Knocking On The Misrepresentation Of Heaven’s Door

Knocking On Heaven’s Doors… While Lost In Misrepresentation. …

As we have finely reiterated in previous chapters regarding language and the etiquette use thereof, “Language of phonetics… alluring to an incomplete syntax of symbols, meanings… expressions… descriptions… and explanations in the communication of various respective socio heterogeneity…

Nonetheless, communication alluring to the incomplete synonym, is slightly derailed of precision in the actuation of expression of emotions or felt sense!

I.e “The Words Have Not Even Been Invested For Suggestions Yet, In Any Contemplation Alluring To Inventing Syntax & Phonetics, Which Decipher, Such Subatomic Felt Senses”


“Our Feelings And Our Bodies Are Like Water Flowing Into Water. We Learn To Swim Within The Energies Of The (BODY) Senses!.”


“Just As Perseus Used His Shield To Confront Medusa, So May Traumatised People Use Their Shield -(Equivalent To Sensation) Or The FELT-SENSE!” To Master Trauma (Traumatic Experiences). The Felt Sense Encompasses The Clarity, Instinctual Power And Fluidity Necessary To Transform Trauma”

From Peter A. Levine’s “Waking The Tiger”

According to ‘Eugene Gendlin, Who coined the term “Felt Sense” in his book -(FOCUSING).

“A Felt Sense Is Not A Mental Experience But A Physical One. Physical. A Bodily Awareness Of A Situation Or Person Or Event. An Internal Aura That Encompasses Everything You Feel And Know About The Given Subject At A Given Time -(Encompasses It And Communicates It To You All At Once Rather Than Detail By Detail”.

Peter A. Levine Also Suggest (Which I Agree, And Have Expressed With Illuminated Inquisitiveness Here In Earlier Chapters)….

“The Felt Sense Is A Difficult Concept To Define With Words, As Language Is A Linear Process And The Felt Sense Is A Non-Linear Experience.  Consequently, Dimensions Of Meaning Are Lost  In The Attempt To articulate This Experience. We Define A ORGANISM As A Complex Structure Of Interdependent And Subordinate Elements Whose Relations And Properties Are Largely Determined By Their Functions In The Whole. Therefore The Whole Of The Organism Is Greater Than The Sum of The Individual Parts. In A Similar Way The Felt-Sense Unifies A Great Deal Of Scattered Data And Gives It Meaning. For Example, When We See A Beautiful Image On Television, What We Are Seeing Is A Large Array Of digitized Dots Called Pixels. If We Was to Focus On The Individual Elements (PIXELS), We Would See Dots And Not The Beautiful Image. Likewise, In hearing Your Favourite Music You Do Not Focus On The Individual Notes, But Rather On The Total Aural Experiences. Your Experience Is Much Greater Than The Sum Of The Individual Notes”. – Every Event Can Be Experienced Both In The Duality, Singularity, As Individual Parts, And As A Unified Whole. Those Which Are Perceived in A Unified Manner Through The Felt Sense Can Bring Revelations About How To Undo The Trauma. We Must Be Able To Identify And Employ The Indicators Of Trauma That Are Made Available To Us Through The Felt Sense”.


As I myself have witness (K.Aliy) these (above statements) accounts to be true in wholesomeness and actuality, It makes sense to state in seeking redemption from tragedy or illness, the route to autonomy derives from a complete analysis of the synopses. Realising this strength and allowing/deploying the synapses to flow naturally manifest forms of enlightenment, while euphoria arrives to medicate any debilitated states in the self of the organism. This organic state of existing via the self sense, is after all an organic primary state, which should not be relinquished or relegated for synthetic senses, or unprofessional expertise or misguide.


Learning comprehensively, the facets of the anatomy ought to be a fundamental importance of any organism striving to survive/evolve. Similar to escorting to administer longevity from any product or device. Also one would be in favour most often, one who absorbed the literature of such an important manual. Deciphering safety protocols and system safeguards to protect the self from obliteration, hurt, danger and degeneration, is an importance to sustenance within the virtue of autonomous longevity! Understanding all systems become weaker aligned with age will elude from the duplicity of fortitude. A special resolve which often has relegated to degeneration, via slow debility -(Like the steady waters which proclaim monotonous wearing away of the sharp edge rocks along coast and in sea beds of titanic oceans!) Is necessary for resolutions of traumas. Traumas will indeed later manifest as cancers and other debilitating illnesses, by way of subjecting the anatomy to shock and instability. Such unfortunate growth of trauma only bequeathed the anatomy with illness via the unsteady relations of subatomic life. That is the… (((Particle Life))) see Quantum Mechanics, Physics And Education & Relative Categories At The Foot Of Each Blog For Further Understanding!

Thus, as we have discussed in Health & The Various Supporting Categories Regarding Vibrations,

The Shocked Atom becomes the Unsteady Atom, thus disrupting its nearest next door neighbour or cohabitees out of pious subordination and the autonomous organic habitation of corroboration within each organ/organism. An organ can be upset or disabled by poor vibrations or unsteady vibrations….


Quite simply insubordination of atoms is caused by, feeding the immune system -(Anatomy) poisoning!

Poisoning Of The Cerebrum: Often will occur via threading toxic or malicious manifestations or vibration to the six senses -(Hearing… Viewing… Touching… Consuming… Smelling… Nervous Intuition… Such poison will disable the primary functioning of atoms akin to receiving wrong information/direction/instruction via telecom communication. 

