealthy organisations are preparing printing the next trending products to sell back to the class they stole it from!

That be you the poor…
Heros are being destroyed.
The forces that destroy the heroes ‘hijack their image and use it to sell back to the people for revenue…

People do not understand what is truly occurring here with strange outcomes in procedures and complaints.

When I annalise the story of the deaths of certain members of society and those established especially of ethnic minority, I can see a particularly set of parallels with their deaths.

In these investigations if you care to honestly contemplate, you may notice:

The versions and type of illness which is often caused by substance: Such can be any substance in the world, not honestly registered for reasons of murder via intentionally poisoning someone: Which the police perpetrators aim to make oblique and undistinguished in all future investigations by sabotage and tampered evidence.

Question : Who has the ability to enter into people’s property and sabotage one’s health by tampering with their food source and properties?

who is authorised with the type of equipment?

“Oh no…

No, Not the dear old police..? Say the fools!

Not our police service, they wouldn’t do that!

Why would they?

The police would never commit such a terrible thing?

To that, would be indeed, a heinous act?”

Unfortunately the most vulnerable people are also the percentage of those who lack the intelligence quality to reason and are sincerely incapable to craft the obvious schemes which unfold in daily life. Others are now victims of their own early nonchalance. A reclusive participation which enabled things to manifest as they have become extremely difficult. These groups practically held reservation while things unfolded in a destructive manner over the generations. 

“That which goes out to the ocean always returns back to the shore”

Returning back to cause more ill prosperity or mass hindrance to those which set out it’s path…?

Through Death or BE it Life…

sometimes: It derives via a reinvention from a retention…

Becareful of those ‘T-Shirts’ that they have planned for the distribution and revenue!
Probably there is more to the story… but people are quick to comment because people like to talk!
 They kill the hero’s and afterwards sell you their “T-Shirts”
Like with Malcolm X and Tupac etc
After they place these stars into incarceration : Muhammad Ali/Mike Tyson/Floyd/Liston/Wesley Snipes etc..

On passing their image is usually bought and owned by the corporation who ended their life..?

As I have previously mentioned and continue to exhaust such information: The existence of ‘Death Contracts’ upon people of society.. which you may not know or ignorantly disbelieve?

None – the – less

Crimes are being covered up by silly 🐑 sheep and faithfully fearful cowards..
Protecting their financial affairs..?

Many evil people in white society..
Evil white society is instructing to remove people intentionally then cover up the crime with more crimes, inorder to hide further crimes and their lies..

My food has been repeatedly poisoned.
Mistakenly, blacks see everything as entertainment?

I have kidney disfunction and disease due to poisoning
These things i disclose have sincerely been expanding only since I moved into this racist white neighbourhood.. The true fault is much greater than this area and county. { A notorious system of malignancy and orchestrated appetites of hatred steered towards outsiders and vulnerable folk. As one such as ‘I’ ‘myself’ in this torment, ‘I myself’ exist an outsider wherever one treads and explores, the vehement hostility followers everywhere from the unbenign administrations and characteristics of the evil ones. Do not worry for me, I have witnessed the future and the sensation of the things which expand from such experiences, I need do nothing at all.

Racist whites and the followers of their administrations.. are bound by forces of existence which will forever destroy and govern life. Space & Motion be legislation in this existence, throughout.

Local pariahs, whether professional or unorganised, illegally enter into properties inorder to persist tampering with citizen’s personal property & food… in secret.. When questioned will vehemently deny such an action and attempt to further abuse/hospitalise/criminalise the victim of the unwarranted/illegalities and disturbing experiences.

Many people are removed this way.. from society, exile never seen again in or out of society?

The crime is covered up by often detaining anyone who speaks on it..
Many people are intentionally killed..

This has been happening to me..
Medical experts said it was very strange that someone like me would have kidney poisoning..
I executed a 100% healthy life cycle i was a healthy person..
Until these evil incels gained access to my home via housing associations… illegal collaborative abuses of human rights laws and right to exist under tenancy safety rules and regulations.
These racist organisations collaborate to kill people they do not like… by any means necessary and lie in the aftermath of the deaths?

Same thing occurred last year to a black security guard I know…
Inwhich he was hospitalised for sometime..

They are killing you in secret… Yet citizens are far too docile to recognise and acknowledge these facts. Due to selfish personal interests and simp level satisfaction, isolated individuals are dying in secret… The lack of humanity in the world today, can only be a cause of imitation humans posing as humans.

Interestingly enough..

The word ‘Human’ literally means a ‘Hue – Man’

A man of distinctive characteristics in complexion and appearance.. In the residents of the word hue denotes colour, appearance and shades thereof.

A ‘Man’ is merely a mortal advanced hominid.  Thus; A superior evolutionary highly enhanced descendant of anthropoids.

‘Kind’ is liken to something, sharing similarities. That which is ‘kind’ of like something but not actually it? Perhaps more closer to a duplicate and mimicry of something which was created earlier. A copy of things which stood prior to it’s arrival? We could examine to say in memory of something or for the memory of something which stood as the mirrored progeny to it’s herald.

Also strangely, I am slightly unclear by the exact events for the sequence of the modules. Something inside informs me ever so quietly that second additions are often improved in some areas while compromised for efficiency in other areas?

For example, weight might be compromised either side for strength or endurance?

The measuring loss of some advantages via physical abilities in exchange for improvements in cognitive functions and neurological systems?

If robustness and extreme recuperation could be mitigated for steady subservience and discipline?

The scope of natural environmental familiarity ; Benevolence, adaptation and the advantages of cohabiting to all climate might be mitigated against resourceful ingenuity and the intelligence for industry and engineering impossibilities?

Interestingly enough of the additional ‘Kind’ !


What of the ‘Being’ ?

‘BE’ For God breathed his word into “Being’

FOR ‘GOD’ Almighty Breathed life into ‘Being’

For verily ‘God is without knowing, For God Almighty Knows what you know not.. to ‘Be’ with God is to ‘Be in’ mercy!

The knowledge ‘God’ ‘Be-get’s is greater than all things, for all things derive as a result from ‘God’

For ‘God’ shall not ‘Be’ fall nor shall ‘God’ ‘Be’ Forgotten

That which created all, the ‘Alpha – Omega’ was not ‘Be’ Gotten

Nor aligned with another inorder to ‘Be’ Get

‘Be’ exist to assist as thee.. original order, pioneer and initial design..

Did ‘God’ truly create the duplicate, second design or did someone or something else?

Perhaps exhausted as a challenge of some kind in deviance to ‘God’ for frustration and vengeance, scorn and jealousy?

As the biblical scriptures of genesis discloses of ‘God’s initial creation of human..?

While chapters of scriptures further along disclose of a second kind of human created?

Who by… What for… How and why?

While many of you vote for everyone’s death sentence…

Regards the manifestations it will “Be” as you have it and promote?


Things appear obviously so; If we patiently investigate, one may realise each person exist in a different 🌎 world to one another?

