Melanin Bares Unimportance If…? Unity Bares futility!

“The melanin of a culture can rather weigh down total Unimportance, while ever becoming more of a destruction to the common conclave of the subdivision seeking unity, if the themes and perspectives of its favoured members are not in total agreement of it’s Kingdom of lands!”

In my above statement I declare, the commencement of building a strong unity between peers of legitimate cultural subdivisions, will only arise via the construction of true honest views and constructible… reliable… liaising with members who are truly seeking the benevolence of “good proclivities” which is sustainable and prosperous…

Ideas… ideas… ideas… does produce ingenious plans… I know this personally from technology and experience! Forceful measures are forever temporary! Temporary neither fits the framework of prosperity… sustainability, literally! 

“There exist nothing in this world which you can have for free, which is worth keeping!”

My mother stated this to me as a child…

I believe the statement is true! She was indeed right…. as life’s lessons perpetually taught me that from within each experience bequeathed upon me!                Also you may recall the story of the “Indigenous tribes and the Wolf pack?” in earlier chapters (Expressions of the notion, you will pay for everything somehow, Wetherby you receive monetary value, or accommodation of the ethereal substance to your genome, some how you will receive due summons for payment for the pleasured experienced)

Many afro-Caribbean/African blacks perpetuate good advice upon the unfortunate nonchalance of the niave… the young, the fashionable and of cause the ignorantiquity of the majority at large! This subliminal affair has not altered the afflictions of the black race… from antiquity to present.. The subscriptions to turmoil are as ever present as they have ever been.. Many would affirm, “turmoil in black life’s has forever increased”, in which I would agree!

It appears to me the further western science explores it’s tentacles of mischief upon our dear earth… the further the true inhabitants of the earth suffer…

The mining of our minerals is slowly killing our true life force… (the life force is none other than the veins… arteries… subdivisions of a complete organism cooperating the ingredients as a magnetic unit or pulse wave) The life force sends out the preferred ingredients via the reciprocal default chanel set for all corresponding mechanisms to retrieve! 

All organs/organisms in relation to a higher organ/organism are its relative intrinsic subdivisions as we have explained in earlier chapters! Just as the lands, seasonal climates, agriculture, oceanic masses are the subdivisions of the mighty earth… as in relation to a much bigger organ than the earth… the earth is also a subdivision component of the galaxy! The galaxy is a subdivisional componentary of the universe! The universe is alooking a subdivisional componentry of a cluster… and clusters are subdivisions of even larger comprehensional numbers of space componentry… Yet eventfully… lyrically and practically we reach the mighty cosmos as a complete sypnopses!

The mighty cosmos as a complete synopses is a seismic organism, of omnipotent proportions!

I shall not delve our minds further than that, of what lays outside the mighty effervescence of the organism the cosmos!

Earlier we stated on this blog post… the title: “Melanin Bares Unimportance If. ..? Unity Bares futility!

The colour of our skin tone, even our accent and place of ethnic origin as well as birth land, will not weigh as any such importance… ever… if we the people of colour are not wholeheartedly United upon a paradigm of prosperity… mindfulness… in all aspects of personal… private… segregated/integrated and international peace… harmony and autonomy!

So you can comprehend if the complete synopses of a organism’s life force dies… well than all and every single subdivision everywhere dies with it!

This be the true ritual of existence!

Now we can relate this to the mighty congression of the black cultural homosapient! It is important  here to understand the beauty in congression of the black cultures vision… (eye/version) forever leading and advancing our benevolence to ethereal matters…

It is this very group who are indeed the real pioneers and scientists of humankind..

Understand science means the study of all things…

To study is to be scientific.. to be a scientist… a physician!

I myself… I indeed am a scientist… though I am not qualified to practice under the law of certain sciences.. though I can with other known sciences… I have studied perpetually and lyrically multiple fields… wherever I can… whenever I can… without compromise or persuade/disuade/suede reasoning!

That which you study you are a scientist to… material science… food science… behaviour science… mechanical science… chemical science… even art science! Science is everything everywhere…

The first scientist were indigenous inhabitants which evolved into humanoids… their commencement through thought, of harvesting food for survival… these inhabitants learned the craft of food science! Then became competent while preying upon their prey… catching their prey and preserving the carcass… endorsing the capture with a significant ritual or dance! Which embodied the theme of their culture!

All later instruments invented… was the engineering of mechanical science engineers…

The very first flint stone (knife) was the attribute of the very first mechanisms for cutting… (😧 ✌🔪hence… mechanical engineering ) Again the bow and arrow… again the spear… again the wild animal traps… the cave was the science of architecture…

All this science derived from African soil… African experts… African experimentalists. .. ideologies and methodologies. …

The strength which attributed to the geniuses and crafts were hidden in the minerals in the soil…

The minerals which layed undiscovered for millenniums… were indeed the original device conponentry which promoted the well being of the natives, to engineer such feats… of art… strength… old age… wellness… intelligence…

When these minerals left Africa. .. so did all other attributed services related to these minerals… hence the intelligence left and exchanged hands for European shores!

The tragedy exists as the natives was not privileged to know this information… in full… some knew of the powers from scriptures handed down… some did not understand… while others were nonchalant towards their gifts (super powers). We understand now that any people born into a special type of wealth do not/can not/appreciate that wealth… untill it is removed for good!

The ⚫black wealth was not the price the Whiteman 🗽placed or sold the minerals ⭐🌟⭐🌟🌟 for 💸💷💷

No indeed.. No!

The black wealth was rather the crucial significance and ingredients of the hidden powers of the wealth… which is none other than the minerals of magnanimous healing properties… which became lost to the blacks via good will and innocence!!!

I trust you will all afford the correct amount of gold which you require to heal your aching joints (Rheumatoid Arthritis)… Illnesses and debilitations…

It is not right… for they should really be in the poverty we are in now… (they know this) our minerals for our genome! Not for our luxurious spending! Only those special minerals can bring health to where it suffers most! Continue reading

What Lingers In The Advent Domain?

Continued in this summary from the previous topics concerning will power and the spirit domain…

Not to delay further upon another second… we shall initiate here and commence… from there in, with what we left of in the previous pages… on this special topic!

Kindly pay attention!

There exist an extremely very old book, once written articulating the genesis of species, titled: “The Book Of Creation”. This book originates in a foreign language and is apparently four thousand years old. Myself I never came into contact with such a wonderful manifestation. .. Yet I was informed it was translated Into Latin from Hebrews and then on into English transcription! At the time I was too busy studying Arabic amongst noble etiquettes and noble epistemology. .. So I did not ever acquire the resources available to me at the time to take full advantage of inquisitorial research! Yet it still remains out there somewhere hidden amongst the vast ocean of deep penetrative literature! As it does in the back of my cognisance!

I was awarded the briefest summary of such a manifestation that titillated my cerebrum and synapses while continuing on… ever still upon this momentum. .. of intrigue and fascination!

The magnificence of such a manual simply discloses the engineering of each genome and the spirit dimensions! Upon this disclosure I immediately became quite thirsty upon the disclosures at the time… well excited and full of intrigue, I soon locked the disclosures in my memory bank, titled: “To be continued in due course!” I have not made such opportunities ascend, due to the fact of my present programme! Yet something which will unfold in the natural course of events!

I was informed by other students who had come across people who knew of the transcription. .. Who reiterated a very small verse to me… Which identified several realms of existence above the third dimension (3D) we exist in!

