Thursday’s Money Saver (weekly)

“Remember, There exist a correct way and an incorrect way to perform tasks”

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In teenage age years, I loved the endorsement of cash and all that it aided aspiration to! I never even noticed jealousy at that time in my life, because one was so busy chasing money! I remember still, my first part time job at the age of 11 years old! I worked for the local news agent “John Menzies” delivery early morning news papers, one hour before school started each morning! The morney was not great but it certainly came in handy, as I never use to get weekly pocket money! That job lasted for one whole year! Before I went into delivery of “The Evening Standard”. Which I worked for 18 months! Once again money was necessary for my life at that age, as was everything I saved for, including money from relatives! I then moved onto work for a larger company called “Gate ways” subsequently are out of commission now, as where franchised by somerfield, who are now the “Co op branch of food change!

succession of jobs perpetuated right through school and untill I left home and punctuated the college campus, universty and then full time work!

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The financial experience of such hobbies can appear as theft from the spender to the franchise, as most garments do not cost a great deal to produce!

But for the lable many will often reluctantly or ill advised to spend great figures on simple attire fashioned from simple cloth!


“When one looks in retrospective order”

It is clear to me where most of my money went! I was a keen lover of expensive clothing, anything from sports wear to the latest custom designs, and eye catching exclusive labels!

I can still remember spending £110 on a pair of trainers when I was still in school! I wanted to be the first to wear these trainers, back then as a child! I can still remember the feeling I had for owning something which was not due out in tbe country for at 7-8 months! Young people as myself back those days where labelled earners! “probably equivalent of todays Ballers of that age” flashy people!

I do not regret spending large amounts of financial income at that age, when I look back. I really enjoyed the buzz, the ownership, the originality, the hype! This trend continued for years, with expensive clothing labels, trainers, shoes, suits! I have been quite fortunate to acquire relative intuitive skills and presentation of earning money as I grew! If I was to calculate how much money I spent each year on labels, I realise I could have bought a car each year in the height of my endorsement of fashion!

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The last several years money and fashion has not been my top priorty or concern, but I have been greatfully appreciative of any endorsement which I came into contact with!

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One major factor I realised not too long ago was that my weight has hardly changed from years ago to now!

I Have always kept a good shape, and kept my body in a firm physical specimen (Mainly as a result of my sports fields & careers and love of training).

As a result has kept my body often slender and toned!

Strangely enough, when I give advice to people about loosing weight and keeping weight down, I always reiterate to them the benefactors of this by way of financial savings!

You see! In fact people who put on weight, are at a loss financially! As this will increase ones spending on new cloths each year! An acquaintance I knew, would increase a dress size on average every two years! She endorsed her food fanatically! I guess it was just her personal way of “Filling The Void”. I would feel very sorry for her as I thought she was the most beautiful person inside and out!

But for all the advice I reiterated, nothing could penetrate the unquenchable desire for food!

Believe lots of people have this type of fanatism, with absorption of food and as a consequence is costing them a fortune each year to afford new clothing to fit their ever increasing weight!

“My sincere advice to all who wish to save money, first if nothing else, try to keep your weight down, like me you will safe a fortune on not having to purchase new cloths to fit your increasing size each year.

Be well and thank you!

Thursday’s Money Saver Advice Session (Monthly)

Everyone has a plan, yet the majority of folks are often              Falling short of the actuation of their plans! Usually harboured by financial constraints, time, knowledgeable affiliates, experience, beliefs, circumstances, demographics, geography, culture, religion, acquaintances, health, education, gender, sexuality, heritage, identity, ability, aesthetics, vunerability, weaknesses- (kindness etc) etc etc….

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The truth is there lays a host of genres that prohibit you to acquaint with a life a little bit more beneficial than the one you adorn!


As I versed, there really exist a right way and a wrong way to do everything in this world!

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Believe me when I advocate, there is a right way and a wrong way to eat your food!

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While the unfortunate wise are born to suffer, one must remember, “There exist nothing in this world worth keeping which is bequeathed freely!” It is an absolute certainty that good things often come to the disenfranchised by difficulty! 

Remembering this…. There is a right way and a wrong way to cook your food!

There exist a right way and a wrong way to wash your food, keep your food and even collect your food- (whether this be exhausted by hunting or purchasing from stores).

This “Right Way & Wrong Way” actually existing in every element of existence per se!