Poisoning Of The Heart: An organ subjected to a steady supply of abuse, perpetual confusion or unfamiliar foreign idiosyncratics, will debilitate the functioning of such an important organ, which regulates passage, traffic flow of the atoms liaising in interactional communication and purpose, similar to international traffic lights in which Green lights prompt go… Red lights administer prohibition… while Amber display caution and alertness. 

 Poisoning Of The Senses: Disrupts communication to the brain and vice versa, resulting in instability and disfunction of the genome.

Poisoning Of The Lungs: Poisoning of the lungs interferes with all substantial sectors of the anatomy as ready oxygen can not be administered in primary mode.

Poisoning Of The Shell/Skin/Outer layer reduces protection of organism and longevity and strength of organ. 

Thus all major factors communicate in quality health will communicate advance signals via correct vibrations, while degenerate facets communicate broken signals that disrupt the system. These disruptions mislead function by sending incorrect information -(This unsteady flow of atoms sending communication in the nerve system is equivalent to misinformation distributed by the senior fire chief to lower staff employers on the ground, via various offices then departments. When the wrong information is received by the fire crew it will be acted upon, thus creating error and damage. So as the atoms receive incorrect information not realised will also lead to mistake and error).

This is why we have inexplicably versed that cancer is ultimately a self-inflicted illness. When one takes the understanding that there is no safeguard, such souls protect their anatomical structure at all cost always.

Unfortunately those who believe or leave the duty of care of their very own anatomy in the hands of others/other/medical proficiency? Such folks will not take care or proper procedure to protecting their very own anatomy, for they shall always believe the actuation belongs to that of their respective government, social welfare reform, medical practice, general practitioners or even the public.. Everything but themselves….

Thus you will be familiar with the quantum of ill tragic minds in social heterogeneity around the globe… Often born out of illegitimacy to perpetuate the exact same future circumstances for young life. We can see disturbing trends in multiple broken minds from disenfranchised and broken groups… many substance users or over cravings which ultimately destroy the self. Youths often destroy the self… as do the poor… the spiteful… as do blacks. .. as do the non-educated people… Uninitiated and the greedy…

ULTIMATELY. …. only the self is highest responsible for the longevity and restoration of the self…

There maybe interventions from other nobles… Including heavenly authors… Cosmic subsidiaries. .. love and cosmic subordinations… higher facilities… Synchronicity… Flowing polyphonology of high fidelity/Autonomy/Polytheistic annunciations.

Thank you & be well non-haters… Truth tellers… Light Workers and non mockers….




Resume Consciousness

“Many Are Wide Awake… Yet Are Fast Asleep! While Many May Appear To Be Asleep, Yet Are Wide Awake!”

While You May Come To Realise, That Many Are Awake In This World (Only In The Physical Realm) And Can Neither Perceive… Realise… Visualise Any Affirming Actualisations In Current… Previous… Future Chronological Periods…?

There indeed exist some, few (Few In Ratio To The Capacity Of Human Life In The World) That Are Sleeping And Quite Heavy (Heavenly… Explicitly… Soundly… Quite Quiet,  Comfortably) Yet Are Wide Awake… (Having An Awakening, Quickening Of The spiritual Soul… A Heavenly Bliss, Consciousness Of The Subconscious… Enlightenment).

I hope you can follow this detail… As it is not always easy to learn new things, especially as one gets older… (You may have noted the mention here, from the unravelling of notions in earlier chapters… Yet I digress). 

We can observe the many who are quite feverishly hurrying about their daily exploits… In and out of traffic to meetings, via various transportations, to engagements, for various presentations, untill the unexpected fermentation of ill-health is prescribed, as a byproduct of their personal business affairs and prerogatives! Often such groups within each respective social heterogeneity on the vanguard of globalisation, do not envisage their individual state of mind (Conscious Subconscious).

Due to the mass extent of unduly and unnecessary pressures, which each one has solely placed upon themselves and that of their associates, with the little added convincing from superiorities and their respective social heterogeneity, the average cerebrum we can state is truly operational, from the subliminal dictatorship of each area head (state) right through and inclining to further hierarchical power positions! This Mass Experience, Is A True Excerpt From The Written Laws Of Free Masonry & Jewish Dominants Upon The Free Market Of The Earth (The Human Soul).


That which we have examine, is all men without any mortal power, is no more than existing… as a workhorse or be it profitable slave to another and another and another… untill they have acquired enough from the exercise, to become profitable in the guile of a mini dictator to another, via avenues of employment of self dictator and modern-day slave owner!

Rights are not just the words and descriptions made by authors of legislation (Actions Deemed Ethical Within Humanity) but also the examples and provability to such documentation and writings…


Well, if such writings are not actuated by affirmations and practices, witnessed by the majority, then after all, such documentation is no more than “Just Graffiti etchings on fine material?”

Possibly for the amusements of the casting governors… Not to be taken literally by those in power…

Alas… For punishment to keep the low in constant servitude. ..

“A Woman Without Rights Is A Concubine”

Existing to propagate, for the good of another…

Education and human rights together make for autonomy… This fine prints as logic! Yet we also advise, “logic & fairness” In the eyes of many manifest as all otherwise but “logic & fairness!”

This cruel fate is the happening dictated by hierarchical astutes worldwide…

“Wake Up!”

Blatantly, You may have witnessed spoken to others while they rested, while another who belated..

“Yet, Ironically!”

I stipulate at a matter of factors in this episode, it is ironic in wholesomeness, for actually it is rather, the opposite. For “He/She” who belates (wake up) upon another while they rest their anatomy in the physical realm, actually are the perpetrators of mindlessness who indeed need the wakening up!

