“The Journal”

In This Affirmation And Continuing On From The Previous Affirmation here, In “Autonomy, Catastrophe And Trauma”…  Hopefully We Can Delve Further With More Precise Inquisitions.

Also…! Understanding, These Chapters Are Never And Not For The Most Ignorant Of cerebrum Or Easily Offended…. Hopefully, If You Have Been familiarising In The Early Blogs At This Website Http://khalilaliytheenlightenmentbomb.wordpress.com You May Be Now familiar With The Affirmations We Have Been Sharing Here… If You Have Not…? Well! Need I Explain More…? You Are Probably Not Ready For That Which We Are Sharing!.. Also, Also understand That, Each Individual Cerebrum Evolves At A Separate Rate, Plus The Fact The Intelligence Quotient Fluctuates Between Each Individual In Their Personal Stage Of Civility… To Autonomy Via Traumas -(The Individual Experience Of Trauma, Catastrophe And Autonomy).

As We Discussed In Previous Chapters Here, Such Affirmations Can Not Be Discussed, Deciphered And Delivered Enough, Especially Once You Have Finally Understood The Demographics Of Existence, The Personal Premise And Our Relation With In/Out!… This Becomes All Very Simple, Indeed!

Understanding How We Acknowledge Trauma As A Necessary Evil (Torment) Towards A Very Personal And Universal Autonomy. .. This Is Truly A Registration Of Enlightenment And Power To The Soul

“How We Switched On… Or How The Lights Are Switched On!”

The Greatest Gift To Life Is That Of Trauma, Abuse, Affliction, Pain, Misery, Emptiness, Victimisation,  Misanthropy, Debilitation, Agony, Hurt, Mistreatment, Transgressions, Oppression, Suppression And Depression! All These Necessary Evils Are That Which Has Aided The Civility Of Mass Modernisation And Self! Without Such Affliction…. Understand, That Neither Empathy, Patience Would Neither Exist. .. You Will Recognise The Fact That, Humankind Evolves Into A More Advanced Restorative State Of Autonomy And Fairness When Humanities Bystanders Become Afflicted With suffering… Understanding This Affliction, Which Is Bequeathed Upon Humanities Individuals, Is Never Internationally Synchronised. You Should Be Aware, Emotions Are Not Internationally Linked. What We Mean Here Is, As Each Individual Becomes Aware And Are Alerted To The Problems Of Life, They Usually Become Empathetic. .. The Only Problem Here, Is The Fact Of Two Very Important Facets!

Individuals Ideals Are Usually Portrayed Via The Actualities… Either They Remain As A Far Advanced Spectrum Ahead Of Their Peers Or A Spectrum Which Tenders To Them, Far Behind Their Peers In Education And Enlightenment?…

No.1 When Person A Or Group A Has Become Self Aware Through The Experience Process Of “Trial And Error”, Usually Person B Or Group B Has Long Yet To Experience Such Important Realisations. … This Allures… For A Difficult Understanding Between The Two Sides!

As One Side Is Educated The Other Side Has Yet To Fathom, Un-apathetic Position, While The Superior Evolved In Civility Are To Patiently Await The Progressive Civility Of The unawares And Un-Evolved!

Yet The Importance Here Is If There Was Constant Autonomy, What Would People Learn… Throughout Their Life…?

The Answer Is Nothing And Nothing At All.. Empathy Can Not Be Learned Via Autonomy/Constant Autonomous Vibrations And Good Wil… Solitaire… En essence…. En Essentialism In Empathy Can Not Be Learned Via Peace And Well Being… It Is Rather The Franchises Of Disquietude And The Fraternity Of Malignancy, That Allure Our Inquisitions And Enlightenment To Wisdom And Natures…

“No!” I Never Stated… Nor…  Am I Administrating For The Animalistic Aloofness Of Anarchism And Nihilism. Civility Should Be Practiced Far From Such Ideologies Of Corrosive Contamination. The Unethical Idiosyncrasies Of Un-Moral And Disastrous Beings… It Is Due To Fate… Hardship… Loss… Illness… Famines… Weather Disasters… And Severity Of Impoverishment, That Has Aided Many Civilians To Readjustment In Their Personal Evolutions. I Was First Alerted To This Windfall Enlightenment As A Child Growing… Experiencing Difficulties And Studying Human Nature… The Only Down Side To This Actuality, Is The Fact That, The Individual In Affliction Must Usually, Utilise All Intelligence, Or They/Such Folk Will Indeed, “Crash & Burn!”

