“Initial Breaking Points” ®



People do not wish to have their dreams shattered, their programmes removed & remodelled or their Illusions ruined.. ®

In this, their own being and evolved sentiment (Be In) of each individuals reality, people wish to remain as blissfully sincere to/in their ideals?
It can be earthly shattering for each being to experience the contrary of their own thoughts and expectations, presumptions and misunderstandings.

I think people are missing the general synopsis, especially in terms of real understanding, relative interpretation, language, communication and truth. Communication being the catalyst to lost truth via poor translations.
By mistaking the gist of the skepticism to something entirely different to what people are genuinely skeptical of here… Be that each individual’s personal relativity in this realm, this world? ®

People here, in the western world are more often vulnerable to the schemes of their Psychotic governments.. Agencies etc.. Plus all the relative bodies working around the clock to lure finances from the unsuspecting people.
Your love maybe genuine, yet the intentions of your governments are to ‘obtain information by any means necessary’ and utilise your genuine love for the prosperity of authoritive admissions, administration – prosperity minus prospectives of the poorest citizens.. ®

In this, skewed authoritives require the composite of the used and demeaned and unsuspecting citizens for war, to spy, create fake romances and Instability in society against free information, independent studies, innocent investigations and rumours, etc..

Those with the least moral fibres will always find a place for themselves somewhere within the lower levels of recruitment agencies, opperating for establishment’s endeavors or for the progression of the corrupted system. Those who simply enjoy taking advantage of their position and that of the vulnerable folk.

There are documentaries exposing particular types of agency – activity, which you can freely search for on YouTube..

There is a particular documentary – movie on the use of ‘C.I.A covert Psyop’ } In this disclosure the narrator shows evidence government agencies enthusiastically infiltrating government enemies/Free thinkers and totally harmless individuals of society whom are keen researchers and students. Harmless individuals whom are going about their daily life, with their own personal thoughts and culture, unbeknownst to themselves they are being spied upon for no reason other than often entertainment sake of the business application in place, be that… to sabotage and control the lives of others for the appetite of the masses of sick individuals whom have alternative perspectives of existence, while living within the state: It details deployment of fake relationships, romancing targets inorder to gain the trust of the subjects..? This is deployed by the federal agents to deceive targets and gain confidence and trust via fake relationships. Taking to task by various agencies including a variation of police powers:: C.I.A, F.B.I, C.I.D, and M.I.5, M.I.6 AGENTS etc to infiltrate and disperse all home grown political opposition groups whom are against western government think tanks and those whom have separatist aspirations and virtuous conducts. In addition monitoring the daily practices of regular people whom may occupy a slightly higher intelligence and competence than most people, including those with often divine and uncommon interests.

Often all ethnic groups.. become targets simply for having alternative views upon life, Including non threatening political groups like green peace, human rights groups, animal safety groups, faith groups, nature groups, scientific groups and almost all general groups whom share thoughts and practices in regards to cultural habits while existing independently, often this is in regards to formats of existing with less stress etc.


A measure of crude structure and the imbecile nature of the species arises for witnesses, with the following statement:

“One must be guilty, why else would they, the partisans be stating it” ?

Of gossip and local feral trash talk, the Misinformation of transcriptions, community and translations. Those whom routinely and characteristically employ the practice of vilification towards anyone whom may be different to the norm or quirky in some format or thinking. Purchasing ideas and esoteric information not easily understood by the affiliation of partisans, these partisans whom display emotional turbulence towards targets and enmity towards others, is a consequential related to how the partisans feels about themselves and their own ineptitude in life.

In a particular document I watched decades ago, a story unfolded of a woman who was having a relationship unawares she was a target of ‘M.I.5/M.I.6’ covert surveillance operations, due to her affiliations. The identity of the woman was obscured, however her existence was extremely abused upon and used by a sophisticated fake activist – “covert spy” whom was an agent working for M.I.5 intelligence bureau. Whom had been deployed to make contact with the women of a sustainable group of individuals through the process of a fake romance inorder to learn information to report back to head quarters. Further assignments were later revealed to break up the activities of the group activist: She explains that their entire political party was broken up and dispersed in less than a few years due to the employed tactics of the M.I.5 agent who provoked arguments, fights, constant disagreements, spread rumours – slander – hate – confusion and DIVISIONS. This evoked turmoil and constant fueds in the party which lead to fall-outs and mayhem between the members of the once close friendships. The identified explained how these people (Activist of group) were indeed her long term friends whom she had been acquainted with for a number of years, yet their entire party were easily interrupted and dispersed by the antagonistic and spiteful attitude of the, “M. I. 5” agent.

A separate document details the discussion of M.I.5/M.I.6 agents and explain how ‘THE agents’ are taught to provoke constant chaos and non unity beween the parties and associations of the civilianships.This includes the business associations, personal and private relationships, friends, family, partners etc.. The main facet of the “M. I. 5” covert scheme is uninterrupted ‘Isolation’ , further chaos and instability to the participants ill-health and demise.

Anyone whom you have previously, currently, future, come across… whom you realise deployed and instructed or is attempting or is providing service of ‘ill-will’ by mediation of provoking the ‘Isolation’ of another’ is in effect while affected others and has been at the very least a programmed entity, providing assistance to the subjugation and terrorism of another living being’s existence in life!

First report the person, attempt to utilise a legal service so all is recorded professionally : ‘Citizen Advise Bureau’ or another charitable organisation/s..?

Make publicly known via media outlets etc

When reporting to your local constitution or council, police precinct or police constabulary : Understand nothing may come of the report, however your one report may prove vital in the unravelling of a future case, which may have resulted in the disappearance of the initial victim you reported concerns of.

Remember the victims are not suppose to be punished or harassed, by fiscal policies or thrown into some detention, so make that clear on your report (Especially in cases when reporting against those in positions of trust and authority)

Note: The employees, employers, regulatory authorities should be held accountable and responsible, for every abused person in society, that is what they are payed for and not to profit from the abuse of others life? Unfortunately most of these officers and regulatory bodies are not interested in you or ‘I’.

Other than the vanity and self preservation of themselves : They (Authority personal) are only interested in ‘wage, providing the expenses for their children, the security of their family, affording the lifestyle of their loved ones, providing resources, supporting the education and schooling of their children!’

Finances provide all.. this for these authoritive personals.

The tasks are the consequences of the wage they anticipated. These regulators endure the task for the monumental wage to support their prizes.. You and everyone other than them and Co, are registered in their Psyche as ‘collateral’ and are/is just another obstacle/stepping -stone blocking the route to wage?

In regards to the interviewed document disclosed : I can not remember the name of the document.. Here.


I am and have experienced the exact same thing with all versions of relationships with family, friends, working in western society, throughout my entire life, retrospect to genuine childhood experiences :
I never comprehended the mitigation for authoritive abuses to me and or anyone else? Regards the experiences while they continued to destroy my life, the public play a crucial role in the disturbed targeting against the unsuspecting civilians, those whom are more often targets as a result of others misinformation, others enmity and envy from the cruelty of Psychotic individuals in society, whom have found a system inwhich they can utilise to manipulate and manoeuvre abuse almost at will to anyone.. at anytime?

Authoritive figures do not like to ever apologise for harm and blatant wrong doing

Such representatives would rather continue routine subjugation against the list of innocent civilians and instigating propaganda. All this to convince society the targets are what the authority says they are? Despite obvious signs the regulators are woefully wrong, huge degrees of revenue and finance is deployed and depleted, inorder for the grandiose machinations of grand scale schemes to be administrated. All this for the application and appeasement rather than admit wrong doing and honesty. These authorities forfeit the citizens civil liberty and human rights by grand scale, violations. Obviously they have not learned, as such organisations seem not to. From the perspectives of the history of this world or any of their ancestors, such biological organisms continue repeating the sins of their fathers abuses: Though the history is complete with acts of audaciousness combining the well documented slavery. The subjugation continues thoroughly in one manner or another: As we know of the relationships trials and tribulations of previous exploitations and endangerment, entrapping the rights of those in the circus as freaks shows. Prevention of these abuses was widely ignored; The participants of these cruel cultures constantly defended their rights to abuse vulnerable individuals. From and amongst the tramps of deep antiquities, adorning dark coloured stained fangs on the faces of the diminished, feral and vagrant poor villagers, criminals and trespassers. Agents and conspirators whom enthusiastically bequeathed diminishing practices upon the life of the young and unsuspecting. Occurrences registered the abuse of ‘Saartjie bartman’, Irish Giants, Dwarfs, People with unusual and sometimes ill-fated body deformation, such as the case in the London circus showcasing of the famous “Elephant-Man” : “Joseph Carey Merrick” tormentuous struggle till death his trials and persecution from with in the stomach of the most uncivilised society the world may have ever witnessed?

The persecution of the subjects ever continues to torment individuals in the lands of England UK. Such persecution is maintained often as a result of pride and prejudices from the vanity of those whom do not want their Illusions shattered or revoked. Narcissistic narratives is the perpetual condemnation of a person or thing despite the obvious reality they do not fit the description model of slander that has been carefully and eagerly spread to convince the people of the identity’s characteristics? Often continuing to engineer extravaganza to provide proof for the vanity of many obsessive narcissistic appetite and delight. In the illegal pursuit for self satisfaction the narrative is to incline to the point of attempting to either : Apprehend the mistaken target by FALSE information and reports.. Forceful Manipulation, set up, coercion or false administration and perjury? The funding exhausted by such archetypes is often quite astronomical, for what would have been nonsensical reasoning, yet these are the ideals of a narcissistic Psychopaths Psychosis. One or many behind the position of authoritive presence?

These things have come to my understanding that this is probably one of the reasons, to why so many citizens go missing or commit suicide..?

A particular article I recall reading published over in the USA, disclosed the suicide of a female police officer.

Somewhere in the middle of the 2010’s (Approximately 2016, thereof?)

This story was also located on a popular American news broadcasting station?

An honorable long term female police officer, committed suicide due from malicious harrasment and intense targeting from station colleagues.. I am very familiar with these versions of architectural cruelties, administrative from the complete society and any other whom feels redemption from their participation.

The unfortunate events which engineered for her to do as she did: Committing to such a detrimental act in her own self termination or so perhaps? ; So, in the investigation police stated? after enduring the perpetual malevolent harassment of her male colleagues. Due to her placing in a complaint against male machismo, misogyny, perverting the cause of justice, abusing human rights and abuse of positions of trust, unlawful physical violence against suspects and innocent civilians by her male colleagues out on duty and in the professional work place.

This appears an incredibly high price to pay for acts of human virtue and moral code. Nobody and no one should ever have to die for being lawful and virtuous, especially from the actions of malevolent inciteful incel beings.

The covert harassment is often abused by the operators to abuse whomever, any ethnic groups, rising athletes, entertainers, successful families or businesses whom practice honesty and virtuous conduct… Black families, children, entrepreneurs, isolated individuals.. etc ®

A document worth searching for if you find the time, check it out, it is totally unbelievable unless you have previously experienced such unbenign treatment. The document proves the facts political bodies, agencies, citizens are all aligned with the government, conducting malicious harassment, to unsuspecting others, etc.

You may not believe this for now?


One day you may realise this actually occurs, while experienced by many citizens of the western countries.. Deployed in all levels of society, and supported by those in authority who are of paronoid Psychopathic characteristics..
Unfortunately perpetrators are rarely found guilty of wrong practices regardless of how many lives they destroy: Children, disabled folk, vulnerable folk, ill healthed, blind, isolated, family or whomever…?
Most people are forced into Committing suicide due to the depravity of the perpetrators Psychological state and dangerously notorious intense level of abusive appetite for harm and terror. These things I speak of are the daily routines which are experienced by many victims.

The unfortunate choices for each genuine victim are a living poignant reminder of this reality, which Is found located under a dictatorship, hiding behind the surprising orchestrated guise of a “Mega-Hoodwink”

Those whom complain to the authority figures are never protected from the effects of Psychopathic personal : Usually those in prestigious positions of authority and management of police, probation or mental health services. Much of the evil addiction sadly hails from these quarters.

Anyone who is a genuine victim to this version of deprivation are found to be routinely targeted furthermore, after placing in complaints about police officers.. or other agencies?

Victims are locked up in prison, and persecuted for exaggerated offences against them; Statements are often redacted or falsified to frighten the complaintif inorder to force withdrawal of their initial complaint.

Other victims are detained under the mental health act, to sabotage the correspondence and timing restrictons of the complaints procedures.. Often being detained or and medicated longer than the actual case for investigation: While the complaintif is not available for correspondence with the investigation, as a steady consequence misfortune arises, unfortunately the case is often closed, forcefully, reluctantly and with subtle coercion can totally anullify any existing complaints due for process. Hence ; The victims ever remain as their titled?

The complaintif have been recorded to remain in detained clinics for the unfortunate remainder of their life?

These characteristics have routinely existed throughout English history from authority to citizens.. Without a true divination of the versions of people whom are committed to these acts. These acts which I surrender, stand as the quintessential opposite to the nature of existence everwhere.

