“For Casting”

 A future : ‘For – Caste’

Wealth/social status/goals are all hall marks of the trap : Your participation increases the wealth of the elite.. ® : There can be only one real winner in every 1,000,000.. ®

The more entities chasing this accult dream, the more revenue is collected.. : The majority will never succeed: The majority play their role as the inanimate erected scaffolding, forever silently.. Of this colloidal feind

which hoists it’s hosts high..

This supports the hierarchies in total authority..

If the majority wake up and walk away as individuals can effortlessly perform?

The entire scaffolding folds and breaks, tumbling down, all the hierarchies at the top..

Familiarity, with him, that dared

Whom majestically, sat upon the Great Wall?

Sir Humb- Tea Dumb- Tea gleamed as he once rested upon the high wall..? When humb- Tea tumbled and fell of the wall.. All the Kings infantries ….. … … And all the King’s Wife-to-be …… Could not put humb – Tea.. back, Together, again…

For their woes were indeed upon them

All the administrations, Bishops, & Knights, Princes & princesses, Kings & Queens, stuttered, tumbled and fall ®

From their previlege walls.. ………. And onto the floor.. . Is the ending place, where they shall be flawed.. .. A cold oscillation, feverish breezes, layers at the core of a bore…

A nightmarish result and minus a score ….

Procurator fiscal decreasing evermore. Thee core of modern law…

The rendition strenches to the core

For we belong, not you of evil shores..

Devilish schemes and legitimate sores from Psychotic stoics, whom persecute the poor…

Corrupt legislation, the wealiest ignore…. An abundance of richest hidden and stored

It shall be.. A promising tumbling affair.. Be…

Brought to you by the poet.. “Be” K. ALIY ®

Titled: “Be… Tumble and fall” ©

2021-Infin-8-ty® (((((((((((((((((((💣)))))))))))))))))))

People do not realise how often this occurs…

It is actually ironic:


All modern police forces evolved from old, Ancient epochs referred to these individuals as ‘Regulators’ also ‘Men for hire and bounty hunters’ and bandits… Daring and fearless individuals with the apetite for blood.Evolution of civilisations has brought these Psychopaths to the place they are today: A complete unit which controls and devours each nation…Same old mentality with engineered skill and trickery to bamboozle the poor vulnerable villages of society…

‘Jack The Ripper’ was no petty theif! ‘

Before the introduction of law, legislation and acts, existed faith… Before faith existed was an earthly legislation named ‘The law of the land’
In the modern world ‘The law of the land is no longer used.

However all across the globe  small sects of remaining clangs and tribes… Gypsies, Pikies, Travellers, Bush-men Indigenous tribes, and ancient cultures continue to exist by the original legislations of earth, practices and nature… 

‘I believe’ ®

There are inherantly Psychologically sick… While it appears all people whom seek respect and authority with a specification of apetite and particular deviant genes: Find their oath in the forces; These diviants whom often lack natural god given talents and genuine inherited abilities and career paths find their way into the forces.. Every police officer coexist with this character as a personal temprement and faculty of behaviour.These types hail as legitimate Psychopaths of this world.
I came to the understanding that most crimes, unsolved mysteries and kiddnaping are most likely at the hands of the police…
People underestimate the sheer devilish of the forces of human nature…

Uniforms do not stop wrongful actions.. Uniforms exchange the participants of wrongful actions…

In a just world, facts may be decided in court?The problem here arises as this is not a just world full of honest courts and representatives…
You will not find facts in court…?

courts display enforcement upon the most vulnerable people (Not necessarily via age or disability related) often poor and isolated, escape coated and vilified for the satisfaction of diseased minds.

Totally on the contrary to just ethics, that motion.
It is almost unbelievable, however still, ignorance and all those alike, are the exact reason corruption exist so freely:

It is the supporters and all those who turn a blind eye at the face of this malpractice which evolves and finds it’s way into all things…

Thus: The reason the world is in this poor condition of life.
With sales on the demand : Without the clients – demand, there is no product. Product being ‘Systemic abuse’ Clients being the Vulnerable/Gov sector workers/Veterans/Ex Gov employers – Agencies/Emotionally scarred without – resillience/Gullible/Pensioners/Histerical/Over fearfull/Desperate/Refugees/ill and Disabled etc…?

These individuals are overly enthusiastic while heavily relient upon the leaders of the country. 
I noticed that individuals in these categories are indeed the true backbone in support of the poor practices and legislative systems promoting wrong doing.

The vulnerable and desperate are the scafolding to the dilapidated bridge. Unfortunately these groups i mentioned, neither understand a thing in regards to law and legislation, while always accepting and confiding to media and law without hesitation.


Courts are fake…

Courts are set up now as a business..You do know that?

How many times have you known of or discovered innocent people serving life sentences due to :

Corrupt legal team/tampered evidence/court-prosecution failures to uphold etiquette proceedings/misconduct of officers/false witness statements/illegality of procedures/Intimidation of police & prosecution/poverty of accused/deficiency of accused/Ethnicity of accused/Wrong identity/Lack of solid alibi and defence, incompetence and corruption…?

Stepping into a court room is similar to starring at smartly dressed giant blue rabbits wearing wigs smoking cigars and blowing fearcely into a brass ‘euphonium’

Imagine all the creatures that are dancing all around..?

While rats pound the sound of beats upon the drums..

As they flow with the younger piper… along,

The imaginary canal banks…


It is a ‘Two way’ process…

Poverty is a consequence both white supremacy and ill afforded people making poor decisions in producing babies without good infrastructure, personal wealth and interpersonal skills!
When an individual gains high qualifications, job and wealth and the ability to transform and manouvre with the mindset to be patient and harvests an abundance of education, oppose to producing a family of people and not off puting the tragedy of bringing further damaged and poor lineages of descendents into be in here, sufferering. Eventually creating evermore lineages of people born into suffering in this domain.


People do not realise how often this occurs…?

Almost all people are sucked into the international spell via personal goals and dreams.. These aspects are binding to the spell or system.. Having a career, wife and family is the pinnacle of the spell. Those in such a position do not and can see under the spell of the deception.. For everything they do in their current situation binds them further into the spell.Those in positions of authority play there role and everyone aids this theatrical farce.


I also have had multiple inventions stolen..
I have witnessed these inventions in the shops and stores, in sales publications and magazines, online and in commercial advertisements..

The theives are non other than Governments serveillence parasites operating technical equipment for the benefit of fiscal prosperity.
These technologies, which is hidden in your home in total disguise, watching, invading and preying upon the vulnerable things you do and stealing your hard work, time, efforts, genius inventions.. To further exploit.
The worse thing is, most people in society, unwisely contributed and indeed so, permitted it to occur throughout it’s earliest administration?

The serveillence is disguise via procurator fiscal legislation as monitoring the safety of the nation…
Perhaps : Once a upon a time home serveillence was genuinely used to monitor terrorism…

However, modern times always proves alternative uses for technology which benefits the government.

Not surprisingly:
People whom indeed, voted for these types of government legislations never ever perceive what it will later become & used for and the misuses, Violations, conflicts of interests and Manipulations regarding such technology?

Generally, 🔮 Short sightedness of the future and ‘Super – Enriched – Niavety’ towards government’s misappropriation, is a common prevalent and derivative of the infamous authoritarianism and the things amongst the bewildered hurd 🐑💨🔛👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 sheople.

Indeed interesting to state:
In addition the Sheople share striking behavioural characteristics to the 🐐 Gregarious Goat-people 🐐👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 aka the infamous Goatians or Goatmen or Goathlanders as also the Great – Cow – people; Otherwise known as “Towards Cowmen/Cowomen” abbreviated into Cowards!
Also if we investigate the “Donkey – people” ; Donki – Sapiens or Donkorians!

We can perceive a great resemblance in subservience of characteristic nature towards servitude under administrative dominance by their governments.

