The “Mental Block”

I find the importance of knowing, incredible and the most important element of personal evolution one can ever acquire to represent and completely compliment the self!

I decide to mention this in my recent post, as I have found this to be a rarity, an obscure attribute of humankind! Unfortunately I must declare that people adhere to acquire so very little in the conundrum of vast anything and everything, one could easily suggest the height of human intelligence may have already arrived and long since past with the antithesis of antiquity in renaissance!

The chronostratigraphical unit we abide by governs a world of confusion and mysticism, as well as the factions of facilitating factuality, aswell as the faculties of falsification and proclivities of propagation!

The world we have made for ourselfs in modern times and antiguity, truly double binds, as a order of extreme confusion and strange mysticism for many and much who only seek a simple road to appease the mind & hearts!
The truth is such, that we as members of the human race are more than likely to be misguided by chronic falsification, than honest benevolence of elemental knowledge.
This anochronism, the chronological errors in the un-earthing of factuality has displaced much of humankind true identity and direction!
Only enabling the modern participants to adapt guesswork to who we are and what our purposes are for?

“To only live to feed and propagate”

Some may say, while others proclaim a free will of wine and debauchery against the thesis of theology and doctrinaire!

Whatever path one travels, one can only be further lost as the truth was never clearly directed to the children of the earth! For once power and rule poked out truth, the anaesthetized populous fell akin to a lamb to the slaughter, one by one!

“One Ring to call, One Ring to Gather, One Ring to bind, One Ring to Enslave and One Ring to Slay them all”

Governed by one order!

History now formulating as a mysterious “anagnonsis” and ruminating in many who wish to find meaning, are left shy of the bowls of antiquity and precursory by true “anamorphosis!”


To hopefully find direction and support is probably the greatest aspect towards alignment with real manifestations of antiquarians!

“A true guide are those who shine a light when the path is deep and dark”

“Khalil Aliy”

A book, A prose, A metaphor! Are all symbols of direction setting and guidance, by those who shun a shinning light for your troubled journey and tortured brow!

“So go in search of the books, proses and metaphors, for thus, in the search one may find true meaning and importance”

“Khalil Aliy”

Words are displayed a bountiful, in stories of antiquity and precursory administrations! Yet the realisation of thought has not penetrated the cerebral cortex of many a lackadaisical subjects!
Many of the old and new have acquired such actuality of realisation and performed for the maderate folk and delivered passages of reason and guidance, yet it is often neglected for the rise of such as the “Instant Gratification” acquired by substitute of the Narcotics, delirium of faux-pas via the kaleidoscope of misdiretions!

I often wonder why do people choose these foolish moronic juxtaposition, But I am always met with the realisation of “Instant Gratification”. A simple pleasing to themselves with full relegation and relinquish of actuality and facts!
You may have remembered several of my blogs explaining the paraphrase of “Instant Gratification”.
This adheres to as the primary and 1st level form of self delusion which encompasses the ultimate state of ignorance to be bequeathed by any member of humankind!

● The next level of self delusion into the ultimate form of ignorance, adheres to as “Imprint” or “Imprinting” plural!
Which ones again I disclosed to meaning of in a blog titled imprint, latin “imprimitur”.

“Mental Block” is that which I am disclosing with the readers as this moment, is dubjected to withstand embracing knowledge, Factuality, Actuality or realisation!
A mental block is by far the worse out of the three stages of self imposed imprisonment via self delusion, the measure of a species ignorance!

A “Mental Block” prevents one from learning at all, in the instance, and is difficult to reverse such a dettrimental state! A state which will cripple the cerebral from all notions of actuality and prevent one from evolutional benevolence.
Unfortunately not being taught or relegated from education differs from a mental block!
You will come across members in such communities that have encompassed a self imposed mental block, which prevents one from full growth!

The exact opposite to becoming brain washed! A state of being where no information derives and is allowed to enter the Cerebral Cortex!
A state of the mind becoming severely closed by elusiveness of acquisitions of knowledge and study and excellence!

Many have adorned such a passage and are without awareness of their state!
Thus causing severely hazardous misdirections to many and a young in such communities and their homes!
Advice oftenly betrays the mind, for the affliction wills the determination to refute wisdom!
Such is the inclination most are unawares of the acquired behaviour, which often preventions growth of a organ or element into fruition!

“How can one be an angel, when all around him behave as devils towards one”

“Tupac Shakur” 1971-1997

“As I lived amongst the people, There hearts where turning one way, while my heart was turning in the opposing direction, There souls where grinding against the wheels of my soul, which was turning in the opposite direction”

“KAHLIL GIBRAN” 1883-1931
From Treasures of Kahlil Gibran
mandarin philosophy

I trust you will educate yourselfs, for there is no greater crime in this world, than an empty mind refuting knowledge.

I trust you are well and have indeed enjoyed the blog

farewell but not yet good bye



IMG_9064402862331IMMANUEL KANT


“Act in such a way that the maxim of your will could always hold out the same time as a principle of a universal legislation”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The University of Konigsberg (German: Albertus-Universitat Konigsberg ) was the university of Konisberg in East Prussia, Germany from 1544-1945ad. The University was founded in 1544ad as second Protestant academy ( after the University of Marberg ) by Duke Albert of prussia, and was commonly known as the Albertina.

Following World War 2, the city of Konigsberg was transferred to the soviet Union according to the 1945 potsdam Agreement, and renamed Kaliningrad. The Albertina was closed and the remaining German population expelled, Today, the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad , Established in Russia, claims to maintain the traditions of the antiquities on the magnitude re-establishing the Albertina. The history professed to a one Albert, the former diligent Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights and first Duke of Prussia since 1525ad, had purchased a piece of the land behind Konigsberg Cathedral on the Kneiphof Island of the Pregel River from the Samland Chapter, Where he had an academic gymnasium (schoolerected in 1542 anno domini. He issued the deed establishing the foundation of the Collegium Albertinum on 20 July 1544ad, after which the university established the inaugeration on August 17 of the same year.

The university juxtaposed as a faction of the Halded Cracow Academy in Poland, In which the heralded juxtaposition of the newly established Profess duchy was a Fiefdom to the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland. The first rector was the poet Georg Sabinas 1544-1547ad, ( son-in-law to Philipp Melanchthon. Lithuanian scholars Stanislovas Rapalionis and Abraomas Kulvietis where amongst the initial professors to the university. Every professor obligatory to a sworn oath which legitimised the AUGSBURGH Confession. As the association surmounted in the confines out of the jurisdiction regarding the grandiosity of the Holy Roman Empire, Imperious statues of their hierarchies Charles V and Pope paul lll dissertated spasmodicalness spartanism and dimidiated to bowdlerizations in personal favour and monotheistic monolithic’s.

Nevertheless the Konigsberg Academy enfranchised to the royal extramundane by King Sigismund ll of poland in 1560ad Mach 28.

Immanuel Kant born in Germany 22 April 1724 and died 12 April 1804.

Mr Kant who facilitated modern philosophy of the epoch, was a bright student of the magnetohydrodynamics nonclassicals. A most formidable energetic enthusiast, the young “Kant” displayed little measure for play. Such as the young “Kants” measure for endowed philosophical benevolence, Kant was enrolled onto the magnanimous illustration of prominences by his induction onto the Konigsberg University, at the tender age of just 16 years of age, in which the young Kant studied theology, philosophy, ethics, epistemology and sciences in social and economics and physics.

