Agricultural Longevity (Blossoming & Biochemistry)

Summer reaches out to all life, the heat drains fluid from all organic compounds… The protoplasm engage in water retention. The biotic substances are starved while dehydrated. .. You are busy or pre scheduled with multi tasking duties…

Now! Who will feed the plants…? As you may have forgotten… Not to mention you spent a considerable amount of time in previous occasions, rearing your beloved polychromatic symphony of decahedrons.

Such bouquets sit as your prize possessions. .

Yet it maybe costing you a substantial sum each month in maintenance. ..

I.e If your collections of exotic bliss, is costing you in the region of fifty pounds (ยฃ50) per month… You would have spentย “six hundred pounds” (ยฃ600) a year!

Again, if we multiply this by ten (10 year period), we calculate the sum of 600 multiplied by 10 ( 600 ร— 10 )

Six hundred (600)ย multiplied by ten (10)ย equals the sum of six thousandย (6,000).

Now lets multiply the sum by twentyย (20, which relates to ย  “A 20 year period” of maintenance cost, of your plants)

Again, the yearly subscription cost of maintaining fifty plants…ย  (50 plants… is approximately six hundred pounds (ยฃ600)

Let us multiply six hundred (600)ย by twentyย (20) equals twelve thousand pounds (ยฃ12,000)

Now these valuations set out, are the expenditures of flower/plant maintenance, considering you have approximately fiftyย (50) plants in your garden or elsewhere. ..?

Now… how to save twelve thousand pounds and still give your wonderful plants, a better (Minus twelve thousand pounds) treatment and nutritional supplementations!

No.1 First collect and save all your empty bottles… plastic or glass is suitable for this event… (cleaned and washed) Have a bottle per plant pot or per 1 square metre… if your plants are in the ground…?


Any bottles are fine for usage in this event, a lid will be important but not necessary (Regarding a lid, will explain later in this chapter..?) Remember the size of the flower pot is relative to the bottle size… I would suggest for large flower pots over Twenty litres in metrication (20 Ltr), to use the size of a 5 litre container, available for this event!

For flower pots of volume Ten to twenty litres in metrication (10-20 Ltr). I would sugest one uses a container of approximately 2 litres in volume..? For a plant pot under Ten litres in volume… one should utilise a bottle container of under a litre (500ml-750ml in volume)


No.2 collecting debris and organic matter..

Now that you have your bottles ready per plant pot or ground square meter allotted space.. Collect all your food waste… news papers, papers, magazines, cardboard, wood chippings, twigs and branches, leaves and dead flowers, very small stones, bits of metal, screws, nuts, bolts! Anything which can be used as compost is vital for this event!


All left over and not consumed meals, dishes, snacks, breakfast, etc…


All Dead and dying plants…


All twigs… leaves and branches and bits of chopped or splintered wood… even saw dust is appropriate!


Segments of metal, cut pieces to fit in bottle or container…? Do not place plastic inside container or bottle as it does not devolve or dissipate!


Crunch or break the snacks into small pieces…


Chop any old fruit or disused larger food wastes… do not put plastic rapping in bottles…


Now that you have collected everything mention. ..?

Step No.3 Placing items in the bottle.. (NOTE: Remember! You will only be required to fill the container with the contents once every twenty years (1 occasional for 20 yrs duration)


Carefully placed items in mouth of the bottle/container. .. (You may have to break into segments the wood, twigs and branches, before feeding the bottle or container for easy fit!

20150618_15142820150618_151825 20150618_150030 20150618_150143



You notice the bottle/Container becoming slightly mucky on the outside if your handling skills are a little to eager to fill each container… (Note: it is best to take ones time in case of disasters and spillages?)

Step No.4 Adding liquid to breakdown the substances (NOTE: Remember! The liquid only must be replaced only when the liquid is spent via the nuzzle (Drain) into plants approximately every week…?ย 


Take each bottle/Container to the nearest tap, one at a time… You can clean the bottle/Container just as you filling the bottle/Container with water… Actually any liquid will do for this event… That includes cooking oil, olive oil, food oil, juices, milk, dirty water, rain water and all organic liquids.. (Tea and coffee etc)

Do not use hazzardous materials for this… any toxic chemicals may destroy the plants. .. do not use car fuel or any such cleaning agents or any hair products or chemicals…

Now that you have enjoyably filled each bottle, place the located cap or bottle top of each container in the correct position of container nozzle?

20150618_153603 20150618_151907

IF…. You locate…?

The type of container which has a easy fit lid with a whole or screw in cap with a flip up lid exposing air flow and liquid..?

Then you will not need to perforate any wholes in the cap!

Otherwise, advised to perforate two small wholes in nozzle cap… perforation wholes should be quite small, the size of a thin nail or smaller is about right, depending on rate of flow you prefer?

Locate and utilise suitable instruments you can engineer in to stabilised devices for your feeding pod, to rest upon, while tilted upside down…?

20150618_153632 20150618_153703 20150618_153927

Place your bottles as instructed, correct size bottles for pot space etc…

20150618_153910 20150618_153709 20150618_153823 20150618_153738

Now sit back and save your twelve thousand pounds each twenty year period….

Watch your lovely flowers blossom year in year out…

Just like mine….



20150616_164914 20150616_164854 20150616_164719 20150616_164632 20150616_164603 20150616_164648 20150616_164641 20150616_164454 20150616_164439 20150616_164432













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