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   For example: If every last one of white nationals whom hail out of western countries where indeed awarded great sums of money…?


lets say: Ten million pounds/dollars each?

I wonder how sudden attitudes to multiculturalism would change?

Racism would probably no longer exist from the halls of white society?

Ironically the same may go for ethnics who do not experience serious life threatening – physical/Psychological abuses? The true catalysts of disenfranchisement away from multiculturalism is none other than financial security. One will not notice many wealthy billionaires in front line rallies against multiculturalism or ethnic parties. However the horde of self serving poverty stricken families who attend racially motivated rallies are consistent with this theme of impoverishment and the sensation of wanting more. Families usually expressing the feeling of being marginalised by their ethnicity is solely a consequence often exhibited by the taxonomy of their earnings and disenfranchisements. Rather than race or any other minority asserted issue, which has unearthed reports of bullying and individual victimisation. Monetary value plays a crucial role in the development of all heterogeneity throughout any chronology. Society can conveniently further progress when the conclave is appeased. When the progress of society, witness only one group in society appeased, this results in instability which often leads to further turmoil… Thus : Chain reactions of unfortunate events unfold. As the situation stands currently, the wealthiest from educated back-grounds are appeased, while the majority of citizens face non appeasement in their individual lifes. “If the solution is to share things out equally”  one asks : “Why is this not actioned” ?

Giving property or monetary value to everyone will not change or sustain life on earth in a proficient manner. Greed and addiction to everything… often manifests further insurmountable obstacles as space and motion grows. In terms of a sustainable peace-keeping nation, if we look at the South African situation of 2018: South African government recalled the lands from white South African farmers  and handed the properties to black south Africans, who knew nothing of agriculture and farming… The black ‘South Africans’ who indeed displayed great deficiency towards agricultural farming, simply sold the lands back to the white South African farmers, which they previously appropriated the lands from. Furthermore, the black ‘South Africans’ began to starve from the lack of produce available? I have always stated that similarly awarding people capital will not change their circumstances without genuinely introducing first class long – term and steady education of etiquette practices for pre – survival (Enhancement of thinking skills, learning, recycling, accounting and savings, ingenuity, adaptation, problem solving skills) first!

Otherwise, all efforts in philanthropy and donations are ill sacrificed and poorly utilised, akin to dumping good resources in trash – bins, while staring at the fire; Flames, rising ash and smoke from the bonfire develop into a bomb fire ; Burning ๐Ÿ”ฅ large amounts of cash and cheques, metaphorically : Exploding in all directions to cause further mischief in the future and present scenarios.

The governments of the globe, do bequeath large amounts of income to families whom have qualified by birth or other means as citizens/refugees/asylum seekers of the country. Yet the citizens progression in life is quite poorly. The more fiscal donations that are inherited by each citizen, the more the value is often misappropriated by the citizens on wasted hobbies/Recreational mis- use/Interests/Activities/Personal addictions/Mischievous actions etc.. As each citizen has the psychology of an addicted trait ;  Spending ensures the addiction remains longer. How or if the addiction can be removed and prevented is unclear at the present motion of this thesis? Noticeably everything humans perpetuate displays the connection to a form of addiction. While absolutely there is not a habit we engage in that exist without costs! No isolated abstracts, nothing! Once inquisition and intelligence submerges from the synopses of the jury-attached, a cost is noticed sooner or later?

Going to work cost money, often lots of money, in terms of travel, reasonable attire/uniform, hygiene and appearance, sustainability and food nutrition, accommodation and security etc.. For the environments that lack in security, progression is impossible. If progression in the world is impaired by security, then failure will remain a constant affair throughout that time, regardless of where/when/why/whom/what or with? Security strengths the mind/body/soul and will. The lack of security increases the contrary in great measures of depression/sadness/instability/misery/dejection/turmoil/bewilderment/rejection/torment/injustices/unsatisfactory/exploitation/human rights violations/restlessness/loss of Appetite and fluctuations of insanity.

In such positions human demise is noticeably orchestrated by people in positions of authority, power and trust: Everything from housing associations, front-line sector workers, police and security all the way inclined to the elite at the very top. All included are guilty and are a team whom often behave above their personal authority (following pleasures) – (Testimonials of Universal Righteousness) ongoing of being’ investigated, charged, via tribunals intelligence, found guilty, sentenced and ‘stricken’ out! 