Despite the wrong doing and abject criminality of their overlords, subservient slaves may fearfully remain in a position of willing to still remain patriot – istic (Ally) honour and obligation towards those individuals in the hierarchies?

However : I mitigate things by how it is administrated..?
By that I mean: Everything can be used for a revival of good or evil?

What concerns me more is what has become of the minds of the many?
If we exam the Psychology of majority partisanship:

Elected the governments…
Voted for the Candidates…
Cried for the installation of CCTV.
Enthused for Monitoring practices..?
Demanded More of These Evil Police be present on the streets…? “
Rallied for police given increased powers to” Stop & Search” laws ?
Demanded for longer sentences?
Cried out for Further “Prohibition”?
Demanded Police be given the use of ballistic fire arms..?
Voted for Police to not be prevented from call of duties..?

Now here we are…
Police officers have been given the highest rights in all of Law and protection… This hails by the title “Licence to Immunity”

Guess what this means and look who surrendered it to them ?

If the BBC “BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION” are involved in this documentary as a finance resource then this document is corrupted
: Whenever wherever whatever, why – ever western societies involve themselves with foreign nations, those nations always succumbed to further debilition…
Remembrance : We are the world/save Africa/foreign appeals/one voice/names/Khalil/Aliy/World/Names/Places/Dates/Events/Poverty/Refugee/Syria/Iraq/Libya/Afganistan/Asylum/Water/Hunger/Pregnancy/Rape/Abuse/Black people/Gangs/Middle east/Fear/Religions/Control/Negligence/Guns/Touch/Arms/War/Terrorist/Corruption…

These words are mentioned to galvanise immediate actions…
The western media prefers to use these words as these words represent specific programmes which can be actioned, in any moments in time and place..
The programming initiative from birth into Western Schooling and further onto society…

Ignoring independent information, ignoring one’s genuine intuition and ignoring self study, will unfortunately
lead to self deprivation of yourself the working classes/poor/debilitated.

What’s more…
These words which relate to actions, that are programmed to your Psychy which enable emotional responses… Often violating one’s freewill and true sense of independence and 💭 thoughts..

The responses do NOT end with an emotional OUTBURSTS? 🤔

The objective is frequently financially motivated :
However, agenda can be physically experienced through your behaviour and actions via hatred towards… another, often for no legitimate reasons other than the initial programming…
The enmity you experienced is utilised to destroy and defame targets, activists, blacks and black nations by way of dethronement of black governments/empires, fair astute individuals with a sense of virtue and importance. Finally when the scheme is set when isolation of targets are achieved..
In order to ravish the tagetted lands and feast upon the resources of the subjected individual or identity, nation…?

Take a good long look at the countries most acquainted with these types of programs? 🤔

The programme is often is a long-term scheme… Which consistently takes planning and operative scheming throughout.
There exist groups and think tanks engineered for this task, deployed by official agencies and bureaus. Carefully working shifts around the clock inorder to engineer these long term goals.. ®

These financial bureaus and agencies are incredibly sophisticated by the use of the most advanced equipment and technology for maintaining the support from gullible – desperate – niave Hive minds

Whom often unwittingly aid the atrocities against black nations..
Everything you do in the western world aids the destruction of black nations…

You are trapped within a ‘surreal prostration’ in constant subservience
towards evil progenitors and white supremacy all over the world…. ®

Your selfish goals, family, addictions and dreams forever bind you to this evil legislation authorised by Societies ®

Each people do not understand exactly who the government actually is.
Governments and their bureau agents are ruthless individuals.
The word political gives the impression government agents are soft. They are Oftentimes Psychologically disturbed.

Every countries governments are the leading gang of the current period, until a future gang disposes of them.
To hope for government legislation for your everyday problems is a slightly naivety on the part of each citizen’s perception

Rating: 1 out of 5.


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Maasai® Love by dying Fate

 Some people or rather many people, assume the faithful ‘MAASAI’ ® will now meet their doom! 🤔

The ‘CREATOR’ ® of all things has a power, which is un-perceived, a measure which is unmeasureable, a plan which, which can not be registered ® nor realise!!


If we will place our optimistic emotions away, and concentrate on the barbaric patterns of western government coups/schemes/spying tactics, you may realise what people are talking about? 樂

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Spirits of the unseen, wavering in the midst of cloak and night sky, shimmering unrecognisable, haunting and lamenting the atmosphere with mysterious clouds of cold fright. Penetrative sensations of extreme emptiness, bestowed the crowds in markets, continuing deep into the dark of live nightmares.. Years metamorphosised into Decades, into centuries into a whole new millennium. Inwhich the citizens existed in considerable fear of the churches of England. Those whom attempted to speak against the authority known as the Church would be punished for heresy: Blasphemous against the ordinance of the Church and representatives; The priests and monks of the churches were the principal leaders and primary worshippers whose positions served the country as gods spokesmen and distant disciples of the holy trinitarian : Mary Madeline, Jesus Christ and Holy spirit.

The age old requirements of personification and persecution persist in the shadows of English society once again.. A reminder of many previous correspondences exist within the shallows of death and doom. The treacherous BLACK PLAGUE of the 18 Century. The Rations devided to increase the longevity of very scarce resources. The punishment from the Catholic Church, and the archaic brutishly inhuman torture mechanisms:

These deviced instruments of torture, were engineered exclusively for the purposes of efficiency and managing those liberated criminal entities within the poorest of society, encumbered with the behaviour accustomed for prehistoric cavemen. Manipulating devices of extreme cruelty and public torture were liberated for the publics practices of entertainment and a form of barbaric justice, though rather crude at best.

Moreover these devices were incredibly archaic and persecuted any victim of the torture into permanent development Psychosis, debilitation and anxiety. Such of the devices capability, steered public behaviours, opinions, characteristics and consciousness.

Over a period of decades, fear increased and cemented the level of servitude demanded from the hierarchies of the Catholic priest hood, whom believed the brotherhood of the Catholic Churches all across England were bestowed ordained leadership and obliged omniscience level authoritarianism over all living things.

Interestingly enough, to this day, an obssesive pattern of the omniscience Psychological state, continues to exist in guise of totalitarianism. This is a modern patented legislation for official authoritarianism. Residing in guise as justice at all the highest levels of political affiliation and aristocratic wealth, continuing to flow steadily downwards into government legislative positions, all private legislative positions upholding laws, acts, Procurator fiscal, regulators, health service and general citizens..✍🏿 💗



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Thus: The fearfulness and dredge is exacerbated everywhere throughout English and United Kingdom, I suspect the exact occurs everywhere else in this world?

The haunting traumas of inherited generational trauma, echoed throughout the ages from the ancestry – predecessors of such torture experiences and everlasting ethereal scarring ; The ancestral generations who were haunted throughout the chapters of those medieval dark ages across early (Pre) England. The imposed authority scathing from the Byzantine empire and French revolutions, impaired the Psychology of the earlier natives in early epoch before (Pre) the governance of England was established. Those Anglo-Saxons are most likely todays Scottish and Irish Clangs, with a relative division escaping the clutches of further slaughter from the Roman Empire’s invasions across pre – England at the early stages of Anno Domini – throughout the Roman control in command, remaining to control early pre England.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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June 2021

In the modern and old traditions of servitude to governments, I am unclear what general societies want to prepare for or preserve: What do people hope to preserve themselves yourself from I wonder and what is it you wish to “prevent from being” ?

A legislation exist in order to bring into being the necessary autonomy and balance into existence for life to flourish and beyond that.. We need do nothing in all truth, just sit and wait.. Such force is over familiar with proceeding events:

Be; It is long since aware of it’s be the departure schedule, as it already knows what it will ‘be’ – do, what it will come ‘be’ – for, whom it will descend upon and for what it ‘be’ it comes for, why it’s arrival is necessary ‘be’ and it’s coming ‘be’ , the summoning of it’s being ‘be’ , it’s order ‘be’ , it’s mandatory manifestation ‘be’ , of it’s being and where ‘be’ ?

