“Agrimony” The Lonely Children & Forever Tomorrow’s

“A Small digestible Effervescence, To Cure An Upset Stomach, Is A Word Of Blessing Which Ruminates As An Antidote To Eradicate The Germination toxicity”

Language and it’s importance is highly powerful in the transferring of information and wellness…

We must understand the process of the intermission. .. Intermingling. .. interminable reciprocation of this magnanimous atomic disturbances… The sound waves felt by process of vibrations is the exact apparatus which delivers the noise by way of exploding atoms… which we have conveniently manipulated over thousands of millenniums to create sounds…

These sounds became identifiable as instruction or message and meaning… Meaning became refined as the anatomy for speech and again, carefully evolved to compute competently the design and structure of the vowels… word… sentence and detail!

Vowels “O” and “U” pronounced by prehistoric homogenous traits… would have been pronounced as “OO” and “OW”

I mentioned “O” & “U” as these are the vowels expressed by modernisation.  Yet also early day primates in the wild… also encapsulated such vowels of “A” for “AA”. This Is vehemently expressed by the unveiled anthropogenic species as modern primates in the wild of our world!

These understandings communicated to one another in the communication of early inhabitants.. broke barriers.. as community and the benefits existed, structured the universal survival traits…

“He Or That Who Controls The Language Controls The Individual Identification Of The Masses & Groups!”

In modern  Chronostratagraphical bands, Civilisations are indeed derided by language… Separate languages for separate continents… which indeed have personal nations! In each nation sects are divided by lands or countries… which in turn are divided by cities…. towns… counties… districts etc…

You will be apprehended by separate languages to dialects of accents depending on region of historical dwellings! All apprehended by the diverse array of culture and tradition… suffering and Celebrations. ..

For the pleasure of the whole environment the diversity galvanised much belonging and wanting.. As less societies find meaning in enclosed togetherness… This dissipates in the congress of huge communities and civilisations… members feel lost and alone in the mighty crowds of huge populous…

Many will engulf lonlinessess and addiction as a direct result of solitaire… in engineered states of vast industrialism… despair bleeds its heart upon the wide streets of misguide and misinformation. .. such traumas persist as a defect of the cerebrum in later years .. The tragedy… “The lonely children and forever tomorrow’s” in far away remedies of not quite to never will..

All these children in turn created by further lonely children, Who are unable to decipher the etiquette gist of existence… will be appreciated by like minded misguided spouses who can create no more than a replica of theyre very tragedy…


In a recent study I made simple inquisitions to find out the reason for poor people perpetually giving birth to babies… which answers ranged from boredom… Ignorance… Illness… loneliness… Misguide. .. Misinformation. .. Misunderstanding… Culture… Education… Finance… Incentive… Desperation… Insecurity… Fear… Deception… Religion… Tradition… Aid… impair… Security… Purpose… Agrimony… Wickedness…  Hopelessness… Abuse… Slavery and exploitation… Personal ioudous and idiosyncracies. ..

Indeed evidential we can suggest everything and anything can be the cause of childbirth. Human nature has a variety of scenarios even more perplexing than veins in our bodies…

Appears as much aid to better understand of the previous preconceptions that has been dwarfed… by the array of sophistication in our modern life’s…

Best we can do is to perpetually educate the fickle of mind and those who are lacking in abstinence…  are one with mental illness and illiteracies…

“We Often Notice Females Hanging Of The Lower Waist To Angle, Of Those Men Who’s Identity Is Affirmed, By The Depth Of The Pants/Briefs Which Are Displayed Above The Low Waisted Trousers”

Often such men are indeed illiterate and will not hang around to raise the baby… which is crucial for the confidence of the child’s identity.

The males who do retain responsibility are often bad role models and disturb a pious future for the child.  In reciprocity the child obliges and response by accepting fathers habits.  The child will follow into a disorderly adult and repeat the cycle… if luck does not intervene!

Often such children seek out partners who remind them of their parents… broken ill… disturbed… trashy… lacking in etiquettes… No education.. No manners.. No decorum. .. No honesty. .. No trust and empty of sincerity…

All the attributes of a successfully tragic relationship and familiar family demise…

There are many sole instigations to this type of poisonous well!