One can notice that the wealthy have insatiably organised generous displays of security in magnanimous measures, for their sole appeasement. Whereas the poor have little to no security at all. True progression can not and will not function without universal equality throughout. Without autonomy and balance the universe collapses and everything inside via mass violations, depriving the main directive of order throughout existence: Thus ; Isolation, deprivation and total demise for everyone. It is “all or nothing”ย  and not ‘Some and Nothing’ : Not ‘all for some and nothing for the rest!’

Existence, fortunately neither abides In ‘skewed measures’ which appears often to be an apparition or nightmare experienced, knowing the poor have no fiscal security. This prevents one from any genuine life long security. Such as a wife, friend, play mate, helper, cooperative, a family of one’s own; Stable mind, the ability to be happy and content, with quality associates and friends etc. Instead poor citizens are often surrounded by further poor citizens, whom lack moral virtue, social group prosperity, peace autonomy and ethics. Which moreoften leads to feuds, battles, distrust, helplessness, heartache, pain, torture and death!

I often ponder the following questions aloud :

“Why did they want this for some – people” ?

“Why have they exhausted this for some – people” ?

“Why do they continue to establish this for some – people” ?

Restraining other people’s progression while enthused the lifestyle of their own, criminal injustices included and never restrained regardless of the crime. I believe these experiences are intended for others to pay for their (other people’s wrong doing) crimes… specifically. (Vunerable people are sacrificed to pay for the behaviours and actions of the previliged groups)

Never say : “Lord forgive them-

(they are ignorant or unknowing. This is incorrect practices.) of what they do, they know not what they do” :

I believe that previous statement to be a lie, Noticeably a most deceptive statement;ย A grotesque deception of biblical proportions.

As I am sure, as many are also, the ones I refer to – as they… ‘They know very well what they do’ in fact too much. These things I speak of here which have been delivered to you are familiar schemes inhabited by acts of wickedness attached; Incentives devised by wholesome corruption and the level of intelligence which is void of morality. This is engineered inorder to encourage malicious and maleficent conduct in secret. When you are targeted, you can fall into desperate and deprived behaviours via instability and lack of autonomous justice. Schemes are design to ensure good folk evolve into bad folk via experiences of steady bombardment, exercising vilification, pillory, harrasment and persistent wrong doing and harm. While the emotions are attacked the neurological system and nerve fibres of the anatomy are traumatised and strickend to break, debilitated from the thesis of medieval constructions  pronounced as wicked schemes. Those whom previously perceive themselves as ordained or godly. These schemes are usually designed to ignite a range of impulses and default settings, rage, anger and danger. Promote division and chaos, evoke madness, hostility, confusion and insanity, cause severe harm while echoing fluent on-going pain, distraught until death. The targeted individuals will no longer be in a healthy position to raise the alarm. Often the targets will be placed on a stretcher and carted away to detention in a undisclosed facility. Often quietly unaroused through the process, not to raise awareness or suspicion from the subject, as the serum takes full hold and kicks into it’s convenient spectrometry.

These are indeed extremely evil people at work behind such devices whom are influential of promoting sick natures throughout.

Only the ‘Alpha – Omega’ knows best of all.


that which we do not know?

Some of the problems derived in the world, are the following:

Evil people often do not visualise themselves, friends and company as evil: They can only visualise others as evil, while they do not submit their sins for forgiveness or redemption, they promote the opposite via boastful – prideful – grandiose bragging rights of their wrongful doings:

As an analogy here : Could you imagine one of the disciplines of moses bragging to the crowd of wrongful doings? Example : How he cheated moses, slept with moses wife, stole moses property, poison moses food, devided moses friends and family, destroyed moses people while laughing?

For those whom have a sight to see out of, a device established for listening and a mind capable to contemplate here. Fictional example:

Could one imagine ‘Moses’ characterising such actions himself or breaking all ten of the biblical ‘Ten Commandments’ after he (Moses) received such sublime revelation?

What if revelation and messages from messengers derived and delivered via those routinely breaking all laws, while openly bragging about their defaults in the same sentences? (Breaking all the rules of the gospels etiquette)


Do no be!

