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“Act in such a way that the maxim of your will could always hold out the same time as a principle of a universal legislation”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The University of Konigsberg (German: Albertus-Universitat Konigsberg ) was the university of Konisberg in East Prussia, Germany from 1544-1945ad. The University was founded in 1544ad as second Protestant academy ( after the University of Marberg ) by Duke Albert of prussia, and was commonly known as the Albertina.

Following World War 2, the city of Konigsberg was transferred to the soviet Union according to the 1945 potsdam Agreement, and renamed Kaliningrad. The Albertina was closed and the remaining German population expelled, Today, the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad , Established in Russia, claims to maintain the traditions of the antiquities on the magnitude re-establishing the Albertina. The history professed to a one Albert, the former diligent Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights and first Duke of Prussia since 1525ad, had purchased a piece of the land behind Konigsberg Cathedral on the Kneiphof Island of the Pregel River from the Samland Chapter, Where he had an academic gymnasium (schoolerected in 1542 anno domini. He issued the deed establishing the foundation of the Collegium Albertinum on 20 July 1544ad, after which the university established the inaugeration on August 17 of the same year.

The university juxtaposed as a faction of the Halded Cracow Academy in Poland, In which the heralded juxtaposition of the newly established Profess duchy was a Fiefdom to the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland. The first rector was the poet Georg Sabinas 1544-1547ad, ( son-in-law to Philipp Melanchthon. Lithuanian scholars Stanislovas Rapalionis and Abraomas Kulvietis where amongst the initial professors to the university. Every professor obligatory to a sworn oath which legitimised the AUGSBURGH Confession. As the association surmounted in the confines out of the jurisdiction regarding the grandiosity of the Holy Roman Empire, Imperious statues of their hierarchies Charles V and Pope paul lll dissertated spasmodicalness spartanism and dimidiated to bowdlerizations in personal favour and monotheistic monolithic’s.

Nevertheless the Konigsberg Academy enfranchised to the royal extramundane by King Sigismund ll of poland in 1560ad Mach 28.

Immanuel Kant born in Germany 22 April 1724 and died 12 April 1804.

Mr Kant who facilitated modern philosophy of the epoch, was a bright student of the magnetohydrodynamics nonclassicals. A most formidable energetic enthusiast, the young “Kant” displayed little measure for play. Such as the young “Kants” measure for endowed philosophical benevolence, Kant was enrolled onto the magnanimous illustration of prominences by his induction onto the Konigsberg University, at the tender age of just 16 years of age, in which the young Kant studied theology, philosophy, ethics, epistemology and sciences in social and economics and physics.

IMMANUEL KANT, At the age of 8 years old , entered the Pietest school, to there  young Kant was taught Latin for a further 8 years, by his pastor in which Kant became spell bound by the delicatessen of Latin poetry! Such was his adornment from his application. Dominant material juxtaposed by the ambitious young Kant, that he was acclaimed by his heralded teacher Martin Knutzen, in which the philosophy of Christian Wolff and Newtonian physics was bequeathed upon Kant. When in 1746 Kants father died, he spent 9 years as a tutor in various families, In 1756 KANT returned to konigsburg as a unpaid mentor tutor.

Later he was illuminated as paid assembly, in which the coming years heralded the administrations of his philosophy on a plethora of subjects from astrophysics to matter condenseness.

Kant evolutionary thesis “Allgemeine NATURGESCHICHTE und Theorie des Himmels” (1775 universal Natural History of the Heavens) In which he proposed a nebular system which the Sun and PLANETS condensed from a single gaseous cloud, Independently advanced by Laplace in 1796ad, subsequently was illustrated the kant-laplace Hypothesis.


I myself, subsequently and further more… than a multitude of years ruminated on the earth rotational spin and have a hypothesis of my own.

In the centre of the earth lays its core value, which I fathom will represent an equation totalling 1% ratio of condensed core matter to 99% ratio of earth matter.

The 1% ratio core condensed matter in metrical appearance would equal the whole metro-logical circumference of the United States of America. As we already know in quantum physics is that the further compressed the contentment becomes, the heavier the object will be! This 1% is so tightly condensed that it actually out-weighs the remainder of the planet! The condensed core matter is a spinning ball of metallic matter compressed of Irons, MagnesiumsSodiums, Crystals, Plutoniums, Carbons, Gold, and all pressure minerals. The matter (Dark Matter, Space-time & Ether) in the cosmos keeps the planet afloat (to fully explain this phenomena, we will have to surrender a few moments to field of Quantum Mechanics…) To understand the behaviour…. we will attempt to explain below.