Those in positions of authority harbour great malice inside their hearts and minds, for they all exist as: Anti-Virtuoso, Anti-Moral fibred, Anti-Cogniscently Developed, Anti-Heroic, Anti-Disciplined, Anti-Psychological prosperity, Anti-Professional, Anti-Trustworthy, Anti-Truthful, Anti-Just, Anti-Legal, Anti-Principals, Anti-Caring, Anti-Heavenly guided… Anti-Legislation of existence… Anti-Almighty creator, Anti-Loving, Anti-Obedience to the one true source of all creation everywhere…

Anti-Compromising, Anti-Listening, Anti-Understanding, Anti-Civil being, Anti-Civil Kind, Anti-Kind, Anti-Omniscient, Anti-Heavenly, Anti-Compatible, Anti-Original, Anti-Benevolent, Anti-Universally Prosperous for the entire scope of each & all Human Animal Plant Bacteria Species

Anti-Earth nature Atmospheric Ozones, Anti-Well being sustainability prosperity of the Earth 🌎 World

Anti- Genuine, Anti-Godly, Anti-Godly practice, Anti-Godliness, Anti-Soulful, Anti-Free, Anti-Free spirited, Anti-Humble, Anti-Kind hearted, Anti-Nature, Anti-Africa, Anti-Fair ones, Anti-Shy, Anti-Lawful, Anti-Shining ones, Anti-Honest, Anti-Dark skins, Anti-Acheiving, Anti-Talented, Anti-Gifted, Anti-Sincere, Anti-Righteousness, Anti-Artful, Anti-Open -(Illuminatti) Anti-Sentimental, Anti-Honest, Anti-Empathetic, Anti-Isolated, Anti-Knowledgeable, Anti-Stoic, Anti-Wise, Anti-Spiritual, “Anti-Chosen ones”, Anti-Alpha to the Omega, Anti-Phrophecy, Anti-Faithfully, Anti-Promise, Anti-Guarentee, Anti-Trusted, Anti-Etheral, Anti-Bestowed, Anti-Graceful, Anti-Light beings, Anti- Human beings, Anti-Worshippers & Believers Anti-Creations messengers -(Anti-Christ).

These people I speak of here, are no doubt the quintessential representations of ominously rancorusly acrimonious and cruel splenetic backwards and regressive archetypes who are gifted “non-disciplined positional authorisation” , hence; Vile acts of poor conducts and terror enthuses their kind..

‘The Assylums, Hangman’s Noose, Pillories’

All the ancient and medieval devices of extreme cruelty may have existed as necessary, yet necessarily removed, except for just one..?

That one last remaining enginuity of perpetual cruelty, is the often sad and increasingly sadistic Psychology of the incel being: The crotesque Psychological apparatus. The poor mind ; this be an insult to all existence and that which lives within the membranes of autonomous electricity which flows in the fibres, nano cells and membranes of an incels synapses?

Note: The incel is not a kind of Incel, no!

The “Incel” is a being of incel characteristics ; The artical of its nature

This is quite cruel and barbaric, while reminding society that after all these centuries pass, the suffercation experienced by civil society from the hands of middle aged white incel men is not dying but inclining at proposterously large degrees. No procedures have been altered since routinely poor police practices of past centuries have seen investigations dating back to the ‘Winston Sylcott riots’… and all past centuries of habitual misconduct.

The government is without genuine action as notably constantly relegating their resources away from such matters. Minus effort to pervert this unchallenged behaviour by people in regulative authority: C.I.A, M.I.5, F.B.I, M.I.6 C.I.D exist as cruel agencies in evolutionary status of protective enforcement for the empires prosperity (Roman soldiers)

If you wish to help the people, I would advise you research much, to uncover the evil which exist in the agencies of human existence whom utilise their powers strickly for subversive Psychotic natures while trying to convince the people of acting in their interests.. which exist always as lies…

In my experience I openly state this world is a sick nursery for all the Psychopaths to flourish in places of authoritive positions…

The only people who I have encountered whom do not show such large degrees of skewed demeanour are those in careers and pursuit of sports..

Unfortunately such police agencies employ these sports avenues to abuse many people that they may not like, people with disabilities, ethnic identities, isolated individuals and rising future generations whom are vulnerable to these tricks of abuse which I have indeed spoken of, these schemes exist against people, creating poor relationships for information, often to no genuine use except narcissistic emotions of pursuit: A grandiose sense of self fulfilment and achievement in the numbers of people they destroy their lives for the increased pay. The fulfilment of reaching their task target number by the office of regulations and investigation. Innocent lives are the constant victims here. While others view upon this as validated entertainment. We are preyed upon, akin to the vulnerable animals within nature, hunted for our resource be that flesh or workforce slavery, while dangerous affairs are hidden from our sight in prestigious secretive places…Those that govern at the very top, are not from here, nor do they strike any neurological- physical similarity to the majority of citizens across the globe?

The life of another is viewed as mere entertainment, from the perverse and nonchalant Psychological perspectives of such skewed characteristics. It is quite nonchalant and of a feral identity in all truth, when people have resulted to viewing upon others in this way as entirely mere entertainment. Furthermore, such citizens exist in the true deprivation of existence, whom have fallen upon this permiage of entertainment.


If the BBC “BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION” are involved in documentary as a finance resource then it would be advised that big companies have huge monopolies on the direction and determination of the broadcast. For non partial documents it can be often beneficial to better pay attention to low budget documentations and broadcasting avenues..?

A sincere production is often experienced with cheaper independent productions and companies.

: Whenever wherever whatever, why – ever western societies involve themselves with foreign nations, for the profit of the production and not for the vulnerable

The objective is the frequency of financial motivation :
However, can be physically experienced via your behaviour of actions via hatred towards… For no reasons other than the initial programming…
The enmity you experienced is used to destroy targets, activists, vulnerable folk, whistle blowers, black people or even nations by way of consistent hatred and malevolence. Enhancing systems to penetrate the heart of cultures and the dethronement of black governments/empires. When results are achieved by such attitudes, finally the stage is set when isolation of targets are achieved..
In order to ravish the tagetted lands and feast upon the resources of the subjected targets or nation…

As an example:

Take a good long look at the countries most acquainted with these types of programmes? 樂

Apparently and quite often deployed as a long-term scheme… Which consistently takes planning and operative scheming.
There are ‘think tanks’ engineered solely for this purpose, by official agencies and bureaus  working shifts around the clock inorder to engineer these long term goals.. ®

Who often unwittingly aid the atrocities against black nations.. Poor nations and anyone who opposes of such intrusion to the rights of the targets.
Everything you do in the western world aids the destruction of other nations and black nations…

These financial bureaus and agencies are incredibly sophisticated by the use of the most advanced equipment and technology for maintaining the support from gullible – desperate – niave ‘Hive Minds’. These minds will often Ignore genuine fair literature, by refraining from reading and receiving honest information and advise… Often individuals only see that which they are chasing, while all stop warnings signs routinely ignored.

Often the partisans aim to feel good and confident in regards to themselves with the aid of false sense of achievement and misaligned pride, which derived, due to earlier tactics of name calling, belittling, stigmatising and defamation experienced. Now in fear of such pasts and with the fear growing of a repeated experience. These workers given in to the “Road of least Resistance” as any corruption money is worth a fortune in there native lands? The easily accessible become substantially motivated to be subservient. With the aid of a slight temptation to prosper relatives in native lands.

  • Note: A sentinel being which lacks all intelligence of being: Mind, emotion, matter. Placing finances before ethics is never prospective.

Lives are trapped within the magnitude of such existence, this be for all… a ‘surreal prostration’ in constant subservience towards evil progenitors and white supremacy all over the world…. ®

Our individual selfish goals, family, addictions and dreams forever bind the individual to this evil legislation authorised by Societies ®

Our own soul bleeds, and yet it bleeds without fortune or ending…

No death sentence, not yet…

Repentance was your enemy..

For a price of attendance.

It’s apparent Science fiction is not fully fiction : I previously mere wondered ‘where Hollywood derived there stories’ …?
Biblical stories, it appears translated in different languages across the globe .

Anu/Adamu/Noah/Horus/Yeshuah/Isa/Musa/Perseus/Jesus/Mohammad are perhaps the same identities translated into many languages around the world.. ®

樂 Or perhaps amongst the many spirits sent to ‘Be’ into embodiment upon earth to teach humankind of the legislation of the ‘Alpha to the Omega’

It is not for me to prove what is already proven..
Really it is for you the seeker to go in search of our creator and those alike to you, to go insearch of what lays hidden from your own investigations..

The Biology of Violence : Debra Niehoff; I found to be an intelligent read amongst those which attempt to investigate the natures of humankind, pieces of literature regarding the apparent wars of Europeans across the new world… ®
These literatures give insight to the tactics utilise by western elites to gain advancement and advantage over
other nations resources.

Remember :

It is not for me or any other to prove what is already proven..
Really it is for you and those alike to you, to go insearch of what lays hidden from your own investigations..?

Everything is intrinsically back to front, inside out and faithfully upside down!

As I have stated, quite emphatically on accessions, I reiterate such importance here: AGAIN

The truth of this matter, is the “help” inwhich you politely refer to, actual does not exist in the payed professions or non – paid professional environments..

Quite often this special aid can only be found in one place:

The loving environment of a stable home

Nothing in the universe can compete with that environment.
All other environments act as only second, in the form of supplements at the very best!

“How 🤔 incredibly sad and desperate of a society”

A sad society and a very tormented society.

One that finds redemption & entertainment, only in the handicaps and disabilities of genuine vulnerable people, whom are quite clearly suffering in side…
Yet the people have utilise that for their entertainment?
Incredible really..

“No civilisation or civilised society can find virtue in the tormenting of those in pain… and need of help?
These are truly the actions of a sick and twisted demented nation, in the guise of civilised humans…”

It may appear offensive of this truth, yet I am unclear of how to make the evils of European nations appear wonderous and civilised..
Nonetheless. If you come into any ideas, feel free to leave such information for the betterment of disclosures to all whom seek truth with a mindful eye of the dangers of this world.©️✔

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For the upkeep of this site and information gathered


Brought to you by the Poet K.Aliy ®️

2021-Infin-8-ty ✨


Lots of things are slowly starting to come to mind now, similar to important pieces of a jigsaw puzzle ; An extremely large puzzle that incorporates our beginning and ending.

Giant Hula Hoops, large balls, flaming fire rings, Dazzling sparklers… Dwarfs.. Acrobatics…

The media is part of all the theatrics.. To perplexe one’s mind from the truth…

One famous comedy stunt with the audience: Inwhich the entertainer is repeatedly tapped on the back, but each time the entertainer turns around, there is nobody insight?

The entertainer acts bewildered, then asks for the crowds participation to track proprietor?

The audience shouts: “He’s behind you, He’s Behind you”
Yet each time he turns around, nobody is there except the empty… Air!

Hula hoops, bouncing balls, fire rings.. Sparklers… Acrobatics…

Media have created such a mist that those living in the system believe everything which is reported from the broadcasting or disclosures to be fact of real life.
The occupants of the prisons are dependent on the programme and can not perceive anything outside that which has been thought-provoked and programmed upon them by the confines of the private prison: Estate.

I feel sorry for people encumbered by the prison:

The totalitarianism is of the state.

Whenever I see them behaving in the programmed mode :
I feel sorry for them, who do not realise that they are being held engaged and can not see it.

People are fed plenty of synthetic food : Orchestrated from substances  containing recycled silicone, paraffin, acrylics etc ®
The mass inherit titles and love it, all! 樂

“It does not make sense mathematically?” people say! 樂

Regards to the wonders of existence.

With a bitter jaw encumbrance by silicone stuffing…
(It has to make sense mathematically)

‘Nonsense’ I say

We should remember this? 樂

Which came first:
A) Existence?
B) Mathematics?

Hint: Did maths calculate the arrival of Existence or
did Existence calculate the arrival of maths?

Time travel is maths…

EXISTENCE is maths, unfortunately this current civilisation has not found the correct combination to bounce the atoms between…

‘Time travel’ is Without requirement and permission to exist from any Humanoids requirements or any scientist of the world at large :
The world has not been granted permission to make such a command or authority for ‘Time Travel’ to be.

The world in authoritive measure is: The acquivalent of a dust particle in relation when we compare the world to complete space and motion!

Existence acknowledges NOT earths permission to exist.
‘Time Travel’ acknowledges NOT Humanoids permission to EXIST

Nor any of the curriculums or theories..

Existence simply is as space is as time travel is… Etc

The systems currently in progression are increasingly dependent on those lessor skilled for enhanced thinking and broadminded skills.
The Psychological migration is mutual between the two-way parties associated; The lamb – laden – congressions are reciprocal to authority in terms of subservience, needs, sponsorship and leadership to govern their every thought, it is wholeheartedly sad in truth.

Those people can not adapt and as a consequence are dependent on their governments overlords:
By and large,
Whenever esoteric information is brought to fruition, this type of light shatterers their pre-cognitive dissonance (programmed Illusions)

The current systems across the globe is controlled by a syndicate of highly sophisticated people: History has shown that when one group of operatives are removed, another gang rises to take the place of the previous gang (Syndicate)

Any gang that rises to the top, unfortunately becomes no better than the previous gangs.
Often evolving to adopt the characteristics of the previous.

By the gangs own principles they become the new body of criminals in a new form of dictatorship..

Gangs are everywhere fighting each other to become syndicates..
They remind me of the crocodiles🐊 on many of nature documents..

The crocodiles have a tier system within each group and a leader 🐲. The leaders characteristics are as follows :

Consume others resources, grow mighty, inflict cruel examples for all to fear.

Command, govern and demand respect from the subjects.
🐊🐊Gang members and all others become fearful and easily controled! 🐢🦎🐍🐸🦉🐨🦃🐰🐹🐀🐤🐣.

All others will do anything not to become eaten, including secretly leading other weak prey to the clutches of the banquet?

This is identical to that of human societies.

That which is commonly reported recently across all societies, state:

The “Brain washing”

The most effective tool, in totalitarianism.

This has been identified through the ages of Totalitarianism and authoritarian regimes, yet people in general behave none the wiser.
Notice how nothing has changed, if anything at all, the ignorant are becoming evermore ignorant..

You may have notice these individuals ever producing further, baby after baby without a care in the world. regardless of the often ‘harsh – dilapidated – environmental – conditions’

Also lacking the compression to the level of slavery that will be subjected upon the tormented life till death.

In a well balanced world somewhere in the outer space, I believe this type of misconduct – mischief would be a crime…
The poor are truly selfish and poor people bringing infants into this, world is a negative start to life.

