Vanity Verses, The Great “I AM”

So many today “know not” of the reality of accountancy in accordance with the measurement of one’s own life and responsibility to the wider conditions in thus, environment we harbour – Earth.

People perpetually have stated: “Governments have made them poor/Governments are greedy and corrupted”

Though moreoften these sentiments are partially true!

What of accountantability?


Governments do not force people/individuals to interlope, neither force citizens to marriage or sexual endorsements/gratification of procreation.. neither thrust expensive hobbies, lifestyles upon individuals… Society is certainly not suited for everyone, that remains a fact!

These habits are generally individually based choices made by the individual and singular/family/community via personal perceptions of existence! Governments neither persuade nor force individuals to procreate/interlope for child production.

Previous Centuries back, governments desired large armies/work forces/personal etc and profited from the simplicity of the extremely large families. Unfortunately today this manner often yields over population. Controlling population is a default mechanism of any successful nation as automation has defaced the curriculum of workforces across the globe. Feeding and sustaining extreme populations has become a default of deforestation/ozone damage/universal poor health… Economic debt/National Instability/National Bankruptcy… across all living things as the planet is incapable of hosting to the speed of encroachment/progression/recycling/feeding/regrouping that humanity is demanding from earth to sustain itself!

Food produce and the artificial sweeteners/energy/colouring created to feed a growing population is totally synthetic, not nutritional or genuinely nourishing. Engineering food to feed the expanding population is a dangerously hazardous and unethical business environment in reality. The vast majority of food in superstores are neither proper for human consumption, stable diets.. Humankind is purely perceived as a robot workforce, inwhich from the authoritative positions; vitality and energy must be invoked in humankind, inorder to sustain a workforce/engineering/warfare/protection/merchandise/wealth/power/control and fear of authorities.

The most ignorant of citizens will endeavour to hand their offsprings to the authority of nations in exchange for wage.. Be that public – private schooling/training in the entertainment establishment – purposes/private tuition/private skills… All roads eventually succumb to government ownership of entities and result. Women travel over dangerous terrain with large families for this treacherous exchange, without full realisation of the true cost…? A loss of spirit sense/morality and ethical values/a deal with the devil it is routinely stated… Humankind has long lost it’s way to the engineered monetary value… Free money, a home filled with merchandise is the mantra of 21st century homo sapiens… Most will kill for this deal, while all practitioners and pretenders progress with deception and hatred in order to out manoeuvre competition within each class group. Addiction comes in all forms, and the authorities have learnt the value of an addictive trait within human nature to manipulate this detriment of human suffering. All actions by humankind is detrimental as suffering and society increases.. All roads do indeed lead to addiction if personal monitoring is not upheld…?

• Mothers whom give birth scrupulously, in numerous occasions to offsprings are totally addicted to the premise of child rearing.. poorly uneducated, while are often a little insane.

• Similar to men whom seek to procreate multiple individual females for vanity… are quite simple minded and extremely weak hearted in spirit/soul/nature/moral and character.

Desiring to be continuously surrounded by folk/people is another common addiction exhibited by modern society..

Cosmetics/surgery/body image/vanity/extreme health and nutrition and high occupancy of one’s identity is a foundation of personal addiction and inner sufferings of the spirit self..

Entertainment in all forms is an addiction, as communities mourn their fallen idols and entertainers… As much as even the abrupt termination of a role/series/character or plot can bring misery to the viewers of such addiction!

Merchandise/materials/gadgets/holidays are all linked to traits of addiction… not just narcotics/food or alcohol.. In recent centuries fast food restaurants have introduced recipes to further their business and perpetuate the addictions.. Proving the sum of the western world is a fake civilisation, while for the most vulnerable of citizens, who lack the ability to grasp this true identity of this fused extraveganza, high potency schemed product… Being that of an imitation to nature and all things true… From fake – courts/magistrates/legislation/Kings and Queens/royalty/fake history/law/bloodline and education to medicine/faith/practices/ethics/love/spirituality/promises/authority/power/honour/empathy and much more all resides in the atmosphere of the western world.