IMMANUEL KANT, At the age of 8 years old , entered the Pietest school, to there  young Kant was taught Latin for a further 8 years, by his pastor in which Kant became spell bound by the delicatessen of Latin poetry! Such was his adornment from his application. Dominant material juxtaposed by the ambitious young Kant, that he was acclaimed by his heralded teacher Martin Knutzen, in which the philosophy of Christian Wolff and Newtonian physics was bequeathed upon Kant. When in 1746 Kants father died, he spent 9 years as a tutor in various families, In 1756 KANT returned to konigsburg as a unpaid mentor tutor.

Later he was illuminated as paid assembly, in which the coming years heralded the administrations of his philosophy on a plethora of subjects from astrophysics to matter condenseness.

Kant evolutionary thesis “Allgemeine NATURGESCHICHTE und Theorie des Himmels” (1775 universal Natural History of the Heavens) In which he proposed a nebular system which the Sun and PLANETS condensed from a single gaseous cloud, Independently advanced by Laplace in 1796ad, subsequently was illustrated the kant-laplace Hypothesis.


I myself, subsequently and further more… than a multitude of years ruminated on the earth rotational spin and have a hypothesis of my own.

In the centre of the earth lays its core value, which I fathom will represent an equation totalling 1% ratio of condensed core matter to 99% ratio of earth matter.

The 1% ratio core condensed matter in metrical appearance would equal the whole metro-logical circumference of the United States of America. As we already know in quantum physics is that the further compressed the contentment becomes, the heavier the object will be! This 1% is so tightly condensed that it actually out-weighs the remainder of the planet! The condensed core matter is a spinning ball of metallic matter compressed of Irons, MagnesiumsSodiums, Crystals, Plutoniums, Carbons, Gold, and all pressure minerals. The matter (Dark Matter, Space-time & Ether) in the cosmos keeps the planet afloat (to fully explain this phenomena, we will have to surrender a few moments to field of Quantum Mechanics…) To understand the behaviour…. we will attempt to explain below.

 (The behaviour of ATOMS ).

In more than just superfluous speculative gesture, we can attain to the fact that there existing is a multitude formation of atoms, one inside the other commencing in a reduction in size. The atom travels at such velocities they appear as a solid object or force field barrier, appearing larger than each atoms actual property.

EXP;- I F YOU COULD IMAGINE A TENNIS BALL MOVING IN A CONSTANT DIAMETER, BUT NEVER ORBITING THE PERSONAL DIAMETER, THE SIZE OF THE DIAMETER WOULD EQUAL THE TENNIS COURT IN RATIO TO THE TENNIS BALL!                                                        So any object approaching the field radius which the diameter has set would be blocked by a field G-force to prevent any object entering the diameter, the approaching element would be rejected and rebound of the radius like a ball bouncing of a solid wall. This is akin to a force field the tennis ball has set by its juxtapositions to form this diameter.                                                                                     The diameter the tennis ball has created would be given a name?…..                                                LETS CALL IT Tennis-ball Diameter 1 (TBD1)

In actual fact it already has a name? it is generally assumed as ATOM” (To which specific identities are labelled for different functions, due to size)                                          The tennis ball would be assumed as the “Small ATOM”

Nevertheless that has a name also, and admirably each one inside the next mimicking a trick surprise parcel wrapped around each other with “30” or so assorted variations of wrapping paper represents each atom particle inside the next, with the same properties of radius as the tennis court ratio and tennis ball ratio, (Atom & small Atom). But instead of just one atom inside only one atom, further atoms may consist of higher numbers as they propose separate formalities, realising a bountiful of atom life apparent to a shopping mall of people, a congestion of bodies in one environment moving phenomenally at high velocity to create compact structures and forms that foreign particles or bodies or elements can not emerge or submerge into each particilar vortex, as if invitation had reached capacity from the beggining!

These atoms feed from carbohydrates left over from carbon dioxide and oxygen combination CO2, while the Hydrogen & oxygen attributes to sustenance (H2O which gives them an increased energy supply (E) For speed of travels proposed by Noble Prize Laureate 

Dr Albert Einsteina-roundgif (1)

In a famous formula of Energy Mass Speed (E=MC2

ATOM life span is only 1.7 seconds per average ATOM existence, However if ATOM was the size of a human adult Atom would live for 1,000000 years (1 million years)

Multiple atoms exist inside one another to great G-FORCES of balance and counter balances.

These balances and counter balances are named as Particles & Anti-Particles, Every Atom MOLECULE concists of such structures.

The luminous particle under photosynthetic photophosphorylation proportions a radius of 1.33 of the validated radius,  the exact correlation of Entanglement radius to centre sphere.

When ATOMS are tightly bound and compressed together they greater matter, in which the weight is phenomenally heavy for its proportion.

Every planet and star has a ANTI-GRAVITY POOL (This is the compressed matter inside the planet and star….

This anti-Gravity pool is a Phenomenally superhetorodyne frequency



As in all things in life are found with pairings of opposite and negatives so do the fields of science which indeed more often than can imaginably believe to compliment one another. Comparisons between structures are often a vehement resemblance, that it is more than strikingly shocking! One only has to look in a NASA telescope to realise the twin CYTOTAXONOMY between the “COSMIC NEBULA”  and the “HUMAN IRIS”


How strangely extravagant for life to care so much to perfect these precisions of duplications, in organisms and organs with a full communication between the separate agencies!

animation; thunder lightning

Something, Some Agent, Rule, Thing, Element, Order of purposeful sentiment or idea, Law, Universal Legislation or be it superior influence…? Appears to be Mimicking itself upon all the creations… throughout time and space known to exist!

Some communication, or intelligent device must be self aware in the cosmos!

This Isolation, this Instrumentation of its own management synchronises unparalleled, to anything isometricated by intelligent life in the antiquity of existence known!

Chronicling the “OCTET” which mediate as an artificial sub-particle binding matter together to replicate a design of the astounding “Honeycomb” formation.

The magnetism which binds these particles in effect is a superheterodyned frequency, Isochronously magnified for maximum nuclear & subatomic energy.

Baryon is identified by the way the particle isospins in formations 1/2, 3/2, 5/2, 7/2, 9/2, 11/2 etc.

“Meson octet” isospins complete isospins, like a spinning top on a table, by isospins of complete rotations of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. This Octet resembles an “SIX Sided Pyramid” from a plan view “looking down on the octet”

” The BARYON DUCUPLET ” resembles a triangle with 9 even sections, basically by adding “3 more triangles to the octet you have a decuplet!

The “core” in the centre of the earth and all other super-compressed solid condensed matter based  planetariums, isomorphically complete “Meson octet” isospin formation.

By this juxtaposition the planerariums deep core suit “The Baryon Octet” transfers the quantum “Chromodynamic” magnet “Gamarays” (PULSES)   To The Adjacent conducting field and Attraction, The Opposite and Negative Polarities course mutual attraction but not to pull in to the extent of collision as a separate force keeps the planets from crashing into the sun star!

animation; thunder lightning

“QED-M” proportions from the “Star-sun”

EXAMPLE;- Would suggest attachments of a rope around a vertical pole, and attaching a ball to the opposing end, and swinging the ball around the tree!

The G-FORCE expectation from the gravity of the subatomic particles would balance the planetarium in circular formation as the “SUN – STAR” pulls the earth planetarium AND ALL PLANETARIUMS closer, the subatomic particles ” STANDARD QED) prevent the planetariums from crashing into the sun!

This demonstrates how all life produces the positive and negative pulses existing here on earth, entwined throughout all mass and relations! The most critical cohesive conundrum iodous, is to locate the parody in human nature before you are torn apart similar to matter floating towards the sun. I have been Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Financially unfortunately to ionospheric reflection.


“What is good for others may not be good for you, As what is good for you may also not be good for others”

2013 ⓒ


This statement being disclosed to you, i merely hope you can or have already worked this simple format out?

