Trespassing In Unceremonious Turf

“When We Administrate A Vocality Of Wisdom To A Vacant Mind (Foreign Ground) We Are Sometimes Not accredited Or Appreciated”

More often than most such lackadaisical tendencies and the non advancement wisdom from such pariahs or less of education, are unclear to the treasures they are receiving….

None the less, give freely…. your rewards are worth your weight in gold… Even if your work is routinely stolen… still give freely… you will collect your reward from elsewhere…

Myself I notice many of my work is stolen… with not a hint of accreditation given to me… often somebody elses name appears in the post? Such as the unethical behaviours of the postea resonates as  “A Touch Of IRONY!” & “Hypocrisy”

Why post an ethical post giving advice on morals… standards… principals… ethics and etiquettes…? When you are hardly displaying such attributes of honesty yourself in the manner of thieving the work! This is a huge action of hypocrisy at is finest and displays the inherent Psychology of the masses in our societies…

“Everyone Demands For Fairness Yet Nobody Is Ever Fair”

You would believe the postea to at least display the necessary ethics first as a result of the posting of such words… Yet, Sadly often people will not! But would rather hide the name of the original artist and place another name there in…

Do you too recognise your own work also being printed freely with out mention of your name…also…?

This is definitely akin to robbery and theft… often this is why in post people place the (C) for copyright certified originality of owner respected. ..

This means you should not be copying without the proprietors permission and authorisation. … It is an abuse of the laws of literature! Which you maybe liable to prosecution… Under criminal laws of professional practice… trading… distribution… copyright… and information acts…

It is quite evident people do not comprehend literature and laws well enough…. This could also be due to the level of education and mental health by the one copying and breaking all copyright laws….

This appears to me, everyone on google plus and on social networks abuse quite nonchalantly all copyright laws without much regard to the time and effort it was administrated by the original creator of the literature…

If you have been following my post you will see all my work (literature) scattered everywhere without my name posted by others… Who have created their own version with their personal design… the amalgamation of colours and pictures and fonts with my words and sentences…

My blogs have been created from my experiences… But because we live in a world where almost all at some point in their life, is quite dishonest, actually not even a tiny little bit but rather grossly dishonest… Truth becomes quite scarce.  As a consequence most information is not attributed to the originator of the literature. … at all ever…. Perhaps gracefully, Only by the tiniest margin of proposed luck, may present you with alternative information, that alternative information may allow you enough enlightenment to produce great understand… “Ah ha so that it where it came from in acknowledge and response!” While you may then realise who the original literature came from…

I have noticed from experience that white people are the most dishonest people on the planet, by way of deceit, machination, injustice, falsification, propagation, defamation…. and as a consequence when this was recognised via the rulers in antiquity…. they set out to protect even the things they stole from other countries, by way of prohibition laws and acts of trading and disclosure. .. literature and copyright…. this was law and still is… However you can recognise how often it is broken. .. It is in the nature of every white person to be dishonest at something…. I have studied sociology and looked into anthropology and the relative sciences to be able to prove the evolution of this phenomenon!

Other nations are theives more from poverty and desperation… For example black homo sapiens are often in denial of behaviour and are often strictly speaking just brutes in denial they are illiterate… Blacks by majority and are increasing hard of hearing and illiterate, often the mature blacks are most illiterate, as education did not exist in their day…. Education is totally new to the black homo sapient. Most black people would rather believe a foreigner to his own colour and culture then a person from his ethical orientation!

Brainwashing of black history was the preocupation of the white civilisation, to the point blacks would do the whitemsns talking for them… You will realise black people holding up the whiteman s version of the  christians bible even higher up in the air than the whiteman.. A black person would hold the christian religion which was taught to them by the whiteman even closer to their own hearts than the white people ever do…

You see this is an extreme form of brain washing… This is the quintessential motion of those that have been brainwashed… A man or women who has been so badly brain washed will continue to ever believe every single word that derives from the whitemans mouth… Not only that but they will swear upon it as the truth, even if they never saw something which was advocated to them… This often the period the blacks afro Caribbeans/Africans often do the bidding of white peoples work for them… By efforting to destroy other lifes or people…

Because I have lived on both sides with blacks and whites… I would declare neither are trustworthy by culture or society. …

Often because whites understand that blacks are generally illiterate, Uneducated, hard of hearing, simple and non archiving…. They manage to brainwash the blacks into believing many aspects of life… history and demographics. ..

The black homo sapient has an incredibly lazy cerebrum which is non interested in education or investigation. … What the black mind is interested in is euphoria.. ridicule. .. force… merchandise… pride… and everything that only delivers immediate gratification….

The white people acknowledge this, quite ceremoniously more then anyone… so endeavour to fool such black people into believing false ideals… While often these very blacks are indeed laughed at behind their backs by whites when with their families and own!

If you try to educate a black man’s mind via your personal experiences….? “They Blacks Will Declare You Are Lying”..

This is the level of their brainwashing…. and ignorance… damage….

I do not know even if blacks can be re educated anymore… every single black person I meet is….. (to put it mildly) Psychologically defeated and ultimately destroyed!

The greatest monument of brain washing whites undertook to distort black people…?

