Forces of Policy farce; The Evil Ones Be Degenerates!

“Attractiveness is more important than intelligence?” When aiming to predict success?

Interestingly, i think it is the dominant social order of certain parts of each culture..

Points in favour:
Everything sells via sexual imagery?

Parents desire to produce beautiful offsprings?

Marriages is a result via attractions?

Divorce is a result of unattraction? Be that through the depths of deprivation, demotion, problems via aging, debt, poverty, ill’s striken, loss, feuds and failure.

The cosmetic industry is worth a trillion dollars?


The elephant man (Rare and genetic disorders)

The Circus acts ( Rare humans and endangered animals )

Pagans stigmatised as heresy (Beliefs of other faiths and practices)

‘Hoten tot’ Saraj Barten

Slave trading babies

Crocodile bait – black infants: Known as “Gator Bait”

‘Slave Labour’ ; Vulnerable Foreign nationals forced into deplorable work environments, without human rights and legal aficionados, building the nations of white “smurfing” societies!

Prostitution slaves (ladies of the night)

Examination & showcasing of slaves

‘Black slaves’ exchanged as modern mules (Rumoured and viewed as beastly animals)

‘Witch hunting’ ( Death and the steady vilification against Intelligence & the study of medicines & herbalist practitioners of ancient antiquity )

Ancient foreign front lined soldier’s bodies ( used for shielding the protection of white soldiers )

Malignant – tormented – Isolation & Outcasting of Social Pariahs/Deformed/Harlots/Whores/Ophans/Ill-ness/Tramps etc

The further unappealing, unattractive and physically ugly an individual appears, the further that target is encumbered as a social outcast, pilloried for the society’s pleasure, abused for sport, while poorly and wrongfully treated.. for the benevolence and financial prosperity of the white skin clangs.

A type of sport is achieved for the detrimental expenses of the agent, being, animal, fibre, matter or element?

The constant amongst these toxic practices are as follows :

* Extermination of target !

* Poignance of non similarities between targeted entities and partisan forces

* Binding concrete forces of similarities within each partisanship or conclave .

* Objective ?

* Inclining dispositions of melancholy

* Examination of target .

* Dispositional characteristic perceived ; unfamiliar/unique/oblique/perplexing/Strange ?

* Vulnerableness / Condition ?

* Obsessive interest towards target from partisanship .

* Grandiose Psychotic Perspectives of partisan hosts/Embellishments/Identities-Affiliate/Rank-Class-Order-Plate-Ethnicity-Race – Gang ? ?

* Scheme, incentive, promotion, prize, result ?

* Deployed chaos, Machinations employed, Machiavellianism .

* Vehement biases – prejudices – seclusion – impoverishment – restrictions – condemnation !

* Misuse of crowd, abuse of public !

* Deception, falsification, mistreatment, abuse of positions, misuse of authority and legislation !

* Misinformation, Gossip, Rumours .

* The Isolation of… the identified of interest ?

* Rendered termination !

Apprehend the sad reality inwhich this occurs throughout each generation of society. Neither age, class, race, epoch, ethnicity, gender, religious factions, nor disability prevent the stride of the partisan’s endeavors from existing towards targets.

Understanding the common intrinsic values, of the following reliable facts is of benefit towards understanding societal discriminations.

The more beautiful a person is, the more that person is adored?

The further a person’s beauty reaches, the further they prosper?

The inclination of a person’s beauty will support the person’s progressive path in life?

The failures or poverty of individual beauty oppresses the opportunities of a person?

Organic beauty is more than mere superficiality of the surface.

Physical beauty be akin to a superimposed subsidiary; These elements are totally conditional to aspects of time, class, wealth, generation, health, practices, comfort, nurturing, education, well being.

Each and all solo or combined activities of torment, cruel upbringing, aggressive chastisement, suffering, deprivation, Psychological abuse and infant physical beatings will deform the bone structure, biological instructions and physical appearance of the child while the child is still growing. A beautiful child regularly beaten will on go in the future enough structural damage to increase alteration of natural beauty into an ugly deformed adult. Thus; Metamorphoses be, that male of female child into adult ? Such a transformation is one inwhich I myself experienced repeatedly painfully, from the hands, instruments and Machinations of many evil practices of the people?

In fact I would disclose; These dreadful experiences, appear to be common throughout the polarity of disadvantaged black society… also

Considering the fact, physical abuse arrives in a vast measurement of extremes: Some people claim they were beaten, however not every child undergoes the same level of beatings as the next child? Be that a neighbour, friend, stranger or siblings…? Ranging from different generations and the items and techniques used in that generation, to the culture, enviroment, stress level, mind set, support unit, isolation, loveless, drinking habits, difficulties, marriage status – Ill health and mental Psychology of the parent raising and beating the child can and do alter considerably in time and space?

  A once beautiful face, can and will indeed alter after too many melancholy years, experiencing the harsh physical and emotional turmoil within the punctuation of a stress filled existence!

In the modern world: A beautiful face incorporated with a healthy mind is parallel to a healthy mind with several multiple masters degrees..

Further unfortunate facts: Incarceration is moreofren an experience for many unattractive people, over attractive people whom commit the same crime?

Sexual previliges is a common advantage of physical appearance and attraction?

“Kind hearted essence” means nothing to those in receipt of a beautiful face  unless the “kind heated essence” is matched equally by superior aesthetics.

Aesthetics is a mesmerising super power which is utilised to manipulate and take full advantage of others by proprietors at all costs!

Job success, Medical aid, Prosperity, Help when in danger or the experiences of difficult situations and awarded Justice against the violation of human rights abuse, will only ever be decided by physical attraction?
Poor service and poor experiences is also a result of unattractive-ness in general society..

Politicians, Prime ministers, Presidents and council attain support and favour via the level of physical attraction they can appear to draw from constituencies and the general public?

Often guilty verdicts are also at the mercy of “un-attractive/attractive appearances…”

Without the natural inheritance of ‘The Quality Aesthetics’ an individual is more likely than not, to remain alone and lonely throughout the course of one’s life. While aging citizens whom have indeed lost their partner and encumbered bereavement, are more often facing increasing consignment of permanent long-term isolation and loneliness!

One is less likely to succeed in a career of front line media production work, showbusiness and entertainment without quality aesthetics…

People or animals are often more likely to be bullied if they appear to be ugly in appearances regardless of their nature, politeness or shy characteristics..

Whiteskins (Kin/Kind) have appointed themselves as major emperor and empress of all aesthetics and worlds?

Ugliness is 100% acknowledged as evil, regardless of how hard you try to be kind ( The further one tries to be kind hearted ) the uglier the partisans will have you deemed ) Goodness is only measured by beauty, which exams everything an ugly person kindly administrates is bound to be viewed as ‘evil actions of evil person’ by such skewed people?

Ugly people are not allowed to exist in the same place as people whom view themselves as beautiful..? Those whom view themselves in the stratospheres of beauty will aim to make your life extremely difficult, while tormenting you for their own deluded and harmful Psychosis, projecting delusions and hatred of themselves.

Believing and trusting depends on attractiveness…?
If you ask for help, you will not even be offered the aid you need, due to your physical appearance and depth of physical beauty or the lack of?
Whereas someone whom may not even need that level of help will be offered such help to them due to physical attraction or familiarity of appearance?

When the opposite occurs or an instant of halo – type behaviour; Which is usually viewed as a characteristic of the term “virtue signalling” parading or show casing acts of moral virtue and kindness for the reward of the public’s pious opinion and praise of the action; Akin to a token gesture, perhaps surrendering to an orchestrated self righteous appraisal?

All these issues are true 👍 in the western world..
Inwhich physical attraction constitutes over “100%” of your life experiences…
Your skin pigmentation-/Your features/Hair texture/Your teeth/Tattoos/Scars/Deformities/Paralysis/Psychological trauma or other disabilities control every minute – second of your earthly existence.. in the western world.

Other parts of the world inwhich spiritual proclivities play some % of a role..?
Physical appearances are still of high value unfortunately so?
However, not as ridiculously important.. perhaps attraction may be an approximation between “66% – 99%” for the majority of occasions, I calculate, or somewhere in the radius of that proximity?

I recall many years ago one summer evening, watching a group of finely dressed men offering a group of beautiful women, some free food they had just bought, as the two groups were all walking in the same direction..
The women at first all refused, but after one of the men kept persisting upon one in particular, she then decided; She, Took the food, politely said “Thank you” and placed it straight into a bin…!!
A small crowd outside whom took interest watching the occasion, began laughing hysterically at those men, whom were helplessly pursuing the women.

I watched on also, thinking to myself,

” Hmmm… Did they accidently miss the lonely – homeless person sitting on the floor, only across the street from them? “

What i discovered has changed my perspective already!
The dynamism of socio demographical heterogeneity, which previously enhanced my perplexity, in regards to nature of species and the conclusion of events are now beggining to be clearly apprehended.

I recall and ruminate upon a plethora of rejected responses I received from business applications, clerical work and numerous  components of that stratosphere… Oftentimes, existing as the recipient of multiple rejected applications, only confirms, the fact one’s appearance is not appeasing to the required measurement for the role applied for, from the perspectives of those whom may be slightly short sighted or perhaps one dimensional, in terms of personality – perspectives and parochial character hiring methods?

Again and again, regardless of the business, or product for governing the responses are often the same.. Thus experiences are forever scorched in this, these experiences of mine, imposed into my memory banks… Strangely, I had not acquainted failure with lack of aesthetic beauty, all those years ago. Of present, I have grown to unfortunately realise just how much general importance is granted upon the measure of any physical appeal and aesthetic value an individual has or has not? Appearances, perhaps is measured frankly as one would measure life or death? Those of quantified aesthetic abundance? Are gifted plentiful of life via favouritable resources and pleasure. Many people in the western -world are endowed with richness of great aesthetic proportions. The western world has adopted an approach to life in which it appears, everything in life is only second to the quality of beauty one has to present?

In the west, people with the highest levels of natural beauty are awarded a type of honourary status. This performance is generally reserved for ancient sages and Seers, as well with those of nobility, prominence and  prestige.

Though often a wonder, not surprising as extreme beauty is often experienced as an instant of euphoria and pleasure to view or be in the presence of those whom were bestowed this great gift in life. This is often most notably admired via the large screen  theatre exhibition and gallery halls in showcase of relative exhibitions and events.  The catering and sponsorship  awarded to the participants in these careers is a collosal one.

Wealth is easily attained by great amounts of natural beauty. Beauty is a constant almost all people in the west strive to encapsulate, be the recipient of, while aiming to inhabit one’s own everlasting presentation of refined beauty! It is not a wonder why western citizens are in receipt of huge amounts of debt, solely for one purpose, the acquisition of attaining immortality via physicality of beauty!

The increasing beauty industry is one of the wealthiest establishments on the face of the earth. Estimated to be in the region of a trillion dollar industry, worldwide. Incorporating all aspects of physical applications for the confidence and improvement of one’s life.

Established, in the world that a person is trusted or not trusted, simply due to the level of beauty they have and appear to display?  

Worldly known, that the less attractive a person is, the further that person is not trusted by people and the more vilified such a person will become in society? When such a barbaric fashion is put into daily ritual practices, by entities whom have indeed ritualistically classed themselves by default as above all others and titled themselves as the “The Keepers Of This World!” The outcome of such a degree is experienced by all others as a living nightmarish hell, authorised by the instincts and perspectives of a sadistically cruel and narcissistic section of the human species; Perhaps better registered as the “Humankind” be that type, edition, latter… Model or Version?


Sentencing and guilty verdicts are known throughout the entire world to be an inhumane constant amongst the faulty juristiction of this world’s political affairs. Often in the world, verdicts of guilty charges, sentences are at the mercy of the jury, prosecution and courts perception in regards to the defendants level of physical beauty? If the defendants are extremely poor, unappealing in their physical appearance and of foreign dispositions to the council and nation at large. Such circumstances will moreover lead to the guilty verdicts drawn against the defendants. Defence Council careless and are moreover joyous in such acceptance to whichever financial prosperity rewards, arrives for defence councils co-starring role-part in the courtroom theatrics.

Noted within the thousands of cases courts have witnessed, often beautiful appearing defendants especially those of white western origin will often not see and experience the pleasure of a prison cell service, due to a number of reasons including the relation to identity, nationality, ethnicity, class, appearances and level of aesthetic beauty? Quite recognised throughout the world, “White (Caucasian) women” are not sent to prison, nowhere near as much as they should be, for the level of crimes these women commit and perpetuated in society. Much of these caucasian women, are without true realisation of the advantaged hand they are bestowed, by the grace of God perhaps.. or the ignorance of “Mankind/Womankind”

Due to this unregistered act, we witness caucasian women throughout the world complain and scream against their so called unequal opportunities. Whereas, in reality, one could state these caucasian women, in fact have the higher opportunity to exist advantaged. The majority of surplus received by caucasian women increases their personal income by a relative advantaged percentage each year. Understanding that freebies/inclusions/discounts/free services and admissions/huge discounts/free rides and lifts/presents and expenses, gifts and items on special occasions, all calculate to large amounts of finances when inquisitively calculated? Caucasian women also do not realise just how much the participants sacrifice in order to award these women with items some can not afford for themselves, family members, friends or even paying back debts? Via past relationships I spent money on partners I had reserved for bills and other important factors? Most relationships left me in debt via large loans to accommodate and aid the lifestyle and bills of the female partner’s expenses. This is not uncommon, rather a standardised programme in the male to female dynamism of relationships. Men forfeit increasing fixtures of their income for the privilege of female company. Be that conversational, spiritual, professional, intellectual or intimate? By and large, however it may appear, men are forced to shred their protected prized wallets of iron clad layered pouches and incline. “Men pay to play” often in more ways then one.

