The Non – intelligence (I.E The Lowbrow)

Living in the western state, opens the cerebrum to actuality, quicker than it would, if for example. .. one was a layman or seer existing in the suburban outback of a deserted desolate environment, surrounded by oxygen and complete solitude! Growing up in cities, increases the age experience of the individual. I myself would not advise anyone to raise a child in a city location. From my experience, I can honestly state, children who grow up in the city environment, are quite off-balance. .. in terms of Psychology. Often quite bilious and snide. The constant attempts from “99%” of the population in cities, invest unnecessary efforts engineering feats in order to incline their self status, via constant efforts of deprecatory and vituperative instances… Against the society or others, in order to make fame of their individual life!

Often you will hear perpetual accommodations of sabotage and pestilence portrayed by the citizens, of city locations. . [Memoirs Of Sodom & Gomorrah]

These locations are often the human bee hive, for the infestations of insurmountable attitudes, that do indeed defecate the summarising, in such splenetic behaviours towards others!


Many citizens from either end of the globe, trek via extreme measures, to enter the vicinity of such fiery spirits.. Often the will or desire is attracted via the false strobe of the city lights. Often such diatribes are eagerly attracted to these distracting abhorrent locations! These locations revisit orientations of deep vitriolic ambience, reminiscent of 15 century England!

Acknowledging the birth place of slavery is really nothing new… even anything at all… by following the parallels along antiquity, you will recognise there has never existed a period in British history, when peace, universal love and autonomy existed in seismicity!

From revolt to revolt. Each revolt immersing to the peninsular of the next generation! One revolt carried to the next, via generation to generation, the indulgence of hate and vile detestable actions overlapping vile hatred to vile hatred in perpetuity from the deep antiquity of ages. This norm of characteristics became the arrangement of the brute… [Brutus],  brutes [Brute-ish] brutish [British] citizen’s decorum!

“It takes a nation to raise a child, but it takes a lifetime to feed and continue feeding that child, support that child, educate that child!” Insofar, each an all citizens is no doubt a child of another citizen until old age or death!

Each peer group, is indeed mother… father… relative to a child. The actions… investments… ideologies… ideals… of each generation’s pioneers are the substances of nutrients for each child’s education, while absorption of environmental elements become elementary!

Factory revolts… Child Abuse… Peasant Affliction… Atrocities Of War… Poverty & Starvation… Inhibition Towards Female Labour… Slave Labour… Child Labour… Female Labour… Migrants Labour… Slave Trade… Greedy Tax… Unjust Prohibition Laws… Severe Corruption… Degeneration Of Mental Health Asylums…  The Bubonic plagues Via The Unhygienic Etiquette Of Asylums & Establishment & Institutions.. Small Pox… Cat [Catastrophes] Infestations/The Nationwide Semi-Arbitration Via Ecclesiastical Bishops… The Insidious Exploitation Of Land Ownership By Intuitive Greedy Opportunistic organisations… Abuse Of Civil Liberty… Abuse Into Liquidation Of Business For Goverment & Business Profits… Defamation, Propaganda & Slander Of Person/Persons/Groups/Businesses… Etc… Burning Of Witches [Non Other Than The Local Whore] No doubt!… Archaic Methods Of The Judiciary System… Crucifying Dental & Health Practice… The Crucifixion… Cannibalism… Suade Affirmation Of Brutality By Local Law Enforcement Under The Heading Of The British Empire… Exploitation Of Overseas Trade/Migrant Workers/Goods/Merchandise/Materials/Substances/Minerals… Etc… etc… etc…

The list endeavours on and on and on and on and on… .. . Which has blighted the nation in total and all inhabitants, who naively enter the shores of misery and accommodations above the original buried hosts!

Though individual subjects, may incline to personal or private interception of interpretation via those that see fit, exploitation as their rights to sovereignty and ordinations…

Throughout the history of the United Kingdom, Adverse trajectory alighted ignorance or be it evility.

Foot Note:

[Though the “GREAT” in “Great Britain” is justifiable, via their past history of conquest and international aid to the consequentialism, welfarism and detriment of overseas nations. The nation is blighted with dark and dormant spirits which lay hidden in the underlayment of the past existences of each generation, millennium, epoch and spirit!]

Such as this level of perpetual abuse, that is evidently buried deep and entwined with the wounds in the bedding of the nation, which lays undisclosed and undiscovered by the minds of the blind, naive and ignorant.

Such as this wedging, which ever so slowly releases toxic fumes of bilious misery into the atmospheric metrication of the zone inhabited and effected by this history. All who exist and who have fought and searched for shelter in thus vicinity, often lose against any sustenance of victory and longevity of harmony!