But I have uncovered one… which sits at the top of the tree..

That spoiled fruit.. is the female education or they’re lack of!!!! Sincerely education and common sense is indeed necessary for a contingency of fruition to child raising. .. Females sit at the forefront of the child. So a bad father does not necessarily produce a bad child… But more often then not a bad mother will produce a ill child. From everything the mother exhibits and expresses when she is prenounced pregnant… to her displaying habits and emotions in front of the raised infant will be accepted as norm by the faithful subservience of the child!

All synchronicity and neurology will be inherited by the child. Often parents have not known why their child fails at school and life. Yet due to the mothers emotions and ill health at birt.. these tiny transmissions are akin to “Dynamic Shock Waves sent to the intrataurine environment and evolving cell divisions. .. As A Tiny zygote introfallopian to the multicellular organism to fetus and ascending in the intrauterine to Embryo of Baby”

All is felt in this tiny cocoon… that which mother feels baby adheres and reciprocating… It is vital for the entire existence of baby mothers every interaction and prosperity.. A mother drinking a glass of vodka would be equivalent of previous undisputed heavyweight kings “Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson” Swimming In A Tub Of Vodka for a few months!..

One class of “Vodka” last for a year inside your system” All unnatural fluids are toxic chemicals to the body’s blood system!” An unwelcome present to the unconscious conscience tiny agent inside mothers belly. The alien liquid disrupts the tiny agents existence and will have to work over time on defaults to catch up with normal children, as the tiny innocent evolves as adult.

Often women are not the best advisors in the world..

this I mean by the nature they are followers not leaders.

“A Man Should Never Follow A Women Ever… Ever!”

He who does shall shortly lose everything including his sanity… self-respect… dignity and purpose to life…

Remember these words and indeed everybody shall be happiest by you… Do not and there maybe several unforgettable tragedies in your family?

These words are gospel..

“A man for his own prosperity must never follow a woman’s advice, only advice from males concerning strictly male politics”.. and a woman should only follow a woman’s advice… concerning strick female politics” this is how to get the best out of your genome and gender role for longevity and prosperity..

Universal politics are totally separate, in which can be excepted by both, for example operation and operating machinery, and all such non human intrinsics and etiquette. ..

Women in general.. would be better off. .. if  they did not subject their personal prosperity to Good looks… Power… Money. … Etc…

Looks can be the ultimate misconception. …As detailed in the below story!…

In the 1950’s a very ingenious scientist from the middle east in a country called Yemen… Had discovered a great scientific break through… The break through was universally acknowledged by all the science communities around the globe… Presentations was set globally for this mature scientist who had practiced very much undiscovered for the majority of his life.

From a very poor and traditional culture he came from and the nurturing presented to him was one of much love… respect… honesty… tradition… piousity… humbleness… forgiveness… faith… simplicity. .. care… cleansing and hygiene…

Yet his mother and father were forever poor… and his father had died a poor old man as his parents before him. His mother layed sick at home with his siblings, all middle aged living under the one small shack of correcated iron and wood cabinets… He had a happy childhood and would always be seen happy playing in the veranda of his childhood home…

His father worked indeed hard to pay for his sons schooling. In which the professor favoured and progressed further accomplishments, with great grades as a student of universities in Europe…

The professor had studied in total for 29 years… in that time he had accumulated 4 degrees in the fields of quantum mechanics and physics… He also taught inbetween his final 2 degrees to receive an income to send home to his very large and grateful family in Yemen.

The family was always humble to recieve any little money he sent them home… Though he always promised his parents he would one day pay for a round trip around the world… when he would be successful and rich… Unfortunately is father died on the brink of his break through… and scientific accomplishments.

Which his mother also layed in such a tragedy sick & hurt from shrapnel wounds, for a whole decade… His elder brothers were indeed killed in conflicts of war…

He had wanted to join the army but was prevented by his father… because the professor was the last surviving son..

It was with the family’s life savings in which they payed for his education. This had never been achieved with in the history of his family before!

The child now an accomplished professor was the first and only member of an original 15 strong family, in which only 7 members had survived military invasion and corruption!