Often times leading haphazardly into quite an unfortunate situation and demise? The thought of the ‘devil’ comes to mind, when we contemplate the reasons this appellation is awarded to certain versions of women, as are often widely accepted. Interestingly, the question presented: Whom has actually seen the devil and what support evidence is available of the appearances of such an entity? Whom was it that decreed the sex and gender, colour, image and description of such an apparition..? Why is it, I postulate, the ” Devil “, otherwise known as “Satan” or ” Iblyss ” is customarily articulated as a man of beastly appearances? Whom was the chief orchestrator – creator of this apprehension we have been bequeathed with? Has not anyone anywhere throughout 🤔 the solace of antiquity, ever questioned the possibility to if these stories main characters are true and that of: If their individual physical composition are exact? Note: The instruments of passage which delivered these accounts are wholesome in the art of deception and forked – tongue-ness. A nation and identity which stands in the presence of full deception by any means, especially! Is the reason so many people are indeed perplexed, that people of adult age and various classes put their trust, freely, into a constant system of lies, from a race known throughout history to be untrustworthy, will now offer a composition of righteousness and morality as to speak into any truth upon existence, whatsoever..?


The seraphim angels are the angelic choir that’s closest to God. Learn about these holy seraphs that burn with a pure and radiant love of God. Read More:

The consequential characteristics of female nature, is worldly known and somewhat strikingly to the fabled features of the notorious agent, vilified throughout the entire practices of Christian society from deep within ancient antiquity and forever-more told. For the transcripts researched, have disclosed a one life altering moment in the history of existence in the scholarly teachings of an intriguing revelation, thus fables be known the world over in theology, the story exist, be the creation BE ‘ADAMU’ ; MAN! For it was Satan whom challenged the authority of the ‘Alpha – Omega’ . Stating a rebuked refusal to prostrate in praise and submission, of subservience, down infront of GOD’S newest creation; “ADAMU” – MAN – !

A form which was engineered from the elements of the earth. For that which was known by the form of ‘Creation manifested from the elements of fire ‘ be Satan/Devil/Iblyss. This entity being a favourite of ‘Alpha – Omega’ be also the proudest entity of itself and creation. The eye of Iblyss be the individuality of pride throughout this comprehension of existence. The eyes of Satan/Devil/Iblyss indeed clouded the perspectives of their historic actions.

Coincidentally, the term ‘Red Eye’ alludes to great insurmountable degrees of highly – functioning-toxic- envy, that is registered. This term is a common denomination to describe women’s firey temperamental and discourse nature.

The action of ‘Subservience’ is generally despised by the human females of the species. Not only do females display an abhorrence towards such characteristics perceived as extremely respectful, however slightly fearful or unmanly, by the practice. Females feel enslavement to practice such a conduct, and despise the conduct in men, while registering the behaviour as sensitively weak and not of a conduct females wish for in a man or partner?

Perceived by females as not a confident attitude to find attractive and often appearing quite queer and fearful. Women do not like to bow down in servitude to surrender or show courtesy to anyone and not a man who they feel is made and built less worthy than women?


Satan a being historically spoken to be created from the elements of fire (Fire being a higher element than mere dirt from the earth, Earth-dirt as the source of ADAMU/MAN) by the one legislative authority – ” GOD “

Interestingly, in a particular chapter of the old testament, genesis, a story is disclosed between the two main principles of the Bible book (GOD and the Devil) in which a forever transcription is scorched all across the fabric of earth’s history. This transcription is a formidable importance as not only did the participants disagree on a legendary scale, including the magnanimous manner of this collossal disagreement, sheds similarities to the nature’s of human partnerships between man and women!

What if “Satan” was/is an entity of female proportions or non binary? Was it not Satan whom when challenging God of the old testament, apparently stated :

” (Satan entity) would lead many astray and away from the righteous path, into the shallows of a colossal hell-bound inclusion ” ( Leading and deceiving, legitimately a female practice in the modern world )

‘Lead astray and away from the roads less travelled upon’ sheds a poignance of commonality with the terms of dating certain types of the female enigmatic species? The nature’s within are striking of this dialogue between the partisans. For how many men have lived in receipt of such threats of disrespect, disregard and dispositional characteristics perceived? Routinely known, that the female of the species is also in receipt of the cunning capability to lead many authorities astray. From heros and ancient legends and men of renown capabilities, many men have perpetually fallen by the schemes of women, at a single moment in time, to councils, armies, hierarchies and even destroying long standing establishments. History informs us of such information, tales of sorcery and fables of enchantment have indeed ravished the psychology of the ages. Women by default are created complete with a indepository spirit and are quite often ill temperatured by nature as a customary component of female mechanical creation.


It may be realised as an impossibility to gain any truth from such a nation of organisms, perhaps race and even specifically designed as a separate species? Question: “Are all humanoids upon this earth actually of the same species” . In reality there exist a difference. This difference is an alteration of a relative proportion. The proportion is in affect of a 0.10% – 1.10% out of a 100% in differentiation between black humans and white humans species..? Though the percentage may appear as miniscule to you at first. However understand, as that particular percentage is very relative to alteration, indeed!

The answer is yes there actual is a real difference.

The difference between humans of today’s periods and chimpanzees is relative in the separated distinction of approximately 3% only. Strangely acknowledged when it is quite obvious the distinct appearance separation. Outside of humanoid statue (upright presentation, similar limbs and features) one would of thought the differentiation is hugely greater than only approximately 3%?

The percentage differentials between black and white humans derives via obvious appearances in facial features, hair density, bone structure, body dexterity, muscle structure, molecule dna, blood pheno – type, subsidiary for weather acclimatisation and adaptibility – conditions, virus exposure and transmutation recuperation against severe viral attacks.. For this dispute I find it strangely peculiar yet slightly irritating so, that many racist white people bestow their ignorance and hate upon blacks and browns while whites do not want to exist near blacks and browns via apartheid! However strangely are continuing to ever inject the blood pheno-type of black people into the blood system of caucasians as an antidote and cure to escape almost all current illness in the modern world?

Prior, outcomes eluded rational summary and reasoning, due to the cultural heritages of pillory and fanatical Psychopathic scapegoating. Socio demographics engineer outcomes depending on class, culture and appearance. Punished and villified without experiencing the factors which carefully lay cultured of those said results?

Appears as a constant problem in every single place encapsulated by the UK…
Journey to nations further away from the UK and such social norms appear less predictable, cosmetically and intrinsically?
Experiencing families and culture exhumed exhibition of wonderous experiences.
Retrospection of the affilliation communicated by the admiable hoste and acquaintence while mesmerised by a mystery of surroundings, outside throughout, everything is rich and fine, was informed of the dark silhouettes and mafiaism: “Prejudicisms exist in succinct towns” for as such of the mafioso!

Quenched a small parch to digest and briefly contemplate while briefly in the moment; Philosophical and commemorative still, those places be encouragingly civilised in comparison to the feral bread of poor environments in the UK?

People via the antiquity of their lands are very much ignorant and have registered as evil people in general throughout the lands. Continually scheming and plotting
mischievous and evil designs, inorder to immobilise and disable vulnerable unsuspecting free – spirited – sentinel beings.


Without any further targeted individuals to harass in the world, the narcissistic’s value becomes reduced and redundant. Narcissist will experience loneliness and emptiness, in the same manner isolated prisoners experience incarcerated terms. The life of an isolated individual, is/are equivalent to, the requisitive quality of top premium fuel agency, for the narcissistic mind/life to feed off. Without isolated individuals to feed off, the narcissist slowly dies. Vulnerable people are indeed generally marginalised, together with targeted groups. Targets of narcissist hail as “reserve dishes, perhaps long appetisers, refugees for the meat gauntlet in preparation for the monumental appetite of the narcissist to lament and lavish upon in true predatory fashions”

Supporters of the farcical

Naive people accidentally aid the narcissist by helping to assist the seclusion of, secluded, Psychologically tortured and terrorised individual targets, exist often without any realisation accepted. Often the targets are dispelled from social activity and vanquished from society for the pleasing of such mobs. The mobs whom often do not have the mental capacity to perceive their erroneous pyscho-statue of wrong doing and whom or what it is they have indeed killed or orchestrated death against..?

Note: See/research on every civil rights activist or protagonist whom was indeed assassinated by the arms of the people they strived to liberate?

The naive, whom often, are without realisation to grasp and understand the proclivities of their own skewed participation. This veil of participation and subservience, surrendered by the inequalities of naive co-conspirators, hails as legislative support to the narcissist. Narcissist in reciprocal fashion reward the most subservient and loyal regiments. Narcissistic parties have one aim and two main support parties..

: A Financial Sponsorship

: A Supportive Agency for the keep of NARCISSISTIC moral (Naive and often desperate stock of ignorant individuals as followers and supporters/Incels/Simps/Moron/Puppets/Smurfs etc)

Sole aim of NARCISSIST : Self preservation of the policy at all cost to each and all life and liberty

Both of these subgroups are bound by the lore of ignorance and unexpected-Ness ; Fear!

Without any reassurances, the subservient exist in constant fright

I have indeed witnessed and experienced that many of the crimes in society are actually actions of the police forces and subsequent agencies schemes and characteristics. These schemes are linked to insurance rates and the purchasing of such lucrative contracts which deplete the earnings of the policy holders.

POLICE constantly refine and set the bait!

Police hold the security and access rights to each and all surveillance equipment, security equipment via Western law and legislation.

Police are non other than evil forces taking full advantage by deception, of unsuspecting vulnerable people.

The wealthy aristocratic and elite are dependent upon cocaine from the popey fields, to pay the bandits for their services of protection and regulation.
Cocaine is in constant use within all the products of western medical practices!
More drugs are used in civilised wealthy areas of societies than in the poorest neighbourhoods of the world. The wealthy need their daily fixes to reduce the experiences of medical pain from the affects of living. These living experiences of deep and sudden deprivations are managed with the three interconnected administration aid; A quality nutrition aid of effective medicines, herbal formula, physical – emotional – mental mediation and education combined formula.

The elite and wealthy aim to keep their positions by any means necessary. Enriching their own life experiences via the expenses of others. The aristocratic rely upon the forces of bandits to regulate society. The bandits whom have now grown in statue and importance reciprocate by using the various governments to create legislation which increases the bandits power and subsequent wealth.

Today the once simple regulators are more than just bandits, for they now operate above the law and enfluence the decisions of the government bodies and aristocrats.

These aristocrats whom are indeed often walking in fear for their life, should aim to regulate their/bandits behaviours and utilise better choices via their superior and previliged education? ®

Cocaine you see, is not the problem, not anymore a problem than cyanide is a problem within the expertise of nuclear biology.
Nor is any animal, beast.. In the hands of trained experts a problem!
Nor is a 🔫 weapon, a kitchen 🗡 knife or any other potentially harmful agent.. ®

There fore, the missing constant to all the problems, has to be the “mind” of that which is subjecting viewing towards the article based upon their interpretation viewed via poor and underprivileged – “Education” ®

Where there is no “education” (Toxic Learning) or poor education, there is no ‘Hope and Anarchy..’ instead.

There exist deprivation in all areas of lower classes due to the lack of previliged education and resources.

Lack of education and genuine information leads to further irresponsible actions.

Fix the obvious education issues, while the default will succeed. As this will ultimately lead to total fruition for everyone… and sustainable peace via better choices and enhanced thinking skills!

Unfortunately the western countries have appeared to promote the contrary.

This modern infrastructure is ruled by the police in truth for profit. The bandits have amassed the wealth of the nation and hidden away. Constantly bribing the governments for evermore funds. Steadily expanding to increase their forces and position upon the world. Staging faux passes and hoax to bamboozle the forever unsuspecting. The unsuspecting are unashamedly blinded by positions and authority.

Naive people, whom are often poor in no fewer than one deficiency or another until passing from this life. This experience registers until clear and paramount sights of all their exhaustion is emitted :

© Poverty be an abnormal ritualistic candidate… For Poverty also be a neurological deficit…?

Perhaps ancient medieval eras engineered dispositions.. to govern upon. Minus underclass upper classes default against a full-time authority.

Under class be deprived, this be a quintessential default of broken, defeated beaten mass of expendable energy.
Perhaps akin to an analogy: Such broken bubbles of the earth in search of sand, perpetual surrendering to hoste of adoption?


The liberation card is one’s meager choices..

If you live meager in society or in an off grid solution you can bypass the enslaved suffering so many fall for..

This can be achieved via one’s choice of participants… and redundancy of building an unnecessary family one ill affords!

Individually existing is not a contract dependent on one’s reproduction…

Government agencies is a contract dependent on large numbers of families…

  Google amongst other regulative corporations are indeed very busy Censoring ‘The Truth’ $$%

That version of “middle class..”
I was referring initially to those aristocrats born into family wealth
The unbenign politicians with expensive university back grounds..

Are quite dependent on the system of the poor..

The only way out I believe is either attempt to exist in a meager off grid environment with, which many people are successfully doing?

This is easily achievable as a single person; The effort of family is what “binds each person in society to chained slavery” ; Unless you can locate a spouse that is extremely eco minded?

If one’s spouse is without this common mathematical conception, you will predominantly suffer more than is identified as necessary to exist?

The chosing of one’s spouse or isolation as an alternative in life is the key to Psychological prosperty, spiritual redemption and physical freedom i believe!

Everything is intrinsically back to front, inside out and faithfully upside down!

Appearance dominates too much importance in the world, with much explanation to the reality of many social problems.

It is a wonder and amazement to register all our problems derive through the passage of our lack of beautiful appearance. Our misfortune and harsh physical punishments continue to scare our minds while our swollen joints persisting our physical experience incarcerated in the various continuous arrangements of these nightmares.


While growing up, the connection between one’s prosperity via their biological appearance was quite abstract to me. The genuine thought of success or peace due to sustaining a level of national accepted appearance elluded me until quite recently { Neither made successful connections… Distinctive analyses prior to this age… Analysing western accepted biological appearance measured against my ethnic biological appearance concluded the distinctive experiences between each, representing two roads diverging. Inwhich one is too cruel for full comprehension!

  • One: Contained a perpetual jagged and coarse incline throughout. Laced with constant slippery intervals. The steep incline met with towering walls appearing as “The Great Wall of China” and fortified Fortresses with large scale battalions, ready and firing at will: ‘Fire canons, explosive bombs, blazing arrows, lava and poison darts hailed as these death measures reigned down upon such paths’. The slip of road was extremely narrow in long sections, the compliment of mile long drops on each side of the roads edge, over looked pits of 100 ft spikes, the stench that arose defied life and breath with a nauseating spell. Inwhich each section encapsulated the rotten-torn-decayed bodies of billions of casualties. Each were notibly met over the coarse since it’s creation?
  • Second: Contained an extremely wide and smooth admirable path. Either side of the gigantic path rested fields stretching hundreds of miles of bright green grass, tall trees and exotic luscious fruit bushes, herbs and vegetation arranged for miles. Themes of decorated tropical fields, exotic birds singing to anyone whom happened to be travelling the path. While the tamed animals roamed the distance next to the bright pure waters of the rivers and oceans. Alive breathing with more exotic life. The commentary of the fresh air and natural aroma perfumed the atmospheric ambience.