Such lands, were never, intended by nature to be cultivated for habitation. Originally food was imported to such vicinity, as the climate and landscape was not functioning to ripe natural elements of food crops. This is the sole reason all food in England, Ireland, Wales, is indeed artificially created via the insemination of unnaturally harvested chemicals, which harbour trails of ill treated indoctrinated trails…. With the added adverse ingredients, to boost the stability and longevity of food sources!

Insofar, the majority will endure to receive the remittance of poison afflictions from the dead land, which harbours vilified and hostile volatile souls,  who lay un-rested… un-resoluted… uncompensated… un-reimbursed… without atonement and justice via the history of the mass variations of injustices… Such as the despair from these unfortunate non resolutive souls, who have carved a permanent dwelling of misery under the marshes, churches, grave yards, schools, learning environments, establishments, hospitals, hospices, hotels, institutions, asylums, funeral parlours, recreational centres, offices, homes, businesses, sports centres, wine bars, café buildings, discotheques, halls, theatre, fields, parks, roads, lanes, bridges, highways, motorways, crossings, streets, towns, cities, counties, suburbs and arenas!

   To truly realise fairly, the magnitude of the pulse disturbances and wave destruction by non rested entities, who seek redemption… One has to look no further than other nations who endured extreme demilitarisation after the succession of national sovereignty and globalisation. .. The Greek empire insured the magnitude of equivocally the greatest nation to exist under democracy. Yet this extraordinary engineering feat, aided by mathematicians… architecture… perpetual  democratising… investment of investigation, inquisition and the education reform second to none up until the period of the Greek renaissance! Yet two whole millennia onwards has seen an unforgettable unfortunate unforeseen circumstance bequeathed by such a past future prominence.

The greatness of the “Roman Empire” bequeathed a very duplicitous scandal in their great fall from greatness… which was a foreseeable warning, attributed by non another than “The Prophets Of Old!”

Never forget, globally this tragedy has all in all, insured the mimicking of nation to nation in all great antiquity. ..

AFRICA… Named by the Early European Settlers… 

Was indeed once upon a time… the greatest nation to serve the world… yet humankind is undoubtedly humanities greatest enemy!

Of all time….

S Memo_536

 Rancorous spirits_1S Memo_534

For that which the early primitive homo sapiens of AFRICAN epochs… commenced rearranging amongst one another, is folkloric legend…

To have fated a future so horrific, as a consequence of future pasts… (Decisions!)

Such unforgettable consequences of these degenerations…. You will most certainly enquire the realisation that a multitude of cultures are sincerely evolving in a superior evil manner.

The poorer the nation, can often be realised as the more destructive… (Internally-externally). There exist always the objection to the rule… in the instance of such objective reservoirs and hostile hosts. Many folks from certain identities go against the grain of the normal mass of their social casting. .. You will have long envisaged or realised the black afro Caribbean communities have whole heatedly evolved as a 100% evil organism upon the planet earth. This will take severe honesty and strength from with in you to reference the necessary Inquisitorial examination with total honesty, rather than fear of a possible reference of prejudices and violations against you by defamers and propagators!

The layers unearthed of persecution and brutality have scarred their genome (The Dynamics Of The Genome Belonging To Black Individuals Of African/Caribbean Heritage) for all history. This scarring occurred long before the invasions of the European empires..

The wild environments and hostile creatures first shocked the living daylights out of all African inhabitants. Yet unfortunately the European powers did not aid this demilitarisation of the heart and soul, by their thirsty enforcement of the strictest, cruellest, engineering feat of troll control ever created in the history of the human species.

Thus… redesigning and confirming the subscription of the race to perpetual degradation and lack of confidence. ..

99% if not 100% of each and every poor person “Inner Sense/Spirit” is Indeed broken… whether or not they realise this or add admittance to the constructed consolidation…?

 As we have casually discussed in various posters…

“Please Endeavour To Try To Understand!

The True Difficulties Of Evaluating The Self, Personalised History, Culture & Family Of Your Orientations Without Bias Nor Favour To Your Group Identity?”

Thank you

“The Splenectomy Of The Fire Host

S Memo_530The lost cultures

S Memo_528Non sober clientPT 23 Psychology Intoxication

Pt 3 of 3  Psychology intoxication_1

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S Memo_517S Memo_516Existence in ExistenceWhatever use could they even be

Any Renunciation Advocated By The Self, Off And Against The World Of Such…  Bilious Forms… Splenetic Hosts… Vitriolic Or Baleful Spirits, Will Indeed Cause A Ramification Of Disturbances In The Life Of That which Is Administrating Renunciation… Spirits and the spirit world cast a dark dormant shadow upon that which “Alights” to pious improvement and stability of self!


To each individual or companionship, if your are open minded and quite aware, that generations evolve, yet natures remain the same! Evil is with in, as it sits without a host or candidate… Evil Never Dies Nor Will Evil Ever Desipate, Simply For The Actuation That It Is Formless, Almost Breathless… As The Rancorous Entity Is That Which It Is!….