If you can not understand this statement, before the action of your very own demise..? The truth is you will never really understand crucial moments that can alter the prospectus of your life. For the reason why i openly display such sentiments, is my bias towards allowing those to be bigilant of biligerent traps often unforseen in life, hence… because many a human beings continues to make the same mistake over & over & over again, the worse are those who spend pepetuality in and out of prison, rehab, hospital for their simple failings… of repeating their trauma over again.

Our lives duplicate the “baryon octet” do you remember how it spins in 2 thirds of each section going over formality but without full choice, suggesting gross perplexity, and also the “MESON OCTET” going around and around, contentiously in complete circles like a frantic perpetual schizophrenic.

The most detrimental device that will effervescently derail your life, path, choices, love, dreams, desire, career, family, friends, happiness is that of poor advice! This is very crucial to understand!

This can unexpectedly kill your life, “The road less travelled”.

Listen to nobody but your heart, it is there for a reason, please use it, You understand!

I can rember my big sister use to tell me “THERE ARE MANY WAYS THE DEVIL KNOWS HOW TO KILL YOU!”

This is a metaphor, against the most cunning people you will not even perceive such a determinative transgression approaching, consequently from your philanthropy you commence sending money to the perpetrators for something, only out of kindness, maybe perpetrators want you to believe them for something, “they want you to endorse something from them” “most desire that which they can deceive you for” often after aid one may feel victimised and insulted. Incidents can skewed to benefit the perpetrator over the victim. While few may believe your version of events.

A distant relative, named Andrew, once told me as a teenager, not to trust anyone and reiterated with vehement affirmations “are you listening, i mean this for life!”

I can swear to you now those words are true!

I have seen that movie too many times, and i am tired! Save your energy, as you will need it for much more trying times ahead of you my friend, you may unfortunately realise life is not so fun.

The world is nothing but full of odd ball characters, who would do society a favour if they was never born, these are definitely men and women to the equal amount unfortunately! Many people, fortunate have not experience these particular pitfalls of life. The spot light that endorses life, is not all that it seems, when i was a boxer i use to retrieve an unequal amount of hate, this does you no such favours in life when one arrived from an irregular up bringing, with personal problems in the backgroun!

Andrew was right! there is much more evil in the world than philanthropy, i come to realise as the gospel truth! Just be-careful who you make friends with, Life only gives you one chance, and that is often a fate of no mercy… especially for those who are nurtured from a skewed parenting. Most fathers are fine, but women will destroy a father to child relationship for jealousy, unfortunately is a female trait, and the most powerful emotion in the world reiterated from a profession solicitor, unfortunately my close pals are dead or lost in this version of evil.

It is a strange world we live in, to the tune that even a brain dead participant of ignorance can addressed an educated person as an  ignorant person! very very strange world indeed.

Good luck but not good bye

thank you for reading my chapter , i trust you are well in continuation.



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KHALIL ALIY 22nd january 2014



Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

A profound philosopher Born on the 27th August 1770 and lived to 14th November 1831, died at the age of 61.

Mr Hegel a German national by birth endeavoured to instruct a comprehensive,  frame-work of philosophy and what is illustrated a system of  “Absolute Idealism”, to account  for an integrated and developed structure for the relation of mind and nature, the absolute taxonomist juxtaposing variations of realisation, essentially  galvanizing a  substantiated nomothetic of ethics. Hegel’s consistency to engineering dicotyledons of philosophy for anthropological astute’s. Hegels authority of narratives to bring great realisation of all parallels and existing populous to an agent or polar, to the dilettantism and diligence with the “absolute idealism”. “Hegel” a man of a superior understanding and measure, sought to bring sophistication and vision, introducing  dilatometrics of the “Absolute Idealism ” to the unresolved of esoteric factions! The antiquities of the past entwined with present day was an immaterial substances imprinting the minds of the greatest linguists and illustrated idiomatic theoretic’s. “Hegel” amongst a golden few of a noble generation of the spoken arts of subliminal understanding, reasoned thus of elemental entry to realisation… integrated compositions of contradictions also, for freedom and nature as transcendence and immanence, science and nature, philosophy and doctrinaire, earth and space, water elements and fire proportions, believers of faiths and non-believers where united in un-equal fragments of the same proposition in the totalitarian of the “Absolute realism”.


Thus suggesting that a possible crippling of measurements slightly dilated their personal reasoning, but that may be the only separation in personal growth between the elements of humankind’s personally education.

“Ilushin” pronounced “illusion” meaning scientists and “Geist” pronounced “Gist” meaning spiritualist are examples of separative concepts of “Hegel’s” forecast for “the absolute realism”.

Understanding the “Absolute Idealism” requires one to make an abstract de-cloaking of the mind, to formally refute that which was taught for a complete life time and be prepared to enlist fresh all-encompassing non-partial or limited data to the confines of the cerebral hemispheres of personal know! Quarantined by the feverish of fresh data. To combine all elements as one, to submerge all factions, ideologies and heretics from each -Ism to -Ology to -Gical to -Ally to -Istic to -Tions and Sions, to -Ise to – to all-encompassing nouns and distinguished meanings of linguistics and phonetics incorporated indeed in the fraction of all-encompassing data towards the “Absolute Realisation” of elementary existence!


Such ideologies are to big for mere mortals to comprehend, as we understand the average anthropogenic being only utilises on average 3% of their totally cerebral capacity per life time. While the greats of humankind utilised approximately 15% of their brain capacity, Existing mostly in an auto mode which derives from release of self-governed negotiations.. I.e…. relinquishing power to another mechanism or agent to negotiate all menial tasks and objects for your self perusal, your entire existence! Even the subconscious actions of driving while resisting the awareness of other dangers to non-concentration per tasks and conversations, but the mere inclusion of blind support to unregulated repartition juxtaposes a total exclusion from repetitions of actions all manifests a strong projection of 100% subordination illuminating further un-awareness and self UN-governance.


The automatists… of secularity who would oppose notions of what may have been deemed “FLIGHTS OF FANCY” or “Notions of grandeur” by the “PHILOSOPHER”  such as “Mr Hegel” by his seasoned speculative “logic of reason”, for such as the dominance of ” G. W. F Hegel” juxtaposing such a remedy as the “Absolute Idealism” which illustrated the path for all eclipsing automatisms who broke of branches from while furthering such personifications as Phenomology.. Germenology Existantialism.. Psychosis.. Marx-isms.. While even the pontification atonement of such a polyphemus status of “Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche” ( October 15, 1844 Rocken Germany – August 25th, 1900, Weimar Germany ) who fashioned much by endeavouring… illustrationing,  physicotheological suffragettism.. polysyllabically!

“Hegel” , His Idealization, fluctiferously contorts the “Absolute Idealisations” should also distinguish from the subject..  formalism, conformism, reformism, franchist-ism.. suggestive… compounding.. refluxing, refractive, regardant, re-actioning and simply opposing each linear object and sanction. A true metamorphose of existentialism!

Thus you can appreciate life is not a reboot of a robotic programme though highly alluring sensitivity… profess such a profound suggestion that, the magnanimous magnitude of intriguing intricate precision and components existing of a distinguished mimicking assembly.



Acknowledged in the field of physics the nuclear power of “Atoms”, that a recorded ratio to size to speed implements, If atom was the size of the average human being, “Atom” could travel from here on earth by setting off to a destination of planet Mars and return back to Earth and then set of back to Mars and reach it in a record time of “1 Second flat!!” This illustrates profoundly the exact true nature of the hyperactive Nucleur reactive power of the atom found in all chemical compounds.

