If stupid people were not alive, the world we live in would exist as a paradise for all life in it, perhaps and quite possibly a form of utopia!

I realised quite often, stupid people were the sole reason for all of the problems in and around societies, all across the globe.. All of the problems and damage to life on earth, was/is solely due to the life of the ‘stupid person’

Unfortunately they/stupid ones cause an affect thoroughly throughout.

‘Stupid Ones’ : Their entire life existence ; The programmes of their life – existence is a plague of painful occurrences upon the life of unsuspecting individuals minding their own business. Hence; Genuine ‘Stupid Ones’ can not always perceive the damage they inflict upon the lives of other individuals in and around society. By and large the bureaucracy and idio-cracy of the ‘Stupid Ones’ is so, that this prevents them from realising they are moronic individuals…

One’s soul should solely euphemistically arouse their inner most house, the deepest dwelling of subconsciousness and properties or perhaps the conscience of one’s faithful principles and fibres thereof. A faithful spirited sense of meditation and contemplation can guide one towards better investment for the purpose of understanding and comprehensions.

Each conflict we witness is a profound interest of the ‘mind – set’ bequeathed by the stupid, idiotic and moronic people’s bureaucracy upon earth. Stupid people lack all version of comprehension to research and further fulfill while continuing the practices of faithful ‘open mindedness’ . Sincerely, ‘Facts’ never end at one’s own delight and appeasement as we have discussed before. Genuine stupid people are always appeased by their own short intelligence, interpretation, facts and information { regurgitating information for their sole self’s appeasement. Whereas genuine intelligence factors moreoften finds further alternative data and is able to comprehend an array of information possibilities in research that may not sustain previous/current models and standard protocols or/of their results. Genuine stupid people are incapable of such varied skills in research and problem solving. By these flaws the stupid mind becomes further incarcerated in it’s own belief systems and prejudices. In all my life throughout space and motion, I have never found any beneficiary information which was reiterated through the process of listening, watching or receiving information from a stupid/moronic or idiotic person; Be that through the auxiliaries of radio/Television/Multimedia/Congregations/Interviews/Activities/Personal.. etc?

The services of stupid people remains numb to me as I am sure this occurs for most!

Stupid people can arise from any place/location/culture or class { Moreover stupidity is generally a default of inheritance factors : These factors stem from neurological deficiencies/enzymes blood pheno-type groups/genetic disorders/inter-breeding habits/poor breeding compatibility issues/personal diet/poor habits and choices/bad decisions!

Take a look and study the obvious characteristics of ‘class dietary preferences’ below!

  • Upper Class Society Groups : Per capital ; Spend little as possible per their individual income upon popular fashion brand items for their children year in year out. Moreover will spend good money on quality and sustainable food for each child, throughout the year. “Food being the way to the heart” is multiplied beneficially in the form of quality food being distributed directly to the heart of the brain cells ( enzymes of each brain cell )
  • Lower Class Society Groups : Per capital ; Spend as much as possible per their individual income upon fashion items, image, attire, cosmetics, appearances, entertainment. Lower class society groups spend all of their money on image/entertainment and have very little dedicated for Food-Maintenance and dietary supplements. These be the reasons to mental inferiority of LCSG’s. The non aspirational, non talented, low achievers, docile, unstableness, psychologically volatile and waves of wholesome incompetence in society are produced from the contrived patterns of the infamous LCSG’s. Moreoften the majority of LCSG’s spend well over their income bracket upon bad habits. While turning to loans, ‘buy – back’ schemes, food banks and theft of other people’s private properties to survive from ill-choices. As a result of this version of prejudicisms against myself here, I am poorly afforded and hugely charged the bills and scandals of these ‘dim-wits’ to pay via my belongs which are continuously stolen from me to feed their illiterate ill-afforded growing numbers! Though I am suffering from multiple illnesses myself, I find myself paying for them/their litter-offsprings/pets/fuel/drug addictions and poor choices – decisions?
  • While my belongings are stolen from me by these versions of entities, inorder for these theives to comfortably sell on my belongings, which they have indeed stolen and corruptly and illegally stolen to live above their earnings class, which often provides a supplement further along the future of problems in around society for many to pay for?
  • Moreoften sadly realised: The LCSG’S- COMMUNITY; Tend to procreate much more often and haphazardly than the ‘UCSG’s (Upper Class Society Groups) The LCSG’s lack of accountability -(Zero), admissions -(Zero), admittance -(Zero) and finances all equal very little to nothing at all -(Zero) . With the lack of security and low level prosperity rewards it is an amazement to one everday, how the ‘LCSG’S’ can afford to ignore all the disadvantages and necessities to building a stable family and continue to procreate regardless of conditions!
  • Is This A Proficient Strength Or A Profound Weakness For The Longevity Of The Human Phylogeny?
  • If we draw an imaginary triangle and divide the triangle by drawing four evenly spaced lines across the shape of the triangle. We now have five division split by four lines. Each division represents a class group. The single small section at the top is the elite. The two below are the middle groups while the final two divisions are the lowest groups. If we then mark along side the right triangle line from the top to the bottom with a colourful marker. This marker line would indicate the good spirits in the world perhaps. The remainder of the triangle space represents the evil spirited people of this world. However; notice that there is more evil spirited folk in the bottom two columns combined than the remainder of the pyramid?

