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Pleasant paintings and sophistication of artistry render the ancient halls, structures and architectural- technological artifacts discovered : importantly one must register; It is quite clear the level of the architecture produced to create the many sarcophaguses, is at a far sophisticated machinery production than the artwork  depictions which embellish the walls?
The artwork & paintings are merely poor graffiti in comparison to the sophistication of the machineries production…? Being the construction is certainly a consequence of the technology & machinery utilised, opposed to skilled labourers?
Clearly the many artifacts existing and found in proximity are not from the same groups of teams/ endorsers/epochs/civilisations/society & culture and moreover not even the same species of humanoids?

One thing is vehemently obvious and quite striking, perhaps too obvious to the intelligence of most reasonable minds, to be ever confused, especially for all & anyone in the specific fields and trades of mathematics/physics/building & construction/art & design/manufacturing/skill labour & production..?

Existing presently are a growing number of individuals whom are euphemistically luring themselves from the mediocrity’s social -conspirators of nonchalance & saboteur. Paleantology has discovered multiple lineages of unique groups challenging instances of oblivion have indeed migrated towards an unstable and unbeknown future, braving extremely enduring journeys into the far obliqueness of their future, for survival & harmony, continuing throughout human history and settling where previous dynasties held reign and ruled over vast kingdoms with acute knowledge of systems and fiercely guarded esoteric information…?

Such as This being the occult culture of each dominance in ruling parties whom wielded great power & force. finishing results suggest, the work was not ever composed by the same authors it is uneven & not comparative,* indicative of noticing separate workers throughout the many settlers cultures, whom have indeed *unwittingly attempted to crudely emboss and imprint their signature & understandings on the applicant’s original architecture? In some sections of the ancient structures the fine art is incredibly detailed & precise. The depictions of society & culture are finely detailed, while in other places and tombs the artwork & inscriptions appear engineered from the process of a dilettante?
Resulting in the price of ego & failure: Removing the signatures of the original emerging architects?

A look at many of the depictions discovered fairly display the various levels of work, which stand as separate authors or signatures?

Photo of the Egyptian Pyramids of the Giza Plateau ®️

Defacing occured via separate invading tribes and civilisations whom desired to erase all precious identity & the history of previous cultures. Each colonisation arrived with their personal “GOD” to introduce & indoctrinate upon the newly enslaved, whom once existed as the previous ruling inhabitants of the lands?

The invading parties imported new customs, new regulations, new systems and practices for the purposes of strict adherence, discipline & obedience enforced upon those surviving into the modern era from previous civilisations ?

The invading cultures experienced much difficulties in establishing authority over older practices, those whom neglected to embrace the new religious systems, were indeed tortured, expelled and moreoften killed in gruesome fashion?

The defacing, modern restoration and admission of damage actually devalues all the ancient artifacts we see, not only in the exact identical manner of morden alterations to factory set merchandise, but also worse as the standard of the embellishing is a sightly poor attempt for the viewing of sore eyes in comparison to the original ⚒ precision & carefully organised craftsmanship.

Ironically; The machinery production of the architecture & building finish, suggest the appearance of modern day productions?
While the paintings allude to an age so unbeknown to precisely speculate a date of production?
However it appears the contrary is actually the genuine reality; The manufacturing process of the tombs & buildings is not only much older than the graffiti style paintings upon the *’sarcophaguses…’ Actually significantly older than the project attempt & completion…
Initial attempts at projects often end in failure and failure again until the correct materials, methodology, technology, education, science & knowledge is learnt and applied…
Suggesting the theory the methodology & science we witness be a *’certificate of a distant – culture’s – technologically – advanced – systems & progression preapproved/verified & prepared for the destination of any outworldly exportation in the cosmos… including to life on earth’s inworldly importation.

 ‘ The Black Knight Satellite ‘ photos courtesy of Google ©️ 🛸🎇✨

“Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence”

‘Carl Sagan’

An array of evidence is currently available across the globe and leading to the striking probability of alien intervention profoundly exist?
However, the evidence you may not like as such evidence may not correlate to your own narratives?
There is also the matter of ‘Understanding what can be used as reasonable evidence?’ Intelligence towards the specific subject and a sense of understanding the topic, having familiarity/Training & skills in the fields registered for evidence is primarily necessary? ;
‘Architecture & Design/Stone masonry & building/Preparation & planning/Physics & Technology/Astronomy & Astrology/Geographical – Navigational & Astro- Geographical- Navigation/Extraordinary calculus beyond all modern & future present comprehension/Materials & alchemy/Geophysics & astrophysics/Land scaping & surveying/Terror forming & agriculture/Feeding, storing, maintenance & food harvesting/Mass Dietary & mass food preparation/Mass Health control, hygiene & Diseases regulation/Time schedules, hospices & care/Every protocol imaginable/Unlimited resources & responsibility/Transportation/Unimaginable lengths of consistent motivation/Inheritances of significantly ‘Prolonged- persevering & willing task forces’ ?/Margin for error, mistakes & accidents/ Universal- Languages shared amongst staff/Practice & reasoning

These ancient beings appear to have intentionally notified all future residents be this 🌎 earth or elsewhere… of their presence & abilities? The most sophisticated signs purposely come into light to those of an intellectual manner, while also the most simplified presentations resonate and are also visible for those with a difficult sense of comprehensive ability; Those characteristics of outworldly inhabitants can be found thoroughly throughout the entire globe and the night skies.. The beings certainly was not attempting to hide the history of humanoids, though it may be said some authority appears to be extremely apprehensive in regards to making contact or disclosing details of outworldly matters… with the entire human population (Understandably so) ?


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An ancient tomb holding alien artifacts; Mummification rest undisturbed, of an ancient alien corpse below, believed to be alien in origin, of a ruling pharaoh deposited incredibly long ago… In ?

Interestingly, noticed that the yearly orbit of planet Nibiru has a coincidence with significant activity which occured upon earth approximately 3.2 million years ago….? That of the emergence of ‘light’ or “LIGHT bringer” “Lucy” was in the approximation of existence here on earth incredibly 3.2 million years ago? If these figures are indeed approximately, the outworldly beings will be within this star- system from 200 years ago in retrospect upto within the next 200 years in the distant future of coming age; Calculating from ‘1822 Anno Domini – 2222 Anno Domini’ the entire world could witness the re-arrival of seismic activity from gigantic solar winds… solar flares… enormous gale force stormy winds… ice storms & ice sheet melting in Antarctica… giant hail stones the size of cars… extreme floods… multiple hurricanes… chaotic world winds & ultimate devastation across the globe. Due from the massive interconnection of planet Nibiru interupting while entering solaris orbit, wrecking the formation & stability to each of the planets in the solar system precession.

In relation to identifying the architects of the pyramids: Interestingly it must be noted; We do NOT see any ‘Mock examples of Pyramid structures throughout the world, in the way we see Pyramids’… ‘No mock examples’… ‘No trial pyramids’… ‘No sight of the process to an evolutionary pyramid structure’… /s… ‘No test pyramids’… failed pyramids or anything resembling an early process of graduation exist in the world? Unlike what we know to exist with the normal process of progression, building & engineering ?

Such as the above would suggest that the designers were equipped with pre understanding of the task to be formed?
So, perhaps the architects arrived here with plans, sheets, maps designs, instruments, instructions & technology to complete the grand process?

Somethings which have a particular familiarity & evident correlation towards the investigation of said topic can be presented as evidence;
Sound/Smell/Composition/Structure/Colour/Particular Artifacts/Design/Correlation/Use/Behaviour/Embellishments/Characteristics/Craftsman/Creation.. etc see #bodyofevidence
It is extremely easy to reject all singular events as random instances, however when gathering the variety (entirely) of articles together, typically correlate & exist as enough evidence to support the hypothesis rather than against?
Hence; ‘Probability cause’ with little reasonable doubt or perhaps insufficient ‘Reasonable doubt’ ?

As an open analogy, we could suggest the equivalent could be demonstrated if qualified and experienced construction workers travelled to any part of the habitual planet with construction tools and engineering devices in hand and found the correct engineering materials, could then establish safe secure ground for a building project to commence, construct & complete? Infact this process could provide the definite importation anywhere in the known solar system and as far beyond as the neighbouring solar systems, distant stars, other galaxies & perhaps the unknown universes, requiring such function?

The abstract construction of dwelling being the function & product? Similarly this I suggest has occured with the sudden importation of these buildings and construction known as ‘pyramids’ which appear here upon planet earth.

{‘This being the magnificent artifacts titled; ‘Pyramids’ are an absolute understatement of divine alien (Design from hence, Outworldly Engineers) -creation product of exportation brought to earth from elsewhere, inwhich I believe the original architects ought to be given the genuine credit for their efforts of sustainable unmatched ingenuity’}

All planets which was/is/are potentially capable of hosting the requirements for a stable construction project? Can indeed hoste such a project under the circumstances and provisions available from the constructors and instructors service. This type of product can be viewed as an open intergalactic service similar to an intergalactic energy service, inwhich the service plan instructors demonstrate the technology to any interested parties, namely world leaders of other planets? Negotiations could begin once investors become satisfied with the demonstration supplied by engineers & delegates of the product/technologies etc? (Pyramids/Energy-source)

I imagine perhaps several options/power consumption rate/output rate/amps/voltages/versions/metrics/capabilities/climate-resistant/designs/durabilities/constructions exist for the convenience, longevity and compatibility of the investor’s planet/landscape/ozone and climate which to be manufactured for/to?

knowing inadvance each planet has secure and unique values representing materials, may delineate individual cost per project, I.e A planet which harboured ‘trees’ oppose to aiming to mine for the incredible durability of ‘granite stone’ as it’s most pliable and constructive building material, would differ in the level of difficulties/efficiency/labouring warranted for the preparation/labour/time/production/engineering/safety & cost for such a project?

Hostile – disparaging climates and uncivil terrains’ ; Where there exist an abundance of intelligent & sophisticated life, encourages the exportation of such grand projects. If indeed these constructions are much more than highly decorated architecture as many are growing to believe the possibility thereof is a most fascinating prospect, which I could listen to and encourage the conversation for hours/days/weeks/years/decades/life times?

Though the bombardment of great degrees of information is presented upon a daily basis, each person has to wisely understand upon the self the reality of coming into false or examinations of grotesque exaggeration & endoctrination? What is more, there truly exist so much detail to uncover, that those in this world will not ever truly journey to the bottom of this never ending rabbit whole… of historical value? BEING every hidden shaft opens up towards a new ‘Rabbit Hole’ of information and education.

These common evaluations of attempts to process viable production, most oftentimes equates to the ongoing great failures and perpetual haphazzards which renders seismic lengths of passing age to retrial for success & symmetries, similarly which occurred with the *2,000 year – long trial & error process which circumvented the lessons in *manufacturing longevity for the fashionable demand exited by customers requiring additionally ever lasting mummies via locating the most significant & successful process of embalming! This which resulted into the ancient practices of mining for the ‘black crude oil sludge’ located in deposits across the earth. Such as the importance and various applications utilised from the oil’s productions, including ; The typically distinctive Egyptian eye liner, hair dye, oil paintings, embalming process, nail & face painting, material restoration, projects, textile & material manufacture, lubrication liquid, tool maintenance and labouring practices, health remedies, skin diseases, heating & long lasting burning etc…
    Unfortunately the great process has indeed run an unnatural unforeseen tragedy, via the looting of the invading hostes. The recent centuries of discovery & archeology have indeed exposed the mummification process to oxygenation & biological decay. Prior to this unforeseen frenzy from western & middle eastern exploitation against a united african povity.
     {Once long ago carefully tested the age of matter oxygenation via exceeding processes, summarised a succinct failure of decomposition into preservation.
Perhaps similar to the unexplained technologies, the process of mummification was a gift taught to the children of the Earth by geniuses of Extra Terrestrial superhumanoids whom wield great powers and granted intelligence and favour to the early generations of humanity?

Interestingly discovered in recent decades the abstract information supporting the theory ; Approximately “Three point two million years ago” our earliest human ancestor walked across the face of the earth”

Recent years has witnessed further discoveries relating to the various hominid divisions. One so important discovery is perhaps the one acquaintance or acquainted with human’s ever emerging heroine aka”LUCY” …… Known as ‘aka’ “BIG – MAN!!” One wonders if indeed ‘BIG – MAN’ is a development along the phylogeny of the ‘Australopithecus Afarensis’ or a direct relative to ‘LUCY’ ? Suggesting ‘LUCY’ may have had similar siblings of the/her -kind?

“LIGHT” equals which to than other non Means “LUCY”

The below information was requested from another bloggers website inwhich the information is quite useful for the purposes of stated information. Kindly have a read


“The following blog was written bellow by a blogger on WordPress.com by the name of: ADAM BENTON”©️


‘Regarding “LUCY” or “LIGHT” or shall we say “LIGHT BEARER’ or “Morning Star” ?

Perhaps a heroin be it lone-ranger few can genuinely relate towards…

When the story commence in recent decades, unravelling of a monumental period in an age staggering 3.2 million years ago an incredible phenomenon walked the earth of ancient Africa? Across the planes of lush & fertile agriculture”LUCY” Whom indeed appears to be the ‘one’ or of the first of her kind deems a very interesting story of the challenges and difficulties one faces as a pioneer or an abstract form braving perhaps alone for a relative measure of time? The obstacles “Lucy” challenged while pioneering through can not ever be compared to anything humans have since faced It is incredibly difficult to reconstruct the version of reality one so young would have to face in perhaps what appears amongst the most difficult period of life upon earth in a totality of hostile creatures & the original phylogeny of Apex- predators… which would be deemed as monsters in modern day era. Huge monsters lurking in from every direction of a 360° rotation ? A thousand & one questions runs through my mind ; What was “Lucy’s” diet while in the nurturing phase… What was “Lucy’s” favourite food, whom was “Lucy’s” true biological parents?

What age did “Lucy” begin her first steps to upright walking, as an infant or perhaps years later?

What age did “Lucy” leave the comfort of her guardians & venture out into the wide unknown territory of the abyss?

Whom were the siblings of “Lucy”

whom was “Lucy’s” companion and which direction did they set travel to?

Whom was “Lucy’s” offsprings… how many…. how many survived…?

what age did they offsprings live to… where did they settle…?

“LUCY” whom Is defined as an “Australopithecus Afarensis” which it is unclear to me at present if this particular “Australopithecus Afarensis” specimen was one of many or not?

Possibility of siblings arises in my mind in deep inquisition and the subtle ray of satisfaction aspiring the beguiling experience of life in the epoch would lead “Lucy” to perhaps atleast one small saving grace. For one I believe there has to exist a saviour of some form, in guise as a comrade or sibling or guardian angel, reminding serenading and companion for the great adventure? Throughout history and habitual natures, considering commonly known idiosyncrasies may also appear palpable for understanding the sexual nature of hominids… endorses the commonality of multiple siblings via one or more intimate partners? Perhaps somewhere deep in the sanctuary the epochs elapsed rest the hidden information to support broadened relations of “LUCY” – kind the original 1.0 which existed with a full support system of relatives, similar to the typically witnessed characteristics of primates throughout the ages.

