Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

A profound philosopher Born on the 27th August 1770 and lived to 14th November 1831, died at the age of 61.

Mr Hegel a German national by birth endeavoured to instruct a comprehensive,  frame-work of philosophy and what is illustrated a system of  “Absolute Idealism”, to account  for an integrated and developed structure for the relation of mind and nature, the absolute taxonomist juxtaposing variations of realisation, essentially  galvanizing a  substantiated nomothetic of ethics. Hegel’s consistency to engineering dicotyledons of philosophy for anthropological astute’s. Hegels authority of narratives to bring great realisation of all parallels and existing populous to an agent or polar, to the dilettantism and diligence with the “absolute idealism”. “Hegel” a man of a superior understanding and measure, sought to bring sophistication and vision, introducing  dilatometrics of the “Absolute Idealism ” to the unresolved of esoteric factions! The antiquities of the past entwined with present day was an immaterial substances imprinting the minds of the greatest linguists and illustrated idiomatic theoretic’s. “Hegel” amongst a golden few of a noble generation of the spoken arts of subliminal understanding, reasoned thus of elemental entry to realisation… integrated compositions of contradictions also, for freedom and nature as transcendence and immanence, science and nature, philosophy and doctrinaire, earth and space, water elements and fire proportions, believers of faiths and non-believers where united in un-equal fragments of the same proposition in the totalitarian of the “Absolute realism”.


Thus suggesting that a possible crippling of measurements slightly dilated their personal reasoning, but that may be the only separation in personal growth between the elements of humankind’s personally education.

“Ilushin” pronounced “illusion” meaning scientists and “Geist” pronounced “Gist” meaning spiritualist are examples of separative concepts of “Hegel’s” forecast for “the absolute realism”.

Understanding the “Absolute Idealism” requires one to make an abstract de-cloaking of the mind, to formally refute that which was taught for a complete life time and be prepared to enlist fresh all-encompassing non-partial or limited data to the confines of the cerebral hemispheres of personal know! Quarantined by the feverish of fresh data. To combine all elements as one, to submerge all factions, ideologies and heretics from each -Ism to -Ology to -Gical to -Ally to -Istic to -Tions and Sions, to -Ise to – to all-encompassing nouns and distinguished meanings of linguistics and phonetics incorporated indeed in the fraction of all-encompassing data towards the “Absolute Realisation” of elementary existence!


Such ideologies are to big for mere mortals to comprehend, as we understand the average anthropogenic being only utilises on average 3% of their totally cerebral capacity per life time. While the greats of humankind utilised approximately 15% of their brain capacity, Existing mostly in an auto mode which derives from release of self-governed negotiations.. I.e…. relinquishing power to another mechanism or agent to negotiate all menial tasks and objects for your self perusal, your entire existence! Even the subconscious actions of driving while resisting the awareness of other dangers to non-concentration per tasks and conversations, but the mere inclusion of blind support to unregulated repartition juxtaposes a total exclusion from repetitions of actions all manifests a strong projection of 100% subordination illuminating further un-awareness and self UN-governance.


The automatists… of secularity who would oppose notions of what may have been deemed “FLIGHTS OF FANCY” or “Notions of grandeur” by the “PHILOSOPHER”  such as “Mr Hegel” by his seasoned speculative “logic of reason”, for such as the dominance of ” G. W. F Hegel” juxtaposing such a remedy as the “Absolute Idealism” which illustrated the path for all eclipsing automatisms who broke of branches from while furthering such personifications as Phenomology.. Germenology Existantialism.. Psychosis.. Marx-isms.. While even the pontification atonement of such a polyphemus status of “Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzche” ( October 15, 1844 Rocken Germany – August 25th, 1900, Weimar Germany ) who fashioned much by endeavouring… illustrationing,  physicotheological suffragettism.. polysyllabically!

“Hegel” , His Idealization, fluctiferously contorts the “Absolute Idealisations” should also distinguish from the subject..  formalism, conformism, reformism, franchist-ism.. suggestive… compounding.. refluxing, refractive, regardant, re-actioning and simply opposing each linear object and sanction. A true metamorphose of existentialism!

Thus you can appreciate life is not a reboot of a robotic programme though highly alluring sensitivity… profess such a profound suggestion that, the magnanimous magnitude of intriguing intricate precision and components existing of a distinguished mimicking assembly.



Acknowledged in the field of physics the nuclear power of “Atoms”, that a recorded ratio to size to speed implements, If atom was the size of the average human being, “Atom” could travel from here on earth by setting off to a destination of planet Mars and return back to Earth and then set of back to Mars and reach it in a record time of “1 Second flat!!” This illustrates profoundly the exact true nature of the hyperactive Nucleur reactive power of the atom found in all chemical compounds.

