” IMPRINTERS….. IMPRIMATUR! ” The grave pillars of Deviation!


Imprinting onto elements is a most common practice by all intelligent life force. Humankind has attributed the entire hemisphere, history and that which we do not see onto a perception of convenience for that which will become common  comprehension for an identifier to realise. Without such importance of cognisance, we develop extreme views, objections and understanding of elements which may provoke further extremes in actions, behaviours.

Before the imprinting arrives, a scientific approach would have manifested even in the most indigenous of populations.

An identifier may have witnessed the element on several occasions, while continuing to study all properties of mannerism to create a field view of realisation between that which was identified and that which is identifying.

First realisation commences when an organ, utilises infrastructure of itself in correlation to its environments… other habitats and elements by first identifying itself separately in the formal description as a solo entity.

This proses needs no language but just for a period to pass of enlightened realisation. Any living organ will undoubtedly have realisation at some stage  before the paramount of fundamental cognisance of the organ identity.Once this fundamental phylogenetic has identified outside its personal boundaries and illustrated to the  idiosyncrasy of the idioplasm, such such science of singularity and biology, a acute pertinence of the organ identifies relationships.The depth of such a realisation is paralleled to the capacity of illumination per idioplasm per mertricity per entity.

Throughout research has endowed archaeologist with a kaleidoscope of factual information consenting our phylogenetic along with the phenomena of relationship of environments, from the alpha of where, when, what, who, why, with and how…?

We as a human species have acquainted much, as the biggest and greatest of all human accomplishments solely takes pride as language.

Language identifying as the agent for communication  with other highly intelligent elements of nature.

The very language which has endowed humankind with the utilities of education, survival skills, ambition, care, fairness, coexistence, medicine, politics, trade, capital, equality amongst a plethora of resources which has stemmed from the acquisitions of communication. This communal has seen the most violent of epochs juxtaposed  throughout our history in multiple formats, ranging from the most barbaric to modern civilisation across the mighty hemisphere. Humankind has transcended through many epochs identifying itself with multiple facets of nature and name calling or “Imprinting” ones school of thought or ideology on a humanitarian base or sectarian affiliation. More often then mere coincidence, the poor have been the leading protagonist in the uprightly governing of order via hierarchies who may have found their greatest prize “” In once in a life time”” product! That was already made up packaged, packed, labelled and ready to be shipped out by the sachet load to the unsuspecting retrogressions of the kind yet placid vulnerability of the  villagers.


7tW8zW453fVbGOpiXkKYiiT5nPAj8kY7EBgdirluMfwVia careful ingenuities and sessions of ill fated command, drew a breath for much needed restructuring as modern ills was indeed taking its toll on society, in which order was desperately needed to control over others from the keepers and the spoilers. Formations and subscriptions of idol worshipping came by the bounty to conquer the ills and thirst of such toxified earth dwelling inhabitants.

Such worship originated from the organ to its environment juxtaposing its understanding on the relationship felt by the organ itself. A agreement need not be administered for realisation to be illuminated, for understanding is simply what one deems to be true instead of what is actual reality! Hence; employment of imprint.

An apparent concern by zoologist researched how newly hatched ducklings “Imprint” a perception in there cerebral state of the first element the lay eyes upon is their agent or guardian, which gave life to them. Newly hatched baby ducks have been observed following empty cans stuck to the back of trucks for weeks, until realisation was provoked! The realisation gave birth to the cohesion that this can was not indeed their biological guardian but a useless object of no enforcer to them at the slightest. It is also apparent that all newly born organisms form a  perception of orphiolatrous communion between the self and the perceived entity.IM-Sbm7fF-RAMak_q5Hoi7XrfpjJ2zpATwTd19t0BHw

It is also worth mention that communication as already set in research does not have to be in reciprocation from perceived object or element which imprints or is being imprinted upon? hence; The relationship between the new hatched baby duck to the can!

You may come across this IDOLATROUS in subsections of daily life right up to modern times. Including the denominational ecclesiastical eschatological, hagiographical, soteriological, ontotheological, canonical,  scriptural, hierographical,  patterns of behaviour and character-ism to all and anything from football stars to automotive owners to glittering adonememt wearers to pants displayers!


The most important fact, the imprimatar has total exemption of know,and example of a  real relationship with the possible imprinted to form real juxtapositions and ideologies except hearsay evidence, which is often refuted in a functional  litigation practice. Such admiration or misogynistic traits would there for be classified under admissions  as not tangible with the imprinted except for what lays between the mind!

The “”Imprint “” substitutes as knowledge or facts to the majority of lackadaisical neurogenetic organisms. When really such declarations, truly can not be counted as anything, but self imposed ideology, self volunteered, self subjected, self implemented and subjugated, indoctrination to or about another element or agent!

I once new an acquaintance who never fed her children healthy substantiated food. It was also apparent that the children never ate fish, but would regularly feast upon MacDonald Restaurant.


As the infants grew and treats became the norm, the family where led to believe they was eating the dominant food, which was entirely inaccurate of their self indoctrination to skewed diagnostics.

I have often thought of events and dates, Law,  Historically, and literature, and wondered to myself, how much of this is really true? I have wondered quite frequently of the way information is displaced, mistreated, skewed, and fabricated by many with skewed neurogenetics and ulterior motives. History perpetuates to mimic itself, and has an admirably comfortable relationship with its nearest cousin continuum, of fathers repercussions and  MOTHER repetitiously!

Even there are indeed those amongst us who may even walk with us who contrive to skew the rightful information, are many who seek to subdue the minds of as many as possible for selfish gain or plain evil ingenuities…


The other day I read a post which was in the “”famous quotes”” section which read;- “”Place your hands on a HOT object for a moment and it will feel like a lifetime, be with a HOT women and it would feel like a minute””

Then it stated “” That is relativity”” “” Dr Albert Einstein”

The first point I would like to raise, is I have read works by Dr Albert Einstein and I know what relativity is, from reading Dr Albert Einstein work. Which is apparent neither Dr Albert Einstein or his metaphysics applies to this quote! Dr Einstein has writing a 3 volume Encyclopaedia explaining his juxtaposition on relativity “chaos theory”..

I thought to mention this because I had an epiphany, that realisation moment, of how easily everything from retrospective data to theology to what a man advisers from his lips to the audience, can become easily convoluted without even investigation. That which is surgically instrumental is indeed inevitably combustible. Such dereliction via equivocal deviation, communions will invest in the indoctrination for personal transgressions, until all resemblance of truth whispers upon an old forgotten corpse!

“”The Lochness Monsters””

Amongst a plethora of weird and extravagant creations of the misguided cerebrals…. Often manufactured on the balcony roof top of a drunken pub reveller.. As modern REVELLERS often still fancy a fantasy, while shock value from tabloids juxtapose a yearning for the unbelievable fantasies to waken our dreary existence, indeed  continued humankind oldest known tradition…

“” The Imprint”” L7Ak1undyLec0UXrQRX0dz2aZGpmo2ea5IJqXLTsGw


Thank You sincerely for continuing to read my bloggs..

I can only hope all is well and you can find aid in my bloggs..

Thank you

k. A 15/01/14liy

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