The legacy of “Lucy” lives on, while reminding me of something which appears to me as oddly satifiying, especially when one envisions the level of challenges presented to any unique species which is just at the commencing linear of early evolution? To believe any early generations of species would die and seize to exist appears to be the common evaluations of attempts to process, oftentimes, non- equating variables?

Perhaps we can one day take a calm long breathe and inhale blooming blossoms while fresh air breezes, taking time to imagine walking along beside the great adventuress, with her benign ‘spirit-soul’ guiding & encapsulateing a little ‘Lucy’ in some of us… if not each of us… Or perhaps a soulful exchange; ‘Visa – Versa’ a little each of us in side the spirit & dna of “Lucy” ?

A good rendition here of the intelligence displayed when the sensation of interest and happiness is actuated & witnessed ©️

A wonderous depiction of “Lucy” in awe..


Expression of mild inquisition and perhaps a release of dopamine ®️

Captured here is a great depiction of emotions displaying gentle awe and a gratifying intrigue in response to a subtle startle. Similarly to when something extraordinary is witness in nature or technology sends a warm surprise to the synaptic fibres of our senses, relaying back expressions of the sensations experienced. This you will commonly notice from the sight of a gigantic tusked elephant and all – rarely witnessed surviving species on the verge of final extinction. The acrobatic displays of ‘Whales & Dolphins’ to aero dynamics of ‘Eagles & Avia…’ Just as the glimse of the most exotic flowers blossom in spring, a variation of exotic insects and butterflies display their creation to the world at large. All articles of life becomes very aspiring when witnessed for the very first time…?


“LUCY” The ancient ‘Australopithecus Afarensis’

Inquisitive “Lucy” glares into new habitation and invest time for the scenery and calculating the geography, seeking nourishment, measuring safety, shelter and maintenance ?


Just below displays a depiction of ‘LUCY & BIG-MAN’ : ‘BIG – MAN’ was later discovered approximately 2010- and believed to be a strong relative or of the ‘Australopithecus Afarensis’ hominid group?

“BIG – MAN” & “LUCY”

Interestingly another story arrives to unravel the beguiling history of an ancient history and futures past. There is much synchronicity in the details and information ✨ I am yet to disclose here along with corroborated information previously undisclosed here? The combining information draws striking if not shocking conclusions for those whom are in the majority of practicing open -mindedness & free thinking…?


‘The place of first arrival’ … ‘The place of commencement/Begining’ or “The place of rendezvous/Meeting/Establishing®️” The place of transcendence, alignments or realignment.. The place of ascension, resonance, restoration & reverberation?

The location aligning where the ‘Elohim’ created ascension down from the cosmos to the arrival destination? Suggesting the location was used as a travelling port or harbour from one location to another? For the transportation of the Intergalactic beings? (Powerful Ones/Gods/Advanced beings/Aliens)

‘The first time’ is titled in ancient Egyptian belief systems, to describe the first moment or actuation of ‘The descending from the Gods into this galaxy and solar system’ . The markings of the descending Gods are hailed as the pillars of ‘Orion’s belt’ , the star system and the pyramid formation of the alignments to true North/East/South/West degrees latitude.

Interestingly, the side walls of Pyramids of the Giza plateau were once believed to be in perfect alignment with true ‘North/East/South/West’ directions of the solar system measured & approximated millions of years ago? Erriely these positions have only been examined in recent periods using highly sophisticated technology to acknowledge each position of the pyramd’s side walls? Today, now due to the slight degree of rotation misalignment via pole shift/Axes of the planet, this is naturally a motion which each solar -body including planet earth, for-goes & forges naturally, altering the alignment by the slightest margins from over great lengths of space & motion. These perfect alignments which existed once long ago are now still in close range to proximity in perfect alignment, offering misalignment by only the slightest margins throughout millions of years? This alignment is truly astonishing when registering the degrees of time which has since elapsed? Existing to showcase the intelligence of other life-forms or beings in the unknown universe, by concluding an equivalent wonder of the solar system’s products to the other abstract anomalies as of space & motion?

Earth’s counterpart be known as ‘Gobekli Tepi’ (As above so below) previously mentioned, which sits in alignment to the aforementioned recorded Egyptian star system ‘Zep – Tepi’ .

Beautiful scenery at the Giza plateau in Cairo Egypt

‘Egyptian Spinx’

Some linear details which might be of interest & intrigue in the understanding of these ancient astrogeological star mappers & their personal quest, relays records which previously sat miraculously buried here upon earth.


The Great Spinx: The ancient King list in the ‘Halls of records’ buried deep beneath the great spinx situated at the Giza plateau. The entrance which sits between the paws of the spinx leads to the lone corridor opening up to several chambers deep underground below the ancient spinx.

In the translations below, I emphasise here are the extraordinary passages of time elapsed in the existence of each Kings rulership. The earliest Kings inscribed upon the ‘king list’ appear to individually rule for durations over exceeding normal recorded time periods; Located upon the ancient ‘King list’ situated eight Kings whom ruled a combined duration of over a quarter of a million years! As the list continues further on the ruling lengths of the Kings begins to reduce drastically in duration from thousands of years to regular decades. The reason for this extreme duration can be explained further along these details, once you continue reading. The Kings whom ruled for extreme lengths of time, existed as Kings upon earth –(Whom may not have existed as ‘Kingship’ or Rulers outside of earth), beings whom originally derived from outer solar systems, introduced to planet earth. Those whom hailed as ‘Kings’ came here from planets with a greater orbit than earths. The home inwhich one derives from, the planet atmosphere, the longer the planetary orbit be… the greater lengths of age one exist by and to be, in which each moment spent upon earth… passes by, incredibly quick compared to the equivalent fraction of time on giant planets, with giant orbits, inwhich time moves slowly. Bigger planets orbit the sun much wider while the duration is much greater. Smaller planets orbit the sun via a much smaller orbit and shorter duration. Bigger planets journey across a wider curvature & longer journey, resulting in further time elapsing, days & nights being hugely greater & longer in duration from the axle which is hidden from the sun’s perspective, resulting in extremely long dark periods of shadowy existence, than the smaller planets. In relation, the smaller planets journey via a smaller curvature & smaller journey around the sun! Introducing a shorter day light period, while also inhabiting the relative short – dark – night – period! Resulting in beings from distant planets with incredibly wide orbits, whom came to live upon earth’s short ‘orbit – atmosphere’ would indeed exist for frighteningly extreme epochs in age? The wider the planetary – orbit the beings derived from… the greater lengths of time the beings would exist to experience upon earth’s orbit – atmosphere?

Bellow is the translations derived from the ancient ‘King list’ situated within the ‘halls of records’ beneath the great ‘spinx’ at the Giza plateau

“HALLS OF RECORDS” Beneath the great spinx A

Inscribed In the halls of records well noted is of one “King” whom exhibited his personal status ruling for the seismic length of ‘twenty two thousand years’ – (22,000yrs as a commanding pharaoh)

This degree of space and motion which elapsed, is indeed very likely & typically of inhabitants whom are alien to this earth and solar system? Beings/Life duriving from a larger planet & orbit, would indeed exist for seismic lengths of time upon this earth as a default consequence of natural ecological biology inhabited from all the atmospheric temperatures and the biology of outworldly inhabitants conditioned to exist upon greater worlds, with heavier oxygen, such characteristics typically aligned with large planetary orbit systems are awarded advantages when coming into the atmosphere of smaller planets with shorter orbits? Life which was formed on such huge planets will indeed evolve in sufficiently – oblique – tendencies of unequivocal unique default status? Unique to what we experience here upon earth? Perhaps greater oxygen cells, larger lung capacity, thicker blood & blood vessels, slower metabolism, thicker skin, greater volume of enzymes, faster retention system, dense bone structure, robust immune system, larger more powerful heart circulation system via inexplicably monotonously tedious pumps per beat of blood… circuitous-ally flushing throughout entire arteries… veins… respiratory… all major organs…?


Measuring from the duration of a numerical 22,000 years, inwhich one king ruled over entire evolving civilisations, I was able to relate the following numerical durations of planet Nibiru’s solar orbit (1year journey across 2 Stars) in Junction with numerical duration of earth’s solar orbits per ratio time for time? ;

“10 Seconds upon Planet Nibiru, equivalence upon earth is 1 Year…”

“01 Minute upon planet Nibiru, equivalence upon earth is 6 years…”

05 Minutes upon planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 30 years…

10 Minutes upon Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 60 years…

15 Minutes gupon Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 90 years…

30 Minutes upon Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 180 years…

45 Minutes upon Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 270 years…

60 Minutes upon Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 360 years…

120 Min/2Hrs on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 720 years…

240 Min/4Hrs on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 1440 years…

480 Min/8Hrs on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 2880 years…

960 Min/16Hrs on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 5760 years…

1440 Min/24Hrs on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 8640 years…

91.25Days/3Mth on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 788,400year…

182.5Days/6Mth on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 1,576,800yr…

525,600Min/1Year on Planet Nibiru equivalence upon earth is 3,153,600 years…

As planet Nibiru journeys : Travelling widely along from greater afar…👣 emerging from one destination, that of it’s own star – system ☆🌌 { Leaving it’s system in an eliptical extra wide galactic orbit across 🎇🪐 towards another destination system (this Star’s solaris system)💫 journeying to & from a binary star – system orbiting around our star🎇 system solaris… continuing the age long quest euphemistically on🛸 undisturbed un disparaged, distinguishing old paths the long solace for rendezvous with home again… Calculus: I indeed estimated one of it’s own years of a single orbit is equal to an unimaginable “Three Million, One hundred & fifty three thousand & six hundred earth years” This magnanimous sanction of passing age, space & motion is a wonder and suggest comprehension to the defying consequences of the planet Nibiru’s inhabitants ability to out- live complete age defying epochs of multiple civilisations time after time, continuing without challenge…? Upon realisation it is no surprise, to the 22,000 years of subjectiveness of one King’s rule. Ruled the entire evolution of multiple civilisations… in the same way humans out-live mosquitos, flies and all manner of insects… upon this dear earth.

“Anunarky Revolutionaries” ☆®️

The inspired trigonometry… Calculus… Pie… Resonance… Frequency… Astrology… Geology… Architecture… Technology… Sophistication … Velocity… Cosmology… Linguistic formation & syntax… are everywhere we look. Everything we have today is due to those beings whom first made contact millions of years ago… all of the agricultural benefits we witness today was taught to early generations of humanoids, as to some seeds & harvest crops would be an impossible creation for humans without being showed the process first hand, long ago? Along with all aspects of farming, natural health remedies, law of the lands, registering the care for all nature & all life, cohabitation, nurturing, nursing, morals, virtue, peace, love & more… ? These beings taught humans everything, yet something altered across the journey? Perhaps humans turned against their rulers or the children of these rulers killed their father’s in battle? Such offspring were titled as ‘Nephilim’ -(Children of the Anunarki) which exists in the verses of Genesis. The creators/ fathers of these rogue, often troubling offsprings, were titled as the watchers also translated from ancient cuneiform inscriptions into the “Anunarky/Anunarki” -(Those whom came from above to earth) whom seeded the life force of the ‘Nephilim’ after breeding/intercourse with human brides? The ‘Nephilim’ grew to gigantic proportions and referenced as renowned mighty men of old; Giant Battle hardened humanoids whom feasted upon all the flesh of the lands and fiercely worriors.

Many of the ‘Nephilim’ existed in tragic tales, those whom wondered all across the lands searching for their tribe or a village to represent, were often chased out and hunted, many killed, lots more driven into deep despair of isolated solitude till death and starvation. Nephilim whom many existed without nurturing care, instructions, language and supportive family systems roamed as beast of the land without education and commandments. The ‘Nephilim’ : Fornication was their embellishment creating multiple strange and hazardous hybrids? Multiple of the hybrid creations existed on to create more powerfully frightening hybrid creations as dragons etc…

Whom… “Allulim”… “Alaljar”…. “En-men-la-ana”… ???

Written incredibly long ago of “Genesis” in the ‘Book of Enoch’ are without doubt compelling information describing the period of the Elohim: Reads ; Enoch lived sixty- five years (65yrs) and begot “Methuselath/Mesthuselah. After Enoch begot Methuselah Enoch walked with ‘God three hundred years’ (300yrs) and had sons & daughters. { So all the days of ‘Enoch’ were ‘three hundred and sixty – five years’ (365yrs)

And ‘Enoch’ walked with God ; And he was not , for God took him?

‘METHUSELAH’ : Lived one hundred & eighty-seven years (187yrs E) and begot ‘Lamech’ . After ‘Methuselah’ begot ‘Lamech’, ‘Methuselah’ lived seven hundred and eighty two years (782yrs E) and had sons & daughters. All the days of ‘Methuselah’ were nine hundred & sixty nine years (969yrs E)

365 Earth years is approximately one hour (60 minutes) upon Planet Nibiru? Could this be that Enoch actually walked with God for the duration of one hour in total upon Planet Nibiru? ; First Enoch walked with God for 65 Earth years which translates to 10 Minutes 50 Seconds (10:50s) then introduced ‘Methuselah’ to God. Afterwards Enoch walked with God for three hundred earth years (300years E) translates to fifty minutes (50 Minutes)

Methuselah lived for one hundred & eighty seven earth years (187yrs E) translates to typically thirty one minutes & ten seconds upon Planet Nibiru (31:10s) Methuselah introduced ‘Lamech’ and lived another seven hundred & eighty two years (782 yrs E) Translates to time period upon Planet Nibiru of (“216:10s”) two hours & sixteen minutes & ten seconds. All the days of Methuselah were nine hundred & sixty nine (969yrs E) translates to two hours forty seven minutes & 20 seconds (“247:20s) I have a strong conviction and reason to believe these durations are the earth equivalent, and instead Methuselah spent the Nibiru equivalence of 247:20 in association with someone important enough to register the duration? I believe the writers and oral transcribers have mistakenly made error and confusion with these details in parts of the retelling of older traditions historical information, transcribed into later day European languages, which did not understand the text and misinterpreted information of galactic beings? It is indeed believable that Methuselah did live for great age, that is not the question here..? Reading the paragraphs suggest to me that these inscriptions were and still are attempting to indeed detail an event or something else perhaps?







It is of relevance to note that of the significance in the approximation : 3.2 million year orbit of planet Nibiru (3,153,600 yr) This figure date relates to important intervention matters which occured upon this planet earth upon the early hominids whom were indeed biologically upgraded for specimen production. We know that the “Australopithecus Afarensis” has indeed incurred upward mobility suspiciously unnatural to it’s kind. Calculus of the orbit from planet Nibiru if my calculations are indeed correct will be upon this solar system undoing for two hundred years of weather bombardment and more… It is a striking coincidences of seismic properties, perhaps too coincidental. If ,y Calculus is correct, Nibiru returns each of their year which equals our 3,153,600 date to expand and upgrade a new animal species? Snake, Chimpanzee, Lizard, Elephant, Ant, Mantis, Wolf, Bear, Bird… Each species to be trained to labour or perhaps other purposes upon distant planets… Elaborate experiments of nightmares & horror, reproduction systems for slavery, mercenaries for war, or meat for the pleasure of galactic beings food saurce?