The Manifestation of a certain pressure. .. a void… a distortion… the unauthorised penalty… twisted shrapnel… malevolence. .. All come to the forefront of the pinal gland when evaluating that which “Evil” is…? Strangely enough… both “GOOD & EVIL” have been pitted against one another as they have displayed alternative trajectories of the same coin as one complete force!

Identifying the true composition of “Evil” as a complete “Entity” is nothing less than difficult! Least of all something which should not be examined by the majority of such minds, which bask in the fountain of sincere “Mediocrity!” For the many who endeavour to sincerely exterminate “Evil” faithfully. .. Alas such are wildly and hopelessly driven to defeat, consumed by it, lost by it, confused by it, surrendered by it, touched by it, broken by it, torched by it, set alight by it, flamed by it, eaten by it, devoured by it and buried by its force of nature, be it “Evil’s Twin” companion “Fate!

All in all, every last & one, in all past future generations of existence… at a certain destination will be struck by it, if not saved by it! (One persons evil is another persons happiness or simply, cruel vindication. ..?)

Spirits live with in each host or organism… the life force to each mechanism. .. Some spirits as we have already discussed have been long since created from nitrogen and oxygen combined! Such spirits are of a very increasingly volatile nature, and can explode akin to a lighted canister at the most rarest of moments! As we discussed in our previous chapters here in this volume edition!

Also, please remember we stated, some spirits alter their idiosyncrasies over time… A spirit with a volatile nature which has existed for millennia, would have had the opportunity at some stage, in it’s history to evaluate and contemplate it’s very nature. Every intelligent life force contemplates existence.  Contrary to that which you may have assumed, “Cats” contemplate, aswell as “Dogs” and all ungulates and species of this dominion.!

Understand natures and that which is formed from it’s very unique environment…

Now listen!


“Hanging. … Swaying… Pulsing… The most vulnerable and insubstantial creature… Has for it’s defense the violence and power of the whole ocean…. To which it has entrusted it’s going and it’s [whole] will [power].

-The Jellyfish- By Ursula Le Guin (From Lathe Of Heaven).

As we discussed again, in the previous chapter, the natures of things and their various substances endorsed by unique environmental pressures, constructs, destructs, the dynamics and contours of the elements soul [Force].

In this chapter I would like to enable the user here of this manual, to pay attention to idiosyncrasies of malevolent behaviours instrumental by the characteristics or alighting of agent, be it spirit [Dark & Evil Natures] Invested in organisms!

No.1 Characteristics of bilious spirits alighted in the following list.

● [Seven deadly sins] Envy… Jealousy… Glutton… Greed… Vanity… Revenge… & Sloth!

The natures of bad spirits are often capricious and mercurial. .. One that often can not be trusted. A red envious eye that is never satisfied, will often find hostilities in the most kind established folk. Such spirits will demand the properties of others be beneficial to them as property without the legal routined examined! Often vindictive and immature.  Sloth like and addictive without genuine illness inhibiting organism!

● Back stabbing, Slanderous, Propagandist, Defamatory, Argumentative and highly equivocal without real or authentic substance or education [Argue for the sake or out of hate/envy/jeolousy] Inappropriateness!

The fire-soul spirit, is one which is totally at a non restorative phase in it’s existence. Possibly as it matures, the flame may burn slower, exchanging its characteristics for a more mature autonomous benign! Akin to an infant, unsteady, restless, hurried, fumed, unprecedented, unschooled, unsophisticated, spoilt!

● Judgemental, forceful, unrepentant, nonchalant, disturbing, hot, fearful, provoking, destructive, powerful, insecure, fearsome, governing, intimidating, persistent, burning!

Such of the comprisement in forces of natures, as we discuss here the element of fire [One Fifth (1/5) of the elements of existence] without its connected aligners in water, earth (compressed matter), wind and the elusive substance of spirit, confides to build life in action!

Oftentimes, it amazes me… because I now understand we live (exist) with nothing but fools, it is a quiet shame to wholeheartedly realise the very thing that Jesus ““Isa Al-layhe Salaam”” (Jesus Christ peace be upon him in the magnitude of the supremes blessing) had to endure two millennia in antiquity!

When I first commenced my journey many years ago, I initially envisioned a wide landscape of many genuine enthusiastic souls awakening and entrusting. . Yet that which I discovered was quite contrary to my own tiny imagination in the synopses of the cosmic awareness. .