I was learned by the fellow students of separate realms which coexist simultaneously! Each realm more elusive and of a higher atomically benevolent plane then the one before! A realm constructed simply of light (luminous) waves. .. another realm constructed of shock (electricity) waves. … a realm subexpressed via gentle vibrations…. a realm constructed of sonic sound waves! The higher the realm the lighter the matter, as to construct a form of ethereal substance (ether). The ascension of realm was akin to a forest lemur hoping from branch to branch, ascending on the tree of life for fresher oxygenation and pasture! I mean to state 4D… 5D… 6D… 7D… 8D… 9 Dimensional planes and further…

sublime-universo-13-dentro de orion

Ultimately this book is more than just the engineering of creation! It is the hyperbolic infrastructures of our existence be that turmoil!

Thus it was mentioned, that the higher one ascended on the plane of realms, the closer one became to the super consciousness (Creation/Creator/God/Allah/Supreme Light Manifestation/Cosmic Energy/Ultimate intricate Facet Of The Cosmos/The Brain)

And in thus adorned the intricacies of such dynamics that no other entity would be pure enough to reach!

Thus such dynamics of the greatest organism in existence, are that aligned in atmospheric illumination of the Basal Ganglia… Cerebrum… Cortex… Occipital Lobe… Parietal Lobe… Temporal Lobe… Frontal Lobe… Pituitary Gland… Medula… Hypothalamus… Corpus Collosum… Ventricles… Thalamus… Veins & Nerve System… The dark matter we have come to postulate so well… is none other than that of the bloodline… The Planet and stars are akin to atoms inside an organism!


So we effort by instruct from ourselves to ourselves left by ourselves, from previous lives and existences… Though how much can or will we recall in retrospection of our personal antiquity? yet what if we where supposed to leave clues for our future self each time we accommodate the age of “energeia?”

What clues would one leave…? What would aid ones recovery to ascension. ..? How on earth would one ever remember assignments from a previous existence?

Hmmmm…. passages. … transcripts. .. what… I ask myself?

Tragedies of pain so characteristic of danger and significance. .. would often send shuddering shock waves through the passages of the anatomy! From emotions to the main membranous of the cerebrum would register such triggers, though detail would certainly lay in sombre absence!.. Myself I sense such triggers so I am aware I have left clues for myself to align with… The Cri De Couer senses such as that plus the synchronisations of warnings and messages… These messages and messengers we are not 100% sure who or how they are sent, scriptures inform of angels (guiding light forming atoms) from the creator as blessings! Well received and appreciated in the instance!

I have often felt I have been here to this world before… there exist places I have stumbled upon as a first time visit and felt the strongest rendezvous of the location, as to state De Ja Vu! There exist books I have read, which read as though I myself wrote them… Verses I have read which sound exactly as my words… as if I constructed it… I have insurmountable intrigue around such phenomenons… but unfortunately there lays few like myself I have ever come into contact with… It is true that most people are quite not genuine… to the point they would read others work and go away quietly and make a blog or book of a story/chapter in the exact manner they read or rehearsed! I have notice this occurs with musicians, the fashion industry, the arts, engineering etc… Which may lay confusing for a host searching for his signature…

I believe personally, Gins (Jinns) are behind most hindrances. This locks into their very nature… Creepy, Spying, Eerie, deceitful, stalking, harassing… Preternatural… Watching… Addictiveness…  Obsessive… Lacking interest in self… Jealousy. .. Destructive… Envious… Scornful… Hostile… Obstructive… Nuances. .. Uncooperative… Distorting… Unregulated… Jeopardising… Uncompromising… Unskilled… Famed for hating.. Corrupted… Misguided… Misinformed… Misunderstanding… Untruthful… Wretched… Woebegone… Melancholy… Morose… Disconsolate… Abject… Doleful…15 - 1 (1)688b55ed9180c66f4bb3243f297826c009e6d605

These are certain attributes of the Gin spirit (Jinn) which should not be keenly over looked!

I kid you not, this is seriously no such satire moment! By the crack of dawn an approximation of one million (1,000,000) earth bodies would have taken the descend to death via compromised positions! 

By the moment you have arisen… from your midnight deep slumber, a further one million spirits (give or take a few thousand) will arrive via ascending fetuses to this domain… some illegitimately good… many illegitimately scornful. .. only time may allude to which organisms are hosting identified spirits?

Be careful always…

Leave a reminder for your better self… so when you ascend and descend each in each period you may become familiar with your instructions and path of understanding… towards the goal of higher enlightenment and realm emergence!

“The Mythically Poetic Heroic Journey”

“It Is Universally True, That The Renegotiation Of Trauma…. Is An Inherently Mythic-Poetic Heroic Journey!”

“It Is A Journey That Belongs To All Of Us Because We Are Human Animals”

Peter A . Levine (Waking The Tiger, healing trauma).

Indeed I will agree in wholesomeness to the above statement by Peter A.Levine. A journey which will cost the traveller, their personal… private and further more future weight in gold! Such an experience is quite often too much load to bare for the traveller alone of such seismic afflictions throughout each life experience! The complete compromise necessary to shift through such difficulties is measured in total by the affliction and debilitating after effects of host… Often bruised… broken and defeated is the affirmations left via the requiem of the dear departure, of those who could not visualise an existence past the present torment!

Affirming the word “HERO” is the Greek translation from “He Rose, Rise, Arisen from difficulty… darkness… affliction and tragedy to perseverance over perpetual persecutions!

From this above mention one can validate that an afflicted persons journey is non other than a hero’s journey… Indeed insofar as the tragedy beckons the will strives for autonomy outside or out and away past or through the storm of ill affliction!

This tussle is non other than that which creates the forces of natures!

This affliction is of certain necessity to feel at least a little understanding for the measure of pain afflicted, that would cause any organism be it life, to see no other way through the struggle except instant termination from the present existence! Amongst my self I have come into contact with others who feel/felt the burning affliction, Unfortunately those others, respectively who are no longer here today… journeyed as far as they could through their personal torment until they could not withstand any further!

One thing which has aided my journey is the knowledge I have gathered, this has bequeathed me with great understanding of many and much which occurs. From the unseemly to the unspeakable. .. each and all has aided my personal journey, though not easy, yet often quite troubling. The disturbances has gifted me the valuable and prescribed precious tools neither monetary value… mimic… could ever afford!

As we discussed in the previous chapters of evility and the natures of “The Gin”. It is important we carefully continue on with our discussion to disclose that which we can, before either of our times seize in this particular existence! 

Who knows when… where or even if we will accumulate the necessary arrangements to acquire such knowledge. .. My senses alert me to the apparent that… many will remain ever returning until numerous matters are keenly acknowledged and purposefully understood! I have the sensation that the great noble prize laureate Mr Albert Einstein, had certainly familiarised himself with the energy matrix of existence, while appearing in separate guises throughout separate existences. In each emergence aligning with tiny fragments of information. .. while departing that much wiser and knowingly. .. Where this entity exist… is too difficult to state… yet one can not summarise the fact if such an entity was to return, surely the entity would possibly endeavour on with extraordinary feats of wisdom and knowledge upon this world. The same applies to Nikolas Teslar, and all future past historians…

Yet remember! In a galaxy so vast, it may be quite possible they (Albert Einstein, Past Geniuses) have dispersed and reformed in another planet yet to be identified… by the human eye…?

The obvious in light can lay hidden from sight of S Memo_554 S Memo_553 S Memo_552 S Memo_550 S Memo_549 S Memo_548 S Memo_545 S Memo_544 S Memo_543 S Memo_547

 A Few Pointers Of Necessary Mention Regarding Realm Dispersion And Transmission!

● Highly Important To Acknowledge, Unfortunately Very Few Things Are As They Appear!

