Vanity Verses, The Great “I AM”

So many today “know not” of the reality of accountancy in accordance with the measurement of one’s own life and responsibility to the wider conditions in thus, environment we harbour – Earth.

People perpetually have stated: “Governments have made them poor/Governments are greedy and corrupted”

Though moreoften these sentiments are partially true!

What of accountantability?


Governments do not force people/individuals to interlope, neither force citizens to marriage or sexual endorsements/gratification of procreation.. neither thrust expensive hobbies, lifestyles upon individuals… Society is certainly not suited for everyone, that remains a fact!

These habits are generally individually based choices made by the individual and singular/family/community via personal perceptions of existence! Governments neither persuade nor force individuals to procreate/interlope for child production.

Previous Centuries back, governments desired large armies/work forces/personal etc and profited from the simplicity of the extremely large families. Unfortunately today this manner often yields over population. Controlling population is a default mechanism of any successful nation as automation has defaced the curriculum of workforces across the globe. Feeding and sustaining extreme populations has become a default of deforestation/ozone damage/universal poor health… Economic debt/National Instability/National Bankruptcy… across all living things as the planet is incapable of hosting to the speed of encroachment/progression/recycling/feeding/regrouping that humanity is demanding from earth to sustain itself!

Food produce and the artificial sweeteners/energy/colouring created to feed a growing population is totally synthetic, not nutritional or genuinely nourishing. Engineering food to feed the expanding population is a dangerously hazardous and unethical business environment in reality. The vast majority of food in superstores are neither proper for human consumption, stable diets.. Humankind is purely perceived as a robot workforce, inwhich from the authoritative positions; vitality and energy must be invoked in humankind, inorder to sustain a workforce/engineering/warfare/protection/merchandise/wealth/power/control and fear of authorities.

The most ignorant of citizens will endeavour to hand their offsprings to the authority of nations in exchange for wage.. Be that public – private schooling/training in the entertainment establishment – purposes/private tuition/private skills… All roads eventually succumb to government ownership of entities and result. Women travel over dangerous terrain with large families for this treacherous exchange, without full realisation of the true cost…? A loss of spirit sense/morality and ethical values/a deal with the devil it is routinely stated… Humankind has long lost it’s way to the engineered monetary value… Free money, a home filled with merchandise is the mantra of 21st century homo sapiens… Most will kill for this deal, while all practitioners and pretenders progress with deception and hatred in order to out manoeuvre competition within each class group. Addiction comes in all forms, and the authorities have learnt the value of an addictive trait within human nature to manipulate this detriment of human suffering. All actions by humankind is detrimental as suffering and society increases.. All roads do indeed lead to addiction if personal monitoring is not upheld…?

• Mothers whom give birth scrupulously, in numerous occasions to offsprings are totally addicted to the premise of child rearing.. poorly uneducated, while are often a little insane.

• Similar to men whom seek to procreate multiple individual females for vanity… are quite simple minded and extremely weak hearted in spirit/soul/nature/moral and character.

Desiring to be continuously surrounded by folk/people is another common addiction exhibited by modern society..

Cosmetics/surgery/body image/vanity/extreme health and nutrition and high occupancy of one’s identity is a foundation of personal addiction and inner sufferings of the spirit self..

Entertainment in all forms is an addiction, as communities mourn their fallen idols and entertainers… As much as even the abrupt termination of a role/series/character or plot can bring misery to the viewers of such addiction!

Merchandise/materials/gadgets/holidays are all linked to traits of addiction… not just narcotics/food or alcohol.. In recent centuries fast food restaurants have introduced recipes to further their business and perpetuate the addictions.. Proving the sum of the western world is a fake civilisation, while for the most vulnerable of citizens, who lack the ability to grasp this true identity of this fused extraveganza, high potency schemed product… Being that of an imitation to nature and all things true… From fake – courts/magistrates/legislation/Kings and Queens/royalty/fake history/law/bloodline and education to medicine/faith/practices/ethics/love/spirituality/promises/authority/power/honour/empathy and much more all resides in the atmosphere of the western world.

This western culture be a true imposter to nature, the quintessential opposite of purity and reality.

In regards to food consumption and taste, one has to at least consider where many ingredients originate from…? To harvest such appetite for taste, one needs look no further than the mechanics of the self… The human cells are a potent substance to engineer behaviours… cells remind one another of familiarity and continue to locate or bond with familiarity to grow and sustain liveliness… The body can sense a moment of contentment on such occasions, This is often dealt by bouts of euphoric rise rather than true appetising nourishment. This formality is similar to citizens familiarity with location/family/friends/venues/environments of well being and happiness… This version of bonding gives strength and contentment to all organism… You may realise why people feel a sense of fulfillment when the consumption of certain food is completed, even though those food groups contain zero nutritional benefits at all!

Though governments are witnessed as highly toxic opperators throughout the globe… A certain matter of education is at fault with each citizen who wills without the hindsight and precaution which emphasise failures of past generations/education/mindlessness/consciences/cautionary/contingency/ethics/morality and that of lacking the persecution to police individual addictions and desires…

Knowingly: Each citizen having foresight that Governments are highly correlated to corruption, while citizens individually display nonchalance towords capitalistic themes amidst less precaution to child birth/rearing/sustainability/future resources/skills/foundation/education/occupations/dwellings/ambitions and prosperity etc…

This format displays a strong influence towards failure/fragility/vulnerability and the taxonomy of success for ineptitude.. of future citizens of earth. Antiquity has taught humankind that large families or groups succeeded via huge numbers… while the future holds the opposite as resources become scarce small number groups become powerful as the Appetite to control desires becomes a strength over weakness and addictions?

Such attitudes can not rear and nurture any life well… as we witness that the functionality of individuals raised in poor uneducated homes is a dysfunctional process, while seemingly steady aiming towards final destruction of the unit and individuals from the particular unit!

One can state “NO”

People are not poor because of the/their Government alone!

Perhaps a joint affair in all truths?

In addition to a citizen’s depreciation in and around society, often due to/from personal choices/inability to form careful management of social structures and the decisions thereof… One realised as a child money was the main importance to raise children/child. So a refrained apprehension towards having children appeared justified. As the political atmosphere is based upon an unfair capitalist structure, inwhich your earliest beginnings/inheritance/ethnicity/family and the wider community play a major role to your prosperity.

Those without great capitalism and great family support or omniscience presence will endure magnanimous suffering to less avail, attempting persuasion towards an existence of unfairness be that with/without corrupt political aficionados… is still an exercise in mismanagement of resources and life! A crude and cruel existence thereof, waged upon the self by society and nature. The carnivorous Appetite of capitalism is such that families are embittered against one another, wherever/whenever/whatever occasions arise. Throughout the turmoil including the seasons of exchanging gifts… public affairs etc.

The resources necessary to feed one human child in the western world per year successfully is quite grotesque… In the United Kingdom that figure is a staggering £20,000 per year (Annual) as recorded by economics institutions in the mid 1990’s.

Cost Inhabit: •Nursery/Education/Schooling, •Teaching/Training/Travelling, •Books/Tuition/Stationary/Classes, •Food/Nutrition/Advice/Supplements, •Clothing/Activity wears, •Housing/Maintenance/Hosting, •Nurturing/Rearing/Supporting/Mind, •Health/Hygiene/Cleaning maintenance, •Recreational/Hobbies/Activities etc etc?

Though the greater expenses is Government backed subsidy, this displays a great burden on each citizen especially the working class who indeed foot the bill… This bill also stimulates the magnitude of encroachment on nature’s environment of resources and that of the species microscopic and life size that are evicted from their generational empires. For the grandiosity of Homo Sapiens, perseveringly uprooting the materials to sustain the human life which often lacks true fruition for reimbursement of such taxation in reciprocity back to nature!

How many individuals throughout humankind that we read about or met have truly helped nature… how many of humankind has provided to nature 1/100 of 1% to what nature has provided to them/citizen?