The professor pioneering his findings took his presentation, from nation to nation, in which he was recieved by media personal and authority…

The professor in interviews… was questioned about his strange dress sense, which was a thing of humour to the comfort of the European bystanders…

Every professional gathering he attended and proceeded to give a talk of his presentation… people in the audience… laughed at him… joked… pointed fingers at him… some even via the advocation of shouts, abused him and hurled fruit at him…

This occured from audience to audience all across europe… he was very saddened and dissapointed that nobody wanted to listen to his breakthrough research which would be historical in later years… after a few years lecturing at all the major universities and offices… travelling…. he became home sick and dissapointed of his failure by the public… His countrymen heard of his misery and was advised to go home… He went home and was slowly recovering from the ill abuse he recieved while abroad in Europe..

When he was interviewed by reporters of Yemen… “why?” They inquisitioned.. “Why and what was the reason, to his actions of terminating his work overseas, to return home to his humbling beginning?”

Professor reported to the capricious reporter of the “Abuse and humiliation he suffered when in Europe. ..”

The reporter gently replied to him… their culture is based upon visual attire and truth is based upon appearances… go back and finish your work wearing their attire”

To this strange order he replied “No… my father told me to respect my tradition…”

“This would surely crush the weight in his heart!”

The other reporters all then shared their personal tragedies and various experiences of abuses… all experienced in the treatment from the wicked Europeans who despised the Yemen People..

They (Yemen country men) told him ” you have put our quiet nation on the map… please continue for us with your lectures? ”

The professor agreed…

The Professor arrived shortly back to his residence of work in European shores. ..

The following week the professor prepared his standard presentation…

the day of the presentation, he said a pray for his people and walked to the auditorium. ..

Upon entrance he was reintroduced to a standing ovation, which had never been recieved before… for any scientist in the building…

After the speech and presentation… he was swarmed by a huge welcoming applause… while roses was even thrown on stage…

The professor took the microphone one last time and slowly breathed…

Then stated aided by his gentle Yemen accent… “Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the auditorium. .. may peace be onto you in gods name”

He then untied his shoe lases, while the crowd looked on in total perplexities to his every move…

He untied one shoe, then put it down be side him… then the other.. he then turned the shoe upside down and jelly fell out of the shoe onto the floor..

The crowd, amazed and bewildered… looked on and stated that “The professor is mad…”

The professor then untied his waist coat and then took off his shirt… to the horrific picture of his entire chest covered in custard!

He, the professor… then took one final last bow and then walked out of the auditorium, to a stunned and silent crowd!

The professor was never heard of again except in folk tale for “Morals”

His magnanimous work, lived on… in which it inspired billions of people… In professional affiliations his work is mentioned as much as his final presentation and previous appearances…

The moral of the story is…

The Truth Shall Always Remain As The Truth, However It Is Presented…..”

“People Will Only Value The Truth Or Genius, If It Is Presented By Those Who Dress Or Represent The Cultures They Are From!”

Thank you… I trust you light workers… light bearers… truth tellers… truth seekers… indigos… Chrystals… Platinums… Live Well And Have Not Surreptitiously Slid To The Darkness Of Homogenous Ambition….S Memo_379 S Memo_378 S Memo_377 S Memo_375 S Memo_374 S Memo_368 S Memo_319 S Memo_369 S Memo_296 S Memo_373 Corruption_1 S Memo_370 S Memo_365 S Memo_371 S Memo_340 S Memo_360 S Memo_357 S Memo_344 S Memo_334 Cv and skill

Be well in prosperity and light work and the effervescent knowledge sharing…

“Alpha To The Omega” The “G”reatest “O”rder “D”emonstrated

Must read★★★ The most important read of literature since THUMMA THEOLOGIAE

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How do we even try to describe the supreme being… The one which started all existence…

Fore the word “GOD” is too far inferior, as such a disruption has been too far tainted and ruined by mankind and mainly via the newest international language set upon the earth! That of the ENGLISH language and the multiple meanings per word. Such a language is still inferior to the comparisons of “ARABIC” for instance which is millions of times larger and more accurate.

RATIO between the two languages is vastly NONE comparisable

example No1.

For instance, if we was to measure the entirety of the ENGLISH language…. by symbolising a measuring instruments holding water?