Often we may have been allocated to the false believe of appearances. This I have come to notice is a regular hazard among all victims, regardless of affliction, injury, insult or loss! All casualties have one thing in common from deception crimes, that common alliance is the fact such folk place too much importance on the appearance and almost zero academy on the senses that speak to the heart of the body! If one quiets their soul and surroundings regularly, then locates the environment to practice soul ascension and sensing… then the possibilities for spiritual growth is created via the solidarity of personal to metrication!

● Very Few Things Are As They Sound!

Often we may want to hear a particular sound or voice, simply because we may have trained our senses to be alerted to that particular vibration! As a consequence such individuals can be mistaken or even tricked by mimic of sound. This will occur when eager longing or interest is drafted for the particular phonology!

You may notice the intelligence in animals is usually not so dismantling. .. in which animals have a greater accuracy in the recalling in the terms of phonology (The high fidelity in sound waves and the low drones in frequency of vibrations).

“The Splenectomy Of The Fire Host

S Memo_530The lost cultures

S Memo_528Non sober clientPT 23 Psychology Intoxication

Pt 3 of 3  Psychology intoxication_1

S Memo_529S Memo_527

S Memo_525

S Memo_522S Memo_523S Memo_521

S Memo_518

S Memo_517S Memo_516Existence in ExistenceWhatever use could they even be

Any Renunciation Advocated By The Self, Off And Against The World Of Such…  Bilious Forms… Splenetic Hosts… Vitriolic Or Baleful Spirits, Will Indeed Cause A Ramification Of Disturbances In The Life Of That which Is Administrating Renunciation… Spirits and the spirit world cast a dark dormant shadow upon that which “Alights” to pious improvement and stability of self!


To each individual or companionship, if your are open minded and quite aware, that generations evolve, yet natures remain the same! Evil is with in, as it sits without a host or candidate… Evil Never Dies Nor Will Evil Ever Desipate, Simply For The Actuation That It Is Formless, Almost Breathless… As The Rancorous Entity Is That Which It Is!….

The Manifestation of a certain pressure. .. a void… a distortion… the unauthorised penalty… twisted shrapnel… malevolence. .. All come to the forefront of the pinal gland when evaluating that which “Evil” is…? Strangely enough… both “GOOD & EVIL” have been pitted against one another as they have displayed alternative trajectories of the same coin as one complete force!

Identifying the true composition of “Evil” as a complete “Entity” is nothing less than difficult! Least of all something which should not be examined by the majority of such minds, which bask in the fountain of sincere “Mediocrity!” For the many who endeavour to sincerely exterminate “Evil” faithfully. .. Alas such are wildly and hopelessly driven to defeat, consumed by it, lost by it, confused by it, surrendered by it, touched by it, broken by it, torched by it, set alight by it, flamed by it, eaten by it, devoured by it and buried by its force of nature, be it “Evil’s Twin” companion “Fate!

All in all, every last & one, in all past future generations of existence… at a certain destination will be struck by it, if not saved by it! (One persons evil is another persons happiness or simply, cruel vindication. ..?)

Spirits live with in each host or organism… the life force to each mechanism. .. Some spirits as we have already discussed have been long since created from nitrogen and oxygen combined! Such spirits are of a very increasingly volatile nature, and can explode akin to a lighted canister at the most rarest of moments! As we discussed in our previous chapters here in this volume edition!

Also, please remember we stated, some spirits alter their idiosyncrasies over time… A spirit with a volatile nature which has existed for millennia, would have had the opportunity at some stage, in it’s history to evaluate and contemplate it’s very nature. Every intelligent life force contemplates existence.  Contrary to that which you may have assumed, “Cats” contemplate, aswell as “Dogs” and all ungulates and species of this dominion.!

Understand natures and that which is formed from it’s very unique environment…

Now listen!


“Hanging. … Swaying… Pulsing… The most vulnerable and insubstantial creature… Has for it’s defense the violence and power of the whole ocean…. To which it has entrusted it’s going and it’s [whole] will [power].

-The Jellyfish- By Ursula Le Guin (From Lathe Of Heaven).

As we discussed again, in the previous chapter, the natures of things and their various substances endorsed by unique environmental pressures, constructs, destructs, the dynamics and contours of the elements soul [Force].

In this chapter I would like to enable the user here of this manual, to pay attention to idiosyncrasies of malevolent behaviours instrumental by the characteristics or alighting of agent, be it spirit [Dark & Evil Natures] Invested in organisms!

No.1 Characteristics of bilious spirits alighted in the following list.

● [Seven deadly sins] Envy… Jealousy… Glutton… Greed… Vanity… Revenge… & Sloth!

The natures of bad spirits are often capricious and mercurial. .. One that often can not be trusted. A red envious eye that is never satisfied, will often find hostilities in the most kind established folk. Such spirits will demand the properties of others be beneficial to them as property without the legal routined examined! Often vindictive and immature.  Sloth like and addictive without genuine illness inhibiting organism!

● Back stabbing, Slanderous, Propagandist, Defamatory, Argumentative and highly equivocal without real or authentic substance or education [Argue for the sake or out of hate/envy/jeolousy] Inappropriateness!

The fire-soul spirit, is one which is totally at a non restorative phase in it’s existence. Possibly as it matures, the flame may burn slower, exchanging its characteristics for a more mature autonomous benign! Akin to an infant, unsteady, restless, hurried, fumed, unprecedented, unschooled, unsophisticated, spoilt!

● Judgemental, forceful, unrepentant, nonchalant, disturbing, hot, fearful, provoking, destructive, powerful, insecure, fearsome, governing, intimidating, persistent, burning!

Such of the comprisement in forces of natures, as we discuss here the element of fire [One Fifth (1/5) of the elements of existence] without its connected aligners in water, earth (compressed matter), wind and the elusive substance of spirit, confides to build life in action!

Oftentimes, it amazes me… because I now understand we live (exist) with nothing but fools, it is a quiet shame to wholeheartedly realise the very thing that Jesus ““Isa Al-layhe Salaam”” (Jesus Christ peace be upon him in the magnitude of the supremes blessing) had to endure two millennia in antiquity!

When I first commenced my journey many years ago, I initially envisioned a wide landscape of many genuine enthusiastic souls awakening and entrusting. . Yet that which I discovered was quite contrary to my own tiny imagination in the synopses of the cosmic awareness. .

Most people I discovered were very unclear to the road of enlightenment and autonomy. It appears every soul via the personal individual’s agenda or ulterior motive..? Are/were/was/is… not neither alighting with sincere and comprehensive amalgamation of the supreme state and super consciousness…

Most want an audience for personal profit… in which they display greed or the want of fame via writing books for fame or personal income! Some desire reputable stances, love, respect and adoration or to be invited, praised, worshipped or excepted.. Some are confused as are the readers who often can not relate to that which is being invested from the solitude of those lonely pages…

“Here, alone… transfixed and forever dedicated to my transcripts and subscriptions. Now subscribed through the strobe lighted night… as one perseveres on in the loneliness of the night. I continue and I write another chapter, I must complete this chapter for I am falling sleepy in this instant! Throat parched and slightly hungry I want to eat something, but I will refrain from going, as I pronounce the unforgiving hour is once again upon me, breathe upon my neck, my eyes wanting to close. But not yet, No! Not now, I state here akin to my readers, I steady myself to finish a chapter at a time. For one thing is certain..? That one thing is the fact the world over, my writing is original… mine and truly honestly unhampered as non tampered or none influenced by another writer to these pages… My writing is my writing straight from my deoxyribonucleic acid to these pages to my finger tips, to yours of your presence via automation and instruction of instrumentation!”