I had previously thought: All my extensive run of extremely crude life experiences, misfortunes and bad luck was a natural result to my upbringings, characteristics, isolation etc.. I often think now throughout the advancement of disability: “The affects perhaps, were only a section of the relationship to deprivation and oppression”

‘Experience Akin to a formidable Ally of Intense Subjugation and Misery’

All of my problems was really due to this..?
The thing is I have been called names all through my life: Ugly, Crazy, Mad, Stinks, Idiot, Fool, Stupid, Shamefully ” plus far worse and more random explicitly etc etc.
People always called me harmful and abusive indignations/names/references all through my life… Perhaps they was unwittingly actually confirming how they genuinely felt about themselves deep down inside themselves?

Moreoften the name calling displayed their own unsatisfactory position and lot in life. The misery of their administrations inwhich these people made very poor decisions with their previleged entertainments and family systems of supportive choices. Others made poor decisions with their previliged ethnicity, of ‘protected whiteness’ to be able to exist with liberation, peace and security. To be of ‘whiteness’ and deprived in the western world suggest a decree of personal incompetence and neurological deficits could be in affect?

Still I never registered all the abuse I received was a result of ethnicity and appearance, as my state of psychosis was steered upon the elements of God.
I contemplated at intervals, isolation and psychological indifference was the targeted vulnerability. Perhaps multiple characteristics form together in a culture that is notorious for abusing the rights of others.

The torment rendered earthly deadly all across multiple occasions throughout the experiences of my life.

Yet i always became unsuccessful in the light of most sincerest prayers and wishes.

Now clearly.
Stands to reason, the experiences rendered of torment and abuse. Echoed via the heart of a nation so deprived and bathed in the complete ignorance against any perceived dis-advantages/disability/ethnicity of others, this world has known. We beings witness the affects/consequences of/from white previliged people via the courts of law/legislation and displayed by the evil practices of the police service, civil servants, sector workers and every trade in existence perpetrated by the minds of such white kind, western kind. English white, being at the top of the division as previliged groups of whiteness.

Inwhich their wrong doing are never subjected to harrasment by comparison to the remainder of the world? Perpetuating crimes and human rights abuses without concern, restraint, punishment or charges or judgement and conviction.
Regardless of which crimes and laws are committed, expressed or defied, rarely experience punishment, inherent for their criminal behaviour?

Acknowledged in media there exist substantial villains whom are praised, affiliation die to cosmetic appearance.
As things stand to exist upon the forever practices of evil legislators. These whom, which are exonerated for punishing ethnic and disadvantaged minority identities by the affiliation of political people who have ordered the killing of such class groups of ethnicity without suspicion. unsuspecting people.. oftentimes ignore class crimes of their own.. Crimes by white females whom I am fully aware of, inwhich have subjected misconducts of heinous sexual natures: Full on sexual penetration, sexual intercourse upon minors without any criminal proceedings ever brought farword, how? Why?

I isolate my self as possible from racist characters, if one attempts to defend their human rights to exist in peace, the outcome results in further abuses taken against one, in the format of punishment by citizens and those racist members of the police hierarchies!

Because of unattractive-ness

It really makes alot of sense to me now..

Reasons for foreign appearing ethnics migration away from the UK

The UK is not a good choice of migration to set a destination for. This is especially for those of foreign appearance, language, name, practices and faith.


The truth of this matter, is the “help” inwhich is politely referred to in western politics … Vehemently is not functional to exist in the payed professions or non – paid professional environments..

Quite often this special aid can only be found in one place:

The loving environment of a stable home

Nothing in the universe can compete with that environment.
All other environments act as only second, in the form of supplements at the very best!

A most courteous note: Take heed!

Sorry to disclose such detrimental matters of truth to you. However, when a person is broken, they will usually remain broken’ that way until death…?

Good fortune be it wealth and fame only delays the genuine cracks from visibility.. and scrunity!

Perhaps wealth or fame is bad fortune: The sooner realisation is manifested, the sooner one can begin the long enduring process of understanding who they really are, while carefully attempting to decipher what occurred to cause their apparent dispositions…?

It is a hard life.. in all truth, one subjected by feelings of melancholy and perpetual persecution!

I never really followed the Big brother thing…
I practically did not know much about her… (Nikki Graham)
Until I watched her videos today..
Previously I think I once read about her turrets or something 🤔 I believe?

However, I now see that I missed out on alot of her entertainment…
Though I also believe:

“How 🤔 incredibly sad and desperate of a society”

A sad society and a very tormented society.

One that finds redemption & entertainment, only in the handicaps and disabilities of genuine vulnerable people, whom are quite clearly suffering inside…
Yet the people have utilise that for their entertainment?
Incredible really..

No civilisation or civilised society can find virtue in the tormenting of those in pain… and need of help?
These are truly the actions of a sick and twisted demented nation, in the guise of civilised humans…

Only can a deeply sadistically cruel and tomented socio heterogeneity find entertainment in the deprivation awarded to others experience via personal illnesses and pain.. Thus, the very actions speak mass volumes in regards to the genuinely sad neurological state of existing and deprived benevolence missing from a complete species as of the “Human-Kind” of such earthly organisms?

I believe it is not people like Nicky Grahame that should be cut short of life,
Not unless they are being chaperones swiftley to a place of aid and redemption?

R.I.P Nikki Grahame… Peace to you my dear

It certainly does appear those experiences were in full affect throughout her life…

I would add there, exist in Nikki, also a physical neurological trigger, as I read somewhere she spent increasing amounts of her life in hospitals…

I believe all disorders have a biological foundation from birth not realised by mainstream society?

People believe illness commences when the symptoms appear?
I think the illness was long present sitting hidden there inside the afflicted, waiting for an opportunity to display the characteristics of the determined disorder..?

Most people I come into contact with in social environments do not understand this, they often blame the person and say they are “crazy and behaving as a child” or demean the sufferer in some form?

Often the symptoms are used as an opportunity by malicious and narcissistic individuals to cause further harm to the afflicted?

The hordes of narcissist in existence are clearly seeking out and searching for the vulnerable people to harm all throughout the narcissist and vulnerable groups lifetimes! The vulnerable are energy capsules to the narcissist. For this reason alone, I believe, women in general should not be keen to marry the majority of men available and vise – versa! The quality of partners available for cohabitation is rancidly deplorable.

Actions ranging from purely malicious to obvious evil intentions.

I find it a little upsetting to watch these old videos with the hindsight of what is taking place in the videos.
These displays of warning signals, prior to the tragedy we are now fated to comprehend!

The realisation that all along, something much deeper was taking place and metamorphosing inside the home of afflicted for the privileged viewing pleasure of the audience…

I imagine this would be the equivalent It seams:
Watching a cancer victim, travelling to my home to entertain me each day, without my knowing they are dying inside with terrible pains while the secret of their torture exists undisclosed.
The recipient Unbeknowing of the full appreciation of others own illnesses… and challenges?

I guess what may be taken is the knowledge of the diverse illnesses of people, aswell as acknowledgement of this beautiful soul… may they rest in peace.

Many may not have realised, at the time?
Quite possibly Nikki’s torment may be realised as Psychological abuse, soley for the viewing pleasure of the audience?

This may be similar to that of jesters and performers entertainment for medieval Kings and empires; Showcased for cruel torment and ridicule!

Game show entry for the poorest and most vulnerable members of society to earn some money…
Though fully taking advantage of contestants disabilities..

It is work, though nothing has altered in the presence of entertainment for the evil of public viewing. “These demons that need to be fed their daily dose of splenetic – appetite narcissistic – fancy and delightful viewing of the ill and dying vulnerable prey” yet quite extreme, perhaps not suitable for most people.

Perhaps “Karma” our great good friend shall avenge in the end, forever and forever as always?

Entertainment and viewing: Oftentimes we witness the emotionally over sensitive moronic police officers, Thus: Officer Tackleberry from the Hollywood “Police Academy” franchise. Those displays are genuine real characteristics of many officers, displayed throughout the movies mimicking and mocking, while providing viewers with the decades of deep laughter as both adults and children viewing participants. A striking story was unfolding elsewhere. Scripts from movies are quite often duplicated and arise from the actual events of real life scenarios. Be it often exaggerated for viewing in audiences and screen size caricatures.

“Freeze! And put your hands up so I can see them”

Are indeed common instructions of some protocols.. However have become excessively spoken when more simpler adequate communications can be delivered?

Where are you going?

What are you doing?

How intrusive they can be to one’s experience, when people only want to go about minding for freedom in the open… minding their own personal business, be it a stroll for fresh air.. or whatever the affairs?

The affects of the harrasment is quite often intrusive and registers as any provocation genuinely subjective to race, class, hue, gender, age, ethnicity, isolation of social status or perhaps vulnerability of the targets. Thus; Unfavourably whom are cautiously susceptible to police or the society targetting, strictly via their appearance.

There exist death contracts and warrants upon people of society.. Which may be transcribed in the manner of official orders or social decrees by public figures or the groups, such order occurs all across the globe. Routinely these subjections are linked to European societies and the progress for European societies only.
Crimes are being covered up by those whom behave in the manner displayed by evil criminals.

As we continually witness the passing deaths by execution through the administrations of western authorities powers. Unfortunately delivered to all the vulnerable individuals and selective celebrity speakers alike, thus; They have Maketh the implement, the instruments of passover is manoeuvred to sentence upon the unsuspecting perishables of this expression. Society is guilty as charged, for each individual and doer, whom practices to perfect the role played, in their overall doom!

Incels: These with the human appearance and idiosyncratics 🐑 more stable for sheep are moreoften faithfully fearful cowards.. in all truth. Inwhich is commonly known of the incel’s characteristics via distinctive behaviour patterns. The incel’s greatest appetites is feasting upon those whom are under great attacks and assaults. Similiar to the characteristics of vultures in the presence of afflicted prey, except whom do not patiently wait for the afflicted to die. Rather engineer the intended affliction through the ignorance of the sub-human creatures in the environment. The opportunities arise for the incel breed only when the afflicted are dying? The interest has been payed in full when the afflicted has seized from breathing. Prey are a wide variance, often targeted, vulnerable, poor, victims with disabilities, things associated which stand uniquely of being, and those with severe difficulties and isolation as a commonality.

Many evil people in western society.. are a domino affect of the incel breed { A variable inclusion of the strictest whiteness : Often angry and agitated white males of poor working class groups whom carry a chip on their shoulder and a ‘seismic level frustration which opporates as an impediment against success and prosperity. In the adult world these simple people are registered as none other than “Smurfs” they appear as true legitimate morons causing concern where there never was any. There short comings in existence are attached to: National unions, national flag, patriarchy, Sector workers, poverty and instability, inferiority complexes, lack of resources, often carries personal prejudices and subjugation, excessive targetting and obsessive hatreds..
Incels… are renound to be quite dormant incestuous half-chaps and literally quite naughty life – kinds. A registered deposit of quite possibly a true catalyst for much of the destruction and deprivation that occurs throughout the entire world..?

The ever increasing destruction upon life by evil organisms that really have no business being alive, except to deliver state executions upon the lives of artist and other talented beings of existence. The aim of ‘whiteness’ or ‘Hue – Less Being or kind’ is so to annihilate the ‘Hue – Man’ along with each and all beings and distinctive characteristics of light and purple radiance: The effervescent radiance of spectrums and polychromatics of photosynthesis.

The domino affect which derives via the loss and misery we may or not witness is perpetually in affect from such perpetrators.

Evil white society is instructing to remove people intentionally then cover up the crime with more crimes, in order to hide further crimes and the lies accumulated from these wicked actions..

Those whom report these evil crimes, like myself are subjected to further abuse by the various affiliations of such conclaves. Having such experience as:

  1. Not believed of report disclosures
     2. Increased illness via substance poisoning 

3. Tampering and sabotage of home, vehicles, food and liquids are as repeatedly poisoned.. as a result of these physical abuses, i am ongoing substantial kidney disfunction and disease due to poisoning. This has been in affect, only since I moved into this extremely evil and racist white neighbourhood, which produces a high disfunction from white degeneracy in the community and what appears, the obsolute obsession of recreational substance affiliation known as “contraband drug addiction”

4. Detained in mental facilities and drugged with forceful high doses by medical injections against one’s will; Such protocols are standard detention clinic procedures against the choice of the patient!

5. Removal of one’s private property on strip searches, the intentional gross mishandling, damage and loss of one’s private property, be it expensive items which can often not be replaced?

6. The tortment, intimidation, physical and serial abuses and scarring remained by white racist serial sexual fiends go unpunished due to their whiteness.

7. Sabotaging of one’s relationships, acquaintences, prosperity, autonomy, health, security, freedom, liberty, love, mind, body, finances and life in general

The instruments often associated for use in the targetting of people are often pronounced as idiots/stupids/morons/dim-wits/sheepskins..; Those that are truly incomplete individuals with an obvious lack of moral fibres can be found wanting and wasting in various low level government sectorial services, policing, security work and housing associations. Unfortunately the most deplorable organisms I have come across in this world, i have located in such positions! It is a sad shame how the poor will sell their soul for anything and more.

Stated in antiquity: When whites arrived in Africa clutching tightly a Bible book: the whites told the blacks to close their eyes..
When the blacks opened their eyes...
The whites had disappeared with the resources of Africa and the blacks were holding the bible book.

I would add the whites not only disappeared with the resources of Africa but hijacked and took what was there - remaining in the minds of Africans.

With the insight to recent passing away of, two distinctive rappers from Bad Boys For Life inc ; "DMX" - 'Earl Simmons and "Black Rob" - 'Robert
Affiliation of the Ruff Ryders Crew... things became further clear how I was becoming further ill and whom was behind it... This is a consistent pattern in the lives of many people... Specifically of the marginalised and afflicted groups, whom exist as sitting targets, authorised against by the most cowardous people of the entire universe. These schemes and evil protocols by white society to dominate and rule the attire universe by any means necessary is a distinctive theme of white culture and thirst!
Also a blood sport by deprived and deranged Psychotic white society!

