” Metaphisicology is for the financially astute, wealthy hierarchy “

13 - 1 (5)As a backdrop to prominence, wealth, the out right ownership of such an entity is a most acclimatory requisition!

” Money makes Money ” ….

proficiently as the old saying phrased!
You need money to survive is an abbreviation of a much wider thesis!

We could also return back to our earliest primary symbol of money, I.e Trades, trading resources for one another.
These primitive financial infrastructures, exhibited blue prints to pre-globalisation trade organisation.

How strange, the significance of our early ancestors bartering goats milk for other fresh produce…
Would paramountly galvanise the tedious ingression of the evolution, sanctioned by the monopolistic acuteness of the hierarchies of modern capitalism!

Such fortunate individuals nowadays, may sit on singularly owned wealth the size of an exploited nation!
May seem unfair to the majority of the world when you think, once upon a time the shares from trades was divided equally between trader’s of trades!


Have you ever heard the term?
Trade of flavours was the only bartering tool devised, to accumulate great stock… power & wealth!
Whatever agricultural advantages early indigenous tribes produced, would be transported around the tribe to barter with an exchange!

Anything would be deem barter proposition within a small tribe… who would not affiliated with out side tribes!
One could even exchange his wife if he was not happy with her produce and home sustainability.
Meaning;- Men were seen as warriors and would want to mate with a women who could raise healthy biological gate keepers, such would grow to defend the family unit, of any inheritance left by the father, should he be killed by another in either battle… territorial dispute!
Strength was all that was wished from any father, propagating for a worthy son, though they could not be fortunate, of the likelihood of the gender of the infant!

Weaker men would exchange their wifes for meals…
for one or two nights.. sometimes even loosing them all together,

“for lust is the evil within nature… where the dominant creatures rule and the weak simply have to obey their masters”

The women would get no say of the exchange… even to question the trade was usually uncommon, For a women’s place was simply to obey her keeper an no more!

A man could also exchange his wife for another for a period of time, harming was not allowed!
Any damage incurred to the wife would have to be payed back in further exchanges of agriculture or physical matters!

If a man killed another mans wife or destroyed any part of his business, would have to replace the wife with another wife to the disadvantaged man…
Often by any female member of his family…
If the female given as reimbursement was of tender age.. she would be used for further exchanges to tribe families who sought a daughter to keep a wife amiable!

Such indigenous errors produced faculty of slow development in history!
This resulting in cultures permitting such devolution!

“The trade of favours” Rule!
This being the only eligible exchange of poultry and agriculture and labour existing for indigenous tribes. ..
The expansion of produce grew as the tribes populations grew, making trade of favours an ever popular bartering device!
Any dispute would be deem fit for authority of intermediation by the tribes chief!
Tribal chiefs where early council of a multifaceted appraisal!
Court house… Judge… Council… Witness. .. etc all rolled into one!
The chief never had to witness a dispute to make himself also chief apparent witness!
These were the rules in which tribes folk lived by, Authority would deem tribes folk lived in cohabitation and no set number of wifes or children was decreed!

Everyman was a warrior an a hunter.
If a warrior was killed, the chief would assign a new warrior of adult age to provide for the family of the deceased or take them into his dwelling as extended family!
It was paramount that the tribes stayed harmonious for fears of violations by enemy tribes!

Tribes eventually grew to very sizeable population in which trades of favours rose on the back of the tribe expansion akin to a surfer on his board riding the waves of evolution & expansion!

One excellent proverb disclosed to me many years ago by a lecturer… was of the tale of ;-

“The wolf and the indigenous man”

As harvesting was short in the summer winter months proscribed the onslaught of detrimental conditions!
In which snow was the ultimate enemy to any surviving tribe with infants!

The parable of never ever getting something for nothing will render with all those who read the tale twist!

As the long freezing winter months procrastinated…
Hunger was a torment for any tribe!
A device of capturing bait in the freezing habitation of ungulates hibernation!
Tribal folk would hunt for a small ferret or bird… once caught would bleed the small catch and cut up the prey into tiny pieces!
Once a suitable location was found?
A whole would be exposed to place the open sections of flesh into the snow for burial and covered with flints and snow all the way up! Carefully aligning sections of meat with very sharply section flints and snow…
Finally snow would be placed on top of the area, with drops of blood splashed over the area from the remainder left of the rodent kill!

The mesmerizing advantage of the fresh air in the wilderness, is the fact of smell travelling freely for miles towards predatory beasts of a superheterodyned scented ability!
The tribe hunters would not have to convince any wolf in the long winters month’s to the scent of fresh blood, for wolf’s come calling for such a scent acknowledged from miles away!

On arrival to the bait the wolf would lick the top service of the blood and continue further down feverishly in excitement of the fresh smell of blood tasting bits of meet on its quest for the spoil!
Not realising the true detriments of the affliction stumped by the euphoria of the adrenaline…
The wolf would continue cutting its paws and tongue on the splints in order to reach the blood drenched pheasant!
After excreting the meat from the trap the wolf either indulge or carry tiny amount back to the lure if cubs were involve?
The whole time the astute of the tribe would lay extraordinary patience untill the wolf had led them back to the very domain of the wolf pack which small or large which exchanged visits for prey!

Such of the heralded acclamation of the tribes astute… they would follow quietly the wolf from a later period back to its lure by following the blood spots on the ground left by the wolf’s bleeding paws!

A treat would be served as the whole tribe would surmount an unprecedented surprise for the wolf pack!

Hence;- you will never get something for nothing!

This tiny portion of meat eaten by the lone wolf, would have indeed cost… possibly the entire pack of wolves their lives!

Such as the admissions are declared.. ?
“”No Fair Trade simply Equals No Favours””

Trades of favours. .. existing many so millennium ago as the only primary a quest of personal credit/profit/produce etc…

Fast forward many millennium and you have the significant administration of the trade of favours symbol!
Consumerism… Greed… Power… Want… & Feed..
Defined by Billionaires and stock and shares…
Who have only exploited the majority. ..
Manipulated the minority. ..
Majestrated the major main streams…
Monopolised the masses…
Manhandled mankind…
Manoeuvred mismanagement. ..
To Legislate majestically!..

One could quite easily state…
“” on approach to a two road verge… Trades of Favours took the wrong Road!””

For today.. even  contemplating has become an adverse luxury better served for the view!

For if a single soul has the space and room in one’s life.. to construct thoughts and ideas. .. one may become rich and successful!

If everyone has such a luxurious advantage the ownership rule of empirical Trade of Favours loses its powers back to the people and empirical dictatorship loses its crown!

Now you can see why each government juxtaposes doctrinaire to keep many away from thinking for themselves!

Of course they are well aware of the paramount, that always a few will become totally independent..
Nonetheless… it is the blinded many they surreptitiously perpetuate to deceive!
Who oblige in acceptance in admirable reciprocation!

Thank you all who took time to re-align their cerebral and read my block.. information is free I hope you realise and that which you throw away others will keep!
None the wiser has never been an affiliation to a prelude to success!

Happy Christmas. ..
and Happy new year…


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