It is a most odd enlightenment to be in realisation of, once acknowledged, that those most asleep and deprived from all realisations and enlightenment in the world, so call upon those wide awake in the higher echelon realms to resume consciousness from already consciousness!

It Is Akin To One who Only Exist Upon The Lowest Latitude, Who Belates To A Bird Soaring In The Highest Latitude To “Fly!”

Those who advocate for you to wake up, are not comprehending some facets of the mechanical virtures of autonomy and enlightenment. ..

“A Fish Competently Swimming Underwater In Such Natural Habitation, Can Neither Take Any Dimidiation From The Dimensional Analysis Of Those Who Only Exist Upon The Land”

We can observe that many people around the globe who originate from debilitated nations, are often in a climactic struggle to crusade to, that which they have deemed, prospectively… prosperity in “Prosperous Shores”.

Often such folk have not realised or witness for themselves the true battle and real hardship of living or existing as a “Foreign national Or Immigrant Or Asylum Seeker” in a foreign hemisphere.

Often many will not acquaint, with everything from the climate to the temperatures (Often Cold Weathers) Chaotic weather storms, blizzards, pelting rain, gale force winds… etc…

Often all this is only a small measure of the real problems, that are patiently waiting to stalk their subsidence and subsidiaries. .. Without possessing the fundamental sententiousness many are welcome to the fore front of a “Crash & Burn” episode in such unwarranted exploits…

All “Hear Say” evidence upon arrival to foreign shores, becomes quickly a dwindling succinct affair.

For things are not always as they were fore told, in exaggerated stories recited by more than mere excitement … the deception sold by shere degenerates, the extravagant fantasies reiterated by the illiterates, deploying the guile from a Rumpelstiltskin dramatics.. the simple and cheats with shrewd business exploits sharing Machiavellian traits… while sensationalist dramatics and adventure like a one “Gregory Rasputin”… will increase all titillation and desire from the village Psychology. .. and that of “what is over there…? is better than what is over here” (The grass is greener on the other side)

As we already have experienced is not necessarily evident in a host of circumstances! For there is good measures in sections at all metrics of the hemisphere. What is more, is which zones is one  willing to adapt to and for what reasons…? Often it is in trauma that true realism provides the evidence of a nature. Many foreign nationals often return back to their ethnic land of origin in a worse condition Psychological condition then when they first left. The racism… bigotry… prejudicial natures of the unwelcoming committee faced by the foreign nationals is often a surreptitious degradation kept undisclosed to their neighbouring ethnicity on eventual return to natural lands. Often foreign nationals on return to their homeland do not disclose of their brutality and humiliation in foreign shores, for fear of ridicule from folk of their ethnic homeland, who they may have told they was going to become rich and successful…. As often such international travellers have stated to locals from their ethnic village that, they “Was going to be a star, rich and famous”Akin to the likelihood of previous foreign nationals who left their homeland of origin, to travel abroad, in which have become international success stories from humble beginnings!

Ultimately, this is indeed the story of “Streets of Gold” 

Unfortunately these  suppose “streets of gold” are actually not littered with gold which is rumoured perpetually amongst the neighbourhoods of every poor nation around the globe… The fairy tale becomes witnessed as a nightmare to those who both, do not receive welcoming gynaeceum from the bigotry communities. .. and worse still, in those who became an awful static, an emblem to the vast growing statistic… a demotion…a devotion to a perpetual cause of dreams, a tragedy of unfortunate and exploited arrangements sold!

For the ones who are more robust who remain stubbornly behind, are usually no more than petty criminals and theiving in the underlay of normal society.. Existing in a street guise, a subhuman standard, a poverty mimicking the poverty they ran from… But with the evading hospitality of their natural homelands and ethnic country. Instead are bombarded with humiliation and hatred, scorn and belittling. .. For most will undoubtedly follow a familiar trend of beggar and alcoholic. .. desperate and destitute. .. While perspiring the hatred in the gut to all the fortunate ethnic nationals, who have found autonomy via longevity… or the qualifications they may have arrived here with… While other ethnic nationals are most often cold heartedly hated by the poor unfortunate ethnic nationals newly arrived to western shores… for the success of family origins…

Unfortunately “West Indian” Ethnic Nationals Sit At The Top Of This Evil Tree Of Hatred Towards Other Migrants Or Settled Citizens..

The history of “West Indian” heritage has a tragic tale beginning on the african shores… Namely a country named as “The Gold Coast” (Ghana)

Along long time ago… not long after the Italian born in Genova of 1451, who became spanish citizen and a competent veteran sailor.. navigator… exploration genius and geographical entrepreneurs of the aquatic intertropical convergence and stratospheric cumulus…. “Christopher Columbus” The nautical astronomer who founded the “New World” in 1492 otherwise known as the “Land Of Milk And Honey” “United States Of America”

Though, there is much dubious air and controversy around this finding, he has been acknowledged as the nautical advocate responsible for such a find… He is also responsible for the find of the “Caribbean”…. were this story later unfolds…

“AFRICA” the name given to the home and geological zone of the native ethnic land, from the various European settlers and nautical navigators of the marines. .. was explored by many navigators from the European shores In The 14th & 15th centuries Anno Domino. It has been stated by geographical and historical statesmen from African heritage, that upon the earliest European navigators, who came to exploit Africa, “Gold” and minerals was the first resource raped from Africa by foreign business men.