Black people, minorities, whistle blowers, prophets, enlightened folk and poor people are more over executioned by the state, from the festival type aspirations of the various majority mob programme codes.

More than half of the criminals in the western world are organisations, consisting of the police forces and various organisations collaborating…with heinous conducts often against vulnerable isolated individuals for wage, assets and merchandise.

List of Criminal Sponsors/Recipients :

Top 21 alliances that are mischievously inclining the rise of crime!

#1.- #21. Afiliates keeping crime in business;

No.1 Police forces and Agencies.

No.2 Courts and Magistrates.

No.3 Prisons and Probations.

No.4 Barristers and Solicitor firms.

No.5 Judges and Jury.

No.6 Governments and Councils.

No.7 Parliament Affiliations –

; Members and Constituents.

No.8 Voters and The Ignorant.

No.9 Aristocrats and Diplomats.

No.10 Niave and The Gullible.

No.11 Neurological Impaired and Mentally Deficient.

No.12 Poorest and most Fearful.

No.13 Feral and Abandoned.

No.14 Entrepreneurs and Businesses.

No.15 Parents and Students.

No.16 Sciences and The Arts.

No.17 Universities and Colleges.

No.18 Entertainment and Leisure.

No.19 Sports and Recreation.

No.20 Industries and Families.

No.21 Media

To comprehend and explore these sadistically criminally motivated cultures, we could add, everyone is a criminal breaking several laws at a time without the interest of impeding prosecution, surveillance and subjugation to certain members of society due to class or position of authority held?

These extreme versions of Prejudicisms, we witness, on a daily basis, is the hallmark of whiteness and Psychotic behaviours.. the universe over…

As a default; Human’s Law exist to be unrestrictedly bias and prejudice!
Which results in a fake and synthetic system of law and legislation;
I.e “Plastic Laws authorised and regulated by plastic people”

Though nobody is perfect in this corrupt world…
It is quite profoundly inherent in the idiosyncratics of white society. Yet incredibly ignored by willfully collaborative agents, when the obvious is simply stating the reality of things.. defence and persecution is produced by all guilty parties..

The word “Criminal” is entirely subjected to the favour… and prejudice of “Whiteness” (Privileged and all those exonerated by western society)

Via a lifetime of torment and mistreatment i would acknowledge that appearing “White” or perhaps “Whiteness” in general terms has become quintessential to western prosperity while the contrary is subjected to The NEW EVIL;

Further more I would state:

1.Culturally behaving in a white mannerism.

2. White appropriation.

3. Western aspirations.

4. Western Law & Legislation.

5. The idiosyncratics of Whiteness.

6. Product stereotypes of whiteness.

These by way of affirmation and the demonstration measured by careful study are aligned with the definitive ‘legislation of enhanced evil

These are not light words, nor should they be viewed for humour in any way, product or shame.. Those experiences are of incredible importance and long life burning pain, to dear ones and comrades.

By and large; Such understanding usually derived, as ‘BE’ this… is the result etched out, from the torment of the humongous pain!

‘A life Snatched, Is a life lost’

The prejudices which define the evil of whiteness or authorities of humankind is so readily perverse upon, acted as those whom play hoste to GOD rather than subjects..

This outlines the favour

Who’s favour?

Ask your nearest diplomat, executive management, captain or nearest cheif…?

My own experiences has lead me to hospital and degenerate diseases from the hands of racist people in organisations of power..

The experiences of torment are non ending. Often the crimes are covered up my falsified medical reports from Crooked Asian Doctors.

Many of these asian doctors experienced should not be trusted in these positions of citizen’s health and life. (General practitioners are payed or accept extra wage to support lying and mischievous police. Unfortunately false testamentsare written by the unethical Asian GP) The medical industry only cares for financial revenue and not honesty. Many of these GPS character should be put in prison out of danger to the citizens whom are being executed. A triple torment is experienced here by myself and others alike.

Racist white folk and the followers of their administrations..

Enter into your property and tampering with your food… in secret..

Many people are removed this way..

The crime is covered up by often detaining anyone who speaks on it..
Many people are intentionally killed..

This has been happening to me..
Medical experts said it was very strange that someone like me would have kidney poisoning..
I executed a 100% healthy life cycle i was a healthy person..
Until they gained irresponsible advantage of me, by way of access to my home via housing associations…
These racist organisations collaborate to kill people they do not like…?

A similar experience occurred last year to a black security guard I know…
Inwhich he was hospitalised for sometime.. his food was also poisoned

They are killing you in secret…

Wealthy organisations are preparing printing the next trending products to sell back to the class they stole it from!

That be you the poor…
Heros are being destroyed.
The forces that destroy the heroes ‘hijack their image and use it to sell back to the people for revenue…

People do not understand what is truly occurring here with strange outcomes in procedures and complaints.

When I annalise the story of the deaths of certain members of society and those established especially of ethnic minority, I can see a particularly set of parallels with their deaths.

In these investigations if you care to honestly contemplate, you may notice:

The versions and type of illness which is often caused by substance: Such can be any substance in the world, not honestly registered for reasons of murder via intentionally poisoning someone: Which the police perpetrators aim to make oblique and undistinguished in all future investigations by sabotage and tampered evidence.

Question : Who has the ability to enter into people’s property and sabotage one’s health by tampering with their food source and properties?

who is authorised with the type of equipment?

“Oh no…

No, Not the dear old police..? Say the fools!

Not our police service, they wouldn’t do that!

Why would they?

The police would never commit such a terrible thing?

To that, would be indeed, a heinous act?”

Unfortunately the most vulnerable people are also the percentage of those who lack the intelligence quality to reason and are sincerely incapable to craft the obvious schemes which unfold in daily life. Others are now victims of their own early nonchalance. A reclusive participation which enabled things to manifest as they have become extremely difficult. These groups practically held reservation while things unfolded in a destructive manner over the generations. 

“That which goes out to the ocean always returns back to the shore”

Returning back to cause more ill prosperity or mass hindrance to those which set out it’s path…?

Through Death or BE it Life…

sometimes: It derives via a reinvention from a retention…

Becareful of those ‘T-Shirts’ that they have planned for the distribution and revenue!
Probably there is more to the story… but people are quick to comment because people like to talk!
 They kill the hero’s and afterwards sell you their “T-Shirts”
Like with Malcolm X and Tupac etc
After they place these stars into incarceration : Muhammad Ali/Mike Tyson/Floyd/Liston/Wesley Snipes etc..

On passing their image is usually bought and owned by the corporation who ended their life..?

As I have previously mentioned and continue to exhaust such information: The existence of ‘Death Contracts’ upon people of society.. which you may not know or ignorantly disbelieve?

None – the – less

Crimes are being covered up by silly 🐑 sheep and faithfully fearful cowards..
Protecting their financial affairs..?

Many evil people in white society..
Evil white society is instructing to remove people intentionally then cover up the crime with more crimes, inorder to hide further crimes and their lies..

My food has been repeatedly poisoned.
Mistakenly, blacks see everything as entertainment?

I have kidney disfunction and disease due to poisoning
These things i disclose have sincerely been expanding only since I moved into this racist white neighbourhood.. The true fault is much greater than this area and county. { A notorious system of malignancy and orchestrated appetites of hatred steered towards outsiders and vulnerable folk. As one such as ‘I’ ‘myself’ in this torment, ‘I myself’ exist an outsider wherever one treads and explores, the vehement hostility followers everywhere from the unbenign administrations and characteristics of the evil ones. Do not worry for me, I have witnessed the future and the sensation of the things which expand from such experiences, I need do nothing at all.

Racist whites and the followers of their administrations.. are bound by forces of existence which will forever destroy and govern life. Space & Motion be legislation in this existence, throughout.

Local pariahs, whether professional or unorganised, illegally enter into properties inorder to persist tampering with citizen’s personal property & food… in secret.. When questioned will vehemently deny such an action and attempt to further abuse/hospitalise/criminalise the victim of the unwarranted/illegalities and disturbing experiences.

Many people are removed this way.. from society, exile never seen again in or out of society?

The crime is covered up by often detaining anyone who speaks on it..
Many people are intentionally killed..

This has been happening to me..
Medical experts said it was very strange that someone like me would have kidney poisoning..
I executed a 100% healthy life cycle i was a healthy person..
Until these evil incels gained access to my home via housing associations… illegal collaborative abuses of human rights laws and right to exist under tenancy safety rules and regulations.
These racist organisations collaborate to kill people they do not like… by any means necessary and lie in the aftermath of the deaths?

Same thing occurred last year to a black security guard I know…
Inwhich he was hospitalised for sometime..

They are killing you in secret… Yet citizens are far too docile to recognise and acknowledge these facts. Due to selfish personal interests and simp level satisfaction, isolated individuals are dying in secret… The lack of humanity in the world today, can only be a cause of imitation humans posing as humans.

Interestingly enough..

The word ‘Human’ literally means a ‘Hue – Man’

A man of distinctive characteristics in complexion and appearance.. In the residents of the word hue denotes colour, appearance and shades thereof.

A ‘Man’ is merely a mortal advanced hominid.  Thus; A superior evolutionary highly enhanced descendant of anthropoids.

‘Kind’ is liken to something, sharing similarities. That which is ‘kind’ of like something but not actually it? Perhaps more closer to a duplicate and mimicry of something which was created earlier. A copy of things which stood prior to it’s arrival? We could examine to say in memory of something or for the memory of something which stood as the mirrored progeny to it’s herald.

Also strangely, I am slightly unclear by the exact events for the sequence of the modules. Something inside informs me ever so quietly that second additions are often improved in some areas while compromised for efficiency in other areas?

For example, weight might be compromised either side for strength or endurance?

The measuring loss of some advantages via physical abilities in exchange for improvements in cognitive functions and neurological systems?

If robustness and extreme recuperation could be mitigated for steady subservience and discipline?

The scope of natural environmental familiarity ; Benevolence, adaptation and the advantages of cohabiting to all climate might be mitigated against resourceful ingenuity and the intelligence for industry and engineering impossibilities?

Interestingly enough of the additional ‘Kind’ !


What of the ‘Being’ ?

‘BE’ For God breathed his word into “Being’

FOR ‘GOD’ Almighty Breathed life into ‘Being’

For verily ‘God is without knowing, For God Almighty Knows what you know not.. to ‘Be’ with God is to ‘Be in’ mercy!

The knowledge ‘God’ ‘Be-get’s is greater than all things, for all things derive as a result from ‘God’

For ‘God’ shall not ‘Be’ fall nor shall ‘God’ ‘Be’ Forgotten

That which created all, the ‘Alpha – Omega’ was not ‘Be’ Gotten

Nor aligned with another inorder to ‘Be’ Get

‘Be’ exist to assist as thee.. original order, pioneer and initial design..

Did ‘God’ truly create the duplicate, second design or did someone or something else?

Perhaps exhausted as a challenge of some kind in deviance to ‘God’ for frustration and vengeance, scorn and jealousy?

As the biblical scriptures of genesis discloses of ‘God’s initial creation of human..?

While chapters of scriptures further along disclose of a second kind of human created?

Who by… What for… How and why?

While many of you vote for everyone’s death sentence…

Regards the manifestations it will “Be” as you have it and promote?


Things appear obviously so; If we patiently investigate, one may realise each person exist in a different 🌎 world to one another?

It seems although people’s general knowledge appears similar in volume to one another, people are still often not able to execute progress strategically and successfully?

Be it via prejudices, hate, misogyny, extremely bad luck and misfortune things often do not workout well for the proclivity and rendering attempts of the poor and deprived minority groups.
These things occur due to numbers just like car crashes on the road, be that accidents or malicious intentions.. Unfortunately so, of this decree in life; ‘There will always exist people whom have to fail through no fault of their own administration, inorder for the benefit of other people to succeed’

Just as some people will never ever even become abused, broken, harmed, ill healthed, tormented, tortured and homeless or drug affiliated in the first place..?

Others will not be able to successfully climb the ladder back up… proficiently to a place of safety and relative normality from their affiliated distresses.

Do you know why?


Brought to you by the Poet K. Aliy



“Psychological Paralysis” ©

One law for one group of people and separate law for others.
I experienced an unfortunate and unforgettable moment one evening when I returned home. The experience rendered ill for days on, without aid or treatment, due to the nature of the incident. A criminal attempt made on myself, which potentially possessed the credentials to terminate my existence as I know it and ended my life.

This ungracious incident occurred towards the end of last year 2020 :

Alas. Poisoning;

One of my bottled drinks was poisoned: I have always purchased this liquid and it has always be in genuine compliance and satisfactory order. This time around, serving for the first few spoonfuls, it tasted fine… Later on the next week, I experienced a sudden change of failing, when I took a spoonful, I immediately experienced severe nausea, fainting, high levels of heart burn, slightly delirious and unsteadiness of nausea, it lasted for days. I intended to go for a hospital check up, while I did report the incident of poisoning: I was rejected and told by the receptionist nurse: To visit my general practitioner in regards to poisoning. Though something seemed off, I took her instructions, by the time I could book a successful appointment with my GP, weeks had passed by. Only for my doctor to give me a blood test form to revisit the same hospital I was refused treatment from. I arranged to see how my liver was..?

I was not optimistic in this process, of the following: An identity of anything would be found to support a near death experience, as the sensation and period had lapsed.

However I had liver damage, that to me is due to the poisoning.. I experienced, which was the result of tampered flurid: I. E the contents placed in my drink..?

I reported the episode to the Police: However as usual the police appeared non interested as per usual. I am convinced their consistent nonchalance towards each and all crimes I have been the victim of is orchestrated by these evil people. I have 110% believe they are the culprit to each and all of the severe levels and malicious incidents of harassment, targeting, hate crime, criminal damage, theft, abuse, robbery, terrorism, propaganda I have been perpetually experiencing since the year 2000

The Hertfordshire police constabulary are amongst the worse and undisciplined police force in England. They do not genuinely behave in respect of acting on her Majesty’s service or a profiscal agent. They appear wholesomely plastic a d rubbery: Akin to something slapped together in a Tywong factory. Sold quicy cheay for instant profit with no guarantee.