The ruminating doubt holds my attention, that one will never find a single person anywhere… whom has provided anything to nature accept a dying redundant vessel of themself back to the earth in which it derived from. That which humankind steals from the earth is poorly compensated in return for reimbursement. After all, the ecosystem of life is perfect and can not be improved upon. It can only be diminished by the use of over consumption/unnecessary toxicity/misuse/unearthing vital minerals and over population! The fact that humankinds is fed a diet of toxicity demonstrates the unequal measure that we put back into the earth when we pass excretion or die? Because many do not appreciate their individual vessel suggests the soil shall vanquish refuse their bodily orientations part or in whole!

It is quite intriguing how ancient biblical traditions suggested: “The earth will not be nourished or accept certain deseased bodies of multiple humans whom have not existed in a clean life?” By way of personal accountability towards food/general behaviour/morals/ethics etc etc…

It has been noticed in forensic science that bodies buried in general soil, have indeed slowly risen to the top soil… while accidental notices occured from the public.

Biology teaches: Bodies can rise to the top of soil, after burial via the contents of the deseases general diet…?

Food which exist without nutritional value is often composed of synthetic based ingredients in statue and design.. Such materials often rise in soil as the nature of soil enjoys feeds upon organic materials which have not been treated nor interfered by design. As one can witness “chemically treated wood” will not break down quick in soil, as all human engineered products are not of nature… nor support, uphold nature!

The sum of Homo Sapiens endeavors ‘wills’

Eventually shines upon the ‘will’ of greed and capitalism, the true embellishment of Homo sapiens!

The sum of education, is that of a costly experience multiplied by an appropriate quality of usefulness when understood it’s applicability in the here and now!

The great “I AM” the “Science of existence” negotiates a path that can be sustainable if individuals hold a form of patience to their indomitable existence!

Image a world, far from now… far from present day… faraway from this moment, faraway from the common misfortune and misery which presently occupies the vast majority of hearts and minds!

An epoch flowing with qualia and filled with a flow of sustainability, enjoyment, contentment, a sense of universal responsibility/strength/prosperity and understanding…

Imagine the period slightly before the epochs of dominant hominid arising to power, with Psychopathic narratives in one clench fist and the cruelest intentions in the other hand?

The period before arrival of early homo sapien is that qualia…

The Hominids that existed in this special period were indeed of farming mentality, enthused with nature and admirers of natural simplicity within complete rural gatherings… Moreover recognised as a simple life form in comparison to the programme; Sophistication of our instinctive Homo Sapiens, whom wills by consumption/bombardment/perplexity/vanity/single mindedness! Less paranoia/pillory/diversions/machinations…

Homo Erectus… Homo Neanderthalis… Homo Rudolfensis… Homo Habilis… Homo Florensiensis… Were indeed hominids which existed in a reserved manner… unsophisticated yet not fragile nor corrupted by emotion and states of euphoria… redundant of the mindset which has engulf all of humankind today.. The mindset which harbours throughout the space and motion of humankind, the malevolence that which has obliterated other lifeforms and continues to do so. For the love of sport/game/entertainment and more. The mindset which has set a portion of one species as godhead of earths living creatures… A false narrative and a deluded interpretation of the soul-self (Spirit sense) and spiritual identity. A true grotesque misinterpretation, while affirming to an unparalleled Psychotic perception of existence and individual relationships towards all things in our observation view! Such a perception which is often viewed from abusers throughout colder climates has spread out the world over with a malignant perception of things. A false directive which strips the earth of it’s loving spirits!

The age of unsophisticated hominids: in terms of reservations to engineering malevolence for game; This epoch aided the qualia of all living things which spread/existed throughout the hemispheres evenly.. Interestingly a motion appears, as the premise demonstrates the version of dysfunctional organisation one witnesses throughout the periods of Homo Sapiens reign, discloses correlations to modern drug usage from narcotic dependency… DMT.. Poppy seeds…? Marijuana plants…? Amongst all known/unknown/undiscovered/forgotten hallucinogenic weeds/plants. How likely is the possibility that early Hominids lavished lands and so happened to be enlightened by the potency exhibited within the chemical aid in plants. This no doubt arises as a consequence of chance or perhaps location? Such instrumentation endorsed by multiple sources claimed realisation of the “Enlightenment process” gifted through chemical aids from natures plants… “Chemical aid” suggests a Psychotic state capable of such divorcing from empathy; Which are usually reserved for living things, yet the hominids now redundant of particular emotions exhibit a fierce posture, opening the path to rule/conquer and devour all other forms of life from their previous state of age. An age of absolute ignorance, simplistic, sloth. Emerging with a mighty awareness, an attachment to governing/controlling/capturing/owning/having all things?

Such an awakening state of being, recognising and shifting from one dawn to the next in a single blink of an eye or space and motion of a blossomed chemically endowed plant?

This new entity to the auspices and senses of the foragers, existed as…

None other than, the… ultimate..


Due to exploration/engineering and the detrimental inquisition to seek… Homo Sapien’s development into the lands became robust enough to slaughter all other hominids, inorder to make room for the spread of homo sapiens outright survival, only!

Homo Denivosen… stood tall and a match for Homo Sapien…

A mighty warpath for warfare endured bloodshed across the hemispheres… throughout multi ages… until one victor survived to rise alone from under the smoke.. the smoke or the beginning of carnivorous humankinds “Homo Sapien” The redundancy of Homo denisoven reduced in aptitudes and became a slave for the breeding of homo sapiens!

The culpability of modern Homo Sapien has breached roads of no return in the least of morality/faith/spirituality/ethics and willingness to exist fare with all living things…

Homo sapien not willing to forgo any discomfort to share earths landscape as a consequence of community, displaces homo sapien away from the title of a genuine leader and genuine tenant of earths multi-species community..

The community being everything in existence within the sector of earths stratosphere and every quadrant below! With all species and groups.

The force of greed has bequeathed the grand ill tormentor of nature, homo sapient, throughout the ages… to the wider scope of witnessing homo sapiens ill effected Psychosis dehumanise the entire population who indeed accept the programme which has been awarded to the naivety populace!

This particular perception orchestrated by western lorals of such an event has continuously dove humankind to the brink of war and previous folk ties to extinction, that needed not, for peaceful wayfarer were their generation and lot!

Similar to a non carnivorous species in the wild previous hominds existed as natures qualified tenants… An attitude which help farm lands into fruition for ions.

It is also suggested that the nature of homo sapien is unlike any species which has encrusted their generations upon the earths soil… A true imposter to the earth in character/nature/perception/qualia/function and usefulness…

Homo sapiens existed uniquely without improving earths landscape and comuunity…

While all along imposing a will upon the earth for all to exist by…

To state the conclusion; That a true imposter, be an impulsive misrepresentation of earth, has stood in total contrast to nature, as self reasoning/concluding/examining/appointing/annointing/judging, while rending perceptions as fact, misrepresenting humankind and earths creatures, perpetuates as a force to governing earths creatures… The directive is a true fallacy of proper order and power, unquestionably unqualified we can state in wholesome, to nature in every measure is total irony!

More so, this directive is subliminally misinformed and detrimental to the sustainance of all life everywhere…

Many waged self against a genuine order… for all ancient chronologies of old and modern empires fall… as you shall witness in time and space, motioning, again and again…

May the genuine order bring total obliteration/annihilation to homo sapiens… Homo sapient sustains mere amusement at expense of the wretched including all living things… as will circles endure, a circle follows a journey of returning damage to genuine engineers…

May the order, the 360° powers of time and space bring annihilation to all of humankind/young and old alike/black and white alike/rich and poor alike/ignorant and intelligent alike/big and small alike/strong and weak alike/for the evils endured by mere species continuously from ancient antiquity…

For peace may also return full circle to the lifes which existed in peace, wherever borrowed or sheltered.

The Punctuation of an Evil Presence; The preliminary evolved synonym.

Take a few moments to study the signs and symbols in the photo below; Documented picture.1



These signs and symbols in the picture above (see picture.1), may confuse many enthused… Nonetheless, more details will be disclosed shortly further along in this chapter.


Signs and symbols announce our arrival, our presidency, our presentation.
A measure of things to come; be that (our/your) hopes and dreams, wishes and desires… offerings and intentions?
Our mantra or our song is a theme that will notify and announce and remind all those of our intentions and will!
A lesson for the present, a reminder for antiquity and a warning or prophecy for those of the future!

Take note: A cast to identify symbolism!