It seems although people’s general knowledge appears similar in volume to one another, people are still often not able to execute progress strategically and successfully?

Be it via prejudices, hate, misogyny, extremely bad luck and misfortune things often do not workout well for the proclivity and rendering attempts of the poor and deprived minority groups.
These things occur due to numbers just like car crashes on the road, be that accidents or malicious intentions.. Unfortunately so, of this decree in life; ‘There will always exist people whom have to fail through no fault of their own administration, inorder for the benefit of other people to succeed’

Just as some people will never ever even become abused, broken, harmed, ill healthed, tormented, tortured and homeless or drug affiliated in the first place..?

Others will not be able to successfully climb the ladder back up… proficiently to a place of safety and relative normality from their affiliated distresses.

Do you know why?


Brought to you by the Poet K. Aliy



Rock Euphoniums Accidental Jazzy Progeny of “Rock n Roll”

Music Be a great creation

The forever more, binding manifestation of existence

The Evolution of phonic instruction has aided the human species through human existence

The progress of human species has reciprocity to sound waves

Diversion of sound creates mass of energy wave particles

The one constant throughout creation;

Life and sound is ONE abstract

Sound is a CONSTANT


Measure is also a defining CONSTANT of universal law

SPACE and MOTION is another constant of universal participation

TIME BINDS all laws as intricate sensitive ethereal strings, tiny precious eternal mechanisms for everlasting life

Spirits are a consequence of SPACE and MOTION Such ETHEREAL KIND are indeed bound by the one law of all LAWS

Physical bodies are the default of condensed spirits : That which becomes condensed becomes smaller, tighter, compact and while hardened and hotter..

As bodies become lighter, bodies become separated and spaced, the intricate particles are separated and isolated which increases the volume mass area, akin to a balloon stretched larger, colder, ethereal, faint, transparent, transportable and mobile… The spreading of the contents gives the appearance of more volume.

Yet the value remains the same though the space of volume has altered!

Transcendence is a measure of effortless weightlessness and lightness : Ether and everlasting.. Being

Oxygen air, Wind and Gases

Organisms metamorphosis from matter to mephane gases in the particular manner of species; Caterpillars metamorphosise into weightless butterflies and on again

Mephane into something again greater, yet for some fortunately lighter in the next agency of life..

Others perhaps may find existence in a heavier, hotter and dense form than previously encapsulated ?

Earth bound creatures can be accidentally slow and cumbersome via consumation

I Am ONE with my CREATOR

I am the CREATION not the CREATOR

I experience creation and express my gratitude back to the element of all creationism, The ” ONE Alpha to Omega “

My Creator, That which creates all things and gives life to all things.. and by giving oxygen to all things and breathing particles into Be in of all things..


My Creator and eye are near… ®

We are near, for we are one yet we are separate…

For I exist as I am thus; this the creation and not the CREATOR

I give thanks and praise to my Creator.

THE ALMIGHTY and Bestower of life

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Universal comments are intriguing on the subject of rock music : However, the topic of this genre is particularly interesting, indeed!

I often contemplate in wonder, the alternative universe or realm concerning the present reality of existence and cultures across the entire globe:

What would life have evolved into without the earliest subtropical inventions of each ancient culture: Herbal practices of African enginuity and harvesting and land crop cultivation… Utilisation and improvisation of tools, from nothing to something is an incredibly difficult task to engineer.

Science has allowed the university of education to examine and understand that it is much more difficult for the early prehistoric geniuses, responsible for the creative engineering processes. Such as for mass cultivation of crops and wheat harvesting more than thalf a million years ago, than it is to build a space shuttle in antiquities of early AD Rome.

Engineering something from no predecessor or example is quite a difficult skill, that most people can not perform successfully. Copying for the purpose of improvement upon an already existing format is not difficult. The difficulty of assignments is starting from the beginning with zero enfluence, direction, picture, example or image. Rationalising a beggining is of pure genius and quite difficult to engineer. With no point of reason, duplication, influence and structure… creating something from nothing without copying or stealing the ideas or improving upon what already existed before? To create without input or suggestion is indeed very difficult. It is very important for everyone to understand this as theft of ideas or work. As this is indeed the western world most common default, often unwittingly practiced throughout.

Art and sculpture.. Universal movement, dance, worship, hunting..?

Mayan architecture?

Asian medicine and treatment?

ORIENTAL Security: Ballistic and weaponry?

Without these early periods, nothing today would exist, as one needs to texturise the lands for progression and cultivation in long term sustainability and success for all habitation of the present and future species.. To come?

Sadly epochs have witnessed destruction to the ancient proficient early work of the initial harvested lands. The lands are currently trashed and destroyed by modern evolution, equipment, and the vile practices since the birth of the industrial revolution.

An European system of profit and abundance imposed, crudely upon misinformed and routinely poorly educated societies which existed as vulnerable after the invasion and colonial wars deployed by the western countries. Such, the suffercation experienced by steady synchronisation. The western “in – form – nation” in all actuality reverses all original ancient systems or truths and presents an upside down, reversed version of the article or artifact :

Unfotunately this reversal becomes vehemently detrimental for all life everywhere, including the engineers of these orchestrations.

The ignorance and amateur apprentice approach appears to derive through a deletante perspective. The western world lack genuine longevity of expertise upon the world. Without the hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions in years of practice and experience which has been forfeited and while leads to catastrophic errors encountered time after time, again and again. The abhorrent behaviours of the western world has an incredibly negligent default process towards long term prosperity. An unbenign disposition characterised by the contents of the Old Testament. The imbalances of greed, ill patience, instant gratification and the subsequent antagonistic narcissistic character flaws associated with addiction, euphoria and stimulus, will continually guarantee future failures and collapse surrounding any ventures and systems which western white influenced societies utilises, will perpetually faulter and fall into total dilapidation, time after time again.

Every western country has displayed this default via the Psychosis of the governing hierarchies and citizens.

In fact, it is of commonality that each and all of the collonial states have also emerged as victims of dilapidation, due to employing western thought processes.

One great travesty and huge error : The ancient problem solving is currently measured with modern western thought processes, this ultimately leads to a lack of fruition while providing an assortment of dangers and huge costly affects, which occur along life’s pathe far into the future, often irreparable and totally destructive to the bio and foundation of all life, here upon earth.

I would advise any prospective nation and leaders searching for benevolence and long term peace with the lands of the earth, to never ever follow or duplicate the paths, practices, routes systems, and establishments of western life… That also of the practices and understanding of its general citizens?

Do not ever duplicate these characteristics for yourself, family or country nor fiends or foes?

The ALMIGHTY declared : That which was which is created for one species is not fit for ANOTHER?

Perhaps a horrible curse: If a long-term artifact has been made for a particular identity it is often believed to be established exactly through the majestic wonders of creation alone. Such things are identified in nature as being of a particular form. “Be” created for the particular identity without question.