K.Aliy 2015-Infin-8-ty

Upon this intriguing chapter of the malevolence of fire spirits. . Be it intentional or nonchalance. ..


“”Briefly mentioned in an early chapter…

Ibliss (The Devil, Satan, Shatan) Arrives near the edge of the deep blue sea (The Rad Sea) north of the Atlantic ocean every few centuries…

Ibliss, dons his majestic gown upon a wide golden throne that rests on the unachievable surf of the ferocious waves..

Satan controls the temprement of the hour while he awaits his 3 most trusted advisers.

After decades a gin approaches satan as satan patiently awaits heresay!

Satan shouts “Come closer… what have you?”

The fearful gin (Evil spirit) bellows ” I f****** drove a man from his home and wive and kids… ”

Ibliss sparks aggressively “Go away far from here fool, you have done nothing new!”

And banishes the gin to disintegration with a waver if his hand in a sweeping motion!

Again! Decades later as momentums past… Atlas the second conspicuous conspirators arrives…

Again! Ibliss shouts… ” What have youuu! ”

The murmuring gin.. exclaims. ..


HAA! Snarled Ibliss… “You foooool, you did nothing distinctive thus far, go away far from here, the husband returned after you left!”

And Ibliss ignited the gin to ashes… in the wind…

AFTER Many decades past. ..


AGAIN! Ibliss exhumed… “Say what have you way founder”

The gin nervously approaches the edge of the red sea… and wispers gentle across the ocean in a delightful feminine tone…

“My lord my master… I thank you for the opportunity… Your subservient worship here. ..

I tempted a man to cheat on his beloved wife and children in his loving bed, when his wife was out… I watched them fight and saw the family home separated to all four corners of the hemisphere. .. I waited, watched, followed… The husband and wife never ever rekindled their marriage.  The wife died heart broken, the husband died drunk in prison from lonliness and ill health… The children was orphaned to a broken abusive hospice… and I waited till all was dead… and buried…

IBLISS raises his hand slowly…

Then serenades.. “Come close my dear one, Sit here by my side… for you. …

You have done well this time””

In the ultimate device against well being is the instrument to destroy a string union… (Weak union). For the supreme powers give one to each other in union against hard times… They who can withstand all temptation are truly victorious and saved… (Strong Union).

As Ibliss is aware Of this structure… Ibliss employs the evil vices to disturb companionship… For element is easy to control without security… be it faith… union.. or discipline. ..

The strongest union is a strong happy family home…

This ibliss fears…

Broken home is the department of Concubines who serve Ibliss…

S Memo_534The Morning Phonology Of The Song Bird

PT 1of3 Holistic reference

PT 2of3 Holistic Reference

PT 3of3 Holistic Reference

Rancorous spirits

“Genesis Of Malice”… (Spirit World)

“In This World… We Live To Connect With Past Companions, While Reminding Our Past Previous Associations Of The Thus Construction and debauchery S Memo_500


S Memo_492 S Memo_491 S Memo_490 S Memo_489 S Memo_488 Curse down their lot to hell with fury and blades S Memo_486 S Memo_482 S Memo_434 S Memo_423

S Memo_499 S Memo_498 S Memo_497 S Memo_496 S Memo_494 S Memo_493

K . Aliy

PT 1Of3 sociology harm

PT 2of3 Sociology Harm PT 3of3 Sociology Harm S Memo_503 S Memo_502 ,Strange range_1 S Memo_501Reasons For The Malice In This Realm”

Khalil Aliy 2015 (C) Revelatory

In this important chapter, here by, it is important we deal with severe matters at hand, by the underlying utterances of thus issues, not fully Pre-aligning… Pre-liaising… Pre-realising… Pre-analysis… pre-recognising such realisations of problematic Re- accuracy… the denial of such actuations… and the future torment of avoiding these affirmations. .. and occupiers. .. which you hold the keys to dismantle… virtually!

The system of darkness, the dark forces is a pepetual manifestation we can never escape. The darkness is totally alive and blossoming as if it knows its role in the great magnanimity of existence. The darkness is as confident as it is dark and all powering as it is vast… Akin to a never ending ocean with waves as high as journeys to the outer oblivion of an event horizon! Such a Non refunded enterprise… The No Return Journey Home… Is truly the signal of most necessary wakened mind/s…

“Considering, of cause… if one was not already long since awoke! In thus dimension….?”

It is imperative to understand the level of mutualism. .. be it mutations that exist inside this domain. .. The catastrophes and inhibitors of our ascending are known as “Evil Spirits” in the English Language!

It is imperative you recognise “The Evil Spirits” as quickly as possible on your journey in thus life…

Procrastinating on such seismicity in the bowls of detriment, is truly a predictable affliction in the unravelling of one’s own demise! The ascending is totally necessary to exit this realm and incline to the next chapter of our photosynthesis or organic symbolism… For some who are better prepared it will be an amiable transcendental affair to the superheterodyne frequency and through the atomic structure of what is stated in the English Language as “Quantum Mechanics”. Ultimately this is the basis.. the levelling of all matter… the phonology…. polychromatography. .. the high fidelity of existence it’s very self… the sophisticated emblem of existences. .. The acknowledgement of the creator in its natural state…. VIBRATIONS…  In the English language stated as the “KUONS” and all particles smaller not yet recognised! 

It is a blessing to be with the one!… That one is non other than the cosmic actuations of the supreme force, which is highly evolved and the first entity which ever experienced existence in the most natural form possible.. This force has been given many names by many evolved and spiritual persons in multiple languages. ..

To The Unintuitive… The Name Is God… He who Grants Dominion Over Everything Everywhere… To The Scientist The Name Is Space “The COSMOS”… To the Spiritualist The Name Is Energy… Electricity!!! To The Highly Aware The Name Is Not Important… What Is Important is The Relationship… Thus Understanding. .. Of such a magnificent being…. Thus, encompassing each, all, everything, everywhere!

And so we continue our journey in and out of realisations and actuations… Most people are confused, as Evil Spirits, perpetuating a misguide to lure hopefuls away from such a benighted affair. This is akin to those who were lured into a dark lane and murdered or robbed… Evil spirits, absolutely do not want you to stay upon the straight paths of thus journey to oneness of purity…

Thus it is imperative you allow your own heart to continue directing you throughout your life… Via this frequency channel omitting from the super consciousness. .. if you are still… motionless but steady breathing and silent long enough like a good child. .. a prospective deer… a dear bee collecting nectar… you will sense and comprehend the etiquette signals of such a high fidelity omitting from such a vast quadrant! Understand the powers that be, are so vast to speak in its natural tone… (Although the super vast power amplifies much in the way of super novaes… clusters… galactic arrays… and seismic phonology) our hearing is too delicately unevolved to read these waves naturally… Mammalian quite contrary to that which you may believe… are more evolved then the homogenous applications of sound via mouth/vocal cord… Animals can detect momentum from miles away by sound waves… and can communicate at long range with the densities of low frequency vibrations. This feat of communication, not one evolved human embryo can compete with untill final breath has reached the body, while the lungs lay motionless.

It is very crucial here, I direct you in understanding the idiosyncrasies of spirits… Our seer… has taught us many things, things which I have kept close to me… things I have discussed with many like me in close quarters… The things I will disclose here are of that to identify spirits…

Firstly with complete due understanding, it is important to acknowledge we are initially spirits.. effervescent phonological entities diminished in statue to comprise these earthly cages we have been conduced to inhabit by compression. ..

