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Any Renunciation Advocated By The Self, Off And Against The World Of Such…  Bilious Forms… Splenetic Hosts… Vitriolic Or Baleful Spirits, Will Indeed Cause A Ramification Of Disturbances In The Life Of That which Is Administrating Renunciation… Spirits and the spirit world cast a dark dormant shadow upon that which “Alights” to pious improvement and stability of self!


To each individual or companionship, if your are open minded and quite aware, that generations evolve, yet natures remain the same! Evil is with in, as it sits without a host or candidate… Evil Never Dies Nor Will Evil Ever Desipate, Simply For The Actuation That It Is Formless, Almost Breathless… As The Rancorous Entity Is That Which It Is!….

The Manifestation of a certain pressure. .. a void… a distortion… the unauthorised penalty… twisted shrapnel… malevolence. .. All come to the forefront of the pinal gland when evaluating that which “Evil” is…? Strangely enough… both “GOOD & EVIL” have been pitted against one another as they have displayed alternative trajectories of the same coin as one complete force!

Identifying the true composition of “Evil” as a complete “Entity” is nothing less than difficult! Least of all something which should not be examined by the majority of such minds, which bask in the fountain of sincere “Mediocrity!” For the many who endeavour to sincerely exterminate “Evil” faithfully. .. Alas such are wildly and hopelessly driven to defeat, consumed by it, lost by it, confused by it, surrendered by it, touched by it, broken by it, torched by it, set alight by it, flamed by it, eaten by it, devoured by it and buried by its force of nature, be it “Evil’s Twin” companion “Fate!

All in all, every last & one, in all past future generations of existence… at a certain destination will be struck by it, if not saved by it! (One persons evil is another persons happiness or simply, cruel vindication. ..?)

Spirits live with in each host or organism… the life force to each mechanism. .. Some spirits as we have already discussed have been long since created from nitrogen and oxygen combined! Such spirits are of a very increasingly volatile nature, and can explode akin to a lighted canister at the most rarest of moments! As we discussed in our previous chapters here in this volume edition!

Also, please remember we stated, some spirits alter their idiosyncrasies over time… A spirit with a volatile nature which has existed for millennia, would have had the opportunity at some stage, in it’s history to evaluate and contemplate it’s very nature. Every intelligent life force contemplates existence.  Contrary to that which you may have assumed, “Cats” contemplate, aswell as “Dogs” and all ungulates and species of this dominion.!

Understand natures and that which is formed from it’s very unique environment…

Now listen!


“Hanging. … Swaying… Pulsing… The most vulnerable and insubstantial creature… Has for it’s defense the violence and power of the whole ocean…. To which it has entrusted it’s going and it’s [whole] will [power].

-The Jellyfish- By Ursula Le Guin (From Lathe Of Heaven).

As we discussed again, in the previous chapter, the natures of things and their various substances endorsed by unique environmental pressures, constructs, destructs, the dynamics and contours of the elements soul [Force].

In this chapter I would like to enable the user here of this manual, to pay attention to idiosyncrasies of malevolent behaviours instrumental by the characteristics or alighting of agent, be it spirit [Dark & Evil Natures] Invested in organisms!

No.1 Characteristics of bilious spirits alighted in the following list.

● [Seven deadly sins] Envy… Jealousy… Glutton… Greed… Vanity… Revenge… & Sloth!

The natures of bad spirits are often capricious and mercurial. .. One that often can not be trusted. A red envious eye that is never satisfied, will often find hostilities in the most kind established folk. Such spirits will demand the properties of others be beneficial to them as property without the legal routined examined! Often vindictive and immature.  Sloth like and addictive without genuine illness inhibiting organism!

● Back stabbing, Slanderous, Propagandist, Defamatory, Argumentative and highly equivocal without real or authentic substance or education [Argue for the sake or out of hate/envy/jeolousy] Inappropriateness!

The fire-soul spirit, is one which is totally at a non restorative phase in it’s existence. Possibly as it matures, the flame may burn slower, exchanging its characteristics for a more mature autonomous benign! Akin to an infant, unsteady, restless, hurried, fumed, unprecedented, unschooled, unsophisticated, spoilt!

● Judgemental, forceful, unrepentant, nonchalant, disturbing, hot, fearful, provoking, destructive, powerful, insecure, fearsome, governing, intimidating, persistent, burning!

Such of the comprisement in forces of natures, as we discuss here the element of fire [One Fifth (1/5) of the elements of existence] without its connected aligners in water, earth (compressed matter), wind and the elusive substance of spirit, confides to build life in action!