” Common sense and intelligence do not often go together “

Here explains the reason why?

People are often happy with the least information they are awarded. The information allows them to feel inclusive of a group identity.

Imagine for example: You are given an invite; An accommodating password would validate an admittance to the exclusive occasion for one. You feel as you are the lucky one, only to later realise after you arrived, you are not so lucky after all?

Becoming rather an unfortunate situation for your life.

Everyone believes they know something, when in reality the truth is much further afield. They whom think they know something, actually know not the entirety of their programmed information?

I.e “They know nothing.

Oftentimes this is displayed throughout religious circles, congregations and religious masses. Quite simply it is a routine fixture of human partnerships and all their characteristics perceived. The nature’s of humankind/human beings is a default via imperfections, continuous wrong doing and blunder ( Sinners ; Biblical text alludes, God dissatisfied with his creations, obliterated the towns and villages of the unrepentant, unlawful and unrighteousness. This occurred throughout many biblical texts: Periods of the watchers, Fallen ones, Enoch, Nephilim, Noah, Gog and Magog, etc )

Many of these translations are believed to be misrepresentations of a cosmic intervention and later interlude between the forces of intelligent extra – terrestrials and their hybrid creations which stood as a workforce created strickly for ongoing labour purposes here on earth (Which we divulge in previous chapters) : As strange as this may appear at first, this story examines the forever bearing down toxicity, which humankind sensationally experiences in emptiness, lack of hope, worthlessness, desperation, loneliness, confusion, unfulfilled, unsatisfied, lost, troubled, ill tempered, persecuted, demeaning, sick, troubled, insane, unloved, unappreciated, disregarded, disrespected, unresponsive, maltreatment and violated.

If humans were indeed only created for the purposes of one thing, that being for Labour purposes? Then the inner feelings of our emotions humanity has been experiencing throughout  history, actually makes sense when contemplated: Ultimately clarifying why humans feel the way they do each day? The reasons why overwhelming episodes of depression and the taxonomy of deep and severe anxiety overwhelms and strips humanity of desiring to continue living in this world?

Humanity suffers and nobody, none that exist in this world can honestly explain why to the reason? I believe that reason has altered our destiny and changed the courses of nature for many species.

Within Islamic literature, a most fascinating biblical story was once reiterated through the imam in a congregations service (Jumah /Ju’ mah /Ju’muh; Pronounced  Ju’ mah ) I attended decades ago. At the period I knew not of what I was to later learn in regards to sciences, the cosmos and faith.  It was a Friday prayer service: The instruments of this occasion spoke of an age of deep antiquities pasts… I can not quite remember the name of the messenger the imam referred to, it was a much earlier epoch in which a prophet arose amongst the people, much before the rise of Islam and much  before the rise of christianity, perhaps Judaism or before?

I can not quote or remember the name of the prophet mentioned, however the main account remains intact:

The imam spoke of an account inwhich an early prophet was called to task to converse to the creator the reports upon earth. The prophet was summoned by what was described as a group of angels who typically instructed to collect the prophet inorder to be presented to the creator (God) for reasons of tasks. (Inquisitions)

The prophet of the period was awarded position (Gifted by God) of chosen one -(Messiah) to represent the people of earth, gifted by god for reports analysis. 

Inwhich the prophet would attempt to be council on the people’s behalf? (For humanity)

Whenever the angels would arrive to earth, the angels would spend good lengths of time preparing the prophet to be taken to see God.

Why would they (Angels) do this..? the Imam questioned to the large congression!

“If he -(Prophet pbuh) was the chosen one… why not just lift the prophet directly to God..” ? The Imam mentioned.

Then the imam mentioned : The journey the angels would travel was a devinely colosal one. Also the power and brightness of the light emanating from God the “Alpha – Omega” was so great and powerful all organic matter would be destroyed instantaneously by the heat of the light.

So the team of angels carefully prepared the prophet’s presentation inorder to protect the prophet (pbuh) from the rays of the ‘Alpha – Omega omniscient emitting rays ๐ŸŒŒ for save return back and began: A special suit was brought to earth with an oddly distinguishing head cover, this was placed upon the prophet and tightly sealed by the instructing angels for the journey..