My tax bill is £66 per month since 2010. All that cash wasted for nothing, but to be a steady recipient of crime by Psychologically disturbed and damaged – distressed – disgraced Anglo saxon nomads: Whom in their competence would employ suchw and deranged have something to do with this. In the twenty years I have been a resident of Hertfordshire County, England, UK: I have experienced repeated burglaries, inmy first property I lost the value of approximately £30,000 in property goids: Expensive designer cloths, trainers, shoes, designer watches, fragrances, electronic equipment, ornament, new jacuzzi, and much more. This occurred while I was arrested for an offence.

This was non other than a police set up. As I gave the police my keys and valuables at the station: Though police claim burglars enter via the window, which is impossible to the types of heavy duty reinforced double glazing with certified locks, prevents the window opening from the outside, unless “broken into” which the window was not.

Continuing on throughout as the victim of ten years of robbery by the hands of neighbours,/rascist/haters/police/evil legislators/unethical housing association staff practices. My new address, inwhich again police are constantly attempting to enforce neighbours to harras me..

By stealing my belongs and breaking my property, cutting and severing the wires of my electrical health support equipment and tampering with my medication.

My medical injections have been tampered with, as of my tablets and normal health drinks.

A health drink I purchased was completely fine the previous occasions whenever I has used it, which I bought and utilised. The next occasion I poured a teaspoon from the same container, I was almost unconscious, and unstable on my feet. I could sense heightened levels of considerably heart burn while I was a little delerious..

I am pretty sure I am aware of the suspects motives and these versions of living scum. These organisms are indeed so cheap as they perform genuine perpetrations of crime. What is more, such actions are Oftentimes orchestrated within the lowlife orphanage of wayward police scripts: None other than the Hertfordshire police constabulary, the very protocol that is put in place to protect the public from crime, will instead abuse the power of authority and positions of trust.

For those of you whom have never heard my words before: Pay close attention here for what I shall disclose: This matter is not over..

I promise thee, by the powers of the most high, by the Alpha to the Omega, the authority Almighty..

Allahu the greatest, Yah – Weh, that which is not begotted..

Existence itself..

Genuine Justice shall be served to bind those whom have committed, schemed and devised machination against me..

Shall fear extraordinarily at their own end of days upon earth: VARILY the most high knows what we know not…

The torment, obliteration and complete destruction which awaits is arriving for such beings Is real..

This descends from the one true legislation in existence…

The true one, progenitor of existence…

Sad beings are indeed existing as halfwits, they are: Agents!

A hospital Blood report, proved my suspicion.. Subsequently my Liver was damaged..

The point to all this:
Guy Fawkes and men like him are the true difference between a form of totalitarianism dictatorship orphanage – slavery – church crucifixion – for your offsprings and perhaps liberty of some form?

The below picture is of the theives Daughter, Wearing the stolen jacket from my property, it is a mens civic cycling jkt in a big size. The actual theive In question is called “Maria” she is a Turkish imigrant women from cheshunt: Approximately 5.7 her husband is an illigal migrant 5.6″ Cab driver, whom I have witnessed wearing items I have reported stolen,
As of this info, becareful When Leaving your Valuables in her presence (Maria) There are a few other racist white neighbours whom are involved in this whom accommodate the burglary of neighbourly property Donna Barker & partner Danny Smith, Martin, partners Pete and Diana all residents of Birchfield Rd in Cheshunt Hertfordshire.


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This yyellow mens civic cycling jacket was stolen from my property. The neighbours whom. Are Turkish immigrationist have repeatedly entered into my private property and stolen a number of my cloths..

The mother uses her youngest infant daughter to open doors via the front letterbox, they stick their hand through and unlock the latch to open the door..Enter property and commit burglary.

The mother is of considerable Turkish appearance, approximately, 37yrs old, dark brunette straightish hair, slim build, 5.7″ Tall.. With an accent. Cheshunt. Hertfordshire



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My home is a tip, I could never dream of bringing a women here for small talk..
It is filled with full of individual items and project materials: I rehearsed in my mind and aimed to complete, yet I have never started.

Depression amongst a host of outside evils of this world prevents me in any form from motivation.
Amongst this is the theiving neighbours who prevent me from proceeding arrangements.. By continously disturbing trashing stealing my expensive new tools and property each time i replace them.

My garden originally was a jungle, when it was cleared, I decorated the garden beautifully:
However, maintainance?
      It became an expensive jungle after each winter thereon..
I can not get motivated whatever I try…
     Medication and some form of perishable sustainance is all I can lift my self to induce. The evil racist neighbours which I stated constantly created criminal damages, theft, lies, Misinformation and hatred towards myself It us peculiarly strange how police believe every word the racist neughbours have stated. While rather have imprisoned me in mental health clinics and not believing me. Though I have submitted substantial proof of the neighbours racist, violent, thriving robbing actions against myself on numerous occasions. The perpetrators have never been charged.

Which I find incredibly evil of Hertfordshire police service st every level of legislation. These people are totally anti honest, Anti civil, anti legal, anti righteous, anti lawful, anti just, anti sincere, anti myself in everyway, mind, shame and form.

It is unbelievable the life some people are generally living…


Despite the medication I consume each day, the neighbours routinely invade my premises for my shopping and steal new items from inside my property and blame it on my mind and medication.. : “Gas lighting” and perpetual hatred..

You guess right as the police are neither interested much…
I think it will backfire upon them all, some form of perhaps godly intervention sooner than later perhaps, a mystical balance somehow someway…? I pray!

After reading through dozens of comments..
The comments provoked further comtemplation:
   A slight apiphany radiating…

I am wondering if it is perhaps more than mere seasonal?
Not as simple simple as the common “Winter Blues” but something quite dynamic and unique to our current civilisations?
Perhaps an epicycloid event… which occurs each epoch in the solar system…
Solar winds are instrumented by the forces of impeding planetary orbits near the earth…
As planets rotate in separate lines of 360° degrees rotation
The planets slight shift each individual course on each rotation and slightly change the path/route/course around the solar system…

Each planet maintains the approximation of its astronomical unit journey, however each planetary orbit sets a slightly different routine around the solar system…
This is due to the “Three Dimensional” plane the solar system is created upon…

The solar winds may initiate a sinking – deep drowning sensation and a sucking – vacuuming experience as planets come into cross paths with one another.
This maybe what leaves me always tired more than ever before, since the last two years…

My tiredness has been increasing drastically…
I am now at the stage inwhich ; I only wash my face, only when I actually sense ‘I have to summon the strength to…’

Once upon a time I recall : I would have upto four showers a day.. Or two showers and one bath..?

Sometimes, ‘I don’t even eat dinner nowadays’

I just sleep all day with food by my bed side? As serious levels of fatigue set in from each previous night of insomnia.

Currently utilising containers to urinate in, instead of constantly walking to the bathe room..

It is increasingly worsening..
I do not even have the motivation to call the doctors..
I currently lost total interest in everything..
I do not watch T. V, and have not in over 5 years. I realise there is nothing to be missed from such entertainment. At my current best, I may play the radio station which is a good booster but only on intervals, as the music is always the same repeats..

The sensation is akin to “Emotional Paralysis”
There is genuinely no Point to anything at all..

I sense disattachment from all things and all society’s lives. Strangely I feel acquainted with the life’s of animals and insects..
When I consider and contemplate things..?
I just can no longer see the point in doing anything..
While all motivation left me years ago.. The journey beckons to the end..

Just hanging by a thread for the time being..
Until I can truly know what to do, while unearthing general reason of sense to do something worthwhile?

The world of nature exist in a unique balance, it flourishes were the unstable, false nature of society ends. This which is or maybe not mathematically sound..?

Is the true projection of existence upon earth…

Remain, upon the Incomplete soul in this perpetual damaged reality, inwhich all things are tarnished by the blood of disobedient past dwellers, who descended from the superior place to this earth world.

Or be freely liberated and unequivocally desolved, desolated leaving through the porthole: Opportunity via extreme difficulties and destruction?

In addition to this profound information, is the inescapable reality:
” Stupid people have children

Often too many from just one woman.
This eventually lead to the rise of authoritive driven communities..
Over great age became empires and so forth..
Ironically : if the stupid people did not exist or were so few in numbers, authority and totalitarianism would not even exist?

I think there in lays a great question which is Oftentimes unanswered ?
However, there lays a much broader connection to the things, that we do not understand?

The reason I stated what I did, is due from the investigations and experiences I am very familiar with:

Inwhich such individuals have confirmed openly “They have no interest or intentions for education” : Surprisingly the majority of children whom are held back at school, truant, depressed, led astray, suicidel and fall into paths of crime?
The catalyst which led to these children’s impoverishment, were indeed, other children: Whom did not want to even go to school… In the first place.
I have met a lot of adults whom discussed their reasons for their school failures..
If you study all children carefully, it is indeed, visually noticeable from an adults perspective, of the difficulties school children have to experience, against one another.. While some children are furthered acclimatised to

harsh conditions, or incorporated the nature within their struggle of assertion, fearlessness and presence, others have not and are without such support?

My own experience combined with all I have learnt so far…?
Informs me that the business of education and Schooling is a toss of pitch and throw

((((((((((Big business))))))))))
I do understand it is hugely expensive for private tuition,
None-the-less, in all reality I now know, there is nothing worth more than your child’s education be that good home Schooling or private tuition..
Many parents unfortunately do not have your interest or anyone else in mind?
Their offsprings adopt the same Psychology… Unfortunately.

I had those experiences right from primary school all through secondary school.. When I mentioned this to my parent on a few occasions, I think she did what most parents try to do, in giving some form of verbal afforemation or reassurance…

That things would indeed improve?
I knew, though.
I knew mind you..
I had a terrible sensation in my gut feeling… that things would turn out extremely difficult for me due to this.. How ” Strange ”

I knew right there and then, I was 4#@&ed for life?

Strange how life turns out, after ’emotional – Prelude for warning’ via all aspects of childhood.

Research has discovered within behavioural Psychology and medical science, that there exist significant periods of a child’s development stage, that have severe consequences throughout the remainder of the child’s life…?

I think financial stability also strengthens a child’s development, which is true reality also.. Which favours the establishment and the wealthy, not the poor.
In terms of this being an industry profit run.. Numbers charts and quotes all allude to fiscal policy…

Those ten, acles or fishing nets catches everything..
The perspectives of the administration they have worked continuously to put such a system in
As you have stated along with others how bad it is, I agree..
Yet also to understand that certain characteristics in human types amongst the socio heterogeneity (Society) has allowed this to flourish the way it has…

Also I suspect the governments decreed the Assassinations of free thinking intellectual families and prevented the spread of generations who would indeed procreate with other intelligent humans to produce more intelligent human offsprings..

Instead the opposite occurs..
Those with less intellectual ability and more street credibility produce the most children 


© All praise be to the most high

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Trespassing In Unceremonious Turf

“When We Administrate A Vocality Of Wisdom To A Vacant Mind (Foreign Ground) We Are Sometimes Not accredited Or Appreciated”

More often than most such lackadaisical tendencies and the non advancement wisdom from such pariahs or less of education, are unclear to the treasures they are receiving….

None the less, give freely…. your rewards are worth your weight in gold… Even if your work is routinely stolen… still give freely… you will collect your reward from elsewhere…

Myself I notice many of my work is stolen… with not a hint of accreditation given to me… often somebody elses name appears in the post? Such as the unethical behaviours of the postea resonates as  “A Touch Of IRONY!” & “Hypocrisy”

Why post an ethical post giving advice on morals… standards… principals… ethics and etiquettes…? When you are hardly displaying such attributes of honesty yourself in the manner of thieving the work! This is a huge action of hypocrisy at is finest and displays the inherent Psychology of the masses in our societies…

“Everyone Demands For Fairness Yet Nobody Is Ever Fair”

You would believe the postea to at least display the necessary ethics first as a result of the posting of such words… Yet, Sadly often people will not! But would rather hide the name of the original artist and place another name there in…

Do you too recognise your own work also being printed freely with out mention of your name…also…?

This is definitely akin to robbery and theft… often this is why in post people place the (C) for copyright certified originality of owner respected. ..

This means you should not be copying without the proprietors permission and authorisation. … It is an abuse of the laws of literature! Which you maybe liable to prosecution… Under criminal laws of professional practice… trading… distribution… copyright… and information acts…

It is quite evident people do not comprehend literature and laws well enough…. This could also be due to the level of education and mental health by the one copying and breaking all copyright laws….

This appears to me, everyone on google plus and on social networks abuse quite nonchalantly all copyright laws without much regard to the time and effort it was administrated by the original creator of the literature…

If you have been following my post you will see all my work (literature) scattered everywhere without my name posted by others… Who have created their own version with their personal design… the amalgamation of colours and pictures and fonts with my words and sentences…

My blogs have been created from my experiences… But because we live in a world where almost all at some point in their life, is quite dishonest, actually not even a tiny little bit but rather grossly dishonest… Truth becomes quite scarce.  As a consequence most information is not attributed to the originator of the literature. … at all ever…. Perhaps gracefully, Only by the tiniest margin of proposed luck, may present you with alternative information, that alternative information may allow you enough enlightenment to produce great understand… “Ah ha so that it where it came from in acknowledge and response!” While you may then realise who the original literature came from…

I have noticed from experience that white people are the most dishonest people on the planet, by way of deceit, machination, injustice, falsification, propagation, defamation…. and as a consequence when this was recognised via the rulers in antiquity…. they set out to protect even the things they stole from other countries, by way of prohibition laws and acts of trading and disclosure. .. literature and copyright…. this was law and still is… However you can recognise how often it is broken. .. It is in the nature of every white person to be dishonest at something…. I have studied sociology and looked into anthropology and the relative sciences to be able to prove the evolution of this phenomenon!

Other nations are theives more from poverty and desperation… For example black homo sapiens are often in denial of behaviour and are often strictly speaking just brutes in denial they are illiterate… Blacks by majority and are increasing hard of hearing and illiterate, often the mature blacks are most illiterate, as education did not exist in their day…. Education is totally new to the black homo sapient. Most black people would rather believe a foreigner to his own colour and culture then a person from his ethical orientation!