This western culture be a true imposter to nature, the quintessential opposite of purity and reality.

In regards to food consumption and taste, one has to at least consider where many ingredients originate from…? To harvest such appetite for taste, one needs look no further than the mechanics of the self… The human cells are a potent substance to engineer behaviours… cells remind one another of familiarity and continue to locate or bond with familiarity to grow and sustain liveliness… The body can sense a moment of contentment on such occasions, This is often dealt by bouts of euphoric rise rather than true appetising nourishment. This formality is similar to citizens familiarity with location/family/friends/venues/environments of well being and happiness… This version of bonding gives strength and contentment to all organism… You may realise why people feel a sense of fulfillment when the consumption of certain food is completed, even though those food groups contain zero nutritional benefits at all!

Though governments are witnessed as highly toxic opperators throughout the globe… A certain matter of education is at fault with each citizen who wills without the hindsight and precaution which emphasise failures of past generations/education/mindlessness/consciences/cautionary/contingency/ethics/morality and that of lacking the persecution to police individual addictions and desires…

Knowingly: Each citizen having foresight that Governments are highly correlated to corruption, while citizens individually display nonchalance towords capitalistic themes amidst less precaution to child birth/rearing/sustainability/future resources/skills/foundation/education/occupations/dwellings/ambitions and prosperity etc…

This format displays a strong influence towards failure/fragility/vulnerability and the taxonomy of success for ineptitude.. of future citizens of earth. Antiquity has taught humankind that large families or groups succeeded via huge numbers… while the future holds the opposite as resources become scarce small number groups become powerful as the Appetite to control desires becomes a strength over weakness and addictions?

Such attitudes can not rear and nurture any life well… as we witness that the functionality of individuals raised in poor uneducated homes is a dysfunctional process, while seemingly steady aiming towards final destruction of the unit and individuals from the particular unit!

One can state “NO”

People are not poor because of the/their Government alone!

Perhaps a joint affair in all truths?

In addition to a citizen’s depreciation in and around society, often due to/from personal choices/inability to form careful management of social structures and the decisions thereof… One realised as a child money was the main importance to raise children/child. So a refrained apprehension towards having children appeared justified. As the political atmosphere is based upon an unfair capitalist structure, inwhich your earliest beginnings/inheritance/ethnicity/family and the wider community play a major role to your prosperity.

Those without great capitalism and great family support or omniscience presence will endure magnanimous suffering to less avail, attempting persuasion towards an existence of unfairness be that with/without corrupt political aficionados… is still an exercise in mismanagement of resources and life! A crude and cruel existence thereof, waged upon the self by society and nature. The carnivorous Appetite of capitalism is such that families are embittered against one another, wherever/whenever/whatever occasions arise. Throughout the turmoil including the seasons of exchanging gifts… public affairs etc.

The resources necessary to feed one human child in the western world per year successfully is quite grotesque… In the United Kingdom that figure is a staggering £20,000 per year (Annual) as recorded by economics institutions in the mid 1990’s.

Cost Inhabit: •Nursery/Education/Schooling, •Teaching/Training/Travelling, •Books/Tuition/Stationary/Classes, •Food/Nutrition/Advice/Supplements, •Clothing/Activity wears, •Housing/Maintenance/Hosting, •Nurturing/Rearing/Supporting/Mind, •Health/Hygiene/Cleaning maintenance, •Recreational/Hobbies/Activities etc etc?

Though the greater expenses is Government backed subsidy, this displays a great burden on each citizen especially the working class who indeed foot the bill… This bill also stimulates the magnitude of encroachment on nature’s environment of resources and that of the species microscopic and life size that are evicted from their generational empires. For the grandiosity of Homo Sapiens, perseveringly uprooting the materials to sustain the human life which often lacks true fruition for reimbursement of such taxation in reciprocity back to nature!

How many individuals throughout humankind that we read about or met have truly helped nature… how many of humankind has provided to nature 1/100 of 1% to what nature has provided to them/citizen?