The only problem arises in the actuation that, unfortunately, “you will not live long enough to learn everything right or wrong!”

HENCE!  “Learn From Others & Others Mistakes!” period!

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Some folks are so better off, that the requirements of learning, is not as detrimental to there progression, as they have literally, a plethora of contingencies via fortunate circumstances! (We are NOT prince charles, Prince Harry or any other benevolent successor to a mighty benevolent heir or empire!)

This reality is harsh, one that is too harsh to often think about! (This being an ultimate realisation of life, utters the profound affirmation, that we will not inccur unlimited lifes)

Remember! We are ethereal creatures, our biological time piece will be surmountable before all our desires and dreams are even half punctuated! This realisation of effort over time, is probably the most conclusive component to completion of project! Not all of your projects are achievable! Many of your projects are totally prohibited as of now or even then, some will be realised from prohibition when society evolves just a little further! (Yet unfortunately as the prohibition decreases other prohibitions are actuated)

As an example of interlocking prohibition I have set out in example 1.

Ex1. In England in 1920, poor school children could not afford to go to school, if their parents were not working and able to afford school fees! – (This was direction, the prohibition order by way of parliament, untill the magnanimous poll shift of the tripartite act of 1954, which allowed all children of lower class to attend schools in England and Wales for full time education nationally).

Now can you imagine all those children living poorly in England and wales in the early 20th century– (1900 onwards) Such children who were not afforded fundamental education, would not have gained the sufficient attributes to gain the prosperity of wealth, health, status and prosperity.

Many of those children unfortunately died in wars, so strangely enough had only one due instruction for their existence– (Live to fight/go to war to feed your family) such trends you can visual are far from fortunate, and fall outside of any type of prospects. 

This early example of your future- ( along with blacks who could not go to war or education before the amercan civil war in the USA, Poor White woman in England Who could not have decent jobs known as suffragettes, Mentally ill participants who where treated as demonic entities, Women who were accused of witchcraft, were all traits belonging to poor circumstances via chronological epochs! )  to your circumstances, it is only one of a plethora of suggestions which will cripple you before you are old!

This I have learnt is where time becomes the greatest acclimatisation! For time is never on your side. We have to acclimatise with time its very self. We are habituated by time and time is not our friend. All age  is at a grand mercy to this legislation, via suffering and discrimination of the great monster aka “TIME”.Ignorance blacks

Knowing this truth, makes it quite difficult to make a decision, especially from/with poor chances handed to one?!– (Some grotesque decisions people have to make out of such choices of, do we eat rattle snake or cobra?). Then have the unwanted trepidation, of catching the unwanted savoury!

Paths are so important, yet the greatest thing you have to learn as quickly as possible, is the grotesque realisation, that there really does exist a multitude of folk who, will discourage, misguide, misdirect, misinform you, and what is worse will enjoy it, laugh at you for falling into their trap and probably even brag about it by trying to shame you! While all indeed heavily wasting huge amounts of your time!

I can not save you all, nobody on earth can, I can only point out some of the errors in the world I came into contact with, that existed then, now and will do still tomorrow!

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This universal trigger and devil of messing with your prosperity has indeed a life of its own and has quite a simple name! – (This name is usually known by misguidance, the misguidance perpetuated by ignorance, envy, fear and jeolousy is often enough to keep you out of the redemption you crave and work for!).

My personal cue is, – (The devil is a conniving but smart psychopath, who has evil wisdom in the age of historically old antiquity of the dark arts, do not ever underestimate him/her or you will loose profoundly).

The devil has his soldiers who work feverishly day and night to keep you locked astray, the worse fact is the actuation that the devil is successful more times than he is not! “A record to defeat all pound for pound records” So hopefully you might comprehend that which I am reffering to when I advise about time for you an its importance to your very life!

Time is the most precious element we own in this existance!– (just contemplate for a moment………. the numerous occasions you have heard such a statement… “If I knew then that which I know now I would be so much better off”)

Hence! Time is a most precious commodity, probably the greatest commodity of them all! If you could sell it……. how much would it be worth???

or if you could buy/purchase time or shares in time, how much would you pay for time??? If you can answer this question with a figure/Sum €£¥$!………………

Then one day in your life….. You actually might understand what I gave you/or that which i am giving you?

Today I am giving you some “TIME” so you do not waste your very own “TIME!.

