Maasai® Love by dying Fate

 Some people or rather many people, assume the faithful ‘MAASAI’ ® will now meet their doom! 🤔

The ‘CREATOR’ ® of all things has a power, which is un-perceived, a measure which is unmeasureable, a plan which, which can not be registered ® nor realise!!


If we will place our optimistic emotions away, and concentrate on the barbaric patterns of western government coups/schemes/spying tactics, you may realise what people are talking about? 樂

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📯Generic Idiochromosomes Collide📯

I have wondered upon many nights and dawns, of the differences between each ethnicity. The socio heterogeneity which illuminates my cerebrum especially and quite intriguingly, are the distinctive divide of the two polar hues of the monochromatic spectrum…. Black and White!

You may have also heard as I have experienced, from others in personal socio heterogeneities, this statement: “We are all the same”… “We are all as one” or “We are all from the same descendents” 

Maybe not, as not for thee, though through needing…. whom we have affirmed acknowledgement, descending from Neanderthal-anthropological generics!

Yet one has to acknowledge, convicted upon the above disclosure alone, the adversion that even Neanderthals would have evolved from taxonomic idiochromosomes from earlier chronostrataghraphical units???! 

Yet the idiosyncrasies displayed via each groups socio-heterogeneities economy, culture and abundance of generic immunity acclimatised via each historic existence to the taxonomy of the geographical and chronostrataghraphical units… clearly identify the position that separate traits of cosmic endorsements may lay responsible to this diverse invitation of anthropological evolutions! Clearly the intelligence in existence, can confirm substantial traits differ between the generic factors of species. These differences also have been established in the cellular sub-atomical level (molecular level). The molecular level of each species differs upon environment to enviroment, regardless of hemispherical environment and distance to neighbouring acclimatisations! Such as the cultivating apparatus of the organism and it’s various inhabited organs! Temperature, course, vegetation, atmosphere, particle behaviour and various inhabitants, collaborate to construct the species of any specific environment!

The synopses of the genome and in specific the idiochromosomes at work within each organ of the organism! Such as this identity and behaviour of interactive/non interactive molecules shapes/alterations/construct the behaviour in essence of the organism! Aggressive or regressive, intellectual or non-committal to intelligence and personal growth! Also the longevity, with,

health and attention to attractions and distractions will ultimately shape and steering the existence of each organism! The less or little the organism acknowledges… searches and is un-privileged to comprehend, then the further away from reason, good health, wealth, restoration and long-term benevolence the organism will become! This perpetual relationship between each organism and existence is a constant affair… the so called survival of the fittest, as we have often mentioned previously!

Thus, is ultimately the definition of the organism before nurturing of the copy code begin… (The role of individual to group identity or species or even socio heterogeneity). Such formations of personal relativity has been known to have been formed before infant stage of organism, often realised that true idiosyncrasies occurred with in the womb, before birth of organism! The synopses of the temperament can and will usually be formed after the zygote stage to descending fetus… If we refer to biotic life then the zygote would register as the seed in the earth being watered! Nurturing the seed, by the formation of the water or fluid present for feeding. Also the soil and other decomposed materials will aid the construction of the seed to plant/tree/life etc! Reasoning residents or ingredients will indeed nurture the possible temperament of the structure of organism!

“Feed A Life Poison And It Shall Become Just That!”