I Wonder: If fish and birds question one another or the gifts of each habitation in diverse separation?

ORIGINAL ROCK AN ROLL IS PERHAPS AN ARTIFACT IN MODERN AGE. Perhaps it shall later exist as a prominent artifact of this epoch?


The unfortunate education bestowed upon western citizens is totally wrong and woefully corrupted, bordering on the package of criminal deceit towards citizens Psychology and knowledge.?

Every information adopted by the western world is the opposite of the true identity of matter and subjects. Everything from composition to appearance and texture is solely based upon western perspectives only. Throughout individual applications of understanding and relativity must be applied!

Unfortunately every thing in existence located and viewed by western society is in danger of remaining as an artifact and substantial relic part of existence. Everything exist as a danger or threat to western people’s Psychosis, this “Be” ever an extremely strange and dangerous perspective of a people to live by?

As we can easily view in this modern age, such civilisations do not and never ever have ended well, and continue to not prevail or end well.

Without doubt and quite simply each and all of ancient earth bound legislations exist for a reason

Unfortunately the western countries force a perspective unique to western Psychosis upon the entire world. Anyone individually opposing western constructs or perspective are outcasted from formal opinions and dehumanised and disrespected. Often removed from positions of trust and sometimes life itself!

Quite an extreme method to practice to advocate any reliable fact, I believe?

Contemplating to myself if people in the comments section of social application websites, have been steered solely by mainstream media and fashion?

Modern or western influenced academics are/is often skewed and holds as an opposite to truth and reality. Western information aims to control minds by way of hiding facts and the reality.

Also it appears atleast on this subject a matter of sabotage, educational sabotage is routine upon social media threads. Participants and commentators may have their specific versions or genres of rock in mind?

Genuinely, Rock appears to have a very wide genre..? (Variety of sub generations)
I think the majority of participants agreed ?

I am just wondering out of mere intrigue, if modern rock music could possibly fit into multiple.. Genres? ®

Rap is a relatively new genre in the history of professional music (Recognised music)

I am wondering what genre if any would modern rap-rock music fit into before the birth of “Jill Scott Heron” ®
Or even further back before Dizzy Gilisbie? ®

I am wondering if the beats, instruments or vocality defines the genre of music?

Interesting and intelligent convo…indeed ®
I agree that rock has continuously changed since it’s inception from 🎺 jazz.
Rock began life as, jazz* in the old Barnes and disused buildings, out of the way, away from towns and public fixtures, off away from main roads and parking warehouses..

The raves were something of legend held in secret inwhich night time excursions, flirtation, debauchery, pot and weed were sponsors of the element, endeavours and fixture.. ®
These events orchestrated the path of the music which was unclear and untitled.

After decades the music was named ass *jazz, by western academics who surreptitiously found their way into these disclosed invitation only events.
Writers and researchers came to try to understand and clarify this new sound 🔊

White westerners were simultaneously enthusiastic as they had been shocked and perplexed. Amused at this new sound, the white populous had not heard before.

“What is that music…?”

“Wwhat is that sound.? ”

“Where does it originate from..?”

Were the multiple questions asked.

many frequently questioned? Quietly apprehensive but appropriative to discover this new sound totally unfamiliar to white western society.

In fact all attributes of western society are a direct investment and creation of foreign culture: Ironically not so much as even farm animals were found in European lands, the lands of ancient white social heterogeneity were indeed barron.

These events were often busted by police as activities of prohibition and arrest-able offences.. ®
Many ravers were routinely charged with disturbing the peace and religious offences.. Amongst the various prohibition laws of the period.
Punishable by prison sentences or fines? ®

Mainstream media caught onto the wave of this new barn yard activity.. and invested in the sounds activities for profit as it always does..
of night time raves held by poor blacks on Saturday nights…

These barn yard raves were orchestrated by poor segregated blacks who were segregated from entering white owned only venues, due to American segregation laws..
Black’s and browns were prohibited from partying with whites.. ®

Blacks held these legendary night-time excursions and created raves in the suburbs of disused barns. Inwhich blacks could meet and woo beautiful Black ladies of their admiration..
Reported in a paper from the 1800’s (Century AD) titled the Gazette : Alcohol was bootlegged and pot and weed was in supply for the occasions of this promiscuous night of upbeat uptempo dance and atmospheric euphoria:
Love and happy faces partying to the dawn, everyone left the raves with stories of courtship and prizes..
People wore the best out-fits (Cloths) balmed and hot straightened their hairs with irons and chemicals and showed off their best dance moves..
Men cleaned shavened and waxed, women immaculate and prestined displayed outfits of raunchy elegance which quickly became sweaty in the hot barn atmosphere.. ®
The music was totally wild and upbeat for it’s generation in the mid 1800’s in southern america early in the century..

One of the celebrities which came out of this movement was known as Dizzy Gilisbie.
A young and handsome charismatic mixed race Afro American.. Energetic Muscian..
The white southerners loved his energy, style, appearance and smile..

The birth of “ROCKING” was BORN ® “ROCKING & ROLLING” Was latter to become known as ” ROCK & ROLL”

This title was truly a fantastic discription of the discipline of the dance movement which it derived it’s name “ROCKING & Rolling Swinging and Jiving” was the discription writers used to describe what they had witnessed at the black underground barnyard raves of the 1800’s

Taken from the biography of Dizzy Gilisbie an early pioneer.

A famous protagonist of the genre. Dizzy as he was known was a mixed race Black American Jazz Muscian-Rock Musician… ®

Dizzy who died in the 20 Century was known as a great surporter of the movement.

To what appears as the most influencial sound for all modern music every where…Mr Gilisbie would be favoured as a pioneer and protagonist responsible for the birth of all modern sounds everywhere?

Incredible and an impressive acculade to be buried with.



Thank you, Mr Dizzy


“For Casting”

 A future : ‘For – Caste’

Wealth/social status/goals are all hall marks of the trap : Your participation increases the wealth of the elite.. ® : There can be only one real winner in every 1,000,000.. ®

The more entities chasing this accult dream, the more revenue is collected.. : The majority will never succeed: The majority play their role as the inanimate erected scaffolding, forever silently.. Of this colloidal feind

which hoists it’s hosts high..

This supports the hierarchies in total authority..

If the majority wake up and walk away as individuals can effortlessly perform?

The entire scaffolding folds and breaks, tumbling down, all the hierarchies at the top..

Familiarity, with him, that dared

Whom majestically, sat upon the Great Wall?

Sir Humb- Tea Dumb- Tea gleamed as he once rested upon the high wall..? When humb- Tea tumbled and fell of the wall.. All the Kings infantries ….. … … And all the King’s Wife-to-be …… Could not put humb – Tea.. back, Together, again…

For their woes were indeed upon them

All the administrations, Bishops, & Knights, Princes & princesses, Kings & Queens, stuttered, tumbled and fall ®

From their previlege walls.. ………. And onto the floor.. . Is the ending place, where they shall be flawed.. .. A cold oscillation, feverish breezes, layers at the core of a bore…

A nightmarish result and minus a score ….