Via my life and examples of things that did not work, which I have tried and wasted! Although I was informed by others sworn advocacy and blood, word even some swearing on their life, their mothers life, even their childs life! I have even heard people actually say “They swear on gods life, that I should try it and it will work, on gods life”.

Not that I ever took their advice, but before as a child I did, too often, this was my weakness untill adulthood!

Now my one regret of life is no different to any other persons regret- (as you now know what the number one universal regret is as I mentioned before! Stated… If I knew then……. etc!)

This universal declaration of misery can be avoided by you, if you follow a very simple legislation!

This legislation is worth more than the entire weight in gold of your home!

The simple legislation which will always protect your future, your mind, your time, your finances is as follows!

No1. Always Trust Your Heart Over Any Voice, Whether that be even my words, your fathers words, your mothers word, your doctors words, your spiritual advisors words, Any spiritual/rigorous religious book or person/s… never ever actuate their advocacy if it does not agree with your heart?!

The heart is a ““”Heart”””  The “Extraordinary facillitation, Subliminally superheterodyned advocate, a matter of subatomical conscious  carbohydrated atoms entwine with the soul with pure intransmutable intravenous katabatic atomic subsonic consciousness!

One has not even fully calculated the real extremism of such awareness! This extraordinary organ actually inhibits a greater level of fact about you, your life, health then any scientists can instruct you with!

Yet I must disclose to you, with all competence arrives the component of almost opposites! For every strike has its misses, as every gift has its technicality!

Unfortunately this gift of the heart is never entirely free, and is paired by the price of your actually health!

The heart can not or never will be deciphered or trusted, if one is either intoxicated, spiritually or mentally fully corrupted!

No such physical condition will obstruct any condition or deciphering from the heart, but if the mind is intoxicated or severely mentally unstable all messages from the heart will always be skewed or misunderstood or not clearly totally decipher-able!

Take care of your heart and your time!

You often may only get one chance per choice to make the greatest decision in order to benefit you and save time!

S Memo_160

Be your good self and good luck!

Save your time, one day you will really need it!

You will see!

“Thursday’s afternoon financial philanthropic advocative session” 01.

“As the world’s multiplicity duplicates in every fascet, comsumption and product has worn first prize parralel to noble laureate recognotion of the galaxy,in this manifestation of mined resources converted and utilised then dumped. This proceeds the most contagious assemply of danger to all life created by one soul inhabitant, namely guilty of spoil!

The human race is as guilty as charged of squander waste and dump, as a theif caught red handed with his hands in the amiable cooky jar!


Consumption is rife, waste is increasing, squander becomes a route for the lesson of regret, while nonchalance to mother earth has evolved as the new ever popular fashion of rock and roll!

The earth is truly blighted by the rendering of its most unorganised tennants- (you, me, him, her and every last individual, who fearlessly ignite the mass or destruction and rot upon mother nature, while depleting all resources!

You you and you sir/madam!

S Memo_82

Yet once again we know who is the most highest culprits in this engineering fete, of mass production, squander and blight!

S Memo_57

Yet how much is it worth to advise others of such seeds of blight?

The answer is “All the money known to ever exist”.

As that is the true price any person of sound mind would give to protect the future of their grandchildren, children and more!


Obviously we can not expect everyone to care, that would be impossible, but the little you do will have some beneficiaries to your life!

“That which goes around comes back around!”

To blight plus more…

Orbital model of atom

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Health degeneration, climate dilapidation, resources dissemination, disease and drought!

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Is the oldest statement recorded in the book of beneficial ethics!

S Memo_12

Yet we modern anthropological beings have only and are still endeavouring to comprehend its meaning!

Nonetheless! Advice only ever sits as advice in the thin air of anatomical life unless it is attatched to a pot of gold!

S Memo_23

Well you shall have some gold to day for your effort of time!

S Memo_41

Money saving tips are equal to that of being presented with such rewards needed to proceed in the here and now of your journey! Wage, expense, trade, favour, cash, treasury, sovereign, capital, aid, funds, associates, dollar, pound, paper, material, matter, substance, earnings, stock, shares and money or that which you ever use to voice such power of the subsidies needed in society to exist?

I often calculate matters of money, as you can appreciate such accustom is quite difficult to protect handsomely!

Upon recent investigations via ill health I have had to find subsequent ways to allow the personal bartering affiliate to stretch that much longer in the quarters of my existence!