Brainwashing of black history was the preocupation of the white civilisation, to the point blacks would do the whitemsns talking for them… You will realise black people holding up the whiteman s version of the  christians bible even higher up in the air than the whiteman.. A black person would hold the christian religion which was taught to them by the whiteman even closer to their own hearts than the white people ever do…

You see this is an extreme form of brain washing… This is the quintessential motion of those that have been brainwashed… A man or women who has been so badly brain washed will continue to ever believe every single word that derives from the whitemans mouth… Not only that but they will swear upon it as the truth, even if they never saw something which was advocated to them… This often the period the blacks afro Caribbeans/Africans often do the bidding of white peoples work for them… By efforting to destroy other lifes or people…

Because I have lived on both sides with blacks and whites… I would declare neither are trustworthy by culture or society. …

Often because whites understand that blacks are generally illiterate, Uneducated, hard of hearing, simple and non archiving…. They manage to brainwash the blacks into believing many aspects of life… history and demographics. ..

The black homo sapient has an incredibly lazy cerebrum which is non interested in education or investigation. … What the black mind is interested in is euphoria.. ridicule. .. force… merchandise… pride… and everything that only delivers immediate gratification….

The white people acknowledge this, quite ceremoniously more then anyone… so endeavour to fool such black people into believing false ideals… While often these very blacks are indeed laughed at behind their backs by whites when with their families and own!

If you try to educate a black man’s mind via your personal experiences….? “They Blacks Will Declare You Are Lying”..

This is the level of their brainwashing…. and ignorance… damage….

I do not know even if blacks can be re educated anymore… every single black person I meet is….. (to put it mildly) Psychologically defeated and ultimately destroyed!

The greatest monument of brain washing whites undertook to distort black people…?

Wherever there stands a group…. you are in grave danger…. so I would advise you with courtesy never join any group… It is a shame because though it would be a sign of virtue to stand with many… Unfortunately it too often is the fatal catalyst to such detrimental ionising of your benevolence and spirit… In simpletons terms…. strangely and quite surprising enough… by union association and such similarities, “You Will Indeed Perish!”

My life as problematic as it often is has been improved magnanimously by solitude… When i stopped associating with black people, i moved further in life… “Simply by relegating people who I once thought where friends, in actuality where more than enemies. Insurmountable realisations benefitted me in my solitude…. Thus aided to see the enemies more clearly… Ultimately I have witnessed and realised that there are no good or bad people in this life. Perhaps, that which exists is rather the juxtapositions, from a eclecticism…. surmount in variations of attitudes and neurological departures. Otherwise unsteady “landmines” and psychological disorders in unprivileged and privileged scenarios…

Such a state of mind in an unprivileged circumstance would result in a crime or hazzardous motion… But also such a state of mind in a privilege circumstance would probably not react in such a hazardous motion… I have witness this all through my life… and you can witness it too, via this simple experiment…



Tell individuals you know, ” you destroyed property of theirs…..? This could be anything of value to them…. but not sentimentalism or emotionally valued…. (as such things are usually priceless… to the owner)

Now tell them it was destroyed? But quickly report you are not serious, so you do not leave lasting effects. ..

Record in your mind their response…?



Later inform the individual you have got something good for them… know something they desire and state you have it….? Then state you broke something of theirs…..?

Then put them to ease by just explaining this is an experiment…



Hopefully you recorded the response at the end of both occasions when you told the individual you had something good to give them…?

Myself…. I recorded in the past that people receive problems in mannerisms of maturity, when they are privileged or have had good news prior to bad news…

I found that wealthy people are very unlikely to become angry or saddened because they are often in a privilege state of autonomy and psychological competence. ..

Yet poor people are in a constant reverse, because they feel miserable and unprivileged, any problem is exacerbated by the fact they are still attempting to get over the previous problem…. which could have happened shortly before the present issue… So this unfortunate stroke of series become insurmountable. These scenarios endure by poor people are perpetual, as a consequence they never face autonomy… As a further result of not facing autonomy, the poor people are never in a state to think clearly and will continue making the exact same eras… often taking advice from people who they should not take advice from…. This is often advocated as “the straw which broke the camels back”… “The final straw”… “Tipping point”…. “Over The Edge”… “Boiling Point!”… Etc…

Experts are aware that most citizens in all societies suffer from mental health, yet the majority of those in mental health get adequate treatment.  The main problem is the denial undertaken by those who do not wish to go for checkups to investigate their own mental health! Such people are the dangerous toxin in society as when they explode nobody saw it coming… Thus no prevention could be made…. Women are the highest number of Psychiatrical patients under mental health programmes. Yet men are more successful in committing suicide…

From my experience I can tell you much…. much…. much more than the figure of “17%” of men suffer from mental health exist… From my experience I would say it is more likely to be “Triple” that figure…. The problem arises via one or two words…?


Men are as fearful as if they saw a ghost or a vampire, due to checking themselves via professional expertise and clinical tests… to affirm their Psychological state of being… Luckily for me I had aid from when I was a child, had I not, then clearly I would not be here or functioning adequately or semi adequately! Majority of men self medicate (luckily I do not) a mans medication of choice is either narcotics… marijuana. .. paraphernalia or alcohol…  Plus the intention to participate in crimes….  I can tell you that all these substances are detrimentally bad… and if you duplicate these substances you will be very fortunate to be alive…. Most adult men that subscribe to these toxics are misguided souls… listed in the wilderness if abyss. ..

This abysmal is the fact that such dissolutions of minds will advocate to you… that “You are the confused one for your information of such habits…” Often these individuals will not take medical advise…

Womens toxicity is usually via over consumption of food…. alcohol…. cigarettes. …. fornication…. spending…  The intention of verbal abuse to others and instigation of turbulence (feuding fights)

Both groups of people will suffer from intense jealousy as a consequence. .. This ultimate manifestation of scorn will lead to hatred of others  and cause further problems in everyone’s lives both targets and their own…etc…

The government banning drugs should be a priority, as most adults are not mentally mature or competent enough to administer their own healthy dosage of drugs… much worse narcotics. .. marijuana. .. etc… Even alcoholism is major factor in which adults never prescribe themselves a healthy dose to keep their spirits in place. .. Instead overdose on alcohol and cause death or humiliation!

All this has an effect on every quadrant of society. Everything from finding a suitable partner to marriage to raising kids to behaving like civil citizens… Are all diminished by the health and Psychogenics of the citizens who indeed need medical help!

S Memo_410 S Memo_409 Purge Of Autonomy S Memo_413 S Memo_412 S Memo_417 Self torture S Memo_419 S Memo_418 S Memo_420 Realising brainwashing S Memo_422 S Memo_421 S Memo_415 S Memo_414 S Memo_423 S Memo_416 S Memo_425 S Memo_424 S Memo_426

Thank you and be well

All who are not shy of light and truth…

Aficionado Of Autonomy!” The sunday evening Psychological screening open advice session.

“Emerging from 21st century Aluminium”


S Memo_241

The road to civilisation begins from the autonomy of unrestricted health in all areas of the self in all entity entirely. The self governance in entirety is paramount to service of others and personal survival. Modulation internal external of self greets autonomy in abundance. Consistorial patterns also rewards one’s longevity.

S Memo_239

“There can truly not exist a paramount coadjuvancy without the prescription which binds the union”

That prescription is in actuality the single autonomy of each single section, sector, agent, element, part, contingent, parry, etc towards the synopsis. All constructive unions are forged via healthy intrinsics. The phylogeny is a taxonomic evolution in perpetuity, rendering, altering, shifting and negotiating. Education and study inform our species of the most favourable contingent for survival. The central unit is the highest taxonomy of this unit. In the species this relates to the mind! Acquisition of a healthy mind has to be the number one precious viable possession for trade off of our species. In all earnest nothing can outweigh the quality of a well functional mind. Not greedy, neither nonchalant, overly frightened. But rather the aficionado towards the autonomy! A selective unit can never be at odds with its contingency or all else betrays, while failing prohibition setout by the phylogeneticism. This shear metamorphic hybrid system is constantly in evolution for survival.

S Memo_237

“In order for the species to survive a superheterodyne capability is necessary”

The strong coadjuvancy is necessary for prosperity over any life tearing, prohibiting coagulation to one’s health, work etc. A strong unit of one is superior, then multiple universal structures of inferiority. This is why disastrous coadjuvancies should be prohibited by the self for survival. Distructive marriages, relationships, friendships and further ships which debilitate the entity is never an asset for the evolution of the self! Selection of life long acquaintance is the highest point of decision making, as destructive affiliates will aid to ones destruction.S Memo_234

Protecting the unit is a universal ingenuity which must be protected by each party in the contingent for survival of the unit. Outsiders will always aim to corrupt the curriculum of the unit. But must  never succeed.

IS Memo_232

How Emotions Debilitate Consciousness”

Upon an inquisitive survey, which led to a dialogue concerning groups, an epiphany speculated in my cerebrum which shrouded me with much thought!

S Memo_107

It can be verified that in all metrication and diversity, every single last person, postulates by affirmation into a multitude of areas, minorities, majorities, subdivisions, echelons, subminiatures, sections, hierarchies, affiliates, out casts, coadjuvancies, destitutes, divisions, personals etc etc etc etc….

Also simultaneously!

It is appropriate to understand we all have multiple likes and dislikes, attitudes to separate things, these alone will always pit us against contrasting and collaborative postures to indifference and the multitude of diversity in existence!

S Memo_87

As a mere example, let as shimmeringly contemplate the structure of the basic rock! Then pitch it against the back drop of stones! In which some idle folk may state that “The rock is either out of soughts amongst the stones and is of a different essence!”

“No” Quitely simply not true, for the rock is the sand, just as the star is the atmosphere!

The stone placed amongst a pit of sand may resume the same affirmation from appellants of bias fortitude and skewed data!

For identities are not always exact in every foreseeable structure, though they maybe the same!

S Memo_75

The Rock, the Stone, The Sand after all are but the same substance in 3 separate stages of form! In the identical way people are alike by essence yet separated by form! It is a shame via agendas of grotesquely fierce greed, feed, need, impede, fear and the obstructions devised to control and separate the now deemed partisans! This unfortunate shame has been purchased wholeheartedly by the simpletons of the western and spread throughtout the north as their ultimate identity!

Yet they fail to realise the separation of identity is the ultimate faux pas and has no real substantial presence except for that which one pays heed to govern!

S Memo_35


“The Mountain, The Hill, The Mount, The Rock, The Boulder, The Stone, The Pebble, The Sand, The Dust are all indeed remnants that lead continously in reciprocity back to the form of the mountain and dust again!**

All uniquely situated in their personal form yet added to make a larger substances and possible benevolence! It is a shame that human intelligence mimics this dividends in the state of major indifference and the lack of intelligence for poor understanding and realisations!

Confusion often arises where people talk, however as a consequence to others, do not actually know anything about that which they talk about, and evidently can lead millions astray even at times a whole generation!

The most diabolical assertion I have reoccurringly come into contact with, is assign to this statement and poorly advocated quote! 

“I Know Nothing”

“Socrates- (Socretes)”

This statement by the legendary iconic philosophical astute, has falling by way of misinformation! As almost all have attributed the meaning to socrates stating he himself knows nothing of life!

  • “No” “Quite Simply” “Even misuse and torn to shreds as confirmation of misinterpretation and loss in translation from Latin to English”

That which the common parish of quotes and history fails to realise is the context, circumstances and reason by this poorly refreshed statement?

He who was forgoing torture treatment on his death bed by Athenian Greek soldiers was not acquaint to giving up details to the enemy in question!

S Memo_28

**Lost in translation

Vote earth

I have come to the realisation that everything ever said, is probably underpinned as a factual statement when in reality is a further skew upon the true statement itself!

If one affirms to realise this affirmation, you may also recall the systematic distortion of a truth, turned into a popular childs game named the “Chinese whisper”.

Often poor living standards from, the food you eat, to your groups of socialist can empty toxic waste to your own benevolence, which often adds further weight to increase issues one may have already encountered!

Thus preventing you from real elevation, realisation and actuality! By the time you realise you have been kept behind by mischievous souls who truly wish you unsuccessful benevolence in secret, it is often to late, where a capacity of misguidance has been inherited!

The momentum of such a task is to Ludwig the unsuspected to believe in a particular path!

It is apparent to me nature has its identity in all as a constant reciprocal all have its identity in nature!

Life, metamorphosis, consciousness are characteristics of every entity and force akin to the mountain to sand to mountain in perpetual fashion!

Every grain of sand has a value, yet it is attached to an even bigger value as sizeable object. Also this very size can be infinitely large or small. We could also suggest that the consciousness grows as the size multiplies! The consciousness dwindles as the greatness reduces diminishingly!

Human consciousness I fathom is a grotesquely unattached consciousness to the coadjuvancies, of the full construction of consciousness to all things everywhere! Humankind has adapted a inferior division of said consciousness which is totally unacceptable, while hesitantly bypassing but misleading the truer unpracticed version! I have come to realise that the innate objects in our natural environments have a greater width, depth, length in all metrication of consciousness!

It is also my Cri De Couer, that we  humans, truly know nothingness, and have not come close to introduction on what may be deemed as the abstraction of life!

To get a feel of that which I mean, one would have to be prepared to extract their normal thinking away from formal establishments of institutionalisation and the effort of keen!

It is indeed true that people know nothing and have acquainted less about life- (not that socretes ever stated this to his torturous captors on his death bed in this realisation).

The matter of sophistication and entity is present from the microscopic to the ultramagnetic of the grand! Human emotion diverts consciousness and skews the natural sublimation of its attachments- (realisations) Thus by surrounding yourself with for a better word toxic matter and uneconomic objects- (dead weighted instruments, the idiot, pretentious objects, labels etc, materialism etc) we block, stall and lay severe ambiguity to all and every tinge of any echelons, that submerge us in the actuation of energetic ephoria and subliminal astute tutelage in the awakening of such zones!

The natural forest and its biotic habitat has endeavored to submerge in a superior subdivision of consciousness via existence- (2-4 billion years) and life the human species has not yet existed long enough to comprehend!

This level of consciousness is totally insurmountable from humanistic perspectives! For innate matter sides with no such nerve of the inferior motion! It has also been reported that mamals carry a higher level of consciousness! I am in total agreement with such a statement, as I see a superior level of control via many groups of ungulates and carnivorous predators alike! Including that of jealousy, greed, exploitation, systematic abuse, petty and fowl play, bias jurisdiction, prejudism and corruption!

