“If philanthropy the size of a mustard sead lives inside you?

a-roundgif (1)In order for history to remain unchallenged, it is indeed paramount, that those in power perpetually alter the game plan to stay ahead of the fledging masses!

●Let us look at some examples, of how one can find routes to obtain power over others.

• Study of the proposed.
• Product over need.
• Service to client.
• Information to ensnare.
• Entrapment by the agent.

○ Study of the proposed.
One would administer a good understanding of the elements it wanted to control.
A totally continued up to dated assemble of infrastructure information, from likes to dislikes, and every possible scientific, theological, physiological available information would be recommended to formally acquire and intensively research.
This would lead to full capacity of understanding all future problems and alternatives to negotiations with the proposed or product!
A negotiation with product could be to dismiss all future use of.
A negotiation with the product, could also mean the way or procedure one may use to best control all liabilities of product/responsibilities/market … etc…
Once a detailed analysis has been arranged, a party may move on to the best suitable product over the need of the market from understanding the markets desire and thirst!

● Product Over Need
• The most recognised device of need in the world, are simply attributed to Love & Control! Both monitored by Power, the ultimate product!

Convince the subject/s that a need is present in their life, and you already have the answers for the need!

○ Service To Clients.
• By regularly keeping your followers in control and informed with any information, that will allow a possible outbreak of disengagement or disenfranchisement – from the ownership of priority favouring them to believe they are valued and of some importance,this will keep the hosted from disputing any malign they may ever encumber, from your party quarantine!

○ Information to Ensnare
• Once you have your congestion of consequential ism…
You may now imprint your school of thought upon the open market!
Relaying only that which will ensnare new followers to your doctrinaire, without the need to ever disclose factual dettrimentation to your faction or ruling body!

○ Entrapment by Agent!
• This is a function of way by, enforcing your law on the poor unsustainability of the unsuspecting disenfranchised unsuspecting vulnerable disoriented undistinguished!
Who in return, will not have real course for enticement to anything as they endorsed your profiteering for so long, they will be bound by certain laws to refrain from a reverse position or stance against you, who profited from the powerful backing by the unsuspecting!

Ladies & Gentlemen!….
Boys & Girls!…
Gorgon’s & Gargoyle!…
Billy Goats & Sheep!

I hope you will register this as a receipt of dispensing awareness for the perpetuation of much affliction!

For it is now clear to many, how crooked the systems of the world truly are, and how much the retrieved powers for mere matters of not the average folk!

“Trade of favours” I repeat to you… “Trade of favours”
the formality and ownership of resources in exchange for other land filled resources for utility, sustainability,longevity in accordance with fair trade for the economy of evolution via personifications of equal exchange.
Neither for greed… power… glutton. .. vanity… or any other giant note-book malice!

● Who Are The Rulers Of Trade Of Favours…
• In the modern world? Look no further than your governments!
I say look no further as that is truly as far as you will be allowed to see!
However to research and study with inquisition?
You maybe be fortunate, in such admirable more fruition, enough to unravel the real disparagement of your encumbrances!

“Trade of favours” and the powers that control them control your destiny and your last breath!

History has taught us that the past is made by the present victor!
For such victors, clean sweep all memory of the past!
The burning of the Vatican books…
The breaking of the noses from the Egyptians sphinx…
The renaming of foreign lands…
The altering of dates in epochs…
The rewriting of thousands of years old manuscripts and transcripts…
All of this should at least make you wonder!
All with the steady obtrusive obstreperousness contamination of the liquor juxtaposed against  thy cerebral!
Thy cerebral being the omniscient educating tool, seems a little strange one should allow liquor to ferment while surreptitiously brainwashing the mass about doctrinaire!

“Break the brain while feeding doctrinaire”

Once a mind is quiet and subjugated to lackadaisical does, representing a dryopithecus.
Almost any order can be administered to such simpleton of tasks.
To control a placental anthropogenic being, neither a great order or resistance needs administration, for the war was won in the battle of enticement to liquor!

● Control verses Liquor!
Which wins is the question I point to you?
One may rationalize they have freedom!
Not true I suggest, never with liquor… For which only leaves you with multiple constraints.
From a criminal record… to loss of life. .. Love… Regret… Agony… Demise. .. Pain. .. and probably back into the arms of rendition from the powers once tried to escape with liquor. .. ie authority and intense management!
Either institutional. .. Or Corporative corruption!
Either way one will indeed find themselves locked in a cocoon of inescapable grieve!

This is the final nail upon ones coffin, which will indeed, prevent all truth and knowledge from ever being excreted!
The more one drinks of liquor, the more one loses sense of reality!
To the point one can not ever question illogical reasoning… his-story… or a banal doctrinaire!

“Liquor” maybe seen as a favoured godlike past time…
but remember it may also be the dubious duodecahedron, which juxtaposes one of his eternal journeys into a dangerous journey towards obligation… and oblivion…
Such is the danger one may even fall rise to the growing affirmations of child theft!
Not by strangers from the street but by even law enforcement! Who dust the child away from parents as if affiliation never existed!

●The bussiness of CPS
• Is one in which they Troll… Investigate…. Scan…. Their prey with vehemently malign interest… Usually untill the point of break or abuse… Then a warrant is issued upon, entering premises a number of properties can be taking to be auctioned?
Anything from materials to pets to children!
Anything that can keep the franchise running!