The ruminating doubt holds my attention, that one will never find a single person anywhere… whom has provided anything to nature accept a dying redundant vessel of themself back to the earth in which it derived from. That which humankind steals from the earth is poorly compensated in return for reimbursement. After all, the ecosystem of life is perfect and can not be improved upon. It can only be diminished by the use of over consumption/unnecessary toxicity/misuse/unearthing vital minerals and over population! The fact that humankinds is fed a diet of toxicity demonstrates the unequal measure that we put back into the earth when we pass excretion or die? Because many do not appreciate their individual vessel suggests the soil shall vanquish refuse their bodily orientations part or in whole!

It is quite intriguing how ancient biblical traditions suggested: “The earth will not be nourished or accept certain deseased bodies of multiple humans whom have not existed in a clean life?” By way of personal accountability towards food/general behaviour/morals/ethics etc etc…

It has been noticed in forensic science that bodies buried in general soil, have indeed slowly risen to the top soil… while accidental notices occured from the public.

Biology teaches: Bodies can rise to the top of soil, after burial via the contents of the deseases general diet…?

Food which exist without nutritional value is often composed of synthetic based ingredients in statue and design.. Such materials often rise in soil as the nature of soil enjoys feeds upon organic materials which have not been treated nor interfered by design. As one can witness “chemically treated wood” will not break down quick in soil, as all human engineered products are not of nature… nor support, uphold nature!

The sum of Homo Sapiens endeavors ‘wills’

Eventually shines upon the ‘will’ of greed and capitalism, the true embellishment of Homo sapiens!

The sum of education, is that of a costly experience multiplied by an appropriate quality of usefulness when understood it’s applicability in the here and now!

The great “I AM” the “Science of existence” negotiates a path that can be sustainable if individuals hold a form of patience to their indomitable existence!

Image a world, far from now… far from present day… faraway from this moment, faraway from the common misfortune and misery which presently occupies the vast majority of hearts and minds!

An epoch flowing with qualia and filled with a flow of sustainability, enjoyment, contentment, a sense of universal responsibility/strength/prosperity and understanding…

Imagine the period slightly before the epochs of dominant hominid arising to power, with Psychopathic narratives in one clench fist and the cruelest intentions in the other hand?

The period before arrival of early homo sapien is that qualia…

The Hominids that existed in this special period were indeed of farming mentality, enthused with nature and admirers of natural simplicity within complete rural gatherings… Moreover recognised as a simple life form in comparison to the programme; Sophistication of our instinctive Homo Sapiens, whom wills by consumption/bombardment/perplexity/vanity/single mindedness! Less paranoia/pillory/diversions/machinations…

Homo Erectus… Homo Neanderthalis… Homo Rudolfensis… Homo Habilis… Homo Florensiensis… Were indeed hominids which existed in a reserved manner… unsophisticated yet not fragile nor corrupted by emotion and states of euphoria… redundant of the mindset which has engulf all of humankind today.. The mindset which harbours throughout the space and motion of humankind, the malevolence that which has obliterated other lifeforms and continues to do so. For the love of sport/game/entertainment and more. The mindset which has set a portion of one species as godhead of earths living creatures… A false narrative and a deluded interpretation of the soul-self (Spirit sense) and spiritual identity. A true grotesque misinterpretation, while affirming to an unparalleled Psychotic perception of existence and individual relationships towards all things in our observation view! Such a perception which is often viewed from abusers throughout colder climates has spread out the world over with a malignant perception of things. A false directive which strips the earth of it’s loving spirits!