Ultimately I believe we have been contacted and are in the process of recontact with outer beings. This will be the very first & only contact for those of this age… whom will not live to see again, this seismic duration, unless via reincarnation of a kind… The destructive force & orbit of planet Nibiru only comes around once every few million years, though Planet Nibiru’s orbit will indeed remain in our solar system for approximately fifty thousand years (50,000yrs E)

The technological knowledge bringers of this world, our original developers whom first seeded life here, have indeed calculated our progression and much wonder have they bestowed upon us with gifts and blessings as much as difficulties and struggles… It is often difficult to state which way approximately is best. Sometimes I wish to live, other times I wish to die… To know is to die… Not too… is to live totally in ignorance… unfortunately neither are too appealing in this world… 🌎

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Ill-Effects of “ILL-Luminati”


Illuminati > { Latin for “Hidden Light” } ; “Extreme light…” Secret light or “Secret Lumination” ; Exclusive Lightening, Exclusive Elimination; Luminescent information or “Ominously Exclusive”

To open something or to disclose information is to ; Bring into light or view, Lumia, lumiscity “luminate” or luminous the identity of intended object inorder to reveal previously esoteric (esophageal) acculturation or wisdom. Ultimately this promotes the proclivity of circular information : –

To produce bright and clear literature, which previously layed dormant and unfounded.

To make bright and known from once which rested within hidden obstacles.

To release into true clarity and reality that which ordained in a shrowd of darkness and mystery.

To purge ignorance away from true clarity and realism.

To produce Luminescence upon the density of mysticism and false acculturation.

To open the “neuro-sensory” to previously unlearned – information.

To shine a bright light upon and disclose that which once lay and rested closed and undisclosed.

To position a torch or candle light on towards shaded dimmed environments; Inorder to uncover that which portrays the undiscovered and hidden.

Clarity is quintessentially Luminescence; To strike a match-stick or to light a candle is to “Luminously shine” or to “luminate” the foot of darkness… to clear the foot pathe of caves and brighten the interior!

To perceive all that lays in rest to be met or be known? ;Unrestrict all previously programmed values in learning and understanding the complete relativity… relationships and measures of boundaries/negotiations/reciprocity/democracy.

To produce a torch {Fire (4) light (5) 4+5>9 = “Luminance”} or candle in a position without true light or Luminescence 12 (1+2>3) ; By (Restriction) restraining and limiting any version of luminosity to an area/zone. To reduce “ILLUMINATION” ; > ill- ( Ill-Healthed ) ; Poor-healthed/bad-health/regressive health/degenerative health!

“Ill” (Regressive) > Degenerative.

ILLUMINATE > “Ill-Luminate” > Not-naturally luminated ; Regressive forms of -inclinations/substance/characteristics behaviour/actions/acculturation/methodology. Regressive-luminosity; restriction in light/Luminescence; Restricted-light. Restricted brightness; dulling/dullness/vagueness/elusive/shady/non poignant/restrict from defining/restrict definition/restraining openness/refrain from public enquiry/investigation or opinion.

Minus Luminescence; Subtract luminary.

The etymology of “Illuminance/Luminescence” derives through the prosperity of several powerful empires who ruled over the world throughout the great ages to present chronology. Cultures via antiquity who prospered internationally. The latest intern conquered upon one another to hold the keys to control, influence and power… after gaining esoterism surreptitiously. These historic affairs were indeed the height of agents schemming for agenda’s aimed at the highest acquisitions.

Revered; “By any-means necessary” while relieving all forbarer of any formidable might and prosperity. While each intern forwarded correspondences or esoteric knowledge by forfeit of future persecution and invasion from superior empires. Systems and cytology passed on along the ages via esoteric sources. Sources who were indeed tricked/tortured/blackmailed and blasphemed against to become cast out and forced abdication from authority, power and position.

Eagle eyed successive opportunitist reaped the bounty of spoils ominously. Though often temporarily; Fate succeeded in restructuring the prosperity of each empires participants throughout. Prosperity and power dwarfed, time after time, again and again… Each empire drifted regressive into relative obscurity and servitude of the world at large.

“… Reprised

Into the furored wilderness of Darkness… From where they derived”

Thus; Titus relationships of consistent devouring empires, fluctuating prosperity, the incline and vitriol, betrayal and falls, vilification and machinations arose and aroused constant fear and makeivellia veneration. Empires rose as others fell; British from separate divisions of Europe; From Spanish, from south American; From French From Asian; From Venetian; from Roman; from Greeks From Egyptians From Khemetian etc..

Ultimately; Secret societies/Exclusive unions have existed in one form or another almost throughout humankind’s existence.

Special bearers of humanoids either gifted via exceptional enlightenment for the age of apparent chronology/Gifted via ability/ Gifted by physiology/Gifted by exclusive traits which enabled the prosperity of thus chronology or empire. Humanoids gifted with extraordinary rights of passage. Gifted practitioners which raised suspicion of perhaps their complete identity or true nature?

Previous gifted practitioners of Egyptianatic antiquity where disclosed as “Shem Su Hor”

From Khemetian dynastic periods which existed before the Europeanist chronology of information, discloses the existence of the “Shem Su Hor”; Light bearer/light bringer/Professor/Scholar /Prophet/High priest/Mindful -Omniscience/Great knowledge/ Physician etc.

Shem Su Hor : A name bequeathed upon the most gifted and wisest of the Khemetian empire.. An exclusively extra ordinary title or ordainship awarded to the most gifted of intellect and possibly ability? The title was heralded by the supernatural ability of such archetypes within the society. This word “Shem Su Hor” suggest that tenants of extra ordinary individuals existed of extreme ability in the realm or professions of memory skills, inclinations to preserve and maintain/Mathematics/Geography/ Archetecture/Minerals & Substances/Astronomy/Sciences… Care/telepathic and empathetic abilities… etc

The “Shem Su Hor” ; The reminder of information/the helper to uncloak the confusion of existence. The prophetic prominence; The Sage quality, The Seer… Symbolism and characteristics of ancient supernatural geniuses.

This founded the European perceptions of fantasy echoed via western media; wizards/warlocks/witches/Magik…(Magik evolved Into Majestic which evolved to Majesty)

A witch: Formally an identity or person with great knowledge and extreme experience and understanding of the laws of science and order.

The Royal family of the United Kingdom are truly not Royal at all by blood nor any other form in truth, neither are the individuals who hail by the aforementioned name sake referred to: British Royals; Are neither genuine Royals of majestic certification or true genuine nobility.

In truth, it is more of a fact than an Opinion..
We have already known, that the western world is highly interested in profiting from the rich resources, of their past colonies: Africa/India/Asia/South America/Caribbean Islands
Via the torment of these lands have continued to steadily infiltrate the resources of these nations by any means necessary..

All past cooperation with coups/Government wars against the benevolence of these once thriving ancient nations (Africa & Co) came through the spiteful machination, of ‘European descendents’ attempting to relieve the wealth away from it’s place of origin, and into the hands of White Greedy – Profiting society:
By any means necessary?

This all has been demonstrated, throughout the doctrines & corners of whiteness upon this (cursed®️) earth…

Each nation fell into servitude by the 😈 evil machination of western culture/Lorals : Deception/Lies/Falsification/Misinformation/Dishonesty/Schemes/Malice/Injustice/Crime/Theft/Trickery/Sabotage/Purjury/lack of virtue/Moral disobedience/inability to be noble & just/Lack of decency/contempt for reality/Love for synthetic nature/conflict against nature/in constant Violation against the truth:

White society plans war/attacks/profiteering schemes in advance of 30+ years (Over Thirty years) for optimising fruition.. ®
The deaths of many a great African/South America/Caribbean/Asian/Indian etc leaders, derived through the machinations of white malicious activities…
White skin beings work day and night to trick natural beings of their resources and mind: Institutions of engineering the environment and mechanics are created and exist to study the ability to deceive and gain Psychologically enhanced development.

From the western perspective of the meaning to life, begot, war is a constant consequence of existence and potential to progression and wholesome being.

That which white society perceives as sane, is exactly that which ancient cultures perceived insane ®
The minds of the indeginous natives, moreover the natural earthly residents are in the hands of these White skin European beings…

Whom do not have the indeginous long term well-being at the centre of their European hearts.

South African and Australian indeginous natives were together both amongst the many hoste to experience these evil European deployments, previously disclosed.
The Empires from the Europeans emancipated thousands of poor western white women, out of bondage, slavery, bandages, prison and feme fatal into spies/infiltration hostess/succubus.

The Trojan Horse or perhaps Trojan Succubus

The Europeans presented the guest as gifts to the niave earlier black empires. Whom indeed accepted with delight, non the wiser of the extention of the scheme in hand!
These women were to be accepted as formal brides to form treaty and established unions..

In hind sight things did not workout well for the unsuspecting niave of the indeginous tribesmen and clang: Often the awful subsidiary to this faux pass derived greater loss. Esoteric knowledge awarded to no avail or future prosperity with their new overseas bride, whom often felt she could no longer exist in their heinous contract, with the foul eye watering smells of cow dung floating by the meeker Hotel constructed of foul excretion and unhygienic tenancies the cultures shared, the extent of the brides new orphanage could never be tolerated any longer after a period in time. Constant divorces occurred, while the women of these scams hurried back to their modernised natural European heritage.

The tribesmen remained confused and bewildered.

The Western governments and the lorals of their businesses in proximity, functioned as they had expected.

The occupants of Western government romancing, by secret opporatives, not only lost their overseas brides, but experienced the torment of future loss in resources lands and empires

Politically Romancing Coup d’etat

What the Africans were yet to find out, was that these women were deployed for duty, inorder to learn the secrets by spying upon the black natives and to see what they could learn and sabotage.. ®
Some of the women were also prostitutes and whores..

Today’s groups are more sophisticated and arrive packed with a degree to carousel the non suspecting natives.

When we study this inquisitively, that which stands out, are beings of a disorderly condition: Perhaps an Abomination to all existence everywhere!?

Quintessentially, this is indeed a twisted fate for the once naturals of planet earth.


“Shem Su Hor” over great space and motion was infiltrated via the softer gender, as it was known men would give up their secrets to women freely after sex. sophisticated spies/invasions/spoils/pillage/Plunder/war and genocides. The etymology and stimuli of such archetypes slowly made prominence in western civilisation. The brightness or the bright-ones existed in one form or another throughout space and motion, via protected teachings and information.

The papayas/scrolls/tablets/books of esoteric sources have been studied in the halls of the Vatican’s secrecy.. while mimicked into new languages and altered for the prosperity of the Europeans while genuine truths lay obscured from society.

I can disclose to you, the entire history has been rewritten and falsified to promote those in power. These are the Europeans and European systems.

Once each individual investigates what the royal blood tests for, one will realise the entire history of western chronology/civilisation is a fake alignment of humankind.

Roman Monks whom worked throughout the night by several “candle-light” formed the orders of their Pope.. These monks were indeed mused as the “Enlightened – Ones” the Roman version of “Shem Su Hor” of the medieval era.

While the original Shem Su Hor of Khemet existed many thousands of years prior to Roman civilisations history.

The empire which indeed spread throughout and across the entire globe… The empire or utilisation thus: The Khemetian teachings, marked throughout the globe via the varsity of distinctive various ancient structures and Pyramids in multiple undisclosed locations. Existed to exonerate throughout the world. Also suggest great intelligence of minds shaped and influenced the Khemetian society and all other societies which have existed throughout? A relative time piece, it seems, for the entire quadrant of humankind’s history?

The Khemetians utilised these Pyramids as hallmarks for establishing teachings: Teachings believed to be highly sensitive and esoteric in nature/scientific from a much greater chronology than previously examined…? Moreover not of western chronology; More closer to prehistory (A time before science can possibly unearth with modern equipment) Well before all western dating and approximations. Western dating appears off. The dates of Egyptian antiquities are not even close to the true dates of the historical events which shaped the buildings.

A complete misaligned chronology of space and motion appears consistent in western engineering practices. This and similar misalignment of world information resonates as ILLUMINATI -Characteristics; The hiding and covering of : -Facts/dates/truths/Information/ Antiquity/Knowledge/Rights/Laws/ Principles/Occurences/Incidents/ History/Identity/Evidence/Property/ Possessions/Objects/Cytology etc…

Solely for the purpose of the few/exclusive; Whom, indeed, secure all fate of the rest/majority… While implementing false information worldwide which promotes hazardous unstable conditions for the majority.

Prehistory: Before any understanding of ancient chronology. Such boundaries modern equipment can not penetrate to uncover the true enormous complexities of information buried in chronological zones. Things which lay buried so deep, modern technology is overwhelmingly challenged to explain confidently.

Such a committee sworn in by the deepest secrecy ( ILLUMINATI / Ill-Luminate ) for the confines of power; The exploitation and manipulation of total control would secretly exist inside the shadows of dictatorship- governance. These esoteric existences haul a great burden and compromise away from normality. Those whom exist within the confines of great importance carry a burden equal to the actual importance. A position totally resting upon the sworn oath of the fateful. A life over death reciprocity ordained by the participants of such positions.

The secrecy of the ILLUMINATI exist to provide protection from persecution. Popes of the past and all religions figures whom would exist in contemptuous fear from “day to day” life. Existing throughout multiple forms of persecution. Those that were believed to be from the omniscience of God and those that existed from the powers of the wealthiest to those that barely yielded their blunt swords!

Often the secrecy protected the ILLUMINATI. “Nobody can hurt those hidden, nobody acknowledges existence of?” Those that lay undisclosed and uncovered fear not of anger from folk in the bright open. While those that walk bravely in the daylight surely lay apprehensive of everything…?

As to Ill-Luminate > : To reduce brightness… To dimmer.. dimming. Restrict clarity; Switch off from clearness.

Restricted light.


Not open.

Not announce.

Modern chronology has witness the ILLUMINATI in multiple formats. The media utilises such systems to nurture societies, by the control of thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, habits and behaviours.

Media is responsible for the evils of modern society, as witnessed members of society driven to despair/disrepair/disreputable mixtures of behaviour and disregard for life in general. All these, are indeed, flagship occurrence of media publication/media plundering individuals identity into the darkest dungeons. The media’s ability to destroy identities is a mechanism controlled by shadow figures of exclusive identities.. Perhaps a skewed twisted version, akin to a modern version of…?

Or just perhaps the title “ILLUMINATI” is significantly stated?

The Early Christians and Catholics and many more early group systems also did not believe they were evil.. As do modern law and government, never able to recognise their own evil shift patterns?

Perhaps evilness can only be perceived by outside generations looking back in retrospective investigation? 🤔

I think most people can not perceive their very own evilness at all..?
Out growing an earlier behaviour is totally separate..