After spending what appears to be a great deal on the reservation of one’s basic estovers I calculated each partition of my benevolence where money can be saved!

I will be posting each and every thursday a money saving advice tip which when calculated can slash normal shopping bills by approximately 50% annually- (Yearly) No doubt others will probably charge for such advice as the world does not evolve upon fresh air solely! Often to the degree that others are so keen to increase their capital that they even inherit the machinations of spoil recruit and sabotage!

Nonetheless! I calculated recently how much money I spend on mops and mop heads! Which came to over £100 a year!

You may not fully understand the reason for this figure, yet I can assure if to enrole or partake in a proffessional diplomacy of cleaning or Bicks course– (British Institution of Chemical Science) it will be more then detrimentally inherent the reasons why?

Firstly bacteria is a huge killer and danger, and multiplies with the extremities of oxygen in the natural atmosphere!

Each secregated dwelling area has to have its own personal mop– (Usually colour coded as standard practice).

Yellows are for the importance in detoxifying bathroom facilities-

(metrication of the flooring area etc)

Green are for the danger of kitchen facilities-

( “”  as stated in initial area    “”)

Blue are for the hygienic accommodation areas of rest and entertainment facilities-

(“” as stated in initial area “”)

while Red are fore the cleansing of toilet facilities-

(“” as stated in the initial area””).

Often one should be now aware even if you wish to purchase the most cheapest mop and bucket you have to wash- (though often not advisable, as the tiny threads usually clog your washing machine over time and possibly even if released via powerful agents, are flushed via pipes to block national pipe grids and form a obtrusive contamination of wast’s accumulated to surmount a gross distortion of mass in sewage drains!) or change the mop end within every fornight?- (which is much more advisable and hygienic by cleaning standards!

Their exist such shops who would charge the absolute least price of just £1 to buy a new mop end!

If we calculate the cost we can evaluate just how much money the cheapest shopper of ethical hygiene spends a year?– By using the metrication of a standard apartment for one person, in which you have 5# or 6# separate areas of habitat per single entity. 1# Sleeping area, 1# Recreational area, 1# Cooking area, 1# Toilet area & Shower area- (or 1# Shower area if separate shower room to toilet room), 1# Hall way area! 

So please recall we stated the cheapest mop replacement cost just £1 we should change every 14 uses– (In Which it is advised to mop everyday) which calculates to 1 new mop head every 2weeks. Now we can multiply that by the standard living area per single agent in society which amounts to 5/6 rooms! Unfortunately most are not quite as fortunate to have the six stable areas of convenience so we will graph our visit by 5 areas of location for the calculation!

Now we have the £1 fee for the mop!

Multiply this by the 14 day period, for the usage longevity!

Then we have the metrication of space per single agent? 5 living “quarter’s” of habitation? 

If we except the £1 and then multiply that by the 5 “quarters of living area”

then We arrive at the not so unexpected figure of 5- (which is just £5 every fornight of usage of this 1 instrument?)

Now we need to calculate the yearly usage to maintain this level of hygiene in your amiable home, from the figure presented of 5– (£5pounds fortnightly per standard single person area?) Multiplying this figure by the fortnights- (2week periods totalling in a year?)

Let us conclude how many fortnights are in a year in this section?

First we can state, generally speaking there exist 365 days in a year by humankinds evaluation of the demographics associated with international understanding and value of humankinds, measurement to days and years?!

If we except the 365 digit and devide that by 14?

We find the expected sum of ….. …. just 26.0714285714

This sum represents the value of fortnights in a normal year from september to september by human standards!

Now we have calculated our fortnight figure– (Each two week period in a single year), we can forward that to the multiplication of our expence per fornight of mop head- (Which disclosed previously smounted to just £5)

So now! Take the figure of 26.0714285714 and multiply that figure against this figure of just 5- (remember this figure 5 represents your £5 expenditure per fortnight, while the long figure of 26.0714285714 represents your yearly total calculation of fornights!

Now let us calculate the moment of realisation?!

26.0714285714 x (multiplied by) 5 = 130.357142857. We can round this figure of to represent 130!

That is £130

So an averagle sinlgleton living on their own in a standard size appartment would need to spend £130 just on one the mop replacents?!

As I stated cleaning them by the washing machine method is neither cost effective, hygienic to your washing machine or worthwhile!