 (The behaviour of ATOMS ).

In more than just superfluous speculative gesture, we can attain to the fact that there existing is a multitude formation of atoms, one inside the other commencing in a reduction in size. The atom travels at such velocities they appear as a solid object or force field barrier, appearing larger than each atoms actual property.

EXP;- I F YOU COULD IMAGINE A TENNIS BALL MOVING IN A CONSTANT DIAMETER, BUT NEVER ORBITING THE PERSONAL DIAMETER, THE SIZE OF THE DIAMETER WOULD EQUAL THE TENNIS COURT IN RATIO TO THE TENNIS BALL!                                                        So any object approaching the field radius which the diameter has set would be blocked by a field G-force to prevent any object entering the diameter, the approaching element would be rejected and rebound of the radius like a ball bouncing of a solid wall. This is akin to a force field the tennis ball has set by its juxtapositions to form this diameter.                                                                                     The diameter the tennis ball has created would be given a name?…..                                                LETS CALL IT Tennis-ball Diameter 1 (TBD1)

In actual fact it already has a name? it is generally assumed as ATOM” (To which specific identities are labelled for different functions, due to size)                                          The tennis ball would be assumed as the “Small ATOM”

Nevertheless that has a name also, and admirably each one inside the next mimicking a trick surprise parcel wrapped around each other with “30” or so assorted variations of wrapping paper represents each atom particle inside the next, with the same properties of radius as the tennis court ratio and tennis ball ratio, (Atom & small Atom). But instead of just one atom inside only one atom, further atoms may consist of higher numbers as they propose separate formalities, realising a bountiful of atom life apparent to a shopping mall of people, a congestion of bodies in one environment moving phenomenally at high velocity to create compact structures and forms that foreign particles or bodies or elements can not emerge or submerge into each particilar vortex, as if invitation had reached capacity from the beggining!

These atoms feed from carbohydrates left over from carbon dioxide and oxygen combination CO2, while the Hydrogen & oxygen attributes to sustenance (H2O which gives them an increased energy supply (E) For speed of travels proposed by Noble Prize Laureate 

Dr Albert Einsteina-roundgif (1)

In a famous formula of Energy Mass Speed (E=MC2

ATOM life span is only 1.7 seconds per average ATOM existence, However if ATOM was the size of a human adult Atom would live for 1,000000 years (1 million years)

Multiple atoms exist inside one another to great G-FORCES of balance and counter balances.

These balances and counter balances are named as Particles & Anti-Particles, Every Atom MOLECULE concists of such structures.

The luminous particle under photosynthetic photophosphorylation proportions a radius of 1.33 of the validated radius,  the exact correlation of Entanglement radius to centre sphere.

When ATOMS are tightly bound and compressed together they greater matter, in which the weight is phenomenally heavy for its proportion.

Every planet and star has a ANTI-GRAVITY POOL (This is the compressed matter inside the planet and star….

This anti-Gravity pool is a Phenomenally superhetorodyne frequency



As in all things in life are found with pairings of opposite and negatives so do the fields of science which indeed more often than can imaginably believe to compliment one another. Comparisons between structures are often a vehement resemblance, that it is more than strikingly shocking! One only has to look in a NASA telescope to realise the twin CYTOTAXONOMY between the “COSMIC NEBULA”  and the “HUMAN IRIS”


How strangely extravagant for life to care so much to perfect these precisions of duplications, in organisms and organs with a full communication between the separate agencies!

animation; thunder lightning

Something, Some Agent, Rule, Thing, Element, Order of purposeful sentiment or idea, Law, Universal Legislation or be it superior influence…? Appears to be Mimicking itself upon all the creations… throughout time and space known to exist!

Some communication, or intelligent device must be self aware in the cosmos!

This Isolation, this Instrumentation of its own management synchronises unparalleled, to anything isometricated by intelligent life in the antiquity of existence known!

Chronicling the “OCTET” which mediate as an artificial sub-particle binding matter together to replicate a design of the astounding “Honeycomb” formation.

The magnetism which binds these particles in effect is a superheterodyned frequency, Isochronously magnified for maximum nuclear & subatomic energy.

Baryon is identified by the way the particle isospins in formations 1/2, 3/2, 5/2, 7/2, 9/2, 11/2 etc.

“Meson octet” isospins complete isospins, like a spinning top on a table, by isospins of complete rotations of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. This Octet resembles an “SIX Sided Pyramid” from a plan view “looking down on the octet”

” The BARYON DUCUPLET ” resembles a triangle with 9 even sections, basically by adding “3 more triangles to the octet you have a decuplet!

