Exploitation Of Manipulation

“At Which Stage In The Personal Evolution Of Our Organism…. Do Each And All Set Upon Each Other?”

You Will Indeed, Be Familiar With Such A Question, As It Is Motioned, From Time To Time!

From Early Age We Begin Forms Of Early Manipulation Which Are Absorbed From Our intrinsic Instincts That aid our Survival… Though Our Primitive Understanding Of Survival Is Based On Euphoria As Infants… We Still Graft The Necessary Ingenuity To Graft Our Inner Mist Of Desires And Lavish..

I can remember an occasion, when I was waiting in the patients area of the doctors surgery…

Watching an infant walking to and throw, grafting what it could from each parent… Ultimately learning the earliest survival skills. “In Order To Navigate And Negotiate In Their Quarantined Encumbered Environment”.

The infant quite charmingly displaying the chivalrous of an early starter…. motioned to one parent after a short walk, and retrieved a nice helping of pink and white ice cream served by a tiny spoon, then waited and made a short journey to the other parent sitting  at the opposite side of the room. The infant gently smiled and grafted another generous helping of the mouth-watering ice cream… Then the infant, which now appeared to be confident of its exploits and round trip journeys between It’s mum and dad, uncovered “Enlightenment!….”

Realisation had bequeathed the childs cerebrum… The child had and after thought, a mission, a conviction…. and the infant understood the best practice to retrieve the object of its desires… The targets were in close proclivity, and the cause was instant gratification. Nothing else mastered in this point in time, all hell could break loose, yet no pink & white ice cream? Then all life was lost for the infant… The object was to retrieve as much ice cream, in as little effort as possible. … “so far so good, mum and dad had not wised to the guile” the infant cleverly looked…. again in both directions… while mum and dad laughed at the infants purposeful plan… “To rid the two grown ups, of all trace and evidence of the sweet soft stuff!

Yet again more round trip journeys followed by gratifying smiles and climbs on to both parents legs, to safely mount for retrieval, before setting off again in the opposite direction for a tour of personal duty on  this personal mission of satisfaction and sacrifice. ..

For the infant, nothing else was of concern more than the gratification of retrieving the amiable soft sweet stuff from both parents… Smart and luring the infant probably thought of itself… Masterful tactician an ingenious craftsman-infant! The grandiosity and subliminal appreciation arose from the infants aura… as it was aided by smiles from all looking on. .. The audience to this real life play! This activation of survival… adventure from a child’s mind… ingenuity. .. life… love… learning… and mild humour… all sat along side this most pleasant adventure of self realisation and learning…

“This Is Ultimately The Awakening Of The Cerebrum To Survival Or Necessary Machination”

Watching the infant in the waiting room that day, bequeathed my cerebrum of the ceremony which attributed awareness. … both parents where indeed happy that their child was learning new things… Indeed it would have to.. in order that it survive adequately in the world… as life would get a lot harder when parents were no longer around to deliver the spoonfuls of sweet good stuff…

Therefore the infant had to learn, and indeed learn fast it adequately acquired the necessary craft of manipulation and endeavour. .. work and effort to retrieve its rewards… walking was the work… ice cream was the reward… great plan good accomplishment executed and deserved!

“So We Understand Where It Comes From Why Humans Turn Upon Each Other In Life”

Desires…. Desires And More Desires…

What if both parents had refuse the infant the good sweet stuff! Would the infant had been so endearing?

So charming… so chivalrous to the parents…?

Probably not… The fact that the object of the infants affections was in plain sight of its view and with in grasping range… made temptation all to ferocious to resist! How would the infant summon the will to negate such a graving… after all it had probably had not been taught yet that you can not have everything you desire….

Ultimately this is the exact attribute which produces a criminal…. A rapist… A thieve… A bank robber… etc..

As such infants become overly indulgent on the allure of euphoria… Compulsively engage in their desires untill addiction has long set in… Now consequentially addiction has been long-awaited and subscribed to such juvenile delinquent. … This delineation hassles its way to top priority… and like the child of before…. All attention and all endeavours are solely constructed for one cause….