Upon Investigation, one may lay open to a sudden realisation of the true meaning of a once certain ubiquitous flag (A certain emblem of thuggery and ostensibly grandiose sea bandits/robbers) such a rapacious flag heralded by what is known as “The United Kingdom” (The Rapscallion of nations)

That which has evolved from lower deck thievery to a distant famed culture of finely tuned merchants of theft, thuggery and blatant robbery has withheld truth and just to protect itself while proselytising the desperate and kin alone, to make moths of many and nations who beg at the foot step of this grand scale deceptive machination.

Those who lack education (Genuine education oppose to brainwashing/programming/media/fashion/establishment inventive incentives) and fear ridicule, are indeed ridiculed in silent the most, as they betray real freedom of will and decisions, and while are subjected into poverty, uncertainty and constant fear.

Such grow in the territory of unrivaled fear as we alone sing in the fields, such fields of the bossom and chest that blossomed from the ancestors Cri De Couer

Nations who endeavoured to embezzle, trick, rob, rape, slaughter, starve, abuse, poison, loot, kill, ravish and malignantly plunder the wealth of foreign resources for the sole grandiosity of it’s future…

That future is the present belly of “The present United Kingdom”

One shall not pray forgiveness for rich nations who intern bequeathed such a trauma presently experienced by modern poor nations. Poor nations must understand… take heed, nor to watch your women sell their booty like meat for sustainable living, not stare upon the misery of your offspring, nor glare upon the dead/dying in vain of a saviour misunderstood upon your ravish lands, nor the hunger of your children from the greed of such nations who only grow sick via greed, while yours starve… Nor the systematic corruption within all posts of law, nor the mockery of the Ill or the proselytising of the gullible or the propaganda and defamation of the feared.

Nor the false “Hopes”, false preachers, false imams, false priests, false pretences, false teachings, false saviours, false bishops and false men of the almighty in false dwelling and sanctuaries of the creator and his creations.

Know genuine from fakery?

If you understand history/globalisation/capitalism/socialism/embellishing and programming then this should be intuitive and initiative for you?

Such a belly has formed as the United Kingdom. A distinctive Kingdom of foul play, liars, cheats, deceptive rule makers and administers.. who play “Pipe Piper” to the dim/drunk/drugged and enthused fused Psychological membranes of the followers.

Akin to peter piper, who indeed rid the down of all it’s rats these imposters aim to rid the world of not rats but rather the genuine characteristics of spirituality; Spirituality is a force to recognise and reckon with or against.

While UK has seen fertile soil and stock incline in wealth, due to the amassed wealth ransacked from foreign lands, due to tricking lands inhabited by empathetic natives.

The contrary has bequeathed those present dishevelled poor lands!

Whom once echoed equality (Imagine a world of fair play, so much that species of mammalian/s existed in a relative Qualia).

Not possible you may suggest?

The consumption of meat produce and the side effects (Cancers) is a modern phenomena proselytised by the western states, who found agriculture a time consuming affair upon Barron infertile land before soil was imported from neighboring nations.

These are the emblems adorned upon the types of ships (Pirate ships) whom sought to invoke such horrors upon civil foreign lands while removing any sign of languages, books and education systems (Upon raping booty/burning live stock/killing women and infants/Torturing the remainders/destroying complete civilisations and hiding particular evidence of foreign ingenuity)

If a thought be a sign to grasp…


If an expression be an emotion?


If a word be a gesture!


If a picture… be a representative of a thousand words?

What say you, if an instance or moment be that of a persistent pattern in actuation…?

Let us now extend that moment to a period in time… an age and perhaps an epoch!

Would that not be a tradition; a way of life (Irascible way of life).

Number sequence; Acculturation

A second look at these symbols may broaden the horizon of any enthused reader.

Note: Understand, that under the auspicious acts of the west we have been proselytised to progress in a backwards/upside down wrong to right fashion…

Everything we have been taught is false accountership and misleading informatic diatribe, while the gross host horde the genuine structure of things.

The easily proselytised and hoodwinked partisans are gathered together by circular Informatics, due to an inability to gain detachment from mainstream media western acculturation and skewed occult practices; by mixing and engineering new test-like societies (states) to keep the masses occupied while the same masses are hoodwinked from their booty (resources) by further machination which releases further finances to the hosts. The parasitic objectors.


Notice the ‘X’ is representative of the notorious “Scull & Bones” image situated on the flags of pirate ships!

Here again below, we take a closer look at the representation of the ‘X’ and the evolution, which is situated upon all three of the main flags of united Kingdom.

That of England, Ireland and Scotland



The representation of the letter ‘X’ is mirrored with negative synonym rather than positive fragments.

Often mark as a symbol of negativity and loss or moreover a symbol of warning prelude to a loss or fragmentation.

This arrival (sign) is entrusted with regret or degradation of a form.

The ‘X’ is a comprehensive toxic symbol, which prevents achievement or inclination to progress.

If a kingdom heralds this sign as their personal symbolism, it spells notoriously barbed and vehement splenetic overtones for any opposing nations, be it.. that the host aims to relieve other nations of all their booty and wealth in entirety and complete contrast.

The ‘X’ cast aspects of doom and disgust, which is often a reprisal of pirate culture, dilettante aspirations, while self nurturing cheap ambitions from wayward seafarers.

From that which my ancestors and immediate relations have witness along the ages, I disclose to you all who may either fall upon such a malignant emblem of sure consequences…

(Union Jack/United Kingdom & such Flags that endorse such a culture)

To indeed protect thyself and that of thy family with a protective prayer from such a curse witnessed by nations who and whom it’s citizens fell to the vitriolic system of abuse entrusted upon by the the systematic abuse from the “United Kingdom” & suchlike.

Pray you do not ever witness and fall to this fate bequeathed upon desperate nations by the hands of the west and United Kingdom.

For such a kingdom was not achieved via natural resources, honesty, integrity, genuine hard work, nobility, fair business, genuine fair law, impartiality, kindness, qualia, love, unbiased systems, universal equality, genuine trade… and respect for all living things.

But rather quintessentially the contrary of every organic/natural and fair law of the people and species who reside in this domain.

Every rule was broken in humanity for such a species (western) to gain and then regain sole advantage to greed and wealth.

So much so that after a long and trenchant-ly tedious battle against the good will of earthly inhabitants, time has come for the earth to restore balance to land and resources… As earth evolves it now obliterates the obliterators of life and culture!

“The circle of life” is always expectant!

It shall expect you, as it always has all those before… So…

Expect such… fore…

Words are born.

Put your hands slowly together, let us now pray for the circle to administer universal justice against such a poison in the world!

Nations of antiquity shall be rekindled, as presentations shall indeed be rekindled back to what they was before…

“Poor, shall return back to health”


Wealth, back to poor Barron lands…

Importers of nobility back to where they derived from thereon.

Impostors of royalties back to that which they stood for first, mere six thousand years ago; peasants and thieves… Thus circle of life!

Blood to blood, Earth to earth, Mineral to minerals, Dust to dust, while all shall be rekindled to such and such again…

We do not pray forgiveness for our enemies or all those who perpetuate malice upon our lives…

But rather cancer, poverty and persuasive illness .. shall blight patrons of western shores.

We now bow to the mystery of the elements, the power that be, the electricity that grant us well-being and peace in existence…

Not force or false pretence or Majesty, neither false Kingdom, nor fake jurisdictions of law, no importers of a perpetual substantial insubordination-al hierarchy. Neither molesters of innocence/truth and justice, neither cowardice/propagandist hate sovereignties.

Only the omniscient presences that presents an unrivaled presence, that has and shall continue to engulf our life here and after… urges us to leave behind the west; These western nations skewed diplomacy, while urging us to return to our own roots/lands and tongues of antiquities. For western morals are unto themselves (states/order governed solely by human ego/greed and thirst) a no go and aggressively none-progressive state for spirituality and Qualia.

The energy-efficient which the mockers have mocked… is none other than our strength of ultra magnetic agencies.

The frequency of life is the vibration of actuation we breathe, the sustainer of our Qualia.

Peace be upon… peace be upon…

Peace be upon… the true spirits of the most high and not the fakers who embellish disguise.