  • Often the nonchalance of unduly, undisciplined, unlearned, undeciphered and uncooperative beings, usually construct other skewed or broken beings! Furthermore, the beings who will endeavour to construct Ill persons, will not be aware or even admit to the faculty of faulty adherence in their wayward practices of nurture!
  • We can acknowledge the fact that, many un-appropriately licence holders of pets or animals, are guilty of faulty attitudes towards the health and safety of the pet or animal. As a disassembling from mindfulness, the owner will abuse the pet or creature to the point of no return, in which the animal becomes a monster or disturbance to all else, including the animal or pets own health and longevity!
  • We can often acknowledge, some parents should be permitted to embarking on a course of licence and education before being granted the opportunity to give birth. As we know there exist females who poison there very own organism (Body and fetus). Now reducing the synopses of the fetuses into a possible chance of long term difficulty in survival, as much as the mothers very own!
  • The poisoning can also be structured by outside constructions or constrictions, something which may impede the healthy growth of the organism!
  • By and large, it is important to note, many constrictions are actually devised out of purpose for a certain purpose! The purpose of some restrictions may be a maintenance of benevolence, while others maybe an occupational idiosyncrasy or ideology, from a severe division wholeheartedly interested in terms of management and manufacture of subdivisions and subclasses for controlling and slavery!
  • We can state that Europeans have aided the engineering and mechanics, behind the state of minds in the indigenous world and that of the offspring’s wayward growth and endurance for Europeanism… Such who are now available, know worldwide as the one and only “Negropeans!”
  • The substantial indoctrination and subsidiaries, have done little to accommodate the true “Afro-ethnic Spiritualists Identities and Graded Benevolence! With this stripped and buried the wisdom left behind by the ancients to the Afro-ethnics, have since perspired delivery upon the nurturing genome.
  • Now bartered for skewed mimicking, invented by wicked clergymen and insatiable nocturnal appetites… the false illusion and skewed religions are Manifested akin to robotics invested to be taught, solely for the controlling of the masses! 
  • Such programmed instruments often do not evolve out of the initial programmed station, without the aforementioned instructions of the dear rightful programmer/cooperation/sanctioning authority and owners. Hence, the direction of object is steadily entrusted upon the devised programmers to ensure all details meet sanctioned education. If it be a larger object which meets affiliations of programmes, such as society, the programmer initial rights of agenda and duties remain in sameness to a single smaller entity or device! Total cooperation for the interest of the owners or leaders, for profit or power! The sanctioning body usually reserves rights for their interest only and never or not the programmed, programmer or programme!
  • Those who fit the programme are bound by this fate, in which nothing short of universal aid can release them from such controlling misery, in which poverty is leased to the entire socio heterogeneity as a favour from the controlling party! Poverty-stricken identities and those with a perverse sense of financial management, should not have to be burdened with such an Ill fate engineered by vitriolic idiosyncrasies perspiring from the perspectives of such greedy Europeans. Nonetheless… simple mathematics and due care to personal decision making should be taught to each child by parent, in order to break the cycle of handicap.. greed or misfortune!

  • Interestingly lyrically… enough also, as we have routinely spoken of the pressures felt by each nation, due to the overwhelming stress placed on the resources available and affordability. Unfortunately the uneducated crust of a society, fail to realise the humongous effort and education needed to haul… harvest… exhume… produce… manufacture… barter and make readily available and affordable produce to their economy of residence! Food is neither free… privileged to the citizen of any state! Nor should it be if produced, then displayed to you for your convenience! The price of labour in all measurements has to be fairly attached to the product, especially in order to keep revenue at a reasonable state. If the product is far too highly priced, we recognise it has an effect on the buyers of the product and sellers alike… even the producers are effected (As we acknowledge  today, in the British lamb industry. Buyers and wholesalers are shopping abroad to import live stock, which although arrives from over shores, surprisingly sums up cheaper in bargains, when purchasing farming measurements of live stock!). The average citizen often does not care to pay much attention, to the where… how… when… and various attributes of reasonable business cost, which is beneficial to everyone all around, right from the workers to the consumers (fair trade). When fair trade is not actioned, a bad balance ignites throughout multiple areas. As avenues and outside connections are often effected, all the way right through to departments outside the original business trade. The connection between departments of businesses are often reliable upon one another to galvanise the economy of the state (Injection of prosperity and funds). As an analogy we can state: “In regards to mammals, If the body of the sprinting cheater, loses it’s natural biological engineered tale, the aversion to balance in velocity will be broken from this mechanical defect!” Understanding the aerodynamics in this shift, ultimately will broadenshape one single horizon to a multitude of interesting multicoloured multicomponentories in cultures customers… practices and business liaisons. When such citizens do not understand the formidable array of interactive justifications between all that is… all that is to be! An internal problem unfolds.