A the most powerful single element of existence identified in the fields of physics by all scientists. The “ATOM” so unfortunately useless by itself as a singular agent, metamorphosis spectacularly into a living “GOD” when accumulated with the infinite quantifications of multiples of likely agents.

The formality of an “ATOM” behaviour, rendezvous very similar and influentially to the illustrious metamorphosing of a aquatic swarms, should you wish to engage in observation to gather “Realisation” of “ATOM” property and behaviour TO OTHER AGENTS OF EXISTENCE! I would most certainly endeavour to suggest all below links, are formatively very intriguing in their personifications, of affirmations which shockingly are indeed mimicking patterns from luminosity to enchantment, communication, fragmentation and formation!


We as intellectual inhabitants together produce a cogent conclave, and can substantiate reasonably with the ratificatory of pacification, towards any previous heralded concatenated automatism, but to digest and include reason with, rather than against for auxiliary know! And to assemble all intransigence variables to herald a concave of perceptual variability in the botanic arcades of magnanimous realisations… As all life is meaningful, regardless of whether the agents inquisitory factions realises or not! It shall remain as no difference to both entities agent and element., simply undressing the fact, the fact that all botanical life force entwined with all natures life cycles from the Co2 to the H20 to the Co2+HO3 to E=mc2, and this relays only as the juxtaposition of the scratch surface alpha! I.E “nothing” in the all-encompassing gravity and relativity’s entirety of existence is ever wasted, ever, at all!

I.E “nothing” substitutes for something, and something is always relative in “HEGEL’s” “Absolute Realisation”.

An element may appear useless, but for the agent it would appear the quintessential contrary. Agents may produce elements for use like a flower excreting pollen from its buds. The pollen playing the role as the element needs to find its use, and needless to say it has many uses whether it is aware of its waves or not, just simply makes no exquisite difference at the least whether it is self-aware or not, because it omits such desirability for an abundance of host in separate organisms and organs.

“Therefore , if what is meaningful may be useless due to our ignorance of it, indeed our very own ignorance may serve us purpose if we retune it, before others “IMPRINT” ON IT!

The meaning of “USEFULNESS” is not general, but subjected to the element and agent and environment, not subjected to expiratory only ignorance and circumstance.


All transferability via existentialism evokes nurture and nature for usefulness. volcanoes, dust, matter, boredom, life, compromising attributes all contain a use somewhere, somehow, some-place, with something, a lock and a key, all mannerisms of insect life serve as food to something or someone else’s selfish purpose! Alas!… It is in the “hour” such elements forsake to find its use, before something or someone else, collaborates finds a use for it! Which may demise structure and property of the agent or element and its true value?


We all are it appears, though we never knew our worth!


“To study the encryption properties of matter, I became totally self-aware and realise myself everything has use, and that it is absolutely impossible for anything in existence to become “”useless””  KHALIL ALIY*


In “CHAOS THEORY” which was founded by Dr Albert Einstein at the turn of the 20 Century, but named as relativity. Relativity is solely the interaction and observation between forces of singularity, to and against identities. The curvature area around an object reflects as relativity, the mutual attractions and intercessions of bodies and mass, particles and anti-particles, frequencies and subatomic oscillations in and out of super-thermodynamics and thermoluminescence. Example would be the linear radius frequency beside the moon or planets, the fluctifer-ification/unification orbiting the focalisation/localisation of an all-encompassing fluvioterrestrial  hydrological force/equinox!

* Here the Chaos theory actually takes a step further, which was juxtaposed into fashion around the turn of 1953, reflects the highly important substitute that regardless of priority every entity is important regardless of size, weight, compound composition or measure. From tachyon molecules to the biggest giant Quasar Clusters ( which some stretch 4 billion light years across in diameter! ). Every tiny insertion and particle has a relation or rule and property and insertion into another porthole or programme of existence, declaring its meaningfulness and importance and relativity.

“what is mimicking itself?”





Thank you for following my blog, with sincere courtesy i hope you have indeed enjoyed this rather revealing and thought-provoking assessment to assistance in such  “Realms of Realisations”..

KHALIL ALIY* Monday 20th January 2014*

Dr A. Einstein, Essays in science, philosophical library, New York 1934

Dr W. Heisenberg, physics and philosophy (Allen & Unwin, London, 1963

Bloomsbury Theasaurus; Betty Kirkpatrick 2 soho square W1V 5DE

” IMPRINTERS….. IMPRIMATUR! ” The grave pillars of Deviation!


Imprinting onto elements is a most common practice by all intelligent life force. Humankind has attributed the entire hemisphere, history and that which we do not see onto a perception of convenience for that which will become common  comprehension for an identifier to realise. Without such importance of cognisance, we develop extreme views, objections and understanding of elements which may provoke further extremes in actions, behaviours.

Before the imprinting arrives, a scientific approach would have manifested even in the most indigenous of populations.

An identifier may have witnessed the element on several occasions, while continuing to study all properties of mannerism to create a field view of realisation between that which was identified and that which is identifying.

First realisation commences when an organ, utilises infrastructure of itself in correlation to its environments… other habitats and elements by first identifying itself separately in the formal description as a solo entity.

This proses needs no language but just for a period to pass of enlightened realisation. Any living organ will undoubtedly have realisation at some stage  before the paramount of fundamental cognisance of the organ identity.Once this fundamental phylogenetic has identified outside its personal boundaries and illustrated to the  idiosyncrasy of the idioplasm, such such science of singularity and biology, a acute pertinence of the organ identifies relationships.The depth of such a realisation is paralleled to the capacity of illumination per idioplasm per mertricity per entity.

Throughout research has endowed archaeologist with a kaleidoscope of factual information consenting our phylogenetic along with the phenomena of relationship of environments, from the alpha of where, when, what, who, why, with and how…?

We as a human species have acquainted much, as the biggest and greatest of all human accomplishments solely takes pride as language.

Language identifying as the agent for communication  with other highly intelligent elements of nature.

The very language which has endowed humankind with the utilities of education, survival skills, ambition, care, fairness, coexistence, medicine, politics, trade, capital, equality amongst a plethora of resources which has stemmed from the acquisitions of communication. This communal has seen the most violent of epochs juxtaposed  throughout our history in multiple formats, ranging from the most barbaric to modern civilisation across the mighty hemisphere. Humankind has transcended through many epochs identifying itself with multiple facets of nature and name calling or “Imprinting” ones school of thought or ideology on a humanitarian base or sectarian affiliation. More often then mere coincidence, the poor have been the leading protagonist in the uprightly governing of order via hierarchies who may have found their greatest prize “” In once in a life time”” product! That was already made up packaged, packed, labelled and ready to be shipped out by the sachet load to the unsuspecting retrogressions of the kind yet placid vulnerability of the  villagers.


7tW8zW453fVbGOpiXkKYiiT5nPAj8kY7EBgdirluMfwVia careful ingenuities and sessions of ill fated command, drew a breath for much needed restructuring as modern ills was indeed taking its toll on society, in which order was desperately needed to control over others from the keepers and the spoilers. Formations and subscriptions of idol worshipping came by the bounty to conquer the ills and thirst of such toxified earth dwelling inhabitants.

Such worship originated from the organ to its environment juxtaposing its understanding on the relationship felt by the organ itself. A agreement need not be administered for realisation to be illuminated, for understanding is simply what one deems to be true instead of what is actual reality! Hence; employment of imprint.