The age of unsophisticated hominids: in terms of reservations to engineering malevolence for game; This epoch aided the qualia of all living things which spread/existed throughout the hemispheres evenly.. Interestingly a motion appears, as the premise demonstrates the version of dysfunctional organisation one witnesses throughout the periods of Homo Sapiens reign, discloses correlations to modern drug usage from narcotic dependency… DMT.. Poppy seeds…? Marijuana plants…? Amongst all known/unknown/undiscovered/forgotten hallucinogenic weeds/plants. How likely is the possibility that early Hominids lavished lands and so happened to be enlightened by the potency exhibited within the chemical aid in plants. This no doubt arises as a consequence of chance or perhaps location? Such instrumentation endorsed by multiple sources claimed realisation of the “Enlightenment process” gifted through chemical aids from natures plants… “Chemical aid” suggests a Psychotic state capable of such divorcing from empathy; Which are usually reserved for living things, yet the hominids now redundant of particular emotions exhibit a fierce posture, opening the path to rule/conquer and devour all other forms of life from their previous state of age. An age of absolute ignorance, simplistic, sloth. Emerging with a mighty awareness, an attachment to governing/controlling/capturing/owning/having all things?

Such an awakening state of being, recognising and shifting from one dawn to the next in a single blink of an eye or space and motion of a blossomed chemically endowed plant?

This new entity to the auspices and senses of the foragers, existed as…

None other than, the… ultimate..


Due to exploration/engineering and the detrimental inquisition to seek… Homo Sapien’s development into the lands became robust enough to slaughter all other hominids, inorder to make room for the spread of homo sapiens outright survival, only!

Homo Denivosen… stood tall and a match for Homo Sapien…

A mighty warpath for warfare endured bloodshed across the hemispheres… throughout multi ages… until one victor survived to rise alone from under the smoke.. the smoke or the beginning of carnivorous humankinds “Homo Sapien” The redundancy of Homo denisoven reduced in aptitudes and became a slave for the breeding of homo sapiens!

The culpability of modern Homo Sapien has breached roads of no return in the least of morality/faith/spirituality/ethics and willingness to exist fare with all living things…

Homo sapien not willing to forgo any discomfort to share earths landscape as a consequence of community, displaces homo sapien away from the title of a genuine leader and genuine tenant of earths multi-species community..

The community being everything in existence within the sector of earths stratosphere and every quadrant below! With all species and groups.

The force of greed has bequeathed the grand ill tormentor of nature, homo sapient, throughout the ages… to the wider scope of witnessing homo sapiens ill effected Psychosis dehumanise the entire population who indeed accept the programme which has been awarded to the naivety populace!

This particular perception orchestrated by western lorals of such an event has continuously dove humankind to the brink of war and previous folk ties to extinction, that needed not, for peaceful wayfarer were their generation and lot!

Similar to a non carnivorous species in the wild previous hominds existed as natures qualified tenants… An attitude which help farm lands into fruition for ions.

It is also suggested that the nature of homo sapien is unlike any species which has encrusted their generations upon the earths soil… A true imposter to the earth in character/nature/perception/qualia/function and usefulness…

Homo sapiens existed uniquely without improving earths landscape and comuunity…

While all along imposing a will upon the earth for all to exist by…

To state the conclusion; That a true imposter, be an impulsive misrepresentation of earth, has stood in total contrast to nature, as self reasoning/concluding/examining/appointing/annointing/judging, while rending perceptions as fact, misrepresenting humankind and earths creatures, perpetuates as a force to governing earths creatures… The directive is a true fallacy of proper order and power, unquestionably unqualified we can state in wholesome, to nature in every measure is total irony!

More so, this directive is subliminally misinformed and detrimental to the sustainance of all life everywhere…

Many waged self against a genuine order… for all ancient chronologies of old and modern empires fall… as you shall witness in time and space, motioning, again and again…

May the genuine order bring total obliteration/annihilation to homo sapiens… Homo sapient sustains mere amusement at expense of the wretched including all living things… as will circles endure, a circle follows a journey of returning damage to genuine engineers…

May the order, the 360° powers of time and space bring annihilation to all of humankind/young and old alike/black and white alike/rich and poor alike/ignorant and intelligent alike/big and small alike/strong and weak alike/for the evils endured by mere species continuously from ancient antiquity…

For peace may also return full circle to the lifes which existed in peace, wherever borrowed or sheltered.

AN APOCOLYPSE OF THY CEREBRAL! “IF You Can Bare To Hear The Truth You’ve Spoken Twisted By Niaves”



What is the meaning of truth or what is truth?