The angels expressed to the prophet (pbuh) that they would disembark at a period, though the angels would experience great velocity in speed, none the less the entire journey would last for a complete orbital year? The departure of the angels would occur along the journey before the final destination. The angels conveyed they could not go any further due to the enormous power of the rays emitting from the ‘Alpha – Omega’ ๐ŸŒŒ

However another settlement of angels would then take over the trip from there on… โœจ

The moment of the โœจ angels disembarkment arrived, and another set of angels adorned differently and distinctively exchanged at the rendezvous.

The second group of angels advised the prophet (pbuh) : “We can only go so far, you will be guided by the powerful rays emitting from the ‘Alpha – Omega’

“Rays emitting will indeed draw you in to a safe and secure distance, a location far enough to be safe away from the ‘Alpha – Omega’s omniscient presents -(light).

When the second group of angels had arrived at their departure location, they instructed the prophet (pbuh) to close his eyes from this period onwards, the rays will draw you into the source of all creation.

The angels departured while the prophet (pbuh) had closed his eyes and waited in the department of solace. Soon the prophet (pbuh) experienced the distinctive pulling sensation and was lifted up and floated. The journey was lasting even longer than the previous two accompanying jouneys with the angels. Though the prophet (pbuh) expressed supernatural sensations of speed and velocity.

This first part of this insightful story I have been recently returning to, due to much of the information rising from recent UAP periods, world – wide discussions of this phenomena, sightings, government statements, esoteric protected information and that which I have learned in regards to astrophysics, astroarcheology, quantum mechanics, ‘the book of Enoch’ and other biblical tales over the past decades. I sincerely remember, that I was not using the Internet back then when I first heard this story. I received all my previous information from books/study materials/Personal testaments with valid sources and i thought I knew somethings? What I have since learned has opened my mind much furthermore while slightly altering my vision and comprehension of this story.

For example : 

What if we exchanged the angels in this story with an enforcement of interstellar aliens?

What if we named the special cloths brought to the prophet for space travel as the following: ‘An advanced space suit for detailed operations’ and exchanged the image of a basic head covering with the possibility of technological head-gear utilised for advanced applications in space travel ; Compromising highly resistant heat tempered carbon glass materials (helmet) adaptive for such a task?

What if the angels did not have wings, instead where travelling by personal craft? : Highly advanced version of a one person flying jet pack attached to their back or a flying hoverboard. This version of personal travel may be measured to our modern day high powered electric motorbikes/scooters. However would exist extraordinary and believed by 21st century modern technology as ‘unidentified aerial phonomena’ UAP (Spacecraft) which may have sling shot or used the gravitational pull of a passing planet to carry them closer to their own ships to further journey to their own solar system and eventually planet, perhaps that planet be identified as ‘Nibiru’ ?

What if the second set of angels where the specialised mission control teams advanced coordination specialist?

What if the prophet was actually taken to a spaceport/base/planet for instructions to be given to humanity for important task to be completed and strickly adhered too…?

What if the great cataclysm of ancient earth; The charcoal remains which have baffled all meteorologist and other respective scientific teams compiled of experts in the field of thermodynamics and nuclear science; Are these experiences the true cause of extremely advanced galactic weaponry engineered by extraterrestrial beings ordered for action and bequeathed the fate of legends past across the earth’s crust and that of all the living entities, prophecies across the solar systems, which have existed and long since obliterated?

How many occasions has humanity faced global extinction level events and from the heat of extraordinary forces? Such sources experts across the globe can not explain the conditions which manufactured extreme heat forces so extreme in temperature which have left the remains of ancient fusion marks and charcoal scorched ruins upon ancient granite rocks and buildings, to withstand the length of time?

These incidents exist as a total warranty of the greatest warning signs any species with exist to perceive.

Extreme blasts which have instantly turned phosphate materials and white chalk to black charcoal marks. Instantaneously melting the chalk and other extremely durable mineral depository. Interestingly, experts in the field of minerals have claimed : No devices exist in this earth, created by humankind that can melt the highest strength of precious minerals, while no tools exist which can melt granite from a single blast.

I really wish, I knew back then all those years ago, some of the information we are presented with today through science and technology. This is  intriguing to the contemplation of the mind.

This confesses : ‘Humans to be in the probability  of merely driven slaves’

Slaves awarded minor gifts and incentives to continue on with our purpose. Similarly, humans reward pets and the animals of field-test for completing simple tasks?