The measure tool we will obtain will be a cup?

Please go and retrieve a large cup for this precision of this experiment… Thank you!

Now that you…

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“Alpha To The Omega” The “G”reatest “O”rder “D”emonstrated




How do we even try to describe the supreme being… The one which started all existence…

Fore the word “GOD” is too far inferior, as such a disruption has been too far tainted and ruined by mankind and mainly via the newest international language set upon the earth! That of the ENGLISH language and the multiple meanings per word. Such a language is still inferior to the comparisons of “ARABIC” for instance which is millions of times larger and more accurate.

RATIO between the two languages is vastly NONE comparisable

example No1.

For instance, if we was to measure the entirety of the ENGLISH language…. by symbolising a measuring instruments holding water?

The measure tool we will obtain will be a cup?

Please go and retrieve a large cup for this precision of this experiment… Thank you!

Now that you have the empty cup?

And fill up the cup with water, untill the water is exactly level with the brim at the top of the cup!

Slowly sit the cup on a flat even service! Now you have achieved this, just look at the cup. Understanding… this cup filled with water to the top is the measure of the whole of the ENGLISH language!

Please feel free to drink the water to empty the cup for the next experiment?

Now that the cup is empty? Place the cup back on the table. The next experiment will be a little to difficult. So as a result of this difficulty, I would ask you to only imagine you are doing the experiment, simply by first closing your eyes?

Your eyes are now closed!

Now focus on the cup (The empty cup sitting on the table). Image the “ARABIC LANGUAGE” is the water being poured into the cup?

To obtain an approximation in accurate measurements of water for this cup? The length of time this experiment would surmount, enters into days! The approximation of water necessary for this measurement to take place would be millions of gallons necessary!

That is billions of cups of water to measure the ARABIC language in its total entirety!

Thus this vast language can not be fully translated because it is the largest language in the history of mankind!

What we read in the ENGLISH translation of the ARABIC language, is equivalent to nothing at all… Absolutely nothing at all!

The Word Allah Does Not mean *”GOD”* It means much and supremely much more multiples by infinity!


The word “ALLAH”, let us try and explain that which it means in the inferior insufficient language of ENGLISH!


No1. A) 

“The alpha to the omega” Nothing unto… and nothing arrived before…, as nothing shall arrive after… Such as the authority acknowledged as the ultimate legislation of all existence everywhere. This magnanimous unequivocal unimaginable power, which governs beyond our understanding, beyond our thoughts, perceptions, visualisation and appreciation of such an authority in the outer space of existence, or the outer space existence/The cosmos it’s self ((herself?)) The originator of life being the first the last and everything! As also nothing is unto such behaviour but such… thus this living unimaginable entity is not a twin or son and has no father, superior or creator or government to report to, but SOLE essence of living entity (The Self) The depth of space-time measuring the/this authority… this author… this legislation. .. this power… this creator is totally unmeasurable… and will never ever be able to be measured in the quantum of all space-time AND any future super technology or supersonic distinguished atomical equipment or projections!

No1. B)


No1. C)


● < Understanding the word “Submission?”

No2. A)

SUBMISSION: To surrender to..

………    To Obey….

To Except with equivocation or dispute. Transform and agree acknowledgement.  Give into. To be in favour to. To align under. Be in appreciation to and apprehension under/of. Be under order and influence of. Befriend instead of oppose. Be influenced by management!

No3. A) will!

What is will?

“Will”: Energy of creation and life. :Also ideal and goal or intention.

:Manifestation and salutations. Light love and embrace.

:Spirit Soul Core… Enlightened. .. Fuel… Supplements!

No4. A) Muslim.

What is a Muslim?

What is a “MUSLIM?” Simply that which submits to the will of “ALLAH” (THE BENEFICIENT, THE MOST MERCIFUL THE MOST HIGH)

That which behaves in the structure it was originally intended for, In the manner it was created for?

So we can agree with any equivocations that a “STONE” on a beach is a muslim!

A “Atom” in existence is a muslim! 

The combination of “Hydrogen and Oxygen” is a muslim! As also Chemicals from the atmosphere… Dust… Light… Wind… Heat are all muslims! As indeed Earth Wind water & Fire Every known entity and substance is a muslim! All substances known or unknown to humanity? All obey the law in which it was created for! 