For this eternally I place mamals as a higher form of species, emotionally and consciously!

Since humankind has lodged upon planet earth as a relunctant messiah, all its efforts has come to the destruction of the earth for greed and the deity of luxury!

In this essential assessment,  it is my believe that the majority of folk in the world are, without hope and will not succeed!

The number one culprit is fear, which controls all distortion and distribution of fear, dishonesty and the like!

You will find people are or appear much below themselves or the mindful, not via dress sense but rather by fear of stating their truths or worse joining coadjuvancies of convenience for fear of loneliness!

The question that warrants space is, who would want such spirits around their essence?

Fear subsequent leads to the biggest crimes across humanity ever known!

One can not seriously ever trust agents who fear so much?

What would our world be akin to if all of nature feared the way humankind feared!

Our plantation and biotic life would be totally poisonous and inhabitable! Even the light would not penetrate its shield of fear renouncing it un-photosynthesis in which life would not be bound by light thus would not grow!

Fortunately the echelon of consciousness adopted by all other life outside humankind is bound by a super heterodyne consciousness! A subliminal consciousness unrivalled by any effort juxtaposed by human efficiency in all width &  breath of metrication for all time possibly always!

If you understand this, you maybe earned to have done well! For it is not untill then you would have learnt to go your own way by your choice, not left out or forced by others!

That is the difference, the ultimate decision!***

Be well!S Memo_20

The Analogue of intent, or be it wisdom!

Author and world renound professional Psychologist “Dr M Scott Peck” Produced a series of educated materials on the presence of modern Psychology!

One highly mentioned and noted as “The Road Less Travelled!”

Such a title sold close to a million copies worldwide in the 1970’s

Fortunately for me it was re released and relished again in the 1990’s. In which the republished version surreptitiously found its way to my quarters in 2004… And eagerly acquired my timed enthusiasm for such material!

Which I embraced with an open heart and mind for the fullest and upmost appreciation!Image

A highly thought provoking and enlisting paradigm into the modern world of Psychology, in nihilistic traits, characteristics of character disorders, mental deficiencies, selective incapacity, Psychopathic features, anarchist perceptions!

All from the view, armchair, surgery and experience of Dr peck via his multiple examples, stories, patients, patience, experience, education and practice as a leading Psychologist of his erra back in 1950 onwards!

A fascinating analogy arose in one of the earlier chapters, which always illuminates my inner consciousness, whenever my personal conclave of ruminations surface!

The reservation of my personal research, is forever and always illuminated by such amiable projections by the expertise of Dr Peck, in this coming analogue!

An explanation of diverse importance!

*** “An inexperienced child who rides his bicycle, upon an unexpected event, is unaware but learns quickly!

As the ride unexpectedly and imminently becomes diversified, by surprise of a sudden decline!

The inexperienced child aids the momentum of the decline by assistance of pedal power to the speed of the slope!

Unfortunately the inexperienced child does not perceive to deploy negotiation with the momentum of the hill which, juxtaposes the child into a ferocity of velocities while descending at determining speeds of chaos and jeopardy to the childs safety!*


*Via euphoria and adrenaline, the enthusiasm of the child inflates, as elation is vehemently manifested by the child’s non affiliation to any negotiations of temporary adjustment to verify velocity by adjustment to management of current momentum!

*It is inevitable to an adult or experience bike rider that the inevitable occurs in due course, and negotiations is paramount for safety, longevity and management of journey!

Nonetheless! Displacement consists of the nonchalance to negotiations as the child does not notice an impeding bend at the bottom of the declining hill!

Thus! No such negotiations are deployed as the reservoir of the childs experience sits upon euphoria rather than educated experience!

Unfortunately, the inevitable occurs as the bend approaches, because as an ever most danger, so apparently, unwelcoming an unfortunate demise for the child spectator of injury!

Time has elapsed for all negotiations to be of service as the, protagonist can no longer steer the apparatuses to a safe management! Competence was over ruled by elation and the childs nonchalance to negotiations juxtaposes a nihilistic close to the euphoria!

The child crashes the bicycle into a large tree at the bend, insuring Injuries to self, the duress damage to the apparatuses!

The childs jurisdiction was based upon the “lore” of euphoria over safety to ride upon another day!

But as a consequence looses both!

This is named as “Crash & Burn!”

(By renound Psychologist, Practitioner Author and councillor Dr M. Scott Peck).

Who communicates, that many adults crash and burn, as they do not adjust adequately, for preventive measurements to unfold for the inevitable!

Oftentimes, an adult, alternatively drives a car at speeds which under the influence of substances, will inevitably cause the damage and destruction of themselves, any life in the path and hazzards to others!

Yet is worthwhile acknowledging, this analogy is rather an analysis of any danger in any situation or circumstance!

I.E. anything which you do not perceive or prepare for… Has the magnanimous capability of rendering one to the aforementioned “Crash & Burn”.

Such a phrase, should typically but saved, rather than listed as a frequent phase in one’s life!


This can also be reasoned that the energy stored in each of our personal reservations does not, will not, can not and is not capable of lasting the test of ultimate chaos or combustion!

We are ethereal beings!

Guided by light and proportional amiable characteristics of existence in the commission of the cosmos! Yet as a simple evolving life force we are still vulnerable to nature and nurturing chaos, Both for ourselves and others!

Fuel never last forever, so it must be concluded upon each participant in existence to be sparring with their energy! For when it is depleted, it most certainly is deleted!

Thank you sincerely. .

Regards KA♡ aka the poet

” We Are Natures Shatters Mirrors! Are We NOT…? ” A Requiem For Tomorrow!


I have come to realise this unfortunate recompense of tortured souls in existence that a host of illuminating epiphanies! That a killer is in actual fact nothing more than a broken mirror! Sad but true that something as sharply and cleanly sculptured to represent reflections of pure uncensored light imagery, can in truth respond so entangled and skewed from effervescent and purity of image! Possible a complete contrast of the complete paradigm in actuality. A mirror originally mimics any object refractively in retroflexion proportions.

Actions of an element in its environment manifested too harshly for recompense, juxtaposes an un-authorisation, If the actions of the doer/supporter/agent to element are clearly manifested woefully a type of unbalance in the legislation of natures law occurs until nature resets the balance once again. Such subliminal measurements towards restoration and non-continuous disharmony are a supreme calculation of authoritative nature.Such magnanimous measure just as a mind is a measure of its environment. Unfortunately we are torn between to administration of coadjuvancy with chaos and coagulation of multiple coarctations from self obliteration.

“” A mind is a measurement of multiple influences…

In which the reflections of a broken mirrors refractions, reflect portions of light from the environment…

Broken mirrors we all stare through, yet our actions are implications of the broken image refracting prismatic reflections of light via the mirror, it now distorts true image!

Not what it use to be, but rather what it has become!!””

Khalil Aliy

Multiple portions of enigma set trends, but true worship of the percipience for misdirection points to pockets of euphoria, in which the seed that galvanises the lust of want for insatiable more once again for-fills thy craving… feverishly anticipating for evermore and ever most, Ultimately the storm shall not last to for-fill humankind’s need and subtract the voice within, to bring the calm to the storm.Just as nature governs all things it shares its beauty upon all things great and small, this year being the Chinese new year, the shares centre podium with nature!

Tall And Majestic!!!

This Elegant Powerful Endomorph

Is Not Without Sophistication And Reserve, Thoughtful and Wise

Far From Conclaves, Never Gluttonous Or Greedy

Purely Athleticism And Lean, Sculptured Aesthetic This Admirable Endomorph, Administration For This Equestrial Wonder

Established Earnestly To Ethical Estanatlehi

The Equilibrium Of This Ungulate is in Essence, Essentially Erogenous

Subliminally Celebrated

An Aurora in Etiquette Motion

The Momentum Stares Far, unrecognised, Though gallant and Scultured tactfully,

Endless Evils baits malicious scorcery

Thy auroral laid Bare

While Leap and Bound Holds fare Height, Mighty Velocities near slight Light, To far from almost Near..

Escape Dear Friend, You Just Might, Out Equinoctially from Equinox

This Cri DE Couer, For Our Majestic Endomorph

Countered Consistent Inconvenience, Such A passage OF Successions, an old tale  of escape my friend, Had Once Again RIsen Out Of Darkness, For No Town Folk Shall Disturb or Reward You Little

The Evolutional Cycle of Natures old Familiar Ungulate, Risen out of such Dense Disruption,

And Now an Open Fortitude, a Magnanimous Mare

The Original Equilibrist, Bare Naked and Fare

Splendour carting such Equipage, A year for the Endomorph

Such a Stallion Thorough Bread, The King of The Ungulates and Fastest Endurance on Land

Khalil ALIY 01/0214

I trust all is well and that you have enjoyed reading my blog… Take care for now and good luck

The “Mental Block”

I find the importance of knowing, incredible and the most important element of personal evolution one can ever acquire to represent and completely compliment the self!

I decide to mention this in my recent post, as I have found this to be a rarity, an obscure attribute of humankind! Unfortunately I must declare that people adhere to acquire so very little in the conundrum of vast anything and everything, one could easily suggest the height of human intelligence may have already arrived and long since past with the antithesis of antiquity in renaissance!

The chronostratigraphical unit we abide by governs a world of confusion and mysticism, as well as the factions of facilitating factuality, aswell as the faculties of falsification and proclivities of propagation!

The world we have made for ourselfs in modern times and antiguity, truly double binds, as a order of extreme confusion and strange mysticism for many and much who only seek a simple road to appease the mind & hearts!
The truth is such, that we as members of the human race are more than likely to be misguided by chronic falsification, than honest benevolence of elemental knowledge.
This anochronism, the chronological errors in the un-earthing of factuality has displaced much of humankind true identity and direction!
Only enabling the modern participants to adapt guesswork to who we are and what our purposes are for?

“To only live to feed and propagate”

Some may say, while others proclaim a free will of wine and debauchery against the thesis of theology and doctrinaire!

Whatever path one travels, one can only be further lost as the truth was never clearly directed to the children of the earth! For once power and rule poked out truth, the anaesthetized populous fell akin to a lamb to the slaughter, one by one!

“One Ring to call, One Ring to Gather, One Ring to bind, One Ring to Enslave and One Ring to Slay them all”

Governed by one order!

History now formulating as a mysterious “anagnonsis” and ruminating in many who wish to find meaning, are left shy of the bowls of antiquity and precursory by true “anamorphosis!”


To hopefully find direction and support is probably the greatest aspect towards alignment with real manifestations of antiquarians!

“A true guide are those who shine a light when the path is deep and dark”

“Khalil Aliy”

A book, A prose, A metaphor! Are all symbols of direction setting and guidance, by those who shun a shinning light for your troubled journey and tortured brow!

“So go in search of the books, proses and metaphors, for thus, in the search one may find true meaning and importance”

“Khalil Aliy”

Words are displayed a bountiful, in stories of antiquity and precursory administrations! Yet the realisation of thought has not penetrated the cerebral cortex of many a lackadaisical subjects!
Many of the old and new have acquired such actuality of realisation and performed for the maderate folk and delivered passages of reason and guidance, yet it is often neglected for the rise of such as the “Instant Gratification” acquired by substitute of the Narcotics, delirium of faux-pas via the kaleidoscope of misdiretions!

I often wonder why do people choose these foolish moronic juxtaposition, But I am always met with the realisation of “Instant Gratification”. A simple pleasing to themselves with full relegation and relinquish of actuality and facts!
You may have remembered several of my blogs explaining the paraphrase of “Instant Gratification”.
This adheres to as the primary and 1st level form of self delusion which encompasses the ultimate state of ignorance to be bequeathed by any member of humankind!

● The next level of self delusion into the ultimate form of ignorance, adheres to as “Imprint” or “Imprinting” plural!
Which ones again I disclosed to meaning of in a blog titled imprint, latin “imprimitur”.

“Mental Block” is that which I am disclosing with the readers as this moment, is dubjected to withstand embracing knowledge, Factuality, Actuality or realisation!
A mental block is by far the worse out of the three stages of self imposed imprisonment via self delusion, the measure of a species ignorance!

A “Mental Block” prevents one from learning at all, in the instance, and is difficult to reverse such a dettrimental state! A state which will cripple the cerebral from all notions of actuality and prevent one from evolutional benevolence.
Unfortunately not being taught or relegated from education differs from a mental block!
You will come across members in such communities that have encompassed a self imposed mental block, which prevents one from full growth!

The exact opposite to becoming brain washed! A state of being where no information derives and is allowed to enter the Cerebral Cortex!
A state of the mind becoming severely closed by elusiveness of acquisitions of knowledge and study and excellence!

Many have adorned such a passage and are without awareness of their state!
Thus causing severely hazardous misdirections to many and a young in such communities and their homes!
Advice oftenly betrays the mind, for the affliction wills the determination to refute wisdom!
Such is the inclination most are unawares of the acquired behaviour, which often preventions growth of a organ or element into fruition!

“How can one be an angel, when all around him behave as devils towards one”

“Tupac Shakur” 1971-1997

“As I lived amongst the people, There hearts where turning one way, while my heart was turning in the opposing direction, There souls where grinding against the wheels of my soul, which was turning in the opposite direction”

“KAHLIL GIBRAN” 1883-1931
From Treasures of Kahlil Gibran
mandarin philosophy

I trust you will educate yourselfs, for there is no greater crime in this world, than an empty mind refuting knowledge.

I trust you are well and have indeed enjoyed the blog

farewell but not yet good bye


” IMPRINTERS….. IMPRIMATUR! ” The grave pillars of Deviation!


Imprinting onto elements is a most common practice by all intelligent life force. Humankind has attributed the entire hemisphere, history and that which we do not see onto a perception of convenience for that which will become common  comprehension for an identifier to realise. Without such importance of cognisance, we develop extreme views, objections and understanding of elements which may provoke further extremes in actions, behaviours.

Before the imprinting arrives, a scientific approach would have manifested even in the most indigenous of populations.

An identifier may have witnessed the element on several occasions, while continuing to study all properties of mannerism to create a field view of realisation between that which was identified and that which is identifying.

First realisation commences when an organ, utilises infrastructure of itself in correlation to its environments… other habitats and elements by first identifying itself separately in the formal description as a solo entity.