An apparent concern by zoologist researched how newly hatched ducklings “Imprint” a perception in there cerebral state of the first element the lay eyes upon is their agent or guardian, which gave life to them. Newly hatched baby ducks have been observed following empty cans stuck to the back of trucks for weeks, until realisation was provoked! The realisation gave birth to the cohesion that this can was not indeed their biological guardian but a useless object of no enforcer to them at the slightest. It is also apparent that all newly born organisms form a  perception of orphiolatrous communion between the self and the perceived entity.IM-Sbm7fF-RAMak_q5Hoi7XrfpjJ2zpATwTd19t0BHw

It is also worth mention that communication as already set in research does not have to be in reciprocation from perceived object or element which imprints or is being imprinted upon? hence; The relationship between the new hatched baby duck to the can!

You may come across this IDOLATROUS in subsections of daily life right up to modern times. Including the denominational ecclesiastical eschatological, hagiographical, soteriological, ontotheological, canonical,  scriptural, hierographical,  patterns of behaviour and character-ism to all and anything from football stars to automotive owners to glittering adonememt wearers to pants displayers!


The most important fact, the imprimatar has total exemption of know,and example of a  real relationship with the possible imprinted to form real juxtapositions and ideologies except hearsay evidence, which is often refuted in a functional  litigation practice. Such admiration or misogynistic traits would there for be classified under admissions  as not tangible with the imprinted except for what lays between the mind!

The “”Imprint “” substitutes as knowledge or facts to the majority of lackadaisical neurogenetic organisms. When really such declarations, truly can not be counted as anything, but self imposed ideology, self volunteered, self subjected, self implemented and subjugated, indoctrination to or about another element or agent!

I once new an acquaintance who never fed her children healthy substantiated food. It was also apparent that the children never ate fish, but would regularly feast upon MacDonald Restaurant.


As the infants grew and treats became the norm, the family where led to believe they was eating the dominant food, which was entirely inaccurate of their self indoctrination to skewed diagnostics.

I have often thought of events and dates, Law,  Historically, and literature, and wondered to myself, how much of this is really true? I have wondered quite frequently of the way information is displaced, mistreated, skewed, and fabricated by many with skewed neurogenetics and ulterior motives. History perpetuates to mimic itself, and has an admirably comfortable relationship with its nearest cousin continuum, of fathers repercussions and  MOTHER repetitiously!

Even there are indeed those amongst us who may even walk with us who contrive to skew the rightful information, are many who seek to subdue the minds of as many as possible for selfish gain or plain evil ingenuities…


The other day I read a post which was in the “”famous quotes”” section which read;- “”Place your hands on a HOT object for a moment and it will feel like a lifetime, be with a HOT women and it would feel like a minute””

Then it stated “” That is relativity”” “” Dr Albert Einstein”

The first point I would like to raise, is I have read works by Dr Albert Einstein and I know what relativity is, from reading Dr Albert Einstein work. Which is apparent neither Dr Albert Einstein or his metaphysics applies to this quote! Dr Einstein has writing a 3 volume Encyclopaedia explaining his juxtaposition on relativity “chaos theory”..

I thought to mention this because I had an epiphany, that realisation moment, of how easily everything from retrospective data to theology to what a man advisers from his lips to the audience, can become easily convoluted without even investigation. That which is surgically instrumental is indeed inevitably combustible. Such dereliction via equivocal deviation, communions will invest in the indoctrination for personal transgressions, until all resemblance of truth whispers upon an old forgotten corpse!

“”The Lochness Monsters””

Amongst a plethora of weird and extravagant creations of the misguided cerebrals…. Often manufactured on the balcony roof top of a drunken pub reveller.. As modern REVELLERS often still fancy a fantasy, while shock value from tabloids juxtapose a yearning for the unbelievable fantasies to waken our dreary existence, indeed  continued humankind oldest known tradition…

“” The Imprint”” L7Ak1undyLec0UXrQRX0dz2aZGpmo2ea5IJqXLTsGw


Thank You sincerely for continuing to read my bloggs..

I can only hope all is well and you can find aid in my bloggs..

Thank you

k. A 15/01/14liy

“Do not be evenly yoked with thy who seek the demise of favours” “Do not!!!!”

There are many types of neurological syndromes that bequeath the cerebral!
To many to state amongst the familiarity of the common states of unwealth being with encumber the average cerebral in a life time, to the anthropogenesis of all species!
All cave dwellers to cosmic chauvinism… have a mental delapidation which galvanises another behavioural characteristic!
Such can be inherited, Caused via nurturing… Intoxications… Head traumas… Emotional or Psychological traumas… (Stress..) etc…
Will betray a composed functionality of mind!

“Over concern of others or opinions”

Of concern, of other, opinions, ultimately will lead to a betrayal of the self… to thy self… by thy self…

Ref; “Don’t mind others” while “minding yourself”
Equals ★★★★★★★★★★ my friend!

To concern your betterself… your auspicious self… with the juxtapositions of others, is only to truly harm yourself by default of over concern!

“Never be concerned my friend by others!”

Your paths do not align or parallel, not even close… With the juxtapositions… of the lower levels of cerebral utility from the mischief of pariahs and pessimist… who proclaim pestilence… and cosmopolitan lapidation…

Nihilistic narcissism. .. perfumed by their favoured antithesis, of a rendering host of narcotics, render the mind!
Alcoholism… Over substantial intake of caffeine… drugs… Nicotine. .. render damage to brain cells!
No need to follow and subjugate to the same cancerous fate!

HENCE: Why waste your beloved purity on a woeful tragedy… you will not find benevolence but mere mutilation of mind..
Mutiny of the self…
Such will never respect you! If one struggles pitterlessly to respect the self! (Their very own pyramid)
How can they respect you?

To mutilate the mind, is a quintessential parody, a parallel of the phylogenetic-ism. .. of such an organism which betrays harmony with mother nature!
Hence! That which does not respect mother nature can neither respect you!

The mind is a precious tool… while you can only save yourself, by serving your betterself, and shinning a supernova for the pious to follow, for now and evermore!

Hence! “Memoirs of Nelson”
(From freedom to the future)

“A mind is a tribe of one”
I postulate. … not a portentous port-cochere ordained by skewed fascist and Idiosyncratic affiliates!
“Know thy self” ….. “well!”


One such beautiful “Fable” of admirable personifications… administered!

“The BEAUTIFUL Horse and The Towns Folk”

A long time ago… many many centeries ago in a quite village.. postulated by noble men and women who would regularly give aid… sanitary.. provisions. .. hostel in the way of peace offerings to stranger’s and pariahs those shun from society. . The broken… the destitute… ill healthed… poor… hurt… tortured and meak…
Such a town was known by the land for miles and through out as a utopian hospice of saviour and benevolence!

Even such of the like as women reffered to as whores could go to such a town and be aided back to health by the pioneering of the towns folk!
Well known thieves would even seek shelter, from poor conditions of the seasons, for an exchange with a bed and warm cup of soup and bread!
Such a representative… lived and survived, long in the hearts of the persecuted and pessimistic folk of the land. ..
A beautiful mare stallion “Tall & Dark” roamed the comfortable sanctuary of the village yard, but would be kept safe at night in confidence!

One such night the confidence was broken, as the stable was not locked!
The horse roamed the court yard, unexpectedly of any imminent danger to befallen.
Jumping over obstacles and feeling the ambiance of the cool nights breeze… With the flowing of its beautiful long mane, following its every swift elegance, glistening in the light from the warm air bequethed by an amiable full moon!

Unexpectedly, the horse fell into the open well, and was indeed unfortunate!
Fore as hard as the mane efforted it could not reach the top!
Such an unwelcomed decree should befall such an energetic endomorph of species!

So succumbing to its faith it held high and waited with sustanance of patience….
Looking up at the nights bright stars, in the pitch black of the nights mystery…
Pitch black space of the dark distant mass!
Upon calling out by way of screams belated by the beautiful stallion, the towns folk all arived one by one!