When we expand. .. or grow we incline away from this sedentary position of this temporary spatiotemporal cloud. We manifest outwardly and spread our symbolic wings (Energy clouds) which aid our journeys… swimming through the telescopic electricity of dark matter! We become like angels, but not in appearance.  No! More like in capability and energy flow through things and around, holding no boundaries to time and space. We mimic electricity itself in such a state of inclination!

Our seer, has taught us many things about our history, the journey, power, abilities, fears, evil spirits, darkness, the super consciousness, malignancies, nature, protection, autonomy, company and just!

If you have kept a close eye on this blog address in the last few years… ? It has not been in vain, though I can honestly disclose to you, fortunately unfortunately, I have only disclose to you  A Mere 100th Of  1% in Knowledge so far! That is 0.01 of the intended 100% information I have disclosed to you so far, regarding our journey in this sphere!

Some of you… or be it most of you, will not live long enough to receive the complete information from my memory data banks… While the remaining lot… I will not live long enough to complete my studies to invest upon you! Though when I am dead, others will pick it up, who have been carefully and precisely channelled to receive and decipher spiritually intrinsic matter.. Thus information! As we await new information… the passing of that which we class as time, will see bodies rot… as many are no longer with us… who were here in strength yesterday… Tomorrow shall neither challenge this rule of actuations! As many will rot, as many will be misguided again.. along thus lonesome road!

It is very important that I disclose to those of you who do not understand the everyday affirmations of thus spiritual warfare being waged upon this domain (plane/universe).

There are in spirits which for one reason or another did not prospectively transcend to the next realm of state ((((((Being)))))).

Also as a hazzardous consequence could not or would not re-enter a earthly host… Possibly they (Diseased party exchanging dwellings) did not like the alterations. .. alternatives… new dwellings of host or appearance. ..

It has been mentioned that an entity can reform back into a worse or lower inhabitant than the one he left on death or exchange (Parting of the body by spirit host to new body plane). There are a number of reasons why an entity can reunite with matters in this plane!

Examples range from unfinished duty to Personal Cri De Couers! Who knows of the actual reason but the host it’s very self!

Some lost spirits are known in the English language of parapsychology as the German named “Poltergeist” >> Which translates in the English language to a very noisy ghost!

Poltergeist have been known to exhibit traits of malignancies and bitterness… trashing previous dwellings and instrumenting nihilistic nuances on present tenants of dwellings! It is stated that a unnatural sudden or tragic ending to life, can often and will omit the devastating manifestation to the life of a new dweller who happens to come across the life of a poltergeist, that should have left its position!

It is also stated that gins… which is the Arabic term for evil spirits can be just as vindictive!

Gins are certainly very complex creations…

It has been stated that the first gin ever created was known or named as Iblis [ Ib – Lis ] Which has been stated to translate to the first!

Such a life form we have been educated, was created out of nitro oxygen and carbon… This is a heat substance and has a fiery attitude and temperament!

In thus verse, it was stated that yet another life form of older origins was created before the first gin named  as Iblis. The older life form of a similar genetic make up, existed millions of years as a populous before the creation of “Gin” (Iblis)

Yet When Gin (Iblis) was created, it’s instructions was to live amongst the older inhabitants upon a world not named! So the gin (Iblis) lived upon thus a world full of fiery like substances in nature and appearance… Thus the Gin (Iblis) first and only one of it’s kind was the new inhabitant upon a vast world of magnanimous size! The Gin (Iblis) was demeanour in statue in comparison to the giant shaped inhabitants of the world!

To approximate the size of the Gin (Iblis) for understanding scriptural affirmations, it has been learnt that the gin (Iblis) was the size of planet earth, and the gin (Iblis) upon the world it inhabited, in ratio to the planet it inhabited, was ant size structure to the planet itself! While the other life forms where 100 (×) times the magnitude and volume of the gin (Iblis). Through this we can picture the vastness of the metrication of both worlds and species!

Understanding such a fiery temperature exists inside such volumes excludes anything we come into contact in our life here on earth!

It was stated that the fiery inhabitants of the planet existed for millions of millions of years… in complete anarchy… while the created had witness there destruction!

(I imagine here, that knowledge was demonstrated to these fiery inhabitants of the best way to conduct life upon their dwelling, yet I am of the opinion that the wisdom must have been lost or misguided in time!) So the continuation of chaos and destruction continued long after Iblis had existed for millions of years upon the planet of fiery inhabitants! Eventually it came to pass, that the inhabitants were so chaotic, they would destroy the planet and everything in it via their own conduct… The gin (Ibliss) was removed and placed with non-choice making inhabitants in a cluster which dwarfed its previous home by ratio of atom size to universe scale!

The revelations stated through the inhabitants free will in decision making, autonomy was never ever a choice impacted upon or favoured! I can understand this via attitude and environmental structure and nature… As it affirms their nature and essential essences, idiosyncrasies in the structural creation of the species and such an environment of chaotic disorder and existence!


Either by the ominous of the super consciousness or the exploits of the nihilistic inhabitants….?

It has been mentioned that though this explosion occurred billions of light years in the past… fragments of luminaries still light up the zones which these species existed.. It was also versed that not all of these colossal size species was destroyed… these giant wave particles we see via super powerful radars are the alignment of such species roaming lost in darkness! The frequency of such colossal size entities roam for billions of light years.. these clusters are their dwellings! Fragmented or born small or condensed into earthly sized inhabitants. .. many roam amongst us in search of their familiarity and chaos!

Here I want to direct you to how you can recognise fiery or evil spirits. .. It is not difficult to pin point fiery spirits but it is difficult to pin point evil spirits.. as not all fiery spirits are evil…

Some pointers to recognise here on earth, regarding the recognition of spirit idiosyncrasies. ..

@ Fiery Spirits: Have tempers.. @ Fiery Spirits: Can Be Explosive.. @ Fiery Spirits: Can Be Irrational.. @ Fiery Spirits: Are Accustomed To Hate.. @ Fiery Spirits: Are Accustomed To Roam In Packs.. @ Fiery Spirits: Are Not Thinkers.. @ Fiery Spirits: Are Fiercely… @ Fiery Spirits: Depend Upon The Majority For Support.. @ Fiery Spirits: Depend Upon Back Up Or Fellowship.. @ Fiery Spirits: Are Prone To Character Disorders…. Including Jealousy, Narcissism, Fascists, Psychopathic Traits, Hatred, Scorn, Revenge, Bitterness, Nihilism, Arguementative, Non-Factual, Non Appreciative, Greedy, Non resourceful, Envious, Jeopardising, Destructive, Abusive, Non Apathetic, Immature despite age, Attention Seeking, Troublesome, Non understanding, Non negotiable, Not interested, Non artful, Non pleasurable, Non pleasuring, Non sympathetical, Non explanatory,  Non intellectual… Demanding, Ruining, Mentally challenged… Multi Phobic, Deceivingly, Not recognising own deceptions, Stalking, Fixed on person or persons never acquainted with! Wasteful, NON Believing others achievements! Non keen on self achievement, Non abiding, Non servitude, Non autonomous, Non polite or etiquette.. Disgraceful.. Haphazardly… Shambolic… Non effective… Uncoordinated… Scornful… Harmful… Deceptive… Unrepentant. .. Gameful… Indirect… Disrespectful… Destroyer… Fire Starter… Organiser of enmity… uncaring… Non supportive… Dictator of war… Spreadable of fictitious propaganda… Malevolence… Vindictive… Hell raiser! Emotional trouble maker… User… Torch lighter… Protagonist of conflict… Group Worshippers… Eradicating… Bodily Distortion… Non praising or supporting…

Understand that some spirits are good and have travelled long and hard to find a body of condensed matter to comprise into… Some spirits do not even know they are a fiery spirit… While some fiery spirits do not know they have a wicked nature… Whereas some fiery spirits are subliminally pious… in which they will never harm another living creature until they are harmed!