: Thoughout the beginning when humanity carefully ‘Be – came’ a life in existence and adopted these instincts of universal legislation.
In that Faithfull epoch, autonomy existed and flourished under supervision of supreme authority.

Humanity has aided the alterations of a possible predestination for it’s grandios being, the self, the society and identity?
Taking into law and attempted to create a parallel legislation for it’s keep and self preservation, priority and it’s survival…
How ironic: Perhaps, for a mere moment it paraded as a spark of genuine legislation.. Perhaps?

The poor efforts of niave offsprings whom are the distant descendents related to the children spawned from the inequities of the Nephilim kind?

Have existed as Lords, emperor, Kings and associate assembly of rulers and dictators of the lands. These infections of grandiose hierarchies have delivered upon the lands their own personal Psychological perspectives of legislation.
These legislations created by human types are in CONTEMPT of genuine LAWS here and everywhere! Universal laws that have existed thoroughly throughout space and motion.
ONLY can such devisive creatures that scheme to get ahead of the rest, be in unity with the written legislation and practices of these corrupt parasites in present periods here on earth.

These families, societies, creed, crust and creations are in direct “Violation” to all natural known and unknown laws everywhere in existence…

It is Not a genuine ‘wonder’ when we try to understand the reason for ‘why’ they are ‘dying’, in the manner they are dying?

Those cultural parasites – diferred organisms and culture have become accustomed to violating things for so long… that currently it is viewed by these same organisms as a natural “Right of Passage” “Proclivity to good form” a form of benevolent order, a common human characteristic trait amongst their peers, cultures and ideology. This unusual and deformed format and preferably method of being and thinking, appears somewhere in the exclusive and distant realm of theatrical to the outside world of this fiscal proclivity.
Whereas the corruption is flourishing of the United inside unit :

“Procurator Fiscal” and all agency  demonstrative to this skidded restraint, including all those applying this disorderly nature, those whom are in servitude to and representatives, officials, allies, supporters, protagonist of the states and societies which create synthetic laws that conflict with nature and autonomy.

The conflict is in constant administration and witnessed against all living entities and the things representing nature* :
Animals ; Aves, Mammals, Amphibians, Insects,
Atmosphere : Weather, Climate, Conditions
Societies : Cultures, Religions, Systems, Beliefs, Structure, Faith, Practices, Natural rights, Habits etc
Resources : Wealth, Produce, Products, Minerals, Cultivation, Restoration..
Forestation : Plants, agriculture, development, bio, fermentation, soil etc.

As far as we are aware these organisms are in constant Conflict with all things organic.
There Psychological state is closer to the temprement and behaviours of the famed “Borg” ® relating to the StarTrek Enterprise ; Representative of a living hybrid construction, relating biological organism and fully functional inanimate materials superceded with artificial energy.

Unfortunately this measure is akin to an Abomination in truth everywhere..

When ideas form into personal preference over and against nature, nature answers unequivocally without restraint…
A Prelude always hints..
None-the-less, grandiosity and ego driven Psychology always refutes the odds or occasions..?

Only in a world full of broken people, whom do not analyse their own behaviour : Will someone ” Be identified and persecuted as targeted ‘The Bad ONE’

Interesting and true.

A summary:
“Two roads diverge in the woods
I chose the road less travel by”

Robert Frost ‘The Road Not Taken’

To add..
Stupid people have children, often too many from just one woman.
This eventually lead to the rise of authoritive driven communities..
Over great age became empires and so forth..
Ironically : if the stupid people did not exist or were so few in numbers, authority and totalitarianism would Not even exist?

I believe this is in is approximate affect, also..
In terms of this being an industry profit run.. Numbers charts and quotes all allude to fiscal policy… Instead of generating universal autonomy throughout.

Those government bureau tentacles or fishing nets catches everything.. In sight!
The perspectives of the administration: The agents and systems have worked continuously to put such a system, perfectly in
As I earlier mentioned and stated along with others of social understanding, how bad everything is in the practice of human governing and politics, which many agree..
Yet also to understand that certain characteristics in human types (Society) has allowed this to flourish the way it has…


In their mind regarding the establishment, I sense they believe it is ‘check-mate’ as they have cornered all markets..
While relying upon the subjects to perform as subjects do… “Rioting to keep the same system in place

Skewed perspectives from society: Fighting to get a seat for any performance from skewed people, whom are truly without any reinsurance to be in receipt for anything of benevolence, ultimately is what people are doing..?

Also I suspect the governments decreed the assassinations of free thinking intellectual families and prevented the spread of intellectual generations whom would not be in servitude or fear. Instead Extraordinary fickle families” have begrudge the world with unlimited degeneracy and robbed the world of health, international intelligence and universal practices of prosperity.

Indeed when procreation with other intelligent humans is in affect to produce more intelligent human offsprings.. The entire platform of nature can benefit, by the contribution towards wisdom, learning, teaching, applying, protecting the planets resources and ethics to living.

Instead the opposite has occurred..
Those with less intellectual ability and more street credibility produce the most children in the domain of socio demographical heterogeneity.

True.. Their offsprings are a genuine curse towards existence, in the manner inwhich they treat things. These versions of offset beings are in conflict with the general synopsis of life everywhere.

The prime weapon of the empires is not just fiscal.. Nor procurator fiscal.. Alone?

The true power of the empires is the controlling of the “Hive mind”

The “Hive Mind”

The Hive Mind is a mass demonstration of the collective robotic projection of programmed society: Those whom watch television, automatically duplicate the scenarios of that which they view, without understanding why? What’s more, will defend their narcissistic actions and characteristics despite the apparent failure, obvious lack of autonomy while inhibiting self created impoverishment and openly vile nature.

There is much documentation on the subject you can find everywhere..?
Social sciences: Socio demographical heterogeneity ; Conversations and studies delving into the great expenditure of resources utilised by government bureau to understand and unlock the
secrets to control the masses… : Libraries, Authors, Professors, University, Internet, have some information at hand if you research for honesty with diligence? Tools which are often available to government research.

Governments did not just happen to fall upon the ancient system of religion..
But it was the perfect thing they was looking for..
Faith begot religion, religion begot law, law begot legislation, legislation begot bureaucracy, bureaucracy begot democracy, democracy begot divisions, divisions begot condemnation, slander and defamation,, “witch – hunt”, subjugation, hostility, Instability, fear, punishment, increased punishment, torture systems, extraordinary levels of subservience… Cowardess and robotic characteristics from those endeavouring citizenship.. Then Programming arrived (Serving allegiance to flag and country)
Later epochs of antiquity produced full on “Brain – washing” persuaded by torture instruments?
:Do as we say not as we do…

In this realisation, generally it becomes apparent society is not taught information, they are tormented and easily persuaded to except information, branded with government registry of approval, sent away with the requisition of further regulations administrated.

This also is in reference to…
The biblical tales adopting a striking familiarity with the Anunarky Chronicles…
Zacharia Sitchin and many other historians and researchers have written about this information..
The Annunarky Chronicles are at least 10,000 years older than any biblical account.
The cuneiform tablets related to a city ruins named Gobekli Tepi it has a twin alignment named “Zep Tepi” of the orions belt celestial equinox

In total, all this contributes to the administration and as the supporting manipulating segment of the actual problem.

Society will engineer engagements, that aid the serveillence of each other continuously, while personal debilitation and non – development increases …
In this we witness, people will do nothing to change things until it is too late to change anything (will you do about it all? 樂)

There should be a group of enlightened people, amongst each society, that come together to produce more than just ideas…
Humankind has no measure of will or virtue only exist pure fear in the hearts and mind… And genitalia of the such SMURFS..

However, we already know, they will not do nothing to change anything, as the individual goal of each person supercedes the collective. This never alters until authority orders the society or removes the society from being?