These infants genuinely live a life of depravity in turmoil and exist as theives, robbers, drug addicts, street gang members, pimps & prostitutes, with next to little no hopes.
They often struggle and make an attempt to survive in a world, they are Psychologically and emotionally, totally unprepared and unskilled for…
They compromise 100% and they still fail unfortunately without the situation being their desire, fault, idea or construction.

Eventually such life takes it’s own life in a final act of mercy and human rights . The common rights, which are unfairly never awarded.

I would like to see a law/legislation to prevent underprivileged people from giving birth without resources and education.

I have witnessed with my own eyes the level of destruction just one infant can grow up to cause…
How much more millions?
Much of the fearful-sheeple-propagandist would not exist and the entire world would be a more harmonious better place for it.

Better to all species, if women were prevented from giving birth: There birthing behaviour is the same as animals..
This leads others to not want to have children or even be in the world.
People who have died via suicide, derived via this Domino affect.
People give birth to life which only kills other lives, sometimes more important or beneficial lives? 🤔
Should not such women partake in greater lengths of appropriate councilling and education from life itself for their unwavering ideology to birth and infant life?
The world needs a global catastrophe to clean up the planet from the humans current trajectory..

 There are local women who are neighbours who give birth, then go out stealing to feed the extra babies..

I experience regularly..

Why have babies if you are continuing to effective robbery and theft to feed the children. These people are first hand refugees, inwhich it appears the husband is a true illegal immigrant.

The free life is continuously and grotesquely not enough for this Turkish family. It is uniquely incredibly to witness a family of immigrants, receiving all the natural benefits anyone can receive in society…

While the husband goes out to work illegally, via the illegal taxi driving transport business, the husband does not pay work taxes, as this entity is not legally registered to be in existence in this land.. Due to the families non disclosure the immigrants of this household fraudulent receive excess sums of living allowances from the council expenses.

Though the information has all been informed to the Broxbourne Borough Council on multiple occasions over the past ten years, nothing has ever been done above it.

The local police have been informed, along with all levels of crime agents, police systems, government agency, tax and income agency along with Broxbourne Borough Council In cheshunt, college Rd, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

Strange how all can be ignored. Though this person has not registered to be living in the country in the first place.

Myself, the residents are the constant targets. In these situations. As I am constantly targeted for my resources as I live alone, currently under my failing health continues yet the theives are unwavering of such behaviour, their individual quest to destroy other life… At all cost, whatever means necessary, in whichever nature these people chose, is unlawful and against human rights.

The governments continued to lie and pretend they know not what is going on. The truth is they know more than those generally affected, unfortunately entities with these Psychopaths traits, do not admit to such truths. Viewing the practices of those in positions of authority, clarifies the level of degeneracy within these conclave. Principally ignore reports, or employ total deception and false accountancy.

This is a vehemently damaging experience of witnessing those within positions of authority and trust exposing themselves and Psychologically tormenting legitimate citizens by abusive behaviour. These experiences derive via the level of degenerate individuals in the country and in whom are a natural administration of poor performance within legislative and environments. Often leading to unprofessional and criminality: Unfortunately this troubling performance of democracy is a genuine measure of displaying legislations and law adopted by English people : The English people adopt a fake system and Trash a genuine alignment. The attitude throughout English society is to attempt to resemble the things which are genuine. Adopt the ideal of Law but never deliver real acts of legal representation. In replace what is delivered is a substantial bucket of false promises, deceit and blatant lying. A substitute in place of real law is a plague. Genuine moral codes of virtue are scarce, this behaviour provides an opportunity for more corruption to flourish. It becomes obvious when we see the low level treatment and disrespect which is offered to those in authority from society.

This sentence, this essay, may indeed, one day read as my obituary?

“The Lord giveth, the lord taketh”

‘All praise be to the most high:

It appears people are extremely selective in our references of biblical texts..?

We have mistaken?
We have forgotten…
“Praise the Lord and give thanks”
“Pay your taxes and do not grumble”
(VARILY the Lord blesses whom he pleaseth)

 Reciprocal blessings

Spending and Shopping = Equals a steady Economy…
Due to this, the owners of the business will feed their family, pay the staff wages and the shop’s complete utility bills: Electricity, rent, business rate, tax bill, cleaning, stock debt, company loans etc..

All should be thanking those whom are spending regularly… It is better for the economy than increasing birth rates.

The raising of one child per year cost in the region of approximately £20,000 UK ($16,000 USA) Twenty thousand pounds.

The cost includes public services: Education, Training, Health, Benefits, Schooling, Clothing, Books & Stationary, Utilities, Transport, Sports & Recreational activities, Housing & Supporting, Caring & Maintenance.

A great deal of resources… Which in all honesty are sadly wasted towards a percentage of people and occasionally..

This sum of £20,000 is legally endorsed until the age of adulthood

Eighteen years of age, when the parent no long holds full responsibility to provide for the adolescent. Those become eighteen years old on birthday qualify for unemployed benefit or government subsidiary?

Often times people complain in regards to paying taxes. If only the majority of society truly understood how the financial treasury and revenue truly works?

Those free school meals : Revenue is collected to support national initiatives, the things which contribute to the funding of society and to feed the poor… Shopping creates revenue which is put back into the system to benefit and aid the poor.

People can be distracted by popular opinions and Group think. As hate continues to thrive in communities, many can not stand to see other people helping businesses..
The huge wealth of celebrities endorses huge spending habits, which contributes to the revenue available to poor people, who receive free things, discounted, sales, reduction, bargains etc. Businesses contribute when selling older stock at reduced price, due to profits and constant business.
As the shopping turns into revenue, via tax and business fees received via your governments.

Spending generates the revenue to feed those unemployed.
People will receive the money indirectly, via a tax rebate, government, benefits, sales or other social inclusion.

In this format.
I believe God has given us gifts to all: “whatever you are given is bestowed through (via God) Existence Blessing and instructions..”

“He who is without Sin,
throw the first stone AND step farword”
” HE GIVETH And Protect “
And “Do not be envious of your brother or brethren”
“Do not coveth”


Many wealthy encourage all of this, ‘What seems to be people’s problem is due to envy, other than that which appears most dislike?’

People should rather judge themselves first.. And final.

-1248? 0?


Adjusting each mind to the tones of sound resonance.. Often aids the ability of comprehension and preparation of the things you intend to decipher….

Climatising on the fringe of extreme human extinction…

I think you of humankind are too late on the notion… to altering the current trajectory of human beings path of systems, these ancient patterns of governance and beliefs.
It has been in affect since the dawn of civilisations and rose to full prominence in the start of the “Industrial Revolution”

What we witness today, is akin to the final bolts being added onto complete the final assignment…

In simple terms: You have front row seats to view the begginning of the end, in mass society..

From this mark 🔛 onwards : You will witness several things come into play : Automation will sky-rocket!

: Physical presence for business/medical consultations, will be extremely rare?

: Nuclear family will die off!

: Less recruitment agencies will exist!

: Almost all of the things we grow up with will not exist in shared communities?

: Museums will be on-line attendance only

: Religious halls will be shut down permanently.



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Totalitarianism can not successfully be removed, by definition the removers become that which they are aiming to remove: The insurgents become the dictatorship by way of their own efforts in virtue.

If for example we recall and theorise here, with the Hollywood movie “Minority report” ?

Exist a good example in that very movie of this explanation.

Almost every action humans make displays a form of dictatorship and infringement upon the rights of another..

It maybe of interest to concentrate upon the saving of your spirit or soul..?
“Flesh” is illussory and temporarily
“Spirit – Soul” appears to be not so temporary.

This entire world is currently corrupted both physically and morally. While those in any position of authority take advantage of the most vulnerable in society.

Positions of authority promotes the opportunity to deceive: The worst people I have ever come into contact with are those in positions of authority from poor backgrounds. People from poor upbringings are not educated in ethics, principles, morals or virtue… I have experienced theft from police officers includinng robbery, inwhich they claimed on separate occasions “They have no recollection of the actual incidents” with my personal property which was an expensive wrist watch.. I have had items of phones stolen from my presence in bodily search, inwhich police officers stated “They left it on top of the police car and drove off” forgetting to return the property to me after an arrest. I have experienced multiple thefts from my property by the Hertfordshire constabulary police. These are usually extremely racist and sick individuals whom have surreptitiously found their way into this field of work.

I Am wholeheartedly convinced that the worst of humankind, human beings, human genome and all versions of upright types, easily locate the path into policing and are accessible to these jobs via characteristics and impoverished “Individual Quality” displayed from these organisms in uniforms. Qualifying the criteria for the job at hand: Lack of moral code, human quality, vertually disobedient towards human rights, totally extinct of any potential decency, Euphemistically nonchalant to civil rights are amongst the general characteristics displayed by poor people whom have surreptitiously attained a position of trust and authority.

Bringing life into such a domain, could exist to be the most heinous thing one could ever commit to, in this life upon earth?

These things I have stated are perhaps the symptoms of this disease?

What can be done for some but not all, perhaps?
There may exist something that can be done in terms of saving your spirit-soul from disaster, previliged to a minority, few, before they are also consumed with the structural abyss and the written information of the world?

However, I am unclear to some details, that of : “If such an approach or methodology, is far too late to apply or not?” 🤔

“To be or not to be”

If we think about the motivation and goals generally applied to life in order for inspiration to increase our work ethic?

Goals, Egotism, aspiration, grandiosity and Oftentimes selfish pride comes to mind..
Modern designs of society are harvested upon this following stimulus:

People generally desire to prove their personal self worth in society and are often ridiculed for not aspiring higher than that which they acheived; Regardless of the things one achieves, those prying enemies, the disturbing doubters, all those obsessed in your defeat and oppositions remain stead fast to their assignments; Advancing your life into a debilitating experience of life and love.

Classism amidst great expectations,
Parents, relatives and society, on the whole all play a part in this trend..
The consequences of this system ultimately leads to multiple problems including personal and mass issues in and around society.

One problem I can briefly state here out of millions, in the form of a factual story :

A boy seeks meaning in life, so he asks his parents for advice:
Parents advice the child “To be good and go to school”
The boy does as he is told and after years, asked his school teacher the same question :

“Sir… What is the meaning to life?”

The teacher, responds by telling the child kindly : “To be a good pupil and achieve the best possible grades for higher education…

The boy in his circumstances, applies the input, to the best he can, struggles throughout in his troubled circumstances, and continues to be in pursuit of his aspirations and the meaning to life. The pupil flows with the instructions provided and finds his way to higher learning…

After years at college, the now adolescent ask the same question to his college tutor.
The tutor responds by asking “What do you want to become?”

The adolescent informs the tudor…
The tudor in reply : informs the pupil a steady direction ; “To set your goals in front of you and than, to achieve your goals, is the most important factor and the meaning of life….”

The pupil achieves many goals along the way and completes his college certifications..
Yet still experiences a sense of disassociation from life… Strangely despite all achievements, against a backdrop of uphill struggles and pitfalls. .

Despite the world of literature and disciplined minds.. Despite the world of philosophy and past sages… The emptiness permeates every space of his soul..

In this he questions to himself?
He continues to wonder reconciles while noticing a chain of events, in which many others also experience a sense of misfortune in solace while not understanding the purpose of life..?

Years later, many of his peers, in and along his personal journey contribute by disclosure of their thoughts on the meaning of life:

Some folk have related: ” The meaning of life, is to locate your twin flame, your twin soul and unite once more in the perpetual dance if life”

Others along the road submitted merit, other disclose “To find yourself, retune your personal chords, your true self the essence and know who you are and your true purpose in this dimension”

Many elderly folk, have ruminated upon the spiritualness of peace,.

The adolescent who became a man who became acquainted with fellow members at work, “Advised, to find marriage and raise a loving family, is what others believed, many lack and is the purpose of life”

In various employment, the man experienced emotional trajectories of highs and lows. When objectives were achieved and tasks completed, the unbenign sinking feeling of the ground falling beneath one persisted to galvanise the investigation. Colleuges expressed their own personal thoughts to the question inwhich some stated: “They thought to obtain satisfaction through work and owning a major company as their business in a fun career” would be a dream come true..

Others presently stated “They wanted to have as much fun as humanly possible and to find a permanent location, for an all year around vacation in this world, was their idea of the purposes of life

Many throughout stated similar value in the approximation :

“To have much fun and party” while there are others too, whom say to “Explore and travel?” as “The world is yours/ours, to be and experience and to do with whatever you desire?”

As the years passed through work and careers, multiple dates and poor relationship choices came to pass achievements and misfortunes.. experience along the road of life.
The question still remained for the soul proprietary of this story and occasionally arises, inwhich it is presented to spiritual people.
They say : “The meaning of life is to serve God” : Release yourself from this bond – age this age of perminent prison, that orchestrates to bind one to a Congression of suffering and dispair” an experiment which leads “one to contractual affiliation” and you have acquainted yourself with and be free from the inequities of mind and soul and human – kind”

Via the years of many religious doctrines and multiple sections…
The individuals awareness increased yet the experience of the burning sensation and things with familiar sensations of emptiness becomes a difficult association to ignore and digress, while carrying on in life.

Still, years pass by, pondering, what is the true meaning to life..?
Asked to those at the hierarchies of religious teachings..?
Inwhich one who tutored and taught religious education for over thirty years, stated : “There is no meaning to life but whatever you believe it to be?”

On this disclosure, the young man, pondered, and went on with his life…

Yet again, the progression of the question forever persisted.
Many have come and gone and not known.
Many others have detailed accounts through literatures of the meaning of life.

Stating “One, your personal thoughts and feelings become the meaning to own life and you will bring into being such as the manifestation of your thoughts or desires accidentally? “
Still most agree this question has not been answered in a recognised model…
The truth is nobody knows what the true meaning of life is, or even if there truly is a meaning at that matter? 🤔

We are all…
Truly not knowing, of the meaning to life, and I am afraid it shall remain this way…

Friends, family, associates, work, careers, goals, achievements are temporary, so far from genuine meanings and often form hazardous addictions..

