The Non – intelligence (I.E The Lowbrow)

Living in the western state, opens the cerebrum to actuality, quicker than it would, if for example. .. one was a layman or seer existing in the suburban outback of a deserted desolate environment, surrounded by oxygen and complete solitude! Growing up in cities, increases the age experience of the individual. I myself would not advise anyone to raise a child in a city location. From my experience, I can honestly state, children who grow up in the city environment, are quite off-balance. .. in terms of Psychology. Often quite bilious and snide. The constant attempts from “99%” of the population in cities, invest unnecessary efforts engineering feats in order to incline their self status, via constant efforts of deprecatory and vituperative instances… Against the society or others, in order to make fame of their individual life!

Often you will hear perpetual accommodations of sabotage and pestilence portrayed by the citizens, of city locations. . [Memoirs Of Sodom & Gomorrah]

These locations are often the human bee hive, for the infestations of insurmountable attitudes, that do indeed defecate the summarising, in such splenetic behaviours towards others!


Many citizens from either end of the globe, trek via extreme measures, to enter the vicinity of such fiery spirits.. Often the will or desire is attracted via the false strobe of the city lights. Often such diatribes are eagerly attracted to these distracting abhorrent locations! These locations revisit orientations of deep vitriolic ambience, reminiscent of 15 century England!

Acknowledging the birth place of slavery is really nothing new… even anything at all… by following the parallels along antiquity, you will recognise there has never existed a period in British history, when peace, universal love and autonomy existed in seismicity!

From revolt to revolt. Each revolt immersing to the peninsular of the next generation! One revolt carried to the next, via generation to generation, the indulgence of hate and vile detestable actions overlapping vile hatred to vile hatred in perpetuity from the deep antiquity of ages. This norm of characteristics became the arrangement of the brute… [Brutus],  brutes [Brute-ish] brutish [British] citizen’s decorum!

“It takes a nation to raise a child, but it takes a lifetime to feed and continue feeding that child, support that child, educate that child!” Insofar, each an all citizens is no doubt a child of another citizen until old age or death!

Each peer group, is indeed mother… father… relative to a child. The actions… investments… ideologies… ideals… of each generation’s pioneers are the substances of nutrients for each child’s education, while absorption of environmental elements become elementary!

Factory revolts… Child Abuse… Peasant Affliction… Atrocities Of War… Poverty & Starvation… Inhibition Towards Female Labour… Slave Labour… Child Labour… Female Labour… Migrants Labour… Slave Trade… Greedy Tax… Unjust Prohibition Laws… Severe Corruption… Degeneration Of Mental Health Asylums…  The Bubonic plagues Via The Unhygienic Etiquette Of Asylums & Establishment & Institutions.. Small Pox… Cat [Catastrophes] Infestations/The Nationwide Semi-Arbitration Via Ecclesiastical Bishops… The Insidious Exploitation Of Land Ownership By Intuitive Greedy Opportunistic organisations… Abuse Of Civil Liberty… Abuse Into Liquidation Of Business For Goverment & Business Profits… Defamation, Propaganda & Slander Of Person/Persons/Groups/Businesses… Etc… Burning Of Witches [Non Other Than The Local Whore] No doubt!… Archaic Methods Of The Judiciary System… Crucifying Dental & Health Practice… The Crucifixion… Cannibalism… Suade Affirmation Of Brutality By Local Law Enforcement Under The Heading Of The British Empire… Exploitation Of Overseas Trade/Migrant Workers/Goods/Merchandise/Materials/Substances/Minerals… Etc… etc… etc…

The list endeavours on and on and on and on and on… .. . Which has blighted the nation in total and all inhabitants, who naively enter the shores of misery and accommodations above the original buried hosts!

Though individual subjects, may incline to personal or private interception of interpretation via those that see fit, exploitation as their rights to sovereignty and ordinations…

Throughout the history of the United Kingdom, Adverse trajectory alighted ignorance or be it evility.

Foot Note:

[Though the “GREAT” in “Great Britain” is justifiable, via their past history of conquest and international aid to the consequentialism, welfarism and detriment of overseas nations. The nation is blighted with dark and dormant spirits which lay hidden in the underlayment of the past existences of each generation, millennium, epoch and spirit!]

Such as this level of perpetual abuse, that is evidently buried deep and entwined with the wounds in the bedding of the nation, which lays undisclosed and undiscovered by the minds of the blind, naive and ignorant.