As the European’s historical sales crashed their ships upon the seas of the africa shores, a distinctive glimmer shimmering from the beach to the eyes upon the western ships… The nautical astronomers and their crews, who were navigating upon the ocean for months, thought they was witnessing another mirage from their ships. The crewmen were mostly ill and had been in sick in trouble waters for months, while resources ran thin and temperatures reached unexperienced temperatures by the alien climate towards the ship’s crew… complaining and falling ill to viruses not yet managed by the sailors was a turbulent and constant negotiation. But still eyes were reimbursed by the shimmering mirages, was thought untill engaged up on the shore. Eagerly as the shimmer grew, anticipation was at an ever extensive inclination… as the ships crashed upon the land, feet connected and planted upon the sandy shores… shortly followed by howls and screams of euphoria and ecstasy. ..

Established as hero… “we are rich the foreigners cried… yes we are indeed rich” ” No! filthy rich” another bemoaned…for in their hands stood enormous power and wealth…


Such wealth, which stretched for miles in every view, “where have we landed…?” shouted the crew members… “what place in the gods name, could hold such riches…?” screamed the voices from unbelievable ships crew…

We must secure this wealth before others claim it (other Europeans who were known to be amongst the greatest sea sailors of the western world).

Upon this affirmation, the ship’s captain sent a crew to imediately return back to “England” to fetch for reinforcement… of a magnanimous paramount.

Upon camping throughout the nocturnal disturbances of the strange and piercing night, the apprehension of the foreign invaders was hugely apparent, as they made their beds on the new-found wealth, it was not long untill the native residents of the zone had heard that aliens had landed upon their shores… The chiefs of the then land, sent messengers to retrieve the invaders of their shores…

As the European aliens were met at shore by the native scouts deployed to retrieve them, they could not converse, because of language barriers. The European nautical navigators, were indeed apprehended with their cargo, weapons and stock, and brought to the hierarchical chieftains of the village… As a long struggle came to pass… though ball bearings from gun powder penetrated the dark skins, the over whelming of arrows pierced any reinforced distinguished advanced ballistic indistinguishable from modern magic!

Upon the rendezvous with the native chiefs, apprehension and detention was met with intrigue… excitement… surprise… for neither ethereal friend… foe had ever witness one another…

The chief asked his captain to inspect to alien invaders and their cargo… in which communication could not be met… It was only via the search of intrigue to the aliens cargo (European Nautical Navigators baggage) That interesting merchandise was exhumed…


The chief was first modified by previous expectations, when shown the distinguished weaponry indistinguishable from magic… which he seized as his own among the alcohol. ..

Of course the chief drank the alcohol… untill it was indeed finished… ((Recognised history abides… as this is the moment, Black history was to be changed for ever…for all time sake and never return to that primitive subjection, once legislated))

In the fourth coming months which was communicated from “Settling Invader to native originators” that a huge cargo of stock would arrive over the ocean, in which more would be presented to the chief…

“A Happy Chief… Is A Most Hoodwinked Cheif”

For the months pass, while the Europeans were kept alive and well by their new-found hosts…

Upon arrival of the then ” her majesty the queens naval accommodation” who were met by eager natives to the surprise of bewildered crew… Captain and ship were not met with hostility as the natives had formed a bond with the earlier aliens who had arrived and sent for reinforcement. ..

Nonetheless, captain and crew could not have envisaged the shimmering wealth which laced upon the sands. .. As captain ordered crew to pack as much of the shimmer in the ships as possible… The captain was ushered to meet with the village chief…

Upon the rendezvous with the chief and then establishments with former crew… a deal was made to exchange shop weapons and alcohol as a present from their crew… This was made but the chief asked for more than was necessary. .. Upon this another deal was made, in which the chief motioned what could he trade for more of the alcohol and weapons…

The captain pointing to the ground in which the gems lay… the chief laughed for these shimmering stones were viewed as stones of no importance… when the word went around the village that the aliens wanted stones for the weapons and liquid, the news was met with laughter and ridicule… For tragedy struck that moment in the guise of supreme ignorance and naivety. ..


The chief cried with laughter and stated in his natural dialogue and language with degradation and humiliation in mind… “Why Do These Simple Minded Men Want these Stones, Which Are Nothing, They Are Even Everywhere Upon The Soil From The Earth, When We Offer Them Our Most Beautiful Wifes And Our Most Precious Ornaments (Sea Shells… Crab Armour… Elephant Tusks And Animal Furr”

At that period in time the European Navigators Displayed Resistance To The Native Weapon, Who Bore Animal Cloth Only To cover Their Lower Privates, Yet exposing their voluptuous breast and thick darkskins…Rumoured there was intrigued, but what the orders were, was to retrieve all the elements which shimmered in the sand…


By such dire pococurantism….

Many months elapsed, while…. invader and investor exchanged tutorials and investment. .. understanding inclined as the sand became board and marker, the instrument for instructions and learning…

The not so distant future saw ships come and go untill every last metric of meter was picked of element… The chiefs became drunk… as investor exchanged price minerals and fornicated with each others weapon (woman was exchange as a solicitation and solidarity to future friendships) Yet the guile of the English Empire saw no other way but to subdue the naivety of the natives, by bleaching the natives heritage to accommodate their agenda…

At some stage of this historical event, war broke out between invader and native… in which reinforcement from a zulu chieftain named “Shaka Zulu”

SHAKA ZULU: The most prominent African warrior of all time, was indeed a son of an equal honouring warrior heritage in the son of a fierce warrior chieftain… Young Shaka Zulu… Grew to prominence, and watched his beloved father killed in tribal warfare… Shaka Zulu an intelligent mathematical tactician of war… employed a tactic never witnessed before to dethrone the English invaders of the African shores… Luckily for Shaka Zulu and his contingent which was a cry which heralded the sphragistic formation of every available entity, which could wield a weapon. ..