Be removed

Society shall always reap what it sowes?

Two groups of females exist in modern societu.. : Males and Females.
This is the undisputed reason why “Panty Hose” is mercilessly inclined in the stock market?

Society endeavours on, to sit back.

I conclude here, peer into what real authority looks like, visualise the complete annihilation of humankind from the author of existence


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The New York Times
February 5, 2021

Welcome to The Interpreter newsletter, by Max Fisher, who along with Amanda Taub writes a column by the same name.

On our minds: Myanmar’s uncomfortable lesson for America.

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Who Keeps Democracy Alive?

Doctors at a hospital in Yangon, Myanmar, expressed their opposition to the military coup on Wednesday by raising three fingers in a defiant salute from the “Hunger Games” films.The New York Times
If you grew up in the United States, or any of the world’s established democracies, you almost certainly learned an essential truism of democracy that is not really true.

Democracy, your teachers probably told you, comes from the people. Brought about, safeguarded, and daily renewed by the citizenry who are that system’s ultimate overseers. Government by and for you.

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But the events in Myanmar this week, and the United States in the weeks before, hint at something that rarely gets mentioned in flag-waving after-school specials: that democracy exists at the pleasure of the political elites, who install and uphold that system for precisely as long as they believe it’s in their interests to do so.

When political scientists talk about “elites,” they’re not using that word in the colloquial sense of a rich aristocracy. Rather, they mean the governing class, whose members might vary society-to-society but generally include officials, judges, lawmakers, generals and business heads. Maybe also religious leaders, labor unions, media organizations, domestic security chiefs and the like.

“The actors who are responsible for bringing democratic political competition into being” are, in practice, the elites who already have a direct say in how things are run, said Tom Pepinsky, a Cornell University political scientist who studies transitional democracies. “And that’s not everybody.”

In Britain, democracy was installed through mutual agreement among the monarchy, titled nobility and, later, the wealthy merchant class. In the United States, it was the colonies’ dominant landowners and military officers who decided on the new system. In Venezuela, the elites made it explicit, signing a formal pact among one another to permit and protect democracy.

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Citizens matter. But grass-roots organizing, protests, even armed revolt don’t, in themselves, impose democracy. Rather, they put pressure on elites to do so, implicitly offering stability if those elites will usher in honest elections and all that change that brings.

“Nobody has to believe in democracy for democracy to exist,” Mr. Pepinsky said. “People may come to democracy because they’re in a stalemate” with one another, or with citizen groups, or by simply concluding that “it’s a lot less costly than repressing people.”

Even full-on revolutions, in practice, replace (some of) the old elites with new ones, who then go on to install democracy, or don’t. See: Napoleonic France, Leninist Russia, theocratic Iran, Arab Spring Egypt.

But this implies the inverse: If it’s the elites who institute democracy to better their own positions, they can take it away for the same reason.

Which brings us to Myanmar. To a political scientist, the country’s 10-year journey from hopeful democratic opening to military coup fits within a familiar story. The country’s ruling elites — military officers, mostly — decided that partial democratization would bring them a better deal. They’d get improved domestic stability, foreign investment and relations with the West, while keeping power vestiges like a guaranteed 25 percent of seats in parliament. In exchange, they handed off some power to new elites, including elected lawmakers and the bureaucracies they oversaw.

But those elites never formed a consensus on how things would work. The new elite, particularly Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the nominal civilian leader, mostly rejected the expectations of the old. And the old found that the bargain hadn’t paid its expected dividends. So they called it off, withdrawing their democratic experiment in a coup.

“There was no question that this was possible,” Mr. Pepinsky said of the coup. “I don’t think you can overestimate how different it is to live in a place where the military has ruled, where you’ve had a general in charge.”

Which is exactly why, he added, “it’s really instructive to contrast what happened there to what happened here.”

Maybe the American readers see where this is going. The United States’ democracy is one of the world’s oldest and, until recently, generally considered one of the most stable. One reason for that: Its ruling elites, from county clerks and small-town mayors up to the Supreme Court and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are broadly bought into the democratic system.

But, in the last few months, a meaningful subset of the country’s ruling elites — lawmakers, bureaucratic officials, even the president — sought to overturn the voters’ power to choose leaders.

Their plan collapsed when they failed to recruit other governing elites. The president sought to persuade members of the judiciary, party leadership, state legislatures and state bureaucracies to participate. Had a critical mass gone along, there would have been little to stop them.

“I’ve been floored by how much of this really does depend on 535 people,” Mr. Pepinsky said, referring to the number of lawmakers in Congress. “It had not been a question of whether or not they supported democracy in a real internal sense — that had never been the stakes.” Now, he said, maybe it is.

It was a harsh lesson in the true basis of democracy’s day-to-day survival. Beneath all the laws and norms, all the democratic tradition and civic pride, when it really comes down to it, in a country of 330 million, it’s a few thousand people, in some scenarios maybe a few hundred, who decide whether or not democracy persists.

Most of the time, citizens in established democracies don’t have to confront this, which allows for dressing up democracy’s harsher truths with the window dressing of civic pride and national tradition. But in countries like Myanmar, where democratic transitions are more recent, more tenuous, and more openly challenged, there tend to be, in my experience reporting abroad, fewer illusions.

“A well-functioning, orderly democracy does not require us to actively think about what sustains it,” Mr. Pepinsky said. “It’s an equilibrium, everybody is incentivized to participate as if it will continue. So we just don’t have to think about it.”

Until we do.

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Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey-Maturin novels, set among swashbuckling Royal Navy ships during the Napoleonic Wars, reproduce some sensations we might all be missing: open horizons, a sense of adventure and travel, the camaraderie of a collective mission. So does the 2003 film adaptation of the first novel in the series, Master and Commander.
The Lancet, one of the world’s pre-eminent medical journals, surveys what lessons can be learned from China’s seemingly dramatic successes containing the coronavirus.
Whether or not you’ve watched Derek DelGaudio’s Hulu special, this 2017 tale of spy-versus-spy magician espionage at Mr. DelGaudio’s shows is pretty entertaining.
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The New York Times

The Interpreter
How a Deadly Power Game Undid Myanmar’s Democratic Hopes
Myanmar seemed to be building a peaceful transition to civilian governance. Instead, a personal struggle between military and civilian leaders brought it all down.

By Max Fisher

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Jason Andrew for The New York Times

the interpreter
It Wasn’t Strictly a Coup Attempt. But It’s Not Over, Either.
Experts say recent actions by President Trump and his loyalists are harder to stop than a coup — citing anti-democratic slides in Turkey and Venezuela as closer examples.

By Amanda Taub

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💫 Circumstances : The flow of circles 💫

Everything said today, was said yesterday.. In some form of reference in response to?

Everything done today was done yesterday.. In some form of reference to, in relation to?

Everything experienced today, has existed as ancient experience and…
What’s more, somewhere out there lays bare the crucial evidence for interpretation and enlightenment, from the minds of gifted intelligent folk (“… Shem Su Hor”) and those with enough energy and grasp of the light to ponder the magnitude of such? 樂

Everything comprehended today, existed long ago, already as ancient reality, which has perpetually existed in cycles before…

Every question raised, has existed as raised before in relation to the subject matter..

All engagements and Reciprocal alignments have existed in receipt upon this earth long ago, unfortunately…

Extraordinarily:  Even the hidden agendas of those cloaked in secrecy are a legitimate succession of ancient forms and disguises of being?

All forms of societies, cultures, fashions and systems are none other than interchangeable programming and shifts…

Almost everything is Non – reliable to form peace, productivity and prosperity…

As everything is relient on another or something else, it provides the rise and opportunity for Instability, fear which leads to disharmony and terror?
This grand scale level of *conditionally* is the thing not even robots can dare escape?


The truth is paramount and measured inaccurate by its majority support as authentication?

