“It Is Highly Virtue To Autonomy, That One Can Be Truly Measured In Appreciation, With A Degree Of Pre Trauma Available To Reflect upon”

By this statement… what I advocate is due to the tacit facet of the necessary fluctuations in the polar degrees of the spectrum in hostility and calm, we can  analyse circumstance, wealth, well-being or health… of a participant or agent…?

The earth (World) for instance, has a large degree of autonomy which is measured by the fluctuations in chaotic worldwide weather bombardments. .. Too much of these chaotic weather bombardments, then the earth as a complete organism, would probably fall into a dilapidation. None of the chaotic weather bombardments and fear would not exist to represent a universal law of order for all the inhabitants, who exist only to feed and grow superior to the environment and boundaries, “If a universal law of order was not necessary to contain the aspirations and greed of each species!”

Every agent is universally facing a type of metaphysical imprisonment… This imprisonment is solely due to the acknowledgement of a higher order… the higher order we are currently governed by is the world. Yet the earth (world) is not by any means the highest order known or imaginable in current existence… Quite the contrary, it is by and large… the smaller of the known phenomenons in the existence of force and power. It is quite a phenomenon to acknowledge and even further to acknowledge, all the other wild species having the same acknowledgement of this supernatural premise!

Each and every mammalian… Avialea… Equatic Marin … Specimen in existence comprehends order and power… Life and death… beginning and ending… Start and finish…. Then and now… Today and tomorrow. .. This understanding negates towards big and small… Superior and inferior… Which slowly gravitates towards understanding and realisations in the complete synopses of life, functionality, limitations and existentialism! Without due understanding of such order, life would exist quite chaotically and truly disturbingly for each and all creatures to the point. .. Only the hybridisation of creatures would exist, as each species would mate in a totally randomised and wholesomeness in not breeding with in the format of specimens and type.

If such universal order did not exist, that which we would be in existence of is a universal unchallengeable mating regiment, in which the most odd and peculiar of species mated with each other, and continuously altered the face of each and every known species that ever existed. Equatic marine would regularly mate with Avialea. .. While mammals would mate with that of anthropomorphic traits. A complete free for all in as many diverse species as there exist cubic measuring metrication on earth!

If order did not exist, neither would fear! Fear from group species… Fear from family species… Fear from abomination. .. Fear from chastisement. .. Fear from attack… Fear from solitude… Fear from universal laws… Such laws via a superheterodyne metaphysicality, communicate universal understanding and ethics of right and wrong. Thus species should not interbreed or create abomination. ..

It is known that wild animals kill their new-born if they are not in agreement of the product as a species… Often animals are raped by other larger animals of a separate species. .. Often these embryonic pregnant species, will immediately attack and kill the new-born on emergence of descending (birth). Often carrying a cub or embryo which was never excepted or agreed upon can be quite traumatic for the survival adult… which often refuses to acknowledge the cub or new-born as a reference of rebellion to the product or instigator…?

Often one may lay their eyes upon a cross-breed (hybridisation) which may have been created out of genuine excellence and honorary exceptions…

I can understand such species will be left in the wilderness, throughout and will not find akin or likeness to the personal self of its understanding and similarities! Such species will feel very alone and in constant solitude. Fighting alone… hunting alone… living alone… sleeping alone and existing alone… Such species would not naturally find a likeness in a mate or partner throughout its natural life in existence! Such as the increasing levels of torment endured by such species would first resonate as realisation. .. understanding and enlightenment…. Enlightenment to itself as a one entity all alone… Further throughout time this acknowledgement will indeed reignite as the ultimate realisation. .. in actuality of pain… joy… suffering. .. love and hate… in the balance of life. A life well understood of necessity and elusive of perpetual harmony…. Escaping in and out of multiple hazardous habitats… Flushing out its prey, while avoiding various captures… For often the predator is also a prey to another species in the formidable change of capture and devour. Such a charge is hidden between the long pauses of silence and glares witnessed by observer and observed! The living is understanding, understanding of the necessary, the necessity to longevity in existence… Ultimately this I call the supreme balance. Balance of any two extremes molded together to great the autonomy of both extremes.

Now Understand!

Autonomy does not mean happy ever after… Unfortunately autonomy is not your average well-played “Love Story” to life.

Autonomy is created by polar opposites which are often combined to create a sub erected division… Not prejudice enough for it to reside at either end of the joining.

“The Warmth Or The Warm Zone!”

