Illustration Of The Nuclear Strobes Relation!

“When The Rays From The Sun Strobe Out Towards Any Location, The Location Receiving The Sun’s Rays Is Acclimatised By Heat. If Any Objects With In The Paramagnetic Parameter Of The Burning Strobe Prevent The Sun’s Rays From Penetrating Further Then The Object Shade And The Shades Metrication Will Be As Cool As Autumn…. The Sun’s Rays Only Heat The Spot Or Location In Direct View Of The Sun’s Rays…. This Is Akin To A High Powered Spot Light From A Powerful Touch, Emitting Heat From The Wattage Capacity Of The Instrument! The Precise Spot And Location Light Is Displayed From The Touch, Will Be Illuminated By Heated Atoms. These Atoms In The Path/Vicinityย Of This Light Source Are ย Brought Into Extra Energy/Movement/Motion/Excitability/Life/Excursion/Illustration/Illumination/Effervescence/Speed/Hostility/Nuclear/Bombardment/Communication/Commotion/expensiveness/Explosives. ..ย The Electricity Presented (Heat)… The Nucleation Emitting From The Sun Reacts With The Atomic Properties Of The Nucleus, Subsequently Creating Further Heat Waves.ย 

The Area Not Penetrated (Hidden) And Obscured From The Sun’s View (Illumination) Is Ultimately Unheated (Unelected For Heat) And Dis-scorched By The Sun’s Heat Rays!

As an example. ..


Let us for instance imagine a tall building on land being felt by scorching heat waves from the stroking sun. The Area Of The Building And A Large Part Of The Ground Will Be Felt By Heat Waves, Allowing These Areas To Be Bright And Warm. The Area Of The Building Obscured By The Sun In Conjunction With The Area ‘Less Of Sun Rays’ Will Be Extremely Cooler And Unequivocally Cold! As The Temperature Outside Of The Sun’s Rays Is Cold!

The Un equivocation That The Sun Is In Acknowledgedment Of A Location Distinguishable By View.. Fact… Reasonable Logic… Presentation Of Sun Light Rays Onto Thus Location, Will Not Effect Any Location By Also Heat (Warming From The Sun) Which The Sun Is Not In View From Or Directed Onto By Heat Ways.

Thus, the shaded area, which has been obscured by the building will be cold. The outlay or silhouette of the building is the shaded area displayed onto the service of the ground. Such an area will remain both simultaneously cold and dark! The atmosphere in the shaded area (silhouette) of the building will be inextricably cooler. This temperature of the shaded area will be lower then the temperature of the area covered by the sunshine! Though both areas are in the same vicinity and actually directly and strictly next to one another. Intriguingly enough, one human step from one area to the next, will be measured by a huge drop or incline in temperatures. A Temperature of 90ยฐ Celsius In A Heat Waveย Felt By The Sun’s Rays, Can Be Instantly Reduced To… Close To 0ยฐ Celcius In Temperature, Simply By Stepping Into The Shaded Margin.

Interesting Enough, The Unequivocal Fact, That The Sun Is Out In Obvious View, Does Not Necessarily Change The Temperature Everywhere Instantly! This Pattern Occurs Via The Surrounding Objects Relation To The Sun’s Strobe. If Each Surrounding Object In Relativity To The Sun’s Rays Is In Reaction To The Heat Waves (Nucleus) Presented By Illumination Of The Burning Strobe, Then Each Object Will Be Hot And Give Into Heat Radiating From The Sun. As A Consequence Each Object Will Be Emitting A Relative Heat Distribution To Mirror The Sun’s Rays From The Sun To The Relative Object! As This Relationship Conspires The Relative Object Is Under Focus And Will Continue To Grow Warm To The Point It (Object) Begins To Perpetuate Heat And Sustain The Relative Atmosphere With Heat. This Sustenance Is Consequentially The Incline Of Heat In The Vicinity Is Dictated By The Relative Objects Withstanding The Sun’s Heat Rays And Reciprocating To Parallel And Adjacent Objects!

Yet objects non relational will remain cool and at natural temperatures. ..

Over all the vicinity will be heated by the objects in consistent relation to the sun’s heat waves, barring the shaded areas… which will be cooler from non compliance to the sun’s rays.

Remember! The atmosphere in outer space is at what we have deemed a minus temperature. .. The sun and relating stars and similar phenomena are all at a plus temperature. .. For all organic elements breatheย life at a plus temperature… Subatomic life exist at a minus temperature in which the platform for all life can be negotiated.

understanding the temperature we embrace in the hottest regions or seasons is due to the relationship shared between all the surrounding relative objects in such regions at such seasons!

Without such thriving relationships the temperature would constantly be very cool… as if one was constantly walking in shaded territory. ย The objects intriguingly enough both give cool shade and relative heat from absorbing the suns rays and hiding the suns rays.

Once the rays are hidden, a connective shadow restores the cool temperature. Simultaneously the object reflects the suns heat rays, whether the object be made of stone or natural organics or artificial materials!

All work has been researched and tested by myself

Thank you…

And be well…

Product Of Khalil Aliy 15th April 2015 (C)

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