Humanity is certainly rewarded in a similar manner. It appears humanity is given projects to task and fulfil while enthusiastically anticipating reward? That purpose ‘Be’ tirelessly working and affording resources for our intergalactic overlords – Bosses, Principals, Ceo’s, Executives, HPIC/HOIC/HNIC (Head person/order/negotiator in charge).

Esoteric: This possibility aids enlightenment regarding a few particular questions regarding the world of entertainment, theatre and show business, movie business, television shows and Hollywood scripts : There exist a very poignant theme routinely regurgitated within the story telling of movies one has noticed : Fear, Danger, Loss, A hero, Hope, Love, Joy and victory (Happy ending) are standard protocols.

Why is there so much importance fixed upon a happy ending in scripts  shows, theatre and movies. Which in fact, generally does not reflect the majority of real life events?

If art is suppose to depict reality, why not create more unfortunate endings for people to relate to?

Unless an agenda has already existed for this practice?

Understanding that species without a true purpose in existence will thoroughly desire constant fulfilment, appeasement, support, validation, praise, glorification, admiration, self worship, self idolisation, respect, care and beyond all love.

This would certainly clarify the reasons to why humans are generally so void of life, love and liberty. I believe any natural creations would be created with enough love and happiness to sustain the entirety of its own lifetime. Whereas an unnatural species would certainly be void of crucial segments from the biology of a fully functioning human: Understanding that such intergalactic extraterrestrial scientists I refer to here, are indeed magnanimously far intelligent than humans, however I would also state: Neither unimaginably distinguishable… far in the scope of intelligence.

” For  intelligence and common sense – 

do not generally compliment one another “

Where there are great gifts there are also defaults and consequences: For example Superman is allergic to “Kryptonite” 

“The Incredible Hulk” and “Wonder Women” are both extremely susceptible to love, as was Samson to Dalilah in the biblical tale.

‘Batman’ & ‘Ironman’ require their extraordinary wealth.

“Spiderman” requires constant anonymity to protect himself and loveones.

“Silversurfer” “Thor” & ” Captain America ” appear to have regenerative power through their individual weapon, yet without their weapons are vunerable and often slightly defeated?

I have also noticed : Some incredibly strong people whom lack confidence as do many incredibly gifted and talented individuals. Many great painters, poets and writers of the renaissance periods across the globe where known for characterising an extremely reserved personality and would maintain discretion away from the public.

As beauty is in the realm of an aesthetics quality of super powers, many whom inhabit those range of gifts have their personal flaws of ‘Kryptonite’ also: Many of the on screen theatre women of beauty, throughout the twentieth century, often experienced betrayal via a longing for love and happiness, some ended up alone and isolated in huge mansions others fell to eventual insanity and later followed suicide. Male counterparts isolated via nicotine addictions and alcohol experienced an unfortunate demise of crippling health.

The super power of fame and wealth poses equal ‘Kryptonite’ which must be handled with care : The commonality of lottery winners evokes disturbing feuds with family and friends, inwhich betrayal and death formed the compromising comspiracies. A version of unforgettable events, often depicted in Hollywood theatre, acted out from the well known productions of Albert Hitchock ‘Tales of the unexpected’

This means, quite often those with extreme levels of intelligence often will lack general aspects and practices of common sense?

Often with gifts you lose something quite common most take for granted (Exchange) and while you gain something quite special or extraordinary (the other). This may be similar to a savant, an autistic person or those paralysed, blind or death? A lucky dip from a choice or range? I sometimes wonder if people chose their special gift in a binding pact at the entrance of life before the embryo entered the biological- embassy – hall of records- ( mothers womb ) ?

It is a rarity to find people who have extreme levels of both common sense and intelligence?

Quite often, commonly known around the globe : ” Stupid people do not know they are even stupid “

This is a recognised default of the organism which is used to calculate, recognise, estimate, establish and communicate information back to itself:

The brain: Regarding functionality; A person with a poor or faulty brain can never calculate their own short comings, access their vulnerability, estimate their own self worth honestly and sincerely.