All things actually form hazardly as addictions from the subsident interludes of severe solace…
After the assignment and goals are over..
After a child is born.. Grown and married, the parent experiences great emptiness…
That experience is the same as of before, in the parents own experience of adolescence and

The circle appears to continue regardless of what you do to subvert the sensation?

If this is true?
Then maybe we are striving in the wrong directions…?

Education leads to work, which may lead to stability, which may lead towards a partner and eventually a family..
However, with a family comes the necessary – maintenance – insurance – bills : Credit cards, spending, holidays, extra credit cards, luxuries, more spending, upgrades, moving, house purchases, further babies, more hours at work, utility cost, security etc…

Unfortunately if one in such a position, loses their job..?
The new acclimatisation will be extremely detrimental to handle while non forgiving..?
A tragic savage – hardship tale, looms in the forecast of an impending short distance.

The punctuation of divorce: like that of the legendary “War of the Roses” fought out in the Hollywood family courts..

This formula is ultimately a trap and leads eventually to degenerate sickness, medical bills, hardship and a compromising earthly death.

Perhaps if we lived in rewind and reverse things might be different..?

No anatomical health degeneracy?
No slavery?
No alcohol and drug addictions?
No debts?

No hurt via the intolerance?
No fines or fees?

No pain via the incomprehensible?
No marriage counselling cost?
No Psychology expenses?

No mystery, no humiliation, no fault, no angst…?

No madness..?

No misery from the non compromisable
No Psychiatry expenses?
No worries no stress?
Imagine no marriage?
No greedy spouse..?
No extra long hours at work?
No searching for a second job?
No excessive spending habits?
No private detective’s cost?
No wasting your energy on unproductive thoughts?
No wasting your best years?
No wasting your god given talents?
No early grave?
No drug addicted children?
No broken adolescent offsprings.?
No unnecessary expensive holidays?
No pregnant teenagers?
No child bearing fiancee..?
No suicide tenancy?
No depression.. No illness?
No cheating deceitful partners?
No scamming partners..?

NO feelings of insecurity?

No embarrassment or mistakes?

No unexpected worries?

No insults received?

No intentional malice to your reputation?

No increased nervousness?

No anxiety over asking someone on a date?

No fears of rejection…?

No stuttering via enquiry..?

No stammering through sentences?

No wasting valour for the disrespectable?

No wasting respect for the reprehensible?

No disolving your beauty?

No wasting your youth, your golden energy, your starlight, your tolerance..?

No wasting thoughts on the disassociated
No unexpected expenses..?
No headache no stress?


Unless one can locate A) the type of partner who has long term aspirations of living a life within the confines of nature and B) synchronisation with our rhythm ?

Wholeheartedly: In the following short video documents bellow.
This women is NO slouch, as she appears very ARTICULATE and hard working, and is what makes this instance unusual…

The average western man can not find a good women this articulate, this beautiful, this intelligent, this resourceful, this open minded…

Yet here one is thousand of miles away, in a remote coastal village, a remote surburban “Ashante town” living the good hustle in a retreated high away…

Extraordinary times, indeed.. For those who dare to challenge any age, society or status quo… May she-him both be happy in this union throughout… Space and motion..

The interviewer, who also appears intrigued, shares the Intriguing question of all the viewers at “07:01” mark : “Dlaczego?”




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📯Generic Idiochromosomes Collide📯

I have wondered upon many nights and dawns, of the differences between each ethnicity. The socio heterogeneity which illuminates my cerebrum especially and quite intriguingly, are the distinctive divide of the two polar hues of the monochromatic spectrum…. Black and White!

You may have also heard as I have experienced, from others in personal socio heterogeneities, this statement: “We are all the same”… “We are all as one” or “We are all from the same descendents” 

Maybe not, as not for thee, though through needing…. whom we have affirmed acknowledgement, descending from Neanderthal-anthropological generics!

Yet one has to acknowledge, convicted upon the above disclosure alone, the adversion that even Neanderthals would have evolved from taxonomic idiochromosomes from earlier chronostrataghraphical units???! 

Yet the idiosyncrasies displayed via each groups socio-heterogeneities economy, culture and abundance of generic immunity acclimatised via each historic existence to the taxonomy of the geographical and chronostrataghraphical units… clearly identify the position that separate traits of cosmic endorsements may lay responsible to this diverse invitation of anthropological evolutions! Clearly the intelligence in existence, can confirm substantial traits differ between the generic factors of species. These differences also have been established in the cellular sub-atomical level (molecular level). The molecular level of each species differs upon environment to enviroment, regardless of hemispherical environment and distance to neighbouring acclimatisations! Such as the cultivating apparatus of the organism and it’s various inhabited organs! Temperature, course, vegetation, atmosphere, particle behaviour and various inhabitants, collaborate to construct the species of any specific environment!

The synopses of the genome and in specific the idiochromosomes at work within each organ of the organism! Such as this identity and behaviour of interactive/non interactive molecules shapes/alterations/construct the behaviour in essence of the organism! Aggressive or regressive, intellectual or non-committal to intelligence and personal growth! Also the longevity, with,

health and attention to attractions and distractions will ultimately shape and steering the existence of each organism! The less or little the organism acknowledges… searches and is un-privileged to comprehend, then the further away from reason, good health, wealth, restoration and long-term benevolence the organism will become! This perpetual relationship between each organism and existence is a constant affair… the so called survival of the fittest, as we have often mentioned previously!

Thus, is ultimately the definition of the organism before nurturing of the copy code begin… (The role of individual to group identity or species or even socio heterogeneity). Such formations of personal relativity has been known to have been formed before infant stage of organism, often realised that true idiosyncrasies occurred with in the womb, before birth of organism! The synopses of the temperament can and will usually be formed after the zygote stage to descending fetus… If we refer to biotic life then the zygote would register as the seed in the earth being watered! Nurturing the seed, by the formation of the water or fluid present for feeding. Also the soil and other decomposed materials will aid the construction of the seed to plant/tree/life etc! Reasoning residents or ingredients will indeed nurture the possible temperament of the structure of organism!

“Feed A Life Poison And It Shall Become Just That!”

  • Often the nonchalance of unduly, undisciplined, unlearned, undeciphered and uncooperative beings, usually construct other skewed or broken beings! Furthermore, the beings who will endeavour to construct Ill persons, will not be aware or even admit to the faculty of faulty adherence in their wayward practices of nurture!
  • We can acknowledge the fact that, many un-appropriately licence holders of pets or animals, are guilty of faulty attitudes towards the health and safety of the pet or animal. As a disassembling from mindfulness, the owner will abuse the pet or creature to the point of no return, in which the animal becomes a monster or disturbance to all else, including the animal or pets own health and longevity!
  • We can often acknowledge, some parents should be permitted to embarking on a course of licence and education before being granted the opportunity to give birth. As we know there exist females who poison there very own organism (Body and fetus). Now reducing the synopses of the fetuses into a possible chance of long term difficulty in survival, as much as the mothers very own!
  • The poisoning can also be structured by outside constructions or constrictions, something which may impede the healthy growth of the organism!
  • By and large, it is important to note, many constrictions are actually devised out of purpose for a certain purpose! The purpose of some restrictions may be a maintenance of benevolence, while others maybe an occupational idiosyncrasy or ideology, from a severe division wholeheartedly interested in terms of management and manufacture of subdivisions and subclasses for controlling and slavery!
  • We can state that Europeans have aided the engineering and mechanics, behind the state of minds in the indigenous world and that of the offspring’s wayward growth and endurance for Europeanism… Such who are now available, know worldwide as the one and only “Negropeans!”
  • The substantial indoctrination and subsidiaries, have done little to accommodate the true “Afro-ethnic Spiritualists Identities and Graded Benevolence! With this stripped and buried the wisdom left behind by the ancients to the Afro-ethnics, have since perspired delivery upon the nurturing genome.
  • Now bartered for skewed mimicking, invented by wicked clergymen and insatiable nocturnal appetites… the false illusion and skewed religions are Manifested akin to robotics invested to be taught, solely for the controlling of the masses! 
  • Such programmed instruments often do not evolve out of the initial programmed station, without the aforementioned instructions of the dear rightful programmer/cooperation/sanctioning authority and owners. Hence, the direction of object is steadily entrusted upon the devised programmers to ensure all details meet sanctioned education. If it be a larger object which meets affiliations of programmes, such as society, the programmer initial rights of agenda and duties remain in sameness to a single smaller entity or device! Total cooperation for the interest of the owners or leaders, for profit or power! The sanctioning body usually reserves rights for their interest only and never or not the programmed, programmer or programme!
  • Those who fit the programme are bound by this fate, in which nothing short of universal aid can release them from such controlling misery, in which poverty is leased to the entire socio heterogeneity as a favour from the controlling party! Poverty-stricken identities and those with a perverse sense of financial management, should not have to be burdened with such an Ill fate engineered by vitriolic idiosyncrasies perspiring from the perspectives of such greedy Europeans. Nonetheless… simple mathematics and due care to personal decision making should be taught to each child by parent, in order to break the cycle of handicap.. greed or misfortune!

  • Interestingly lyrically… enough also, as we have routinely spoken of the pressures felt by each nation, due to the overwhelming stress placed on the resources available and affordability. Unfortunately the uneducated crust of a society, fail to realise the humongous effort and education needed to haul… harvest… exhume… produce… manufacture… barter and make readily available and affordable produce to their economy of residence! Food is neither free… privileged to the citizen of any state! Nor should it be if produced, then displayed to you for your convenience! The price of labour in all measurements has to be fairly attached to the product, especially in order to keep revenue at a reasonable state. If the product is far too highly priced, we recognise it has an effect on the buyers of the product and sellers alike… even the producers are effected (As we acknowledge  today, in the British lamb industry. Buyers and wholesalers are shopping abroad to import live stock, which although arrives from over shores, surprisingly sums up cheaper in bargains, when purchasing farming measurements of live stock!). The average citizen often does not care to pay much attention, to the where… how… when… and various attributes of reasonable business cost, which is beneficial to everyone all around, right from the workers to the consumers (fair trade). When fair trade is not actioned, a bad balance ignites throughout multiple areas. As avenues and outside connections are often effected, all the way right through to departments outside the original business trade. The connection between departments of businesses are often reliable upon one another to galvanise the economy of the state (Injection of prosperity and funds). As an analogy we can state: “In regards to mammals, If the body of the sprinting cheater, loses it’s natural biological engineered tale, the aversion to balance in velocity will be broken from this mechanical defect!” Understanding the aerodynamics in this shift, ultimately will broadenshape one single horizon to a multitude of interesting multicoloured multicomponentories in cultures customers… practices and business liaisons. When such citizens do not understand the formidable array of interactive justifications between all that is… all that is to be! An internal problem unfolds.

  • Wealth is not bottomless… Neither is wealth ethereal and everlasting… it does not stand the test of time akin to air and space mechanics! Wealth is truly subjective. Upon this subject it is quite elusive… unresolved and often damaging! Because of this perpetual greed aspiring from the homes of the western citizens, the citizenship’s across the globe in foreign lands suffer as a direct consequence of their very own resources, which lay under perpetual Rape and attack from shrewd businesses… European business exploits. Unfortunately this evil Rape tactic is the only way the European business agents can take control of the foreign resources at a rate, that will support the perpetual mouths of the hungriest in western! Let us remember and not disregard the fact, that western shoppers do not shop for need, but rather for ” Extreme Pleasure/Instantaneous Gratification “
  • To comprehend and think that multiple families in the poorest nations, are subjected to the harshest depredations, simply through the fact that the western ideology, supports the trend that shopping makes you happy, encourages further exploitation from foreign resources… in this… The level of abuse which is causing damage and Rape to the world viability of resources! The resources which was a regulation redesigned by leaders of foreign nations, who have been imprinted with western ideologies. Such ideologies that wholeheartedly support the western profile. This profit to the western Treasury allows the western cultures to live quite unashamedly fat and full of total consumption and fulfillment!
  • ” What they want… they shall have, without persecution on consequence or consideration towards others persecution and depredations from their reasons of seasonal profits “

Each female from the western shores, who embarks on this “Crazy behaviour” Unfortunately has not understood the “Causation” related to this diverse invitation of self-gratification!” The substantial impact redirects back to the poverty-stricken shores, who are consistently available for trickery from the hands of foreign behaviours. Again and again and again and again, again… are the poorest shores of the hemisphere hit by foreign political arrangements, which never benefit the synopses of the poor nations prosperity! Ignorantiquity is in abundance in the pockets of the genomes send in the leaders in the poorest nations. Unfortunately they arose from the antiquity of naivety and gullibility! For this, each householders offspring’s in the western hemispherical globe, shall be glad with smitten to be given fruitfulness in aspirations and gifts of play and of price! Little is acknowledge by the joyously displaying child, of the 1,000 or so children, further debilitated just from the gifts of the one child awakening to the toys and joys each day or on the special occasions and traditions!

The majority of females from the western world, programme their offspring’s with false information about foreign cultures. I understand this depiction may have been the guilty inheritance, they was bestowed with when in receipt of newly introduced gifts. Often western parents may indeed, falsify all behaviours, actions and characteristics of foreign people. Often as the most negative and morally corrupt of organism. This is often spoken possibly from the guilt felt, by the westerners false “Conscience, the rarely witness inner boutique of encratism”. 

In such a way that it perhaps…. bequeathed their cerebrum with notions of grandeur. The grandeur manifests as moral code to their cerebrum. Which informs them, they are not to blame, but are free from critic and blame. Even guilt, their guilt is sworn to the personal elucidation… the false believe… the propagation and assessment that they have done no wrong!

This believe makes stealing and acquisition under cheat very easy to obtain and live with, for the westerners.

President of Libya Maummaur Gaddafi was assassinated for this very reasonable,  along with every single prosperous leader… spokesman/woman official… president… T.I. …. activist…. cooperative… etc.. 