Most people I discovered were very unclear to the road of enlightenment and autonomy. It appears every soul via the personal individual’s agenda or ulterior motive..? Are/were/was/is… not neither alighting with sincere and comprehensive amalgamation of the supreme state and super consciousness…

Most want an audience for personal profit… in which they display greed or the want of fame via writing books for fame or personal income! Some desire reputable stances, love, respect and adoration or to be invited, praised, worshipped or excepted.. Some are confused as are the readers who often can not relate to that which is being invested from the solitude of those lonely pages…

“Here, alone… transfixed and forever dedicated to my transcripts and subscriptions. Now subscribed through the strobe lighted night… as one perseveres on in the loneliness of the night. I continue and I write another chapter, I must complete this chapter for I am falling sleepy in this instant! Throat parched and slightly hungry I want to eat something, but I will refrain from going, as I pronounce the unforgiving hour is once again upon me, breathe upon my neck, my eyes wanting to close. But not yet, No! Not now, I state here akin to my readers, I steady myself to finish a chapter at a time. For one thing is certain..? That one thing is the fact the world over, my writing is original… mine and truly honestly unhampered as non tampered or none influenced by another writer to these pages… My writing is my writing straight from my deoxyribonucleic acid to these pages to my finger tips, to yours of your presence via automation and instruction of instrumentation!”

K.Aliy 2015-Infin-8-ty

Upon this intriguing chapter of the malevolence of fire spirits. . Be it intentional or nonchalance. ..


“”Briefly mentioned in an early chapter…

Ibliss (The Devil, Satan, Shatan) Arrives near the edge of the deep blue sea (The Rad Sea) north of the Atlantic ocean every few centuries…

Ibliss, dons his majestic gown upon a wide golden throne that rests on the unachievable surf of the ferocious waves..

Satan controls the temprement of the hour while he awaits his 3 most trusted advisers.

After decades a gin approaches satan as satan patiently awaits heresay!

Satan shouts “Come closer… what have you?”

The fearful gin (Evil spirit) bellows ” I f****** drove a man from his home and wive and kids… ”

Ibliss sparks aggressively “Go away far from here fool, you have done nothing new!”

And banishes the gin to disintegration with a waver if his hand in a sweeping motion!

Again! Decades later as momentums past… Atlas the second conspicuous conspirators arrives…

Again! Ibliss shouts… ” What have youuu! ”

The murmuring gin.. exclaims. ..


HAA! Snarled Ibliss… “You foooool, you did nothing distinctive thus far, go away far from here, the husband returned after you left!”

And Ibliss ignited the gin to ashes… in the wind…

AFTER Many decades past. ..


AGAIN! Ibliss exhumed… “Say what have you way founder”

The gin nervously approaches the edge of the red sea… and wispers gentle across the ocean in a delightful feminine tone…

“My lord my master… I thank you for the opportunity… Your subservient worship here. ..

I tempted a man to cheat on his beloved wife and children in his loving bed, when his wife was out… I watched them fight and saw the family home separated to all four corners of the hemisphere. .. I waited, watched, followed… The husband and wife never ever rekindled their marriage.  The wife died heart broken, the husband died drunk in prison from lonliness and ill health… The children was orphaned to a broken abusive hospice… and I waited till all was dead… and buried…

IBLISS raises his hand slowly…

Then serenades.. “Come close my dear one, Sit here by my side… for you. …

You have done well this time””

In the ultimate device against well being is the instrument to destroy a string union… (Weak union). For the supreme powers give one to each other in union against hard times… They who can withstand all temptation are truly victorious and saved… (Strong Union).

As Ibliss is aware Of this structure… Ibliss employs the evil vices to disturb companionship… For element is easy to control without security… be it faith… union.. or discipline. ..

The strongest union is a strong happy family home…

This ibliss fears…

Broken home is the department of Concubines who serve Ibliss…

S Memo_534The Morning Phonology Of The Song Bird

PT 1of3 Holistic reference

PT 2of3 Holistic Reference

PT 3of3 Holistic Reference

Rancorous spirits

Agricultural Longevity (Blossoming & Biochemistry)

Summer reaches out to all life, the heat drains fluid from all organic compounds… The protoplasm engage in water retention. The biotic substances are starved while dehydrated. .. You are busy or pre scheduled with multi tasking duties…

Now! Who will feed the plants…? As you may have forgotten… Not to mention you spent a considerable amount of time in previous occasions, rearing your beloved polychromatic symphony of decahedrons.

Such bouquets sit as your prize possessions. .

Yet it maybe costing you a substantial sum each month in maintenance. ..

I.e If your collections of exotic bliss, is costing you in the region of fifty pounds (£50) per month… You would have spent “six hundred pounds” (£600) a year!

Again, if we multiply this by ten (10 year period), we calculate the sum of 600 multiplied by 10 ( 600 × 10 )

Six hundred (600) multiplied by ten (10) equals the sum of six thousand (6,000).

Now lets multiply the sum by twenty (20, which relates to   “A 20 year period” of maintenance cost, of your plants)

Again, the yearly subscription cost of maintaining fifty plants…  (50 plants… is approximately six hundred pounds (£600)

Let us multiply six hundred (600) by twenty (20) equals twelve thousand pounds (£12,000)

Now these valuations set out, are the expenditures of flower/plant maintenance, considering you have approximately fifty (50) plants in your garden or elsewhere. ..?