However : when I see modern senior adults citizens acquainted with causing pain to people they have never met before or only heard about or met for the first time, while having no rational reason except despise & disparity for no apparent reason or valid founded cause: That behaviour strikes as genuine evil throughout… :

As do Solicitors, legislators, Euphemistic nonchalance of healthcare, lies of mental health personnal & institutions, corrupt personal of police, Bureaus, Agents, the apathy – enmity of the poor unemployed, poor ignorant folks prejudice, aristocratic and wealthy nonchalance, the shananigans of bitter elderly folk, the aspirtions of street criminals, politicians deceptions, lying greedy immigrants, the criminal intentions of general society… The false stories of children, the vile vindictiveness of jealous women:
When I study society it is apparent approximately everyone is evil..

Certainly the noble Qu’an and I think the bible also mentions something similar to “Everything upon the earth is evil except the rememberance of Allah (God) ”

Motion of The Procurator Fiscal

The reason why benefits inclines each year is because the EU previously paying each government extra funds for baby sitting (Housing) the refugees..
That is the deal…
Do you not know? 🤔

Each country who takes in lodgers-migrants receives funding for the accommodation..

Understand how this works…

With the extra funding the government receives
.. The government decide how to best appropriate funding for subsections of the country?
Part of the finances goes to defence strategies..? 🗣️
Part of the payment is allocated to road improvements..?
Further of the money is spent on
renovations and accommodation…
The finance is also spent on wealth fare and hospitals..

🌍🏛️The E. U AND 🌍🏛️U. N finance huge amounts of money 💷💶to governments around the world to hoste refugees…👪

The governments allocate the funding to the country in the most beneficial way…💸
Your very own beer money is increased by this government top up.. So you can get more 🏺liqueurs for your glass at the old brewery…🍯🛌

I have wondered on many occasions : I suppose maybe things were very different at the time, maybe they was slightly niave in regards to the hospitality on offer? 🤔
Whichever way it is, I think they made a seismic mistake and a poor choice for spiritual health and the level of prosperity which is attatched to spiritual health in their decisions to move to the UK for long term practices:

If appears they traded spiritual practices and genuine freedom over for other things, elsewhere?

Ultimately it was a bad decision that has proved disastrous Especially if you look into their generations who have suffered and are suffering, murders, gangs of their children, drugs dependancy, second treatment by the angry natives, genuine attacks and schemes to harm descendents of foreigners etc..

One can never become spiritually fed in a spiritually inept country, hence: ‘The reason for all the suffering’ and multiple forms of addiction and greed!

Most foreigners without children die alone etc.. Generally foreigners are malicious towards unsuspecting vulnerable foreigners… Oftentimes this is totally encouraged by evil white society.
It is insanity, yet a stable of white society and poor white aspirations.

The hostility present, has always existed in the uk.
Further back in time hostility existed but perhaps for a separate reason?
Today there is hostility against foreign nationals and their children and some of the natives claim it is due to large numbers entering UK?

Before there was still hostility in the UK which they say “was due to natives not knowing or understanding the foreign nationals..” ? 🤔

My personal view: regardless of the numbers that are here from foreign countries, the native brits will always despise people from other cultures..
I doubt that will ever change at all

This is quintessentially true®

🤔 🤔

Too beautiful:
My honest opinion : These creatures are not supposed to be on the same planet as Apex predators and the like. Noticeably these creatures of the forest are very familiar with the characters of infants, very gentle, very loving, very excepting, very wonderful. Many of natures innocent creatures amongst some others, appear not inhibited with terrorising instincts.

Something mainstream society appears to careless of for comtemplation, mindfullnes.

Creatures are probably not meant for consumption In all honesty, a rather learned or taught phenomenl trait?

Mass robotic cpu’s of a particular kind find it difficult to process…

Perhaps as all things once before, will eventually be easily proved later..

I knew, some time far back, people in general/we as civilisations throughout modern epochs, are slowly dying by the mistreatment
of this once paradise earth and the torture and savage terrorising upon the original earthly tenants.

A sense warns of impeding doom, from past, reinventing and jumping through the ages, a peering look here and there every now and again, In order of or for a reminder and preparation …

Mostly, by subjugation of the truth years, I have grown slowly quite sure of the things to expect. The older I have gotten the ever so slightly but predictable life registers. I have been convinced by ever so miraculous aspects of magnanimous feets and impossibilities, one chronicling world hazard at a time.

It is clear to me now, just how true –

those early emotions and sensations of bereft actually were? 🤔
Frightfully so eiry to be just a guess…?

Some of this information is becoming further unequivocal as space and motion engages.⁸

Do you realise that every party that began it’s life, started their routes or roots as a form of Liberal party on the quest for the poor left – wing people’s rights…?
Later the parties trajectory evolved and changed the party policies to favour and metamorphic rise into a new form of “Conservative right wing Democratic party…”

In essence regarding Governments there exist only Democratic Conservative parties bidding for the Government position?

There are nomore original left – wing Liberal Republic representatives..

Also the financial bank are on the side of Conservative – Democratic parties..

From the banks perspective : There exists less financial risk in support of right wing Democratic ervative groups, which have good credit and practice of investment history :
For this reason, these right wing groups has the most generational wealth and competent general wealth – capital per person and per vote..
The banks believe %? : Lending to such groups ensures future interest via the capital savings of affiliates of
large numbers of Conservative – Democratic parties, who have more generation wealth than Labour and Liberal Republic parties..

Left wing Labour and Republic parties at the beginning are often created by the people who seek a revaluation of policies to support the
blue collar and labourers..

Unfortunately with time and momentum, ideals of the labour and republican parties slightly changed to incorporate a broader scope of society and became more inclusive of generational wealth and middle class hierarchies…

Following :

This business model is to increase the wealth of the banks and such affiliates..

However: If wealth appears on the side of the Labour and Liberal Republic groups via endorsed campaigns..
You will notice a swing of favour.. to move the banking interest to accommodate the Left wing groups..

Either way it usually works out fine for the sponsors, as they always put there money on legislation which will benefit them, In the long term..
Banks very rarely lose out much?

Especially as forms of repossession is faithfully included, if liquidity of business, court fines ccj, bankruptcy etc…

Puppets are the constant loses and never the *puppeteers.

I am unclear if people in general even bothered to try and understand what the word EVIL factually assigns and demonstrates by way of it’s etymology? 🤔

Evilness is the subject of knowingly doing wrong.. An awareness of act which betrays the right to previlege of another person, animal or thing. The behaviour which promotes a conscious subtraction of autonomy, pleasantry, courtesy, hospitality, aid, sustanence, service and more to life which is dependent on it for it’s general well being and survival to life. To restrict one’s ability to maintain survival. To relinquish one to death, unnecessary punishment or depravity without the victims understanding or present authority or inclusion of awareness… Simply for the sensation of the ego and appetite of the viewers, affiliates, partisans and council of representation : be that malignant authority’s .

People everywhere knowingly do wrong?

The government included the other hand makes a grand monopoly via schemed trick legislation to penalise for reasons of Procurator fiscal.

This occurs for both intentional evil doings and accidents of peoples vulnerableness, government bureau machination towards the unfortunate targets :Be it those with general disability – eyes, Psychological state, poverty, Stress, emotional grievance etc
In addition there exist a percentage of people, whom generally commit to evil doings, knowingly..
They are not ignorant as people prefer to perceive..?
What’s more, is people’s perception of evilness is mistaken for “ignorance”

This perception is wholeheartedly skewed..

The world is an old place, and ancient writers, historians, teachers have discovered that evil exist deep within the structure of humankind, beings, versions, etc..

The participants of evil doings are quite familiar with that which they acheived, while knowingly very well what the outcomes will severely bring into being…?
Being fooled is without profit, while further machination persists.

Memoirs for the journey…

Children of the coming storm…

Vanity Verses, The Great “I AM”

So many today “know not” of the reality of accountancy in accordance with the measurement of one’s own life and responsibility to the wider conditions in thus, environment we harbour – Earth.

People perpetually have stated: “Governments have made them poor/Governments are greedy and corrupted”

Though moreoften these sentiments are partially true!

What of accountantability?


Governments do not force people/individuals to interlope, neither force citizens to marriage or sexual endorsements/gratification of procreation.. neither thrust expensive hobbies, lifestyles upon individuals… Society is certainly not suited for everyone, that remains a fact!

These habits are generally individually based choices made by the individual and singular/family/community via personal perceptions of existence! Governments neither persuade nor force individuals to procreate/interlope for child production.

Previous Centuries back, governments desired large armies/work forces/personal etc and profited from the simplicity of the extremely large families. Unfortunately today this manner often yields over population. Controlling population is a default mechanism of any successful nation as automation has defaced the curriculum of workforces across the globe. Feeding and sustaining extreme populations has become a default of deforestation/ozone damage/universal poor health… Economic debt/National Instability/National Bankruptcy… across all living things as the planet is incapable of hosting to the speed of encroachment/progression/recycling/feeding/regrouping that humanity is demanding from earth to sustain itself!

Food produce and the artificial sweeteners/energy/colouring created to feed a growing population is totally synthetic, not nutritional or genuinely nourishing. Engineering food to feed the expanding population is a dangerously hazardous and unethical business environment in reality. The vast majority of food in superstores are neither proper for human consumption, stable diets.. Humankind is purely perceived as a robot workforce, inwhich from the authoritative positions; vitality and energy must be invoked in humankind, inorder to sustain a workforce/engineering/warfare/protection/merchandise/wealth/power/control and fear of authorities.

The most ignorant of citizens will endeavour to hand their offsprings to the authority of nations in exchange for wage.. Be that public – private schooling/training in the entertainment establishment – purposes/private tuition/private skills… All roads eventually succumb to government ownership of entities and result. Women travel over dangerous terrain with large families for this treacherous exchange, without full realisation of the true cost…? A loss of spirit sense/morality and ethical values/a deal with the devil it is routinely stated… Humankind has long lost it’s way to the engineered monetary value… Free money, a home filled with merchandise is the mantra of 21st century homo sapiens… Most will kill for this deal, while all practitioners and pretenders progress with deception and hatred in order to out manoeuvre competition within each class group. Addiction comes in all forms, and the authorities have learnt the value of an addictive trait within human nature to manipulate this detriment of human suffering. All actions by humankind is detrimental as suffering and society increases.. All roads do indeed lead to addiction if personal monitoring is not upheld…?

• Mothers whom give birth scrupulously, in numerous occasions to offsprings are totally addicted to the premise of child rearing.. poorly uneducated, while are often a little insane.

• Similar to men whom seek to procreate multiple individual females for vanity… are quite simple minded and extremely weak hearted in spirit/soul/nature/moral and character.

Desiring to be continuously surrounded by folk/people is another common addiction exhibited by modern society..

Cosmetics/surgery/body image/vanity/extreme health and nutrition and high occupancy of one’s identity is a foundation of personal addiction and inner sufferings of the spirit self..

Entertainment in all forms is an addiction, as communities mourn their fallen idols and entertainers… As much as even the abrupt termination of a role/series/character or plot can bring misery to the viewers of such addiction!

Merchandise/materials/gadgets/holidays are all linked to traits of addiction… not just narcotics/food or alcohol.. In recent centuries fast food restaurants have introduced recipes to further their business and perpetuate the addictions.. Proving the sum of the western world is a fake civilisation, while for the most vulnerable of citizens, who lack the ability to grasp this true identity of this fused extraveganza, high potency schemed product… Being that of an imitation to nature and all things true… From fake – courts/magistrates/legislation/Kings and Queens/royalty/fake history/law/bloodline and education to medicine/faith/practices/ethics/love/spirituality/promises/authority/power/honour/empathy and much more all resides in the atmosphere of the western world.

This western culture be a true imposter to nature, the quintessential opposite of purity and reality.

In regards to food consumption and taste, one has to at least consider where many ingredients originate from…? To harvest such appetite for taste, one needs look no further than the mechanics of the self… The human cells are a potent substance to engineer behaviours… cells remind one another of familiarity and continue to locate or bond with familiarity to grow and sustain liveliness… The body can sense a moment of contentment on such occasions, This is often dealt by bouts of euphoric rise rather than true appetising nourishment. This formality is similar to citizens familiarity with location/family/friends/venues/environments of well being and happiness… This version of bonding gives strength and contentment to all organism… You may realise why people feel a sense of fulfillment when the consumption of certain food is completed, even though those food groups contain zero nutritional benefits at all!






Though governments are witnessed as highly toxic opperators throughout the globe… A certain matter of education is at fault with each citizen who wills without the hindsight and precaution which emphasise failures of past generations/education/mindlessness/consciences/cautionary/contingency/ethics/morality and that of lacking the persecution to police individual addictions and desires…

Knowingly: Each citizen having foresight that Governments are highly correlated to corruption, while citizens individually display nonchalance towords capitalistic themes amidst less precaution to child birth/rearing/sustainability/future resources/skills/foundation/education/occupations/dwellings/ambitions and prosperity etc…

This format displays a strong influence towards failure/fragility/vulnerability and the taxonomy of success for ineptitude.. of future citizens of earth. Antiquity has taught humankind that large families or groups succeeded via huge numbers… while the future holds the opposite as resources become scarce small number groups become powerful as the Appetite to control desires becomes a strength over weakness and addictions?

Such attitudes can not rear and nurture any life well… as we witness that the functionality of individuals raised in poor uneducated homes is a dysfunctional process, while seemingly steady aiming towards final destruction of the unit and individuals from the particular unit!

One can state “NO”

People are not poor because of the/their Government alone!

Perhaps a joint affair in all truths?

In addition to a citizen’s depreciation in and around society, often due to/from personal choices/inability to form careful management of social structures and the decisions thereof… One realised as a child money was the main importance to raise children/child. So a refrained apprehension towards having children appeared justified. As the political atmosphere is based upon an unfair capitalist structure, inwhich your earliest beginnings/inheritance/ethnicity/family and the wider community play a major role to your prosperity.

Those without great capitalism and great family support or omniscience presence will endure magnanimous suffering to less avail, attempting persuasion towards an existence of unfairness be that with/without corrupt political aficionados… is still an exercise in mismanagement of resources and life! A crude and cruel existence thereof, waged upon the self by society and nature. The carnivorous Appetite of capitalism is such that families are embittered against one another, wherever/whenever/whatever occasions arise. Throughout the turmoil including the seasons of exchanging gifts… public affairs etc.

The resources necessary to feed one human child in the western world per year successfully is quite grotesque… In the United Kingdom that figure is a staggering £20,000 per annum until the age of 18 years totalling a huge £380,000 per child for eighteen solid years. This is indeed a considerable degree of funds to allocate for one child for eighteen severely long years. Comprehend the fact there is more than one child, perhaps multiple child – births from one family/woman/each woman/Many women of society..? Multiply the sum total for finances acquired from/of one woman having multiple child births in -which each child is payed full subsidiaries until the age of eighteen years?

Subsidiaries continue after eighteen years of age. Considering the child now adolescent is not working full-time at age eighteen years old, now will be automatically qualified for a different Governmental subsidiary, inwhich that subsidiary be titled : ‘Job Seekers Allowance’ /Disability Allowance & Council tax benefit & perhaps housing benefit, depending on living arrangements?