Furthermore, throughout one’s experiences here, I have accidentally realised that the mind of the many are quite often the binding factors to the universal tones of stupidity/idiocracy and moronic earth dwellers.

Unfortunately due to the principal cast of ‘Misguided – Feelings, Emotions and Sensations’ the current trajectory to autonomy is a skewed format filled with a distorted vortex. A poor syntax/Wrongful measurements supported by poor equations and toxic stimuli! Sensationally all of these results, one measured derived via emotional applications of peoples hearts; ‘The further distorted the heart of each examiner the further distorted the examinations/measurements/findings and results ?

One summarised : This should be a factor that could easily be rectified via locating a good and suitable person/heart? The problem arose, when locating good hearts were indeed not in current supply and not to be found anywhere, near or afar? There were no good hearts to take up the positions needed for genuine autonomy upon the societies of the earth? Neither: One person never could do all the work necessary for balance and autonomy to flourish and coexist upon the earth.. One society/country/nation! Infact not even one continent could fix all the problems of the earth. I doubt even half of the world’s population could make any difference at all? (Ancient archeological evidence – depictions/Biblical revelations/Literature from antiquity and ancient aural info all combined provide insurmountable support to this summary)

I came to realise: Each generation produces great numbers of voices whom all attempt to open the mind’s eye of the masses. Quite distinctively these entities fail to open the minds of the masses while alive and filled with well-being; The hordes do not become acquainted with the genuine knowledge gifted to the masses? Either :

A) The mass of individuals each become encumbered with insurmountable strife and personal degradation… increasingly insurmountable to overwhelm by their might alone ?

B) The knowledge givers/Enlightenment ones/Shinning ones often die unexpectedly and thus: Remains the hordes of people to figure the unimaginable while beguiled?

As an analogy, let us look at thus, momentums : If we imagine a large building which is occupied by many offices each filled with people inside private cubicles. The building, offices on each landing -(Level/Floor) and cubicles are all fitted with ‘wind sealed doors’. Each space is protected from the outside conditions when windy and turbulent atmospheric instancies arise. Each teams of staff continue on with their individual work in office space while ignorant to the conditions outside… which may alter each instant, unless the staff go outside or investigate? However, most will not need to or even want to as the staff are quite complacent for the time being inside, until something necessary arises? Throughout each year the conditions do alter, in which some conditions are quite hazardous to health and at the micro-cellular level and atmospheric levels. Many of the staff in the building have experienced increased suffering as a result of travelling outside in dangerous conditions, thus: Range from minor injuries/health problems/accidents to major injuries/health problems/diseases and death?

However: It is very fortunate for all things inside the building’s function and it’s many occupants, those that have utilised the benefit of these powerful wind-sealed doors to prevent the full catastrophe of the entire building witnessing full internal and interior damage caused by subsequent terrestrial weather conditions and any haphazard?

For a moment, let us contemplate the magnitude of these things? … . .

Now.. suppose we exchange every and each of the ‘wind seal doors’ on each cubicle with a person or guard? Exchange each ‘entry door’ of each floor with a person or guard? Exchange the ‘principal entry door’ with a guard or few guards?