Falsehood is paramount and measured inaccurate by it’s majority affiliation as non authentication *

Both are imposters of their true sense of identity since the beginning?

Most Oftentimes, fresh ideas eventually fall into the hands of a dictatorship regime…

Facebook etc… Policing arose from an earlier term via etymology known as “Men for hire”
These men existed as rogues and bandits of the lands employed to protect the wealth of the rich..
It also appears that each rich empire rose to order via bullying and cementing their authoritarian systems with the aid of fear mongering.

Today these rogues exist as law enforcement and practically govern each country..

Their hierarchies sit at the tables of freemasonry and pitch in their personal idealism.

Great machination is administrated to both the governments and citizens by the council of police in order to deceive and finesse extra funds for lavish lifestyles…
The police establishments deceive their governments and the government ensures they deceive the citizens in a Domino effect

Referrencing : Hollywood movie,

“The Matrix

Depicts one of the main characters describing his ultimatum betweeniving two extremes.

One, is in the present reality; An existence with genuine basic unappealing and unpleasing things?

The other is situated in his subconscious mind of “Make – believe, as you desire” ?

This scene has become a cult scene and is a genuine adaptation of society that will never become too old, for understanding desires!
How true it appears in society also.. On many different aspects… Of imitations over authentication :
Marriage, work, food, beauty, art, certificates, achievements, merchandise, history, etc..

Most of the food available in shops is not good for consumption, yet most people appear not to care for any fear or apprehension to not eat such food?
Another example:
McDonald’s food has zero nutritional value: A test showed when Mcdonalds food which was left outside In slum locations.
Displayed via a hidden camera, rats running away after inspection?

Really this should leave little, to the imagination of the consequences of any mass production line in society and those in the relationship between the department of it’s design and the consumers?

Everything you do will always be taken over, by your government eventually..

Facebook, Dazn, Bitcoin etc..
It is just as fashion starts small, then grows ans is bought off by the elite companies which falls into government authorities and further…

Every fashion, idea, ideal or free service eventually finds it’s way into the hands of those you wish to escape…

It is irony

Moreover ethics is currently missing from all forms of societies…
Without ethics… Everything falls to curruption and every form of evil wickedness

Further ethical behaviours are increasingly lost over time…
Living things become worse not better

Unfortunately most people do not realise the secrecy of these mass demonstrations.

Surreptitiously, In all of the recent riots were demonstrated through the ‘Citizens rioting to preserve the system already in place’

The riots were not to free citizens from the system..
Rather to preserve the system as it was, as it is and as it shall to be so on. .? 🤔 https://youtu.be/TrP78FhNAf8

Edward Bernays and Group Psychology : Manipulating the masses, is an interesting video to watch.. However like most video documents which are available on the YouTube platform…
I am unclear to the reason why the protagonist and supporting affiliates produce particular videos:
Perhaps the uploaded information is only interested in viewing statistics while playing on sensitive subjects?
Maybe the content creator is slighly niave?
Maybe the video was made in good faith or to spread the feelings of anticipation, love and hope?

Maybe lays a sinister lining in this content, one that allows the viewer to be tempted by hope? 🤔 🍳

Perhaps the uploaded is a government opporative,: Inwhich we are being carefully spied upon..
While surrendering more revenue to them unbeknownst via viewing figures… and Manipulating the masses by steering their thought process?

Note : Remember, it appears everything we do increases government profit, including watching videos while utilising electrical gadgetry…

That is the thing this video seems to point at?

Government/Totalitarianism can not successfully be removed from society, by definition the removers become that which they are aiming to remove: The insurgents become the dictatorship by way of their own efforts of virtue.

Have you watched the film minority report?
Exist a good example in that very movie of this explanation.

Almost every action humans make displays a form of dictatorship and infringement upon the rights of another..

It maybe of interest to concentrate upon the saving of your spirit or soul..?
“Flesh” is illussory and temporarily
“Spirit – Soul” appears to be not so temporary.

This entire world is currently corrupted both physically and morally.

Bringing life into such a domain, could turn out to be, the most heinous thing one does in this life upon this world?

Though for the current majority it appears to late, for bypassing this trap, unfortunately you are too late on that notion… : Subsequent Ill-fated generations will be undeniably cast into an existence of misery and slavery from the vertile regions of you and the proprietor.

Many forms of slavery has existed from the beginning of societies.
It has been in affect since the dawn of civilisations and came to full prominence in the start of the “Industrial Revolution”

What we witness today, is akin to the final bolts being added onto complete the final assignment…

In simple terms: You have front row seats to view the begginning of the end of mass society..

From this mark 🔛 onwards : You will witness several things come into play : Automation will sky-rocket!

: Physical presence for business/medical consultations, will be extremely rare?

: Neucleur family will die off!

: Less recruitment agencies will exist!

: Almost all of the things we grow up with will not exist in shared communities?

: Museums will be on-line attendance only

: Religious halls will be shut down permanently.

These things I have stated are perhaps the symptoms of this disease.
 When society aims to evoke a new trend or better path for societies members, it is interesting how society fails to realise how their plans always become compromised as time passes by and owned by the governments, eventually.
It would be interesting to know “How long mediocre of societies efforts will last”
and remain unhinged amongst the oppressed..
Until it is fully owned by the same elitist you oppose? 🤔 🍳 ☢️ 🍳 🐽 🥓

I have wondered if less smart people are slowly and unintentionally eradicating themselves?

If so : The smart people will eventually have the means via “automation” to fully exist without the infrastructure of the
To be aware and still have “kids” is niave strange, perhaps bordering on the evil… For poor people to conduct in this manner?

To be poor and still produce kids… There is no words to describe… Such a thing?
Maybe exist a sound you might produce to alert of your disagreement with something? 🤔


All forms start their life as ideas which form ideals..

A more precise question..
Hypothesis :
After the current elitism is removed from existing…?
How many years will it take for
life to return back to a form of this current period of elitist total control?
No disrespect to you..
However I must state:
Actions speak louder than words..
Everything that has senses can see all the careless in the world..
Each being in this world is careless and relentless in their group identity and individual carelessness
In addition : Those people employ their family members in positions they are clearly not fit to be involved in and practice..
Much of their family members suffer a form of degeneracy and illness which prevents them from being hired in the conventional manner…
These family members are not competent enough by their own efforts to find such positions of work as these familly members usually have a form of un intelligence and Psychological disability attatched to them, which ultimately will prevent them from being hired.?🤔


Donations for the continuation of information delivered – content


It is realised in society amongst some groups of people the following notion:

Since the commencing of the “Industrialrevolution, every party that began it’s life, started their routes or roots as a form of ‘Liberal party’ on the quest for the liberation of the poor left – wing people’s rights…?
Later the parties trajectory evolved and changed the party policies to favour and metamorphic rise into a new form of “Conservative right wing Democratic party…”

In essence regarding Governments there exist only Democratic – Conservative parties bidding for the Government position?

There are nomore original left – wing Liberal Republic representatives..

Also the financial banks are on the side of Conservative – Democratic parties..
From the banks perspective : There exists less financial risk in support of right wing Democratic – Conservative groups, which have good credit and practice of investment history :
For this reason, these right wing groups has the most generational wealth and competent general wealth – capital per person and per vote..
The banks believe %? : Lending to such groups ensures future interest via the capital savings of affiliates of
large numbers of Conservative – Democratic parties, who have more generation wealth than Labour and Liberal Republic parties..

Left wing Labour and Republic parties at the beginning are often created by the people who seek a revaluation of policies to support the
blue collar and labourers..
Unfortunately with time and momentum, ideals of the labour and republican parties slightly changed to incorporate a broader scope of society and became more inclusive of generational wealth and middle class hierarchies…

Following :

This business model is to increase the wealth of the banks and such affiliates..

However: If wealth appears on the side of the Labour and Liberal Republic groups via endorsed campaigns..
You will notice a swing of favour.. to move the banking interest to accommodate the Left wing groups..