President- Sadam Hussein

Musician & Activist- Bob Marley

Rapper & Activist- Tupac Shakur

Leader- Shaka Zulu

President- John F.Kennedy

Official & Activist- Hailing Salessi

Spokesman & Activist Minister- Reveranda Martin Luther King

Musician- Marvin Gaye

Civil rights activists- Malcolm X

Are only a few of the activist who were assigned for assassination… in which the attempt was unfortunately successful!

Remember, such activist were actually assassinated by their very own people and culture!


“They Just Do Not Get It (Misguided Psychological Arousal)

“They Just Do Not Get It”

Many people Psyche is driven by a profound acknowledgement, alluring to a black or white understanding in the deciphering of things… elements… situations… factors…

The common mind has “No Real Value Or Substance”

Often unintelligible, uninterrupted, unfortunately misguided, very similar to another worldly known species…?

It is often examined as the “Misguide In Sheep Mentality”

Where many sheep will follow those in front to near death and danger, even following the leader over the cliffs edge, tumbling down a rocky mountain to a relighted allarming discovering. A discovery of a frighteningly perpetual gruesome end of life! Sheep being not intelligent, and the lesser of intelligence amongst all those adoptive of quadrupedalism!  Sheep will indeed follow a leader of a similar guise. Nonetheless and quite often the leading role can change quite often and unexpectedly from sheep to sheep. This has been observed as the unexpected change via the environment. Through obstruction or perceived danger from those at front, a separate sheep or any amongst the leading group may unexpectedly change the course of direction, setting a new path in which the herd eagerly oblige! The rampaging pack, displaying little individual prospect, always adopt the tightly guidelines of follow the leader… sometimes it can be to prosperity, but often in the wild, for such life, this negligence of self-regulation becomes the path to demise! As following others, the herd can not visualise the track ahead or any paramount detriment! All along via the perpetual journey the following sheep place all their prosperity amongst the guiding group of sheep. Amazingly all such trust… benevolence… fortifications… reserve are certainly placed upon the leading roles of the “ship” which guides.

The ship powered by a blind rowing crew in the lower decks, yet steered by the unintelligible commanders who by chance are both blind! This version of tragedy may have good opportunities or chance opportunities. .. For often also those highly unintelligible may stumble upon fine pasture to graze upon merely by chance… The following herd unfortunately do not subject their individual intelligence (what there exist of intelligence with in the private mind) to such quadrants of thought and practice. Sheep unwittingly do not bequeath the genius of creativity and singularity. More often sheep are suspended in the early infant stages of one life! This alluring to the stage from descending fetus to infant. Unfortunately for sheep, who rarely evolve outside this tiny stage of existence per life cycle (Birth – Death).

The early stages of all life are indeed the most significant to longevity. Where all learning is easily absorbed and understood more significantly, unlike the contrary to full-grown organisms, where it is indeed almost impossible to teach fully formed organisms, which have been existing as fully formed,  to incline to new information! The problem with sheep is nobody teaches sheep new information so they have perpetually existed as infants throughout their very own tragic history! Had early sheep, aided with the investment and with recognisable intrinsics of individual survival traits, we humans and other life forms would be presented with an interesting species, entirely contrary to that which we have known!

Humankind… the Psyche of humankind is incredibly and remarkably similar to that of the sheep… It is my provenance that a link exist between a family of sheep and humankind or the large majority of humankind! If you go out, you may notice the exact familiarity.

Familiarity Exist Between Humankind And Sheep In Some Prominent Facets.

No.1 Herd Mentality

You will find where ever you visit, the groups of humankind following similar to the sheep’s situation,  whether the familiarity and precision be of dress,  agreements, hobbies or just plain thinking towards things or elements or situations!

No.2 Where Sheep Mentality Is Easier Identified…?

To notice sheep mentalism, you will not have to inquisition far from your residence. Nonetheless, you may find it easier to administer inquisitions upon the alien cultures against yours. Study dress code, politics, food, traditions, language, politics, law & legislation, practice and etiquettes.

You will also notice the Paramount of difference between groups of classes in thinking and intelligence. .. Whereas intelligence is often a byproduct of quality genes from parents who worked and studied hard, while bequeathing the offspring into a formula of quality and prosperity!

 No.3 Notice how poor people often marry poor people…?

You will notice if you take some time to postulate and investigate the marriage and partnerships of your society. In the west for example, very really do poor and rich people mix or set a compromised coadjuvancy.

The main reason to this is via education. It is very difficult to have a long conversation with people who do not know that which you know or have learnt quite fortunately that which you have… Thus unequalled neurogenetics lead to the ultimate dilapidation of any coadjuvancy! Some things occasionally can mix for a subjected period, but some things can not survive for long before true elements of non-dilution are exposed akin to oil placed with in water, in such a mix the oils separate from the water and float as singular units… Unfortunately intelligence levels can not survive in distant dorment relations for too long!

But remember, not all Wealthy persons are well-educated in academic knowledge, although they are in-depth with social graces and etiquettes! As also not all people with great academic knowledge are wealthy…?

From my own intrigue and study, I have found that people with good academic knowledge… often have a host of plus points attributed to them.  This is akin to a device which is produced with the intention of a few main functions, yet advantageously it is surprisingly  combinatorial in comminatory adjectives! The stone which can be either utilised for cutting… scrubbing… cleaning! I find myself through my own experience of  life, completely, but utilising quality reports where necessary as combined with any experience of said article…. to acquire precision and further study of reason.

Again, people with higher intelligence output, are more constant in virtue to be of crucial importance to the world or many, whereas people with low intelligence appear to be just hitching a ride upon the giant rowboat named planet earth!

Those with low intelligence often do not learn adequately or learn much too late… akin to many prisoners who perpetually commit the same offence although, the offence was not necessary to begin with, especially that of stealing cloths or materials you currently own…? It is also affirmed that the majority of prisoners have intrinsic neurological disorders. .. this I can affirm as the gospel truth! Although it is very important to state, almost all of the prisoners do not validate themselves as mentally incapacitated. Akin to the sheep and sheep herd, if only these Psychological disturbed patrons realised they was/are affirmations of broken souls, maybe they could get aid or resolve their personal idiosyncratics, instead of denial! Thus perpetuate the sheep herd mentality into following once again and again and again and again, further crimes of behaviours of pariahs!

I spent quite a credible facets of time, to bring intelligence by way of study and knowledge to many ignorant and criminal minds, but it most certainly appeared many wished to discredit my efforts! The strange thing is I can guarantee with precise certainty, that the naysayers and disruptive misguide, will often become prey to the very criminals they aid in Misguide. The nature we abide by exist this way… Many are fortunate enough to have had steady intelligent parenting, who subscribed this teaching to their young…. while others were bequeathed with subliminal intelligence and prominence of guide! Myself I have witnessed, not everyone can be taught, the information, no matter how simple it is presented does not and will not ever register in some minds… “They Just Do Not Get It”…. They was not born to get it!…..

That which I came to realise, if you wanted to save yourself and you had reasonable intelligence, you should realise at some point of your very early to mid-life, that you have to break away from all possible adopted groups… affiliations… associations… orientations… mentalism… schools of thought…. The greatest organist in the world we know is that known as the “Mighty Germ” or “Bacteria”


Because of the kaleidoscope of adaptations in surmounts in the quantum of evolving moments…

Remember. .. Germs/Bacterium where spawned long ago… yet their recourses and resources are binding to their very nature. ….. The geometric premise and adaptations are everything simple or inferior…

Humans would only dream of acquiring bacteria like power! A power that is to guarantee their lifestyle for eternity. .. such mighty residential resilience for such a subatomic particle… Pound for Pound the bacteria is too powerful for any articles of artificial element, hence forth. .. if bacteria was measured in human life-size, a single bacteria could withstand all blast radius within a nuclear bomb!

Understanding such a subliminal efficiency to endure all changes, one would have to sugest bacteria has a certain degree of intelligence necessary to become prosperous, in which they are/do effective towards every other living organism!

I affirm without sufficient intelligence organisations and organisms do not survive longevity. Likewise if you require a successful partnership of any-kind, intelligence has to be the number one priority in the vanguard of the relative to prosperous type of liaison… everything else would be secondary…

 As an affirmed example of simple intelligence, would be the assessment of financial management and accountancy… 

Can people who can not manage their personal financial affairs, manage a healthy relationship…?

The obvious answer is No… They would be very unlikely to keep good accountancy of the finances in the relationship. ..

Financial competence being the intrinsic value to healthy relationships, whereas when finances are met by huge incompetence the relationship is destructive akin to germs trapped in acid. As the germs do not leave the acid, the germs are obliterated. .. Couples entwining in poverty become destructive to each other and the whole family unit….. often sometimes canceling each other entity out in an all out emotional war, which leaves no winners except foster children!

The true tragedy, becomes the future life of these foster children, who will nonchalantly or unintelligible perpetuate a similar relationship as future adults promoting the exact disturbance of life… love… companionship!

I have perpetually affirmed, the greatest gift a poor person can afford a child, is simply to not ever produce a child in the first place…! Those poor people (Men and Women) who do not produce the exploits of fornication into a breathing life, are indeed highly the more constructive of the earth’s poor people… Intelligence must be examined at some stage to affirm, whether the two protagonist can subject the subject to a prosperous life. Myself, I have never witnessed a prosperous life emitting from a degenerate lifestyle. Every poor person I have ever come into contact with has displayed severe attributes of draining society and never replacing that element of drain with a formal reciprocal affirmation!

Unfortunately poor women are the modern day succubus in this department… Often lonely falling desperate to the most destitute of male homo sapiens. Such nonchalantly male homo sapiens feed of the exploration with manly bravado and condensation. .. As we stated it is a sad shame those most ignorant and unpredictable unprecedented in proper-ness and formality have acquired the most babies…

I myself struggle to contemplate the sole reason for such existing customers of the earth.. I ask myself if only intelligence is the true deviding barrier between mammal and human, should the most competent then formally sterilise those most analysed as having animalistic breeding behaviours -(The perpetuation of breeding life in dire circumstances)..?

I myself… I am in stringent favour of mass sterilisation.  The greatest problem to human survival is not just those who breed nonchalantly, but also all the devised groups who appear to encourage this wicked behaviours and destruction of mass breeding of the human genome to the earth!Bad habits S Memo_430 20150430_222539 20150430_222504

Thank you…. and be well. … some how akin to the mighty germ… the earth always fights back and survives all exploits of the feral inhabitants. .. The earth shall continue to do so, While the longevity of the species relies upon the intelligence of the species…

Where animals breed unceremoniously. … it is vital to register with in the human Psyche, that Humankind should not mimic the characteristic of animal or insect kind!

Be well….. faithfulls

Exploitation Of Manipulation

“At Which Stage In The Personal Evolution Of Our Organism…. Do Each And All Set Upon Each Other?”

You Will Indeed, Be Familiar With Such A Question, As It Is Motioned, From Time To Time!

From Early Age We Begin Forms Of Early Manipulation Which Are Absorbed From Our intrinsic Instincts That aid our Survival… Though Our Primitive Understanding Of Survival Is Based On Euphoria As Infants… We Still Graft The Necessary Ingenuity To Graft Our Inner Mist Of Desires And Lavish..

I can remember an occasion, when I was waiting in the patients area of the doctors surgery…

Watching an infant walking to and throw, grafting what it could from each parent… Ultimately learning the earliest survival skills. “In Order To Navigate And Negotiate In Their Quarantined Encumbered Environment”.

The infant quite charmingly displaying the chivalrous of an early starter…. motioned to one parent after a short walk, and retrieved a nice helping of pink and white ice cream served by a tiny spoon, then waited and made a short journey to the other parent sitting  at the opposite side of the room. The infant gently smiled and grafted another generous helping of the mouth-watering ice cream… Then the infant, which now appeared to be confident of its exploits and round trip journeys between It’s mum and dad, uncovered “Enlightenment!….”

Realisation had bequeathed the childs cerebrum… The child had and after thought, a mission, a conviction…. and the infant understood the best practice to retrieve the object of its desires… The targets were in close proclivity, and the cause was instant gratification. Nothing else mastered in this point in time, all hell could break loose, yet no pink & white ice cream? Then all life was lost for the infant… The object was to retrieve as much ice cream, in as little effort as possible. … “so far so good, mum and dad had not wised to the guile” the infant cleverly looked…. again in both directions… while mum and dad laughed at the infants purposeful plan… “To rid the two grown ups, of all trace and evidence of the sweet soft stuff!

Yet again more round trip journeys followed by gratifying smiles and climbs on to both parents legs, to safely mount for retrieval, before setting off again in the opposite direction for a tour of personal duty on  this personal mission of satisfaction and sacrifice. ..

For the infant, nothing else was of concern more than the gratification of retrieving the amiable soft sweet stuff from both parents… Smart and luring the infant probably thought of itself… Masterful tactician an ingenious craftsman-infant! The grandiosity and subliminal appreciation arose from the infants aura… as it was aided by smiles from all looking on. .. The audience to this real life play! This activation of survival… adventure from a child’s mind… ingenuity. .. life… love… learning… and mild humour… all sat along side this most pleasant adventure of self realisation and learning…

“This Is Ultimately The Awakening Of The Cerebrum To Survival Or Necessary Machination”

Watching the infant in the waiting room that day, bequeathed my cerebrum of the ceremony which attributed awareness. … both parents where indeed happy that their child was learning new things… Indeed it would have to.. in order that it survive adequately in the world… as life would get a lot harder when parents were no longer around to deliver the spoonfuls of sweet good stuff…

Therefore the infant had to learn, and indeed learn fast it adequately acquired the necessary craft of manipulation and endeavour. .. work and effort to retrieve its rewards… walking was the work… ice cream was the reward… great plan good accomplishment executed and deserved!