May we realise further, the detrimentation of the depth of understanding and acquisition of know, and actuality! I am forever disappointed at the level of the average cerebral to actuality which is mostly lost in many factions within current chronostrataghraphical units. Such is the depth of nonchalance to factuality that it can not be stated perpetually enough for the establishment of thy closed-minded cerebral, in precedence! I have ruminated on such degenerated states in modern times, we can quite confidently asses the degeneration is a course and side effect of the home entertainment facilities.

This is the direct attribution to present day time management, expelled on “Instant Gratification” as the detriment of this disease! (The perpetually closed cerebral) Such which needs the educated side of society’s to relinquish and unlock such as the curse of a dormant mind! This present day phenomena, is in actuality the equivalent to the fall of Babylonia in Biblical Scriptures”. 

The chronostratagraphical unit set in antiquity, often produced a kaleidoscopic array of the worlds most seasoned minds, in perpetuation of constant transcendence, soaring through actualities and realisation like a well skilled craftsmen embroidering intricacy onto a work off art! In continuum of high intellect which crafted so many genius minded folk of the day, this undoubtedly had an improving benevolence on the average partisan indeed, and dramatically inclined vertically the local bar of excellence a notch in Wisdom! Everything from the literary fields (in which science a philosophy were entwined as one subject) to industrial labouring, every craft and discipline was well appreciated as the etiquettes of ones nobility. We can also postulate that the propositional competence, was beneficial by time utilisation, such benevolent prejudices benefited the average cerebral!

This movement of spending hours into years into decades solely on singularity of trades produced the most extraordinaire of craftsmanship. Others who was advantaged by social groups could adhere to further studies which indeed would benefit their cerebral and the benefit of the family traits! One can quite easily illustrate how intelligence is gifted in antiquity transported down the genetic orientation within the close neurogenesis of familiarity (GOOD STOCK/thoroughbred/healthy alignment).




As i have stated previously IN BLOGS, the greatest crime ever undertaken by an agent is to refute from all education while replacing thy void, the empty digest of soul manifestation with mere aspects of “INSTANT GRATIFICATION”.

Truly a postulating vermination! which indeed never benefits the sole agent which relinquished thy self to the practice of vegetation! Thy book being the substance “the cure to thy disease” the anointing ointment and benevolent proclivity to destroy the disease, the virus which prevents the cerebral from know!

TO TRULY ACQUIRE OR HAVE KNOWLEDGE ONE MUST BE PREPARED TO UNDERSTAND THE PROGRESSION TO ADHERING A TRUTH. ALL SIX SENSES IN TRANQUILITY HAVE TO BE IN COMPLETE ALIGNMENT TO THE PROPERTY BEING EXAMINED BY THE EXAMINER! The knowledge is the decree of the insemination research.Thus! Realisation occurs, the prelude to Enlightenment! Thus… The journey of metamorphosis of acquisitions… Empty to complete… Standardised to description of nothing to something… The route to realisation and factuality.

The Learning To The LearnedRelation to the RelationshipPost Structualist to formal Graduate of postulantsDiscovering to the Discovered.

The ultimate process of knowledge is aligned on the parallels of the tested… The formation in synchronicity of objectives or tasks recorded! Often in perpetuation for consistency and understanding of all possible alternations! To acquire knowledge is to acquire something tangible or intangible for the benefit of the cerebral cortex in present and future condition, To know something is to field a selection of tests… Studies… Records… In longevity, casuality. The metaphysical approach would oppose a serious of questions where by testing would be deployed to equate to the raised questions.

A study in which a metamorphosis of abstracts and illuminations occur to produce insight or actualities of the proposed objective! On multiple repetitions of exact outcomes realisation can be manifested on agreement of complex results which proposed same identification compliance of instrumentation identified by identifier. Pattern of results in the metamorphosis of the identifying object by agent, either failed/failure still results in actuality of the properties of the elements identification!

Thus knowledge registering as the element of certainty of information! Either failed or succeeded by identification of the senses in recognition of course! (Preferably all aligned would substantiate a state of actuality).