Upon sight of their most beloved endomorph, every which way conceivable was instrumented to free the mare!
Yet success was not be manifested on such an erring night!
For not tonight would be an easy night for many to remember!

After much converse the towns folk desired to retire for the night…
In which they was repeatedly awoken by the cries of the mare!

Upon a further gathering, an unfortunate decision was made, that all they could do, would be to burry the horse, in the present travesty of such an unwelcomed fate, this doom as a resting place for its cries!

One by one, spades… shovels… and buckets where brought to begin the unfortunate task of filling the well, with the horse alive, on the notion the mare would be layed sacrificially to rest!

The effort was commenced, with the first spade plunched deep into the soil.
A large heap of soil was unearthed and piled into a nearby bucket!
Four or Five individual spades followed by Men, until  the buckets was full and then was passed down the line of twenty or so woman.
Four women to a bucket, passing the bucket down the line…
Untill the bucket reached the end and was emptied down the well! (By four strong men)

The beautiful mare, who was “Once” so admiably looked after.. always kept in the most prestigious order, was having to withstand bombardment of heaps of dirt!
Which juxtaposed irregularities of its nurture!
The mare felt the horde confounding, and was irritated by the dirt thrown down, which landed directly on its powerful shoulders and back!
The mare would ruffle a sound, shake its own powerful shoulders to free the fallen dirt in irritation!

Every-time this would happen, the townsfolk heard the mares cry!
Until upon over a hundred buckets later, they heard not a sound!

The group stared down the well, but was only met with total darkness.
The blackness of the well stared back at them… not a voice or whimper could be heard.
Nothing lived but pitched blacked..
Utter darkness and the state of emptiness. ..
Black and dense and dark was the hole……

The townsfolk decided, that the beloved mare had indeed been laid to rest!
While juxtaposing the ultimate state of ignorance!
They discussed the unfortunate inquisition should a child fall down the well, or visitor’s acquiring investigation into the mare!
So the townsfolk decided to fill the well to the top, and close the hole entirely.!

As they began shovelling more soil down the well, upon an exhausted rest by the towns folk.
The mare jumped out of the well onto the ground, In-front of the towns folk, with shock and surprise the towns folk was stunned, as they watched their beloved mare come back to life, and gallop away forever, into the dark and distance night!…

Never to be see again!

The mare was thought to be burred, but truly the contrary was apparently, it never died.
Instead was saved by the unfortunate juxtapositions of the lackadaisical juxtapositions of such cerebrals!

While the soil fell on its powerful shoulders, the mare would shake the soil which would fall on the ground, by its large hoofs.
Then the mare would stomp its powerful legs upon the ground with irritation…
By this routine, it was subcontracting a makeshift employment service, of aid to escape.
The mare was levelling the ground with the soil.. Ingenuity always befalls the open hearted of mind and soul!
While encumberment follows the ingenuity of evils!
whether they realise not? Makes no difference.
For every action deserves a plausible reaction.
So there fore Everytime, soil was thrown down the well, the same process would be administered, by the horse!

A powerful shake of its shoulders, to release the soil onto the ground, followed by a shout from the horse in irritation while stomping, all four hoves on the ground.
Then, as the ground raised, the horses freedom, was realised and by the mares…

“Escape to freedom! Forever!”

This is an old Arabic tale!

In which the moral states!
“That which people use to burry you will set you free”

But I say to you… my friend! do not worry as fools are just that and can never be more than that, as it is not their decree to be more, or otherwise they would perfume the air with continous poetry… admirable sophistication and sweet symphony easily digested by the senses!

Their talk and rhetoric is that of the Gin and woeful spirits… misogynistic mischief… and deviance!

Keep your eyes upon the supernovas… pulsars and etherealization of euphoniously!
Synchronisation with a superheterodyned affiliation!

“Memoirs of Mr Muhatma Ghandi… Mr Paul Walker…”
Should relign your philanthropy….

Do not waste anymore time towards idiots…
“I wasted to much time with them”
As I realised they need your life to survive… you do not live they do not live!
Put yourself to the piety of the tiny few somewhere!
For the the wiseman said

” you can not converse with the unpure of heart”

Summary;- For it is true! They will only abuse you or use you!

“”Entanglement”” New name for worm holes in spacetime!

“A black-hole ”

● “According to current ideas in astrophysics, every star reaches a stage in its evolution where it collapses due to the mutual gravitational attraction of its particles. Since this attraction increases rapidly as the distance between the particles decrease, the collapse accelerates and if the star is massive enough, that is if it is more than twice as massive as the sun, no known process can prevent the collapse from going on in definitely”

“As the star collapses and becomes dense, the force of gravity around it becomes forceful and hyperbolic-al!”

When this propensity occurs not even light can escape from the zones of the pulverized dilapidation of the star!
No frequency or omission can penetrate the rendition of such a forceful dilapidation!
No light  emissions outwards from such a vacuum, as all energy is indeed sucked in… to create a formed black-hole!

This black-hole is the topic of recent discussions in the perplexing encryption of science!

Noble prize laureate Dr Albert Einstein, First theorised the juxtapositions of black holes in 1916!

Black holes was seen as a gateway to another dimension!
Later coin as worm holes as the diagram illustrates above!

The modern affirmation released recently…  Suggest that black holes are indeed a centre of disintegration, at the point where matter is loosely suggested that the  apparent demise of matter in such environments is “slowly torn apart” then disintegrated by heat…

I am unclear if this disintegration is a Combustion or a direct disintegration?

● Combustion;- is a release of heated particles from the object in essence, internally to externally!

● disintegration;- is a release of heated particles or dead particles which do not have to be heated, falling apart like dust into oblivion… externally to internally!

My personal theory on the new theory of wormholes named “Entanglement” from its many smaller worm holes at the polarity!

Matter dead or alive, once purpose has been served.. can not continue existing in space.. as room in each dimension has to be made for a further element…
Though the space is great… The elements are perpetually metamorphosing to create ether… C02…H20… C02-H03… As a matter of carbohydrates for the energy of atoms… which are the building blocks of matter!

Like every as here on earth is a good example, revolves around one another and a churning pot for deformation and reanimation coexist in the same funeral!

The black-hole in space is the disembodied ment of all matter, where it is broken down to form a new element!

similar to a builders cement mixer!
But instead the cement is produce straight from the breaking down of s building into tiny sand particles via the wormhole-blackhole-Entanglement to produce fine grains of sub – particles which later forms other elements possibly stars… planets… ether… etc.. etc…

If exploding planets situated. .. were never inhaled by the anormous vacuum.. the galaxy would be akin to a mighty junk yard, full of floating space junk in debris… craters… asteroid… etc etc etc…

However, the mighty “Entanglement” utilises the incredible vacuum from the collateral cosmic dilapidation!
To continue the incredible geometric force into the dilapidation, to refine the elements for either pure ether or a clean matter… elements…. particles. ..

I.e water filter purification of used water to be reused!
Filthy water used as energy to restart the purification process!

The surplus matter will be used as energy to drive the vacuum disintegration process!
While the remainder is pure ether!
Ready and stable to reform another planet or star!

thank you for taking the time out to read my blog…



“If philanthropy the size of a mustard sead lives inside you?

a-roundgif (1)In order for history to remain unchallenged, it is indeed paramount, that those in power perpetually alter the game plan to stay ahead of the fledging masses!

●Let us look at some examples, of how one can find routes to obtain power over others.

• Study of the proposed.
• Product over need.
• Service to client.
• Information to ensnare.
• Entrapment by the agent.