Now… how to save twelve thousand pounds and still give your wonderful plants, a better (Minus twelve thousand pounds) treatment and nutritional supplementations!

No.1 First collect and save all your empty bottles… plastic or glass is suitable for this event… (cleaned and washed) Have a bottle per plant pot or per 1 square metre… if your plants are in the ground…?


Any bottles are fine for usage in this event, a lid will be important but not necessary (Regarding a lid, will explain later in this chapter..?) Remember the size of the flower pot is relative to the bottle size… I would suggest for large flower pots over Twenty litres in metrication (20 Ltr), to use the size of a 5 litre container, available for this event!

For flower pots of volume Ten to twenty litres in metrication (10-20 Ltr). I would sugest one uses a container of approximately 2 litres in volume..? For a plant pot under Ten litres in volume… one should utilise a bottle container of under a litre (500ml-750ml in volume)


No.2 collecting debris and organic matter..

Now that you have your bottles ready per plant pot or ground square meter allotted space.. Collect all your food waste… news papers, papers, magazines, cardboard, wood chippings, twigs and branches, leaves and dead flowers, very small stones, bits of metal, screws, nuts, bolts! Anything which can be used as compost is vital for this event!


All left over and not consumed meals, dishes, snacks, breakfast, etc…


All Dead and dying plants…


All twigs… leaves and branches and bits of chopped or splintered wood… even saw dust is appropriate!


Segments of metal, cut pieces to fit in bottle or container…? Do not place plastic inside container or bottle as it does not devolve or dissipate!


Crunch or break the snacks into small pieces…


Chop any old fruit or disused larger food wastes… do not put plastic rapping in bottles…


Now that you have collected everything mention. ..?

Step No.3 Placing items in the bottle.. (NOTE: Remember! You will only be required to fill the container with the contents once every twenty years (1 occasional for 20 yrs duration)


Carefully placed items in mouth of the bottle/container. .. (You may have to break into segments the wood, twigs and branches, before feeding the bottle or container for easy fit!

20150618_15142820150618_151825 20150618_150030 20150618_150143



You notice the bottle/Container becoming slightly mucky on the outside if your handling skills are a little to eager to fill each container… (Note: it is best to take ones time in case of disasters and spillages?)

Step No.4 Adding liquid to breakdown the substances (NOTE: Remember! The liquid only must be replaced only when the liquid is spent via the nuzzle (Drain) into plants approximately every week…? 


Take each bottle/Container to the nearest tap, one at a time… You can clean the bottle/Container just as you filling the bottle/Container with water… Actually any liquid will do for this event… That includes cooking oil, olive oil, food oil, juices, milk, dirty water, rain water and all organic liquids.. (Tea and coffee etc)

Do not use hazzardous materials for this… any toxic chemicals may destroy the plants. .. do not use car fuel or any such cleaning agents or any hair products or chemicals…

Now that you have enjoyably filled each bottle, place the located cap or bottle top of each container in the correct position of container nozzle?

20150618_153603 20150618_151907

IF…. You locate…?

The type of container which has a easy fit lid with a whole or screw in cap with a flip up lid exposing air flow and liquid..?

Then you will not need to perforate any wholes in the cap!

Otherwise, advised to perforate two small wholes in nozzle cap… perforation wholes should be quite small, the size of a thin nail or smaller is about right, depending on rate of flow you prefer?

Locate and utilise suitable instruments you can engineer in to stabilised devices for your feeding pod, to rest upon, while tilted upside down…?

20150618_153632 20150618_153703 20150618_153927

Place your bottles as instructed, correct size bottles for pot space etc…

20150618_153910 20150618_153709 20150618_153823 20150618_153738

Now sit back and save your twelve thousand pounds each twenty year period….

Watch your lovely flowers blossom year in year out…

Just like mine….



20150616_164914 20150616_164854 20150616_164719 20150616_164632 20150616_164603 20150616_164648 20150616_164641 20150616_164454 20150616_164439 20150616_164432













“Genesis Of Malice”… (Spirit World)

“In This World… We Live To Connect With Past Companions, While Reminding Our Past Previous Associations Of The Thus Construction and debauchery S Memo_500


S Memo_492 S Memo_491 S Memo_490 S Memo_489 S Memo_488 Curse down their lot to hell with fury and blades S Memo_486 S Memo_482 S Memo_434 S Memo_423

S Memo_499 S Memo_498 S Memo_497 S Memo_496 S Memo_494 S Memo_493

K . Aliy

PT 1Of3 sociology harm

PT 2of3 Sociology Harm PT 3of3 Sociology Harm S Memo_503 S Memo_502 ,Strange range_1 S Memo_501Reasons For The Malice In This Realm”

Khalil Aliy 2015 (C) Revelatory

In this important chapter, here by, it is important we deal with severe matters at hand, by the underlying utterances of thus issues, not fully Pre-aligning… Pre-liaising… Pre-realising… Pre-analysis… pre-recognising such realisations of problematic Re- accuracy… the denial of such actuations… and the future torment of avoiding these affirmations. .. and occupiers. .. which you hold the keys to dismantle… virtually!