Procurator fiscal decreasing evermore. Thee core of modern law…

The rendition strenches to the core

For we belong, not you of evil shores..

Devilish schemes and legitimate sores from Psychotic stoics, whom persecute the poor…

Corrupt legislation, the wealiest ignore…. An abundance of richest hidden and stored

It shall be.. A promising tumbling affair.. Be…

Brought to you by the poet.. “Be” K. ALIY ®

Titled: “Be… Tumble and fall” ©

2021-Infin-8-ty® (((((((((((((((((((💣)))))))))))))))))))

People do not realise how often this occurs…

It is actually ironic:


All modern police forces evolved from old, Ancient epochs referred to these individuals as ‘Regulators’ also ‘Men for hire and bounty hunters’ and bandits… Daring and fearless individuals with the apetite for blood. Evolution of civilisations has brought these Psychopaths to the place they are today: A complete unit which controls and devours each nation…Same old mentality with engineered skill and trickery to bamboozle the poor vulnerable villages of society…

‘Jack The Ripper’ was no petty theif! ‘

Before the introduction of law, legislation and acts, existed faith… Before faith existed, prior was an earthly legislation named ‘The law of the land’
In the modern world ‘The law of the land’ is no longer used.

However all across the globe  small sects of remaining clangs and tribes… Gypsies, Pikies, Travellers, Bush-men Indigenous tribes, and ancient cultures continue to exist by the original legislations of earth, practices and nature… 

‘I believe’ ®

There exist inherantly Psychologically sick… kinds. While it appears all people whom seek respect and authority with a specification of apetite and particular deviant genes: Find their oath in the forces; These diviants whom often lack natural god given talents and genuine inherited abilities and career paths find their way into the forces.. Every police officer coexist with this character as a personal temprement and faculty of behaviour. These types hail as legitimate Psychopaths of this world.
I came to the understanding that most crimes, unsolved mysteries and kidnappings are most likely at the hands of the police…
People underestimate the sheer devilish of the forces of human nature…

Delusional aristocratics and those who serve

Uniforms do not stop wrongful actions.. Uniforms exchange the participants of wrongful actions… Specifically designed to give privileged parties first measure against underprivileged groups. Hence; guilty by class, culture (ethnicity) and colour?

Law is not a benefactor of just and good will… thus; Law is a business policy for applications and the activities which actions theory ; Hence, the routine acquisition of world-wide self preservation.

In a just world, facts may be decided in court? The problem here arises as this is not a just world full of honest courts and representatives…
You will not find facts in any court…? A court full of facts will not be allowed to exist. Such a court would become too costly and worthless to the narcissistic virtue of each ruling party (🥳) Such parties whom do not sense their own shameful ways while they perform shambolic conduct. In this Such parties perceive themselves as top tier and fit for the privilege awarded to Kings, be awarded to themselves to prosper.

Courts display enforcement upon the most vulnerable people (Not necessarily via age or disability related) be often poor and isolated, viewed as ugly and unacceptable, while punished as easy targets for “escape goats” coated with the percentage of misery, treachery, blame, disgust, insanity and vilified for the satisfaction of diseased minds yearning to pulverised some.

Totally on the contrary to just ethics, that motion.
It is almost unbelievable, however still, ignorance alive and all those alike, are the exact reason corruption exist so freely:

It is the supporters and all those who turn a blind eye at the face of this malpractice which evolves and finds it’s way into all things… The generations of each society’s ill, sick, tortured, deprived, persecuted are the default construction of the voters will and actions; This fault be the measure of all the partisans endeavors whom held trust in their leaders, that be towards the presence of the governmental sectorial ruling party and state empire that police the nation.

Thus: The reason the world is in this poor condition of life.
With sales on the demand : Without the clients – demand, there is no product. Product being ‘Systemic abuse’ Clients being the Vulnerable/Gov sector workers/Veterans/Ex Gov employers – Agencies/Emotionally scarred without – resillience/Gullible/Pensioners/Histerical/Over fearfull/Desperate/Refugees/ill and Disabled etc…?

These individuals are overly enthusiastic while heavily relient upon the leaders of the country. 
I noticed that individuals in these categories are indeed the true backbone in support of the poor practices and legislative systems promoting wrong doing.

The vulnerable and desperate are the scafolding to the dilapidated bridge. Unfortunately these groups i mentioned, neither understand a thing in regards to law and legislation, while always accepting and confiding to media and law without hesitation.




Courts are set up now as a business.. You do know that Right?

How many times have you known of or discovered innocent people serving life sentences due to :

Corrupt legal team/tampered evidence/court-prosecution failures to uphold etiquette proceedings/misconduct of officers/false witness statements/illegality of procedures/Intimidation of police & prosecution/poverty of accused/deficiency of accused/Ethnicity of accused/Wrong identity/Lack of solid alibi and defence, incompetence and corruption…?

Stepping into a court room is similar to starring at smartly dressed giant blue rabbits wearing wigs smoking cigars and blowing fearcely into a brass ‘euphonium’

Imagine all the creatures that are dancing all around..?

While rats pound the sound of beats upon the drums..

As they flow with the younger piper… along,

The imaginary canal banks…


It is a ‘Two way’ process…

Poverty is a consequence of both white supremacy and ill afforded people making poor decisions in producing babies without good infrastructure, personal wealth and interpersonal skills!
When an individual gains high qualifications, job and wealth and the ability to transform and manouvre with the mindset to be patient and harvests an abundance of education, oppose to producing a family of people and not off puting the tragedy of bringing further damaged and poor lineages of descendents into be in here, sufferering. Eventually creating evermore lineages of people born into suffering in this domain.


People do not realise how often this occurs…?

Almost all people are sucked into the international spell via personal goals and dreams.. These aspects are binding to the spell or system.. Having a career, wife and family is the pinnacle of the spell. Those in such a position do not and quite often can not see under the spell of the deception.. For everything they do in their current situation binds them further into thus, spell. Those in positions of authority casually continue on further, ever playing there role and everyone aids this theatrical farce.


I also have had multiple inventions stolen..
I have witnessed these inventions in the shops and stores, in sales publications and magazines, online and in commercial advertisements..

The theives are non other than Governments serveillence parasites operating technical equipment for the benefit of fiscal prosperity.
These technologies, which is hidden in your home in total disguise, watching, invading and preying upon the vulnerable things you do, while stealing your hard work, time, efforts, genius inventions and valuable personal information.. To further exploit.
The worse is yet to be registered, most people in society, unwisely contributed and indeed so, permitted it to occur throughout it’s earliest administration?

The serveillence is disguise via procurator fiscal legislation as monitoring the safety of the nation…
Perhaps : Once upon a time home serveillence was genuinely used to monitor terrorism…

However, modern times always proves alternative uses for technology which benefits the government.