And indeed when mighty Shaka Zulu wielded his armour all came punctually. .. For Shaka Zulu had one contingency which heralded from his significant birth right.. All via Shaka Zulu’s life he was acquainted with war in which his family was killed.. He had witnessed the dissections of families throughout his stricken life… Tragedy would strike but not yet… not this time..

SHAKA ZULU had just one deployment which he had been raised to identify. .. considering Shaka’s life, it is no surprise each village he ever conquered he endeavour to spare all enemy tribes, and promised them virtue if they would side with him… This mighty emblem, became the universal mantra of the Shaka Zulu tribe… for all the generations while he ruled… As a young warrior…


After Shaka Zulu had won back the land and the people with their remaining historical treasures in battles which waged for a decade… the plot was already under way to bring down the mighty Shaka Zulu…

The reign of foreign riches were imported to further entice the noble natives…

Upon a plan, dark skin natives were romanced and seduced by the imported white skin brides, who were to make a home in the new found land of exotics and fruit… Such diverse characters were scouted untill, the right uninhabited souls would be easily guided to betray the greatest african king of all time…

Like all great men before him (Shaka Zulu) was also mortal, and by that decree affirmed he was human and had human emotions, which ment he had human relations… It was not long for the final hours of Shaka Zulu Life To Come To And End… In the most historical sacrifices of African history… The one that stood for the people, raised by a great inheritance. .. one who understood nobility.. pious… ethics… morals… virtue… valour. .. principles. .. respect and order would be brought down worse than the greek tragedy of old, worse than other greats and betrayed by greed..

SHAKA ZULU the great, Shaka Zulu the king… died upon his death-bed, with a poison wound to his midrift, surmounted by his own African tribesmen..

The barter or reward was flesh and honey… yet I doubt the perpetrators may have received his reward from the apprehensive guile of the English protagonist, who appear surprised…

Futures came as leaders arrived who corroded the african empire.. from unintelligent business with the European traders…


Once all the most precious resources were exhausted… later came the archetypal priest and further floods of exploitation of a ravaging kind… An exportation of all exportation… The one that would change the face of the Negro gene and Psychology for ever…

Archetypal systems arose to form a horror never witness before… The technology was to redefine the life of not just the enslaved generations… but that of all future generations and every single last one… Architecture was erected that have never been witnessed before, instruments to that indistinguishable from medieval devices, such exhumation only can now exist in museums around the globe, for children of such perpetual torment to comprehend… The Castles Still Stand Where They Was Built 5 Centuries Ago.. The Castles Where Built In What Was Deemed Appropriateness For Captured Tribes… For After The Death Of Shaka Zulu… A Deployment Was Registered That Pitched Neighbouring Tribes Back Against Neighbouring Tribes… In All Out Generation War Which Still Is Manifested Till This Day In The 21st Century genocidal heinous torment… Hutu and Tutsi tribes are amongst the remaining tribal disorientation engineered by the White homo sapient centuries ago…

Greedy African chieftains saw the profit in the gist.. and they loved it… to place this mildly. ..


Are nothing but just the tortured captured, beaten and tortured tribal infants who was chained… beaten… soled to this lowest bidders and dragged to a foreign land, to be forced to work for no pay. .. only life… (Much later things improved, yet the damage was long since exhumed)

The Fifty Million Dollar Question….

Many still ask today… sincerely speaking… sincerely speaking… Ask yourself… “Can A People Be Dragged Away From Their Mother Land, Beaten, Given Foreign Names That Worship Their Tormentors And Abusers, And Jailers… Historically tortured… Drown, Filed, Filled, Piled, Milled & Killed Into 100 foot Castles (The Slave Trade Castles Of Africa Ghana, Are Actually Built Into The Ground As An  Excavation whole) The castles are white on the outside.. dusty and dirty in appearance (Cream abode) With a wide mouth as a slit… It has a slight dome shape oval and measuring about 20 ft in diameter approximating in 100 ft vertical drop… In which bartered merchandise… namely African tribes (Men, Pregnant Women and Children) captured and sold by african leaders to white foreign traders for profit and merchandise… -(Sophisticated Weapons, Materials, Cloth, Merchandise)

Were indeed dropped such an excavation pit and left to rot while ships arrivals was anticipated to arrive any time between Three months to Six months. .. Food was tossed down the slit of the mouth of the excavated castle… the mouth is a slotted measurement of about  4 ft wide by 2 ft in height… Apprehension on slaves escaping was not a threat as only by a rope being thrown down the 24 hour guarded castles could render a slave free…

Only the freshest thrown slaves survived… as all slaves thrown in at the bottom died of starvation… The stench of rotting flesh was a worldwind of an evil mass proportion, distributed with malicious tendentiousness… while new slaves was thrown on top! Only to urinate and defecate on the older dying slaves, who was thrown in months before… Screams echoed through the land from such pits….. an echo horrified even the animals who would have been alerted by such sound waves of belated screeches… would have been scared of the torment which echoed the night skies… babies being born into a previously never witnessed horror… born in a pit filled with feaces… rotten flesh… dead carcases. .. urinated bodies… vomiting and bleeding… scabs… and all manner of insects and night crawling favouring a bite of flesh and blood with venom…  Indeed, quite measurably few fresh thrown in survived such devastating torment…. on such excruciating hell only to wait a greater hell of a six month ship ride while being suspended in shackles around neck… feet and arms and hands….