Wherever there stands a group…. you are in grave danger…. so I would advise you with courtesy never join any group… It is a shame because though it would be a sign of virtue to stand with many… Unfortunately it too often is the fatal catalyst to such detrimental ionising of your benevolence and spirit… In simpletons terms…. strangely and quite surprising enough… by union association and such similarities, “You Will Indeed Perish!”

My life as problematic as it often is has been improved magnanimously by solitude… When i stopped associating with black people, i moved further in life… “Simply by relegating people who I once thought where friends, in actuality where more than enemies. Insurmountable realisations benefitted me in my solitude…. Thus aided to see the enemies more clearly… Ultimately I have witnessed and realised that there are no good or bad people in this life. Perhaps, that which exists is rather the juxtapositions, from a eclecticism…. surmount in variations of attitudes and neurological departures. Otherwise unsteady “landmines” and psychological disorders in unprivileged and privileged scenarios…

Such a state of mind in an unprivileged circumstance would result in a crime or hazzardous motion… But also such a state of mind in a privilege circumstance would probably not react in such a hazardous motion… I have witness this all through my life… and you can witness it too, via this simple experiment…



Tell individuals you know, ” you destroyed property of theirs…..? This could be anything of value to them…. but not sentimentalism or emotionally valued…. (as such things are usually priceless… to the owner)

Now tell them it was destroyed? But quickly report you are not serious, so you do not leave lasting effects. ..

Record in your mind their response…?



Later inform the individual you have got something good for them… know something they desire and state you have it….? Then state you broke something of theirs…..?

Then put them to ease by just explaining this is an experiment…



Hopefully you recorded the response at the end of both occasions when you told the individual you had something good to give them…?

Myself…. I recorded in the past that people receive problems in mannerisms of maturity, when they are privileged or have had good news prior to bad news…

I found that wealthy people are very unlikely to become angry or saddened because they are often in a privilege state of autonomy and psychological competence. ..

Yet poor people are in a constant reverse, because they feel miserable and unprivileged, any problem is exacerbated by the fact they are still attempting to get over the previous problem…. which could have happened shortly before the present issue… So this unfortunate stroke of series become insurmountable. These scenarios endure by poor people are perpetual, as a consequence they never face autonomy… As a further result of not facing autonomy, the poor people are never in a state to think clearly and will continue making the exact same eras… often taking advice from people who they should not take advice from…. This is often advocated as “the straw which broke the camels back”… “The final straw”… “Tipping point”…. “Over The Edge”… “Boiling Point!”… Etc…

Experts are aware that most citizens in all societies suffer from mental health, yet the majority of those in mental health get adequate treatment.  The main problem is the denial undertaken by those who do not wish to go for checkups to investigate their own mental health! Such people are the dangerous toxin in society as when they explode nobody saw it coming… Thus no prevention could be made…. Women are the highest number of Psychiatrical patients under mental health programmes. Yet men are more successful in committing suicide…

From my experience I can tell you much…. much…. much more than the figure of “17%” of men suffer from mental health exist… From my experience I would say it is more likely to be “Triple” that figure…. The problem arises via one or two words…?


Men are as fearful as if they saw a ghost or a vampire, due to checking themselves via professional expertise and clinical tests… to affirm their Psychological state of being… Luckily for me I had aid from when I was a child, had I not, then clearly I would not be here or functioning adequately or semi adequately! Majority of men self medicate (luckily I do not) a mans medication of choice is either narcotics… marijuana. .. paraphernalia or alcohol…  Plus the intention to participate in crimes….  I can tell you that all these substances are detrimentally bad… and if you duplicate these substances you will be very fortunate to be alive…. Most adult men that subscribe to these toxics are misguided souls… listed in the wilderness if abyss. ..

This abysmal is the fact that such dissolutions of minds will advocate to you… that “You are the confused one for your information of such habits…” Often these individuals will not take medical advise…

Womens toxicity is usually via over consumption of food…. alcohol…. cigarettes. …. fornication…. spending…  The intention of verbal abuse to others and instigation of turbulence (feuding fights)

Both groups of people will suffer from intense jealousy as a consequence. .. This ultimate manifestation of scorn will lead to hatred of others  and cause further problems in everyone’s lives both targets and their own…etc…

The government banning drugs should be a priority, as most adults are not mentally mature or competent enough to administer their own healthy dosage of drugs… much worse narcotics. .. marijuana. .. etc… Even alcoholism is major factor in which adults never prescribe themselves a healthy dose to keep their spirits in place. .. Instead overdose on alcohol and cause death or humiliation!

All this has an effect on every quadrant of society. Everything from finding a suitable partner to marriage to raising kids to behaving like civil citizens… Are all diminished by the health and Psychogenics of the citizens who indeed need medical help!

S Memo_410 S Memo_409 Purge Of Autonomy S Memo_413 S Memo_412 S Memo_417 Self torture S Memo_419 S Memo_418 S Memo_420 Realising brainwashing S Memo_422 S Memo_421 S Memo_415 S Memo_414 S Memo_423 S Memo_416 S Memo_425 S Memo_424 S Memo_426

Thank you and be well

All who are not shy of light and truth…

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