Not surprisingly:
People whom indeed, voted for these types of government legislations never ever perceive what the true guise of the legislation will later become & used for and the misuses, violations, conflicts of interests and barbaric manipulations regarding such technology and the uses thereof?

Generally, 🔮 Short sightedness of the future and ‘Super – Enriched – Niavety’ towards government’s misappropriation, is a common prevalent and derivative of the infamous authoritarianism and the things amongst the bewildered herd 🐑💨🔛👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 sheople.

Indeed interesting to state:
In addition the Sheople share striking behavioural characteristics to the 🐐 Gregarious Goat-people 🐐👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 aka the infamous Goatians or Goatmen or Goathlanders as also the Great – Cow – people; Otherwise known as “Towards Cowmen/Cowomen” (Cow – people) abbreviated into “Cowards”
Also if we investigate the “Donkey – people” ; Donki – Sapiens or Donkorian!

We can perceive a great resemblance in subservience of characteristic nature towards servitude under administrative dominance by their governments.

Despite the wrong doing and abject criminality of their overlords, subservient slaves may fearfully remain in a position of willing to still remain patriot – istic (Ally) honour and obligation towards those individuals in the hierarchies?

However : I mitigate things by how it is administrated..?
By that I mean: Everything can be used for a revival of good or evil?

What concerns me more is what has become of the minds of the many?
If we exam the Psychology of majority partisanship:

Elected the governments…
Voted for the Candidates…
Cried for the installation of CCTV.
Enthused for Monitoring practices..?
Demanded More of These Evil Police be present on the streets…? “
Rallied for police given increased powers to” Stop & Search” laws ?
Demanded for longer sentences?
Cried out for Further “Prohibition”?
Demanded Police be given the use of ballistic fire arms..?
Voted for Police to not be prevented from call of duties..?

Now here we are…
Police officers have been given the highest rights in all of Law and protection… This hails by the title “Licence to Immunity”

Guess what this means and look who surrendered it to them ?

If the BBC “BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION” are involved in this documentary as a finance resource then this document is corrupted
: Whenever wherever whatever, why – ever western societies involve themselves with foreign nations, those nations always succumbed to further debilition…
Remembrance : We are the world/save Africa/foreign appeals/one voice/names/Khalil/Aliy/World/Names/Places/Dates/Events/Poverty/Refugee/Syria/Iraq/Libya/Afganistan/Asylum/Water/Hunger/Pregnancy/Rape/Abuse/Black people/Gangs/Middle east/Fear/Religions/Control/Negligence/Guns/Touch/Arms/War/Terrorist/Corruption…

These words are mentioned to galvanise immediate actions…
The western media prefers to use these words as these words represent specific programmes which can be actioned, in any moments in time and place..
The programming initiative from birth into Western Schooling and further onto society…

Ignoring independent information, ignoring one’s genuine intuition and ignoring self study, will unfortunately
lead to self deprivation of yourself the working classes/poor/debilitated.

What’s more…
These words which relate to actions, that are programmed to your Psychy which enable emotional responses… Often violating one’s freewill and true sense of independence and 💭 thoughts..

The responses do NOT end with an emotional OUTBURSTS? 🤔

The objective is frequently financially motivated :
However, an agenda can be physically experienced through your behaviour and actions via hatred towards… another, often for no legitimate reasons other than for the initial programming… Abuses ( Subjection/Harrasment/Targetting/PILLORY/Scorn/Hatred/Threat/Escape goat/Decoy ) ?
The enmity you experienced is utilised to destroy and defame targets, activists, blacks and black nations by way of dethronement of black governments/empires, fair astute individuals with a sense of virtue and importance. Finally when the scheme is set when isolation of targets are achieved..
In order to ravish the tagetted lands and feast upon the resources of the subjected individual or identity, nation…?

Take a good long look at the countries most acquainted with these types of programs? 🤔

The programme established, is a long-term scheme… Which consistently takes planning and operative scheming throughout.
There exist groups and think tanks engineered for this task, deployed by official agencies and bureaus. Carefully working shifts around the clock inorder to engineer these long term goals.. ®

These financial bureaus and agencies are incredibly sophisticated by the use of the most advanced equipment and technology for maintaining the support from gullible – desperate – niave Hive minds

Whom often unwittingly aid the atrocities against black nations..
Everything you contributed to and acclimatise to in the western world aids your personal destruction and that of poorer nations…

You are trapped within a ‘surreal prostration’ in constant subservience
towards evil progenitors and white supremacy all over the world…. ®

Your selfish goals, family, addictions and dreams forever bind you to this evil legislation, which has been long since in affect all across the globe, authorised by Societies ®

Each people do not understand exactly who the government actually is.
Governments and their bureau agents are ruthless individuals.
The word political gives the impression government agents are soft. They are oftentimes Psychologically disturbed.

Every countries governments are the leading gang of the current period, until a future gang disposes of them.
To hope for government legislation for your everyday problems is a slightly ever increasing naivety, on the part of each citizen’s perception.

Rating: 1 out of 5.


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The A-Pex sustainor : Worlds/Realms

The Genuine A-Pex predator, Of the planet.. Has not yet arrived.
Paramountal for instructions of magnanimous length… Over the legendary breathe of a distinctively coarse course in longevity, subtle few billion or so years. Rough and forming, texturising, growing and shaping, molding and aligning to make habitual and inhabited.
Homing skills have developed quintessentially due to the light and energy… ®
Existence has something for the solar system in store..
A regenerative demise and reform.

Quantum, a digit unremembered.

Perhaps, several billions or so…?
Those of such, whom have quite an appetite for want of more…?

Life will regrow & more, thus; Spread and forever grow more to spread… Life apprehend’s the invitation.. In the end. Things existed as ethereal fluctuations towards damaging forms.. Even our old friend, the majestic butterfly evolved via toxic transformation.. As a floating bee spawned from a caterpillar’s descend.. Until reformed, a process of an un admirable crescent.. To the new end.

You see, these new ill-nourished irritants of the domain… a bleakness – nutrient of thus; Open world. An unforgiving existence as too many versions of ill-minded perogatives begotten to state flourishing proportions exist upon the demised, earth world?

Devilish delinquency is a recognised trend… of world earth’s western society bequeathed upon the entire universe as is comprehended from human perception.

The domain is tragically wholesome eagerly crippled with top tier corruption and over whelmed by each citizens duplication upon earth.

The poorest neighbourhoods are joined by like minded folk, together unions are created so the poor with nothing while aligning the exhibition of disreputable conduct will only give birth to more and more of the groups’s mental deficiency’s -kind. Poor people date other poor people to create offsprings with poor dependencies as future parents. Such pariahs often exceed their fair share of stock/government subsidiary/planet resources/energy/fuel/CO2 level expenditure- over taking and never putting anything resourceful value and conduct into a system for progression. I do not understand how this regressive value is even possible or legislated..?

‘Giving Birth In This World Is Not A Benevolent Attribute, Once Realise What This World Is Home To & For?