Now symbolise this particular ‘wind’ as being a ‘destructive evil legislation’ : ‘Coherent force of malignant natures and traumatic experiences’, in which the dangerous atmospheric conditions symbolises a form of being extremely debilitating consisting of harmful instructions, punishing, repugnant, non-apologetic, excruciating to the existence of anything in sight while taxing to the health/well – being/life of living things.

Furthermore, suppose we rename the guards or people (Doorway) whom are standing at the entrances the ‘Enlightenment’ ‘Bright Ones’ or the ‘Shinning ones’ instead of ‘Doorway’

We begin to relate and reaffirm things.

Imagine if these symbolised ‘Guards’ (Enlightenment Ones/Shinning Ones) are disposed of via wicked schemes, propagation, redundancy, death, illnesses etc. Broken by the will and authority of the ‘Evil Ones’ akin to broken doors by the forces of powerful natures?

What now will occur to the inside of the building and those existing inside it’s quarters?


Many people are existing as gate-keepers which is preventing other people from experiencing the full weight of degradation and deprivement. These people I speak of are living as an act of will, legislative act, be in of Principals and degree upon, of something akin to a shield preventing malice reaching out to others in the world. When the shield is removed and buried, It is only until these ‘enlightenment folk’ die that others will be made aware of the true problems of this life to experience personally for themselves. For others will experience the full extent of the problems derived, that were indeed once blocked and carefully and purposely hidden from reaching the path of ignorance, now and through the events of future tomorrow will no longer be prevented from them, ‘While their individual experiencing’ shall arrive to remain, a constant affair!

Remember: This is to open your mind via only one analysis condition. The doors (Doorway) could also symbolise and represent much more. ‘Skill’ … ‘Love’.. ‘Income’ … ‘Employment’ … ‘Home’ … ‘Trade’ … ‘Happiness’ …’Health’ … ‘Life’ ‘Insurance’ … ‘Family … ‘Friend’ ‘Support’ ‘Legality’ … ‘Favour’ … ‘Previliges’ … ‘Religion’ … ‘Spirit – Soul’ … and ‘Eternal Justice..?

There are billions of people all over the world, existing and attempting to relieve others from all forms of life, opportunity, peace, harmony, well-being, love, fairness and prosperity on a daily basis minute by minute and hour to hour! These entities I speak of are solely fueled by their appetites of malicious applications! Such entities have no interest but to cause wrong doing, via their bitter tongues of discontent and fabrication, propaganda, poisoning corruption and trickery!

‘The mind is poisoned by listening to the blistering voices of corruption just as pure water is contaminated by the dirt

I believe everything exist in a form of a door which can and will disappear when you least expect it too, without realising it’s formidable importance to your very own previliges?

‘ I noticed often, the common relationship between evil people and stupid people had a profound impact on earth. Evil people routinely utilised the haphazard non- intelligence of stupid people in order to deploy widespread contamination of maleficent and deplorable acts of conflict against others (targets/spiritually inclined)

} As we have discussed in previous chapters : All stupid people , lack the comprehension to realise they themselves are stupid and moronic. Also the fact they lack the mental attitude to study themselves and that of such flaws. These things, which always bequeaths a steady range in further problematic nuisances across-the-board of each environment connected ;

I.E ‘Cause and Effects’

Spiritual proclivities and spiritual beings are at constant odds to the non spiritual kinds.

The bible (Old Testament) , in the early chapters of Genesis discloses two separate distinctive forms of creation exhibited at distinctively separate periods of eon, by the creator: I once imagined this to be the trait of the Black Homosapiens and White Homosapiens possibly? Or quite possibly this could refer to Spiritual Beings & Non Spiritual entities ?


Perhaps we exist in a ‘Spiritual-Bind’ multidimensional realm… our thoughts and feelings transpire in a multi lateral spectrum..

The synopses : Multi spectrum of sensations signifying responses and relays from an array of ‘three hundred and sixty degree auxiliaries’ (360°). All senses triggered and flamed, electrified and amped, juiced, revived, ignited powered and ironed by the crust, made malleable of the mallet!

Thoughts are hindsight, memories, creative thinking, plans and alternatives, juxtaposed into a various transitory stimulus… in all one single moment each time we contemplate.