“The Interception Of Desires”

Living only to chase your desires…. Unfortunately in the long run will not abide many well. Usually ignorance leads to heartache and illness… The criminal conviction… addiction… suffering. .. regret… sorrow… loss and ultimately misery…

Almost nobody actually is aware of this… I have not heard it mentioned by anyone but myself before and here on my blogs…

I have routinely listened to and converse as an adolescence growing up, To hear teenagers and young women state these words…

“I Am Going To Spoil My Baby Rotten”

This affirmation, literally advocates the statement in full but with the best possible intentions.  Nonetheless… all shall not evolve well as a phylogeny. We have a very basic order and instruction. Through our basic order though complicated constructed, we confuse the complications of our organism with the basic ideology of our purpose!

Hence engaging in Psychological complications, while seeking dangerous justifications, through forms of incorrect inclinations in basic living… Humans only destroy themselves by addition of toxic substances to their anatomy, while the subtraction of organic vitality from the organism renders health to an abysmal degree!

There are a plethora of hosts that administer the eradication of the self… including outside agents. ..

One agent is a spouse or partner… who does not align with you… We know mental illness is a constant attribute of the human racecourse.  Majority of people have one form of mental illness or another, But unfortunately are “NOT” willing to surrender to medical aid due to pride and prejudices. .. As a consequence will “NOT” live a very ethical or balanced life… I have met many people involved in this lifestyle, who consistently guide many astray. They do not guide people astray viciously as I noticed. Even their partners are misguided and unrealised to travesty via a long debilitating journey… Often times, associates do not perceive or visualise the calamity about to unfold. Only experience can alert one of future turmoil…

The cunning afforded to such is that of predator, whether male or female…. Usually the prey has also mental health issues, but are also yet to be diagnosed… or not untill they are seriously debilitated from anxiety and depression!

As we are all learning via life experiences… harm… pain… hurt… accident… mistake… era… will be witnessed in this journey…

Unfortunately so will intentions…. evilly… cruelty. .. wickedness. .. malice… belligerence. … persecution. .. malignancies. .. jeopardy. .. jealousy. .. hatred… Anger… Danger… Pestilence and hostility will also be witnessed!

And usually as a result of mental illnesses or just plain ignorance in life….?

“Often Every Delineation Which Was Stated To Describe Dilettante Or Pariahs Are hijacked By The Very Souls It Was Used To Sentence Or Describe”

Often you will indeed notice that “Imbeciles calling others or intelligent people stupid or fool? This is absolutely crazy… Is seems that hardly very few people, are well in this world these days?

One aspect I have notice of these deliverables. .. Is they are most easiest absorbed by weaker or debilitated minds… These are usually minds who are suffering… feeling lonely, desperate… confused… and abandoned souls… These are isolated… desolated and distinctively destitute spirits….

Example would be Ex soldiers. .. Widows… Those suffering from depression. .. Those who have lost a love one via accidental death… Those abused Via manipulation or physicality. .. Those cheated or robbed… All are usually in a state of mild to high trauma and are usually too unaware to perceive a sting or culprit approaching who will bleed them dry of finances, physicality or emotionally!

Usually people fall for some bait… a sad story of manipulation appears to be the only trick most favoured by exploiters…. It appears to come at some point after trust is earned… It is also likely those who have been manipulated will go on to manipulate and vice versa…

Often like for like in relationships that are long lasting. When I hear of a person who said they was abused for many years in a relationship. That notifies me that the tactics also exist with in the nature of “He/She” who was abused or manipulated. I do not believe you can stay engaged or married faithfully or not for so long, without exhibiting familiar traits…

If both involved are friends with benefits… two friends who enjoy each others company then the above does not apply. The concern becomes evident on acceptance of relationship status… As in partners… fiancée… Couples… etc… If you are only friends you do not need to concern yourself with what the other does… yet you should not be a financial victim or burden regardless of relationship status!

Many people are bad at chosing partners due to societies vision of prospective partners… If you chose your partners by society’s ideals… well you will be constantly bequeathed with heart wrenching roller coaster rides…. with added misery and regret at the final laps!

Usually when you find yourself you have a better chance of finding the right person… Somebody once said to me… they wished they got married at 40! That is forty years of age! When I asked why… They replied “After all that is how long it took to know the self!”

Thank you and be well!

None haters…

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