Derivatives Of Intention & The Amplified Consistency

In a world bombarded by individual sellers of personal truth, the derivatives of authenticity patching the multitude of broken courses are indeed lacking in noticeable action/actionable motion. Thus, the actuation manifested by poetry of fruition marked by time… immensely.

Generations should not perpetually fall to hoodwink themselves, by adopting the familiarity of regretable beliefs, in the forecasts of “things will orchestrate into everlasting fruition!”
In fact… quite simply “No!”
Indeed No! it shall not and never will intend too, unless the personal personification of truth and just are vehemently applied without hesitation!

As it is known…


Not that which you thought you sowed or want to have sowed or even owned…

Thus, an ancient everlasting mantra, which is readily proven time and time again…
Upon an intriguing correspondence it was brought to my knowledge that there exist no real group! 


Amongst the nature of the planet every order in existence intermingles, associates and assembles alongside all other tenants of the environment. Upon my careful investment of time spent researching such phenomena, it aroused my realisations that humankind has in crusted again and again upon the genuine order of life, humanities own misinterpretations, while synthetic and nonconformist lifestyle to nature and one that obliterates all nature in the progress.

Humankind has endeavoured to manifest this synthetic inclusion, which is proving vacuous upon everything in range! As humankind nourishes it’s thirst for life and expands further out of the hemispheres we currently abide in, the derivatives humankind has existed upon will continue to reach each new fertile land, foreign space,  alien territory, uncharted place and unknown location!

With such a mindless approach in hand, such precipitation will be escorted with the forecast of tragedy!

In mankind’s modern order, we can approximate these figures…

● The powerhouse 1% whom are in total orchestration of the world’s economy! 

: Are followed by a further approximation of 15-19% of trusted citizens. Within this estimation exists…

Governments… Legal System… Law Agencies… Family Heritage… Recruitment & Training… Protocol & Service Protocols… Administrations & Councils… Staff & Personal… Teaching & Education – Sources and Resources (Installation/Brainwashing/Preaching & Programming/Reprogramming).

Ultimately these are the pillars holding tight and binding the councils of the world together in their lofty place of sanctuary and authority. Often opposition will attempt to tear the formation binding pillars, a pillar at a time… or ridiculously a brick timelessly pick at a time. None shall indeed work, but the timeless aid of regretable wastage in effort and expenditure… culminating in exhaustion and failure.
The approximate 80% of citizens is a culmination of 70% Herd mentality minus 10% Rogue: This “70% herd we register as members of society who were precipitated by the engineering from the 1% authorities products… As a culmination of independent businesses, staff, independent training programmes, entrepreneurs/ship/private sector, business liaisons/networking/safe guarding, financial programmes/lending/stock market/banks/loans/credit/purchase/ownership/property/trade/incentives/endorsements/careers/families… and so…

Interestingly enough the “70%” sooner or later become liable!!! There does not exist things which are free under any modern government legislation. We even pay for the polluted air we breath. So eventually one contributes to the undertaking necessary for the cost of their own unfortunate death.

The Rogue 10% – fragmented alliances:

Are non other than the 1st and only hope of a new type of fair secular order for the “70%” Herd…
The manifesto of the fragmented alliances is to deliver prosperity for all life… All of the genres within the humankind’s spectrum, including each hue, Black through to white, all ages of humankind’s progress, all disabilities of the human affliction, all nationalities, cultures, tribes, faiths, genders, species, sexuality, classes, educational status, physical appearance, health, heritage and financial status. A sole prospective of prosperity for all… Administrations of “One for all and all for one” universal benevolence for all time sake. A complete complementary age of prosperity…

this I mean to declare: In appreciation for humankind’s appearances, everyone either fits into the availability of these majority seclusions, divisions, sections, minorities, majorities, individualisms, separations, coadjuvancies, etc etc etc, quite simultaneously. Devised by the engineering of such unhuman incinerating tactics (Authoritive Deprivation), which administer the scrutinise sectoral divisions, for the comfort of authoritive control.

[On completion of a simple form a long time back, I came to the realisations that there exist no such thing as an ultimate group as ambiguous as this may appear to some, it is also quite true indeed! In all earnestness…]

However! The fragmented 10% which are scattered throughout the globe, are missing the true ingredients to support their chosen ideology…

In the comic book “Watchmen” the genius behind the plan orchestrated a catastrophe to bring all humankind together as one… Astonishingly genius as the plan proved. My contemplation on the aftermath circumferenced upon the realisations that; Humankind would later return back to what it spent a great deal of legislations and millenniums evolving into?

So, undisputed the fact remains open, to new ingredients of ingenious intentions for humankind to truly progress internationally.

We already know that those at the highest authority of each society has evolved via greed and lustre for power… to gain such authority a special type of gene must exist or be prevalent in the identified genome. Particular species of nature have the Psychological state of the famed Psychopaths in namely predatory species but not just relegating to. The great white shark residing in the tropical rivers, is a famed Psychopathe of predatory creatures. The calm motion, still expressions and fixed gaze is a culmination of independent businesses throughout the sharks evolution of prehistoric survival. Such an intrinsic and expensive trait can neither be bartered, borrowed or bargained with! Such a confrontation will relegate most opposition as diced prey! To unlock and reverse such a trait from a creature this intense, would take equal lengths of millenniums which created the trait as necessitating elements of survival in the environment… for the undoing of such a nature. Likewise with the human version of the Psychopathic trait, we witness on a daily basis from organisation to organisation, business to business, partner to partner, thieve to thieve, family agent to family agent, quality of the Psychopathe remains robust in their persistence for acquisition and authority (regardless of size and importance). The length of time necessary to uneducate and reinstall an appropriate approach to civilised authority from the wicked authority we see administered across the globe from governments etc would equal or exceed the length of time that forged the Psychopathic trait originally. Ultimately, this approach would not culminate in fruition as time is not a spectator of human aspirations, dreams and wishes!

A more successful candidate for human prosperity would be to round up all the Psychopaths of the world and lock them in their own doomsday millennium shelter for eternity.

But how?

“How” manifesting as a slight mission impossible since the Psychopaths control all the military weapons of mass destruction and finances to occupy their order. To be blunt, most groups do not have a slight variant of authenticity to “How!” The spiritualist recommend you to love them out of their Psychopathic trait… [Note] Do you believe such endorsement would penetrative the derivatives of authenticity out of a serial killer/shark/billionaire or wild starving hyena..? Or even the lower forms of Psychopaths you may come across? Remind yourselves; how long is necessary to build such a mind..? Often soldiers who are trained intensively for great lengths of time throughout the service, remain in such states after their services are rendered spent, some will propagate offsprings and pass on the characteristics to the offspring via natural neuro genetic inheritance. The exact applies with the hierarchy and authors of the modern world.

“The fanatic” proselytising to you to arm yourself with the forecast of ballistic affairs to blast the derivatives perpetually unconscious. Without truly comprehending the depth of the authorities capabilities in ballistic technologies. Arouses their crusade to that of a simpletons mindset.

The efforts and approach of said geniuses are necessary and nothing short of, in order for prosperity to be liberated for the rest… The geniuses exist within the 10%

The 10% are the fragmented alliances… These alliances are a culmination of ex service personal, ex government officials, ex teachers, scholarly individuals, pseudo intellectuals (who often do not rendezvous with one another due to their, alienation, seclusion from society, isolation, individualisms, high I.Q and their inclusion of being amongst the “10%” ratio of the entire world… whom indeed spend a great deal of their time, life and resources in education and research for the purposes of enlightenment and awakening of “the herd” and solely for the beneficiary of nature/humankind, the entire globe and beyond. For without nature humankind shall not exist.

As one dies another enters the age of enlightenment… and over 70% will evolve to be mere herd affiliates for the order.. (Machine)

The “1%” and their orchestrated faithfull followers (approximately 15-19%) have endorsed safety bunkers and ingenuity that will ensure their survival, should a future catastrophe be administrated. As fate and irony go hand in hand, we can approximate such a possibility for those to grasp of the future generations… If George Orwell’s 1984 was the enlightenment for modern generations, than I hope these pages will be the enlightenment for the future generations of 2050 AD.