Unfortunately It Is Also Evident, To Acknowledge, Most People Do Crash And Burn, Often You Will Find Children Following In The Steps Of Their Parents… Who Are Often “Highly Uneducated”… Often Poor Lying Damaged Mothers Or Lonely Women Do Not Evolve Well, That Have Previously Been Hurt Or Heartbroken, While…. Indeed Pass On All Affliction Inherited To Child Or Another Who Falls Upon Their Web, And Into Avenues Which Will Not Support Autonomy And Happiness… Ever In Longevity. .

No.2 When A Contingent Or Coadjuvancy Is Too Far Behind Their Social Heterogeneity, Communication Or Coexistence Can Be Near Impossible To Reach In A Steady Autonomy… Mainly One Group Or Person Will Be Burden Or Will Compromise. Such Compromise Often Comes Via Huge Sacrifice, Which Often Breaks Out In Turbulence. …

You Will Notice For Example, Love Partners, Who Do Not Share The Approximation In The Department Of “Individual Quotient”… Often Struggle With All Long Term Decisions And Major Factors Illustrated In Guide lines, Of The Registering Successful Partners In Longevity!

To Equate With The Superior Monophonic Substance, Of Such Success, In My Search I Have Discovered That, Strangely Enough, And Above All Things, Individual Quotient Registers As The Binding Force Of Such A Programme! Hence, Like For Like….

Often This Mediation, Is Lost In Other Areas Which, Are Forged In A False Abode, Detailed. Such, Never Truly Fulfil The Earliest Impressions. .. Finances Is Also Quite A Necessary Evil In A Partnership Securing Guidance Between Any Union… As Is Moral Virtue And Health. .. The More Independent Similarities Unions Have The Ever Stringent The Binding Bond… Often Wealthy Individuals Partner With, Aesthetic Or Youthful Individuals. .. Unfortunately And More Often Do Not Blossom Into lengthily Autonomous Relationships…… Yet If The Individual Quotient, Is Measured Equally You Will Often Witness A Fare Autonomy, Even If Multiple Differences Exist…?

Such Dear Enlightenment, Is Profanely Indeed Necessary, Pitched As The Ultimate Binding Blocks Between Peers/Unions! This Is Amongst The Differentiations In Societies Around The World… The Learning Curbs Are Constituents Of Individual Growth And Evolution Per Person… Per Peer… Per Life!

And Indeed Such A presentation Is Realisation Apprehended. ..

That Which I Have Realised, Is Via Peoples Personal Testament, They Became Empathetic, And Without It, They Could Not Have Been..

This Monolithic Aclimatisation To Actuation… I Am Also Trusting Of As Precise Accountancy Of Existence.

That I Believe All suffering, Which Is Non Humanistic -(Not Made By Humanistic Endeavours) Is Purposeful… I.e “Illness… Cancers… Tumours… Famine… Starvation… Disease… Traumas… Debilitation… Disability… Mobility… Are Very Very Important And Benefitting To The Soul…

These Are Not The Same As Humankind Made Traumas… I Say Humanistic Made Traumas, Because Essentially Humans Are Extremely Weak Organisms. .. Either Psychologically… Spiritually… Emotionally… Because Humans Have Often Weak Minds, They Can Neither Control Their Own Thoughts…

You Should Never Ever Trust A Human… Under All Accounts… But Ultimately Only Each Soul Can Truly Decide When Realisation And Enlightenment Are Bequeathed, Who, When, Why, With… Etc… Nobody Can Decide For You… As Daily Many People Around The World Have Their Life Ruined By Others Deciding For Them…You May Have Realised, That I Stated Enlightenment… Because As I Believe This Is Bequeathed From A Higher Echelon To The Soul… Instead Of… From The/A Particular Soul Or Recipient To The Self/Recipient!

Now You May Have Understood, Why I Am Saying That Cancer And Disease Is A Blessing In Disguise For Humanity. .. As Without Such Debilitating Afflictions, Empathy And Reasoning Would Never Survive In The World Of Nonchalance And Mild To High Ignorance!

Death Is Also A Very Blessing And Necessity, As Humans Are Often Obtrusive Upon The Environment Earth As A Whole…. We Can Affirm Humankind Has Completed More Destruction In The Past One Hundred Years Of Human existence… Than The Complete Numeration Of All The Other Life Inhabitants Upon Planet Earth Since The Beginning Of Earth!

This Is Why I Believe We Should Celebrate Death And Trauma… In Which I Propose A Happy Death And Trauma Day Every Week!!

For The Supreme Power That Be… Is Never Wrong!..

For Enlightenment Is The True Goal…

Without Enlightenment… The Question Is.. What Is Humanity Without Enlightenment. …?

Animals Perhaps….?




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