The system of darkness, the dark forces is a pepetual manifestation we can never escape. The darkness is totally alive and blossoming as if it knows its role in the great magnanimity of existence. The darkness is as confident as it is dark and all powering as it is vast… Akin to a never ending ocean with waves as high as journeys to the outer oblivion of an event horizon! Such a Non refunded enterprise… The No Return Journey Home… Is truly the signal of most necessary wakened mind/s…

“Considering, of cause… if one was not already long since awoke! In thus dimension….?”

It is imperative to understand the level of mutualism. .. be it mutations that exist inside this domain. .. The catastrophes and inhibitors of our ascending are known as “Evil Spirits” in the English Language!

It is imperative you recognise “The Evil Spirits” as quickly as possible on your journey in thus life…

Procrastinating on such seismicity in the bowls of detriment, is truly a predictable affliction in the unravelling of one’s own demise! The ascending is totally necessary to exit this realm and incline to the next chapter of our photosynthesis or organic symbolism… For some who are better prepared it will be an amiable transcendental affair to the superheterodyne frequency and through the atomic structure of what is stated in the English Language as “Quantum Mechanics”. Ultimately this is the basis.. the levelling of all matter… the phonology…. polychromatography. .. the high fidelity of existence it’s very self… the sophisticated emblem of existences. .. The acknowledgement of the creator in its natural state…. VIBRATIONS…  In the English language stated as the “KUONS” and all particles smaller not yet recognised! 

It is a blessing to be with the one!… That one is non other than the cosmic actuations of the supreme force, which is highly evolved and the first entity which ever experienced existence in the most natural form possible.. This force has been given many names by many evolved and spiritual persons in multiple languages. ..

To The Unintuitive… The Name Is God… He who Grants Dominion Over Everything Everywhere… To The Scientist The Name Is Space “The COSMOS”… To the Spiritualist The Name Is Energy… Electricity!!! To The Highly Aware The Name Is Not Important… What Is Important is The Relationship… Thus Understanding. .. Of such a magnificent being…. Thus, encompassing each, all, everything, everywhere!

And so we continue our journey in and out of realisations and actuations… Most people are confused, as Evil Spirits, perpetuating a misguide to lure hopefuls away from such a benighted affair. This is akin to those who were lured into a dark lane and murdered or robbed… Evil spirits, absolutely do not want you to stay upon the straight paths of thus journey to oneness of purity…

Thus it is imperative you allow your own heart to continue directing you throughout your life… Via this frequency channel omitting from the super consciousness. .. if you are still… motionless but steady breathing and silent long enough like a good child. .. a prospective deer… a dear bee collecting nectar… you will sense and comprehend the etiquette signals of such a high fidelity omitting from such a vast quadrant! Understand the powers that be, are so vast to speak in its natural tone… (Although the super vast power amplifies much in the way of super novaes… clusters… galactic arrays… and seismic phonology) our hearing is too delicately unevolved to read these waves naturally… Mammalian quite contrary to that which you may believe… are more evolved then the homogenous applications of sound via mouth/vocal cord… Animals can detect momentum from miles away by sound waves… and can communicate at long range with the densities of low frequency vibrations. This feat of communication, not one evolved human embryo can compete with untill final breath has reached the body, while the lungs lay motionless.

It is very crucial here, I direct you in understanding the idiosyncrasies of spirits… Our seer… has taught us many things, things which I have kept close to me… things I have discussed with many like me in close quarters… The things I will disclose here are of that to identify spirits…

Firstly with complete due understanding, it is important to acknowledge we are initially spirits.. effervescent phonological entities diminished in statue to comprise these earthly cages we have been conduced to inhabit by compression. ..

When we expand. .. or grow we incline away from this sedentary position of this temporary spatiotemporal cloud. We manifest outwardly and spread our symbolic wings (Energy clouds) which aid our journeys… swimming through the telescopic electricity of dark matter! We become like angels, but not in appearance.  No! More like in capability and energy flow through things and around, holding no boundaries to time and space. We mimic electricity itself in such a state of inclination!

Our seer, has taught us many things about our history, the journey, power, abilities, fears, evil spirits, darkness, the super consciousness, malignancies, nature, protection, autonomy, company and just!

If you have kept a close eye on this blog address in the last few years… ? It has not been in vain, though I can honestly disclose to you, fortunately unfortunately, I have only disclose to you  A Mere 100th Of  1% in Knowledge so far! That is 0.01 of the intended 100% information I have disclosed to you so far, regarding our journey in this sphere!