One question’s the legitimacy of all involved in the council of democracy and ethics. Those whom exist at the top of governing are not able/capable to exhaust any truth from those in positions of management at the lower and middle divisions of authority/regulators/investigators/ombudsman/advisors/enforcers/clerical appointees etc..? The truth is often misappropriated away from those at the top of governing by the lowest end of official duties, whom are deceitful in alignment with the malignancy of ‘schadenfreude‘. Those at the lowest division of regulations do not want to be found guilty of illegalities/Improper conduct while serving. As a consequence much truth is not disclosed in report analysis of the problems experienced in lower class society. Lower class society group’s problems experiences : If abuse and malpractices are indeed experienced, will most often never and not be fixed and redeemed through legislative administrative protocols. Major information is constantly undisclosed/skewed/misrepresented and often fraudulently sabotaged by malignant natures of lower rank official candidates who are steadily and vehemently corrupt in all nature. Middle to higher class stratosphere groups moreoften do not hope to care or sympathise with the many encumbered with tragically unfortunate lifes. Existing within the most relevant keys to universal equality, often are all those whom casually confidently posses the least ethics and moral fibre. Such kind exist in the most crucial positions while occupying positions of trust and authority.

Why do those at the top of governing never ever accept or see that these corrupt personal exist within the most crucial departments? What is wrong with all these official people and why are these officials so blind to the corruption of those at lower levels and across the spectrum? All in authorised positions are indeed always approached and encouraged to misappropriate documents and investigations by other unsavoury personal of authority.

Over the course of my adult life every document I submitted for investigation against the practices of wrong doing and harm was finalised with following correspondence: “We did not find any wrong doing, bad practice or misconduct in our investigation process”. Regardless to the extent of harmful experiences/degree of damage/assault/death, pain or injury/misconduct/abuses/loses/theft/damage/improper/misuses bequeathed upon/associated to myself- I – the victim of hatred and scorn etc by the practices of principals and those in position of trust and authority. Forevermore, the final outcomes are moreover subjected to further intimadation harrasment or abuses by other linear and principal authority figures. Even when the age of the minor (myself) at the period of time was not taken into consideration when asking for an investigation against police abuse against young child and vulnerable persons.

‘Police/Authoritive/Representatives’ cruelties mirror the malignant unbenign of Anti-Civility and Corruption’

Evil doings is first established in positions of authoritive measure, later is deployed via poor ethics into the main stream of society’s environments, ‘be’ homes/work/leisure/gatherings etc. Such structures are set- out in protocol -course for the direct intended stipulation in multiple ’causes and affects’ in the domain of life in a 360 degree manner to all things everywhere. These poison projectiles which is utilised by government agents exist to rejuvenate their systems. White western society exist as a genuine schadenfreude in this earth domain. Such benign spirits released have affected all things and lifes in a sustained domino affect. Perhaps lives were indeed long enough troubled throughout all existence upon this solar system. However the emergence of ‘white society’ has not in anyway, shape or form made redundancy of the illegitimacy of the following non abstracts in this domain : Harm/war -mongering/sabotage/hate/evil -doings/greed/murder/malignancy and harm. In- fact, all unscrupulous actions of ancient antiquities have generally increased via the audacious foaming of ‘white – society’ upon this universe. These traits within organisms on earth have vehemently assigned vindictive affects upon all things, including perceptions/behaviours/laws/comprehensions and characteristics towards and by all things here on earth. Relative magnitudes of such diverse & distinctive disabilities, echoes fluctuations of delirious states and insane proclivities until further destruction has fully arisen. The host nations are evil, as are those whom praise these host nations and travel to be a citizen or guest in such an evil inspired nation. Those that travel to these shores are often inspired by evil doings and have no problem participating in evil doings. One has oftentimes witnessed as a common practice the passsage : ‘Many of such religious individuals of faith pactices whom indeed often lack extremely foundational moral codes and principles, whom are quite often quoting verses of biblical proportions, whenever the moment of fancy endulgies the sense, which may appear to the vulnerable of mind, quite advantageous and laudable while these same individuals are fully inhabiting further perverse & evil paths, structures and therefore, thus ,hence; Malign patterns of susceptibility and cruelty further bequeathed upon the previous & continuing debilitation of life here upon earth.

‘No such benevolent person would wish to migrate to an evil nation for self prosperity’ { Not least that being be a Prophet/Angel/Missionary from the quadrant of ‘Alpha-Omega’

Moreoften organisms migrate to likeness where the organism flourishes with similar like-minded souls.

Generally ‘United Kingdom’ and ‘England’ is genuinely referred to as a “Godless Existence..” ‘A Deathful motion…’ ‘A Distinctively Disreputable Existence’ ‘A Sinful Experiment’

Uk and England is not an environment which has been established through ancient practices of ethics/justice/morals/peace and universal equality. The contrary is apparent when the study of UK and England is researched upon. There exist no good laws or fixtures of ancient England and UK. None from the hands of the Roman empires throughout to the Byzantinian periods/French dictatorship/Persian and Ottoman empires interventions and present. The future shall not change the wickedness ingrained in all it’s citizens throughout space and motion. The engraving of the ‘western schadenfreudes’ characteristics upon this domain, whom hold application appointments to practicing the harmful malignant viewing against others civil liberties while tormenting the souls of the less vortunate & vulnerable. This too shall indeed come to pass. Just as many of such evil kindred organisms have indeed come to passing via most distinctively excruciating harmful demise upon their soul spirit and body.

forces often align with the sides of wrong doings and mischievous ideals. Those whom align with such work are often wicked hearted, malignant and totally untrustworthy lacking in moral fibre and pronounced gracious conduct. Often by simple chance the work of goverment agency/forces may accidentally aid the proprietary of a victim or vulnerable folk by way of accidentally preventing or abusing another innocent citizen or person? Care towards general citizens is not a priority or natural earthly embodiment of law agents personal characteristics. Unforseen : Unfortunately, abuse only echoes further abuses against and for everyone, continuing throughout societies upon the present citizens and future descendants. It is the rightful duty for all citizens to register & report. While abuses continues to occur from the nations of the following: ‘Anti – Christ’ ; Governmental positions, Civil servants, racist, the malignant, the feral & uncivil. Mass societies individual’s should most eagerly create a space to research the past fore – fathers and ancestors to unravel the multiple problems of the present motion. As also to study the present in order to perceive the unordered disreputable future of citizens and societies across the globe of space and motion.

‘Disreputable beings’ pretending to be civil servants in total guise, adorning uniforms embellishing displayed positions of authority and maleficient legislation, further manipulate for advantage sake, inorder to quench the chromosomes of those most psychotic and undignified appetites. These versions of humanoids fight to keep others abused, while other citizens whom may not have authority, will continue supporting the abuse. Legislation is derived via emotional lies/deceit and imaginary instances inwhich actions have not occurred. False occurrences support the ideals of the schadenfreudes appetite to willfully keep people in positions of abuse. All white – lies are created to keep others in a state of persecution/torment/injustice/imprisonment & abused and nothing more. While ignorant humanoids pray for the benevolence and benefit of the Psychotic administrators of abusers in thus ; Universe.