* EXAMPLE 1;-  We are aware that, the large african elephants which humankind has observed, Can Not FLY!

* EXAMPLE 2;-  Humankind  is also privilege to the realisation… That many mammals require botanical substances to survive!

Such acknowledgement is a cause of progress through illumination, through Thought… Question… Inquisition… Identification… Critical Examination… Test… Result… Test.. Result.. Test.. Result… Eventuality…  Realisation & Actuality! THUS! All “TRUTHS” lawfully request such a paradigm to cause, ACTUALITY!”

The factuality is this system of identification will not always manifest in critical actuality, which is a major dramatic frustration in the consistency of information in longevity! This is a substantial problem which often can not be eradicated! The sole criteria to this convoluted measure of distortion of information solely depends on the consistent competency of the identifier to the object being identified!


The true measure of the populous in humankind who are competent enough to cause actuality is probably less than 1% of the population of the world! Most people i have come across have even mistaken the words i have spoken in the instance right in their very presence, which has caused an immediate reminder of facts, such as the facts i stated! Such facts are often dangerously lost, WHICH HAS CONCERNED ME, DUE TO THE OF THE PROPENSITIES OF THE HUMAN NEUROGENTIC!

The issue arising from, not every cerebral cortex is stable! We as visual material creations place over concern on the optics… Which often simply manifest as an illusion!


For information on valuables relating to the properties of information convolution! Such information convolution can find its way into the realms of lost or forgotten, by accident of the self biasness or prejudism or even poor health or lack of competence by the received party/agent from source or element!

Example of successful information reciprocation/interception/interpretation!

Usually falls responsible to the agent receiving the original information to pass on the identical format, yet though this appears extremely easy, It actually is evasive of all participants rescheduling the information, this becomes the ultimate trivia, it is almost impossible by humankind, as multiple alien devices of trivia always seem to significantly emerge into the original information. Unfortunately elements are misguided by personal emotions/perceptions and personal experiences to the interpreted or interpreter?

THUS! Distorting the original information by personal prejudism or mistake!

EXAMPLE 1;- Dimensional Analysis performed by person (A) may result in a different measurement against the result from person (B)… Especially if a system of units is not administered throughout the exercise of each participant?

IN Actuality the example mentioned can take effect in any given subject from any given mediator! Thus! knowing this, one needs to ask themselves how much information in the world can you actually trust? Information about strangers?

That is not too important unless you are the one spreading the information, then you need to be sure, before you tagged & reported for abuse! you know that which you declare, before such adheres to as propaganda/unlawful fabrication/deception/malicious hate/fascism/sexism/gender-ism/racism/slander?

There are individuals who i never ever take information from no matter what it is, because i have studied their behavior which takes time to pin point their very pattern, I now know from intense personal and professional inquisitions, also how the neurotics of species can easily be effected by many causes, including substance abuse.

Such is the detriment that it destroys the neurological chromosomes for life, resulting in declining function of the cerebral cortex, the element which controls all the senses in Identification/Interpretation/Understanding/Realisation etc… Such is the induced detriment, often if speech is not slowed right down, brain functions abnormally and can not register exact data the exact way it was originally displayed! Training the brain, may somewhat improve memory by intense reading, writing and drawing.

Artist have been recognised to having exceptional memories! However it is important not to get misleading intentionally with misinterpretation unintentionally! One proprietor, never acknowledges the correct information because the brain is not intellectually capable (stable)! While the other proprietor chosing not too except correct information for personal bias or prejudism!


Thank you for the time to gather some important facts for your own personal journeys, all my experience and knowledge has derived from my own personal journeys, in which the summary so far is that the increasingly disparaging majority of those who have self-knowledge, is dilating further and further apart from those without knowledge and intelligent consciousness of self, society and etiquettes!!

I trust you are taking interest in my essays and have found these blogs, some what interesting to follow.. by yourself and trust your instincts always..   Always feel free to leave a comment or any interesting alignments facts or advertisement.

Kind Regards k.Aliy