“So We Understand Where It Comes From Why Humans Turn Upon Each Other In Life”

Desires…. Desires And More Desires…

What if both parents had refuse the infant the good sweet stuff! Would the infant had been so endearing?

So charming… so chivalrous to the parents…?

Probably not… The fact that the object of the infants affections was in plain sight of its view and with in grasping range… made temptation all to ferocious to resist! How would the infant summon the will to negate such a graving… after all it had probably had not been taught yet that you can not have everything you desire….

Ultimately this is the exact attribute which produces a criminal…. A rapist… A thieve… A bank robber… etc..

As such infants become overly indulgent on the allure of euphoria… Compulsively engage in their desires untill addiction has long set in… Now consequentially addiction has been long-awaited and subscribed to such juvenile delinquent. … This delineation hassles its way to top priority… and like the child of before…. All attention and all endeavours are solely constructed for one cause….

“The Interception Of Desires”

Living only to chase your desires…. Unfortunately in the long run will not abide many well. Usually ignorance leads to heartache and illness… The criminal conviction… addiction… suffering. .. regret… sorrow… loss and ultimately misery…

Almost nobody actually is aware of this… I have not heard it mentioned by anyone but myself before and here on my blogs…

I have routinely listened to and converse as an adolescence growing up, To hear teenagers and young women state these words…

“I Am Going To Spoil My Baby Rotten”

This affirmation, literally advocates the statement in full but with the best possible intentions.  Nonetheless… all shall not evolve well as a phylogeny. We have a very basic order and instruction. Through our basic order though complicated constructed, we confuse the complications of our organism with the basic ideology of our purpose!

Hence engaging in Psychological complications, while seeking dangerous justifications, through forms of incorrect inclinations in basic living… Humans only destroy themselves by addition of toxic substances to their anatomy, while the subtraction of organic vitality from the organism renders health to an abysmal degree!

There are a plethora of hosts that administer the eradication of the self… including outside agents. ..

One agent is a spouse or partner… who does not align with you… We know mental illness is a constant attribute of the human racecourse.  Majority of people have one form of mental illness or another, But unfortunately are “NOT” willing to surrender to medical aid due to pride and prejudices. .. As a consequence will “NOT” live a very ethical or balanced life… I have met many people involved in this lifestyle, who consistently guide many astray. They do not guide people astray viciously as I noticed. Even their partners are misguided and unrealised to travesty via a long debilitating journey… Often times, associates do not perceive or visualise the calamity about to unfold. Only experience can alert one of future turmoil…

The cunning afforded to such is that of predator, whether male or female…. Usually the prey has also mental health issues, but are also yet to be diagnosed… or not untill they are seriously debilitated from anxiety and depression!

As we are all learning via life experiences… harm… pain… hurt… accident… mistake… era… will be witnessed in this journey…

Unfortunately so will intentions…. evilly… cruelty. .. wickedness. .. malice… belligerence. … persecution. .. malignancies. .. jeopardy. .. jealousy. .. hatred… Anger… Danger… Pestilence and hostility will also be witnessed!

And usually as a result of mental illnesses or just plain ignorance in life….?

“Often Every Delineation Which Was Stated To Describe Dilettante Or Pariahs Are hijacked By The Very Souls It Was Used To Sentence Or Describe”

Often you will indeed notice that “Imbeciles calling others or intelligent people stupid or fool? This is absolutely crazy… Is seems that hardly very few people, are well in this world these days?

One aspect I have notice of these deliverables. .. Is they are most easiest absorbed by weaker or debilitated minds… These are usually minds who are suffering… feeling lonely, desperate… confused… and abandoned souls… These are isolated… desolated and distinctively destitute spirits….

Example would be Ex soldiers. .. Widows… Those suffering from depression. .. Those who have lost a love one via accidental death… Those abused Via manipulation or physicality. .. Those cheated or robbed… All are usually in a state of mild to high trauma and are usually too unaware to perceive a sting or culprit approaching who will bleed them dry of finances, physicality or emotionally!

Usually people fall for some bait… a sad story of manipulation appears to be the only trick most favoured by exploiters…. It appears to come at some point after trust is earned… It is also likely those who have been manipulated will go on to manipulate and vice versa…

Often like for like in relationships that are long lasting. When I hear of a person who said they was abused for many years in a relationship. That notifies me that the tactics also exist with in the nature of “He/She” who was abused or manipulated. I do not believe you can stay engaged or married faithfully or not for so long, without exhibiting familiar traits…

If both involved are friends with benefits… two friends who enjoy each others company then the above does not apply. The concern becomes evident on acceptance of relationship status… As in partners… fiancée… Couples… etc… If you are only friends you do not need to concern yourself with what the other does… yet you should not be a financial victim or burden regardless of relationship status!

Many people are bad at chosing partners due to societies vision of prospective partners… If you chose your partners by society’s ideals… well you will be constantly bequeathed with heart wrenching roller coaster rides…. with added misery and regret at the final laps!

Usually when you find yourself you have a better chance of finding the right person… Somebody once said to me… they wished they got married at 40! That is forty years of age! When I asked why… They replied “After all that is how long it took to know the self!”

Thank you and be well!

None haters…

“Agrimony” The Lonely Children & Forever Tomorrow’s

“A Small digestible Effervescence, To Cure An Upset Stomach, Is A Word Of Blessing Which Ruminates As An Antidote To Eradicate The Germination toxicity”

Language and it’s importance is highly powerful in the transferring of information and wellness…

We must understand the process of the intermission. .. Intermingling. .. interminable reciprocation of this magnanimous atomic disturbances… The sound waves felt by process of vibrations is the exact apparatus which delivers the noise by way of exploding atoms… which we have conveniently manipulated over thousands of millenniums to create sounds…

These sounds became identifiable as instruction or message and meaning… Meaning became refined as the anatomy for speech and again, carefully evolved to compute competently the design and structure of the vowels… word… sentence and detail!

Vowels “O” and “U” pronounced by prehistoric homogenous traits… would have been pronounced as “OO” and “OW”

I mentioned “O” & “U” as these are the vowels expressed by modernisation.  Yet also early day primates in the wild… also encapsulated such vowels of “A” for “AA”. This Is vehemently expressed by the unveiled anthropogenic species as modern primates in the wild of our world!

These understandings communicated to one another in the communication of early inhabitants.. broke barriers.. as community and the benefits existed, structured the universal survival traits…

“He Or That Who Controls The Language Controls The Individual Identification Of The Masses & Groups!”

In modern  Chronostratagraphical bands, Civilisations are indeed derided by language… Separate languages for separate continents… which indeed have personal nations! In each nation sects are divided by lands or countries… which in turn are divided by cities…. towns… counties… districts etc…

You will be apprehended by separate languages to dialects of accents depending on region of historical dwellings! All apprehended by the diverse array of culture and tradition… suffering and Celebrations. ..

For the pleasure of the whole environment the diversity galvanised much belonging and wanting.. As less societies find meaning in enclosed togetherness… This dissipates in the congress of huge communities and civilisations… members feel lost and alone in the mighty crowds of huge populous…

Many will engulf lonlinessess and addiction as a direct result of solitaire… in engineered states of vast industrialism… despair bleeds its heart upon the wide streets of misguide and misinformation. .. such traumas persist as a defect of the cerebrum in later years .. The tragedy… “The lonely children and forever tomorrow’s” in far away remedies of not quite to never will..

All these children in turn created by further lonely children, Who are unable to decipher the etiquette gist of existence… will be appreciated by like minded misguided spouses who can create no more than a replica of theyre very tragedy…


In a recent study I made simple inquisitions to find out the reason for poor people perpetually giving birth to babies… which answers ranged from boredom… Ignorance… Illness… loneliness… Misguide. .. Misinformation. .. Misunderstanding… Culture… Education… Finance… Incentive… Desperation… Insecurity… Fear… Deception… Religion… Tradition… Aid… impair… Security… Purpose… Agrimony… Wickedness…  Hopelessness… Abuse… Slavery and exploitation… Personal ioudous and idiosyncracies. ..

Indeed evidential we can suggest everything and anything can be the cause of childbirth. Human nature has a variety of scenarios even more perplexing than veins in our bodies…

Appears as much aid to better understand of the previous preconceptions that has been dwarfed… by the array of sophistication in our modern life’s…

Best we can do is to perpetually educate the fickle of mind and those who are lacking in abstinence…  are one with mental illness and illiteracies…

“We Often Notice Females Hanging Of The Lower Waist To Angle, Of Those Men Who’s Identity Is Affirmed, By The Depth Of The Pants/Briefs Which Are Displayed Above The Low Waisted Trousers”

Often such men are indeed illiterate and will not hang around to raise the baby… which is crucial for the confidence of the child’s identity.

The males who do retain responsibility are often bad role models and disturb a pious future for the child.  In reciprocity the child obliges and response by accepting fathers habits.  The child will follow into a disorderly adult and repeat the cycle… if luck does not intervene!

Often such children seek out partners who remind them of their parents… broken ill… disturbed… trashy… lacking in etiquettes… No education.. No manners.. No decorum. .. No honesty. .. No trust and empty of sincerity…

All the attributes of a successfully tragic relationship and familiar family demise…

There are many sole instigations to this type of poisonous well!

But I have uncovered one… which sits at the top of the tree..

That spoiled fruit.. is the female education or they’re lack of!!!! Sincerely education and common sense is indeed necessary for a contingency of fruition to child raising. .. Females sit at the forefront of the child. So a bad father does not necessarily produce a bad child… But more often then not a bad mother will produce a ill child. From everything the mother exhibits and expresses when she is prenounced pregnant… to her displaying habits and emotions in front of the raised infant will be accepted as norm by the faithful subservience of the child!

All synchronicity and neurology will be inherited by the child. Often parents have not known why their child fails at school and life. Yet due to the mothers emotions and ill health at birt.. these tiny transmissions are akin to “Dynamic Shock Waves sent to the intrataurine environment and evolving cell divisions. .. As A Tiny zygote introfallopian to the multicellular organism to fetus and ascending in the intrauterine to Embryo of Baby”

All is felt in this tiny cocoon… that which mother feels baby adheres and reciprocating… It is vital for the entire existence of baby mothers every interaction and prosperity.. A mother drinking a glass of vodka would be equivalent of previous undisputed heavyweight kings “Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson” Swimming In A Tub Of Vodka for a few months!..

One class of “Vodka” last for a year inside your system” All unnatural fluids are toxic chemicals to the body’s blood system!” An unwelcome present to the unconscious conscience tiny agent inside mothers belly. The alien liquid disrupts the tiny agents existence and will have to work over time on defaults to catch up with normal children, as the tiny innocent evolves as adult.

Often women are not the best advisors in the world..

this I mean by the nature they are followers not leaders.

“A Man Should Never Follow A Women Ever… Ever!”

He who does shall shortly lose everything including his sanity… self-respect… dignity and purpose to life…

Remember these words and indeed everybody shall be happiest by you… Do not and there maybe several unforgettable tragedies in your family?

These words are gospel..

“A man for his own prosperity must never follow a woman’s advice, only advice from males concerning strictly male politics”.. and a woman should only follow a woman’s advice… concerning strick female politics” this is how to get the best out of your genome and gender role for longevity and prosperity..

Universal politics are totally separate, in which can be excepted by both, for example operation and operating machinery, and all such non human intrinsics and etiquette. ..

Women in general.. would be better off. .. if  they did not subject their personal prosperity to Good looks… Power… Money. … Etc…

Looks can be the ultimate misconception. …As detailed in the below story!…

In the 1950’s a very ingenious scientist from the middle east in a country called Yemen… Had discovered a great scientific break through… The break through was universally acknowledged by all the science communities around the globe… Presentations was set globally for this mature scientist who had practiced very much undiscovered for the majority of his life.

From a very poor and traditional culture he came from and the nurturing presented to him was one of much love… respect… honesty… tradition… piousity… humbleness… forgiveness… faith… simplicity. .. care… cleansing and hygiene…

Yet his mother and father were forever poor… and his father had died a poor old man as his parents before him. His mother layed sick at home with his siblings, all middle aged living under the one small shack of correcated iron and wood cabinets… He had a happy childhood and would always be seen happy playing in the veranda of his childhood home…

His father worked indeed hard to pay for his sons schooling. In which the professor favoured and progressed further accomplishments, with great grades as a student of universities in Europe…

The professor had studied in total for 29 years… in that time he had accumulated 4 degrees in the fields of quantum mechanics and physics… He also taught inbetween his final 2 degrees to receive an income to send home to his very large and grateful family in Yemen.

The family was always humble to recieve any little money he sent them home… Though he always promised his parents he would one day pay for a round trip around the world… when he would be successful and rich… Unfortunately is father died on the brink of his break through… and scientific accomplishments.

Which his mother also layed in such a tragedy sick & hurt from shrapnel wounds, for a whole decade… His elder brothers were indeed killed in conflicts of war…

He had wanted to join the army but was prevented by his father… because the professor was the last surviving son..

It was with the family’s life savings in which they payed for his education. This had never been achieved with in the history of his family before!

The child now an accomplished professor was the first and only member of an original 15 strong family, in which only 7 members had survived military invasion and corruption!

The professor pioneering his findings took his presentation, from nation to nation, in which he was recieved by media personal and authority…

The professor in interviews… was questioned about his strange dress sense, which was a thing of humour to the comfort of the European bystanders…

Every professional gathering he attended and proceeded to give a talk of his presentation… people in the audience… laughed at him… joked… pointed fingers at him… some even via the advocation of shouts, abused him and hurled fruit at him…

This occured from audience to audience all across europe… he was very saddened and dissapointed that nobody wanted to listen to his breakthrough research which would be historical in later years… after a few years lecturing at all the major universities and offices… travelling…. he became home sick and dissapointed of his failure by the public… His countrymen heard of his misery and was advised to go home… He went home and was slowly recovering from the ill abuse he recieved while abroad in Europe..