If ever an age arrives…? When man once again rekindles the engineering fit for geniuses… such a generation may realise the derivatives of the “1%” and their sole purpose is to survive by any means necessary… so-much-so that the fear of death and the lurking catastrophe often blights their every after thoughts concerning existence and the relegation away from luxury. So much so, that the renaissance of danger shocks them through to their soul, akin to a thousand watts of thunderbolts charging through their veins. The lavish extensive bunkers and catastrophe proof isolation pods, are secretly engineered for this pioneering authorities of Psychopaths and endorsed personal, not even half of the 20% faithful staff personal will make it aboard such reservations if tragedy struck this planet! Obviously, the actuation of authority is well aware of a future fate, as to prepare for the mother of such cataclysmic catastrophes!

Engineers of the faraway future maybe wise to learn of such-and-such and would be indeed distinguished to devise a chaos extinguished from mere magic, inorder to hoodwink the authorities into retreating to such lavished bunkers, in which a secondary effort to lock them in from the outside can be administered! 
My words are not spread for the good of mankind, for generally humankind’s appropriations are quite evil… regardless whether humankind lives or dies is not really an issue from my prospective! But rather to return this environment to how humankind found it and to those species who were here in autonomy much before humankind existed!
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“Act in such a way that the maxim of your will could always hold out the same time as a principle of a universal legislation”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The University of…

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The Missing Planets On The Solar Belt


























The mighty solar system a minute dimension in the galaxy we harbour…

The mighty Sun boasts as the orthodox attraction of the solar system we harbour. Orbiting the Sun is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, The Kuiper Belt Which harbours an unquestionably destinct plethora of debris, these deposits are situated between Mars and the Jovian planets. A tag allocated for the larger planets outside the kuiper belt, that are gaseous in nature instead of the rocky surfaces acknowledged in the four earth like planets within the kuiper belt. The jovian planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The Kuiper belt is made of asteroids, rocks and metorites which are very large and dense rocky formation! Pluto which orbits upon the Kuiper belt is acknowledged as a dwarf planet, because of such relatively small dimensions in comparison to it’s larger neighbours in the solar system. The Kuiper belt is a large ring which orbits with alignment of the solar system. Multiple dwarf like planets waltz along the belt, Eris, Haumea, Makemake, Cerus… These large rocks are rocky dwarfs or astoroids which have been rounded by orbiting the solar system.


If you can imagine a vortex of extreme heat in the centre of a ring, with objects spinning and orbiting that ring, akin to meat on a skewer being prepared for a kebab feast. The rough edges are smoothed off and melted by the intensity of the heat source.

There exist a strange hypothesis for the Kuiper belt which rings closer to a legend. The Kuiper ring itself, has a strong possibility of actually existing as the remains of an exploded/imploded planet. Either the destruction occurred via intense chemical misuses of the resources of such a mysteries planet or otherwise, war was a constant in the quadrant. The planet for this auspicious hypothesis is intriguingly known as “Krypton”

The Kuiper belt which holds the remnants of planet Krypton is amassed with metal debris. Probably the sole attention Krypton was assigned title for this mystery planet. The metal extremely dense and dark in hue, orbits within the belt! Remnants of this metal have found their journey to earth. Some segments dating back approximately 65 million years in age!

I am in agreement with such a natural hypothesis, it appears clear to myself, that this is the sole reason the kuipler belt even exist. Yet the event is not so easily acknowledged. Something of possible science fiction to the unimaginable of minds. But not impossible for a war of some form to have taken place. There appears no life on the planets in our solar system or if life had existed? I suggest it is not much different from our own. Otherwise it may have visited earth. A restriction of a particular kind exist for other life on the solar system. This I believe was born via the explosion of planet X which destroyed all life in the solar system when planet X exploded/imploded sending rays of meteor showers in every direction of the solar system. It is very probable that life existed upon every planet in the solar system until the great explosion of planet X approximately Sixty Five million years in the great age of cataclysmic events. Each planet inhabited life, evidence shows that water droplets existed in separate areas of orbiting planets.

Just for a moment… Close your eyes and imagine thus scenario:

If you can imagine quite clearly and confidently? A world war in space between at least one planet which resulted in a nuclear device so powerful which imploded the planet sending rays of meteorites to all neighborring planets in the solar system! Imagine the cataclysmic explosion of planet X, which was indeed the culprit for the emptiness we have come to acknowledge which exist in the planets which orbit our solar system. It is quite possible that the effects of the meteor shower did not render earth totally obsolete of bacteria. This might be due to the size of the meteorite which impacted earth? It is indeed quite probable that earths neighbouring planets were indeed all bombarded by far larger meteorites, which annihilated the complete biosphere and climate from the first hit… Upon each of the planets in the solar system. In other words, maybe earth just got slightly lucky in that respect regards the level one exstinction effect. The meteorite which hit earth approximately sixty five million years ago was large enough to wipe out all life but not large enough to wipe out the micro organisms, which exist below the earths surface of rocks and marsh lands!

These minute micro organisms existed underground and resurfaced to reignite life once again at a later date upon earth after the meteor strike which exhausted the dinosaurs. We could also asknowledge that possibly the life upon planet “X” was of a menacing gradient… Possibly… even, one of extraordinary development in the grandeur of machination and nonchalance, a greedy fulfillment, insatiable in appetite, possibly Psychotic in nature, perhaps unempathetic, domineering, agely juvenile, wickedly, deploymatic but chillingly evil, characteristic of aristrocratic politics, judgemental, sneaky, spying, sociopathic, hypocritical, unsympathetic or empathetic, warring, devious, uncapable of resolutions, scientific, genious, ingenuity capable of hosting weapons of mass destruction???

“Weapons of mass destruction!”


“The Weapons Of Mass Destruction!”

Here holds a candidate likeness to that of the modern day society of the western ideology and methodology here upon our earth home. If this is indeed the true case? which has already been mentioned by doctors around the world, whom have reiterated the following: “White people as a complete organism, are not from this actual planet earth” (In which we reside in). Then this realisation stands to good reason and simple logic… as the certain link to their original history and origin of life for the white homo sapients”. (Please see previous blogs regarding the origin of white homo sapient…)

The link is below (kindly view the first video at the end of the blog, spoken by a physicist of anthropologist.

From that particular blog you will indeed understand the demographics of the white homogenous history and the difficulty of natural alignment to planet earth.

This message also sheds sound resonance to why #geoengineering has become a perpetual top priority in the hosting of western affairs. http://www.geo http://www.geo

Somebody or something is systematically ordering for the rearrangement of our climate for their personal interests?

This is also to the detriment of the complete diversity of native species of earth. It appears nobody else benefits but white homogenosised traits.




So if my and many others hypothesis is indeed correct, it should not be to far in our own distant future when the race of war fuelled hybrids, exact and rekindle their Renaissance with world explosions.

It appears a leap frog locust effect is on the horizon for the white homogeneous society… Who will indeed strip the entire resources of that which they come into contact with and empty the contents of whichever planet they become visitor/guest or host to…

It is also important to acknowledge maybe just maybe other societies of species in the galaxy are previleged to such information. Thus, already sustained the necessary aknowledgement of the white Psychopathic blood hunger that has stalked and savagd our planet. This fact of a superior civilisation may have well prepared for the rendezvous…


Thank you and shine a light at night!

Peace be upon friend














“The Genuine Denizen” (denigration and black ignited plight)


Black shoe polished, utilised by black entertainers in 1950’s America, for caricature and emphasise the purpose of an extra extremity!

Black on Black… the give away here in this photo below is attributing to the distinctive black hair and nostrils! “Black on Black”


“Hey Yeah!”


States the entertaining ingredients of the black artist’s proliferations!

Some black people’s aspiration to be viewed, valued, and considered for endorsements and sponsorship was quite extreme to say the least!

Modern day black citizens in the west attribute similar intentions in modern-day times. Notice black people attempting to play the perpetual rookie role in movies, or the stereo typical drug seller and gangster… the women often settle for typical essential roles, as the baby making factory machine at the bottom of the hill, forever churning out a hot fresh supply of police ballistic targets, for the auspiciousness of the wicked police to practice training upon! I am certain each police officer keeps a tally upon score records per hit and fatality!


The black homo sapient’s offspring, located in the European western hemispherical environment, has now become so disenfranchised towards the prosperity of its own kind, that it is now currently the single greatest threat to the prospectus of the “Black identities Chromosomes” in the homosapient! 