Question earlier being… can such children from such a nightmare in those degrees and generations of Psychological torment ever be replenished with a well cerebrum… for the children born in those castles would sorely inherit all misery only to pass it on… to children who would indeed. .. pass on the Psychological pain for generations to come…

We already know… West Indians are angry (Namely Jamaicans) Angry at Africans… Angry at Whites…

Honestly I do not blame them… I hate Africa for that reason at times (Greedy exploitation) Aswell as whites…

What is now worse.. is the historical fact.. we have a black continuing this exploration of foreign merchandise namely oil… who hail from America…


I actually find it very hard to come to terms… with the fact.. after all blacks have been through… look at the reward…

The rewards arrive by way of a black historical president…. who  eagerly activates the exact same evil engineering to African and such modern resources and the middle east… that whites did to his engineered heritage. .. centuries ago…

An associate many years ago once asked me…

These are the desperate words he said…

“Khalil. .. when will they leave us alone…..”



“The Journal”

In This Affirmation And Continuing On From The Previous Affirmation here, In “Autonomy, Catastrophe And Trauma”…  Hopefully We Can Delve Further With More Precise Inquisitions.

Also…! Understanding, These Chapters Are Never And Not For The Most Ignorant Of cerebrum Or Easily Offended…. Hopefully, If You Have Been familiarising In The Early Blogs At This Website Http:// You May Be Now familiar With The Affirmations We Have Been Sharing Here… If You Have Not…? Well! Need I Explain More…? You Are Probably Not Ready For That Which We Are Sharing!.. Also, Also understand That, Each Individual Cerebrum Evolves At A Separate Rate, Plus The Fact The Intelligence Quotient Fluctuates Between Each Individual In Their Personal Stage Of Civility… To Autonomy Via Traumas -(The Individual Experience Of Trauma, Catastrophe And Autonomy).

As We Discussed In Previous Chapters Here, Such Affirmations Can Not Be Discussed, Deciphered And Delivered Enough, Especially Once You Have Finally Understood The Demographics Of Existence, The Personal Premise And Our Relation With In/Out!… This Becomes All Very Simple, Indeed!

Understanding How We Acknowledge Trauma As A Necessary Evil (Torment) Towards A Very Personal And Universal Autonomy. .. This Is Truly A Registration Of Enlightenment And Power To The Soul

“How We Switched On… Or How The Lights Are Switched On!”

The Greatest Gift To Life Is That Of Trauma, Abuse, Affliction, Pain, Misery, Emptiness, Victimisation,  Misanthropy, Debilitation, Agony, Hurt, Mistreatment, Transgressions, Oppression, Suppression And Depression! All These Necessary Evils Are That Which Has Aided The Civility Of Mass Modernisation And Self! Without Such Affliction…. Understand, That Neither Empathy, Patience Would Neither Exist. .. You Will Recognise The Fact That, Humankind Evolves Into A More Advanced Restorative State Of Autonomy And Fairness When Humanities Bystanders Become Afflicted With suffering… Understanding This Affliction, Which Is Bequeathed Upon Humanities Individuals, Is Never Internationally Synchronised. You Should Be Aware, Emotions Are Not Internationally Linked. What We Mean Here Is, As Each Individual Becomes Aware And Are Alerted To The Problems Of Life, They Usually Become Empathetic. .. The Only Problem Here, Is The Fact Of Two Very Important Facets!

Individuals Ideals Are Usually Portrayed Via The Actualities… Either They Remain As A Far Advanced Spectrum Ahead Of Their Peers Or A Spectrum Which Tenders To Them, Far Behind Their Peers In Education And Enlightenment?…

No.1 When Person A Or Group A Has Become Self Aware Through The Experience Process Of “Trial And Error”, Usually Person B Or Group B Has Long Yet To Experience Such Important Realisations. … This Allures… For A Difficult Understanding Between The Two Sides!

As One Side Is Educated The Other Side Has Yet To Fathom, Un-apathetic Position, While The Superior Evolved In Civility Are To Patiently Await The Progressive Civility Of The unawares And Un-Evolved!

Yet The Importance Here Is If There Was Constant Autonomy, What Would People Learn… Throughout Their Life…?

The Answer Is Nothing And Nothing At All.. Empathy Can Not Be Learned Via Autonomy/Constant Autonomous Vibrations And Good Wil… Solitaire… En essence…. En Essentialism In Empathy Can Not Be Learned Via Peace And Well Being… It Is Rather The Franchises Of Disquietude And The Fraternity Of Malignancy, That Allure Our Inquisitions And Enlightenment To Wisdom And Natures…

“No!” I Never Stated… Nor…  Am I Administrating For The Animalistic Aloofness Of Anarchism And Nihilism. Civility Should Be Practiced Far From Such Ideologies Of Corrosive Contamination. The Unethical Idiosyncrasies Of Un-Moral And Disastrous Beings… It Is Due To Fate… Hardship… Loss… Illness… Famines… Weather Disasters… And Severity Of Impoverishment, That Has Aided Many Civilians To Readjustment In Their Personal Evolutions. I Was First Alerted To This Windfall Enlightenment As A Child Growing… Experiencing Difficulties And Studying Human Nature… The Only Down Side To This Actuality, Is The Fact That, The Individual In Affliction Must Usually, Utilise All Intelligence, Or They/Such Folk Will Indeed, “Crash & Burn!”

Unfortunately It Is Also Evident, To Acknowledge, Most People Do Crash And Burn, Often You Will Find Children Following In The Steps Of Their Parents… Who Are Often “Highly Uneducated”… Often Poor Lying Damaged Mothers Or Lonely Women Do Not Evolve Well, That Have Previously Been Hurt Or Heartbroken, While…. Indeed Pass On All Affliction Inherited To Child Or Another Who Falls Upon Their Web, And Into Avenues Which Will Not Support Autonomy And Happiness… Ever In Longevity. .