However what is worthwhile is a closer insoection of the construction of the simple mop end!

Let us look closely in the photographs and explain each section!

A simple mop is comprised of 4 separate parts!

1. In Fig.1 The handle or broom part for gripping and holding!



2. In Fig.2 The mop end which is made up of 3 sections- (if you care to take a closer inspection wearing disposable gloves for hygiene) 



A. In Fig.3 The thread or cloth for soaking and cleaning. 



2. Fig.4 & 5. Yet display the two part brace attatching the mop material for cleaning- (in which 1 part has the thread for the broom or handle stick! While the other has the detachable mechanism for holding the cloth or material!

Fig.4 and Fig.5 below





Look closely at the mop and notice the spherical wholes on either side of the thread insertion for the broom handle/stick holder! – (Long segment of the mop)

Displayed again below in fig.7



You will notice a type of pin in each whole which can be prised apart by multiple methods- eith8er you can push a screwdriver to release the pins from each end or you can prize the bottom of the clamp with a screw driver or safe strong tool?! I used a screwdiver as displayed!


Then prise this section open with a tool (as mentioned) in the previous section ( also displayed in Fig.6 (above).

Once you have achieved this you can put old or torn clean bits of cloth, or you may cut up old cloths you was going to throw away anyway!

Thus saving you that extra bit off money a year!

Remember! It may not sound like alot to most people, Nonetheless, when one calculates, the only necessity to ever buy just the first five initial mops!

Well you can calculate the subtration of 5 from £130 yearly cost?!


” Metaphisicology is for the financially astute, wealthy hierarchy “

13 - 1 (5)As a backdrop to prominence, wealth, the out right ownership of such an entity is a most acclimatory requisition!

” Money makes Money ” ….

proficiently as the old saying phrased!
You need money to survive is an abbreviation of a much wider thesis!

We could also return back to our earliest primary symbol of money, I.e Trades, trading resources for one another.
These primitive financial infrastructures, exhibited blue prints to pre-globalisation trade organisation.

How strange, the significance of our early ancestors bartering goats milk for other fresh produce…
Would paramountly galvanise the tedious ingression of the evolution, sanctioned by the monopolistic acuteness of the hierarchies of modern capitalism!

Such fortunate individuals nowadays, may sit on singularly owned wealth the size of an exploited nation!
May seem unfair to the majority of the world when you think, once upon a time the shares from trades was divided equally between trader’s of trades!


Have you ever heard the term?
Trade of flavours was the only bartering tool devised, to accumulate great stock… power & wealth!
Whatever agricultural advantages early indigenous tribes produced, would be transported around the tribe to barter with an exchange!

Anything would be deem barter proposition within a small tribe… who would not affiliated with out side tribes!
One could even exchange his wife if he was not happy with her produce and home sustainability.
Meaning;- Men were seen as warriors and would want to mate with a women who could raise healthy biological gate keepers, such would grow to defend the family unit, of any inheritance left by the father, should he be killed by another in either battle… territorial dispute!
Strength was all that was wished from any father, propagating for a worthy son, though they could not be fortunate, of the likelihood of the gender of the infant!

Weaker men would exchange their wifes for meals…
for one or two nights.. sometimes even loosing them all together,

“for lust is the evil within nature… where the dominant creatures rule and the weak simply have to obey their masters”

The women would get no say of the exchange… even to question the trade was usually uncommon, For a women’s place was simply to obey her keeper an no more!

A man could also exchange his wife for another for a period of time, harming was not allowed!
Any damage incurred to the wife would have to be payed back in further exchanges of agriculture or physical matters!

If a man killed another mans wife or destroyed any part of his business, would have to replace the wife with another wife to the disadvantaged man…
Often by any female member of his family…
If the female given as reimbursement was of tender age.. she would be used for further exchanges to tribe families who sought a daughter to keep a wife amiable!

Such indigenous errors produced faculty of slow development in history!
This resulting in cultures permitting such devolution!

“The trade of favours” Rule!
This being the only eligible exchange of poultry and agriculture and labour existing for indigenous tribes. ..
The expansion of produce grew as the tribes populations grew, making trade of favours an ever popular bartering device!
Any dispute would be deem fit for authority of intermediation by the tribes chief!
Tribal chiefs where early council of a multifaceted appraisal!
Court house… Judge… Council… Witness. .. etc all rolled into one!
The chief never had to witness a dispute to make himself also chief apparent witness!
These were the rules in which tribes folk lived by, Authority would deem tribes folk lived in cohabitation and no set number of wifes or children was decreed!