Oftentimes, it amazes me… because I now understand we live (exist) with nothing but fools, it is a quiet shame to wholeheartedly realise the very thing that Jesus ““Isa Al-layhe Salaam”” (Jesus Christ peace be upon him in the magnitude of the supremes blessing) had to endure two millennia in antiquity!

When I first commenced my journey many years ago, I initially envisioned a wide landscape of many genuine enthusiastic souls awakening and entrusting. . Yet that which I discovered was quite contrary to my own tiny imagination in the synopses of the cosmic awareness. .

Most people I discovered were very unclear to the road of enlightenment and autonomy. It appears every soul via the personal individual’s agenda or ulterior motive..? Are/were/was/is… not neither alighting with sincere and comprehensive amalgamation of the supreme state and super consciousness…

Most want an audience for personal profit… in which they display greed or the want of fame via writing books for fame or personal income! Some desire reputable stances, love, respect and adoration or to be invited, praised, worshipped or excepted.. Some are confused as are the readers who often can not relate to that which is being invested from the solitude of those lonely pages…

“Here, alone… transfixed and forever dedicated to my transcripts and subscriptions. Now subscribed through the strobe lighted night… as one perseveres on in the loneliness of the night. I continue and I write another chapter, I must complete this chapter for I am falling sleepy in this instant! Throat parched and slightly hungry I want to eat something, but I will refrain from going, as I pronounce the unforgiving hour is once again upon me, breathe upon my neck, my eyes wanting to close. But not yet, No! Not now, I state here akin to my readers, I steady myself to finish a chapter at a time. For one thing is certain..? That one thing is the fact the world over, my writing is original… mine and truly honestly unhampered as non tampered or none influenced by another writer to these pages… My writing is my writing straight from my deoxyribonucleic acid to these pages to my finger tips, to yours of your presence via automation and instruction of instrumentation!”

K.Aliy 2015-Infin-8-ty

Upon this intriguing chapter of the malevolence of fire spirits. . Be it intentional or nonchalance. ..


“”Briefly mentioned in an early chapter…

Ibliss (The Devil, Satan, Shatan) Arrives near the edge of the deep blue sea (The Rad Sea) north of the Atlantic ocean every few centuries…

Ibliss, dons his majestic gown upon a wide golden throne that rests on the unachievable surf of the ferocious waves..

Satan controls the temprement of the hour while he awaits his 3 most trusted advisers.

After decades a gin approaches satan as satan patiently awaits heresay!

Satan shouts “Come closer… what have you?”

The fearful gin (Evil spirit) bellows ” I f****** drove a man from his home and wive and kids… ”

Ibliss sparks aggressively “Go away far from here fool, you have done nothing new!”

And banishes the gin to disintegration with a waver if his hand in a sweeping motion!

Again! Decades later as momentums past… Atlas the second conspicuous conspirators arrives…

Again! Ibliss shouts… ” What have youuu! ”

The murmuring gin.. exclaims. ..


HAA! Snarled Ibliss… “You foooool, you did nothing distinctive thus far, go away far from here, the husband returned after you left!”

And Ibliss ignited the gin to ashes… in the wind…

AFTER Many decades past. ..


AGAIN! Ibliss exhumed… “Say what have you way founder”

The gin nervously approaches the edge of the red sea… and wispers gentle across the ocean in a delightful feminine tone…

“My lord my master… I thank you for the opportunity… Your subservient worship here. ..

I tempted a man to cheat on his beloved wife and children in his loving bed, when his wife was out… I watched them fight and saw the family home separated to all four corners of the hemisphere. .. I waited, watched, followed… The husband and wife never ever rekindled their marriage.  The wife died heart broken, the husband died drunk in prison from lonliness and ill health… The children was orphaned to a broken abusive hospice… and I waited till all was dead… and buried…

IBLISS raises his hand slowly…

Then serenades.. “Come close my dear one, Sit here by my side… for you. …

You have done well this time””

In the ultimate device against well being is the instrument to destroy a string union… (Weak union). For the supreme powers give one to each other in union against hard times… They who can withstand all temptation are truly victorious and saved… (Strong Union).

As Ibliss is aware Of this structure… Ibliss employs the evil vices to disturb companionship… For element is easy to control without security… be it faith… union.. or discipline. ..

The strongest union is a strong happy family home…

This ibliss fears…

Broken home is the department of Concubines who serve Ibliss…

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