Some spirits as they evolve… somewhat devolve back to primitive protoplasmatic cellular organism… Thus.. This non negotiations of spatial temporality alignment, strikes a ripple of chaos out of subliminal alignment with intrinsic patterns of autonomous sync… then juxtaposes a rudimentary insubordination towards anarchy or be it superheterodyne miscarriage in signalling mischief of atomic waves..

A ATLAS, the code of order is out of sync and the species or host has lost its way. Thus not in nimble form, top shape or excellence!

Some more common place attributes of a evil gin.. is known that such host are often happy, grinning or smiling towards the mistake or misery undertaking by the afflicted… Gins are best happy when empowerment is in their grip. Gins like power and to experience powerfulness. Often it is only the illusion of power they hold here on earth and never ever the real power… Gins are often quite lowly needed to instigate commotion for self gratification.  Gins grin at persons in misery… while laugh out at the afflicted…

Some gins are good and have long been exercising evolution back up the steps to a higher plane… Ever since their own planet was destroyed…

Whereas some gins find it to difficult to evolve spiritually and forever harbour interest of the “False Light”… Human made light… street lights… stage lights… car lights. .. disco lights… to lure towards…

Such lights are very lowly and attract low evolved inhabitants out of the dark for prey .. moths… gins…  lotus… scorpions… snakes… pigs… spiders… bats…

The strobe… the universal consciousness attracts genuineness. .. it is the headlights on the universal plane of the cosmos!

Be well good spirits and always remember…


A gin will leave any decaying body and explore another host..

To rid a gin, it must be destroyed with that which it is made from!!!!!!!!

Gins evacuate a host body when it is in decay. Gins are well aware of the smell of death from afar… You may have witnessed people who was rushed to hospital with severe and detrimental illness, often life threatening and on the vanguard of death…? This is the moment the gin will leave the body… The temperature rises as the gin knows it is time to find a new home or host! Sometimes the gin is careless, over stays the episode and feverishly hunts a new host. Often if the host recovers and the gin has left. On return to normal life, you will notice a improved personality. This is akin to the individual starting life over again or given a second chance. The reason for this is the soul had been poisoned all along with a devilish spirit eating away at its core..

This is often the reason people return out of a coma or along hospital stay after life risking illness, in a really positive and inspiring sense of well being.. Not only is the illness vanished but the main agent which was breeding the illness vanished with it!!

Be well pious spirits… be it agents of the cosmos…

Protoplasmatic Symbiosis

1basic biological comprehensionPT2of4 Basic Biological Comp


Pt3of4 basic biological comp

Pt4of4 basic biological compS Memo_437 S Memo_431 S Memo_429 S Memo_427 Metaphysical Empirical S Memo_461 S Memo_460 Light Does Not Travel. .. “Mocking Birds… Make A Monotonous Mockery, Of Mass Misery… Via Mediation, Of Media Medium, In Thus A Medley”

The Realm Of The Narcissistic statues, truly ferments from within the western front, submerging it’s claws along the deep ocean sea to all inhabitants that reach out, birthed from within…. to western demographics affairs. .. Along the shores and utilising the atmosphere upwards and outwards…

If you happen to drift a shore on to such lands, be careful where you may end…?

“The Grass Is Not Greener With Hypocritics”

ln a village long ago… in a quite town somewhere in the land off The Eastern Hemispheres. .. on the Island sat a peninsula across the ocean….. 

Elephants roamed the island, shared with other mamals and smaller ungulates which dined upon rats and pheasants… The Mighty Elephants, Endorsing their size and statuette upon the island could be seen from a distant and were indeed unfortunately hunted for sport.. Routinely the natives would witness foreign ships crash upon their natural habitats. .. there shores where they indeed lived in fruition for such a long long time…. was met by the occasional idiosyncrasies of the whites who were lured to such islands for game and sport… till this day western whites leave their countries of origin to sport game and havoc in poor native habitat in which the white men abuses foreign territories via complete exploitation, of the habit. In witnessed history and till this day, such still occur around the world, for the white man’s blood and lust of sport, via game children… animals… easy prey… young under age females… mentally incapable… while the physically incapable are utilised for whatever means of exploitation. .. Unfortunately we also know, that it is 100% as a consequence of finances displayed to the native indigenous tribes around the globe, that each and all become sexual toys of exploitation, child labour, slave labour, game and profit persist! The Caucasians (white people) entice the local native with embellishes of fine wine, jewellery, expensive cloth and materials to subsidise any effort taken by the indigenous tribes… in which the poor tribes are baited into believing the western way is a better way to live then their organic lifestyles… The brainwashing occurs to the extent the natives propagate children in order to gain material substance. The natives learnt the trade of luxury merchandise by the liaisons with the western foreigners. Baby population increased, as interest in children from the western subscription to child delicacy occurred…. As ship crew and travellers knew they was liberally kings in a foreign indigenous land. Law was succinct, in such tribal geographical hemispheres… Western invaders arrived to do as they pleased. Businesses in Sexual exploits with children of the natives, was a casual reminder of the desperation and addiction to a prosperous life.


Indeed such sought and educated into, by western ideology. Poor indigenous tribes they where, that such creatures from the western hemisphere. .. were to fall upon their land! Questionable intentions… implausibility of ethical conduct bequeathed the air from the western ideology. Cheap dirty and disgusting, were the invaders who sought game from the lowest bidders…


Year after year, repeated the invasion onto tribal lands to hunt wild big game and elephant tusk.. The ivory was indeed a sought after commodity, worth a handsome promise, to those who made the trip safely…. Sick ill and thirsty they came hounding on indigenous lands…


A baby elephant lay lavishing in the mud, rolling and playing… quite comfortable and basking in the heat, utilising the mud to cool the flesh of its mass.. Still only an infant but a substantial size indeed… The baby elephant in its nonchalance to ratiocination… the idiosyncrasies of its euphoria bathed in the mud philosophically. At a side glance it noticed a tiny tail in the mud. On closer inspections a silhouette of a mouse layered with mud relayed to the elephant’s conscience.


The elephant took the tiny rat and bathed it by a near by stream. The care displayed by the baby elephant was quite extraordinarily empathetic.  Usually elephants and rats were not kindred spirits and negotiates. Adult Elephants  were know to display phobias to the rats. But on such an occasion it appeared the opposite had manifested a spiritual kinship between former companions. After a mourning and several attempts to consolidate life back to the rat by the baby elephant… The baby elephant lay the rat upon a mud heap, the surmounted lump of mud, upon the rats corpse. .. as to lay the carcass to rest!


As the baby elephant left the area… A small shuffle occured by a bush. Pearing behind a bush, a small rat stood on hind legs peering over the rocks and observing the scenario which had previously unfolded!

The rat motioned quickly to the position, the elephant had buried the lifeless body.   The rat sniffed, squinted and continued to sniff the ambience around… A few minutes later it was gone in a hurry!

Months past, vegetation grew.. biotic symbiosis. .. protoplasmatic symbolism emerged from slight photosynthesis which branched through near by trees on to the mud splatted zone… The light aided huge vegetation and agricultural forms. Thus changed the landscape and buried the hidden identity of the once graved mud dedicated zone. ..


Sailors came and exploited that which they could… Harbouring tools indistinctive and destructive to the lands of such promise. Such came and took… exploitation was rife. The summers grew hotter and ivory was the gold.