All versions of our existence receives the information simultaneously…
Via the mind… similiar to the sensation of a plus (+) sixth sense and greater cognisance; The feeling and sense of spacious communication, all efforts of reciprocal mediation via a vast range of senses, to/with/without a physical presence available to be presently recognised ? All juxtaposed adjacent in dimensional latitudes. lateral, vertical, horizontal, perpendicular and diagonal measurement. Stimulating the receptors and synaptic fibres throughout.

Upon this world it became apparent to me the behaviour of physical bodies : Mass which behave truent towards life are dense physical bodies without purpose, use, skill or ability and exist as an earthly form of either : vacuums/black holes for other objects demise! Such masses congregate to sabotage the works or existence of other objects for nothing more than emotional applications; Appeasement of the heart is injected into the quarters (veins) of the saboteurs. Saboteurs addiction to their habits fuel their light/lifeline and will. Whereas in general relativity and it’s relations all objects appear to exist as a function towards something other when noticed?

‘The target is liken to a high-graded energy cell block, for the existence of the saboteur’s sport or hunt?

The ‘energy cell’ produces the energy for the purposes of the saboteurs to continue their vindictive traits. Moreso; In actual fact the energy radiating from the cell flows 360° outwards and onwards unbiased to whom it will provide energy for. Received by all elements for any purposes. Strangely; Good and bad alike, kind and wicked alike, gifted and non-gifted alike, peacemakers and sinners alike, pious and mischievous alike, talented and untalented alike, tamed and untamed alike… the multitude and range of unlimited and limited, linear or superior quality beings or elements neither dis-associates the cell from proceeding energy towards elements.

Quite bizarrely and often fantastically ; If the ‘target’ dies -(Drained of life) the saboteurs become lost and deflated while slowly metamorphosising displaying redundancy in temprement and council. Rearranging form and fermentation in the process until ‘deceased – state’ arises from the termination of life as a result of unattraction and non – willingness; The death of fuel – cells provides the limitations of life for the council of saboteurs. Ironically the fuel was none – other than the target. The saboteurs hold great levels of abhorrence towards targets yet ironically and tragically depend on the energy of the target to exist.


Saboteurs ; Ritualistically drain energy – cells from those with flowing light emanating from their individual presence or performance. While not only attempting to defame and untimely defuse the ‘light-bearer’

While ultimately and perhaps fortunately displacing and decapitative of their energy source, binds own short comings prematurely. Now headless and frantically seeking new sources to attach and drain.

Strikingly: Once the light is dimmed and fading into the distance, in the not so distant future, fear provides excuses for mass environments and that of acquainted king-folk -(Saboteurs). With the death of each ‘super-star’ (Supernovae) – ‘Bright-Star’ that elapses, the surrounding darkness echoes greater restraints upon the obliqueness of the envirnoment. The envirnoment is widowed by the unfortunate events of the supernova. Though great periods of light elapses while a new star is born via the events of the supernova. Without the information present in-advance to when/where the next available star will be born into proceeding the place of the supernova, fear and darkness grows further upon the estranged of space and motion.

“As Above… So below”

That which occurs within the night through morning of the great heavens also occurs through in the ‘Dusk till dawn’ upon the earth.

The bodies of the earth are heavy and not heavenly. These bodies i refer to, are indeed encumbered with current evil doings, future plans and schemes to make evil doings proactive with additional incentives. Bodies of the earth are toxified with negative doings, celebrating negative doings while ever further chained to this earth, binded by the acts of negative doings.

Eventually a division may realise; Many here on earth are providing to others, a long lasting path to an existence of misery via deception and hate. Demise may occur via the saboteurs guise of another persona (Perhaps family or friends) : Binding and sufficiently crippling each spiritual entity to an extended period of spiritual suffering upon this domain.

Friends are no-more than your average ENEMIES, Energised by your influence and empathy

: TO take advantage of (Take heed warning!)

