“Alpha To The Omega” The “G”reatest “O”rder “D”emonstrated




How do we even try to describe the supreme being… The one which started all existence…

Fore the word “GOD” is too far inferior, as such a disruption has been too far tainted and ruined by mankind and mainly via the newest international language set upon the earth! That of the ENGLISH language and the multiple meanings per word. Such a language is still inferior to the comparisons of “ARABIC” for instance which is millions of times larger and more accurate.

RATIO between the two languages is vastly NONE comparisable

example No1.

For instance, if we was to measure the entirety of the ENGLISH language…. by symbolising a measuring instruments holding water?

The measure tool we will obtain will be a cup?

Please go and retrieve a large cup for this precision of this experiment… Thank you!

Now that you have the empty cup?

And fill up the cup with water, untill the water is exactly level with the brim at the top of the cup!

Slowly sit the cup on a flat even service! Now you have achieved this, just look at the cup. Understanding… this cup filled with water to the top is the measure of the whole of the ENGLISH language!

Please feel free to drink the water to empty the cup for the next experiment?

Now that the cup is empty? Place the cup back on the table. The next experiment will be a little to difficult. So as a result of this difficulty, I would ask you to only imagine you are doing the experiment, simply by first closing your eyes?

Your eyes are now closed!

Now focus on the cup (The empty cup sitting on the table). Image the “ARABIC LANGUAGE” is the water being poured into the cup?

To obtain an approximation in accurate measurements of water for this cup? The length of time this experiment would surmount, enters into days! The approximation of water necessary for this measurement to take place would be millions of gallons necessary!

That is billions of cups of water to measure the ARABIC language in its total entirety!

Thus this vast language can not be fully translated because it is the largest language in the history of mankind!

What we read in the ENGLISH translation of the ARABIC language, is equivalent to nothing at all… Absolutely nothing at all!

The Word Allah Does Not mean *”GOD”* It means much and supremely much more multiples by infinity!


The word “ALLAH”, let us try and explain that which it means in the inferior insufficient language of ENGLISH!


No1. A) 

“The alpha to the omega” Nothing unto… and nothing arrived before…, as nothing shall arrive after… Such as the authority acknowledged as the ultimate legislation of all existence everywhere. This magnanimous unequivocal unimaginable power, which governs beyond our understanding, beyond our thoughts, perceptions, visualisation and appreciation of such an authority in the outer space of existence, or the outer space existence/The cosmos it’s self ((herself?)) The originator of life being the first the last and everything! As also nothing is unto such behaviour but such… thus this living unimaginable entity is not a twin or son and has no father, superior or creator or government to report to, but SOLE essence of living entity (The Self) The depth of space-time measuring the/this authority… this author… this legislation. .. this power… this creator is totally unmeasurable… and will never ever be able to be measured in the quantum of all space-time AND any future super technology or supersonic distinguished atomical equipment or projections!

No1. B)


No1. C)


● < Understanding the word “Submission?”

No2. A)

SUBMISSION: To surrender to..

………    To Obey….

To Except with equivocation or dispute. Transform and agree acknowledgement.  Give into. To be in favour to. To align under. Be in appreciation to and apprehension under/of. Be under order and influence of. Befriend instead of oppose. Be influenced by management!

No3. A) will!

What is will?

“Will”: Energy of creation and life. :Also ideal and goal or intention.

:Manifestation and salutations. Light love and embrace.

:Spirit Soul Core… Enlightened. .. Fuel… Supplements!

No4. A) Muslim.

What is a Muslim?

What is a “MUSLIM?” Simply that which submits to the will of “ALLAH” (THE BENEFICIENT, THE MOST MERCIFUL THE MOST HIGH)

That which behaves in the structure it was originally intended for, In the manner it was created for?

So we can agree with any equivocations that a “STONE” on a beach is a muslim!

A “Atom” in existence is a muslim! 

The combination of “Hydrogen and Oxygen” is a muslim! As also Chemicals from the atmosphere… Dust… Light… Wind… Heat are all muslims! As indeed Earth Wind water & Fire Every known entity and substance is a muslim! All substances known or unknown to humanity? All obey the law in which it was created for! 

All substance lays worship and credelence to the creator in each natural form, by just excepting the form it was created in?

Forms can change from one basic form to another form in perpetual dimensional alteration from basic one object to another identity, as long as the essence of the form does not change that which it is suppose to change from or to? This as part of the universal legislation of the entity?