I wonder how many people would take or have accepted without knowing, the credentials of the affiliated doner for life saving surgery practices?

Was the affiliated doner a convicted Rapists or not yet?

Was the affiliated doner a convicted pedophile or not yet?

Was the affiliated doner a convicted serial killer or not yet?

Was the affiliated doner a convicted child abuser or not yet?

Was the affiliated doner a convicted drunken driver or not yet?

Was the affiliated doner a convicted killer or not yet?

Was the affiliated doner a convicted racist or not yet?

Was the affiliated doner a police officer or not?

Where the affiliated doner a convicted criminal or unconvicted criminal ?

Was the affiliated doner religious & from which domination do they represent or not yet?

Oh… was the affiliated doner a convicted theive or unconvicted theive… perhaps not yet also?

Or perhaps a fare – dodger, tax evaders, convicted of perjury, embezzlement, fraud, kidnapping or hate crimes… I wonder intriguingly.

Why would one (the hypocrites) wish for the blood of such individuals to be present inside their anatomical system..?

Surely, this too is a sin!

Oh hypocrites be aware of your own selfish dangers before you open upon the ways of others? Painfully many through this action have existed as the interventionist whom invited ‘spiritual- redundancy’ for their sole keep! Oh of you fools: If you do not know what you are saying/unsure/uncertain? Least ‘be’ acquainted with reverse action/solemnity and simple tender quietness. Quietness shall bid you a fare well, not likely to those whom openly chastise the victims of harm while lifting the councils and patriotic merchants of wrong doing. Such as the overly eager hordes of schadenfreudes… the poorest… those whom indeed eagerly ship themselves across to western shores.

Moreofren criminal investigations, and criminal searches and convictions are only a matter of lack of privilege status and the inhabitants colour or ethnicity play a major role.

These are amongst the many reasons why it is known to exist as : ‘Not commonly benevolent practice and not godly, neither natural to surrender giving blood donor-ship… organ donor-ship‘, for the narcissistic existence of exceptance to wicked and malicious humans to continue on with evil paths and formations of being along life’s journey. As it is often not known whom your blood and organs is taken from and given to? Apprehend such appreciation of the almighty as, thus : If God ‘Alpha-Omega’ ordered or desired for any beings and kinds to remain in existence it would ‘be’ so, without any hesitation in part from ‘Alpha-Omega’ participation for others. Legislation of ‘Alpha-Omega’ is absolute and exist without restraints/cooperation/laws/flaws/help of other laws. Mixing biology is a recognised poisonous restriction to the natural state of the human genome. Genetic malfunction of the natural legislation to existence is forfeited as a resident of existence. Punishment is often awarded by even further ill-health. One whom understands the almighty and breath-taking legislation, hence : ‘exist into us be’ not to give blood or organ donor-ship. Dangers of these earthly misrepresentations are indeed paramount to both giver and receiver of biological donor-ships.

‘Remember the story of the great deluge & why?

When existence gives life be thankful as when existence takes life ‘be’ thankful as these notices are indeed measured in the dimensions of an ancient archeo -astrophysical legislation’

Sorrow not… Yet rejoice at the dead, rejoice at the end, fore they where fortunate to have found life or awarded life. To give biological donor-ship is to manipulate physics of life ‘be’ human, insect, animal, biotic anomaly or otherwise. Thus ; Sustainer of creations has warned against the mixing of determined blood/biology. Known otherwise as an abomination in the legislation of existence craft and breath to life & DNA.

That which is encouraging is exercising your natural body via work/trade/journey/maintenance/education/craft/natural -health-extracts etc/natural food sustainance -appearance-sugars-flavours/cleanse/ablution/nourishment and dietary nutrition/fasting/sport/community & fellowship/recreation & leisure/play/rest, rejuvenation and sleep/yoga, meditation and prayer.

Evil – troubled – malignant folk thoroughly aim to prevent and pose subjection against all such natural human qualities and states of neurological well-being and autonomy’

‘The troubled personal’ of each chronostragraphical heterogeneity are a colosal percentage in guise of civil servants in office and duty and citizens/others seeking citizenship. Due to these versions of humanoids the Phylogeny of humankind is ever declining in prosperity, ethics and moral codes of conduct.

Routinely I have experienced throughout the worse of ‘foreign countries disposits’ migrating and filled with enmity and such jealousy to these western shores… Ethics perhaps, is without a season, family, friend or home, so appears..?

Profoundly ignorant indeed, bestowing plights in thus: Domain.. administrating to all things in western parochial perspectives, only?

Thus; Too many appropriated the vastness, indulgence to dissipate upon the things of worldly feast, liken to trillions of bourbon’s appetite..

Preposing the oratory; ‘Adoring the adorning prize with a silken tape silava entwined…’

Whom, their unfortunate bowls ends, silk tapered wormed while intestines wage warnings.. blocked bowls and fatty acids, torturing enzymes the suffering has no end insight, the tiny parasitic liberal fiends, exercising feasting upon it’s choosing, the bounty of master’s chamber’s. Delicacies, these rich in delight, sweet, abundant, greasy, gluttonous, chemically enhanced and poisonous..

Chastised inside out…

The Great Deluge

Deluxe illustrated and utilised, ‘Omega’ ‘be’ bite down and chew all tonight..? Churning and renewing all elements in the process.

Fester before serenading to serve a coarse course in distant motion, alighting the forever skies ablaze a new tone, turning the vibration of all things associated asunder cleft of being wholesome.

Before openly swallowing whole… pronounce the huge monumental assuage.

Monumental breath of force equally shadows, defilling the prey.. Silhouetted tears throughout the night…

One more bait, just one last bite, a quiet taste is quite an acquired paté, paste quenches the forever long derivatives of this thesis.
The marshes, provide harshness in the ever journey long…?
Bitter insects which devour your flavours in dissipation. Finally desolation forecast mass isolation in the skys shining down on everything ‘be’ Principals of the impeding devouring hour. Total decimation of energy fields/designs and products thereof.

Dissemination instructs, while corpses rotting with multiple sores scattered upon the bodies of reigning shores, shown. Displayed afield, death… displaced, dissembly, dislodged, voids of dislocation and departments of disembarkment.

Galactic shores bare caskets open, with spirits released, bereaved of body, disembodied mass bodies coexist embodiments of subtraction.

Black, Blue, Silver, Gold, White, Pink, Beige, Orange or Brown..

Say : Who knew of the tormentuous doom..?
There are lots in store… specifically assigned for detracting the agitated alittle further… evermore and more…

Big, tall, fat and juicy, medium, small, tiny while rare inclusive..

Some broken, some chipped… all analysis incorporated.