All those whom aim to employ personal poor action slander/hate/insult/offensive/degradation etc towards you, are not your equal… specifically exist as imposters relating to anything lower than versions of an equal. South of feral, perhaps ; Tormentors harbouring a version of inhospitable poverty (Spiritual/Emotional and Neurologically, unhygienic) and oftentimes extremely troubled souls insearch of vunerable prey to feed upon for energy and light! Scoffing and attempting to prevent the steady emitting glow of light from reaching out to others! The light which arouses as an enhancement of electricity, a persistent warm glow stretching throughout space and motion, over great age, beyond space and orientations. The light awarded by the creator ‘Alpha-Omega’ Such as of the manner of thus; Monumental indignation, this be a quintessential indication manifested across all places and spaces of the greatness and wonder of the powerful one source radiating upon all life in it’s path.

‘Alpha – Omega’ ‘Be’ ‘Alpha – Omega’ upon everything everywhere every-moment!

Alpha – Omega of the universe.. Whole.

Oh ‘Alpha- Omega’ omniscient one.

Oh ‘Alpha-Omega’ you alone is trust.

The almighty ‘Alpha-Omega’ the everlasting one.

Effervescence ‘Alpha-Omega’ one brightest – one

Oceania of ‘Alpha-Omega’ Be A flowing form…

Light bearers of ‘Alpha-Omega’ Be A lively form..

Essence of ‘Alpha-Omega’ Be everlasting forms

Brought to you by the Poet aka K.Aliy®️

Titled : ‘Oh Alpha-Omega’ ♾©️

2022 -Infin-♾✝️



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Ancient etchings depicting a scene?

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Multi culture V Monetization


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“In order to understand any race, culture, species, identity, creed, class, religious affiliations, ethnicity etc… It is highly recommended & important to study the demographics of the antiquities of the particular division!”

“Fore their exist no today without a yesterday”

(Khalil Aliy)


“What was…. Now is….

What now is…. Shall be…

As what shall be… Shall again return to that which before was?…

(Khalil Aliy)


“You understand?”

This certain revival of life is the summary of nature and existence! The subway of portholes and metamorphosis! The chain between life in depth, the death and rebirth. Not death as in total annihilation, But rather the change of things from familiarity and freedom of housed similarities! A freedom of a caged bird is akin to a change, a stone to a rock or to/return to sand and dust from atom and particular substance!

No such survival of being exist….. Without area for change!

Witnessed or in torrent darkness a change occurs without/with the consent of the self hosted directorate manager, the self entity!

“A change will occur” Memo_29

Change can be magnanimous-ly supported or directed by education or suffering or a simultaneous coadjuvancy! Understanding change is a matter of personal maturity! Maturity is a skill of multiple divisions and factors;- Emerged and collaborated.

MATURITY IS A CONSEQUENCE OF AND INCLUDING: Growth, Hormones, Genetics, Chromosomes, Biology, Physiology, Chemistry, Neurology, Geography, Inheritance, Circumstance, Education, Chronology, Parenting, Education, Study, Wisdom, Experience, Nurture, Nature, Trauma, Accident…. Etc!

Basically everthing becomes additional, Thus creating majurity, which manifests as an ever increasing and changing substance of the organism! The organism in part, holds on to each factor to build upon a new self governance, like uploaded data files to a system which broadens the functionality and capabilities of the device or organism!

S Memo_7S Memo_13

Maximising and ultimately strengthening the structure and modes of the organism/device/self!

Each organ is aided with growth to booster the unit/organism!

Each order or organ adds to the over all well being and health of the organism!

Remember! Everthing in or on the earth is a subdivision of the earth, a organ of the earth!

The earth uses each organ for the earths full capacity and reciprocates with each organ and particle for sustainability and benevolence, including vein, artery, lungs, bones, minerals, flesh, skin, hair etc etc of the earths body parts and the synopsis of the earth!  image


Thank you and be well

“Bruce lee was one of the greatest martial artist and activist the world was fortunate to have”” ♡♡♡

Let the energy flow from within your magnitude.. unearth your talents which dwell with in your chromosomes. . Releasing the very cells that dance upon atoms to magnify your effervescent gifts... explore your Magnanimous talent and allow the world to admire... for the angels stand up to applause your show of magnitude

Let the energy flow from within your magnitude.. unearth your talents which dwell with in your chromosomes. . Releasing the very cells that dance upon atoms to magnify your effervescent gifts… explore your Magnanimous talent and allow the world to admire… for the angels stand up to applause your show of magnitude

Numerous individuals will speak of his wonder and brilliance and rightly so! For such a planet deserved such admiration from billions of organisms who came to realise his admissions all to openly late!