All substance lays worship and credelence to the creator in each natural form, by just excepting the form it was created in?

Forms can change from one basic form to another form in perpetual dimensional alteration from basic one object to another identity, as long as the essence of the form does not change that which it is suppose to change from or to? This as part of the universal legislation of the entity?

EXAMPLE: Dust will always have the essence of dust, regardless of what it is mixed with. It benefits many attributes from home, to soil. The application of dust has quantum value! This substance is ecletic, but it never loses it’s value as long as it acknowledges it’s form as a fundamental building essence. It is nomore no less! It (DUST) can not be anymore or less than it is? Dust can not be precious DIAMONDS or JEWELS! If DUST tried to be precious minerals it would be forfeiting its basic premise to exist as a muslim (THAT WHICH OBEYS THE NATURAL FORM IT WAS CREATED FOR?) Luckily the basic fundamentals is supremely negotiable.  

This steady negotiations created billions of life forms throughout each planet.. by simple DEOXYRUBONEICLIC ACID… This ingenious threads memorise each code to repeat the form in reciprocation of love and appreciation! The work is saluted by all who view the art or the entity… simply by acknowledgement of that which they are viewing! The phylogenetic code of each form is stored in the DNA of the organism. 1 Gram of DNA can store all the data in the world since the world began! Now imagine how many combinations of life have ever lived…? Are living in separate universes… will live?

I apologise I should not really be asking you the reader such a thing do to… As truly to think so deeply if you are not use to it is quite painful!

I must share with you I have been practicing my thoughts since the age of approximately “THREE” Years old.. I began with kids thoughts but as I quickly grew I became interested with the world and its issues. Unfortunately I never had anyone to talk to about such thoughts so would often talk to myself. This was how my mind grew expeditiously! I have been practicing these thought engagement ever since I was a child. ALMOST all of my life minus 3 tiny years. Now the simple minded have accused my apparitions and thoughts and geniuses of creating madness.

However.. that is totally ok.. as I knew they could not visualise that which I could visualise! It has scared me at young ages and times in previous years… to know what others kill themselves to know litterary..

I mean to advocate, most events systems and aspects appear to me as common sense. I think my fathers brilliance was passed down to me… I can not find any other result of my thoughts. My family are nothing like me to the point I wondered if I am actually related to them (not important)? I can only relate to my father and nobody else!

If you too are this way… you are not alone… it is not a fashion for us… nor did we seek it.. we just where born different and never tried to think differently. .. I would not be a muslim if I tried to think differently. .. you can not be a muslim if your initial fundamental behaviorism has altered from your genuine essence.

Nonetheless only you live with yourself so therefore only you will know who you are?

If you are trying to be something else that you are not then you are not a muslim… You will be breaking the legislation you was created for? My theory is my guess that if you are a women by nature but are trying to be a man? Then you are changing the legislation of your DNA so this relegates as a forfeiture of your essence! Or vice versa?

I think the same think is attributed to poor efforting to be rich and vice versa? This is why you will find many people surreptitiously are bequethed with dilapidation and misanthropy when they try to gain higher levels of the self? This is simply because they are propagating resistance to their natural biotic form and identity.

Example No1. A)

If a wasp endeavours to behave like a fish it will indeed struggle all it’s natural life untilll feverish death prohibits further life.

Also we can suggest that if a worm tried to mimic the life of a “ANT” or another separate insect, the worm would equally struggle in its life. This forfeiture is the ultimate hazardous juxtaposition for any life form or species. Fortunately most life forms have been fully educated enough to except full comprehension of that essence which they actually are. Study self to discover who or what you was created for.

Remember it is an impossibility that another entity separate from yourself can tell you or anyone else, that which you was created for. My words here are simple guidelines for understanding who you are. Ultimately only you will know what your essence was created for?

FOR some strange reason, humankind is the only essence of life which it struggles with it’s identity? There has been suggestion that this confusion is a direct result of our greed and level of intelligents. I am beginning to think our intelligence is not really intelligence if we as a species are existing contrary to how we was designed to exist?! We was created in a fully eco friendly system (we could call it a home, which we endeavoured to destroy). How smart is a species that perpetually destroys its own habitant… home… food… life…existence and planet?