Everyman was a warrior an a hunter.
If a warrior was killed, the chief would assign a new warrior of adult age to provide for the family of the deceased or take them into his dwelling as extended family!
It was paramount that the tribes stayed harmonious for fears of violations by enemy tribes!

Tribes eventually grew to very sizeable population in which trades of favours rose on the back of the tribe expansion akin to a surfer on his board riding the waves of evolution & expansion!

One excellent proverb disclosed to me many years ago by a lecturer… was of the tale of ;-

“The wolf and the indigenous man”

As harvesting was short in the summer winter months proscribed the onslaught of detrimental conditions!
In which snow was the ultimate enemy to any surviving tribe with infants!

The parable of never ever getting something for nothing will render with all those who read the tale twist!

As the long freezing winter months procrastinated…
Hunger was a torment for any tribe!
A device of capturing bait in the freezing habitation of ungulates hibernation!
Tribal folk would hunt for a small ferret or bird… once caught would bleed the small catch and cut up the prey into tiny pieces!
Once a suitable location was found?
A whole would be exposed to place the open sections of flesh into the snow for burial and covered with flints and snow all the way up! Carefully aligning sections of meat with very sharply section flints and snow…
Finally snow would be placed on top of the area, with drops of blood splashed over the area from the remainder left of the rodent kill!

The mesmerizing advantage of the fresh air in the wilderness, is the fact of smell travelling freely for miles towards predatory beasts of a superheterodyned scented ability!
The tribe hunters would not have to convince any wolf in the long winters month’s to the scent of fresh blood, for wolf’s come calling for such a scent acknowledged from miles away!

On arrival to the bait the wolf would lick the top service of the blood and continue further down feverishly in excitement of the fresh smell of blood tasting bits of meet on its quest for the spoil!
Not realising the true detriments of the affliction stumped by the euphoria of the adrenaline…
The wolf would continue cutting its paws and tongue on the splints in order to reach the blood drenched pheasant!
After excreting the meat from the trap the wolf either indulge or carry tiny amount back to the lure if cubs were involve?
The whole time the astute of the tribe would lay extraordinary patience untill the wolf had led them back to the very domain of the wolf pack which small or large which exchanged visits for prey!

Such of the heralded acclamation of the tribes astute… they would follow quietly the wolf from a later period back to its lure by following the blood spots on the ground left by the wolf’s bleeding paws!

A treat would be served as the whole tribe would surmount an unprecedented surprise for the wolf pack!

Hence;- you will never get something for nothing!

This tiny portion of meat eaten by the lone wolf, would have indeed cost… possibly the entire pack of wolves their lives!

Such as the admissions are declared.. ?
“”No Fair Trade simply Equals No Favours””

Trades of favours. .. existing many so millennium ago as the only primary a quest of personal credit/profit/produce etc…

Fast forward many millennium and you have the significant administration of the trade of favours symbol!
Consumerism… Greed… Power… Want… & Feed..
Defined by Billionaires and stock and shares…
Who have only exploited the majority. ..
Manipulated the minority. ..
Majestrated the major main streams…
Monopolised the masses…
Manhandled mankind…
Manoeuvred mismanagement. ..
To Legislate majestically!..

One could quite easily state…
“” on approach to a two road verge… Trades of Favours took the wrong Road!””

For today.. even  contemplating has become an adverse luxury better served for the view!

For if a single soul has the space and room in one’s life.. to construct thoughts and ideas. .. one may become rich and successful!

If everyone has such a luxurious advantage the ownership rule of empirical Trade of Favours loses its powers back to the people and empirical dictatorship loses its crown!

Now you can see why each government juxtaposes doctrinaire to keep many away from thinking for themselves!

Of course they are well aware of the paramount, that always a few will become totally independent..
Nonetheless… it is the blinded many they surreptitiously perpetuate to deceive!
Who oblige in acceptance in admirable reciprocation!

Thank you all who took time to re-align their cerebral and read my block.. information is free I hope you realise and that which you throw away others will keep!
None the wiser has never been an affiliation to a prelude to success!

Happy Christmas. ..
and Happy new year…