The study that many millions of families have never and most often will never work a single day throughout their entire life is quite astounding and quite deplorable as earthly organisms exist. Ruminating upon the phylogeny and phylectic state of humanoids from the earliest mark of homosapient to their most recent markings in distinguishing space & motion to now is indeed discouraging to realise that which humans have later become via the ‘Roads of least resistance!’

The majority of poor families not only strive for these beneficial hand-outs, including poor families appear to view these Governmental- benefits as a golden career’s manoeuvre and choice of benefit/choice of lifestyle, a type of ‘golden egg’ laid by a most uniquely exquisite goose… Inwhich the poor families routinely salivating accumulating froth at the mouth’s stained edges, deplorable from within deep sanctuary of throat brought farword with enmity and mass dissatisfaction. Eagerly and persistent for a bite of this poorly sought-after ‘after affiliation’ and perhaps dine for such Governmental subsidiaries. Such perceptions are often strange from my upbringing and nature. This version of living is quite abnormal in reflection to my upbringing and those of family/relatives and friends. In childhood years I did not experience any acquaintence/family or neighbours whom existed this way. Everyone I acquainted as a child including strangers of my then location (child residency)  their family worked. Something drastically has altered since through to modern times for the purposes of detrimental consequences. Perhaps a combination of privileges/laziness/Road of least resistance/corruption/lack of moral fibres, Principals and ethics etc… 

Poor families are perpetually fighting/bullying and causing hate against others whom are innocently receiving such benefits. Though many families and households have purposely opted in for this type of lifestyle. This is a strange and peculiar mind set to me, as I view this position ‘a deprive circumstance’ aimed at those whom have fallen on disadvantaged circumstance. It is extraordinary that majority of the poor citizens of the United Kingdom purposely strive for this version of existing. I know there exist no hope for people whom have never given to a system, but only subtracted the wealth of others. Surely such individuals shall pay in life one way or another/via their mind or the torment of the grave..? I can not help but to ruminate upon this incredibly dire situation; Surely there must exist some form of fair legislation somewhere in this convulsion of existence. If there exist no God creator that views & perceives in the manner that mortals of earthly bodies perceives, surely there must be an act of contingency for protocol in a universal Infrastructurer throughout space and motion which endorses fair tribunals and legislation to see fit against every last living organism?

provided – recorded by economics institutions in the mid 1990’s.

Cost Inhabit: •Nursery/Education/Schooling, •Teaching/Training/Travelling, •Books/Tuition/Stationary/Classes, •Food/Nutrition/Advice/Supplements, •Clothing/Activity wears, •Housing/Maintenance/Hosting, •Nurturing/Rearing/Supporting/Mind, •Health/Hygiene/Cleaning maintenance, •Recreational/Hobbies/Activities etc etc?

Though the greater expenses is Government backed subsidy, this displays a great burden on each citizen especially the working class who indeed foot the bill… This bill also stimulates the magnitude of encroachment on nature’s environment of resources and that of the species microscopic and life size that are evicted from their generational empires. For the grandiosity of Homo Sapiens, perseveringly uprooting the materials to sustain the human life which often lacks true fruition for reimbursement of such taxation in reciprocity back to nature!

How many individuals throughout humankind that we read about or met have truly helped nature… how many of humankind has provided to nature 1/100 of 1% to what nature has provided to them/citizen?

The ruminating doubt holds my attention, that one will never find a single person anywhere… whom has provided anything to nature accept a dying redundant vessel of themself back to the earth in which it derived from. That which humankind steals from the earth is poorly compensated in return for reimbursement. After all, the ecosystem of life is perfect and can not be improved upon. It can only be diminished by the use of over consumption/unnecessary toxicity/misuse/unearthing vital minerals and over population! The fact that humankinds is fed a diet of toxicity demonstrates the unequal measure that we put back into the earth when we pass excretion or die? Because many do not appreciate their individual vessel suggests the soil shall vanquish refuse their bodily orientations part or in whole!

It is quite intriguing how ancient biblical traditions suggested: “The earth will not be nourished or accept certain deseased bodies of multiple humans whom have not existed in a clean life?” By way of personal accountability towards food/general behaviour/morals/ethics etc etc…

It has been noticed in forensic science that bodies buried in general soil, have indeed slowly risen to the top soil… while accidental notices occured from the public.

Biology teaches: Bodies can rise to the top of soil, after burial via the contents of the deseases general diet…?

Food which exist without nutritional value is often composed of synthetic based ingredients in statue and design.. Such materials often rise in soil as the nature of soil enjoys feeds upon organic materials which have not been treated nor interfered by design. As one can witness “chemically treated wood” will not break down quick in soil, as all human engineered products are not of nature… nor support, uphold nature!

The sum of Homo Sapiens endeavors ‘wills’

Eventually shines upon the ‘will’ of greed and capitalism, the true embellishment of Homo sapiens!

The sum of education, is that of a costly experience multiplied by an appropriate quality of usefulness when understood it’s applicability in the here and now!

The great “I AM” the “Science of existence” negotiates a path that can be sustainable if individuals hold a form of patience to their indomitable existence!

Image a world, far from now… far from present day… faraway from this moment, faraway from the common misfortune and misery which presently occupies the vast majority of hearts and minds!

An epoch flowing with qualia and filled with a flow of sustainability, enjoyment, contentment, a sense of universal responsibility/strength/prosperity and understanding…

Imagine the period slightly before the epochs of dominant hominid arising to power, with Psychopathic narratives in one clench fist and the cruelest intentions in the other hand?

The period before arrival of early homo sapien is that qualia…

The Hominids that existed in this special period were indeed of farming mentality, enthused with nature and admirers of natural simplicity within complete rural gatherings… Moreover recognised as a simple life form in comparison to the programme; Sophistication of our instinctive Homo Sapiens, whom wills by consumption/bombardment/perplexity/vanity/single mindedness! Less paranoia/pillory/diversions/machinations…

Homo Erectus… Homo Neanderthalis… Homo Rudolfensis… Homo Habilis… Homo Florensiensis… Were indeed hominids which existed in a reserved manner… unsophisticated yet not fragile nor corrupted by emotion and states of euphoria… redundant of the mindset which has engulf all of humankind today.. The mindset which harbours throughout the space and motion of humankind, the malevolence that which has obliterated other lifeforms and continues to do so. For the love of sport/game/entertainment and more. The mindset which has set a portion of one species as godhead of earths living creatures… A false narrative and a deluded interpretation of the soul-self (Spirit sense) and spiritual identity. A true grotesque misinterpretation, while affirming to an unparalleled Psychotic perception of existence and individual relationships towards all things in our observation view! Such a perception which is often viewed from abusers throughout colder climates has spread out the world over with a malignant perception of things. A false directive which strips the earth of it’s loving spirits!

The age of unsophisticated hominids: in terms of reservations to engineering malevolence for game; This epoch aided the qualia of all living things which spread/existed throughout the hemispheres evenly.. Interestingly a motion appears, as the premise demonstrates the version of dysfunctional organisation one witnesses throughout the periods of Homo Sapiens reign, discloses correlations to modern drug usage from narcotic dependency… DMT.. Poppy seeds…? Marijuana plants…? Amongst all known/unknown/undiscovered/forgotten hallucinogenic weeds/plants. How likely is the possibility that early Hominids lavished lands and so happened to be enlightened by the potency exhibited within the chemical aid in plants. This no doubt arises as a consequence of chance or perhaps location? Such instrumentation endorsed by multiple sources claimed realisation of the “Enlightenment process” gifted through chemical aids from natures plants… “Chemical aid” suggests a Psychotic state capable of such divorcing from empathy; Which are usually reserved for living things, yet the hominids now redundant of particular emotions exhibit a fierce posture, opening the path to rule/conquer and devour all other forms of life from their previous state of age. An age of absolute ignorance, simplistic, sloth. Emerging with a mighty awareness, an attachment to governing/controlling/capturing/owning/having all things?

Such an awakening state of being, recognising and shifting from one dawn to the next in a single blink of an eye or space and motion of a blossomed chemically endowed plant?

This new entity to the auspices and senses of the foragers, existed as…

None other than, the… ultimate..


Due to exploration/engineering and the detrimental inquisition to seek… Homo Sapien’s development into the lands became robust enough to slaughter all other hominids, inorder to make room for the spread of homo sapiens outright survival, only!

Homo Denivosen… stood tall and a match for Homo Sapien…

A mighty warpath for warfare endured bloodshed across the hemispheres… throughout multi ages… until one victor survived to rise alone from under the smoke.. the smoke or the beginning of carnivorous humankinds “Homo Sapien” The redundancy of Homo denisoven reduced in aptitudes and became a slave for the breeding of homo sapiens!

The culpability of modern Homo Sapien has breached roads of no return in the least of morality/faith/spirituality/ethics and willingness to exist fare with all living things…

Homo sapien not willing to forgo any discomfort to share earths landscape as a consequence of community, displaces homo sapien away from the title of a genuine leader and genuine tenant of earths multi-species community..

The community being everything in existence within the sector of earths stratosphere and every quadrant below! With all species and groups.

The force of greed has bequeathed the grand ill tormentor of nature, homo sapient, throughout the ages… to the wider scope of witnessing homo sapiens ill effected Psychosis dehumanise the entire population who indeed accept the programme which has been awarded to the naivety populace!

This particular perception orchestrated by western lorals of such an event has continuously dove humankind to the brink of war and previous folk ties to extinction, that needed not, for peaceful wayfarer were their generation and lot!

Similar to a non carnivorous species in the wild previous hominds existed as natures qualified tenants… An attitude which help farm lands into fruition for ions.

It is also suggested that the nature of homo sapien is unlike any species which has encrusted their generations upon the earths soil… A true imposter to the earth in character/nature/perception/qualia/function and usefulness…

Homo sapiens existed uniquely without improving earth’s landscapes and communities…

While all along imposing a will upon the earth for all to exist by…

To state the conclusion; That a true imposter, be an impulsive misrepresentation of earth, has stood in total contrast to nature, as self reasoning/concluding/examining/appointing/annointing/judging, while rending perceptions as fact, misrepresenting humankind and earths creatures, perpetuates as a force to governing earths creatures… The directive is a true fallacy of proper order and power, unquestionably unqualified we can state in wholesome, to nature in every measure is total irony!

More so, this directive is subliminally misinformed and detrimental to the sustainance of all life everywhere…

Many waged self against a genuine order… for all ancient chronologies of old and modern empires fall… as you shall witness in time and space, motioning, again and again…

May the genuine order bring total obliteration/annihilation to homo sapiens… Homo sapient sustains mere amusement at expense of the wretched including all living things… as will circles endure, a circle follows a journey of returning damage to genuine engineers…

May the order, the 360° powers of time and space bring annihilation to all of humankind/young and old alike/black and white alike/rich and poor alike/ignorant and intelligent alike/big and small alike/strong and weak alike/for the evils endured by mere species continuously from ancient antiquity…

For peace may also return full circle to the lifes which existed in peace, wherever borrowed or sheltered.


The Non – intelligence (I.E The Lowbrow)

Living in the western state, opens the cerebrum to actuality, quicker than it would, if for example. .. one was a layman or seer existing in the suburban outback of a deserted desolate environment, surrounded by oxygen and complete solitude! Growing up in cities, increases the age experience of the individual. I myself would not advise anyone to raise a child in a city location. From my experience, I can honestly state, children who grow up in the city environment, are quite off-balance. .. in terms of Psychology. Often quite bilious and snide. The constant attempts from “99%” of the population in cities, invest unnecessary efforts engineering feats in order to incline their self status, via constant efforts of deprecatory and vituperative instances… Against the society or others, in order to make fame of their individual life!

Often you will hear perpetual accommodations of sabotage and pestilence portrayed by the citizens, of city locations. . [Memoirs Of Sodom & Gomorrah]

These locations are often the human bee hive, for the infestations of insurmountable attitudes, that do indeed defecate the summarising, in such splenetic behaviours towards others!


Many citizens from either end of the globe, trek via extreme measures, to enter the vicinity of such fiery spirits.. Often the will or desire is attracted via the false strobe of the city lights. Often such diatribes are eagerly attracted to these distracting abhorrent locations! These locations revisit orientations of deep vitriolic ambience, reminiscent of 15 century England!

Acknowledging the birth place of slavery is really nothing new… even anything at all… by following the parallels along antiquity, you will recognise there has never existed a period in British history, when peace, universal love and autonomy existed in seismicity!

From revolt to revolt. Each revolt immersing to the peninsular of the next generation! One revolt carried to the next, via generation to generation, the indulgence of hate and vile detestable actions overlapping vile hatred to vile hatred in perpetuity from the deep antiquity of ages. This norm of characteristics became the arrangement of the brute… [Brutus],  brutes [Brute-ish] brutish [British] citizen’s decorum!

“It takes a nation to raise a child, but it takes a lifetime to feed and continue feeding that child, support that child, educate that child!” Insofar, each an all citizens is no doubt a child of another citizen until old age or death!

Each peer group, is indeed mother… father… relative to a child. The actions… investments… ideologies… ideals… of each generation’s pioneers are the substances of nutrients for each child’s education, while absorption of environmental elements become elementary!

Factory revolts… Child Abuse… Peasant Affliction… Atrocities Of War… Poverty & Starvation… Inhibition Towards Female Labour… Slave Labour… Child Labour… Female Labour… Migrants Labour… Slave Trade… Greedy Tax… Unjust Prohibition Laws… Severe Corruption… Degeneration Of Mental Health Asylums…  The Bubonic plagues Via The Unhygienic Etiquette Of Asylums & Establishment & Institutions.. Small Pox… Cat [Catastrophes] Infestations/The Nationwide Semi-Arbitration Via Ecclesiastical Bishops… The Insidious Exploitation Of Land Ownership By Intuitive Greedy Opportunistic organisations… Abuse Of Civil Liberty… Abuse Into Liquidation Of Business For Goverment & Business Profits… Defamation, Propaganda & Slander Of Person/Persons/Groups/Businesses… Etc… Burning Of Witches [Non Other Than The Local Whore] No doubt!… Archaic Methods Of The Judiciary System… Crucifying Dental & Health Practice… The Crucifixion… Cannibalism… Suade Affirmation Of Brutality By Local Law Enforcement Under The Heading Of The British Empire… Exploitation Of Overseas Trade/Migrant Workers/Goods/Merchandise/Materials/Substances/Minerals… Etc… etc… etc…

The list endeavours on and on and on and on and on… .. . Which has blighted the nation in total and all inhabitants, who naively enter the shores of misery and accommodations above the original buried hosts!

Though individual subjects, may incline to personal or private interception of interpretation via those that see fit, exploitation as their rights to sovereignty and ordinations…

Throughout the history of the United Kingdom, Adverse trajectory alighted ignorance or be it evility.

Foot Note:

[Though the “GREAT” in “Great Britain” is justifiable, via their past history of conquest and international aid to the consequentialism, welfarism and detriment of overseas nations. The nation is blighted with dark and dormant spirits which lay hidden in the underlayment of the past existences of each generation, millennium, epoch and spirit!]