When he was interviewed by reporters of Yemen… “why?” They inquisitioned.. “Why and what was the reason, to his actions of terminating his work overseas, to return home to his humbling beginning?”

Professor reported to the capricious reporter of the “Abuse and humiliation he suffered when in Europe. ..”

The reporter gently replied to him… their culture is based upon visual attire and truth is based upon appearances… go back and finish your work wearing their attire”

To this strange order he replied “No… my father told me to respect my tradition…”

“This would surely crush the weight in his heart!”

The other reporters all then shared their personal tragedies and various experiences of abuses… all experienced in the treatment from the wicked Europeans who despised the Yemen People..

They (Yemen country men) told him ” you have put our quiet nation on the map… please continue for us with your lectures? ”

The professor agreed…

The Professor arrived shortly back to his residence of work in European shores. ..

The following week the professor prepared his standard presentation…

the day of the presentation, he said a pray for his people and walked to the auditorium. ..

Upon entrance he was reintroduced to a standing ovation, which had never been recieved before… for any scientist in the building…

After the speech and presentation… he was swarmed by a huge welcoming applause… while roses was even thrown on stage…

The professor took the microphone one last time and slowly breathed…

Then stated aided by his gentle Yemen accent… “Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the auditorium. .. may peace be onto you in gods name”

He then untied his shoe lases, while the crowd looked on in total perplexities to his every move…

He untied one shoe, then put it down be side him… then the other.. he then turned the shoe upside down and jelly fell out of the shoe onto the floor..

The crowd, amazed and bewildered… looked on and stated that “The professor is mad…”

The professor then untied his waist coat and then took off his shirt… to the horrific picture of his entire chest covered in custard!

He, the professor… then took one final last bow and then walked out of the auditorium, to a stunned and silent crowd!

The professor was never heard of again except in folk tale for “Morals”

His magnanimous work, lived on… in which it inspired billions of people… In professional affiliations his work is mentioned as much as his final presentation and previous appearances…

The moral of the story is…

The Truth Shall Always Remain As The Truth, However It Is Presented…..”

“People Will Only Value The Truth Or Genius, If It Is Presented By Those Who Dress Or Represent The Cultures They Are From!”

Thank you… I trust you light workers… light bearers… truth tellers… truth seekers… indigos… Chrystals… Platinums… Live Well And Have Not Surreptitiously Slid To The Darkness Of Homogenous Ambition….S Memo_379 S Memo_378 S Memo_377 S Memo_375 S Memo_374 S Memo_368 S Memo_319 S Memo_369 S Memo_296 S Memo_373 Corruption_1 S Memo_370 S Memo_365 S Memo_371 S Memo_340 S Memo_360 S Memo_357 S Memo_344 S Memo_334 Cv and skill

Be well in prosperity and light work and the effervescent knowledge sharing…

“The Ever Intriguing Estrangment”

“Hello Goodbye”

With in the “Holy cemetary of concise mischeif In waiters who may oblige you of your tickle and fancy… possibly for free…

Relationships be an intriguing estrangement in the core intrinsics of our chronostratagraphical band! As many may have expected from the evolved legislature of modern homosapien desires! Modernisation, Capital, Independency upon Egotistical Genomes have indeed supported the steady incline subsidised by every possible conceived wish. This has indeed broken a once formidable aliance between two essentials… who now appear most unfavourable via all this!….. That is, this misdirection and misinformation for chance ladened participants of miscengenating fortunes! One has to wonder how minds can be so misconstrued, where indeed the once lovable frame has relegated to an off-key miscengenation. Such profoundly dis-secluded misalignments to the miscasted coadjuvancies of the benigns of miscegenations in generations,  often juxtapose a misanthropism in society. The tide of mirador from independent ministerial minstrels, may add to such delegation of skewed agendas! The modern misbehaving agent of occultation and liberation, are indeed a tragedy as a performance of a double sided sword! A modern day “Romeo & Juliet Tragedy!” Often the mass are appropriately offered the architectural bounty of miscellaneous from their epoch, yet the tragedy of misandrousness forbids the Final appropriation in the bounds of rightful sanctions. This volatile procedure bread in society,  actually miscast prosperity into multiple factions of mislocation and non-prosperity! 

The misogny emerging from such dis-obligation of society further feeds the misogynistic platforms that even further concludes in either misogny, mischeif, malevolence, shame, nomenclature, machoschism, abuse, violence, psuedo affection, misogynistic traits and cultivating hideous abnormalities towards both  groups of unhinged gender dysphoria’s! The untamed society has indeed embellished its lost roots and discipline necessary for the profit of a stable coadjuvancy between the two main protagonist! Which in turn profit by enriching the society they abound in, with competent offsprings capable of fertilisation of that with in the ovarium! Such a need for the ovulation is equaled in all earnestness, by the need for appropriate candidates to aid the prosperity of the owner and co host! This union is indeed reciprocal, yet must be nurtured via birth in substantially successful societies!

Such societies are indeed far and few between! As a hoste of broad materials, from finances to education are industrially negotiated throughout each lawful contingent necessary for beneficial evolution of the society!

We are aware that history benefited the family unit in a form, which it struggles to create in this certain epoch! This loss ignited by liberation, has witnessed more failed relationships then any previous error! Where Females once illuminated via feminism appears now to be en grossed via personal crusades! Gentlemen once nobility donning top hats and cane, have eagerly disenfranchised their sophistication for common ego and gangs!

Now the modern facilities of family… Is that guided by father Gang banger, and mother Gang banged….

It is a realisation, the modern homosapien is in devolution from autonomy and true self benign inclinations!

Antiquity brought two necessities to the coadjuvancy of the miscengenates! Dependency And financial support! Females often married young and stayed in such coadjuvancies, this wholesomeness profited the male with an abundance of life via a supported partner, engaging in the fundamental necessary to keep the foundation from total wreckage!

We can visualise such an account was common in the previous centuries, in which homes where commonly viewed as a mans castle, supported by the wife! The wife who often could not find financial profit from outside work, supported and raised children with the precious element lacking in todays society! ONE PRECIOUS ELEMENTRY INDEED!

That precious “Element” is non other than the faithful “TIME!”

For our modern day families whether behemoths or sucinct, lack time! Earnings which are non substantive towards the environment one exists in. Now this awful contrive… eagerly forces each agent of the house hold model to check into over time to feed and support the family contingencies! Working rituals in terms of hours are often negative and honestly unhinge once durable family contingencies!

The delicacy of the misandrousness, I believe has juxtaposed the feminine/homosexual movements! This liberation itself… I am not against (As I believe in free will and rights to all “Crack on to you sir/madam”) I declare!

But I am concerned of the substantial misanthropism it occurs in the ramifications across relationships. Such a chaotic misemployment of liberation can cast disastrous afflictions for future generations. .. as our epoch has bequeathed! Mothers who purposely raise kids in mislocation, often ill and misdiagnosed while subsidised by free flow profit to continue in such a fashion! Modern mothers are not a good role model on their offsprings. Yet that which appears further disastrous is the outfits they chose to walk their newly own prams and push chairs! But seriously now.. often females will choose the most brain numbingly candidates to father their children. It has always been obvious to me, If a unintelligent homosapien meets fornication with the opposite yet unintelligible homosapien of equal Individual Qualities, then their preposed offspring will be no better but even worse!

This is clearly evident in our chronostratagraphical band! Up and down the country it is evident, in the mannerisms, conduct, behaviour, characteristics, interests, amusements, hobbies, kicks, arrangements etc! The lacking of etiquettes is highly evident! In all genders! This is not an illustrated illusionist sketch but an invasion of mismanagement of the whole self by such unfortunate choices made by the weak individuals in society!

This truth needs addressing and ownership of such uncomfortable truths!

Often women will feel alone, and in so believe the answer lays await hidden in a child, their offspring!

“NO” “NO!” I state again… No such amount of children can or will ever fulfill the ever empty cascade with in yourself! That void is an affirmation of personal instabilities. Which necessarily need affirm address before any such life should ever be ever ever ever… allowed to be propagated into actuation! Once a sense of well being and address has indeed been actioned. Then a suitable partner of reasonable age should be sought. Such a partner with reasonable prosperity and genetic benefits for the proposed! Such a gent with etiquettes and conduct to match! A women should not short change herself, as the consequence relegates to the child’s instabilities who will be enduring a life bowing to destitution and criminality! Who in turn will only produce such offsprings.

 So I say indeed, you have now the opportunity to change your path, maybe you will never be rich financially? Yet that is ok… As richness can be managed also via the soul and spirit if not the mind?

This is why we need many open eyed little people like the “The Little Prince” from Antoine de saint exupery’s wordsworth classic story and play!

 Such amiable open minded souls are necessary for the next chaptors of humanity! For followers still need open minded leaders… or those who can visualise the truth!

Again, akin to the little boy in ” The Emperor Has His cloths On!”

Once upon a time in antiquity, a well groomed gracious and quite fanatically vane Emperor, would always hail an event once yearly in the village town center! In which all of course from near and far. .. would surrender their chores and working obligations to witness the Emperor in all his fine golden robes and splendor!

 each year on term time for one day, the announcement would be eagerly pronounced and excepted, by the immensity… thousands of on waiting supporters that the great amiable Emperor saluted as he would graciously pass by each participant of the crowd… then greeting the supporters. ..

  “Oh look” one supporter stated ” How handsome our great Emperor looks in his fine robe and gown “

“Oh yes yes indeed!” Another stated…

“How proudly gracious our great Emperor…appeasing in his fine threads adorned!”

 Up and down the village many would shout out to the Emperor of how wonderful he looked in his garments!

Apparently so, this strange arrangement perpetuated for decades… as an old tradition past down from king to Emperor in millenias! Such sophistry never lays await without the hint of “Irony”

 Upon a chance happening a little inquisitive boy was sent to stay with his distant relatives… as his mum was too poorly to continue raising him. The mother informed her long distant relatives that “the boy was very sweet, but intelligently demanding so they needed not be alarmed”, yet to be warned “The child is very observational and never over looks a single point!

Needless to state, her auntie thought she had seen and experience all there was to intercede in terms of raising such autonomous earnestly honest energetic adolescent young souls!

All in all, when the little child arrived to his new family, the child was his normal grandiose persona. .. larger then life and entertaining. The little boy was the new town mascot and eagerly loved by all and each who met him. The old was mesmerised by his honesty and intelligence while at play.. and the young where equally fond of his generosity to aid them in work duties!

Yet nobody saw what might have appeard as a minutiae in the matrix of their collectiveness!

  On the forth coming event which was heralded as the turning of a new millennium, in the chronostratagraphical band of their history. It would be an extra exceptional occasion.  Reiterated by the Emperors guards. That the Emperor desires for everyone to appear again and would meet each person in person.

Posters were indeed placed on the boundaries of neighbouring villages and towns in very initiative fashion!

 it would become the magnanimous advocate of the community!  In which sufficient efficiency was needed to orchestrate such a dynamic yearly event!

 On the usually inconspicuous morning of the Kings dignified arrival. The whole road was indeed full. In which the little boy could not see past the unsurpassed crowd. The king was driven in on a golden horse and coach the caretaker shouted!





Crowds screamed and shouted,  in which people where indeed crush by the rush of the pressure from surmounting crowds as edges if feverish consistencies!

The little boy screamed and cried “Yet I can not even see the emperor and his wonderous cloths, I want to see, please let me see?”

His aunt replied “Boy I am but old and too frail to lift you up, I will have to describe to you the robe”

 Which the little boy asked “Tell me the colour of the robe”

The aunt replied “Yes my little Child the robe is red with finely green and gold emeralds on the collar and sleeves, there is specks of white on the back of the robe to compliment the emperors beard!”

“Wow!” Said the little boy… “Tell me more…  I want to know more”

  In which the sweet auntie graciously obliged “Yes my dear, He is now approaching the crowds in which our  emperor is turning around and bending over to bow while the public touch his beautiful silk red robe with green and gold emeralds and the specks on the back matching his white beard!”

“Why is he bowing I have never seen a bow before… please can I see the emperor please…..”

 The aunt replied “” lovely child I am ill and can not hold you up for fear of my ailments… dear “”

Just then as the little boy commenced tearfully wailing. .. a member of the guards heard the little boys tears. ..

The guard asked if the boy ” could climb upon his back? “

The boy immediate climbs upon the back of the guard and sets eyes upon the emporer….

The boy stares in all shock and surprise to what he is witnessing. Then looks into the crowd to witness hailing and applauding as the emporer bows and gestures honourably to the crowd with his right hand in a posturing grandiose ceremonial suggestion!

The boy immediately “Shouts from the top of his voice “But the Emperor Has Not Got His Cloths On?”

The crowd immediately stops and looks at the boy!

One on looker said “Who is the child!”

Other states “He is the new town favourite and he is indeed intelligent!”

“The crowd all look at the emperor investigating his attire… Then all… one by one they realise he is not wearing his cloths so they engage throwing fruit at the emperor…

The little boy gets down from the guard and runs to the emperor who is being pelted by an assault of fruit

The little boy protects the emperor who is layout on the floor hit by pelting fruit. When the emperor finds consciousness he is at his bed with the little boy holding his hand..

 which the emperor says ” thank you ” to the boy for his brave act of protection, while promises the boy anything he wants…. for as long as he lives!

The little boy agrees to the agreement and makes a silent wish…

The king asks the boy to “Disclose to him the contents of the secret wish”

In which the little boy refuses “As he is afraid the wish will not come true”

The king lays back down and sadly utters “Oh I see”

The little boy says good bye to the king and leaves for his auntie acustomed by a guard for safe journeying.


The king slowly waves as he falls asleep. ..

This renound play and literature is a formidable story I learnt at primary school relayed graciously by then school teachers… which I feel happy to reinstall to the membrane of any who has forgotten or unfamiliar with this tale!

The moral of the story is following others can and will often blind you from the truth, which sits right in front of your very eyes!!!