A the most powerful single element of existence identified in the fields of physics by all scientists. The “ATOM” so unfortunately useless by itself as a singular agent, metamorphosis spectacularly into a living “GOD” when accumulated with the infinite quantifications of multiples of likely agents.

The formality of an “ATOM” behaviour, rendezvous very similar and influentially to the illustrious metamorphosing of a aquatic swarms, should you wish to engage in observation to gather “Realisation” of “ATOM” property and behaviour TO OTHER AGENTS OF EXISTENCE! I would most certainly endeavour to suggest all below links, are formatively very intriguing in their personifications, of affirmations which shockingly are indeed mimicking patterns from luminosity to enchantment, communication, fragmentation and formation!


We as intellectual inhabitants together produce a cogent conclave, and can substantiate reasonably with the ratificatory of pacification, towards any previous heralded concatenated automatism, but to digest and include reason with, rather than against for auxiliary know! And to assemble all intransigence variables to herald a concave of perceptual variability in the botanic arcades of magnanimous realisations… As all life is meaningful, regardless of whether the agents inquisitory factions realises or not! It shall remain as no difference to both entities agent and element., simply undressing the fact, the fact that all botanical life force entwined with all natures life cycles from the Co2 to the H20 to the Co2+HO3 to E=mc2, and this relays only as the juxtaposition of the scratch surface alpha! I.E “nothing” in the all-encompassing gravity and relativity’s entirety of existence is ever wasted, ever, at all!

I.E “nothing” substitutes for something, and something is always relative in “HEGEL’s” “Absolute Realisation”.

An element may appear useless, but for the agent it would appear the quintessential contrary. Agents may produce elements for use like a flower excreting pollen from its buds. The pollen playing the role as the element needs to find its use, and needless to say it has many uses whether it is aware of its waves or not, just simply makes no exquisite difference at the least whether it is self-aware or not, because it omits such desirability for an abundance of host in separate organisms and organs.

“Therefore , if what is meaningful may be useless due to our ignorance of it, indeed our very own ignorance may serve us purpose if we retune it, before others “IMPRINT” ON IT!

The meaning of “USEFULNESS” is not general, but subjected to the element and agent and environment, not subjected to expiratory only ignorance and circumstance.


All transferability via existentialism evokes nurture and nature for usefulness. volcanoes, dust, matter, boredom, life, compromising attributes all contain a use somewhere, somehow, some-place, with something, a lock and a key, all mannerisms of insect life serve as food to something or someone else’s selfish purpose! Alas!… It is in the “hour” such elements forsake to find its use, before something or someone else, collaborates finds a use for it! Which may demise structure and property of the agent or element and its true value?


We all are it appears, though we never knew our worth!


“To study the encryption properties of matter, I became totally self-aware and realise myself everything has use, and that it is absolutely impossible for anything in existence to become “”useless””  KHALIL ALIY*


In “CHAOS THEORY” which was founded by Dr Albert Einstein at the turn of the 20 Century, but named as relativity. Relativity is solely the interaction and observation between forces of singularity, to and against identities. The curvature area around an object reflects as relativity, the mutual attractions and intercessions of bodies and mass, particles and anti-particles, frequencies and subatomic oscillations in and out of super-thermodynamics and thermoluminescence. Example would be the linear radius frequency beside the moon or planets, the fluctifer-ification/unification orbiting the focalisation/localisation of an all-encompassing fluvioterrestrial  hydrological force/equinox!

* Here the Chaos theory actually takes a step further, which was juxtaposed into fashion around the turn of 1953, reflects the highly important substitute that regardless of priority every entity is important regardless of size, weight, compound composition or measure. From tachyon molecules to the biggest giant Quasar Clusters ( which some stretch 4 billion light years across in diameter! ). Every tiny insertion and particle has a relation or rule and property and insertion into another porthole or programme of existence, declaring its meaningfulness and importance and relativity.

“what is mimicking itself?”





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Thank you for following my blog, with sincere courtesy i hope you have indeed enjoyed this rather revealing and thought-provoking assessment to assistance in such  “Realms of Realisations”..

KHALIL ALIY* Monday 20th January 2014*

Dr A. Einstein, Essays in science, philosophical library, New York 1934

Dr W. Heisenberg, physics and philosophy (Allen & Unwin, London, 1963

Bloomsbury Theasaurus; Betty Kirkpatrick 2 soho square W1V 5DE

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