One Summer grew distinctively hot, while the western ships roasted across the waves of the Atlantic ocean. A great exploitation was indeed insight, as ships cargo bequeathed great weaponry and sophistication.

The ships harboured on the penultimate cruise for much was to return from  great hunt. As they harboured, the young children waited and spied upon the equipment offloaded onto shore. Then when all was safe the children would sneak into the sailors camp to play and feast upon equipment which was brought.

The sailors arrived at night and new they would have to be up before dawn… in order to comprise the contraptions and devices for hunting elephants. Catch by dawn… slaughter by noon and cargo by evening was the orchestras plans… Early to bed if rise would be met with competences…?

Early dawn broke, as the ships crew was up, preparing the entrapments of engineering expertise… Several hours later the task was complete and the sailors had left for, other exploits… The crew was aware that night fall would aid there bait…

That night a crowded group of mature elephants emphatically endeavoured to release there youngest member from the elephant traps… Hours past and the elephants slowly reclined from the zone one by one!

The lonely elephant, echolocation in desperation for aid… It so happens a lone figure lay amongst the dark trees, scattered near by. The figured scattered along the undergrowth sniffing the heated air…

Now in range of the desperation of the elephant, the figure nibbled upon the contraption, which had invested hindering movement to our lovely elephant friend… After a considerable length of persistency, a gaping whole was manifested for our elephant friend… As the elephant broke through out of the entrapment…. Both rat and elephant had disappeared. …

The beneficiary manifested freedom… to the endangered! puzzling… was the scenario, as question inclines a possible rendezvous…? Was rat and elephant reacquainted from a past…?

Maybe a seed sowed enabled the others aid!

Often in reality such philanthropy is succinct… so succinct often a deploy of trickery and manifested machinability is relayed!


In societies, globally, we are constantly bombarded by the new import of surreptitious foundations.. founded by a mainstream organisation, foundation, corporate affiliate. Who stand in guise of moral or principal support for crimes against humanity…

Often regulated by the young fashionistic simpletons, who indeed are yet to experience the meaning of life.

We witness, such crews and mobs of moral support advocating their “Cri De Couers” against malevolence and extreme injustice. .. Often we can relate to the true misery expressed by those from degenerate environments in poor nations, who indeed suffer the indicated incitement of national insecurity in their foreign lands.. Yet how about the mobs who live in wealthy states, backed by financial corporations who indeed, are the true catalyst, constructing this wicked soup of “Evil Ingenuity” across the hemisphere, of foreign territories…

shall see these casual fakers… takers… lured from the breaths of river snakes pretending to care by some extravagant bamboozle of engineering feat, staging such corporate products, of “Hoodwinked Enterprise & Entertainment”

All fashion and neatly rehearsed for the “glossy packaging” of the uninterrupted uninitiated unsuspecting crowd. Who are willing and merely entertained, as an audience of a “New York Broadway Show”

The young pretentious pretenders, act out poor “Cri De Couers” to the inclining naivety of onlookers… who are indeed, swept, woo… by the audacious performance of a modern protest, for moral support against third world impoverishment. ..

“Why Do I Get The Sensation… The De Javu… The Recollections, That I Have Witnessed This Stage Show Before, Somewhere…?

Ahhh of cause… “Hamlet!” To Be Or Not To Be….?

What in all seriousness, do modern fresh face brats in loose tongued fancy sneakers, bright clothing and pockets of well being, serious understand about third world democratic demographics….?

This is nothing but a mockery of serious incarcerated trauma experienced, by those in globally hostile regions… Modern youth who appear to stand on demonstrations, have as much knowledge and true sincerity in third world crises, “As The Giant Carnivorous Crocodiles Have For Fresh Water Salads With Helmans Tarta Source!” “Disastrously” As that is not there standard recompense for dwelling in such habitat!

Understand!!!!! “Habitats” & “Habituation!” Then one might comprehensively apprehend such appreciation of the measurement of such a experience of third world existence… never to be auditioned by the “WOMBLES OF THE WEST!”

  • Better still “The Rolen Rat Crew” guised in gold chains, sneakers and baseball caps who pretend and exhaust such mock demonstrations, merely for the SUBCONSCIOUS Conscientiousness of the dim witted British on lookers, who are taken in by such a hypocritical mass subtraction of ethics behind closed doors.. to the administration of pretend caring for the mere satisfaction of the steady ever empowering EVILITY with in the genetic make up of the European genome!
  • For this, I declare, who are you fooling again but yourself… everyone is aware if how much the west hates foreign policyholders etc…. yet one has to question their reason for such an extravagant bystand of crues for fairness in foreign lands, while simultaneously abusing foreign migrants and ethnics under their own care and in the british lands. ..
  • “Liar… Liar…. Hey You Sir! Your Dirty Pants Are On Fire… Did You Not Notice….?”
  • The nerve… such an affair is soley administrated to allow those who have soiled their hands in deceit and wickedness abroad or to foreign migrants, to feel redeemable and acquitted of all past sins…
  • “No!”
  • That will not work out for you.. Unfortunately!
  • Fraudulent Administrations
  • Cheats
  • Scandalous affairs…
  • Propagators
  • Defamatory conduct
  • Abusers…
  • Corruptible. ..
  • Evil engineering
  • The wicked
  • Liars
  • Haters
  • Jealous
  • Envious
  • Professional misconduct

Please All Hereby Rake All That You Have Eagerly Sowed…

The torment and cancerous cells that are steady waiting for such characters are only but the beginning… Just as individuals and groups have belated much evil… also have chosen their personal subscription to such fates!

All in all every actiin deserves  reaction. . regardless of perception or innocuous innocents in mind, for often a front row ticket at monitored slow cancerous demise… often baits such hate!

We await your court proceedings, such courts that can neither be bought by dollar, pound or subsidiaries. ..

Only the degeneration of your cell shall awaken the jurisdiction of court sentence…S Memo_458 Copy print paste save share duplicate S Memo_456 S Memo_455 S Memo_454 S Memo_452 S Memo_453 S Memo_451

Court of the cosmos… the benevolent the sublimation!


“The Journal”

In This Affirmation And Continuing On From The Previous Affirmation here, In “Autonomy, Catastrophe And Trauma”…  Hopefully We Can Delve Further With More Precise Inquisitions.

Also…! Understanding, These Chapters Are Never And Not For The Most Ignorant Of cerebrum Or Easily Offended…. Hopefully, If You Have Been familiarising In The Early Blogs At This Website Http:// You May Be Now familiar With The Affirmations We Have Been Sharing Here… If You Have Not…? Well! Need I Explain More…? You Are Probably Not Ready For That Which We Are Sharing!.. Also, Also understand That, Each Individual Cerebrum Evolves At A Separate Rate, Plus The Fact The Intelligence Quotient Fluctuates Between Each Individual In Their Personal Stage Of Civility… To Autonomy Via Traumas -(The Individual Experience Of Trauma, Catastrophe And Autonomy).

As We Discussed In Previous Chapters Here, Such Affirmations Can Not Be Discussed, Deciphered And Delivered Enough, Especially Once You Have Finally Understood The Demographics Of Existence, The Personal Premise And Our Relation With In/Out!… This Becomes All Very Simple, Indeed!

Understanding How We Acknowledge Trauma As A Necessary Evil (Torment) Towards A Very Personal And Universal Autonomy. .. This Is Truly A Registration Of Enlightenment And Power To The Soul

“How We Switched On… Or How The Lights Are Switched On!”