○ Study of the proposed.
One would administer a good understanding of the elements it wanted to control.
A totally continued up to dated assemble of infrastructure information, from likes to dislikes, and every possible scientific, theological, physiological available information would be recommended to formally acquire and intensively research.
This would lead to full capacity of understanding all future problems and alternatives to negotiations with the proposed or product!
A negotiation with product could be to dismiss all future use of.
A negotiation with the product, could also mean the way or procedure one may use to best control all liabilities of product/responsibilities/market … etc…
Once a detailed analysis has been arranged, a party may move on to the best suitable product over the need of the market from understanding the markets desire and thirst!

● Product Over Need
• The most recognised device of need in the world, are simply attributed to Love & Control! Both monitored by Power, the ultimate product!

Convince the subject/s that a need is present in their life, and you already have the answers for the need!

○ Service To Clients.
• By regularly keeping your followers in control and informed with any information, that will allow a possible outbreak of disengagement or disenfranchisement – from the ownership of priority favouring them to believe they are valued and of some importance,this will keep the hosted from disputing any malign they may ever encumber, from your party quarantine!

○ Information to Ensnare
• Once you have your congestion of consequential ism…
You may now imprint your school of thought upon the open market!
Relaying only that which will ensnare new followers to your doctrinaire, without the need to ever disclose factual dettrimentation to your faction or ruling body!

○ Entrapment by Agent!
• This is a function of way by, enforcing your law on the poor unsustainability of the unsuspecting disenfranchised unsuspecting vulnerable disoriented undistinguished!
Who in return, will not have real course for enticement to anything as they endorsed your profiteering for so long, they will be bound by certain laws to refrain from a reverse position or stance against you, who profited from the powerful backing by the unsuspecting!

Ladies & Gentlemen!….
Boys & Girls!…
Gorgon’s & Gargoyle!…
Billy Goats & Sheep!

I hope you will register this as a receipt of dispensing awareness for the perpetuation of much affliction!

For it is now clear to many, how crooked the systems of the world truly are, and how much the retrieved powers for mere matters of not the average folk!

“Trade of favours” I repeat to you… “Trade of favours”
the formality and ownership of resources in exchange for other land filled resources for utility, sustainability,longevity in accordance with fair trade for the economy of evolution via personifications of equal exchange.
Neither for greed… power… glutton. .. vanity… or any other giant note-book malice!

● Who Are The Rulers Of Trade Of Favours…
• In the modern world? Look no further than your governments!
I say look no further as that is truly as far as you will be allowed to see!
However to research and study with inquisition?
You maybe be fortunate, in such admirable more fruition, enough to unravel the real disparagement of your encumbrances!

“Trade of favours” and the powers that control them control your destiny and your last breath!

History has taught us that the past is made by the present victor!
For such victors, clean sweep all memory of the past!
The burning of the Vatican books…
The breaking of the noses from the Egyptians sphinx…
The renaming of foreign lands…
The altering of dates in epochs…
The rewriting of thousands of years old manuscripts and transcripts…
All of this should at least make you wonder!
All with the steady obtrusive obstreperousness contamination of the liquor juxtaposed against  thy cerebral!
Thy cerebral being the omniscient educating tool, seems a little strange one should allow liquor to ferment while surreptitiously brainwashing the mass about doctrinaire!

“Break the brain while feeding doctrinaire”

Once a mind is quiet and subjugated to lackadaisical does, representing a dryopithecus.
Almost any order can be administered to such simpleton of tasks.
To control a placental anthropogenic being, neither a great order or resistance needs administration, for the war was won in the battle of enticement to liquor!

● Control verses Liquor!
Which wins is the question I point to you?
One may rationalize they have freedom!
Not true I suggest, never with liquor… For which only leaves you with multiple constraints.
From a criminal record… to loss of life. .. Love… Regret… Agony… Demise. .. Pain. .. and probably back into the arms of rendition from the powers once tried to escape with liquor. .. ie authority and intense management!
Either institutional. .. Or Corporative corruption!
Either way one will indeed find themselves locked in a cocoon of inescapable grieve!

This is the final nail upon ones coffin, which will indeed, prevent all truth and knowledge from ever being excreted!
The more one drinks of liquor, the more one loses sense of reality!
To the point one can not ever question illogical reasoning… his-story… or a banal doctrinaire!

“Liquor” maybe seen as a favoured godlike past time…
but remember it may also be the dubious duodecahedron, which juxtaposes one of his eternal journeys into a dangerous journey towards obligation… and oblivion…
Such is the danger one may even fall rise to the growing affirmations of child theft!
Not by strangers from the street but by even law enforcement! Who dust the child away from parents as if affiliation never existed!

●The bussiness of CPS
• Is one in which they Troll… Investigate…. Scan…. Their prey with vehemently malign interest… Usually untill the point of break or abuse… Then a warrant is issued upon, entering premises a number of properties can be taking to be auctioned?
Anything from materials to pets to children!
Anything that can keep the franchise running!

Please remember how the hustle of power and business operates, which I disclosed to you the five main pillars previously!


○ An agent in the child abduction business, will inquire or scout around for an unfortunate host… Telephone tabs… bugs… all manner of spying equipment to check the merchandise.

○ Will have multi benefactors who are seeking a young child for various reasons, some good some extensively in unpious. .. from medical research laboratories owned by powerful government affiliations to simply wealthy individuals who can not fertilise reproduction of their own!
The business is huge in dynamic proportions!
I have personally met people in the past who have been directly affected by the child business… I have had multiple problems with CPS In my life so I am aware, totally of their nonchalance towards factuality, and sexual appetite towards capital!
It is quite disgusting to say the least!

I made litigation and complaints against them for years but I was indeed fortunate to win 3/4 of my battles with them through the aid of parliament/judicial litigation and CPS review!
So I feel a bit of a veteran though I know I am not!

But I warn you dear friend! Please, be careful when they come asking for you, as they are the only outfit known to Humankind, that can make anything Stick and it will not wash off you even with “persil whites” washing powder!
No such Innocence matter… it is indeed true!
As the object of attraction is “product over need”,
And you my faithful friend are just merely in the way of the franchise!
One may try to hold on with fastened fists, to whatever it is that is being inexcusably disintegrated from your presence and palms!
however! Resistance is all to often futile against such might and powers that be!

Especially if rumour… forecasting… stigmata branding… demonization has been bequeathed of you!

The product is your property!
The need is the falsification fed to the other client to part with their earnings…
I.e child needs a home from abusive parents… Or you need these expensive valuables… Or you need more children for testing medicine on… etc..

○ The service to client… would be to continue the demand and supreme supply services. .

○ Information to Ensnare
This works as that “sales pitch” we have all, unfortunately encumbered at out local superstore.

○ Information to ensnare.
To give falsified documentation to stamp the authorisation of the client..
Similar to what the old slave traders deed to the unassuming collation of farmers, and religious folk all those years ago!

Brainwash the community into believing they are doing the right thing, by evil misogynistic mischief towards black people, and you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams!
Why? Because people love to “Love Power and Control”

So if you can offer them something to control? They will indeed be much obliged!
And if one may divulge, such a disturbance in such at the proprietors, in such a demonic fashion, that they will not only enjoy it? but rather believe they are doing gods work…?
you will have a possible alliance of customers for as long as the herd drink the “Poison from the Poisoned Challace”…

● Entrapment by the agent
One being the agent of the ultimate deceit. .. has by now entwined your better self in a disfranchised entanglement, hardly worthy of reporting to law for many obvious notions…
For many a mind’s think a like… not to mention you traded on the back of anxiety of disorientation…
Who shall believe you when your home after searching was found to be full of the liquor?
And yet the worse type also!