The middle ground in a dispute… The compromise necessary for understanding to be presented between two separate coadjuvancies manifesting their premises and personal reservations!

Autonomy is never and not joy or constant happiness, but rather the stability to endure constant. The personal authorisation to approximation of adjustment necessary to survival in un climatological environments…. Foreign environments. .. Alien cultures…. Untraditional cultures… Nations of unfamiliarity. .. Relationships of inconvenience. .. Work of unsuitability. … Foods that bare taste of bitterness… Situations outside ones power… Circumstances of unforeseeable circumstances. .. Are all professional and expertly met with the application of autonomy… or earnest compromise!

“First Notice”

Two young people alluring to the ignorance of their youthfulness. .. playing. .. entertaining mischief. .. calamity… rudimentary affirmations in civility… crudely at mercy of pestilence…. the abhorrence and repugnance of grandiosity displayed via various prejudices. .. Such life will not allure to the necessity of autonomy by their personal choice… not soon… not yet… maybe. ..!

Fore not at least without the necessary trauma which often subjects a life to burst into understanding of the necessary pain and pitfalls of life. Such felt by life may wish to alter their personal characteristics and set upon molding their outdated idiosyncrasies to better suitability of current demands sought by their age and society. Without such trauma experienced by these abhorrent youths in question, the autonomy required for acknowledgement in their respective societies will not be met. Such trauma may arrive by a number of ill fates…


Often can and will render the afflicted thoughtful and more understanding to life.. Often people who have lost a relative automatically become good listeners of others who are sufferings from debilitating illness… Including taking on important roles in their communities or schools… often Liaoning between troubled children and authority.

No.2 “Life Threatening Incident”

Often it has become fully acknowledged, that in this field of Psychology and trauma, the more experts that educate the masses the more awareness is felt in society of social needs and individual conditions, which many are totally ignorant towards. When one has recovered from a personal injury of huge deterioration. Often grievance is met by jubilation and  thankfulness. This may evolve into a state of awareness and giving of knowledge to the less advantage and ignorant who often cause mischief to the unfortunate!

No.3 “Victim Of A Crime Or An Abuse”

Most people who are a victim of a crime whether recent or historic are often able to foresee future problems from personalised experience. Often such experience is well appreciated when traded with ears (listener, learner, advised, patient, debilitated) for the knowledge given (Advisor, voice, protagonist, supporter, philanthropist, educator).

understand… The trauma is totally un equivocally a necessity for education… growth… autonomy and calm.

Such souls who do not face trauma, never take heed and always crash and burn from that which they can not visualise. Even in my relatively short life I have witnessed many already who have crashed and burned. Such will not come back and rise from the ashes of their assessment hence forth!

Take note of any who you are sure will crash and burn, to witness how simple the reality is. Sure you can give aid if you have the relative knowledge and confidence. .. or simply direct them to wellness of advice!  Or this blog is sufficient in waking the sleeping soul of mortal fiends!

Yet, I say take note of any you are aware of who may be slipping on slippery slopes!……

For sometime in the distant future you will acquire the information that such the casting has incurred a debilitating illness, which will most probably terminate their present time on this earth.

“This Catastrophe”

Often this unwelcome prejudice is met with surprise and trepidation, disquietude and perturbation, consternation and apprehension. .. for fear arises in the most unprecedented unpredictability of scenarios. .. often unimaginable! Yet I advise and have acknowledged evidence that CANCER is no more than a court in relation to the longevity of the sentence opposed.

“Fatality is final”

This measure is the final count and highest priced payed for exploits and actualities administrated by the hostess/hoste not previously court for…. while in good young health.  Unfortunately neither did a fortune of trauma pay a visit to the newly afflicted. If trauma had been present throughout ones life, cancer would never have existed in that personal body!

“Lord Janner The Former Mp”

Lord Janner has severe Dementia. .. Anyone who knows about suffering and illness will undoubtedly be aware that this illness is one of the worst and shamefully hostile illness to humankind. All afflicted, by dementia are existing in a 24 hours hell day and night. This affliction is far stricter than any sentence (death sentence) one could ever imagine.

Karma! If the exploits are true then quite, if not then another separate exploit exists hidden in the depths of the historical favours to such brands in lords and titles!

Understand this version of torment witnessed is available to all earths inhabitants….

Protect your good self non haters and life without the possibility of being judged by the sole original court of death/afflicted punishment/sentences in existence…

The cosmos. …


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