All prepped, for assignment.. vanishing little by little the decomposition fragments thoroughly through a special process. Speed and the deterioration of slow departure, the mighty arrays of one grand luminaire.

To those of the future; Take heed oh prey, for the final cometh, following nights..

For once the core’s – edge of thus ; Outer perimeter of ‘Alpha – Omega’ enters the zone of this universe, the magnanimous luminaire breathing, stretching it’s array across thus; Insurmountable motion and space shall ‘be’ composed alight. A fiercest bright light will ‘be’ manifested for millennium clocks throughout stages of space epochs age. Pure timed diamond gold brightest luminous, akin, as a bulb is switched on, as a lamp post is automatically operated from the ‘light – terminal’ as a hall is luminated, the entire breath of the universe our galaxy – solar system travels within shall be steadily and romantically set alight. A flaring bright candle luminaire existing throughout the breath of space and motion’s ions. Akin yet insurmountably powerful and all perceiving majestic eye, bright white flame, all things vanishing in the distance of the approaching ‘Alpha-Omega.

Light bearers shall be energised from the core – edge (outer region) admittance of the “Alpha – Omega”. Center core existantial perimeter of the ‘Alpha – Omega’ is an extremely insurmountable obstacle for anything -(creations of existence) to ‘be’ within – existence near/exist in/exist around orbital to. So, indeed carefully and witness the all powering and obliterating affects passing/coming of such an all surrendering annihilation from the greatest paramountal force in all directions of existence throughout the magnanimous metamorphosis, thus; Space and motion’s subliminal unity.

fore almighty’s time of ‘being’ alters everything in the present and distance. Everything life knows shall ‘be‘ forever obliterated in the approaching order of, thus : ‘Alpha-Omega’

“Oh you asunder, Here Me Now” : Shall state the crackling vibration of sequences from the stream of the ‘Alpha-Omega’

Serving obliteration.. and changes. Rejoice at the ending of life’s – death as rejoicing at the beginning of life’s – birth. Rejoice when you have finished your food, as one rejoices when food is served. Rejoice all endings and beginnings ✨.

Least of all, do not betray the might of thee, thus; ‘Alpha-Omega’

Hence ; Shall NOT be profitable for malignant wicked folk. ‘ALMIGHTY ALLAH’ decreed, long ago and revealed many would die a tortuous death. Such ‘tortuous happening’ appears present…

Existence authorised to exist by the authority of existence itself.. while all things within are diminished by metamorphosising and transmutation.

The earth and everything in it, is to become of, oh faithful servants of existence… ®

A subtle word of importance to the wise/unawares/simple and unsuspecting alike: All written work is generated through the gift of these hands quintessentially from the authority of ‘Alpha-Omega’

Authoritive existence as the almighty ‘Alpha-Omega’ (Allahu Akbar, Bismillahir Rahman Hur Rahim) has bestowed the information to be created for reading and contemplation of guidance and comprehension and following gentle paths and abiding by obedience to the practices of goodwill and fairness and justice throughout.

For those of you disobedient ones whom wish to continue theft of such written evidence of legislation without stating sources and falsely marketing as your own work, refrain from such practices immediately, refrain all previous work from such a practice of theft of written work from this blog post ‘Khalil Aliy The Enlightenmentbomb.com ‘

Kindly refrain from copying and publishing all other exclusive written testaments i have disclosed as your own testament less addressed to this title myself/my identity /notifications and information disclosed from this site and written exclusively through myself Khalil Aliy the enlightenmentbomb.com blog via the magnanimous of the ‘Alpha-Omega’ ‘ Allah hu Akbar

Thus; Shall not deliver you well, for the words of this site I have created via the power bestowed by the almighty ‘Alpha-Omega’ (Allah- hu- Akbar) are coded with existential information you may not fully or do not understand. Those that have copied the information and disclosed as their own vehemently do not understand what they are reading in the least. These words are attributed to ‘Alpha-Omega’ ordered to me for you not for prize or praise. Hence, messages with descriptive explanation never to be existing as misrepresentations /Misinformation and misunderstanding.The entwined intriguing intricacies of detailed information which has been forever misrepresented is solely due to the fluctuations of interpretations which exist unbenign throughout ancient antiquity to present days and will continue onto futures past and on. This has echoed Inquisitions throughout written language. The misinterpretation derives via obvious lack of investigation to where the information derives from and the inspiration or force instructing the text/worded structure such as the affiliated written meanings behind each word & phrase & prose & chapter When the affiliated is removed from the text, the message becomes obscure and oblique to th original manifestations & meanings/lost/confused and misrepresented by hordes of misinterpretations. The readers of all the future researchers can not investigate and decipher the true meaning of the written text, the implications and the sensations are all completely erased from future generations whom will want to understand the hidden meanings of the written messages to the people. This generation are complete with incomprehensible actions which will forever distort the paths and any beneficiary instances which could aid future generations momentums for process of prosperity. The mimicry and copyright theft distorts the genuine meaning of information messages throughout the passage of time. Future generations are being condemned and prevented from realisations by generations of people whom have intercepted import information and poorly interpreted the messages of time and space. Future generations instantaneously become unprivileged by the concealed written languages of old and present ages… This akin duplicates the present & past periods of cultures, whom indeed lost the true temprement and passages of ancient scribes and transcipts witnessed. Faithfully seekers become empty and bereft of the connections to existence via the selfish and psychotic shenanigans of each demographical heterogeneity. The lack of interest and beneficiary services awarded to the prosperity and benevolence for the benefit of future generations, stands indeed as lost via cruel and selfish parochial methodology, bureaucracy and insane ideology, thus, hence ; Encoded the actuation and esoteric text alludes continuously all for the expensive appetite of ‘Gins’/wicked personal/evil spirits/shaitans/narcissistic psychological state/Kinds of hatred/versions of dispositions/disorderly and deceitfully motivated/corrupt and unjustifiable. Eventually shall not rise in ethereal prosperous planes of existence and being. The future shall bind such creatures to the heals of snakes and lower level technicians of the the undergrowth upon earth and mudd. Existing in a binded future present.

Hence; The reason scripture or any form of heavenly inspired verse or written language is carefully not to be misread/misinterpreted/altered or attempted to create version next to for improvements upon, as in versions upon versions. One occasion and remained for all futures to read and not be lost via multiple translations over the great age of motional space environments and infin-8-ty.

These words are inspired soley by the mighty wonders of the ‘Alpha-Omega’ and the earthly divisions of my correspondence the private vibrational communication between, I – myself the creations communications with and towards the almighty father of the heavens and the skies and everything of existence which birthed creation by the sole almighty creator, thus : ‘Alpha-Omega’

These are conducts of concise considerations when obeying the multi-universes laws of existence decreed by the one sole sustainer of all legislation everywhere, thus ; The Almighty ‘Alpha-Omega’ praise be… forevermore…


Brought to you by the Poet aka K.Aliy ®️🌌🪀💜✨💫

2022-Infin-8-ty 🔛⚛🔀🔁🔄♾


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