“Why you!” they will say! Are the true culprit in this un-benign madness!

For you can only regret and sigh!

For truly! The children who disappear on the streets every night, to the children who are snatched By CPS franchise operations! Around the world!

Who truly knows where they will finally ended up after testing…
Is it for something bigger… an after life programme for the rich who want exonerated genes to continue their Deoxyribonucleic Acid into formation for better genes on a distant planet?

Or are we being surreptitiously negotiated for something else…
Time… Space… Fuel… Life…. Meals….

Something is not right!
And all the liquor is not helping…. That is certain…

Be well and careful…

The words “I bless” is a danger!

In arabic scriptures “Allahs” favourite gin was named as Iblyss..
Allah took the gin out of the dunyah and placed it with the angels…
This Gin lived for many years as an Angel…
untill the angel rebelled!
In scriptures Allah(God) cast this Angel to damnation!

This angel has been known by many names…
Including the Devil… Lucifer… Iblyss

Let us inquest into the word Iblyss!
first! Iblyss equals I-BLYSS… i-bless…

Second! Back to front it reads as SSYLBI…

what does this word mean?

we could theorise the “S” as in S-Matrix hypothesis for quantum physicist laureates Dr Werner Heisenbeg and Dr Geoffrey Chew…
Which symbolises an order of connection!
Two “S” would be a double connection!

like Dr Geoffrey Chew boot strap theory but doubled for hyperbolical and trigonometry… re-installment… re-action… re-alignment… redesign! Of the index patterns

the “Y” is the universal symbol for photon particles in quantum Physics!

The “B” could be metaphysically relate to the universal infinity symbol of a horizontal 8!

The letter “L” in quantum physics represents “wavelength between particles… what you may see at the highest point of each particle up rotation before the re-align down manoeuvre on any oscillations frequencies apparatus!

The “I” most certainly represent singularity or one “1”
Which is part of the formula to infinity..
which reads exactly as…


And no more!

so the “Iblyss” “i-blyss” “1-bless” “1-blyss”

Hypothetically suggest through symbolical structure as;-
“1” ” perpetually ” “wavelength” ” photon” “double bind” or “Combined/sequenced” by “symmetry”

If there lays a purpose for you?
Or in your family tree?
This also maybe true.. that some force of nature somewhere somehow….
Is determined and has not been clear to manifest itself to you!
Whether it be from.. the people of the land or evil spirits conjuring and conspiring against you.. to prevent you… I… and Many others from atonement in the land!

“Hold on” “It shall not last my friend!”

Thank you for taking the time!

I trust you be well!
While the mockers… transgressors will never,


“A very Chilling Thought”

13 - 1 (3)13 - 1 (87)AIpctpHIug67qYIuVTfBmEhw1XxoO2TX0P0EWWtY0qyUWith all the admissions of recent scientific discoveries. … The realisation of the “Tachyon molecule” and the fields of ether, A Extraordinary admittance into further fruition of clarity sturs suspicion and intrigue for existence…

The souls always knows something the heart senses and the mind struggles to confirm!

Some dreams, further juxtapose to us, a realisation of past events!

Sometimes we travel to destinations for the first time, with a severe sensation we have been here before!
“How spooky and chilling” quite eerie to say the least!

The amount of times I have been to destinations which I thought was the first and felt a strange admission that this was not actually the first time I may have been here!
Countries… overseas areas… cities… continents….
Even the spirit of people who might acquaint can feel engagingly familiar!

The Tachyon molecule

Is amongst the newest findings of atoms!
Its Properties are quite astounding to say the very least!
“The Tachyon was observed under a powerful telescope named the wiffle or waffle telescope! -(you may personally care to investigate the name of the telescope by search engines for spelling!)

physicist reiterated;-

“The Tachyon under extreme observation, appear before its starting position when travelling”
“Such of the light speed of travel that it reversed its juxtapositions”


“Tachyon molecule travels its mass at the speed over light by 1.8”
“In which causing a reverse action, observed by Physicians!”

This article is over 6 months old on Tychon phenomena!
however this has the most fascinating implications to the phylogenetic-ism of not just the anthropogenesis but every life form, from cosmic collation to micro organisms!

The realisation that in the degeneration. .. collapse and fluctuations of cellular deformation. …
A restructure of the entity can reform in a separate or unfamiliar form, alien to its previous identity, but possible with a tiny potion of its molecule structure engaged to its new form!
Resulting in familiarity of its environment!

If cellular structure is broken down as per normal on death of an organism!
Where the organism lays, no matter how long a period, whether decades… centuries or millenniums!
Even if the architecture of the environment under goes the most extreme metamorphoses!
A hint of “De Ja Vu” can remain present in the identification of the surroundings to the identifier!

Resulting in A “De Ja Vu” or “Realisation” “Enlightenment” “Clarity”

The nihilistic order of chaos is such that nothing can be truly predicted of matter outside non control of organisms!
Control would be to dictate… monitor and manage… the process of…

Chaos has its own law’s differential to that of organisms and organs!

Chaos can spring into any force or structure or destructure at any variable… Resulting in collisions. .. mass effects… metamorphosis. .. combustion… etc…

“Understanding thy Self, thy Entity, thy Formation”

It has been stated that many people can not stand to be alone?

“THIS IS INDEED TRUE” I have noticed!

Reasons suggesting is that dome people(singularity of self preservation), have been very fortunate for whatever reason to have uncovered the realisation… the acquaintance of self from childhood, Which others unfortunately will for whatever reasons will take much longer to come to the admissions of realisation!

Unfortunately such is the detriment, that such will be unable to live a life alone and will suffer in the unfortunate existence of old age!
Simply from, not spending enough time to get use to the wonders of singularity at youth…

Such an awakening, is indeed a modern-day PHENOMENON discussed between health authorities in the western globe!
More and More overseas nurses and professional care workers, are being drafted in from the African and Asian Continents because of the dramatic rise in Suicides, From loneliness etc… the over intoxication from self medication -(drugs, drink, on-line medication)

All of this is due to a major lack of education of the self in the western continents!
The western Continents, teach their young how to make money, but not how to preserve the self!
For this you must pay and look outwards towards middle eastern faction of mysticism!

Unfortunately, the western daredevilry have escaped the health warnings and chastened themselves to a frivolous live of debauchery and chance!

Such as the dettriment!

Would not be a problem, if nobody had to pay for the mistakes of the individual/individuals… which often lead to a multitude of concerns imminent, progressive and inevitably perpetually!

Such from, not properly maturing the self can render a life full of misery untill old age, full of regrets and torments!
As a species from the anthropogenes of indigenous folk who thought, I thought also when instances allowed clear clarification!
I, Wasted too much time giving philanthropy to poisoned negative genes from unhealthy inhabitants of Mind, Body and Soul..

Nevertheless, The soul always called while I reasoned with it, but truly sciences are proving all, and such well recieved information, of that which I kept on guiding when many belated my madness…

I.e he is “mad” he is “crazy” etc… etc… He is talking “shit”.. when all along I was indeed correct!

“Wow” even more than I could know!

For now, most who dismissed my affirmations are either suffering from cancer or some other debilitated encumbrances!
“Oh how the voice of reason is your only true friend,my friends!”

So I suggest to you “Always trust the voice of reason inside yourselves”

This voice of reason, ” Actually knows more than you or I will ever know in a life time”

The only technicality, is the fact you will probably have to stay sober, more often than most, for it to register clarity, a little drink is ok but not on the verge of everyday! As that definitely will only skew all attempts of realisation from significantly presenting awareness!

I trust this finds you well where ever you are!

Stay true to self…

and live long and prosper…

Alone or with company!