The answer is not smart at all but rather the quintessential contrary. A dilettante of life. Not a professor of life but a delineation of delinquencies affirmed in it’s trails of destruction!


Three words

1. Allah        2.Muslim       3. Submit

This spells

1. Creator    2. Creation    3. Credence

No1. Creator = Oringinator… Producer… Composer! No2. Creation = Subject… Invention… Product…

No3. Credence = Believer. .. Conviction. .. Faith! The three words together translate to: “That which none unto or before or after… Namely The alpha to the omega… and all matter submitting to that which it was created for!

This is the translation I have translated for you… from a very well informed Imam named Muhammad, a great arabic schollar who has taught ARABIC FOR 50 YEARS IN YEMEN, in which I was very grateful to have the opportunity to have studied here under and taught arabic by… a long time ago!

Thank you Muhammed!

S Memo_265 S Memo_260 S Memo_259 S Memo_252 Realisation of a genius S Memo_246 S Memo_206 S Memo_204 S Memo_184 Arthur C Clark 3 laws_1 Clark 3rd Law 1. Neologisms clark 3 laws 4 Neologisms of Clark 5 Neologisms of clark 6 Relationship_2  S Memo_102 S Memo_152 S Memo_138 S Memo_139

Peace and blessings muslims world wide… the ant The atom the wind.. thr goat the human. ..





Ionospheric Disturbances Of Our Cultures

“Euphonic Symphony”

We shall attempt to preserve some basic understandings of fruition and autonomy today…

As you have been aware, we have travelled… engaged.. evolved and sculptured the cerebrum and our personal automation for preservation and pious.. We shall not destroy the body… But as you have been keenly aware we have freely taught you the survival instincts, in order to best place harmony in your world on earth. We shall endeavour whether your ionospheric disturbances become broken or not. Every year a child is born… every man or woman becomes of age, in which the necessary arrangements are needed for survival. Therefore we have to continue employing the knowledge, As indeed, there will forever exist an identity who is unfamiliar with the principles of autonomy wherever they shall be….?


Unfortunately. .. It is much more difficult to teach an old dog new tricks! As the old statement is mentioned.. we are aware via numorous multiplied numorously in experiments, amongst scientific data researched in laboratories around the world of the patterns of neurological behaviour. . I have also discussed with you on numerous occasions the dilapidation endured by the mind under foreign stimuli (Narcotics, Intoxicants, Smoke Inhalations, Hazzardous substances, substantial fumes). All these dangers course major danger to the anatomy… nervous system with in yourself… Once these disturbances arise it is impossible at that period to percieve clearly at all.. The correct process is to slowly slowly, retract away from the toxic affirmations which disturb the anatomy… Indeed there exist professional practices which administer aid for the recovery of the fatal anatonomy.

Yet we are aware medicated substances are not enough to remove such ill traits within ones body. As we reiterated the body is a superheterodyne ionospheric disturbance, collaborative with matter density and polyphonic carbonate structures..

In simpleton terms… The anatomy is quite the genius it self! A musician that can read the most complicated rhythms. .. A poet that can prose the most eloquent tale… A mathematician that can sum intricate configurations… the writer that can construct the most treasured love story…. the painter that can created the most polychromatic display… the aerial astronautic that can manoeuvre precision abound… the great columbus stratos that can guide any wind surfer safely… Thus, the body be a feat in living life!

Understanding the nature of the body is not even close to surviving toxic effects of the world unfortunately. .. It is also not even nearly close as I have reiterate to you via information again and again and again and again in late 2013….

Indeed… you are probably not even nearly close… but only one day you maybe???

For now we will continue to explore, dissolve, arrange, attempt, share, solve, undertake, comprehend and hopefully if not too ignorant… we may also appreciate the level of necessities needed to shift the toxics from our natural ionospherics!!!

As we have stated a multitude of characters causes the disturbances and misalignments. .. Basicly each all and everything causes effects… and to be in prime is to be 100% aware 100% of the time… For one reason… That is so important. .. occurs when our immune system needs the necessary fortitude to apprehend the disturbances, we may be in a formidable position to sanction action against these foreign bodies that destroy our well being?