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Thank you and be well

Deciphering Your Individual Illusions

“Just A Mirage”

Hazardous to personal realisations, many folk exist in life by a complex feature of the imagination! Sometimes disturbed oftentimes flights of happy fancy… While attributions abound to divisions of intricate synchronicity nurtured by pretend of “False Realisations” & “Make Believe”. This type of danger and route awaking by earlier believers can shatter the personal mind! 

Often redundant, leaving the mind estranged from reality and relapsing into unknown quarantines, where no individual has dare set foot before! These types of imaginations, flights of fancy, make believe are wholesome in individual tastes. They are created soley by the agent to forfill a need or desire, void or emptiness. A childhood story or an emphatic wish or desire. Even a jealous affirmation aimed at another, can and will indeed play out in the cerebrum of the instigator or imagination of the party-inhabitant advocating such poor thought pattens? If the thought patterns are aimed at others another, than it can hold very disastrous contributions of piecing afflictions for that or those it is aimed at? While this persist the party under threat, quarantine or suspion adheres to poor treatment not as a result of fact,  ” But quintessentially the contrary! ” The party or individual direction of image indicated is aimed at? Unfortunately may be the party assaulted as a result of this heinous fictional imagery?

The indicated imagery could be started of by one soul individual, then fashioned by the individuals followers, friends, family, colleuges or anyone either seeking embrace of need from a desperate void in their personal affairs or lonely life! It is indeed important to mention here that alot of false thought derives from over thinking without the attributions of “Intelligence!” Hence! There are indeed crucial divisions of personal chronology when the earnest of deep inquisition is necessary and then their is complete fabrication and heinous destruction!

For example a race was informed that another race of dark pigmentation and large features where subliminally inferior to the pale skin race. The pale skin race was also informed that they should never ever treat this new dark pigmentation species as equal. The pale individuals was told “these dark species!” was “never and not identifiable as human!” and “did not belong in a home or church!” and “could not perform adequately!” and this was affirmed, by their religious leaders for sometime in antiquities! The unjust suffering was prenounce in effect a certain will from the lord above by dictatorial high priest and those men and women of ownership!

Strangely enough we can vision the parallels in modern times, by viewing a hoste of scenarios, which are administered upon multiple minority groups of separate agendas and genres. This…. I will leave to “” The Intellect Of Your Personal Imagination “” hopefully maturely and uncompromising and safely?

Also in such disappointments of disastrous rendezvous with the then captors of quaternion epochs… Unfortunately layed two tribes side by side who lived in peace for generation to generation, untill one tribe was told by and overseas visitor conducting medical experimentation on anthropology that the fact was stated as: “Investigations has conclude via our pristine physicians, who indeed concluded those with the bigger head size via metric measurements, where indeed conclusive unequivocally as the evolved and superior tribe, and further more must control the adjacent tribe!”

Unfortunately this passage lead onto the greatest tribal nation slaughter in the history of tribes. Theslaughtering ocupied the better parts of a 4 year decade… in which the ramifications from the quartenary efficaciouy felt by the grandchildren in modern chronology!

Please take time… to/for you, in order when utilising a portion of genuine intelligence to think about that, which can be proven accurately? Remember thinking is not a high depth velocity pace, and spending valuable time in the prescience of degenerate cerebrums can inflict much in the stance of perpetual harm for the soul agent… plus the fact of ” directing the cerebrum to the state of nothing ” but decrease your own intelligence perpetually!

“The most heinous and disturbing aspects?”

Often align to the fact small and young bodies are directed to think this way, even often for capital and generosity gifts from establishments of governmentally approved coadjuvancies. Such almost imploy such visions of imaginations to give their personal and authoritive businesses momentum!

Remember?! “If there exist NO client, there shall unlikely exist a product, a bussiness, a exploit, a suppose victim, a plan, a deception, an the idiot?!”

The “Idiot” being the main cause of concern! “Idiot” without intelligence remains idiot, but add intelligence to idiot you altermatically erase the idiot from the being…. now resulting in a steady soul minus the idiot division of the soul!

There needs not too a great a deal for sophistication in the encore of upcoming comments, as it is. … too vital to affirming…. the idiot from intellect!

“Remember!!!! In this world we all live in and beyond, everything has been made simple but we have slightly taken away from that via fashion and misdirection! Words become fashionable so often people use them inappropriately or become over offended by the truth!

If the truth hurts you then you are indeed ill… and by all means necessary should seek immediate professional aid… After I would most certainly, (as I do not by words but by physicality)… Nonetheless any pain via truth is a calling to seek professional competence and benevolence and never a cause to shoutout or shutout yourself from a life…. or at least not when well?!

As so forth I must administer my Cri De Cour as I have indeed witnessed the horizontal expliots of the Midnight idiot spread eagle in view of revellers and partisan alike when travelling late in the evening.. Who often wonder why they are idiots male or female!! Yet the idiots behaviour is not just bequeathed with this type of contorted exploits of the physical prowess! But in every single exploits of the cerebrum, the idiots whole vision upon life and their juxtapositions align not with human benevolence but rather with “Immoral affirmations” and such “etiquette handicaps” of being citizen. This area of intrinsic introversion often needs deep expertise via time and investigation, in order to make sure you are indeed viewing not a replica of idiotcy but the actual concrete affirmation itself!

I myself often do not take others to their world of words regarding story telling and incident reporting! I myself have realised everybody has an agenda? Often the agenda can be both negative and positive or one or the other? Through “Forfeit” of others lifes I realised I could not listen to many others anymore, unless their language was of real intellect and truth-(not because they/other/another affirm it is truth, but rather because I recognised its truth via study of that which they reported?)

Another aspect of the idiots code of conduct is those who believe what ever they are told/hear/given etc… These is an affirming abuse of the evolution in each and every personal  intransmutable metamorphosis of anthropogenic organism. The total lack in the intransigence segmentation of the self illuminates via woeful lack of will!

To just give in to any thought is to be a beast and truly!

Deep thought separates human from beast whether male or female it is the same animal conduct if you can not think cohesively as an unparalyse agent! But instead regulate ones own abreviation to anothers beliefe along with everything you are told without proof is quite animalistic in terms!

I believe if you think dirty thoughts about strangers then “Truly and genuinely perhaps you are a dirty person!” In the guise of a modest or moral person!

I believe that the majority both male/female is still in beasts territory from the lack of intelligent intransigence! This I attribute to the characteristics from substantial insubordination/abomination/detrimentation Intumescented by such ill affiliates of the human species! Often the emperor/emperess will induce the family unit with that which they have genuinely perceived via society wrong or right! You may witness or notice if an individual views a concession as a warrant/order/legislation/law they will feel threatened/abused/cheated if the intended concession has either seized/refrain/nullified to exist? And will feel betrayed by the organisation prohibiting the transaction/deal that no further exist!

Even to the point the quarrying party may take matters in their persona to get others to build some percent of a faction against the organisation. Usually by first recruiting family, relations, love ones, friends, comunity, etc etc. Often may raise a partition solely from a bruised “Ego!” Such life is often shamely a bruised “Enigmatic Genome!” No more no less!

Even against individual parties or other workers, the personal “Trip wires of jeopardy & machiavellianism” can still manifest for the dub-jects (ignorant subjects who lay naively of the which hunting, yet will embrace unashamedly such woeful toxications?)

One after the other akin the parish and party who abait in the quartiles of such nonchalance to education… The ambassadors of idiosyncrasies from the conclaves of antiquities quaternary epochs!

I also am a witness to actuation that this testimonial is an actuation of govermental procedures to power and abuse. Often recruited by the hate mongers of society… the partisans… the quatre of unsophistication…. The parry of disfunction & disfranchise who administer such adversity upon the world to relieve themselves of misery. Yes those often aquaint with happiness via distriction, prohibition towards….. whether anatomical or subatomical some appease the release of friction towards and upon others! This is why you will find those most poor will abuse anybody they can and even use them as a stepping stone to betterment of their frail lifestyle! Often and ashamedly the respective governments around the world perpetually supports/funds/reimbursings of such practice and synchronicity in this grotesque affair of advocacy by contortions of information! This support does neither earnest good but enrage and encourage more of this malevolence in humanity. The greater increase you give the partisans, the more they will increase the addiction to this behaviour for profit and security!

we live in a decade in which telling lies to authority can reimburse you for unfortunately being born poor. Unfortunately it is mainly executioned by females more then men, as their is truth to some of the stories but certainly not all who seek monetary value and security!

It has now evolved into a legitimate working practice to deceive by any means necessary for monetary support! The genuine are difficult to decipher as all are almost involve in some scam or profit margin engineering!

“Who Do You Trust”

I trust no one, and if you indeed sensible you will do the same! Do not either wait to become a victim and do not allow others to tell you who you should be!

I truly believe either a rascist or a brain washed rascist of any colour will state “You to be other than yourself!” Do not worry it is only the highest fear shinning through the party who wishes to stigmatise you?

“””” Believe this so! You are indeed a million miles ahead of them, as it is impossible to see anyone behind you but we can all see those infront of us, because our eyes face farward as we move farword!“””“””  in the effective late illumination of this life!

Go farword and spread light and truth whenever and wherever it is needed… You are indeed a gate keeper if you have earnestly thought and studied my writings with intricate depth and vision. If this hails true to you.. go forth spread in abundance everywhere…

You are never alone. ..

Take care… be your good self against agents of wispering machination… yet do not be a fool by not protecting yourself anyway you can!


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Part 2.

Part 4.

Part 5.

Part 6.

The PLUS 1 (+1) On The Vanguard Of Skewed Intelligence!”

He who transcends thoughts……. floats with the wind…..

This way and that way, maybe beneficial. … maybe not….. Cast not your aspersions of your mismanagement of data… only facts please, for no more no less!

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Is It Not Ironic? 

1. That there exist people who are racist to others yet advocate against racism!

2. Strange as it maybe it is indeed true! Within the Afro Caribbean Islands/Afro Americans who are often racist to their neighbouring Africans by means of abusive name calling… are amongst the highest protagonist of racial slugs, poor behaviour and addressing of fellow ethnics! It has surprised me a little bit, that these same degenerates should rise up to any name calling to themselves when they have been at the fore front of the systematic degrading since establishment of their cultures commenced! It is nothing short of applications in the thickest irony, that a culture, class and identity perform their participation into modern societies this way? Perhaps it is the only way they will learn or the only way they can feel comfortable within any society they harbour?!

S Memo_274 Firing Line S Memo_272 Eye cleanse_2

Yet It Appears As Nothing More Then The Fools Mentality!

For when a creed administrates adherence by slogans of primates and relation of features, it is a reasonableness to assume misguide has fowl played! This misguide is attributed to the reasoning if any at all was reasoned by the ill-thought ill malpracticed of the perpetrator/s! I have come to a conclusion that the generation which premotes this is a useless generation in wholesomeness, to the addition of a plus one (+1) on the vanguard of skewed intelligence! One has to be very worried sometimes, if not wholely dissappointed in the evolution of such a race! How to teach such a race to grow favourable to the themselves aswell as to other races? This shall take great engineering, since the fact the race addressed as “Blacks” appear to lack the international acceptance of their peers, kind and non-ethics alike! Yet again, it must be inserted here>>> ” How peculiar an arrangement it must appear, to all others viewing into an ethnic group who demand respect, yet are not truly living by that which they want given to them? “. How peculiarly absurd indeed!

The level of this disease is spread throughout the world, “where indeed it must be stated” wherever ever the black race lays eggs, is usually not scene as a profitable means to the evolution of society.  Well not at least I would say: Not without real intelligence within the household?”

Such registration of derogation never bides well for the entirety of the club/group!

As is vehemently required to instruct with sincere proficiency, such agendas of being and living into a world in which they are already viewed as a looser the moment they are born!

S Memo_261 Medusa_1

Unfortunately it often does not pay for many blacks to view ornamentation of high value as they do not have good earning power as a culture. This often leads to two forms of disillusion behaviours.

1. Jealousy…. In which hatred and scores of ill treatment are administered by the disenfranchised to the enfranchised.

2. The ultimate hate… In which grotesque attitudes of malevolence and discord is juxtaposed by perpetual perpetrators and penniless alike to society!

yes yes indeed! And yet again quite ornamentation-ly!

There actually exist those who are working very hard against you, to enjoy, you do not succeed. This discourse  will be advocated by both black & white ethnicities! They exhume that you know them, however you often unlikely know them or even of them or their associations! They have a personal fantasy of you. Possibly sexual…. violent…. extreme negatives, nihilistic even archaic. These disturbing fantasies exist in the bedroom of their councils. With in a section sits a chamber, where in the grotesque of their ideologues are fed! Fed by whisper, phone calls, news, t.v, magazine, fashion, dialogue, contortion, masturbation, jealousy and hatred!

The remnants of the cerebrum spills out…. into the outside world and out of their apartment, out of the window upon the cracks in the concrete.

In which decades of passing debris are compressed along with odd toxics to form this manifestation of a humanoid! Such humanoids learn motion and various versions of syntax, metrics, communication, commodities and the machinability to survive amongst all else!

Have many not read “THE EMPEROR HAS HIS CLOTHS ON?”


It is a wonder how on earth the race do survive, when every last child born from such desperation is often viewed surreptitiously as a drain again rather than a gain again!

formulate this to the masses may have crucial benefits in longevity!

Always believe those who do not have your interest at heart shall misguide you by all means necessary!

But what is worse, by my investigations of the tragedies upon the world, it is clear you will not know who your true enemies are until they have cheated you! Indeed again and again cheated you will be, because naive you stand and naive you shall indeed fall!

Your real enemy may often be the one/body either closest to you, walking you/with you?!…..

Many shall watch from a distant while continuing to enjoy guiding you astray! Your happiness benefits them not, especially when hungry, ill afford and tired and sick!


Be well….. truly


Khalil aliy (c) 2014