Some of you… or be it most of you, will not live long enough to receive the complete information from my memory data banks… While the remaining lot… I will not live long enough to complete my studies to invest upon you! Though when I am dead, others will pick it up, who have been carefully and precisely channelled to receive and decipher spiritually intrinsic matter.. Thus information! As we await new information… the passing of that which we class as time, will see bodies rot… as many are no longer with us… who were here in strength yesterday… Tomorrow shall neither challenge this rule of actuations! As many will rot, as many will be misguided again.. along thus lonesome road!

It is very important that I disclose to those of you who do not understand the everyday affirmations of thus spiritual warfare being waged upon this domain (plane/universe).

There are in spirits which for one reason or another did not prospectively transcend to the next realm of state ((((((Being)))))).

Also as a hazzardous consequence could not or would not re-enter a earthly host… Possibly they (Diseased party exchanging dwellings) did not like the alterations. .. alternatives… new dwellings of host or appearance. ..

It has been mentioned that an entity can reform back into a worse or lower inhabitant than the one he left on death or exchange (Parting of the body by spirit host to new body plane). There are a number of reasons why an entity can reunite with matters in this plane!

Examples range from unfinished duty to Personal Cri De Couers! Who knows of the actual reason but the host it’s very self!

Some lost spirits are known in the English language of parapsychology as the German named “Poltergeist” >> Which translates in the English language to a very noisy ghost!

Poltergeist have been known to exhibit traits of malignancies and bitterness… trashing previous dwellings and instrumenting nihilistic nuances on present tenants of dwellings! It is stated that a unnatural sudden or tragic ending to life, can often and will omit the devastating manifestation to the life of a new dweller who happens to come across the life of a poltergeist, that should have left its position!

It is also stated that gins… which is the Arabic term for evil spirits can be just as vindictive!

Gins are certainly very complex creations…

It has been stated that the first gin ever created was known or named as Iblis [ Ib – Lis ] Which has been stated to translate to the first!

Such a life form we have been educated, was created out of nitro oxygen and carbon… This is a heat substance and has a fiery attitude and temperament!

In thus verse, it was stated that yet another life form of older origins was created before the first gin named  as Iblis. The older life form of a similar genetic make up, existed millions of years as a populous before the creation of “Gin” (Iblis)

Yet When Gin (Iblis) was created, it’s instructions was to live amongst the older inhabitants upon a world not named! So the gin (Iblis) lived upon thus a world full of fiery like substances in nature and appearance… Thus the Gin (Iblis) first and only one of it’s kind was the new inhabitant upon a vast world of magnanimous size! The Gin (Iblis) was demeanour in statue in comparison to the giant shaped inhabitants of the world!

To approximate the size of the Gin (Iblis) for understanding scriptural affirmations, it has been learnt that the gin (Iblis) was the size of planet earth, and the gin (Iblis) upon the world it inhabited, in ratio to the planet it inhabited, was ant size structure to the planet itself! While the other life forms where 100 (×) times the magnitude and volume of the gin (Iblis). Through this we can picture the vastness of the metrication of both worlds and species!

Understanding such a fiery temperature exists inside such volumes excludes anything we come into contact in our life here on earth!

It was stated that the fiery inhabitants of the planet existed for millions of millions of years… in complete anarchy… while the created had witness there destruction!

(I imagine here, that knowledge was demonstrated to these fiery inhabitants of the best way to conduct life upon their dwelling, yet I am of the opinion that the wisdom must have been lost or misguided in time!) So the continuation of chaos and destruction continued long after Iblis had existed for millions of years upon the planet of fiery inhabitants! Eventually it came to pass, that the inhabitants were so chaotic, they would destroy the planet and everything in it via their own conduct… The gin (Ibliss) was removed and placed with non-choice making inhabitants in a cluster which dwarfed its previous home by ratio of atom size to universe scale!

The revelations stated through the inhabitants free will in decision making, autonomy was never ever a choice impacted upon or favoured! I can understand this via attitude and environmental structure and nature… As it affirms their nature and essential essences, idiosyncrasies in the structural creation of the species and such an environment of chaotic disorder and existence!


Either by the ominous of the super consciousness or the exploits of the nihilistic inhabitants….?

It has been mentioned that though this explosion occurred billions of light years in the past… fragments of luminaries still light up the zones which these species existed.. It was also versed that not all of these colossal size species was destroyed… these giant wave particles we see via super powerful radars are the alignment of such species roaming lost in darkness! The frequency of such colossal size entities roam for billions of light years.. these clusters are their dwellings! Fragmented or born small or condensed into earthly sized inhabitants. .. many roam amongst us in search of their familiarity and chaos!