Such of his Magnanimous magnitude… effervescence through his generations of other pious folk (planets). Indeed all lighting up the path for similar minded individuals to follow! And upon their death one more time illuminating the skies for all in search of the way to follow!

For they said silently in their hearts mind through their talents….


Mr Bruce Lee was most certainly the way… one of the many ways to enlightenment who cared enough to teach via exercise and example of prose and thoughtfulness! A scholar in multiple fields a professors of wing chun… and an ambassador of Mr Donny Yen (Ip-Man) School of thought!

Mr Donny yen My personal favourite scholar of Epistemology.. . Martial Arts protagonist and supreme philosopher Metaphisicology. .. Psychological astute. humanitarian! Mr Donny yen a formidable author of teacher student relationship… Nurtured all the greatest modern-day martial artists,here I disclose but a few to you;- Mr Jet Lee… Mr Jason Scott Lee… Mr Chow Young Fat… Mr Jacky Chan… Mr Bolo Yeung… and his prophesied Talent in Mr Bruce Lee!

All such dynamic Artists have also been linked to various nominations of activism… which at some stage drew them hatred by the world! But not now while a man lays to rest… somewhat deranged of this fluctuating metachronisms… A reluctant messiah however messianic attributes towards activism.

Such monopolistic acuteness is savoured for, often the ones who do not know, such gifts are possible to them while at first young.. untill the teacher is disclosed! Bruce Lee, a strong activists and humanitarian! Aswell as an amiable farther… Husband… Son… Brother… Entertainer… Author. .. Teacher… Student… Thinker… Phylogenetically dynamical force and philosopher of all ages, was truly a blessing to the few of the human race!

It is a shame but true great men and women never truly stand for the majority but really for the minority! As the majority never think but are herded like proverbial “Lamb to the Slaughter house”.

A Sheep does not know it is a sheep, anymore than a FISH is aware it is called FISH!

But yet to follow strict orders and never question their very own behaviour or information! It is a shame as such men as Mr Bruce Lee, Spoke such intellectual health for the world although he was not believed by many of his generation and hated by the majority of his generation!

Far from a surprise for the enlightened, as this is a peculiar pattern championed down the ages of civilisation.

Forever the noble ones come to teach us great wonders they have brought down on their journey through the cosmos…

Yet they/we are forever lied about by the dark matter of the majority, who are controlled by the powerful few who fear know…

The powerful use the ignorant to lead the majority!

In the same way a Farmer employers a boy to watch the dog herding the Sheep for the farmers providence!

Those at the top are the farmers!

Those drafting the law are the shepherd boy forever watching the enforcement!

Those enforcing are the Dogs!!!!

The majority of any society’s are plane Sheep!

Those who walk with mental independency are free rangers seeking truth! Never do they fit in with the majority(sheep) for they are not ungulates but a much higher class of organism! Never do they fit as a dog, as Dog politics is not their nature and never will be! Neither do they fit in as errant boy or shepherd for the eternal flame is juxtaposed for something much greater than we can imagine! They are neither the farmer for they wish not to control!!

Only to exist in piety and balance with existence!

Neither too much one way or the other way, will only aphoristically align ones affirmations with hypocrisy!

All previous T.I’s activists agenda, was conveniently disparaged by the majority in the world or their society’s. These majority being the dark mass of civilisations, that perpetually sabotage… malign… obscure… detract… convoluted… digest render and spew ultimately ulterior skewed apotheosis of the truth!

Many champions came to our aid, but where never taken seriously, so the anthropogenesis becomes skewed! While the T.I’s searched the earth for kindred affiliations..

The dark mass of the world galvanised via ignorance to destroy such stars!

Bob Marley… Bruce Lee… Brandon Lee (Son of Bruce)… princess Diana… Freddy Mercury… Amy Winehouse… Micheal Jackson… JFK… Abraham Lincoln… Martin Luther King… Nelson Mandela. .. Jesus Christ… Moses… Hilas Salassy… Malcolm X… Mohammad… Elvis Presley… Paula Yates…

Though you may only attribute some famous people with their vocation.. it would be wise to study their activities also… for many were in the vicinity of activism!