The Greatest Gift To Life Is That Of Trauma, Abuse, Affliction, Pain, Misery, Emptiness, Victimisation,  Misanthropy, Debilitation, Agony, Hurt, Mistreatment, Transgressions, Oppression, Suppression And Depression! All These Necessary Evils Are That Which Has Aided The Civility Of Mass Modernisation And Self! Without Such Affliction…. Understand, That Neither Empathy, Patience Would Neither Exist. .. You Will Recognise The Fact That, Humankind Evolves Into A More Advanced Restorative State Of Autonomy And Fairness When Humanities Bystanders Become Afflicted With suffering… Understanding This Affliction, Which Is Bequeathed Upon Humanities Individuals, Is Never Internationally Synchronised. You Should Be Aware, Emotions Are Not Internationally Linked. What We Mean Here Is, As Each Individual Becomes Aware And Are Alerted To The Problems Of Life, They Usually Become Empathetic. .. The Only Problem Here, Is The Fact Of Two Very Important Facets!

Individuals Ideals Are Usually Portrayed Via The Actualities… Either They Remain As A Far Advanced Spectrum Ahead Of Their Peers Or A Spectrum Which Tenders To Them, Far Behind Their Peers In Education And Enlightenment?…

No.1 When Person A Or Group A Has Become Self Aware Through The Experience Process Of “Trial And Error”, Usually Person B Or Group B Has Long Yet To Experience Such Important Realisations. … This Allures… For A Difficult Understanding Between The Two Sides!

As One Side Is Educated The Other Side Has Yet To Fathom, Un-apathetic Position, While The Superior Evolved In Civility Are To Patiently Await The Progressive Civility Of The unawares And Un-Evolved!

Yet The Importance Here Is If There Was Constant Autonomy, What Would People Learn… Throughout Their Life…?

The Answer Is Nothing And Nothing At All.. Empathy Can Not Be Learned Via Autonomy/Constant Autonomous Vibrations And Good Wil… Solitaire… En essence…. En Essentialism In Empathy Can Not Be Learned Via Peace And Well Being… It Is Rather The Franchises Of Disquietude And The Fraternity Of Malignancy, That Allure Our Inquisitions And Enlightenment To Wisdom And Natures…

“No!” I Never Stated… Nor…  Am I Administrating For The Animalistic Aloofness Of Anarchism And Nihilism. Civility Should Be Practiced Far From Such Ideologies Of Corrosive Contamination. The Unethical Idiosyncrasies Of Un-Moral And Disastrous Beings… It Is Due To Fate… Hardship… Loss… Illness… Famines… Weather Disasters… And Severity Of Impoverishment, That Has Aided Many Civilians To Readjustment In Their Personal Evolutions. I Was First Alerted To This Windfall Enlightenment As A Child Growing… Experiencing Difficulties And Studying Human Nature… The Only Down Side To This Actuality, Is The Fact That, The Individual In Affliction Must Usually, Utilise All Intelligence, Or They/Such Folk Will Indeed, “Crash & Burn!”

Unfortunately It Is Also Evident, To Acknowledge, Most People Do Crash And Burn, Often You Will Find Children Following In The Steps Of Their Parents… Who Are Often “Highly Uneducated”… Often Poor Lying Damaged Mothers Or Lonely Women Do Not Evolve Well, That Have Previously Been Hurt Or Heartbroken, While…. Indeed Pass On All Affliction Inherited To Child Or Another Who Falls Upon Their Web, And Into Avenues Which Will Not Support Autonomy And Happiness… Ever In Longevity. .

No.2 When A Contingent Or Coadjuvancy Is Too Far Behind Their Social Heterogeneity, Communication Or Coexistence Can Be Near Impossible To Reach In A Steady Autonomy… Mainly One Group Or Person Will Be Burden Or Will Compromise. Such Compromise Often Comes Via Huge Sacrifice, Which Often Breaks Out In Turbulence. …

You Will Notice For Example, Love Partners, Who Do Not Share The Approximation In The Department Of “Individual Quotient”… Often Struggle With All Long Term Decisions And Major Factors Illustrated In Guide lines, Of The Registering Successful Partners In Longevity!

To Equate With The Superior Monophonic Substance, Of Such Success, In My Search I Have Discovered That, Strangely Enough, And Above All Things, Individual Quotient Registers As The Binding Force Of Such A Programme! Hence, Like For Like….

Often This Mediation, Is Lost In Other Areas Which, Are Forged In A False Abode, Detailed. Such, Never Truly Fulfil The Earliest Impressions. .. Finances Is Also Quite A Necessary Evil In A Partnership Securing Guidance Between Any Union… As Is Moral Virtue And Health. .. The More Independent Similarities Unions Have The Ever Stringent The Binding Bond… Often Wealthy Individuals Partner With, Aesthetic Or Youthful Individuals. .. Unfortunately And More Often Do Not Blossom Into lengthily Autonomous Relationships…… Yet If The Individual Quotient, Is Measured Equally You Will Often Witness A Fare Autonomy, Even If Multiple Differences Exist…?

Such Dear Enlightenment, Is Profanely Indeed Necessary, Pitched As The Ultimate Binding Blocks Between Peers/Unions! This Is Amongst The Differentiations In Societies Around The World… The Learning Curbs Are Constituents Of Individual Growth And Evolution Per Person… Per Peer… Per Life!

And Indeed Such A presentation Is Realisation Apprehended. ..

That Which I Have Realised, Is Via Peoples Personal Testament, They Became Empathetic, And Without It, They Could Not Have Been..

This Monolithic Aclimatisation To Actuation… I Am Also Trusting Of As Precise Accountancy Of Existence.

That I Believe All suffering, Which Is Non Humanistic -(Not Made By Humanistic Endeavours) Is Purposeful… I.e “Illness… Cancers… Tumours… Famine… Starvation… Disease… Traumas… Debilitation… Disability… Mobility… Are Very Very Important And Benefitting To The Soul…

These Are Not The Same As Humankind Made Traumas… I Say Humanistic Made Traumas, Because Essentially Humans Are Extremely Weak Organisms. .. Either Psychologically… Spiritually… Emotionally… Because Humans Have Often Weak Minds, They Can Neither Control Their Own Thoughts…

You Should Never Ever Trust A Human… Under All Accounts… But Ultimately Only Each Soul Can Truly Decide When Realisation And Enlightenment Are Bequeathed, Who, When, Why, With… Etc… Nobody Can Decide For You… As Daily Many People Around The World Have Their Life Ruined By Others Deciding For Them…You May Have Realised, That I Stated Enlightenment… Because As I Believe This Is Bequeathed From A Higher Echelon To The Soul… Instead Of… From The/A Particular Soul Or Recipient To The Self/Recipient!

Now You May Have Understood, Why I Am Saying That Cancer And Disease Is A Blessing In Disguise For Humanity. .. As Without Such Debilitating Afflictions, Empathy And Reasoning Would Never Survive In The World Of Nonchalance And Mild To High Ignorance!

Death Is Also A Very Blessing And Necessity, As Humans Are Often Obtrusive Upon The Environment Earth As A Whole…. We Can Affirm Humankind Has Completed More Destruction In The Past One Hundred Years Of Human existence… Than The Complete Numeration Of All The Other Life Inhabitants Upon Planet Earth Since The Beginning Of Earth!

This Is Why I Believe We Should Celebrate Death And Trauma… In Which I Propose A Happy Death And Trauma Day Every Week!!

For The Supreme Power That Be… Is Never Wrong!..

For Enlightenment Is The True Goal…

Without Enlightenment… The Question Is.. What Is Humanity Without Enlightenment. …?

Animals Perhaps….?