Here I want to direct you to how you can recognise fiery or evil spirits. .. It is not difficult to pin point fiery spirits but it is difficult to pin point evil spirits.. as not all fiery spirits are evil…

Some pointers to recognise here on earth, regarding the recognition of spirit idiosyncrasies. ..

@ Fiery Spirits: Have tempers.. @ Fiery Spirits: Can Be Explosive.. @ Fiery Spirits: Can Be Irrational.. @ Fiery Spirits: Are Accustomed To Hate.. @ Fiery Spirits: Are Accustomed To Roam In Packs.. @ Fiery Spirits: Are Not Thinkers.. @ Fiery Spirits: Are Fiercely… @ Fiery Spirits: Depend Upon The Majority For Support.. @ Fiery Spirits: Depend Upon Back Up Or Fellowship.. @ Fiery Spirits: Are Prone To Character Disorders…. Including Jealousy, Narcissism, Fascists, Psychopathic Traits, Hatred, Scorn, Revenge, Bitterness, Nihilism, Arguementative, Non-Factual, Non Appreciative, Greedy, Non resourceful, Envious, Jeopardising, Destructive, Abusive, Non Apathetic, Immature despite age, Attention Seeking, Troublesome, Non understanding, Non negotiable, Not interested, Non artful, Non pleasurable, Non pleasuring, Non sympathetical, Non explanatory,  Non intellectual… Demanding, Ruining, Mentally challenged… Multi Phobic, Deceivingly, Not recognising own deceptions, Stalking, Fixed on person or persons never acquainted with! Wasteful, NON Believing others achievements! Non keen on self achievement, Non abiding, Non servitude, Non autonomous, Non polite or etiquette.. Disgraceful.. Haphazardly… Shambolic… Non effective… Uncoordinated… Scornful… Harmful… Deceptive… Unrepentant. .. Gameful… Indirect… Disrespectful… Destroyer… Fire Starter… Organiser of enmity… uncaring… Non supportive… Dictator of war… Spreadable of fictitious propaganda… Malevolence… Vindictive… Hell raiser! Emotional trouble maker… User… Torch lighter… Protagonist of conflict… Group Worshippers… Eradicating… Bodily Distortion… Non praising or supporting…

Understand that some spirits are good and have travelled long and hard to find a body of condensed matter to comprise into… Some spirits do not even know they are a fiery spirit… While some fiery spirits do not know they have a wicked nature… Whereas some fiery spirits are subliminally pious… in which they will never harm another living creature until they are harmed!

Some spirits as they evolve… somewhat devolve back to primitive protoplasmatic cellular organism… Thus.. This non negotiations of spatial temporality alignment, strikes a ripple of chaos out of subliminal alignment with intrinsic patterns of autonomous sync… then juxtaposes a rudimentary insubordination towards anarchy or be it superheterodyne miscarriage in signalling mischief of atomic waves..

A ATLAS, the code of order is out of sync and the species or host has lost its way. Thus not in nimble form, top shape or excellence!

Some more common place attributes of a evil gin.. is known that such host are often happy, grinning or smiling towards the mistake or misery undertaking by the afflicted… Gins are best happy when empowerment is in their grip. Gins like power and to experience powerfulness. Often it is only the illusion of power they hold here on earth and never ever the real power… Gins are often quite lowly needed to instigate commotion for self gratification.  Gins grin at persons in misery… while laugh out at the afflicted…

Some gins are good and have long been exercising evolution back up the steps to a higher plane… Ever since their own planet was destroyed…

Whereas some gins find it to difficult to evolve spiritually and forever harbour interest of the “False Light”… Human made light… street lights… stage lights… car lights. .. disco lights… to lure towards…

Such lights are very lowly and attract low evolved inhabitants out of the dark for prey .. moths… gins…  lotus… scorpions… snakes… pigs… spiders… bats…

The strobe… the universal consciousness attracts genuineness. .. it is the headlights on the universal plane of the cosmos!

Be well good spirits and always remember…


A gin will leave any decaying body and explore another host..

To rid a gin, it must be destroyed with that which it is made from!!!!!!!!

Gins evacuate a host body when it is in decay. Gins are well aware of the smell of death from afar… You may have witnessed people who was rushed to hospital with severe and detrimental illness, often life threatening and on the vanguard of death…? This is the moment the gin will leave the body… The temperature rises as the gin knows it is time to find a new home or host! Sometimes the gin is careless, over stays the episode and feverishly hunts a new host. Often if the host recovers and the gin has left. On return to normal life, you will notice a improved personality. This is akin to the individual starting life over again or given a second chance. The reason for this is the soul had been poisoned all along with a devilish spirit eating away at its core..

This is often the reason people return out of a coma or along hospital stay after life risking illness, in a really positive and inspiring sense of well being.. Not only is the illness vanished but the main agent which was breeding the illness vanished with it!!

Be well pious spirits… be it agents of the cosmos…