One of the strangest suprises which needs mentioning, is the greatest threat to your health….?

Can you guess that which it identified as this threat?

Do you have an idea?

Lets us carefully think about it for a brief minute… while we breath at ease…..

At this moment clear your head of all disturbances and ill thought, as we have previously discussed in heart… mind… ear… mouth and eye cleansing posts!!

Take your necessary 5minutes or so in deep breaths… then think back on your life…

Well! Now it is indeed quite simple you see… you probably have the answer already.. in just 5minutes of  steady breathing exercises…

The answer you should have in your mind of the greatest danger to your longevity and autonomic inclines is “False Information”… period!

As we have discussed again and again and again… and we will continue to do so…


Not because of others machinist attributes. .

Not because of others hate or prejudices…

Not because of Neurological debilitation by authors…

Not even because of ignorance…

But rather because one and only one single fact… that fact is again “Relationships”…

Ones “Relationship” to the aspect. . This means one’s understanding of the aspect… or we can state one’s identity to the aspect. The relativity!

Einstein’s relativity. I hope you have understood by now what this means… if not read Up on relativity please!!

“Salvaging the paradigms to your beautiful existence” @>>>


This blog post as much as those in the education category will indeed aid your understanding of many and much things… such information can aid you in understanding the life around you and other peoples perspectives which are often totally useless to you as a separate entity!

I have realised that each and every species from the higher frequency ionospheric polytones are equipt with sharing better advice to one another in times of crises then the average human… That which I have realises is humans only talk for human euphoric… and often their data is unfactual and totally incorrect. .This is done for pure pleasure. .. or that which is commonly stated? “Let us kill time”.. This assertion illustrates let us do anything… or whatever where ever… let us just talk for talking sake. .. You will see this occur everywhere you step where people abode? Often not communicating precise information or true information?

I am certain you can not except information or advice from such lips… Unfortunately many have… many still do… and many will continue… to endulge this disease…

Why do people alert to wrong information?

There are millions and millions of reasons… Some are obviously personal reasons…. The most common is to fit in with a body… person… identity… fashion… trend… for fear of loneliness… For many people anything is better than alone for many this is the worst thing about life…

Therefore many will subtract their intelligence. .. peace of mind and possibly honesty and integrity to bypass aloneness, to keep company of all skewed behaviours and moments which keeps them occupied away from truth!

As expected this naturally passed on again and again untill a generation beliefs it as fact!

So the fumula here is read…. as…

“Boredom + Lack of intelligence + Fear of Aloneness = Search for dire company + Desperation + Misery = Lost × Confusion / Filling Voids With Inaccuracies and woeful information!

There are many ways to combat this disease… Through practice I have realise that reading solves most of the problems. ..

why does reading solving the problem..?

No1. Reading first exercises the brain cells

No2. Reading boost confidence and passing on viable information. ..

No3. Reading teachers you how to communicate and use language correctly. ..

No4. Reading teachers you how to research and problem solving…

No5. Reading teachers you the art of conversations. ..

No6. Truly reading is just perfect!I would also add one who wants to begin reading books to start of on simple stories.. then try to appreciate evidential information? Study the information?

“If thou hast gathered nothing in thy youth, how canst thou find any thing in thine age?”


If you need aid or advice or feel you are surrendering to much of your intelligence to unfactual unintelligent disruptions of toxic ionospheric disturbances?

I can surely effort to aim to get you to a better frequency level them the one you are suffering upon..

All is done just simply by sharing knowledge. .. information. .. studies. .. and ideas…

Problem solving is built upon brain storming for personal autonomy. ..

Remember we are ultimately different yet the same… many things will never work for you as many things will…

Find the autonomy of yours. ..S Memo_362 S Memo_3 S Memo_72 S Memo_80 S Memo_130 S Memo_133 S Memo_138

S Memo_364

S Memo_139

Thank you and be well in your search for truth and reason… truth bearers and truth seekers….. Light bearers and light shearers ignite the torch of illumination as light sabres. …

well in earnest truth tellers… and non wispers…

Be well….