Such as this level of perpetual abuse, that is evidently buried deep and entwined with the wounds in the bedding of the nation, which lays undisclosed and undiscovered by the minds of the blind, naive and ignorant.

Such as this wedging, which ever so slowly releases toxic fumes of bilious misery into the atmospheric metrication of the zone inhabited and effected by this history. All who exist and who have fought and searched for shelter in thus vicinity, often lose against any sustenance of victory and longevity of harmony!

Such lands, were never, intended by nature to be cultivated for habitation. Originally food was imported to such vicinity, as the climate and landscape was not functioning to ripe natural elements of food crops. This is the sole reason all food in England, Ireland, Wales, is indeed artificially created via the insemination of unnaturally harvested chemicals, which harbour trails of ill treated indoctrinated trails…. With the added adverse ingredients, to boost the stability and longevity of food sources!

Insofar, the majority will endure to receive the remittance of poison afflictions from the dead land, which harbours vilified and hostile volatile souls,  who lay un-rested… un-resoluted… uncompensated… un-reimbursed… without atonement and justice via the history of the mass variations of injustices… Such as the despair from these unfortunate non resolutive souls, who have carved a permanent dwelling of misery under the marshes, churches, grave yards, schools, learning environments, establishments, hospitals, hospices, hotels, institutions, asylums, funeral parlours, recreational centres, offices, homes, businesses, sports centres, wine bars, café buildings, discotheques, halls, theatre, fields, parks, roads, lanes, bridges, highways, motorways, crossings, streets, towns, cities, counties, suburbs and arenas!

   To truly realise fairly, the magnitude of the pulse disturbances and wave destruction by non rested entities, who seek redemption… One has to look no further than other nations who endured extreme demilitarisation after the succession of national sovereignty and globalisation. .. The Greek empire insured the magnitude of equivocally the greatest nation to exist under democracy. Yet this extraordinary engineering feat, aided by mathematicians… architecture… perpetual  democratising… investment of investigation, inquisition and the education reform second to none up until the period of the Greek renaissance! Yet two whole millennia onwards has seen an unforgettable unfortunate unforeseen circumstance bequeathed by such a past future prominence.

The greatness of the “Roman Empire” bequeathed a very duplicitous scandal in their great fall from greatness… which was a foreseeable warning, attributed by non another than “The Prophets Of Old!”

Never forget, globally this tragedy has all in all, insured the mimicking of nation to nation in all great antiquity. ..

AFRICA… Named by the Early European Settlers… 

Was indeed once upon a time… the greatest nation to serve the world… yet humankind is undoubtedly humanities greatest enemy!

Of all time….

S Memo_536

 Rancorous spirits_1S Memo_534

For that which the early primitive homo sapiens of AFRICAN epochs… commenced rearranging amongst one another, is folkloric legend…

To have fated a future so horrific, as a consequence of future pasts… (Decisions!)

Such unforgettable consequences of these degenerations…. You will most certainly enquire the realisation that a multitude of cultures are sincerely evolving in a superior evil manner.

The poorer the nation, can often be realised as the more destructive… (Internally-externally). There exist always the objection to the rule… in the instance of such objective reservoirs and hostile hosts. Many folks from certain identities go against the grain of the normal mass of their social casting. .. You will have long envisaged or realised the black afro Caribbean communities have whole heatedly evolved as a 100% evil organism upon the planet earth. This will take severe honesty and strength from with in you to reference the necessary Inquisitorial examination with total honesty, rather than fear of a possible reference of prejudices and violations against you by defamers and propagators!

The layers unearthed of persecution and brutality have scarred their genome (The Dynamics Of The Genome Belonging To Black Individuals Of African/Caribbean Heritage) for all history. This scarring occurred long before the invasions of the European empires..

The wild environments and hostile creatures first shocked the living daylights out of all African inhabitants. Yet unfortunately the European powers did not aid this demilitarisation of the heart and soul, by their thirsty enforcement of the strictest, cruellest, engineering feat of troll control ever created in the history of the human species.

Thus… redesigning and confirming the subscription of the race to perpetual degradation and lack of confidence. ..

99% if not 100% of each and every poor person “Inner Sense/Spirit” is Indeed broken… whether or not they realise this or add admittance to the constructed consolidation…?

 As we have casually discussed in various posters…

“Please Endeavour To Try To Understand!

The True Difficulties Of Evaluating The Self, Personalised History, Culture & Family Of Your Orientations Without Bias Nor Favour To Your Group Identity?”

Thank you

Resume Consciousness

“Many Are Wide Awake… Yet Are Fast Asleep! While Many May Appear To Be Asleep, Yet Are Wide Awake!”

While You May Come To Realise, That Many Are Awake In This World (Only In The Physical Realm) And Can Neither Perceive… Realise… Visualise Any Affirming Actualisations In Current… Previous… Future Chronological Periods…?

There indeed exist some, few (Few In Ratio To The Capacity Of Human Life In The World) That Are Sleeping And Quite Heavy (Heavenly… Explicitly… Soundly… Quite Quiet,  Comfortably) Yet Are Wide Awake… (Having An Awakening, Quickening Of The spiritual Soul… A Heavenly Bliss, Consciousness Of The Subconscious… Enlightenment).

I hope you can follow this detail… As it is not always easy to learn new things, especially as one gets older… (You may have noted the mention here, from the unravelling of notions in earlier chapters… Yet I digress). 

We can observe the many who are quite feverishly hurrying about their daily exploits… In and out of traffic to meetings, via various transportations, to engagements, for various presentations, untill the unexpected fermentation of ill-health is prescribed, as a byproduct of their personal business affairs and prerogatives! Often such groups within each respective social heterogeneity on the vanguard of globalisation, do not envisage their individual state of mind (Conscious Subconscious).

Due to the mass extent of unduly and unnecessary pressures, which each one has solely placed upon themselves and that of their associates, with the little added convincing from superiorities and their respective social heterogeneity, the average cerebrum we can state is truly operational, from the subliminal dictatorship of each area head (state) right through and inclining to further hierarchical power positions! This Mass Experience, Is A True Excerpt From The Written Laws Of Free Masonry & Jewish Dominants Upon The Free Market Of The Earth (The Human Soul).


That which we have examine, is all men without any mortal power, is no more than existing… as a workhorse or be it profitable slave to another and another and another… untill they have acquired enough from the exercise, to become profitable in the guile of a mini dictator to another, via avenues of employment of self dictator and modern-day slave owner!

Rights are not just the words and descriptions made by authors of legislation (Actions Deemed Ethical Within Humanity) but also the examples and provability to such documentation and writings…


Well, if such writings are not actuated by affirmations and practices, witnessed by the majority, then after all, such documentation is no more than “Just Graffiti etchings on fine material?”

Possibly for the amusements of the casting governors… Not to be taken literally by those in power…

Alas… For punishment to keep the low in constant servitude. ..

“A Woman Without Rights Is A Concubine”

Existing to propagate, for the good of another…

Education and human rights together make for autonomy… This fine prints as logic! Yet we also advise, “logic & fairness” In the eyes of many manifest as all otherwise but “logic & fairness!”

This cruel fate is the happening dictated by hierarchical astutes worldwide…

“Wake Up!”

Blatantly, You may have witnessed spoken to others while they rested, while another who belated..

“Yet, Ironically!”

I stipulate at a matter of factors in this episode, it is ironic in wholesomeness, for actually it is rather, the opposite. For “He/She” who belates (wake up) upon another while they rest their anatomy in the physical realm, actually are the perpetrators of mindlessness who indeed need the wakening up!

It is a most odd enlightenment to be in realisation of, once acknowledged, that those most asleep and deprived from all realisations and enlightenment in the world, so call upon those wide awake in the higher echelon realms to resume consciousness from already consciousness!

It Is Akin To One who Only Exist Upon The Lowest Latitude, Who Belates To A Bird Soaring In The Highest Latitude To “Fly!”

Those who advocate for you to wake up, are not comprehending some facets of the mechanical virtures of autonomy and enlightenment. ..

“A Fish Competently Swimming Underwater In Such Natural Habitation, Can Neither Take Any Dimidiation From The Dimensional Analysis Of Those Who Only Exist Upon The Land”

We can observe that many people around the globe who originate from debilitated nations, are often in a climactic struggle to crusade to, that which they have deemed, prospectively… prosperity in “Prosperous Shores”.

Often such folk have not realised or witness for themselves the true battle and real hardship of living or existing as a “Foreign national Or Immigrant Or Asylum Seeker” in a foreign hemisphere.

Often many will not acquaint, with everything from the climate to the temperatures (Often Cold Weathers) Chaotic weather storms, blizzards, pelting rain, gale force winds… etc…

Often all this is only a small measure of the real problems, that are patiently waiting to stalk their subsidence and subsidiaries. .. Without possessing the fundamental sententiousness many are welcome to the fore front of a “Crash & Burn” episode in such unwarranted exploits…

All “Hear Say” evidence upon arrival to foreign shores, becomes quickly a dwindling succinct affair.

For things are not always as they were fore told, in exaggerated stories recited by more than mere excitement … the deception sold by shere degenerates, the extravagant fantasies reiterated by the illiterates, deploying the guile from a Rumpelstiltskin dramatics.. the simple and cheats with shrewd business exploits sharing Machiavellian traits… while sensationalist dramatics and adventure like a one “Gregory Rasputin”… will increase all titillation and desire from the village Psychology. .. and that of “what is over there…? is better than what is over here” (The grass is greener on the other side)

As we already have experienced is not necessarily evident in a host of circumstances! For there is good measures in sections at all metrics of the hemisphere. What is more, is which zones is one  willing to adapt to and for what reasons…? Often it is in trauma that true realism provides the evidence of a nature. Many foreign nationals often return back to their ethnic land of origin in a worse condition Psychological condition then when they first left. The racism… bigotry… prejudicial natures of the unwelcoming committee faced by the foreign nationals is often a surreptitious degradation kept undisclosed to their neighbouring ethnicity on eventual return to natural lands. Often foreign nationals on return to their homeland do not disclose of their brutality and humiliation in foreign shores, for fear of ridicule from folk of their ethnic homeland, who they may have told they was going to become rich and successful…. As often such international travellers have stated to locals from their ethnic village that, they “Was going to be a star, rich and famous”Akin to the likelihood of previous foreign nationals who left their homeland of origin, to travel abroad, in which have become international success stories from humble beginnings!

Ultimately, this is indeed the story of “Streets of Gold” 

Unfortunately these  suppose “streets of gold” are actually not littered with gold which is rumoured perpetually amongst the neighbourhoods of every poor nation around the globe… The fairy tale becomes witnessed as a nightmare to those who both, do not receive welcoming gynaeceum from the bigotry communities. .. and worse still, in those who became an awful static, an emblem to the vast growing statistic… a demotion…a devotion to a perpetual cause of dreams, a tragedy of unfortunate and exploited arrangements sold!

For the ones who are more robust who remain stubbornly behind, are usually no more than petty criminals and theiving in the underlay of normal society.. Existing in a street guise, a subhuman standard, a poverty mimicking the poverty they ran from… But with the evading hospitality of their natural homelands and ethnic country. Instead are bombarded with humiliation and hatred, scorn and belittling. .. For most will undoubtedly follow a familiar trend of beggar and alcoholic. .. desperate and destitute. .. While perspiring the hatred in the gut to all the fortunate ethnic nationals, who have found autonomy via longevity… or the qualifications they may have arrived here with… While other ethnic nationals are most often cold heartedly hated by the poor unfortunate ethnic nationals newly arrived to western shores… for the success of family origins…

Unfortunately “West Indian” Ethnic Nationals Sit At The Top Of This Evil Tree Of Hatred Towards Other Migrants Or Settled Citizens..

The history of “West Indian” heritage has a tragic tale beginning on the african shores… Namely a country named as “The Gold Coast” (Ghana)

Along long time ago… not long after the Italian born in Genova of 1451, who became spanish citizen and a competent veteran sailor.. navigator… exploration genius and geographical entrepreneurs of the aquatic intertropical convergence and stratospheric cumulus…. “Christopher Columbus” The nautical astronomer who founded the “New World” in 1492 otherwise known as the “Land Of Milk And Honey” “United States Of America”

Though, there is much dubious air and controversy around this finding, he has been acknowledged as the nautical advocate responsible for such a find… He is also responsible for the find of the “Caribbean”…. were this story later unfolds…

“AFRICA” the name given to the home and geological zone of the native ethnic land, from the various European settlers and nautical navigators of the marines. .. was explored by many navigators from the European shores In The 14th & 15th centuries Anno Domino. It has been stated by geographical and historical statesmen from African heritage, that upon the earliest European navigators, who came to exploit Africa, “Gold” and minerals was the first resource raped from Africa by foreign business men.

As the European’s historical sales crashed their ships upon the seas of the africa shores, a distinctive glimmer shimmering from the beach to the eyes upon the western ships… The nautical astronomers and their crews, who were navigating upon the ocean for months, thought they was witnessing another mirage from their ships. The crewmen were mostly ill and had been in sick in trouble waters for months, while resources ran thin and temperatures reached unexperienced temperatures by the alien climate towards the ship’s crew… complaining and falling ill to viruses not yet managed by the sailors was a turbulent and constant negotiation. But still eyes were reimbursed by the shimmering mirages, was thought untill engaged up on the shore. Eagerly as the shimmer grew, anticipation was at an ever extensive inclination… as the ships crashed upon the land, feet connected and planted upon the sandy shores… shortly followed by howls and screams of euphoria and ecstasy. ..

Established as hero… “we are rich the foreigners cried… yes we are indeed rich” ” No! filthy rich” another bemoaned…for in their hands stood enormous power and wealth…


Such wealth, which stretched for miles in every view, “where have we landed…?” shouted the crew members… “what place in the gods name, could hold such riches…?” screamed the voices from unbelievable ships crew…

We must secure this wealth before others claim it (other Europeans who were known to be amongst the greatest sea sailors of the western world).

Upon this affirmation, the ship’s captain sent a crew to imediately return back to “England” to fetch for reinforcement… of a magnanimous paramount.

Upon camping throughout the nocturnal disturbances of the strange and piercing night, the apprehension of the foreign invaders was hugely apparent, as they made their beds on the new-found wealth, it was not long untill the native residents of the zone had heard that aliens had landed upon their shores… The chiefs of the then land, sent messengers to retrieve the invaders of their shores…

As the European aliens were met at shore by the native scouts deployed to retrieve them, they could not converse, because of language barriers. The European nautical navigators, were indeed apprehended with their cargo, weapons and stock, and brought to the hierarchical chieftains of the village… As a long struggle came to pass… though ball bearings from gun powder penetrated the dark skins, the over whelming of arrows pierced any reinforced distinguished advanced ballistic indistinguishable from modern magic!

