“In order to understand any race, culture, species, identity, creed, class, religious affiliations, ethnicity etc… It is highly recommended & important to study the demographics of the antiquities of the particular division!”

“Fore their exist no today without a yesterday”

(Khalil Aliy)


“What was…. Now is….

What now is…. Shall be…

As what shall be… Shall again return to that which before was?…

(Khalil Aliy)


“You understand?”

This certain revival of life is the summary of nature and existence! The subway of portholes and metamorphosis! The chain between life in depth, the death and rebirth. Not death as in total annihilation, But rather the change of things from familiarity and freedom of housed similarities! A freedom of a caged bird is akin to a change, a stone to a rock or to/return to sand and dust from atom and particular substance!

No such survival of being exist….. Without area for change!

Witnessed or in torrent darkness a change occurs without/with the consent of the self hosted directorate manager, the self entity!

“A change will occur” Memo_29

Change can be magnanimous-ly supported or directed by education or suffering or a simultaneous coadjuvancy! Understanding change is a matter of personal maturity! Maturity is a skill of multiple divisions and factors;- Emerged and collaborated.

MATURITY IS A CONSEQUENCE OF AND INCLUDING:ย Growth, Hormones, Genetics, Chromosomes, Biology, Physiology, Chemistry, Neurology, Geography, Inheritance, Circumstance, Education, Chronology, Parenting, Education, Study, Wisdom, Experience, Nurture, Nature, Trauma, Accident…. Etc!

Basically everthing becomes additional, Thus creating majurity, which manifests as an ever increasing and changing substance of the organism! The organism in part, holds on to each factor to build upon a new self governance, like uploaded data files to a system which broadens the functionality and capabilities of the device or organism!

S Memo_7S Memo_13

Maximising and ultimately strengthening the structure and modes of the organism/device/self!

Each organ is aided with growth to booster the unit/organism!

Each order or organ adds to the over all well being and health of the organism!

Remember! Everthing in or on the earth is a subdivision of the earth, a organ of the earth!

The earth uses each organ for the earths full capacity and reciprocates with each organ and particle for sustainability and benevolence, including vein, artery, lungs, bones, minerals, flesh, skin, hair etc etc of the earths body parts and the synopsis of the earth! ย image


Thank you and be well

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