More often stupid people will usually over value themselves far ahead of genuine savants and geniuses, while attempting to put others down who have quite extraordinary ability, even attempting to put down recognised high achievers, skillful and talented sports personalities and entertainers, those with once in a lifetime gifts, those with once in a world time gift that nobody has ever witnessed or documented before?

As we have witnessed steadily, humans generally do not learn information, rather humans are programmed with updated information that relays a scripted form of convenience to themselves and the programmer? This lead me to pursue my interests carefully away from just scientific fields of practice and learning. To incorporate other parts of education more importantly.

I contemplated much each moment and thought?

While in the moment,

Decades ago I strolled while I summised to myself

‘Smart people study science’ 

‘While smarter people, avoid the study of science’

‘Very smart people, contemplate and meditate’

However ,

‘Extremely bright minds, teach people how to best resist, how best to coexist without causing harm to any division of nature, in the present and future momentums’ ยฉ๏ธ ‘Smart People’ 1996 – Infin – โ™พ๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿ’œ K.Aliy

Everything physicists and scientists create always tend to find its path into the quarters of those with the least Psychological – resistance, Psychological appetite for mischief, boasting the mental apparatus for evil doings, lacking virtue, lacking in long term ‘sound and stable reasoning practices’ displaying poor ethics and morality, intolerances and childish impulses. The lack of personal resilience and reasoning too often leads to turmoil and war. The nature of greed and the fertility of extreme fear coexist to bind people to forms of addiction via vulnerability. Every person in this world is addicted towards ‘no – fewer’ than their recognised behaviours: For some people this addiction is addressed as narcotics, food, alcohol, cigarettes, additives, surgery, pets, babies, spouses, love, holidays, property, merchandise, others it may be money, trouble, crime, malice, while others their personal addictions are related to inner spiritual character traits: Recognition, communication, trophies, prizes, dating, sports, sex, revenge, dishonor, impersonating, deception, fraud, abuses, violations, misconduct, and violence etc.

Governmental defence forces and wealthy astute business empires often purchase the accidental designs stumbled across by novice or expert level personal as forms of technicians, scientists, physicists, students, teachers, professors, designers, mechanics etc. These individuals and teams have often accidentally created something quite extraordinary that was not previously searched for or thought of?

The process occurs while attempting to create, investigate and experiment with a project device, element, encoder or material substance?

As disclosed the alienation between general common sense and intelligence occurs often. One would suggest that intelligent minds should reframe from the fields of science throughout the world. Science has not served humankind in the last one thousand years.. The formula of the “Black Smoke” utilised for dynamite, gun powder and ballistic affliction has echoed perhaps as a curse for all life upon earth?

The trauma towards each and/of all living creatures great and small, those high above and hidden very low below, land and marine combined, the damage to ozone layers, hydro and tropospheric annihilation. Accidental recipes discovered have since utilised haphazardly as medication. Medical practices have quite often harmed equally as much as people expect to be saved. Soil is poisoned, the history of the ‘once fresh water’ is today polluted, air is toxicated, the name “Fuchashima” is on the lips and tongue of every poor Eastern child: I doubt breast – milk still taste good today!

I doubt today’s breast-milk is fully prepared with quintessential ingredients for rasing young pups. Perhaps not equal to what it held in nutrients and amino acids yesterday?

I believe Albert Einstein may have made a mistake in creating the doomsday bomb though he later admitted such a testimony: By stating the prophecy of the future generations we find ourself in today.

I believe technology created by humans have lacked ethics : Creating devices and elements in a world controlled by the will of irrationally extremely fearful Psychotic personal and their disposits that can cause willing harm, will undoubtedly lead to the subject used to cause harm against each individual and their beloved or descendants, eventually ?

Such should exist as common sense throughout the history of scientific research communities?

The all around wonders of dreams, possibilities and the chance to elevate ones standing and education in society from poverty class to a prosperity – enabled financially high earning class in the trades are a prize to behold, and to encourage the work forces. Though extremely tempting : Monetary value should not be waged on the scales without ethics and the procedures thereof.

‘Wealth gained without morality is an eventual danger in the making’

Often to the demise of the protagonists.

A type of subscription which relays susceptible to the participants exist.

Remembering : 

” Power without perception, becomes futile “

Brought to you by the Poet… aka K.Aliy

2021 – Infin-โ™พ๐Ÿ’ซ๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿ’œ


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