Upon the rendezvous with the native chiefs, apprehension and detention was met with intrigue… excitement… surprise… for neither ethereal friend… foe had ever witness one another…

The chief asked his captain to inspect to alien invaders and their cargo… in which communication could not be met… It was only via the search of intrigue to the aliens cargo (European Nautical Navigators baggage) That interesting merchandise was exhumed…


The chief was first modified by previous expectations, when shown the distinguished weaponry indistinguishable from magic… which he seized as his own among the alcohol. ..

Of course the chief drank the alcohol… untill it was indeed finished… ((Recognised history abides… as this is the moment, Black history was to be changed for ever…for all time sake and never return to that primitive subjection, once legislated))

In the fourth coming months which was communicated from “Settling Invader to native originators” that a huge cargo of stock would arrive over the ocean, in which more would be presented to the chief…

“A Happy Chief… Is A Most Hoodwinked Cheif”

For the months pass, while the Europeans were kept alive and well by their new-found hosts…

Upon arrival of the then ” her majesty the queens naval accommodation” who were met by eager natives to the surprise of bewildered crew… Captain and ship were not met with hostility as the natives had formed a bond with the earlier aliens who had arrived and sent for reinforcement. ..

Nonetheless, captain and crew could not have envisaged the shimmering wealth which laced upon the sands. .. As captain ordered crew to pack as much of the shimmer in the ships as possible… The captain was ushered to meet with the village chief…

Upon the rendezvous with the chief and then establishments with former crew… a deal was made to exchange shop weapons and alcohol as a present from their crew… This was made but the chief asked for more than was necessary. .. Upon this another deal was made, in which the chief motioned what could he trade for more of the alcohol and weapons…

The captain pointing to the ground in which the gems lay… the chief laughed for these shimmering stones were viewed as stones of no importance… when the word went around the village that the aliens wanted stones for the weapons and liquid, the news was met with laughter and ridicule… For tragedy struck that moment in the guise of supreme ignorance and naivety. ..


The chief cried with laughter and stated in his natural dialogue and language with degradation and humiliation in mind… “Why Do These Simple Minded Men Want these Stones, Which Are Nothing, They Are Even Everywhere Upon The Soil From The Earth, When We Offer Them Our Most Beautiful Wifes And Our Most Precious Ornaments (Sea Shells… Crab Armour… Elephant Tusks And Animal Furr”

At that period in time the European Navigators Displayed Resistance To The Native Weapon, Who Bore Animal Cloth Only To cover Their Lower Privates, Yet exposing their voluptuous breast and thick darkskins…Rumoured there was intrigued, but what the orders were, was to retrieve all the elements which shimmered in the sand…


By such dire pococurantism….

Many months elapsed, while…. invader and investor exchanged tutorials and investment. .. understanding inclined as the sand became board and marker, the instrument for instructions and learning…

The not so distant future saw ships come and go untill every last metric of meter was picked of element… The chiefs became drunk… as investor exchanged price minerals and fornicated with each others weapon (woman was exchange as a solicitation and solidarity to future friendships) Yet the guile of the English Empire saw no other way but to subdue the naivety of the natives, by bleaching the natives heritage to accommodate their agenda…

At some stage of this historical event, war broke out between invader and native… in which reinforcement from a zulu chieftain named “Shaka Zulu”

SHAKA ZULU: The most prominent African warrior of all time, was indeed a son of an equal honouring warrior heritage in the son of a fierce warrior chieftain… Young Shaka Zulu… Grew to prominence, and watched his beloved father killed in tribal warfare… Shaka Zulu an intelligent mathematical tactician of war… employed a tactic never witnessed before to dethrone the English invaders of the African shores… Luckily for Shaka Zulu and his contingent which was a cry which heralded the sphragistic formation of every available entity, which could wield a weapon. ..

And indeed when mighty Shaka Zulu wielded his armour all came punctually. .. For Shaka Zulu had one contingency which heralded from his significant birth right.. All via Shaka Zulu’s life he was acquainted with war in which his family was killed.. He had witnessed the dissections of families throughout his stricken life… Tragedy would strike but not yet… not this time..

SHAKA ZULU had just one deployment which he had been raised to identify. .. considering Shaka’s life, it is no surprise each village he ever conquered he endeavour to spare all enemy tribes, and promised them virtue if they would side with him… This mighty emblem, became the universal mantra of the Shaka Zulu tribe… for all the generations while he ruled… As a young warrior…


After Shaka Zulu had won back the land and the people with their remaining historical treasures in battles which waged for a decade… the plot was already under way to bring down the mighty Shaka Zulu…

The reign of foreign riches were imported to further entice the noble natives…

Upon a plan, dark skin natives were romanced and seduced by the imported white skin brides, who were to make a home in the new found land of exotics and fruit… Such diverse characters were scouted untill, the right uninhabited souls would be easily guided to betray the greatest african king of all time…

Like all great men before him (Shaka Zulu) was also mortal, and by that decree affirmed he was human and had human emotions, which ment he had human relations… It was not long for the final hours of Shaka Zulu Life To Come To And End… In the most historical sacrifices of African history… The one that stood for the people, raised by a great inheritance. .. one who understood nobility.. pious… ethics… morals… virtue… valour. .. principles. .. respect and order would be brought down worse than the greek tragedy of old, worse than other greats and betrayed by greed..

SHAKA ZULU the great, Shaka Zulu the king… died upon his death-bed, with a poison wound to his midrift, surmounted by his own African tribesmen..

The barter or reward was flesh and honey… yet I doubt the perpetrators may have received his reward from the apprehensive guile of the English protagonist, who appear surprised…

Futures came as leaders arrived who corroded the african empire.. from unintelligent business with the European traders…


Once all the most precious resources were exhausted… later came the archetypal priest and further floods of exploitation of a ravaging kind… An exportation of all exportation… The one that would change the face of the Negro gene and Psychology for ever…

Archetypal systems arose to form a horror never witness before… The technology was to redefine the life of not just the enslaved generations… but that of all future generations and every single last one… Architecture was erected that have never been witnessed before, instruments to that indistinguishable from medieval devices, such exhumation only can now exist in museums around the globe, for children of such perpetual torment to comprehend… The Castles Still Stand Where They Was Built 5 Centuries Ago.. The Castles Where Built In What Was Deemed Appropriateness For Captured Tribes… For After The Death Of Shaka Zulu… A Deployment Was Registered That Pitched Neighbouring Tribes Back Against Neighbouring Tribes… In All Out Generation War Which Still Is Manifested Till This Day In The 21st Century genocidal heinous torment… Hutu and Tutsi tribes are amongst the remaining tribal disorientation engineered by the White homo sapient centuries ago…

Greedy African chieftains saw the profit in the gist.. and they loved it… to place this mildly. ..


Are nothing but just the tortured captured, beaten and tortured tribal infants who was chained… beaten… soled to this lowest bidders and dragged to a foreign land, to be forced to work for no pay. .. only life… (Much later things improved, yet the damage was long since exhumed)

The Fifty Million Dollar Question….

Many still ask today… sincerely speaking… sincerely speaking… Ask yourself… “Can A People Be Dragged Away From Their Mother Land, Beaten, Given Foreign Names That Worship Their Tormentors And Abusers, And Jailers… Historically tortured… Drown, Filed, Filled, Piled, Milled & Killed Into 100 foot Castles (The Slave Trade Castles Of Africa Ghana, Are Actually Built Into The Ground As An  Excavation whole) The castles are white on the outside.. dusty and dirty in appearance (Cream abode) With a wide mouth as a slit… It has a slight dome shape oval and measuring about 20 ft in diameter approximating in 100 ft vertical drop… In which bartered merchandise… namely African tribes (Men, Pregnant Women and Children) captured and sold by african leaders to white foreign traders for profit and merchandise… -(Sophisticated Weapons, Materials, Cloth, Merchandise)

Were indeed dropped such an excavation pit and left to rot while ships arrivals was anticipated to arrive any time between Three months to Six months. .. Food was tossed down the slit of the mouth of the excavated castle… the mouth is a slotted measurement of about  4 ft wide by 2 ft in height… Apprehension on slaves escaping was not a threat as only by a rope being thrown down the 24 hour guarded castles could render a slave free…

Only the freshest thrown slaves survived… as all slaves thrown in at the bottom died of starvation… The stench of rotting flesh was a worldwind of an evil mass proportion, distributed with malicious tendentiousness… while new slaves was thrown on top! Only to urinate and defecate on the older dying slaves, who was thrown in months before… Screams echoed through the land from such pits….. an echo horrified even the animals who would have been alerted by such sound waves of belated screeches… would have been scared of the torment which echoed the night skies… babies being born into a previously never witnessed horror… born in a pit filled with feaces… rotten flesh… dead carcases. .. urinated bodies… vomiting and bleeding… scabs… and all manner of insects and night crawling favouring a bite of flesh and blood with venom…  Indeed, quite measurably few fresh thrown in survived such devastating torment…. on such excruciating hell only to wait a greater hell of a six month ship ride while being suspended in shackles around neck… feet and arms and hands….

Question earlier being… can such children from such a nightmare in those degrees and generations of Psychological torment ever be replenished with a well cerebrum… for the children born in those castles would sorely inherit all misery only to pass it on… to children who would indeed. .. pass on the Psychological pain for generations to come…

We already know… West Indians are angry (Namely Jamaicans) Angry at Africans… Angry at Whites…

Honestly I do not blame them… I hate Africa for that reason at times (Greedy exploitation) Aswell as whites…

What is now worse.. is the historical fact.. we have a black continuing this exploration of foreign merchandise namely oil… who hail from America…


I actually find it very hard to come to terms… with the fact.. after all blacks have been through… look at the reward…

The rewards arrive by way of a black historical president…. who  eagerly activates the exact same evil engineering to African and such modern resources and the middle east… that whites did to his engineered heritage. .. centuries ago…

An associate many years ago once asked me…

These are the desperate words he said…

“Khalil. .. when will they leave us alone…..”



Enucleate the insanity

Primarily in modern epochs nostalgia appears the romanticist, for the well wisher and day dreamer of a utopian benevolence!

For all past and present and future actuations are forever lost in the translation via space, chronological elapses, momentum, Linguistics, metrication and tradition, to the point no truth exist!

Just equaling the adoption of christhood by those who betrayed him and let him be slaughtered, my words too, will one day be lost as of everyone elses also! The modern day partisan are no longer interested in metaphysics, but set a monument on the a quick fix, a nocturnal habituation!

The fabrication insured by the twits and embeciles, sometimes never ends, rather infesting the planet as they throw away priceless antiquity in knowledge for instant elevation of morphine, endure this information yet one more thing! Then inspire  to have multiple children and educate them with falsehoods to pass on and on and on forever more! Untill from one family 1 thousand and 1 more offsprings have performed fabrication upon the earths windows of listeners!

Just as though they where monks with the christian newly formed indoctrination!

Changing everything but their fabrication!

100 plus 1 more year and what is in remain! Every other falsification but the truth spouted by the retched tongues of horders of drunkards and their wifes!

Lost in translation

“He who dares wins” set against “He who fares wins”.

Would not like to set a wager on the outcome, for the breath of realisations has long ago pointed to the psychopathic nature behind success, greed, power and authoritarian kinsmenship!

My education in and out of establishments have taught me much in the understanding of patterns and structure. Not simply because of that which I gave my time towards but the nature in which breeds these patterns!

As some detrimental inconvenience can occur for the fortune of yourself if your eyes are open to possibilities! The thing I am sometimes guilty of.

S Memo_74

Lava 1

Lava 2

Lava 3_1

Struggle and change Is a likeness, simmering similarities exist to and throw, throughout existence! The pattern between objects of varied backgrounds, show kinship akin to a mimic or an all mighty cosmic legislation? the behaviours of varied ethnicity who are unfamiliar to one another, yet show great similarity in characteristics of vices and virtues!

S Memo_80

S Memo_89

The power can be within us it we entangle from the negavity of such forces, some of our associates, family, even places and objects can hold a tangible meritocracy towards darkness or poisonous spirits!

So these things you must let go of before it ruins you also! Objects can be burried in the bin but not people as the spirit will latch on to you! So steer your self clear from their presence!


The power is within us, but not us all.. that is reserved for the minority portion of the world!


“The wave vibration” you may wish to read on IMMANUAL KANT, WILLAM HEGEL! in the education category 7th, 8th post for more information regarding vibrations! 

Or check science categories?

The jeopardising and ludwigs deceit!

S Memo_49

So ponder if we as part of the human phylogeny are bound to an existentialism of malevolence and subjected degradation?

“The acid- (burning lava and molten rock) For our cancerous depredations- (The mice that keep us destroyed)

Nonetheless! Such as the sun that bakes our food, to the moon that grows our food, turmoil is never left alone without a hint of the knight in shinning armour!

Our very own dark night rising by the light!

“By & By our savoirs are ways slaughtered by the ones who look like us, smell like us, and talk like us, yet the only separation is the fact that truly excoriated they are nothing like us! For they have slayed many and more of the lords messengers, Jesus christ they slayed him upon a cross, took his words later as their own to destroy us- (the very people he protected, Muhammad peace be upon him, was felled, as was martin luther king jr, and any spokes person of benevolent virtue, malcolm X was killed by one who pretended to be like him but was not, for among us are the true gentile dye in the wool conniving perpetraitors.

The remainder of hope were also outstretched by the judas characteristic advocators… For often all of benevolent support is reduced to ashes and dust, in J F Kennedy, Hilas Sallasi, Malcolm X and many more!

Every generation has its support, yet the evils are far out waying the benevolent, for if you defend yourself it is you who they will blame, they say they can harm you but you can not touch them back! This is the law I have come to know to well!

As much as I have witness the backstabbing clones who resemble us but are nomore than cyborgs- (resembling black sheep).

Becareful of them blacks in church especially the women! They are notorious for bringing down our own!

S Memo_81

S Memo_82


Always be well and far away from  “Conniving ominous of such devilish spirits, from or to or by the detriments of whoever, whatever, wherever such abaite your reserve , creed, culture, colour, gender or class!

“REMEMBER!” “Con- (cheat) knifing- (knife) equates to the actuation of a sharp instrument utilised for the excoriation of you upon your back!

Lava 3

Often we are bound by the lies and fabrication of the weak of mind, the accusations of the most ignorant and the pettiness of the foolish! It is only a trap for fools- (as stated by Rudyard Kipling in internationally acclaimed prose, “If, Brother Square Toes”).

Nonetheless! You hopefully are not one and never will be, for my Cri De Couer manifests out to those who are in such a minority in this world! If mental inertia evades your cognizance, you maybe already the loss cause for redemption!

Never and not minority of anything else but mind!

The segregation of mind is an abhorrent affliction upon the initiated!

“For the stimulus of education in the world has, will and is forever the sharp section of the bladed knife”

The more you acquire knowledge the further you are alone, lost in translation of the actuation of life amongst the petty and fool hearted!

Who only live for joy sake, while stuffing their guts with tissue moist from their cooking cauldrons, their wifes unintelligible as they are as fickle as their masters, who only raise of springs of the lowest intelligent inheritance. Their dwellings, often hissing with hate, rumour or sabotage for another, they envy, if their discourse of course pays the final visit, announces core affliction, which often shortens one’s life!