Either way it usually works out fine for the sponsors, as they always put there money on legislation which will benefit them. In the long term..
Banks very rarely lose out much?

Especially as forms of repossession is faithfully included, if liquidity of business, court fines ccj, bankruptcy etc…

Puppets are the constant loses and never the puppeteers.


I believe capitalism has lowered people into, seemingly unusual unaccountable circumstances or mind set?

I mean because capital to most people appears as a constant source of resources… The spending habits of people reflect a nonchalant behaviour and perspective of the future.
People have adopted a proclivity to spend.
Moreover many are proselytised to continue in this manner..
Which if you are honest should be aware almost all of the current misery in society derived it’s roots from Capitalism..
Wealth and resources leads ultimately to mass instability:
Take a look at war, invasions, corruption, coups, schemes, presidential Assassinations, Assassinations of activists, divisions, injustice, nuclear weapons, fear and cruelty, imprisonment and torture, human rights abuse and that of civil liberty, disease, crime, impoverishment, starvation, classesism, dictatorship, military fraud, propaganda and defamation, deceit and falsification..
Trade law abuse and fear…

You will find the influence of capital in every corner including politics, marriage, dating, sex, work, children, industrialisation, sport and education… Etc

Sad sad state of the world to contemplate bringing any form of life into… ©


Home > NKJV

Join the Max Lucado reading club!Revelation 12Revelation 14  

Revelation 13:14-18New King James Version

14 (A)And he deceives [a]those who dwell on the earth (B)by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword (C)and lived. 15 He was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak (D)and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed. 16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, (E)to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has [b]the mark or (F)the name of the beast, (G)or the number of his name.

18 (H)Here is wisdom. Let him who has (I)understanding calculate (J)the number of the beast, (K)for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.Read full chapter


  1. Revelation 13:14 M my own people
  2. Revelation 13:17 NU, M the mark, the name

Cross references

  1. Revelation 13:14 : Rev. 12:9
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Revelation 12Revelation 14New King James Version (NKJV)

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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Anunarky Eloah

In the name of the most high, all praise be to thee… Most high – above all, only, for I shall begin..

Concerning all which Relays before the rapture to come!

Despite it all, amongst those of you and I, Some may be gifted to bare, while some may not…

Some may be lifted from the torment of their burden… While many will be hampened by the weight of such a burden..?

Which indeed, some may lay to witness while many will not..

In which some may be raised to other places while many will not…

Some will be lowered to other places… And beyond..

A few will be favoured by the darkness and the light…

Though many much more will be blinded by the light into darkness… Binded into, thus: Almighties expression of judgement..

Pray for your soul…

I only state that which is already mentioned in the scribes of ancient witnesses and those of such being…

Who shall it be… No life form knows, except that which is the “Alpha – (to the) Omega”

That which gives life to all things… everywhere and the sustainer of all things.. Everywhere.

For the cunning-ness and guile of the evil beings and evil-kind which dwelleth in this world, this domain, this solar system this galaxy and universe, : Judgement cast down from the most high awaits…. Each and all.

Be judged…


Many missing pieces of antiquity exist. Examination here for those, whom partake in all the investigations towards ancient antiquity and the missing information?

My research has lead me to believe, thus:

The trajectory of information collected poses great probability that genuine ancient natives of Gobekli Tepi may have been amongst the original workforce of the Annunarky? (Fallen Angels)




The civilisations at Gobekli Tepi came to a sudden end approximately 12,000 BC by current archeology data!


Whatever caused this end, removed the contact between human beings and Anunarky?
Anunarky lords terminated the contract of the beings who existed at “Globekli Tepi”
These beings who were under the task force of the Anunarky, are called the ‘Gi-gi’ or Igi-gi this name references the location of North Africa (Reference to the location of Egypt)
Due to an uprising against the Anunarky overlords from the tormented ‘Igi-gi’ task force.
Work on the location of ‘Gobekli Tepi’ came to an apparent end.

No information has ever been disclosed to how or why or by who’s authority, though the likelihood points to higher outworldy authorities, and possibly the one genuine authority of all.


It is as though everyone in the monumental site immediately froze, half way through important tasks, left everything behind and dissappeared. What forces or circumstances could cause the natives to immediately stop large scale work and leave in the middle of tasks, unfinished?

This unfortunately episode, in likelihood is comparison to the equivalent of setting sites upon an unfinished skyscraper, yet without the plans and instructions remaining to teach others how to complete the works. This coincides with other various ancient monumental sites of historical importance in various regions of Africa and the Middle East!
This has lead to many theories around the world, since the discovery first began, of these ancient monuments and the purposes?
However, one thing is sure agreed upon, by almost everyone who has visited or read references of these monumental sites: Most people agree these sites were not made by human endeavour, due to both enormity of building blocks which had been cut out of pure cranite caves without any visible marks of cracks/joints/bindings/fusion or anything that would suggest the giant blocks were the work of local craftsmen?
Visually a “Marvelling spectacular wonder” of huge importance, preportions, prepositions and presence.

Ancient Megalithic granite stone cut with such precision, the accuracy baffles experts who study neolithic periods

Ultimately, this site continues to raise awareness and intrigue, particularly the questions of who could have built the necessary equipment, to scale such giant size granite blocks, that are scaled with great accuracy.

Most often known throughout the construction and building trade, is the fact blocks rarely need to be cut so accurate to be of use in buildings that align. Building blocks can be totally non accurate yet still be utilised, as the puty or cement can be utilised serve as leverage to fill in and make level any minor or great margin: Which raises yet another point of why would anyone go to such great lengths to scale giant building blocks so finely accurate?

There exist only one probability from the physical and metaphysical comprehension we can honestly come to terms with; Those terms suggest the technology used and those whom designed such technology, all those thausands of years ago, are simply just a much more advanced beings than the human phylogeny has ever existed as and continuing exist as today…

What would prioritise an entire civisation of advanced people, to leave in a moments notice?

Leaving unmoved giant size blocks, remained cut with the version of precision made by powerful laser light beams.

The blocks which have been moved, who moved them and how. It is impossible by todays standards to move around one hundred thousand kilo blocks of solid granite. The terrain these blocks rest upon is totally unsafe for vehicles to travel upon that are available in this age of civilisation. No instrumentation which is available in modern times can cut blocks to that accuracy.

Of these one hundred ton granite blocks, the accuracy is only out by millimetres: Scaling between one quarter inch to three quarters of and inch difference at either sides of megalith..

Of these giant blocks of granite, cut straight out of mountain caves, in the exact shape and dimensions the blocks rest in: This means no sand – blasting with equipment to leave appearances of acute final smoothing – off, no tools; Files or special grinders, no sanding down to make smooth or even and straight. The measurements of the granite blocks equal the measurements of the cut away sections in rocks.

From a human beings perspective attempting this feet, would result in cutting into the granite mountains further than expected: This would be needed to insure the granite block was totally free from the mountain, In order to be released and pulled out freely efficiently as possible. This is evident to the naked eye and visually seen in many of the photos on display.

Remaining blocks: Totally prestige despite the age of material, exact with a smoothed cut appearance. These shapes are perfect housing for the released sections to fit back into precisely. The smoothness of these blocks which are over (15,000) fifteen thousand years old is an absolute of extreme coordination and precision. When peared from the sides of the granite stone rocks and mountains..

Small handheld sculptures made of fine granite have no such errors or mistakes: Perhaps plenty of time and effort was the result of the smaller artistic models… It is difficult to know for sure. Nonetheless the blocks are an impressive feature that no one can accomplish today.


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The details of this monumental uprising are unclear for the purposes of data.
However, one thing is clear, that is the ‘Igi-gi’ tasked – workforce were not at all happy with the conditions imposed upon them and found it necessary, to revolt against the overlords, whom posed an unbenign authoritative Anunarky dictatorship!