EXAMPLE: Dust will always have the essence of dust, regardless of what it is mixed with. It benefits many attributes from home, to soil. The application of dust has quantum value! This substance is ecletic, but it never loses it’s value as long as it acknowledges it’s form as a fundamental building essence. It is nomore no less! It (DUST) can not be anymore or less than it is? Dust can not be precious DIAMONDS or JEWELS! If DUST tried to be precious minerals it would be forfeiting its basic premise to exist as a muslim (THAT WHICH OBEYS THE NATURAL FORM IT WAS CREATED FOR?) Luckily the basic fundamentals is supremely negotiable.  

This steady negotiations created billions of life forms throughout each planet.. by simple DEOXYRUBONEICLIC ACID… This ingenious threads memorise each code to repeat the form in reciprocation of love and appreciation! The work is saluted by all who view the art or the entity… simply by acknowledgement of that which they are viewing! The phylogenetic code of each form is stored in the DNA of the organism. 1 Gram of DNA can store all the data in the world since the world began! Now imagine how many combinations of life have ever lived…? Are living in separate universes… will live?

I apologise I should not really be asking you the reader such a thing do to… As truly to think so deeply if you are not use to it is quite painful!

I must share with you I have been practicing my thoughts since the age of approximately “THREE” Years old.. I began with kids thoughts but as I quickly grew I became interested with the world and its issues. Unfortunately I never had anyone to talk to about such thoughts so would often talk to myself. This was how my mind grew expeditiously! I have been practicing these thought engagement ever since I was a child. ALMOST all of my life minus 3 tiny years. Now the simple minded have accused my apparitions and thoughts and geniuses of creating madness.

However.. that is totally ok.. as I knew they could not visualise that which I could visualise! It has scared me at young ages and times in previous years… to know what others kill themselves to know litterary..

I mean to advocate, most events systems and aspects appear to me as common sense. I think my fathers brilliance was passed down to me… I can not find any other result of my thoughts. My family are nothing like me to the point I wondered if I am actually related to them (not important)? I can only relate to my father and nobody else!

If you too are this way… you are not alone… it is not a fashion for us… nor did we seek it.. we just where born different and never tried to think differently. .. I would not be a muslim if I tried to think differently. .. you can not be a muslim if your initial fundamental behaviorism has altered from your genuine essence.

Nonetheless only you live with yourself so therefore only you will know who you are?

If you are trying to be something else that you are not then you are not a muslim… You will be breaking the legislation you was created for? My theory is my guess that if you are a women by nature but are trying to be a man? Then you are changing the legislation of your DNA so this relegates as a forfeiture of your essence! Or vice versa?

I think the same think is attributed to poor efforting to be rich and vice versa? This is why you will find many people surreptitiously are bequethed with dilapidation and misanthropy when they try to gain higher levels of the self? This is simply because they are propagating resistance to their natural biotic form and identity.

Example No1. A)

If a wasp endeavours to behave like a fish it will indeed struggle all it’s natural life untilll feverish death prohibits further life.

Also we can suggest that if a worm tried to mimic the life of a “ANT” or another separate insect, the worm would equally struggle in its life. This forfeiture is the ultimate hazardous juxtaposition for any life form or species. Fortunately most life forms have been fully educated enough to except full comprehension of that essence which they actually are. Study self to discover who or what you was created for.

Remember it is an impossibility that another entity separate from yourself can tell you or anyone else, that which you was created for. My words here are simple guidelines for understanding who you are. Ultimately only you will know what your essence was created for?

FOR some strange reason, humankind is the only essence of life which it struggles with it’s identity? There has been suggestion that this confusion is a direct result of our greed and level of intelligents. I am beginning to think our intelligence is not really intelligence if we as a species are existing contrary to how we was designed to exist?! We was created in a fully eco friendly system (we could call it a home, which we endeavoured to destroy). How smart is a species that perpetually destroys its own habitant… home… food… life…existence and planet?

The answer is not smart at all but rather the quintessential contrary. A dilettante of life. Not a professor of life but a delineation of delinquencies affirmed in it’s trails of destruction!


Three words

1. Allah        2.Muslim       3. Submit

This spells

1. Creator    2. Creation    3. Credence

No1. Creator = Oringinator… Producer… Composer! No2. Creation = Subject… Invention… Product…

No3. Credence = Believer. .. Conviction. .. Faith! The three words together translate to: “That which none unto or before or after… Namely The alpha to the omega… and all matter submitting to that which it was created for!

This is the translation I have translated for you… from a very well informed Imam named Muhammad, a great arabic schollar who has taught ARABIC FOR 50 YEARS IN YEMEN, in which I was very grateful to have the opportunity to have studied here under and taught arabic by… a long time ago!

Thank you Muhammed!

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Peace and blessings muslims world wide… the ant The atom the wind.. thr goat the human. ..





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