Greatest of all in all, The sense of who the “Black homosapient” is…? Refrained from being a component of this magnanimous fixture many centuries ago! Possibly even many millenniums ago… *[See the story of the inhabitants named “The #Isrealites” in the chronostratagraphical unit of “The #Prophet” (PBU) #Noah!].

It is worth staring through the decades… actually centuries and state that those periods of degradation… insalubriosness, malevolence, engineering havoc, brutality,  pestilence, disproportionate abuse, distributed dystrophy and the perpetual Holocaust bequeathed upon to the black chromosomes idiosyncrasies and neurological genetics and Psychological damage, by namely the white race amongst softened up by Arabs *[ See the cruelty from the #Arab-slave-trade from 300 Anno Domini – 1600 Anno Domini! ]

The Instantaneous Gratification absorbed by the feasting of foreign flesh and carcases from the utility of workers, servants, Whores, baby producing factories and all systems which endorsed subdivisions, of the very deprevied imagined cruelty deployed upon a populous of indigenous frightened people… perpetuated the atmosphere for thousands of thousands of miles into millions in every direction! Even across the oceans the fear sank deep beneath the title waves of fear centred weather storms, as if there existed subdivisions of Gods wrapped in a drunken game of deep ocean spinning! Swimming the vast oceans for sport and terror!

But no… this was just the extreme turbulence generated atmosphere of fear… created by this historic scholarship of engineered evility… which has never been surpassed since!

Where did this wicked machinery, of torture ideology originate from…?

Is indeed the irony of all!

For this we have to investigate a particular race of being, as far as we recognise to date, It was actually the (our) Arab brethren who taught this evil methodology of slavery… to the taxonomy of the white homogenous evolution of slave trade! Europeans for many centuries of antiquity frequently visited Arabic lands, for business and technology (woodcraft, medicine, Merchandise and trade). The Europeans indeed feared the Arab ferocity to battle but trusted the mechanics of their technology, Merchandise, medicine, riches, proclivity for a thirst of power and mechanics to rule a people with fear!

The then Arabs were only matched by the ferocity of the Ottoman Empire and the Great GHENGIS Ghan himself!

Nonetheless, the Europeans and their modern determination shrouded in their abhorrence to foreign policy, systematically utilised any rigidity that would prosper their pockets! None other than greed was their middle name, a name that has been imprinted upon the cerebral cortex of every descending fetus at childbirth in western lands! (Here arrives greed, many whisper) Screaming for the handsome pounds and already Surreptitiously anticipating gradients of future profit, their tiny baby hands clinched fists, aspire a notion… as if to mimic a sincere affirmation of holding on to the paper notes of the currency. So many will eventually bleed for this paper matter, this inherited God of many, fall for and die for in a virtual world wind sustained by such mechanics of the rat race… all before have faltered towards and horribly forfeited in sustaining it…  Also, this tragedy appears to exist by the posture of a grandiose lure and seismic seduction of the false light strobe!

This lures everything in approximations to the “False light strobe” (Misguiders/Misguide) for candidancy towards a benign doom!

Ignorantiquity of the black homosapients phylogenetics and evolution has aided this perpetual doom! Everything that the modern black lives for, exist for, endeavours for only perpetuates this modernised version of insalubrious calamity and future disparaging proclivities! The black homosapients of the west utilise a side of cunningness and offbeat methodology, to gain passion and control of possibly the ignorantiquity and niavety of less educated black spirituality. By miseducation and misleadership the blacks own offbeat comprehension of black spirituality… Slacking their pants down and talking gibberish, lacking in education and manners, not reading and investigating, not policing their diet, and comrades is no black firm of spirituality and ancestry realisation.  Ironically such a demise is called “being black…” I call it “nonsense far from thy sight!” And into the bankruptcy of ideologies!

The water, air, food, attire, materials which exist in the west have only furthermore incapacitated the total existence of the black homosapient!

The synopses of the dreadful education system has further encroached all education towards this evolution in the organism against true prosperity! dystrophy and disability has never been surpassed since 4000 years in antiquity for the black homo sapients evolution!

“It is nothing short of a mere miracle that the bible’s old testament actually prophecies… this very encryption of empyrean affirmation to the denizen of the roaming organism… the Israelites” (A subdivision of modern black homo sapients who are descendents, related to ancient Isrealites who were indeed indeginously tortured and banished from their own lands to digress in a forever torment… untill The mighty God calls upon a time of future establishment and mercy… in which the subdivision of the ancient Isrealites have trusted God’s law, so embark upon redemption and improve their UnGodly ways from old. The present wickedness and evil Lucifarianism to the qualia of love and universal purity)… is the change expected and awaited!


This is well established,  that no such human phylogeny as a nation… has these traits. We may witness individuals with these great tendencies, however, often these great disturbing and often off-putting tendency issues are endorsed by individual prejudices, which the protagonists unfortunately never acknowledges or can be persuaded to acknowledge!

Often many try to single out pious blacks for self insecurity reasons while destroying the prosperity of black homo sapients in general!

We are left often wondering who has tought this calamity of wicked machination & evil ingenuity! It is as though black ethics in the UK were forged in a warehouse by monkeys, then programmed and released with extreme proliferation and these intended orders of black destruction! Even to carry out the teaching of such disturbed programming!




Black homo sapients in the west… Are 100% Of the inconvenience to other blacks and can never witnessed their very own denigrated postures and idiosyncrasies of wicked mischief! Often such blacks will indeed instinctively cry out of unfair treatment, at the hands of white people… while conveniently removing all the mistreatment they first commit upon themself’s as an organism, then their immediate race and then the wider community!  (Cause and Effect applies *See #Causeandeffect )


The modern-day black homo sapient is a true letter to the disenfranchised antiquity of ancient black homo sapients. While now has inherited the title “The Real Denizen”…


A genuine denizen, once a foreigner but now a reformed grotesque statue of oppression to the taxonomy of personal relativity and heritage of ethnicity! A very real and genuine denizen, has truly earned current dislocation of their senses and all that made their ancient ancestry dominant; In the compartment of surviving ingredients. The gradient which endured the harshness of great antiquity! Now the modern black homo sapient existing in the “European states” have probably gone further in the obtrusive debilitationisms and denigration of other black homosapients! These black homosapients in the European states have truly over exceeded the expectations of their masters will. Administering their own debilitation of the obtrusive denigration upon the lives of strangers to them self, other (generally speaking) innocent black homosapients trying to establish autonomy and spiritualism in their life! The Unconscious uncorrected uncoordinated black homosapients existing in the bounty of the UK, England, Europe are without a doubt the greatest danger in the entire globe to any black prosperity that current exist! I have studied this debilitating phenomenon for a very long time, in first hand experience, while realisation and all transactions of the true danger beckoned, “The black ignited plight!”

This statue of Lucifarianism has been filtered via every unconscious routine, every conceivable outline, every conclave and every demise or coagulation of the organism’s structure and wellbeing!

“Some truths are so profound,

They need to be stated twice”


These British black citizens spirituality is usually nonsense in which they do not live by their practice preaching?  (born or raised here in the UK) Blacks are indeed more of a danger to another black homosapient’s prosperity then any other races to black progression!

It is clear and present the irrefutable demise of black UK citizens. Such agendas and that of the ideologist dream, would conveniently go out of their normal routine or fixture to cause mistreatment or debilitation, towards another black citizens existence or progression! Such as the programming ingredients from these autonomous robots, that they abuse all blacks including strangers in routine fashions!  This is often the initial catalyst why so many people date outside their familiarity and black heritage! When one’s own people’s proclivity is determined to the highest dangers to their personal survival… it makes sense to truly seek the benevolence outside your race for the sake of survival of your personal idiochromosomes and spermatogenesis! Black babies do not survive very long in Europe because of the contamination of all facilities, products, instruments and resources  (Not that white babies have fantastic survival rates).

Nonetheless, white babies have more universal support, from family, relatives, nationality, friends and extended family, culture, programmes for white people, unspoken white privilege, non discussed community collaboration for whites, sponsorship from white people to white people… care and assistance backed by white… The exploit of the totalitarianism for white benefits… Donorship, Etiquettes… Courtesy… Candidacy… Businesses assistance and philanthropy… Free Masonry for whites, etc, etc…

The hemisphere is totally biodegradable and the measurements for saving this division of the hemisphere is lacklustre. The chlorine levels in water are extremely high and food poisoning from packaging is a demon’s fixture upon all citizens anxiety list!