  • Wealth is not bottomless… Neither is wealth ethereal and everlasting… it does not stand the test of time akin to air and space mechanics! Wealth is truly subjective. Upon this subject it is quite elusive… unresolved and often damaging! Because of this perpetual greed aspiring from the homes of the western citizens, the citizenship’s across the globe in foreign lands suffer as a direct consequence of their very own resources, which lay under perpetual Rape and attack from shrewd businesses… European business exploits. Unfortunately this evil Rape tactic is the only way the European business agents can take control of the foreign resources at a rate, that will support the perpetual mouths of the hungriest in western! Let us remember and not disregard the fact, that western shoppers do not shop for need, but rather for ” Extreme Pleasure/Instantaneous Gratification “
  • To comprehend and think that multiple families in the poorest nations, are subjected to the harshest depredations, simply through the fact that the western ideology, supports the trend that shopping makes you happy, encourages further exploitation from foreign resources… in this… The level of abuse which is causing damage and Rape to the world viability of resources! The resources which was a regulation redesigned by leaders of foreign nations, who have been imprinted with western ideologies. Such ideologies that wholeheartedly support the western profile. This profit to the western Treasury allows the western cultures to live quite unashamedly fat and full of total consumption and fulfillment!
  • ” What they want… they shall have, without persecution on consequence or consideration towards others persecution and depredations from their reasons of seasonal profits “

Each female from the western shores, who embarks on this “Crazy behaviour” Unfortunately has not understood the “Causation” related to this diverse invitation of self-gratification!” The substantial impact redirects back to the poverty-stricken shores, who are consistently available for trickery from the hands of foreign behaviours. Again and again and again and again, again… are the poorest shores of the hemisphere hit by foreign political arrangements, which never benefit the synopses of the poor nations prosperity! Ignorantiquity is in abundance in the pockets of the genomes send in the leaders in the poorest nations. Unfortunately they arose from the antiquity of naivety and gullibility! For this, each householders offspring’s in the western hemispherical globe, shall be glad with smitten to be given fruitfulness in aspirations and gifts of play and of price! Little is acknowledge by the joyously displaying child, of the 1,000 or so children, further debilitated just from the gifts of the one child awakening to the toys and joys each day or on the special occasions and traditions!

The majority of females from the western world, programme their offspring’s with false information about foreign cultures. I understand this depiction may have been the guilty inheritance, they was bestowed with when in receipt of newly introduced gifts. Often western parents may indeed, falsify all behaviours, actions and characteristics of foreign people. Often as the most negative and morally corrupt of organism. This is often spoken possibly from the guilt felt, by the westerners false “Conscience, the rarely witness inner boutique of encratism”. 

In such a way that it perhaps…. bequeathed their cerebrum with notions of grandeur. The grandeur manifests as moral code to their cerebrum. Which informs them, they are not to blame, but are free from critic and blame. Even guilt, their guilt is sworn to the personal elucidation… the false believe… the propagation and assessment that they have done no wrong!

This believe makes stealing and acquisition under cheat very easy to obtain and live with, for the westerners.

President of Libya Maummaur Gaddafi was assassinated for this very reasonable,  along with every single prosperous leader… spokesman/woman official… president… T.I. …. activist…. cooperative… etc.. 

President- Sadam Hussein

Musician & Activist- Bob Marley

Rapper & Activist- Tupac Shakur

Leader- Shaka Zulu

President- John F.Kennedy

Official & Activist- Hailing Salessi

Spokesman & Activist Minister- Reveranda Martin Luther King

Musician- Marvin Gaye

Civil rights activists- Malcolm X

Are only a few of the activist who were assigned for assassination… in which the attempt was unfortunately successful!

Remember, such activist were actually assassinated by their very own people and culture!