Please remember how the hustle of power and business operates, which I disclosed to you the five main pillars previously!


○ An agent in the child abduction business, will inquire or scout around for an unfortunate host… Telephone tabs… bugs… all manner of spying equipment to check the merchandise.

○ Will have multi benefactors who are seeking a young child for various reasons, some good some extensively in unpious. .. from medical research laboratories owned by powerful government affiliations to simply wealthy individuals who can not fertilise reproduction of their own!
The business is huge in dynamic proportions!
I have personally met people in the past who have been directly affected by the child business… I have had multiple problems with CPS In my life so I am aware, totally of their nonchalance towards factuality, and sexual appetite towards capital!
It is quite disgusting to say the least!

I made litigation and complaints against them for years but I was indeed fortunate to win 3/4 of my battles with them through the aid of parliament/judicial litigation and CPS review!
So I feel a bit of a veteran though I know I am not!

But I warn you dear friend! Please, be careful when they come asking for you, as they are the only outfit known to Humankind, that can make anything Stick and it will not wash off you even with “persil whites” washing powder!
No such Innocence matter… it is indeed true!
As the object of attraction is “product over need”,
And you my faithful friend are just merely in the way of the franchise!
One may try to hold on with fastened fists, to whatever it is that is being inexcusably disintegrated from your presence and palms!
however! Resistance is all to often futile against such might and powers that be!

Especially if rumour… forecasting… stigmata branding… demonization has been bequeathed of you!

The product is your property!
The need is the falsification fed to the other client to part with their earnings…
I.e child needs a home from abusive parents… Or you need these expensive valuables… Or you need more children for testing medicine on… etc..

○ The service to client… would be to continue the demand and supreme supply services. .

○ Information to Ensnare
This works as that “sales pitch” we have all, unfortunately encumbered at out local superstore.

○ Information to ensnare.
To give falsified documentation to stamp the authorisation of the client..
Similar to what the old slave traders deed to the unassuming collation of farmers, and religious folk all those years ago!

Brainwash the community into believing they are doing the right thing, by evil misogynistic mischief towards black people, and you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams!
Why? Because people love to “Love Power and Control”

So if you can offer them something to control? They will indeed be much obliged!
And if one may divulge, such a disturbance in such at the proprietors, in such a demonic fashion, that they will not only enjoy it? but rather believe they are doing gods work…?
you will have a possible alliance of customers for as long as the herd drink the “Poison from the Poisoned Challace”…

● Entrapment by the agent
One being the agent of the ultimate deceit. .. has by now entwined your better self in a disfranchised entanglement, hardly worthy of reporting to law for many obvious notions…
For many a mind’s think a like… not to mention you traded on the back of anxiety of disorientation…
Who shall believe you when your home after searching was found to be full of the liquor?
And yet the worse type also!

“Why you!” they will say! Are the true culprit in this un-benign madness!

For you can only regret and sigh!

For truly! The children who disappear on the streets every night, to the children who are snatched By CPS franchise operations! Around the world!

Who truly knows where they will finally ended up after testing…
Is it for something bigger… an after life programme for the rich who want exonerated genes to continue their Deoxyribonucleic Acid into formation for better genes on a distant planet?

Or are we being surreptitiously negotiated for something else…
Time… Space… Fuel… Life…. Meals….

Something is not right!
And all the liquor is not helping…. That is certain…

Be well and careful…

The words “I bless” is a danger!

In arabic scriptures “Allahs” favourite gin was named as Iblyss..
Allah took the gin out of the dunyah and placed it with the angels…
This Gin lived for many years as an Angel…
untill the angel rebelled!
In scriptures Allah(God) cast this Angel to damnation!

This angel has been known by many names…
Including the Devil… Lucifer… Iblyss

Let us inquest into the word Iblyss!
first! Iblyss equals I-BLYSS… i-bless…

Second! Back to front it reads as SSYLBI…

what does this word mean?

we could theorise the “S” as in S-Matrix hypothesis for quantum physicist laureates Dr Werner Heisenbeg and Dr Geoffrey Chew…
Which symbolises an order of connection!
Two “S” would be a double connection!

like Dr Geoffrey Chew boot strap theory but doubled for hyperbolical and trigonometry… re-installment… re-action… re-alignment… redesign! Of the index patterns

the “Y” is the universal symbol for photon particles in quantum Physics!

The “B” could be metaphysically relate to the universal infinity symbol of a horizontal 8!

The letter “L” in quantum physics represents “wavelength between particles… what you may see at the highest point of each particle up rotation before the re-align down manoeuvre on any oscillations frequencies apparatus!

The “I” most certainly represent singularity or one “1”
Which is part of the formula to infinity..
which reads exactly as…


And no more!

so the “Iblyss” “i-blyss” “1-bless” “1-blyss”

Hypothetically suggest through symbolical structure as;-
“1” ” perpetually ” “wavelength” ” photon” “double bind” or “Combined/sequenced” by “symmetry”

If there lays a purpose for you?
Or in your family tree?
This also maybe true.. that some force of nature somewhere somehow….
Is determined and has not been clear to manifest itself to you!
Whether it be from.. the people of the land or evil spirits conjuring and conspiring against you.. to prevent you… I… and Many others from atonement in the land!

“Hold on” “It shall not last my friend!”

Thank you for taking the time!

I trust you be well!
While the mockers… transgressors will never,