Many years ago I remember listening in to a conversation held in the hairdressers section of a Barber shop, the advisor was explaining to the clientage all the increased damage the water was having on the hair.. “Black people have unique hair follicles, which must be treated with great care and attention accordingly… If the water balance is incorrect (PH levels of Mercury,  sulphur, acid) persistent damage will occur…” A very similar think was mentioned to me by mother regarding skin! She always told us “Everyone was born lighter (regarding family) but each person exchange tone with age”.

A person’s skin pigmentation darkens as the individual ages! When I saw individuals baby photos and adult photos it became conclusive the evidence of skin and hair destruction to black people by climate and weather conditions. Also this was Scientifically proven… that skin complexions do darken as the organism ages, as a result of not scrubbing enough dead skin off the body every night/day! The skin of all organisms naturally EXCORIATE by themselves, but because of creams and oils from the body, the EXCORIATED layer remains upon the new underlay in error! As a consequence it resumes the position of the previous application, preventing excoriation, the darker pigmentation arises via the decayed dead skin build up on the new skin layer. Now remaining upon the top service of the body! Because of this you will notice many years of ever-increasing darkening and in particularly private places of the body! Namely neck, under thigh, inner thigh, under breast, armpits, genitalia, bum cheeks, gluts, belly button, behind ears, cracked area, joints & joint area.. etc.


Amongst the damage to the black homosapients appearances is nothing compared to the damage daily of the mind…

Just think about it for a while…..

An ongoing while actually?

“If the water can do such damage to reinforced hair foliage and skin….?

What do you visualise or perceive it can do to tiny micro biotic organisms in your diet and that of your tiny precious cells. The same exact specifications that reproduce billions of cells and die every second in the chamber of your neuro genics…?”


Enter a caption


Think about it!.facebook_1449432953130


Thank you for reading these blogs

Be well and continue to pop in for some information…

Peace light and love to you and yours..



Personification of Truth

A long time ago… With in our alignment of the galaxy we exist in, a planet flourishing with biotic life and existing within their Laws of nature… brimming with prosperity and culture… The inhabitants lived as we do now! Existing on the goods of the land… building & reaping the resources as the time enveloped!

History has it that this planet no longer exist! Somewhere amongst the many stars dried and exhausted of life… But the desertion of this life inhabiting  planet full with ingredients… the inhabitants were indeed quite nonchalant towards such resources which bequeathed the nature front of the planet… decade after decade… generation after generation in each chronostrataghraphical unit… the idiosyncrasies of the inhabitants never altered from previous centuries… So on.. on and on this idiosyncrasy system occured… in millenniums there on, all natures suffered…  All creatures large and small… suffered as a direct debilitation of the obtrusive misuses of such precious matters! The discipline of these domineering species was unnecessary grotesque to the fertility of their soil… their chromosomes… their stratosphere… their original homes… The grandeur of their autonomy was gestering quite destructively to all natures in existence!

It was examined that leaders sat amongst one another to galvanise support plans inorder to find a resolution to the sacrilege of resources. Upon a course of sacrilegious errors in finding methodologies for reintroducing the renaissance of the prosperity…

Wars created defiance, who sought to profit from such disagreements. Technologies of this epoch was greatly sophisticated, somewhat indistinguishable from mere magic and light Speed… Deployments were exonerated in which divisions of that planet world… search the galaxies for a safe haven from, what was known as, a time of serving. .. It was known in that period the inhabitants had been the catalyst to this slow demise, the planet driven apart, but equivocation and uncooperation, divided the nations into sects of further authority and individual schools of thought… Much is not detailed in the theory of distant planets… but that which is mentioned was… that at some stage before the entering ending of their civilisation… Departures and crusades led them to the planet earth on thousands of occasions. Many historians of religious doctrination have equivocated the notion that the Anunarky are the particular people, emphasised to/of this account.. in which they bequeathed such great knowledge to Egyptians and all cultures before!

Understanding language is a matter of understanding actuation and reason… Language ultimately is the manifestation to express something! The something maybe an idea, an order, a feeling, an action, a thought, an incident, a methodology, an idiosyncrasy, an ideology, an Invention, an aid, a metamorphosis, an explanation, a tool etc…

Unfortunately you will notice the majority of conversations are “emotional interactions” between species/organisms. As we stated in earlier talks about the use of language it seems in terms and rightful use, are shorted lived, because of the emotions harboured inside the laws of existence (Cause and effect applys) emotions ultimately and Instantaneously install a new altered state of being. The emotion of oneself can deviate a conversation from it’s own seems and original position, while hyperbolically turning towards a unforseen happening! I have witnessed associates who moved from the qualia of pleasantries to the destruction in ferocity. This occured via words stated and to what the words meant to the separate parties… 

(An offence was felt by one party, by the use of a derogatory term by the other commitments to dialogue, which appeared not to be stated with insalubriosness and intolerance! Yet the air for a stage show had now been set by the sanctimonious salutiferous protagonists understanding of order and respect!

Both neither agreed, yet all was indeed compromised… simply because of emotions, which led to a more physical form of alterations of their immediate appearances!

Policies are usually defined by individual understandings of words and emotions! The average person can not perceive past their own shrouded understanding of things/events etc… so people will not find anything other than their personal relativity. Nonetheless, will register almost impossible to an honest open minded comprehension and demonstratingly towards deciphering! This you will notice is extremely common when you invade someone’s self consciousness with totally abstract views of life! The mind almost explodes, from the eclectic array of information which would not have been -heard/explained/realised/tutored to the committee/person of interest/cooperates dialogue and attention before! Perhaps registering/imprisoning one ‘mind-blown’

Such as the story is shared above, which is a theory of the white or perhaps a skewed version of a black ancient astro-archaeological homogeneous evolution and their occurrence in thus world/domain…

I along with many do believe that the white homosapient is not a true descendents of this world… My reasoning is based upon much study and analysis… for these are not religious based, neither are they racist or ignorant of such antiquity to understanding based knowledge! I truly believe it is only a further matter of time before all is pronounced understood by open and actual future standards of science!

It is true that the human genome is quite capable of adjustment to natures and climate. In this we understand the full address of metamorphosis! Yet we also acknowledge a very particular socio heterogeneity. It is true that the black genome is adhesive to all that exist in the stratosphere, hemisphere, troposphere of organic life… In fact all life are very responsive to negotiations with other inhabitants upon our dear planet.. Yet as I mentioned prior, it appears and has been displayed that the white homogenous status is not cooperating with the earth’s natural law… it should but does not plan to in any cooperative manner or moral code, very well, nor has it done so in the antiquity of it’s existences. It appears a decree of universal fate, the very manifesto of the earth’s order!

For this we are fortunate to notice, the rearranging of the mighty earth! The ingredients of the earth’s contents being distorted, dislocated, dismayed… disformed and disappeared! All this has occured from the natural order of things! Unfortunately The white homosapients have become obtrusive upon the earth to a point that geographical engineering has insalubriously shredded the natural defences that protect that planet from galactic bombardment  (free meteorites/debris) The upper realm of the stratosphere miraculously lyrically defends the climate and inhabitants from oncoming shells….

The debris of these Shells the petroleum of broken planets and galactic ruptures! Invading lights and extreme phonic explosions are burnt up by the heat and pressurised dispensations which essentially encloses the earth’s sphere, akin to a force field! (Once only dreamt of in imagination) which has been observed to be a phenomenon of the ozone layers protecting our planet earth! lithosphere.