No.2 When A Contingent Or Coadjuvancy Is Too Far Behind Their Social Heterogeneity, Communication Or Coexistence Can Be Near Impossible To Reach In A Steady Autonomy… Mainly One Group Or Person Will Be Burden Or Will Compromise. Such Compromise Often Comes Via Huge Sacrifice, Which Often Breaks Out In Turbulence. …

You Will Notice For Example, Love Partners, Who Do Not Share The Approximation In The Department Of “Individual Quotient”… Often Struggle With All Long Term Decisions And Major Factors Illustrated In Guide lines, Of The Registering Successful Partners In Longevity!

To Equate With The Superior Monophonic Substance, Of Such Success, In My Search I Have Discovered That, Strangely Enough, And Above All Things, Individual Quotient Registers As The Binding Force Of Such A Programme! Hence, Like For Like….

Often This Mediation, Is Lost In Other Areas Which, Are Forged In A False Abode, Detailed. Such, Never Truly Fulfil The Earliest Impressions. .. Finances Is Also Quite A Necessary Evil In A Partnership Securing Guidance Between Any Union… As Is Moral Virtue And Health. .. The More Independent Similarities Unions Have The Ever Stringent The Binding Bond… Often Wealthy Individuals Partner With, Aesthetic Or Youthful Individuals. .. Unfortunately And More Often Do Not Blossom Into lengthily Autonomous Relationships…… Yet If The Individual Quotient, Is Measured Equally You Will Often Witness A Fare Autonomy, Even If Multiple Differences Exist…?

Such Dear Enlightenment, Is Profanely Indeed Necessary, Pitched As The Ultimate Binding Blocks Between Peers/Unions! This Is Amongst The Differentiations In Societies Around The World… The Learning Curbs Are Constituents Of Individual Growth And Evolution Per Person… Per Peer… Per Life!

And Indeed Such A presentation Is Realisation Apprehended. ..

That Which I Have Realised, Is Via Peoples Personal Testament, They Became Empathetic, And Without It, They Could Not Have Been..

This Monolithic Aclimatisation To Actuation… I Am Also Trusting Of As Precise Accountancy Of Existence.

That I Believe All suffering, Which Is Non Humanistic -(Not Made By Humanistic Endeavours) Is Purposeful… I.e “Illness… Cancers… Tumours… Famine… Starvation… Disease… Traumas… Debilitation… Disability… Mobility… Are Very Very Important And Benefitting To The Soul…

These Are Not The Same As Humankind Made Traumas… I Say Humanistic Made Traumas, Because Essentially Humans Are Extremely Weak Organisms. .. Either Psychologically… Spiritually… Emotionally… Because Humans Have Often Weak Minds, They Can Neither Control Their Own Thoughts…

You Should Never Ever Trust A Human… Under All Accounts… But Ultimately Only Each Soul Can Truly Decide When Realisation And Enlightenment Are Bequeathed, Who, When, Why, With… Etc… Nobody Can Decide For You… As Daily Many People Around The World Have Their Life Ruined By Others Deciding For Them…You May Have Realised, That I Stated Enlightenment… Because As I Believe This Is Bequeathed From A Higher Echelon To The Soul… Instead Of… From The/A Particular Soul Or Recipient To The Self/Recipient!

Now You May Have Understood, Why I Am Saying That Cancer And Disease Is A Blessing In Disguise For Humanity. .. As Without Such Debilitating Afflictions, Empathy And Reasoning Would Never Survive In The World Of Nonchalance And Mild To High Ignorance!

Death Is Also A Very Blessing And Necessity, As Humans Are Often Obtrusive Upon The Environment Earth As A Whole…. We Can Affirm Humankind Has Completed More Destruction In The Past One Hundred Years Of Human existence… Than The Complete Numeration Of All The Other Life Inhabitants Upon Planet Earth Since The Beginning Of Earth!

This Is Why I Believe We Should Celebrate Death And Trauma… In Which I Propose A Happy Death And Trauma Day Every Week!!

For The Supreme Power That Be… Is Never Wrong!..

For Enlightenment Is The True Goal…

Without Enlightenment… The Question Is.. What Is Humanity Without Enlightenment. …?

Animals Perhaps….?





“It Is Highly Virtue To Autonomy, That One Can Be Truly Measured In Appreciation, With A Degree Of Pre Trauma Available To Reflect upon”

By this statement… what I advocate is due to the tacit facet of the necessary fluctuations in the polar degrees of the spectrum in hostility and calm, we can  analyse circumstance, wealth, well-being or health… of a participant or agent…?

The earth (World) for instance, has a large degree of autonomy which is measured by the fluctuations in chaotic worldwide weather bombardments. .. Too much of these chaotic weather bombardments, then the earth as a complete organism, would probably fall into a dilapidation. None of the chaotic weather bombardments and fear would not exist to represent a universal law of order for all the inhabitants, who exist only to feed and grow superior to the environment and boundaries, “If a universal law of order was not necessary to contain the aspirations and greed of each species!”

Every agent is universally facing a type of metaphysical imprisonment… This imprisonment is solely due to the acknowledgement of a higher order… the higher order we are currently governed by is the world. Yet the earth (world) is not by any means the highest order known or imaginable in current existence… Quite the contrary, it is by and large… the smaller of the known phenomenons in the existence of force and power. It is quite a phenomenon to acknowledge and even further to acknowledge, all the other wild species having the same acknowledgement of this supernatural premise!

