AN APOCOLYPSE OF THY CEREBRAL! “IF You Can Bare To Hear The Truth You’ve Spoken Twisted By Niaves”



What is the meaning of truth or what is truth?

May we realise further, the detrimentation of the depth of understanding and acquisition of know, and actuality! I am forever disappointed at the level of the average cerebral to actuality which is mostly lost in many factions within current chronostrataghraphical units. Such is the depth of nonchalance to factuality that it can not be stated perpetually enough for the establishment of thy closed-minded cerebral, in precedence! I have ruminated on such degenerated states in modern times, we can quite confidently asses the degeneration is a course and side effect of the home entertainment facilities.

This is the direct attribution to present day time management, expelled on “Instant Gratification” as the detriment of this disease! (The perpetually closed cerebral) Such which needs the educated side of society’s to relinquish and unlock such as the curse of a dormant mind! This present day phenomena, is in actuality the equivalent to the fall of Babylonia in Biblical Scriptures”. 

The chronostratagraphical unit set in antiquity, often produced a kaleidoscopic array of the worlds most seasoned minds, in perpetuation of constant transcendence, soaring through actualities and realisation like a well skilled craftsmen embroidering intricacy onto a work off art! In continuum of high intellect which crafted so many genius minded folk of the day, this undoubtedly had an improving benevolence on the average partisan indeed, and dramatically inclined vertically the local bar of excellence a notch in Wisdom! Everything from the literary fields (in which science a philosophy were entwined as one subject) to industrial labouring, every craft and discipline was well appreciated as the etiquettes of ones nobility. We can also postulate that the propositional competence, was beneficial by time utilisation, such benevolent prejudices benefited the average cerebral!

This movement of spending hours into years into decades solely on singularity of trades produced the most extraordinaire of craftsmanship. Others who was advantaged by social groups could adhere to further studies which indeed would benefit their cerebral and the benefit of the family traits! One can quite easily illustrate how intelligence is gifted in antiquity transported down the genetic orientation within the close neurogenesis of familiarity (GOOD STOCK/thoroughbred/healthy alignment).




As i have stated previously IN BLOGS, the greatest crime ever undertaken by an agent is to refute from all education while replacing thy void, the empty digest of soul manifestation with mere aspects of “INSTANT GRATIFICATION”.

Truly a postulating vermination! which indeed never benefits the sole agent which relinquished thy self to the practice of vegetation! Thy book being the substance “the cure to thy disease” the anointing ointment and benevolent proclivity to destroy the disease, the virus which prevents the cerebral from know!

TO TRULY ACQUIRE OR HAVE KNOWLEDGE ONE MUST BE PREPARED TO UNDERSTAND THE PROGRESSION TO ADHERING A TRUTH. ALL SIX SENSES IN TRANQUILITY HAVE TO BE IN COMPLETE ALIGNMENT TO THE PROPERTY BEING EXAMINED BY THE EXAMINER! The knowledge is the decree of the insemination research.Thus! Realisation occurs, the prelude to Enlightenment! Thus… The journey of metamorphosis of acquisitions… Empty to complete… Standardised to description of nothing to something… The route to realisation and factuality.

The Learning To The LearnedRelation to the RelationshipPost Structualist to formal Graduate of postulantsDiscovering to the Discovered.

The ultimate process of knowledge is aligned on the parallels of the tested… The formation in synchronicity of objectives or tasks recorded! Often in perpetuation for consistency and understanding of all possible alternations! To acquire knowledge is to acquire something tangible or intangible for the benefit of the cerebral cortex in present and future condition, To know something is to field a selection of tests… Studies… Records… In longevity, casuality. The metaphysical approach would oppose a serious of questions where by testing would be deployed to equate to the raised questions.

A study in which a metamorphosis of abstracts and illuminations occur to produce insight or actualities of the proposed objective! On multiple repetitions of exact outcomes realisation can be manifested on agreement of complex results which proposed same identification compliance of instrumentation identified by identifier. Pattern of results in the metamorphosis of the identifying object by agent, either failed/failure still results in actuality of the properties of the elements identification!