We believe that the western ideology is solely organised for the benefices of Geoengineering the planet to suit their Geology, as you will recognise that the regressive genome of the white homosapient is not supportive to the entire climate. White homosapient can neither go to any part of this world.  This supports the reasoning that white homosapient is not really of/from this world we call earth! Many plagues have infested thus world and viability of disruptions to the earth… Nature has told us this story time and time and time again… yet we all refuse to listen to the cries of the mighty earth…

The earth shouts… “They are not from me… hear me my children… here laid out on the floor are my cries… which fill the pools of ancient oceans. Here the voice cracks from your mother, all around… these organisms (white homosapients) are not one of my children… see what they do to my womb… see my bleeding and pain… my arms and lungs are violated they Rape me so… and pull out all my hair, from the roots… they spray toxic fumes in my eyes and now I am blind!… they are not one of you… see how they treat me… only a stranger would treat someone so… they are not one of you… understand my pleasure. .. pain and sacrifice… and please pray they leave! Or I will be destroyed like sister mars”

Sister earth!

Examination of this phenomenon has been sanctioned by scholars and Physicians who share such an insight and fully exciting theory! Please understand if this information is unfamiliar to you, that knowledge sharing is not… I relate is not about finding fault or demonstrating harm to others well being! This truth we are Sharring here, is regarding the facts that, if a species that has long since existed in a planet, and has all the general characteristics of survival to similar species of it’s so called order, Question binding: Then why has it no defense against the most fundamental structure of the planet? Most bacteria does not negotiate with strangers… and will invade… it that which is identified as its structure (Alien organism). The thing which can survive the bacteria in decreed laws of scientific analysis is; “Time!”

Just time it’s self can find away to coexist with bacteria! Any element in time with such bacteria will become friendly upon one another (Black homosapients and earth’s bacteria) melanin is the stabiliser serum… the bacteria bequeathed black people with… it shall not survive in white homosapients supremacist state of neurogenics and deoxyribonucleic  acid!


The issue rises here, that the white homogenous traits are often debilitated and destroyed via this education of the virus in this earth! The virus recognises an invades when it sees an intuder. This occurs as do all inhabitants in their natural habitat…. If we examine Tigers. .. Lions…. Marine life… insect species… we can observe that they are aware of friend from foe or inductee from imposter! The white homosapients are the imposter to this planet…

[ Remember:   I did state earlier that emotions can break a state of being… this said and done and communicated demonstratingly, it must be reiterated that many will not be please to acquaint with such information in the instance! ]

And further still…

[You will notice in modern times of communication, that upon reading responses on various social networks, tempers and emotions are regularly on display akin to a Illuminated diverse peacock in fancy dress sense, boot and tie! Most people I have notice often blow off at the nostrils this appears, via the threads of Internet communications. Again emotions. Often stating the most ridiculous responses to endeavour for purpose of insult towards cooperative dialogues. Often to no avail… From this i have come to notice a sense of false thought… (false confidence) You may notice examples of individuals stating information that they believe will get a reaction out of the poster of main subject…) Such things are done when the truth is acquired to the senses for the first time. Hence; “The Truth Personified Hurts”.




The actuation is many white citizens do not understand knowledge which arrives with out their own image imprinted upon it! Imprinting as we have already discussed at the beggining chapters of these pages is the motherhood of all information!

(Hence white biblical historic figures; Jesus – Yeshua – Yashu – Isa “PBU” … Moses – Musa “PBU”… Jacob – JACOB – Yacub -Yahuti PBU…) Plus many many more… All!

See… [Imprinting ] in category; Psychology!

As in my studies I quite comfortaby recognise professional applications of tutoring and paramount plans of affirmation and truism! I have enjoyed my studies and still do, unfortunately I have recognised this Cri De Cour is not the norm in the western world.. though the technology is incredibly sophisticated, it is not understood by most, not even a fraction of the populous in the western world. This I have come to understand arises via poverty, poverty of the mind further than the pocket… Most adults work only for the purpose of the contract and meeting basic human needs! The synopses of knowledgement often does not get passed down to the child. Reasons range from over exhaustion from extended working hours (supporting families/luxuries), to family visits negotiations/poor communication. As a consequence the child grows up without that sense of general knowledge (Common sense). Often this leads children into adults who do not know anything outside the professional trade (If they have a trade). Also unfortunately many individuals have been raised from households who have never worked. This crises gives them no input to knowledge. Such people who have been established from these unprofitable and problematic lares… tend to not be able to offer anything to society or anyone else! Most will indeed argue akin to a trooper, but can not produce anything more than gesters of insults after insults after insults… Everyone would have engaged in this type of unprincipled plight of communication. Yet it has to be realised who is the intellectual ones and who are just fakers wasting everyone’s time… In the end we avoid such characteristics of time wasting individuals who aim to register their profit of emptiness upon yourself or educated minds!


The empty mind wishes to exploit your time, as family may not have subscribed the organism with something valuable inside! This is why you may find thousand of uncoordinated and provoked diatribe splurge by the dilettante of such domains! It benefits the one who ignores the onslaught in such unwarranted interactions!]

I have observed that the white homogenous organism spends a great deal of time in observation of other cultures…. namely the black homosapients! As a young spirit in this life experience, I was not fully aware of this practice… but have come to acquaint with it as not just a mere fascination (which is what is thought is being upheld by less educated black homosapients, namely blacks in the criminal acquisition of merchandise) Often the black homosapient believe that the white homosapient supremacist view is to observe them to copy them… Well yes but not in the fashion that the black homosapient denigrates/perceive… (Street culture fashion)

It is neither the black homosapients look or dress sense that is scrutinised by the white homosapient… No not at all, but rather the cells, deoxyribonucleic acid, melanin, idiochromosomes, neurogenics and genetic membranes of the phylogenetic organism.. It is this very “WHY?” “HOW?” and every thought in between that galvanises the induction of extremity in inquisitions to the genome of the black homosapients!

The success of the black homosapient lay within the secrets of the planet which nobody has fully explained… Yet it is quite basic…: Understand, Only that… which was originally made from… that which is endorsed,  can naturally survive an existence with in that…; which harbours dangerous viruses to the taxonomy of the geographical state! If you are not from that, well how will you truly survive? Truly you will not, and by trying too… you will only destroy the whole planet as you did before and probably everywhere you arose from before that one and thereon before!

It is true that natures often do not change, and we can see that the nature of the power seeking, authoritive mining, Ill fanaticism and vampirial-Lucifarianisms… probably will never change from that which it has only existed as in long ago light year dwellings amongst the cosmos!

The faithful fatalities in existence of antiquity… indeginous civilisations often fatally destroyed what was known of in that civilisation… often by war and sacrilegious attempts of obliterating the overturned defeated cultures! Unfortunately we are now next to having our own provisions destroyed by such a harvesting appetite; This intrusive insect-natured feasting of the distinctive organism… hailed as the westerner! (WHITE HOMOSAPIENT)

Will they destroy us as they did their very own planet in the distant galaxy all those millenniums past in distant chronostrataghraphical epochs?! Or will they visit another galaxy and find another civilisation similar to this one to leach upon. In the antithesis of antiquity the we..? suggest the white homosapient visited planet earth… (on voyage in searching for a new planet to inhabit) and educated the earliest Egyptians (Khemetian civilisation with tools of survival!)

Maybe the white homosapient are not the actual Anunarkies! But we also know they are not from around here!

Ancient tribes have passed down knowledge to decree that white people are neither the Anunarky, they are not from around this neighbourhood! (PLANET/SOLAR SYSTEM)

The white homosapient may have leap-frog or piggybacked educated the/their way to earth via multiple planets until they found one worth harbouring and propagating their own genome onto/upon. They may have lassoed around mars to piggyback earth… for a later transition of yet another planet to stalk…? Or perhaps they sent the their DNA interference onto a giant meteorite which exploded when a giant meteorite destructively crashed into the earth with the force of a thousands tons approximately sixty five million years ago…? (APPARENTLY) that occasion wiped out almost all life, which had existed to Pre that date?!

So the question arises still: Will we ever know to whom or where they have come from, or will they destroy us and this planet with their lust for craving resources merely for luxuries?

I believe any good organism is indeed dearly welcome to stay in our planet earth… and to join us make our home… (keep it organic) But if we go to war for our earth… (Our dearly beloved) we will have to send these imposters back to another dimention where they came from?

I am fighting on my mother’s and fathers side (Mother earth and the mighty cosmos)








Thank you for reading thus chapter so far…🌠🌠🌠

Be well if you equired spirits of a good nature…💚✨

Regards Khalil…..


“Do not be evenly yoked with thy who seek the demise of favours” “Do not!!!!”

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