The acid for the cancerous growth, be the seeds which where water-ed, till affliction as the blossom!

“Ultimately, this strange pattern is the paradigm and stigmata, such live into old age and leave for their offsprings a reduction of education!”

This is their personal inherent values of heritage!

As often they do not know better and was not and never taught better!

S Memo_70

It became apparent to me how this insufficient state evolved! After many a ruminations, and study, it was clear to me by reading on the history of the 17 18 & 19 centuries that the lower class was not permitted Into education untill the formed government named the wigs- (who are now renamed as the Conservative party of England) Introduced Education to the lower masses! This goverment was the very goverment Mr Guy Falks efforted to blow up, unfortunately with dynamite he did not handle carefully only killed himself from the explosion of the dynamite he bought from a Japanese arms trader!

The unfortunately night was recorded as the forth of November, in which the government employees arrived at work, to the astonishment of the proceedeing events, the next morning to witness the charcoal-ed remains of a one Mr Guy falks- (identified by his dentistry!) Who was at lengthy disrepute with the seasoned established wigs!

The wigs who where always in opposition to the then named democrats- (Now named labour party) where the only two leading official goverment parties of England in the 18th century

Yet irony does have its twist of fate!

Yet it appears all was not lost for the heavy price Mr Guy Falks was to pay for wanting fair policies and education to all!

When the news spread, though the running goverment known as the wigs, who became even.more grossly jubilant with laughter at poor mr guy fauks, such of their jubilation stuffing on ox tale and raw hide with the finest sherry and wine, untill their heart’s were content! They was met with unabashedly berated partisans. As councellors informed the wigs rumour was growing that the towns folk where juvenile about another greater attempt upon the order of the mighty wigs- (Conservative party)

Upon an urgent meeting of all in house members a vote and motion was announced that, two sudden changes must occur, first the identity of their name the wigs must be lost to the memory and second, the memory of this night has to be celebrated to govorn prosperity and hope!

The wigs evidently became the now Conservative party you are familliar with by the exploits of a one late Lady Thatcher!

And secondly the wigs- (conservatives) appraised the demand to except the night mr guy fauks attempted to explode the premises of parliament, as a celebration for the people to regain confidence!

Immediately after this discussion, two major uturns chronicled mr guy fauks brave attempt for change!

The first, was for the very first time in english history, education would be taught to all and not just the middle and upper classes! But also every lower class of Caucasian decent! It was a while later before poor ethnics- (otherwise known as field niggers at the time) could be taught English, ethics and so on. However the fortunate counterparts, who were named as the house niggers where given the finist education as they was bought by rich land owners who treated them with ethics & etiquettes to display to their kids- (nannies, house keepers, servants, buttlers, cheifs) all had to dress well look well and speak well. These individuals where allowed baths and often had a small hut like appartment built for them to live in!

Conditions for the field niggers- (as they was named) was the exact contrary and entirely difficult.

S Memo_47

These workers rarely was afforded a bath- (probably never as even white babies only bathed seasonally) hardly ever and would live in the barn eating off scraps and left overs! Only ever owning one set of cloths their natural lifes. They was born poor, they was treated inhumane and they died poor, often ill uncared for and unmarried! The field workers where under the most severest orders of “disciplined commands” that they could never start a family!

Yet this was the society on the vanguard of political correctness?

S Memo_51

House masters rules! Stated “Slaves could only get left over meals- (1 Meal aday) and could not yet feed a nigger baby” when they have yet pigs to feed and crops to harvest!

S Memo_40

Many slaves efforted to run away, yet was mostly caught brought back for punishment if worthy of hard labour?

Unfortunately many was Shot and killed if incompetent and weak!

Any women found to be carry babies where forced to subjected termination, unless the master had any inclinations it could be his- (mixed raced babies had a fifty fifty chance of survival, in that distortion, mess, coelenterate of life and being, the slave trade epoch)

S Memo_36

One can still commend many for not wanting to bring a life into such a cold world of hate and its ingenuity!

I do not fully comprehend the madness of bringing a child into a lopsided disadvantaged paradigm-(shift) not I, never and not I!

I could not fathom bringing life into such a malevolent environment- (that of planet earth). Ruled by dictators, theives, the un-quench-able, insatiable, out reached and verminous exploites of the haves and have nots!

Who rumour with hate the reactology of retrocessive embellishments suited for discourse of the genuine diminution of life! Better for one to disable themselves permanently at least!

“Such epimeric equinoctial acquiescence of the geological achromatism”

The deciphering off the vibration within you!

S Memo_13

Unlocking your benevolence can protect you against such disease of state! While plain simpletons often romanticise the joy of spatialness to the intellect! For often your depravity is their happiness!

I was not aware as a child, enough, of such things I came to experience or fully appreciate these historical values, it compensates the ignorance of mind to know history! And why a nation acts the way it does! For example many many whites are wholeheartedly ignorant, yet what is worse is they can not see it or even understand the word ignorance!

“Yet the most accurate way to understand an individuals ignorance is to research into their history- (whether it be family, culture, heritage, personal, education etc?) Yet in this somewhere lays truth and reason to their state of mind and behaviour?

Remember! Nothing happens without a kick starter or catalytic variable!

The lower sections of English Caucasians and eastern europeans was not allow into formal education in the 17th century Anno Domini!

Now it takes years of centuries for the gift of education to flow through a class, gradient, culture, heritage, gender or even species!

Now we can identify why The poor white English section speak and act in the mannerisms they have projected!

They premote the acquittal of knowlege, are are symbolic of  the pupil who starts school 6 years behind his peers- (very unfortunate for him who has a slow start in education, and will never ever catch up in this world to those who have the best first and are on a steady track!

This very problem is romanticised in multiple separate groups or genres! Same for the blacks, late starters to western education and are for ever falling behind, this is even worse for white females as they was enroled onto education even after blacks, via the aid of a one Mr Frederick Douglas, actually know by Mr Godfrey Douglas- (my fathers name who taught in England and recieved acclaim at his era along with jealousy I was informed).


Spirit of vibration alignment

Tap your energy a little each day!

S Memo_90

Be well in all earnest dear faithfulls, one day I will be gone too, like all those before, it is only the pattern I have discovered that the initiated are marginised by the evil majority!




Amongst a plethora of weird and subliminally cruel devices to control… Separate… Unleash… Deprive… Depress… Suppress… Oppress. Regress… Transgress… Digress… and legitimately abuse its citizens… and peers, humankind has always found the ultimate in abominable faculties of intelligence and benevolence to deploy injustice and inhumanly quality of life for its kinship!

In ancient antiquity of chronostrastigraphical units, the mortification… fornication… fortification… glorification of subsequent factions of degenerative… disorderly and DENIGRATES of the multiplex society’s worldwide, subsequently duplexed by the added ignorance of such partisans who in their personal quest for  entertainment often jovial or barbaric, favoured their primal anthological ancestors than their modern ethical peers! Such is the degree of human equity that often even within the most reserved of benevolent identities inauspicious-ly bequeath characteristics better acquainted with ancient primal ancestry behaviour over ethical benevolence!

In modern times this occurs in each and every society around the globe. Where there lays earning potential for one class against a disproportionate wage against another faction, you will be notice without the need for a specialist doctrinaire to exam such disparaged contrasts! This unkindly so meshing is a depredation in severe humiliation of poverty in the background of prosperous gluttonous societies. The same application applies for the those who have based their society upon the evil ingenuity of slavery to either administer control or corporate degradation throughout, as the ultimate tool of control, once unleashed and steady positioned to battered any rising factions who so barely and bravely resist the initial thunder to glance up above the depravity of grass fields to show their face, only to be suppressed by the might of a powerful agent wielding thunder! This is akin to those who yield the awesome strikingly authoritative power against those who are subdued by fear… and the multiplicity of Fates… Factions… familiarity… families Forces… Falsifications… Fabianisms… Fables… Factitiousness… etc!


All of these evil ingenuities applied throughout human existence in one form or/of another, to every single Creed… Culture… Cast… Colour… Complexion… Chromolithographical… Caucasian… Chiaroscuro… Coloured… Class… Count… Citizen… Civilian… Credibility… Culture… Coexistence… Cohabitation… Cabbalism… Czar… Czarina… Chief… Chieftain… Contingent… Conspiracy… Committee… Court… Calipher… Caesar… Crown… Congress… Court.. County… Country… and “CONTINENT!”.


unfortunately such as the detrimental of human nature, that the increasingly weak will bestowed upon everyone and last entirety of the human phylogeny can not, has not and probably will not ever succeed over the seven deadly sins of human malevolence!


(Khalil Aliy)

The betrayal! manifests perpetually, simple examples of chronostratagraphical units, depict a host of tortured entities, in which the groups identity withstood great epic torture for generations into centuries. Women’s rights came under great maiming, and where not given citizenship untill 1918 wspu’s (Women’s Social Political Union) in the uk under the benevolent black congressman from the united states! Who indeed was the first ever black Vice President, namely Frederick Douglass (originally changed from Godfrey Douglas, proudly sharing the same name sake as my father in the amiable “Godfrey”. My father was a school teacher in England in the 1960-70 and proudly known!). Such of the identity of Female citizens did not have a full inclusion into the voices echoed in society untill all full civil rights where indeed granted! Such as the misfortune of such livelihood could not and never did appreciate the benefits fully of existence. This is quite simple nobody can if the laws that govern society does not want to register you as A full participant of the society in the first place. This adheres to all and every participant in society even does this acknowledgement stretch as far to include animals and their cousin’s welfare! Any abuse administered justified without lawful justification is only a selfish attempt by the pariah to indulge in a further selfish attempt of “INSTANT GRATIFICATION!”.


(Khalil Aliy)

One can not simply ever grow as an individual, if the element never spends time in self-sacrifice, studying to evaluate the self, neither will the nation grow that one belongs to, if its citizens do not spend any time evaluating the self, thus the nation does not grow, reciprocating back to the individual, who suspendingly refracts quite recumbent and displaces the  beneficial wisdom of reactology, will not ever take form to be allowed to evolve as a homonymous hyperaesthesia singular agent, if the nation and its Imperial leadership is stagnating in etiquettes!



To study the self would we of beneficial Psychological value and sociological importance to the society one resides in. For one to understand the way the personal behaviour of the mind works in correlation to its neighbours and extended neighbours is a major benevolence in society, one which carries great responsibility and authority who is able to take time to know the mind is a potential great in the existence of humankind! The allure of fame and fortune prevent the great majority from such research and interests, whole heartedly skewed from serious importance of self over value of imagery, fake, collateral, physical substance, dwellings, intoxication, entertainment, material and pride and aesthetics! All these manifest exclusively transparency, by way of fortuitous benevolence and are subjectively a vacuum in once personal life and also carry absolutely “ZERO IMPORTANCE” in weight and dynamic structure, to the evolutionary benevolence of the self!



(Khalil Aliy)

A host can not enjoy the quality of its life if the level of education in its surroundings or society is unchallenged by knowledge. I have come to realise this detrimental fact that, the level of education undertaken by the citizens here in this country, is “WHOLELY DIABOLICAL!”.

I have realised that all my problems are a factor of the “INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE” ignorant… Skewed… Unregistered… Uneducated… Illiterate… Uneducable… Unreasonable… FERAL… delinquent… Un-mindful… Unsolicited… Mentally unstable VIA LACK OF EDUCATION… Mentally Immature… Mentally deprived… PSYCHOLOGICALLY CHALLENGED… Degenerative… Vulgar… inbred.. Unbecoming… Confused… Poorly raised… Lost… Upset… Jealous… Which indeed connect to a kaleidoscope of dramatics as dissolution… Evilishment… DESTRUCTION… prejudices… Racism… Misinterpretation… Misunderstanding… stigmata… Illegitimacy… Intransigence… Illogic… scapegoating… SLANDER… PROPAGANDA… HATE… MISOGYNY… Illogicalness… Idolaters… Idiocy… Disturbances and EVIL INGENUITIES!


These types of hate baiting endures from all identities both genders, Male and Female which often feels more “FEMALES” in modern error have stolen the crown mantle piece of society’s dumbest gender, are entwined and evolved with hate baiting for an “INCREDIBLY WEIRD” advocatory! This will not benefit no individual that is certain! As mothers are the first Tudors of infants, what they lay their new-born iris upon they mimic!

Modern day females, simply appear to be just feeding and dumbing on the nation the ills from their wombs like toxic from a hazzardous site, akin to Gargoyles breaching the ozone with hideous belching!

In great antiquity of chronostragraphical units, slavery and abuse of children only produced malicious discourteous souls, who portrayed their life throughout their very own “BROKEN MIRRORS”. Evil and barbaric as they grew, to not find a true place in society and became natural outlaws just mimicking natures storms in quite proses of life!

Up untill our current chronostratagraphical unit, these pariahs still lurk and in abundance, Football Hooligans… Racists… PREJUDISMS… are only but the mere easily identified who were produced in homes that replicate an evil “WITCH’S CORINTHIAN” in which thy baits a conundrum of conniving convulsions of evils while thy contredanses hyperbolically around the mediation unit!

The question being “what can one do today, to control such a deadly disease of vermin from human spermatological placentals?”



Such lifeforms do not even feel ashamed of their very own existence and would even rather actually brag about their very own troublesome existence how banal! This i am certain is not what life was created for, rather the sustainability and quality of life should be an introduction for all regardless of historic value or importance!

Slavery proved a dangerous demise for a race which still adheres to the Psychological… FINNANCIAL… Emotional… disturbance and diffidence of its people today. This has been proven by the numbers of ethic AFRO-CARRIBEANS who regularly kill one another, I personally believe this was the sole agent forced into the cerebral in captivity to hate thy self like a dog or beast, and then to undertake instrumentation to exterminate its kin by a racist faction, which I may add has been carried out to “MY DISGUST” amazingly proficiently! By “uneducated afro-carribeans against ANY afro-carribeans” (BLACKS KILLING BLACKS).

So now the race dies and falls further deprived of quality of life, for never ever undertaken the time to educate the self! I have had a multitude of attacks in my personal life from both blacks and whites, and it seems as much as the devil and many have tried to rid me from this planet!

However! my body persist even rebuking my own attempts, how peculiar!


The historical representations of existence has nothing to do with those who are abused, but rather the evil ingenuity of the wicked who “IMPRINT” serious violations and distortions of sick imagery on to the mind of many to hate others, even to “IMPRINT” force images on a child is now a days a crime of “SUBSTANTIAL CHILD ABUSE”

So give not in the way of haters your time, Spirit, Energy, Money or your benevolence!

For haters need your spirit to grow, AND AND DOOMED WITHOUT YOUR PATIENCE and time!





(khalil Aliy)

Hello all and I trust you are well and not in regress of knowledge but rather in transcedence of the state of becoming!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blocks and fruition galvanises you past those who will hate you for no apparency but just the evils in their souls, if you are wholely honest to yourself then nobody or nothing can change that as the “IMPRINTERS” of this world are many and a like, while the reserved and subtle are far and few betweeen!