Thus knowledge registering as the element of certainty of information! Either failed or succeeded by identification of the senses in recognition of course! (Preferably all aligned would substantiate a state of actuality).

* EXAMPLE 1;-  We are aware that, the large african elephants which humankind has observed, Can Not FLY!

* EXAMPLE 2;-  Humankind  is also privilege to the realisation… That many mammals require botanical substances to survive!

Such acknowledgement is a cause of progress through illumination, through Thought… Question… Inquisition… Identification… Critical Examination… Test… Result… Test.. Result.. Test.. Result… Eventuality…  Realisation & Actuality! THUS! All “TRUTHS” lawfully request such a paradigm to cause, ACTUALITY!”

The factuality is this system of identification will not always manifest in critical actuality, which is a major dramatic frustration in the consistency of information in longevity! This is a substantial problem which often can not be eradicated! The sole criteria to this convoluted measure of distortion of information solely depends on the consistent competency of the identifier to the object being identified!


The true measure of the populous in humankind who are competent enough to cause actuality is probably less than 1% of the population of the world! Most people i have come across have even mistaken the words i have spoken in the instance right in their very presence, which has caused an immediate reminder of facts, such as the facts i stated! Such facts are often dangerously lost, WHICH HAS CONCERNED ME, DUE TO THE OF THE PROPENSITIES OF THE HUMAN NEUROGENTIC!

The issue arising from, not every cerebral cortex is stable! We as visual material creations place over concern on the optics… Which often simply manifest as an illusion!


For information on valuables relating to the properties of information convolution! Such information convolution can find its way into the realms of lost or forgotten, by accident of the self biasness or prejudism or even poor health or lack of competence by the received party/agent from source or element!

Example of successful information reciprocation/interception/interpretation!

Usually falls responsible to the agent receiving the original information to pass on the identical format, yet though this appears extremely easy, It actually is evasive of all participants rescheduling the information, this becomes the ultimate trivia, it is almost impossible by humankind, as multiple alien devices of trivia always seem to significantly emerge into the original information. Unfortunately elements are misguided by personal emotions/perceptions and personal experiences to the interpreted or interpreter?

THUS! Distorting the original information by personal prejudism or mistake!

EXAMPLE 1;- Dimensional Analysis performed by person (A) may result in a different measurement against the result from person (B)… Especially if a system of units is not administered throughout the exercise of each participant?

IN Actuality the example mentioned can take effect in any given subject from any given mediator! Thus! knowing this, one needs to ask themselves how much information in the world can you actually trust? Information about strangers?

That is not too important unless you are the one spreading the information, then you need to be sure, before you tagged & reported for abuse! you know that which you declare, before such adheres to as propaganda/unlawful fabrication/deception/malicious hate/fascism/sexism/gender-ism/racism/slander?

There are individuals who i never ever take information from no matter what it is, because i have studied their behavior which takes time to pin point their very pattern, I now know from intense personal and professional inquisitions, also how the neurotics of species can easily be effected by many causes, including substance abuse.

Such is the detriment that it destroys the neurological chromosomes for life, resulting in declining function of the cerebral cortex, the element which controls all the senses in Identification/Interpretation/Understanding/Realisation etc… Such is the induced detriment, often if speech is not slowed right down, brain functions abnormally and can not register exact data the exact way it was originally displayed! Training the brain, may somewhat improve memory by intense reading, writing and drawing.

Artist have been recognised to having exceptional memories! However it is important not to get misleading intentionally with misinterpretation unintentionally! One proprietor, never acknowledges the correct information because the brain is not intellectually capable (stable)! While the other proprietor chosing not too except correct information for personal bias or prejudism!


Thank you for the time to gather some important facts for your own personal journeys, all my experience and knowledge has derived from my own personal journeys, in which the summary so far is that the increasingly disparaging majority of those who have self-knowledge, is dilating further and further apart from those without knowledge and intelligent consciousness of self, society and etiquettes!!

I trust you are taking interest in my essays and have found these blogs, some what interesting to follow.. by yourself and trust your instincts always..   Always feel free to leave a comment or any interesting alignments facts or advertisement.

Kind Regards k.Aliy

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