This proses needs no language but just for a period to pass of enlightened realisation. Any living organ will undoubtedly have realisation at some stage  before the paramount of fundamental cognisance of the organ identity.Once this fundamental phylogenetic has identified outside its personal boundaries and illustrated to the  idiosyncrasy of the idioplasm, such such science of singularity and biology, a acute pertinence of the organ identifies relationships.The depth of such a realisation is paralleled to the capacity of illumination per idioplasm per mertricity per entity.

Throughout research has endowed archaeologist with a kaleidoscope of factual information consenting our phylogenetic along with the phenomena of relationship of environments, from the alpha of where, when, what, who, why, with and how…?

We as a human species have acquainted much, as the biggest and greatest of all human accomplishments solely takes pride as language.

Language identifying as the agent for communication  with other highly intelligent elements of nature.

The very language which has endowed humankind with the utilities of education, survival skills, ambition, care, fairness, coexistence, medicine, politics, trade, capital, equality amongst a plethora of resources which has stemmed from the acquisitions of communication. This communal has seen the most violent of epochs juxtaposed  throughout our history in multiple formats, ranging from the most barbaric to modern civilisation across the mighty hemisphere. Humankind has transcended through many epochs identifying itself with multiple facets of nature and name calling or “Imprinting” ones school of thought or ideology on a humanitarian base or sectarian affiliation. More often then mere coincidence, the poor have been the leading protagonist in the uprightly governing of order via hierarchies who may have found their greatest prize “” In once in a life time”” product! That was already made up packaged, packed, labelled and ready to be shipped out by the sachet load to the unsuspecting retrogressions of the kind yet placid vulnerability of the  villagers.


7tW8zW453fVbGOpiXkKYiiT5nPAj8kY7EBgdirluMfwVia careful ingenuities and sessions of ill fated command, drew a breath for much needed restructuring as modern ills was indeed taking its toll on society, in which order was desperately needed to control over others from the keepers and the spoilers. Formations and subscriptions of idol worshipping came by the bounty to conquer the ills and thirst of such toxified earth dwelling inhabitants.

Such worship originated from the organ to its environment juxtaposing its understanding on the relationship felt by the organ itself. A agreement need not be administered for realisation to be illuminated, for understanding is simply what one deems to be true instead of what is actual reality! Hence; employment of imprint.

An apparent concern by zoologist researched how newly hatched ducklings “Imprint” a perception in there cerebral state of the first element the lay eyes upon is their agent or guardian, which gave life to them. Newly hatched baby ducks have been observed following empty cans stuck to the back of trucks for weeks, until realisation was provoked! The realisation gave birth to the cohesion that this can was not indeed their biological guardian but a useless object of no enforcer to them at the slightest. It is also apparent that all newly born organisms form a  perception of orphiolatrous communion between the self and the perceived entity.IM-Sbm7fF-RAMak_q5Hoi7XrfpjJ2zpATwTd19t0BHw

It is also worth mention that communication as already set in research does not have to be in reciprocation from perceived object or element which imprints or is being imprinted upon? hence; The relationship between the new hatched baby duck to the can!

You may come across this IDOLATROUS in subsections of daily life right up to modern times. Including the denominational ecclesiastical eschatological, hagiographical, soteriological, ontotheological, canonical,  scriptural, hierographical,  patterns of behaviour and character-ism to all and anything from football stars to automotive owners to glittering adonememt wearers to pants displayers!


The most important fact, the imprimatar has total exemption of know,and example of a  real relationship with the possible imprinted to form real juxtapositions and ideologies except hearsay evidence, which is often refuted in a functional  litigation practice. Such admiration or misogynistic traits would there for be classified under admissions  as not tangible with the imprinted except for what lays between the mind!

The “”Imprint “” substitutes as knowledge or facts to the majority of lackadaisical neurogenetic organisms. When really such declarations, truly can not be counted as anything, but self imposed ideology, self volunteered, self subjected, self implemented and subjugated, indoctrination to or about another element or agent!

I once new an acquaintance who never fed her children healthy substantiated food. It was also apparent that the children never ate fish, but would regularly feast upon MacDonald Restaurant.


As the infants grew and treats became the norm, the family where led to believe they was eating the dominant food, which was entirely inaccurate of their self indoctrination to skewed diagnostics.

I have often thought of events and dates, Law,  Historically, and literature, and wondered to myself, how much of this is really true? I have wondered quite frequently of the way information is displaced, mistreated, skewed, and fabricated by many with skewed neurogenetics and ulterior motives. History perpetuates to mimic itself, and has an admirably comfortable relationship with its nearest cousin continuum, of fathers repercussions and  MOTHER repetitiously!

Even there are indeed those amongst us who may even walk with us who contrive to skew the rightful information, are many who seek to subdue the minds of as many as possible for selfish gain or plain evil ingenuities…


The other day I read a post which was in the “”famous quotes”” section which read;- “”Place your hands on a HOT object for a moment and it will feel like a lifetime, be with a HOT women and it would feel like a minute””

Then it stated “” That is relativity”” “” Dr Albert Einstein”

The first point I would like to raise, is I have read works by Dr Albert Einstein and I know what relativity is, from reading Dr Albert Einstein work. Which is apparent neither Dr Albert Einstein or his metaphysics applies to this quote! Dr Einstein has writing a 3 volume Encyclopaedia explaining his juxtaposition on relativity “chaos theory”..

I thought to mention this because I had an epiphany, that realisation moment, of how easily everything from retrospective data to theology to what a man advisers from his lips to the audience, can become easily convoluted without even investigation. That which is surgically instrumental is indeed inevitably combustible. Such dereliction via equivocal deviation, communions will invest in the indoctrination for personal transgressions, until all resemblance of truth whispers upon an old forgotten corpse!

“”The Lochness Monsters””

Amongst a plethora of weird and extravagant creations of the misguided cerebrals…. Often manufactured on the balcony roof top of a drunken pub reveller.. As modern REVELLERS often still fancy a fantasy, while shock value from tabloids juxtapose a yearning for the unbelievable fantasies to waken our dreary existence, indeed  continued humankind oldest known tradition…

“” The Imprint”” L7Ak1undyLec0UXrQRX0dz2aZGpmo2ea5IJqXLTsGw


Thank You sincerely for continuing to read my bloggs..

I can only hope all is well and you can find aid in my bloggs..

Thank you

k. A 15/01/14liy

“Do not be evenly yoked with thy who seek the demise of favours” “Do not!!!!”

There are many types of neurological syndromes that bequeath the cerebral!
To many to state amongst the familiarity of the common states of unwealth being with encumber the average cerebral in a life time, to the anthropogenesis of all species!
All cave dwellers to cosmic chauvinism… have a mental delapidation which galvanises another behavioural characteristic!
Such can be inherited, Caused via nurturing… Intoxications… Head traumas… Emotional or Psychological traumas… (Stress..) etc…
Will betray a composed functionality of mind!

“Over concern of others or opinions”

Of concern, of other, opinions, ultimately will lead to a betrayal of the self… to thy self… by thy self…

Ref; “Don’t mind others” while “minding yourself”
Equals ★★★★★★★★★★ my friend!

To concern your betterself… your auspicious self… with the juxtapositions of others, is only to truly harm yourself by default of over concern!

“Never be concerned my friend by others!”

Your paths do not align or parallel, not even close… With the juxtapositions… of the lower levels of cerebral utility from the mischief of pariahs and pessimist… who proclaim pestilence… and cosmopolitan lapidation…

Nihilistic narcissism. .. perfumed by their favoured antithesis, of a rendering host of narcotics, render the mind!
Alcoholism… Over substantial intake of caffeine… drugs… Nicotine. .. render damage to brain cells!
No need to follow and subjugate to the same cancerous fate!

HENCE: Why waste your beloved purity on a woeful tragedy… you will not find benevolence but mere mutilation of mind..
Mutiny of the self…
Such will never respect you! If one struggles pitterlessly to respect the self! (Their very own pyramid)
How can they respect you?

To mutilate the mind, is a quintessential parody, a parallel of the phylogenetic-ism. .. of such an organism which betrays harmony with mother nature!
Hence! That which does not respect mother nature can neither respect you!

The mind is a precious tool… while you can only save yourself, by serving your betterself, and shinning a supernova for the pious to follow, for now and evermore!

Hence! “Memoirs of Nelson”
(From freedom to the future)

“A mind is a tribe of one”
I postulate. … not a portentous port-cochere ordained by skewed fascist and Idiosyncratic affiliates!
“Know thy self” ….. “well!”


One such beautiful “Fable” of admirable personifications… administered!

“The BEAUTIFUL Horse and The Towns Folk”

A long time ago… many many centeries ago in a quite village.. postulated by noble men and women who would regularly give aid… sanitary.. provisions. .. hostel in the way of peace offerings to stranger’s and pariahs those shun from society. . The broken… the destitute… ill healthed… poor… hurt… tortured and meak…
Such a town was known by the land for miles and through out as a utopian hospice of saviour and benevolence!

Even such of the like as women reffered to as whores could go to such a town and be aided back to health by the pioneering of the towns folk!
Well known thieves would even seek shelter, from poor conditions of the seasons, for an exchange with a bed and warm cup of soup and bread!
Such a representative… lived and survived, long in the hearts of the persecuted and pessimistic folk of the land. ..
A beautiful mare stallion “Tall & Dark” roamed the comfortable sanctuary of the village yard, but would be kept safe at night in confidence!

One such night the confidence was broken, as the stable was not locked!
The horse roamed the court yard, unexpectedly of any imminent danger to befallen.
Jumping over obstacles and feeling the ambiance of the cool nights breeze… With the flowing of its beautiful long mane, following its every swift elegance, glistening in the light from the warm air bequethed by an amiable full moon!

Unexpectedly, the horse fell into the open well, and was indeed unfortunate!
Fore as hard as the mane efforted it could not reach the top!
Such an unwelcomed decree should befall such an energetic endomorph of species!

So succumbing to its faith it held high and waited with sustanance of patience….
Looking up at the nights bright stars, in the pitch black of the nights mystery…
Pitch black space of the dark distant mass!
Upon calling out by way of screams belated by the beautiful stallion, the towns folk all arived one by one!

Upon sight of their most beloved endomorph, every which way conceivable was instrumented to free the mare!
Yet success was not be manifested on such an erring night!
For not tonight would be an easy night for many to remember!

After much converse the towns folk desired to retire for the night…
In which they was repeatedly awoken by the cries of the mare!

Upon a further gathering, an unfortunate decision was made, that all they could do, would be to burry the horse, in the present travesty of such an unwelcomed fate, this doom as a resting place for its cries!

One by one, spades… shovels… and buckets where brought to begin the unfortunate task of filling the well, with the horse alive, on the notion the mare would be layed sacrificially to rest!

The effort was commenced, with the first spade plunched deep into the soil.
A large heap of soil was unearthed and piled into a nearby bucket!
Four or Five individual spades followed by Men, until  the buckets was full and then was passed down the line of twenty or so woman.
Four women to a bucket, passing the bucket down the line…
Untill the bucket reached the end and was emptied down the well! (By four strong men)

The beautiful mare, who was “Once” so admiably looked after.. always kept in the most prestigious order, was having to withstand bombardment of heaps of dirt!
Which juxtaposed irregularities of its nurture!
The mare felt the horde confounding, and was irritated by the dirt thrown down, which landed directly on its powerful shoulders and back!
The mare would ruffle a sound, shake its own powerful shoulders to free the fallen dirt in irritation!

Every-time this would happen, the townsfolk heard the mares cry!
Until upon over a hundred buckets later, they heard not a sound!

The group stared down the well, but was only met with total darkness.
The blackness of the well stared back at them… not a voice or whimper could be heard.
Nothing lived but pitched blacked..
Utter darkness and the state of emptiness. ..
Black and dense and dark was the hole……

The townsfolk decided, that the beloved mare had indeed been laid to rest!
While juxtaposing the ultimate state of ignorance!
They discussed the unfortunate inquisition should a child fall down the well, or visitor’s acquiring investigation into the mare!
So the townsfolk decided to fill the well to the top, and close the hole entirely.!

As they began shovelling more soil down the well, upon an exhausted rest by the towns folk.
The mare jumped out of the well onto the ground, In-front of the towns folk, with shock and surprise the towns folk was stunned, as they watched their beloved mare come back to life, and gallop away forever, into the dark and distance night!…

Never to be see again!

The mare was thought to be burred, but truly the contrary was apparently, it never died.
Instead was saved by the unfortunate juxtapositions of the lackadaisical juxtapositions of such cerebrals!

While the soil fell on its powerful shoulders, the mare would shake the soil which would fall on the ground, by its large hoofs.
Then the mare would stomp its powerful legs upon the ground with irritation…
By this routine, it was subcontracting a makeshift employment service, of aid to escape.
The mare was levelling the ground with the soil.. Ingenuity always befalls the open hearted of mind and soul!
While encumberment follows the ingenuity of evils!
whether they realise not? Makes no difference.
For every action deserves a plausible reaction.
So there fore Everytime, soil was thrown down the well, the same process would be administered, by the horse!

A powerful shake of its shoulders, to release the soil onto the ground, followed by a shout from the horse in irritation while stomping, all four hoves on the ground.
Then, as the ground raised, the horses freedom, was realised and by the mares…

“Escape to freedom! Forever!”

This is an old Arabic tale!

In which the moral states!
“That which people use to burry you will set you free”

But I say to you… my friend! do not worry as fools are just that and can never be more than that, as it is not their decree to be more, or otherwise they would perfume the air with continous poetry… admirable sophistication and sweet symphony easily digested by the senses!

Their talk and rhetoric is that of the Gin and woeful spirits… misogynistic mischief… and deviance!

Keep your eyes upon the supernovas… pulsars and etherealization of euphoniously!
Synchronisation with a superheterodyned affiliation!

“Memoirs of Mr Muhatma Ghandi… Mr Paul Walker…”
Should relign your philanthropy….

Do not waste anymore time towards idiots…
“I wasted to much time with them”
As I realised they need your life to survive… you do not live they do not live!
Put yourself to the piety of the tiny few somewhere!
For the the wiseman said

” you can not converse with the unpure of heart”

Summary;- For it is true! They will only abuse you or use you!