Such as this wedging, which ever so slowly releases toxic fumes of bilious misery into the atmospheric metrication of the zone inhabited and effected by this history. All who exist and who have fought and searched for shelter in thus vicinity, often lose against any sustenance of victory and longevity of harmony!

Such lands, were never, intended by nature to be cultivated for habitation. Originally food was imported to such vicinity, as the climate and landscape was not functioning to ripe natural elements of food crops. This is the sole reason all food in England, Ireland, Wales, is indeed artificially created via the insemination of unnaturally harvested chemicals, which harbour trails of ill treated indoctrinated trails…. With the added adverse ingredients, to boost the stability and longevity of food sources!

Insofar, the majority will endure to receive the remittance of poison afflictions from the dead land, which harbours vilified and hostile volatile souls,  who lay un-rested… un-resoluted… uncompensated… un-reimbursed… without atonement and justice via the history of the mass variations of injustices… Such as the despair from these unfortunate non resolutive souls, who have carved a permanent dwelling of misery under the marshes, churches, grave yards, schools, learning environments, establishments, hospitals, hospices, hotels, institutions, asylums, funeral parlours, recreational centres, offices, homes, businesses, sports centres, wine bars, café buildings, discotheques, halls, theatre, fields, parks, roads, lanes, bridges, highways, motorways, crossings, streets, towns, cities, counties, suburbs and arenas!

   To truly realise fairly, the magnitude of the pulse disturbances and wave destruction by non rested entities, who seek redemption… One has to look no further than other nations who endured extreme demilitarisation after the succession of national sovereignty and globalisation. .. The Greek empire insured the magnitude of equivocally the greatest nation to exist under democracy. Yet this extraordinary engineering feat, aided by mathematicians… architecture… perpetual  democratising… investment of investigation, inquisition and the education reform second to none up until the period of the Greek renaissance! Yet two whole millennia onwards has seen an unforgettable unfortunate unforeseen circumstance bequeathed by such a past future prominence.

The greatness of the “Roman Empire” bequeathed a very duplicitous scandal in their great fall from greatness… which was a foreseeable warning, attributed by non another than “The Prophets Of Old!”

Never forget, globally this tragedy has all in all, insured the mimicking of nation to nation in all great antiquity. ..

AFRICA… Named by the Early European Settlers… 

Was indeed once upon a time… the greatest nation to serve the world… yet humankind is undoubtedly humanities greatest enemy!

Of all time….

S Memo_536

 Rancorous spirits_1S Memo_534

For that which the early primitive homo sapiens of AFRICAN epochs… commenced rearranging amongst one another, is folkloric legend…

To have fated a future so horrific, as a consequence of future pasts… (Decisions!)

Such unforgettable consequences of these degenerations…. You will most certainly enquire the realisation that a multitude of cultures are sincerely evolving in a superior evil manner.

The poorer the nation, can often be realised as the more destructive… (Internally-externally). There exist always the objection to the rule… in the instance of such objective reservoirs and hostile hosts. Many folks from certain identities go against the grain of the normal mass of their social casting. .. You will have long envisaged or realised the black afro Caribbean communities have whole heatedly evolved as a 100% evil organism upon the planet earth. This will take severe honesty and strength from with in you to reference the necessary Inquisitorial examination with total honesty, rather than fear of a possible reference of prejudices and violations against you by defamers and propagators!

The layers unearthed of persecution and brutality have scarred their genome (The Dynamics Of The Genome Belonging To Black Individuals Of African/Caribbean Heritage) for all history. This scarring occurred long before the invasions of the European empires..

The wild environments and hostile creatures first shocked the living daylights out of all African inhabitants. Yet unfortunately the European powers did not aid this demilitarisation of the heart and soul, by their thirsty enforcement of the strictest, cruellest, engineering feat of troll control ever created in the history of the human species.

Thus… redesigning and confirming the subscription of the race to perpetual degradation and lack of confidence. ..

99% if not 100% of each and every poor person “Inner Sense/Spirit” is Indeed broken… whether or not they realise this or add admittance to the constructed consolidation…?

 As we have casually discussed in various posters…

“Please Endeavour To Try To Understand!

The True Difficulties Of Evaluating The Self, Personalised History, Culture & Family Of Your Orientations Without Bias Nor Favour To Your Group Identity?”

Thank you

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