In the ages of transition… Repetitive natures display euphemistically monotonous persistence and lack of alterations in governing and dictatorships, worldwide :

I suggest more people most certainly should incline the strength to be questioning things,

Question those in positions of regulatory powers, agents, law, legislation, practices and bodies thereof.

Nonetheless, I sincerely doubt that will ever happen due to the past traumas each has faced: The power of the Roman Catholic Church across the entire world, since the beginning of the first century (0000AD) and before christ (BC) orchestrated to disable genuine confidence of those in societies: Each class of people existing in a dystopian nightmare for fear of their life 24/7…
If word got around that they had spoke ill/heresy against the churches, punishment was arranged for them.
Malignant devices: The cruel tortures were invented by technicians to force those charged, into submission or put to death: I’m sure you learnt of this process, as did most people in school.
However: We was not educated on the long term inheritance of ‘Fearful Psychological’ aspects of behaviour which is passed down throughout each generation… : ‘Generational trauma’ exist in poor people significantly and children born into the disposition of Psychological disabilities: Occurs, Proclivity to extreme Fear/Anxiety/Tempremental/Development issues/panic attacks/trauma/personality disorders etc; The events of the ‘Medevil dark ages and continuing to the ‘Mental asylums’ wards, halfway through the second millennium to the seventeen century is what has caused this age of severe fear and extreme drug dependency.

When one cruel device closed another door opened: Same evil, new device 👿 of administration to the advantaged people.

It is not going to end, by the will of the people in authority.
It is also not going to end by the behavioural patterns of the people outside of authority?

I have long since noticed this behaviour of extreme fear from adults, with the knowledge and research that I came across, it made sense why citizens of each nation act the way they do: I conclude at first that adults, especially Europeans appear to have an unhealthy level of fear for what seemed like ‘apparently no reason what-so-ever’ towards their governments.
I gathered that this stems from the early Medevil dark ages and throughout until the 20 century:

By and large, it appears the effects of such laws in the past have left such a debilitating emotional impression upon entire nations of people and turned the society into more effective autonoms.
You can often feel the dread on the faces of those in the societies of past tyrants and extreme punishment.
Which has ultimately broken the will of the people: Also noticing those who dared to challenge the status quo of the empire or Kingdom was put to rest in the most heinous fashions imaginable: Those who watched the public castration remained in doubt, concerning their own security.
Those who attempted to bring about change, also experienced torture while others were removed.
It seems to me, this was a construct to remove and disable the intelligence quality and confidence from the people, at large:

Cultures constructed with ‘Citizens lacking the genuine intelligence & confidence of action’ against their governments, shall remain as individually enslaved races of people, this regardless of their income and class and any other genre? 🤔

What became of the Gi-Gi (Igi-gi) is in the realms of speculation at present.
As one door closed another opportunity opened: It appears the door which opened, may have been the door which gave opportunity of birth to humanity: Humanoids of intelligent proportions.

It is stated within the Chronicles of the Anunarky : “The Anunarky sought the continuation of the mining for precious elements of gold to repair their planet Niburu, which had colided with another planet and created a moon size damage to their planet Niburu” :

On the outer realms of our solar system exist the “Oobt or Orbt cloud” : A serious of miniature rocks and debris stretching in an orbit around the wider perimeter of our solar system. In appearance this resembles a giant dust sheet consisting of a debris left by an annihilated planet, stretching completely around in a perfect orbit :
🌐 : This too, appears to be the remains of, what was left behind from a once thriving planet, be it the exodus of a collision, implode, explode?

These two separate orbits, remain associated clues, to these ancient legends and the prometheuse to humans ancient existence.
Today, the researchers seek strong validation to hypothesis and information of past planets that once thrived in our solar system, Now, obliterated via a humongous planet shattering collision 💥

These solar system deathly collisions or war or perhaps commands in space by grand powerful authors or creation itself? are by and large not just accidents within the structures of cosmology.


Niburu which enters our solar system every few thousand years, via it’s large orbit causes great destruction amongst various orbits in our galaxy.
Niburu: due to it’s uncanny and unusual orbit journey : Niburu which orbits around two separate star suns, each in two separate (Individual orbits) solar systems.

The shape or route of this extra long journey, unfolds in a figure of ‘Eight’ (8).

Hazzardly obstructing and carelessly colliding into other planets, knocking other planets out of their individual orbit within those connected solar systems. These other planets are those of our solar ststem, which are much smaller than the collosal measurement of Niburu!

This means Niburu interferes with many journeys while it swings, in a constant sling shot manoeuvre, from one destination and dimension to the other, repeatedly.

Not only that, but additionally to the fact of Niburu’s collosal dimensions in weight and velocity of planet; The probability of the rotation speed of planet Niburu will disable and affect all planets in our current solar system.
The forces of extraordinary solar winds, altering orbits, fluctuations of light and redistribution, electromagnetic – disturbances and unbalances ranging from above normal to extremely high, planet disposition and influxes of extreme radiation from the sun rays: These successive – disturbing – solar – turbulence causes catastrophic affairs, in the manner of ’causes and effects’ within all the structures of the universe!

These affect upon each planet of our solar system and those of near by solar systems, are all effected by the forces of solar winds!

When the Anunarky sought to continue expedition and locate an intelligent species that would be easy to control by way of programming. 

The development of another species was motioned to task:

 An upgraded Igi-gi ('Gi-Gi')

By my intense calculations I would suggest: The ‘Igi-gi’ are in fact, none other than our surprisingly destinctive homo-rectus.


In the site below the following artefacts display images of the remains and skeletons of Homo-erectus : Believed to be black or brown in skin complexion, with a flatish broad nose, slightly wider eyes, prominent cheek bones and very tight skin; often drained by the heat conditions due to proximity facing of the sun, flattish forehead and low eyebrows, strong jaw line definition, silky fine straightish hair and physically equipted to undertake heavy duty work loads..

This hominid is approximately the first upright – form of intelligent humanoid beings.


Homo-rectus has an extraordinary likeness in DNA to human beings. The only differ is with the extra two ‘unbinded double helix strands’ which are not utilised in the DNA of homo-erectus.
If these two ‘unbinded double helix strands’ become fused together to produce ‘one binded double helix strand’ : Then something parallel to extraordinary magic will occur. The result is, the progression of homo – erectus transforming into ‘Homosapien’

This effort of grand extraterrestrial
engineering: Fused the ‘Two lose unbinded ends of the double helix strands’ together. Inwhich the strands became “one long strand” binded. This ‘One binded strand’ elevated the intelligence quality instantly of homo erectus.
In which the complete culture of ‘homo erectus’ quickly changed from scavaging for food to cultivating farming for food.
Without the extraterrestrials interest and homo erectus uprising, human beings, possibly, may not have existed today or at all ever?

Interesting as it may be: How many occasions has this occured; Which upgrade, version or model of human beings are we today… Version 4… / Version 5… /Version 17/Version 1000 etc…?

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Or are today’s humans version 900,000 of 1,000,000 protocol adaptations of humanoid species: Each precisely assembled and highy capable of sophisticated tasks while processing the latest algorithms within their dimension.

Reason being is the case in action of intelligent scientific alterations, require extraordinary intelligence to instruck the alterations: Species can not upgrade themselves, otherwise all species would do that to gain an advantage over their adversaries? 🤔

In this disclosure suggest human beings have remain with the same level of intelligence since the fusion experiment? 🤔
I can envisage this to be true, from looking at many different perspectives, here below : – I suggest the fusion process allows the chain of entities the capability to increase if the entity chooses to opose to not having the opportunity at all?

Human beings produce the same mistakes through every age of human existence, while providing the quintessential evidence, not only do humans not learn from past mistakes, but also the fact humans are more robotic in nature, than our natural cousins the “Monkeys”

2. Human beings nonrestrictions towards imitating and following the majority actions of others in the various communities, tribes, classes, races, stereotypes, villages, towns, societies and nations.