The “core” in the centre of the earth and all other super-compressed solid condensed matter based  planetariums, isomorphically complete “Meson octet” isospin formation.

By this juxtaposition the planerariums deep core suit “The Baryon Octet” transfers the quantum “Chromodynamic” magnet “Gamarays” (PULSES)   To The Adjacent conducting field and Attraction, The Opposite and Negative Polarities course mutual attraction but not to pull in to the extent of collision as a separate force keeps the planets from crashing into the sun star!

animation; thunder lightning

“QED-M” proportions from the “Star-sun”

EXAMPLE;- Would suggest attachments of a rope around a vertical pole, and attaching a ball to the opposing end, and swinging the ball around the tree!

The G-FORCE expectation from the gravity of the subatomic particles would balance the planetarium in circular formation as the “SUN – STAR” pulls the earth planetarium AND ALL PLANETARIUMS closer, the subatomic particles ” STANDARD QED) prevent the planetariums from crashing into the sun!

This demonstrates how all life produces the positive and negative pulses existing here on earth, entwined throughout all mass and relations! The most critical cohesive conundrum iodous, is to locate the parody in human nature before you are torn apart similar to matter floating towards the sun. I have been Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Financially unfortunately to ionospheric reflection.


“What is good for others may not be good for you, As what is good for you may also not be good for others”

2013 ⓒ


This statement being disclosed to you, i merely hope you can or have already worked this simple format out?

If you can not understand this statement, before the action of your very own demise..? The truth is you will never really understand crucial moments that can alter the prospectus of your life. For the reason why i openly display such sentiments, is my bias towards allowing those to be bigilant of biligerent traps often unforseen in life, hence… because many a human beings continues to make the same mistake over & over & over again, the worse are those who spend pepetuality in and out of prison, rehab, hospital for their simple failings… of repeating their trauma over again.

Our lives duplicate the “baryon octet” do you remember how it spins in 2 thirds of each section going over formality but without full choice, suggesting gross perplexity, and also the “MESON OCTET” going around and around, contentiously in complete circles like a frantic perpetual schizophrenic.

The most detrimental device that will effervescently derail your life, path, choices, love, dreams, desire, career, family, friends, happiness is that of poor advice! This is very crucial to understand!

This can unexpectedly kill your life, “The road less travelled”.

Listen to nobody but your heart, it is there for a reason, please use it, You understand!

I can rember my big sister use to tell me “THERE ARE MANY WAYS THE DEVIL KNOWS HOW TO KILL YOU!”

This is a metaphor, against the most cunning people you will not even perceive such a determinative transgression approaching, consequently from your philanthropy you commence sending money to the perpetrators for something, only out of kindness, maybe perpetrators want you to believe them for something, “they want you to endorse something from them” “most desire that which they can deceive you for” often after aid one may feel victimised and insulted. Incidents can skewed to benefit the perpetrator over the victim. While few may believe your version of events.

A distant relative, named Andrew, once told me as a teenager, not to trust anyone and reiterated with vehement affirmations “are you listening, i mean this for life!”

I can swear to you now those words are true!

I have seen that movie too many times, and i am tired! Save your energy, as you will need it for much more trying times ahead of you my friend, you may unfortunately realise life is not so fun.

The world is nothing but full of odd ball characters, who would do society a favour if they was never born, these are definitely men and women to the equal amount unfortunately! Many people, fortunate have not experience these particular pitfalls of life. The spot light that endorses life, is not all that it seems, when i was a boxer i use to retrieve an unequal amount of hate, this does you no such favours in life when one arrived from an irregular up bringing, with personal problems in the backgroun!

Andrew was right! there is much more evil in the world than philanthropy, i come to realise as the gospel truth! Just be-careful who you make friends with, Life only gives you one chance, and that is often a fate of no mercy… especially for those who are nurtured from a skewed parenting. Most fathers are fine, but women will destroy a father to child relationship for jealousy, unfortunately is a female trait, and the most powerful emotion in the world reiterated from a profession solicitor, unfortunately my close pals are dead or lost in this version of evil.

It is a strange world we live in, to the tune that even a brain dead participant of ignorance can addressed an educated person as an  ignorant person! very very strange world indeed.

Good luck but not good bye

thank you for reading my chapter , i trust you are well in continuation.



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COMPILED and Prepared for typesetting by market house books Ltd, Aylesbury                                    British Library Catalogue in Publication Data. A CIP record for this book is available from  the British Library ISBN 0-7475-1226-4

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KHALIL ALIY 22nd january 2014

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