Millions more who may have not been awarded super stardom, of planet earth also lived as activists, and may have perished long ago…

While others await a calling, some already apprehend such protagonists!

Yes! Me… You… The admirably next great leader or artist.. Or simply just the non entity quietly administering philanthropy against a back drop of dark mass… ?

So this should actually make sense to continue the journey through the fields of negative dark energy and keep your eyes wide open for the dying stars… who help us on our way by lighting up the road ahead!


super nova or novae is the expansion of an exploding planet, releasing all its chemical compounds and dynamic energy into the distance of Dark Mass!

All matter decay but emerge as something different, Allowing energy to never be lost in existence… But rather utilised for the next project! analogy;- To a metal hammer broken into pieces.. then melted & reformed into a new tool or device!

So can be ultimately utilised perpetually!!

My dear comrades… Affiliates… T.I’s…. Activist… Scientists… Founders… Discoverers.. peace makers… Protagonist… Kindreds…Teachers… Free Souls Walking the earth & scholars….. Stars and planets… And no such entity is useless…

Do not be guided by those who seek out your demise or negative energy, via scorn.. slander… propaganda… malice! The stars at night are akin to the famous folk on earth… when our stars die out they, transcript the exact blue print of the supernovae!

Super Novae Lighting the path for us to follow their lead or example!

R.I.P Mr Mandela… Mr Paul Walker…

2 Great Nobles Of The school of etiquettes and Activism who were vilified while alive!

R.I.P MR Tupac Shakur… MR Christopher Wallace. .. bringing love through music!

R.I.P Mr Christopher Reed… Champion in the studies of nerve cell rejuvenation! He really was a superman after all! As spinal damage was his real life “cryptonite”.

It is unmistakable the detrimental ignorance of the majority of folk (the dark mass/energy) Just floating in and out of space-time and worlds, Leaving behind emptiness!

Akin to it’s for bearers in spacetime!

Trying to educate one to understand life and health, can be the most tediously difficult task to those who can not understand!

Yet our natures pursue.. One such Mass could not understand my juxtapositions of energy… I effort to educate effortlessly… to know the constraints of life and free radical malign


Can never be cured! It is an uncured malign which can not be cured! FOR CANCER is the essence of life itself.. otherwise known as FREE RADICALS!

FREE RADICALS Fight off all the decease in the body.. by eating surplus and any irregularities and alien invaders of the blood streams!

Free radicals are everywhere, such is their authority they decay matter and magnify age by rusting matter and excoriating such of matters properties to reveal naked structure! So that is the disadvantage  of our free radical which also gives live in the first place.

Free radicals like to join pair, and spend their entire existence looking for an identification! Once a free radical finds another to pair with.. that free radical will spend its entire existence fused together… unless it is unpaired by a fresher newer healthier free radical!

A free radical without a pairing becomes a chaotic nuisance in the blood streams. .. very violent and unpredictable. .. which can lead to and emergence of healthy organs being attacked by lonely free radicals!

The rest being cancers or tumours as lonely free radicals, will comfort eat anything turning themselves into harmful toxics and tumours to revenge the lowliness or feed the void in their system.. similar to a jilted lover… crazed maniac or terrorist!

This is the sole reason governments want healthy individuals in society.. as healthcare cost too much to run.. and labour and military is ineffective if the kings men are ill!

So the spreading of health is vital for any empirical sovereign to consistently rule! So you will be continually advised to eat wise.. probably the best thing any government can do for its citizens!

Thank you!

Source material;-

DR Maria Fiatrone chief of the exercise hysiology laboratory at the USDA Human Research Center at Tufts University.

Dr T.Colin Campbell Cornell University nutritional Biochemist Dr. DENHAM HARMAN University of Nabraska college of medicine. physician biochemist

Dr Daniel L. Gilbert physicist, Biomachanics National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Strokes! Nobel prize laureates!

Thank you readers for continuing to follow my friends.

I hope you have taken any benevolent structures from these feeds to galvanise the best out of you!

Salutations by true cosmic kindreds! My love and peaceful joy!