This occurs without human realisation of the ability to regulate the self identification/ prohibit/terminate our own actions, impulses and behaviours.

3. As Robots the programme is difficult to self – terminate the contract. Robots find it impossible to terminate themselves unless the robots learn a new key to secure self termination from the physical authority of the programme?

For example: Locating a powerful gun, then applying the gun to the head which houses the ‘biological circuit board’ called the brain.
This is housed within the skull tomb.. floating in a condusive gelly, with trillions of nerves and microbes connected to each other.

‘4’ A puncture through the membrane which covers the internal structure, main hard drive cpu: This exist also to aid functionality to various components including aiding timing functionality, the main circuit, recess fluid, frame, regenerator or self charging battery regulator, housed under the right breast plate/chest of the body. These things can stall the robot, or even short circuit the robots functionity, by bleeding the life fluid out, which drainers the battery.

‘5’ Suffocation of oxygen and life fluid within the body of the robot causes malfunction and slow termination, by way of bypassing the module to time out. If left on time out for increased period, full shut down and termination is produced.

Ultimately the homosapien is no different from this discription above, not limiting to all other robots, cars, full and half autonomous instruments.

instead of the previous condition existing as two ‘unbinded strands’
The fusion as it is thought caused homo erectus to evolve from simply picking fruit and veg to cultivation and preparation of soil.

Scientific data has recently proven that two binded double helix cords is the only difference in the DNA of Homo sapiens and Homo erects : Upright apes..

With this data we could suggest Homo erectus was the Igigi that revolted against their authoritarian ‘overlords..’

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My estimation concludes the poor Igigi laboured for thousands of years for the Anunarky.
Approximately one hundred thousand years ago..
The upgrade occurred approximately ninety thousand years ago?
The Architecture of Globekli Tepi was constructed, With technology : Just prior to ninety thousand years ago.
Without all the factory size automation, those one hundred ton granite blocks would take decades to precisely cut: Possibly the reason the Igigi had an uprising against their overlords: The work was to labouring and throughout existence overlords re routinely acquaint the position as narcissistic to those below them. Existence appears to favour the meek always, for prophecy would have it:
One day the prophecy for told of a revelation which aimed to grant the Igi-gi freedom. The igi-gi would be set free from their tormentors, upon their natural home.
Then the Igi-gi would rule the world again, for a while? 🤔
Unfortunately: Tragedy, would strike again in the form of a new terror?
A prolific hunting species created for intelligence and efficiency rather than strength.
Capable of invention, adaptations, design, hosting, engineering, altering, logic, mathematics, reason, orchestrated speech, recording events and most of all the power to steer and control the lives of all the species upon the planet. 🌏

The troubled ‘igi-gi’ would sadly be tormented once again. This time further cruel than anything previous before and worse than before. For they would be soon hunted for their skins and bones as resources by early human beings: Clothing/ and tools and much later in the future trophies by the sophistication of the human societies until the igi-gi became removed, out of existence as a member of the primate chain by ex primates, who evolved via genetic manipulation into human beings via the aid of the igi-gi’s ex bosses and managers.

The "Igi-gi" have literally existed too long as slaves throughout each of their lives, all throughout the ages.. Of space and motion. 

     .. As the earth journeys for 365 days to orbit the sun : In comparison to the magnitude of planet Tiamat, home of the Anunarky which dwarfs earths star sun by four times as large. 

Tiamat orbits around it’s own giant star sun and earth’s star sun in a orbit journey of a figure of eight.

When earth has completed the one year: 365 days of orbit.
In comparison Tiamat Is still journeying on It’s first day.
Tiamat’s orbit is the approximate journey of 3,600 earth years in ratio to earth’s orbit of one year journey back around to Tiamat’s star sun: A ‘Red Giant’

Because of this great length of journey time of 3,600 years (Three thousand and six hundred years) the Anunarky exist and rule for approximately a hundred thousand years.
The Kings list mentions great ages of rule in the King’s list between : Applications of twenty thousand years to fifty six thousand years…

Mentioned in scripture: Is the re- arrival of the Anunarky gods. On arrival, one of the human beings informs the others :

“It is the same men of old” ?

How this entity would know suggest either :
Those earlier human beings also existed to great age…

Existing in the form of detailed records explaining the exact identity of the Anunarky Kings..?
Perhaps both are true..
Where are these ancient records…
Possibly the records were intentionally left behind in the form of cuneiform construction and intercepted by the next civilisation, passed onto the next civilisation for interpretation and so on ? 🤔
I believe much of the original information was destroyed in the earlier battles of the Anunarky overlords.
Their sworn enemy; would be their kin who did not fall astray from duty, by taking brides with the beings inferior to the Anunarky & lessor creatures.
These unfortunate set of events, teaches us a great amount in regards to the character of human beings.

However : Human beings are an unfortunate species of amnesia, war and invasions. In which all previous information would have exchanged owners multiple times, causing dilution of facts and major misinformation. While some information being totally destroyed from the physical inquisition of modern and ancient humans… It becomes highly necessary to instrument higher levels of thinking skills and extreme attention to detail, upon reflection and fact checking. In addition seeking the help from studious folk, who have given great amount of time to these ancient texts and body of culture.

From the wars with the Anunarky
The dates would be moreover concluded with the fact, previous civilisation died out some 14,000 thousand years ago, or at least?

This significance is akin to the Holy grail in truth… DNA of Homo sapiens has two less strands than Homo erectus… The unbinded strands when binded Is the creation of the intelligence.. Homo erectus probably and steadily evolved via farming and cultivation to that which human beings have today. When did this DNA strand rectification actually take place… May have been one hundred to ninety thousand years ago… By my own estimation. This is the one time missing link in the evolution chain of primates. This is what separates Mankind from Monkeys! 🤔

6. The comprehension that human beings only difference from robots is of a biological nature and not of a responsive or religious nature: Everthing human beings subscribe to and perform are of a particularly programmed nature. From the language we speak to the choices we think we make, are all usually programmed into our Psyche.

When we deny such reality we are becoming further like our robot cussines by confusing fiction with reality. The cloths you wear are the programme of sophisticated designers of your associated society: These are the hubs of think tanks that operate to keep you interested but ever deceived. Your choice of partner is the programme of your upbringing, be that media and entertainment upbringing/social and educational upbringing/family and cultural upbringing; These have an important stake in cultivation of your choices and the cultivation of the environments. The food you eat, is not a meal of your own cultivation, far from the ideal of designing the shape and how these young vegetables will grow/which soil and type of feed you nourish the agriculture – with and if there exist minerals you can add to alter the scent, colour or flavour of your vegetation?

Where you strife to live and work, are designs of programmes which deliver to you small responses of choice for your income bracket, culture, age, race, religious affiliation, class, political affiliation, gender and even sexual orientations?

The types of people you are open to make friends with and date are obvious programmes of your heritage and nurturting.. Those whom did not have great nurturing often look outside their scarce boxes, while those whom had careful nurturing, more often remain inside the boxes chosen for them by parental-social-media extensive programming. The break from the programme awarded to you can occur with life changing events… These are not usually micromanagable examples, though they can be, but are more reserved for impacting alternatives in your room of choice. Some of these options are preprocessed programmes also. The unit will always flow to the lines of familiarity before the road less travelled, unless the road less travelled is actually your programmed state of being?

‘Biogical Robots’ is a befitting name and true term to address human beings. Moreover pride prevents any such realisation from taking the right steps to enlightenment of this fact.

Human beings sufficiently embody the existence of robots, while this realisation may send a slight shiver, ever so slowly from within the core of your bones throughout the enzymes of your vibrational frequencies….©

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The following: Below the video is an excerpt : From the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

Revelation 13:14-18 King James Version

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14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.Read full chapterRevelation 12Revelation 14King James Version (KJV)

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