Each and every mammalian… Avialea… Equatic Marin … Specimen in existence comprehends order and power… Life and death… beginning and ending… Start and finish…. Then and now… Today and tomorrow. .. This understanding negates towards big and small… Superior and inferior… Which slowly gravitates towards understanding and realisations in the complete synopses of life, functionality, limitations and existentialism! Without due understanding of such order, life would exist quite chaotically and truly disturbingly for each and all creatures to the point. .. Only the hybridisation of creatures would exist, as each species would mate in a totally randomised and wholesomeness in not breeding with in the format of specimens and type.

If such universal order did not exist, that which we would be in existence of is a universal unchallengeable mating regiment, in which the most odd and peculiar of species mated with each other, and continuously altered the face of each and every known species that ever existed. Equatic marine would regularly mate with Avialea. .. While mammals would mate with that of anthropomorphic traits. A complete free for all in as many diverse species as there exist cubic measuring metrication on earth!

If order did not exist, neither would fear! Fear from group species… Fear from family species… Fear from abomination. .. Fear from chastisement. .. Fear from attack… Fear from solitude… Fear from universal laws… Such laws via a superheterodyne metaphysicality, communicate universal understanding and ethics of right and wrong. Thus species should not interbreed or create abomination. ..

It is known that wild animals kill their new-born if they are not in agreement of the product as a species… Often animals are raped by other larger animals of a separate species. .. Often these embryonic pregnant species, will immediately attack and kill the new-born on emergence of descending (birth). Often carrying a cub or embryo which was never excepted or agreed upon can be quite traumatic for the survival adult… which often refuses to acknowledge the cub or new-born as a reference of rebellion to the product or instigator…?

Often one may lay their eyes upon a cross-breed (hybridisation) which may have been created out of genuine excellence and honorary exceptions…

I can understand such species will be left in the wilderness, throughout and will not find akin or likeness to the personal self of its understanding and similarities! Such species will feel very alone and in constant solitude. Fighting alone… hunting alone… living alone… sleeping alone and existing alone… Such species would not naturally find a likeness in a mate or partner throughout its natural life in existence! Such as the increasing levels of torment endured by such species would first resonate as realisation. .. understanding and enlightenment…. Enlightenment to itself as a one entity all alone… Further throughout time this acknowledgement will indeed reignite as the ultimate realisation. .. in actuality of pain… joy… suffering. .. love and hate… in the balance of life. A life well understood of necessity and elusive of perpetual harmony…. Escaping in and out of multiple hazardous habitats… Flushing out its prey, while avoiding various captures… For often the predator is also a prey to another species in the formidable change of capture and devour. Such a charge is hidden between the long pauses of silence and glares witnessed by observer and observed! The living is understanding, understanding of the necessary, the necessity to longevity in existence… Ultimately this I call the supreme balance. Balance of any two extremes molded together to great the autonomy of both extremes.

Now Understand!

Autonomy does not mean happy ever after… Unfortunately autonomy is not your average well-played “Love Story” to life.

Autonomy is created by polar opposites which are often combined to create a sub erected division… Not prejudice enough for it to reside at either end of the joining.

“The Warmth Or The Warm Zone!”

The middle ground in a dispute… The compromise necessary for understanding to be presented between two separate coadjuvancies manifesting their premises and personal reservations!

Autonomy is never and not joy or constant happiness, but rather the stability to endure constant. The personal authorisation to approximation of adjustment necessary to survival in un climatological environments…. Foreign environments. .. Alien cultures…. Untraditional cultures… Nations of unfamiliarity. .. Relationships of inconvenience. .. Work of unsuitability. … Foods that bare taste of bitterness… Situations outside ones power… Circumstances of unforeseeable circumstances. .. Are all professional and expertly met with the application of autonomy… or earnest compromise!

“First Notice”

Two young people alluring to the ignorance of their youthfulness. .. playing. .. entertaining mischief. .. calamity… rudimentary affirmations in civility… crudely at mercy of pestilence…. the abhorrence and repugnance of grandiosity displayed via various prejudices. .. Such life will not allure to the necessity of autonomy by their personal choice… not soon… not yet… maybe. ..!

Fore not at least without the necessary trauma which often subjects a life to burst into understanding of the necessary pain and pitfalls of life. Such felt by life may wish to alter their personal characteristics and set upon molding their outdated idiosyncrasies to better suitability of current demands sought by their age and society. Without such trauma experienced by these abhorrent youths in question, the autonomy required for acknowledgement in their respective societies will not be met. Such trauma may arrive by a number of ill fates…


Often can and will render the afflicted thoughtful and more understanding to life.. Often people who have lost a relative automatically become good listeners of others who are sufferings from debilitating illness… Including taking on important roles in their communities or schools… often Liaoning between troubled children and authority.

No.2 “Life Threatening Incident”

Often it has become fully acknowledged, that in this field of Psychology and trauma, the more experts that educate the masses the more awareness is felt in society of social needs and individual conditions, which many are totally ignorant towards. When one has recovered from a personal injury of huge deterioration. Often grievance is met by jubilation and  thankfulness. This may evolve into a state of awareness and giving of knowledge to the less advantage and ignorant who often cause mischief to the unfortunate!

No.3 “Victim Of A Crime Or An Abuse”

Most people who are a victim of a crime whether recent or historic are often able to foresee future problems from personalised experience. Often such experience is well appreciated when traded with ears (listener, learner, advised, patient, debilitated) for the knowledge given (Advisor, voice, protagonist, supporter, philanthropist, educator).

understand… The trauma is totally un equivocally a necessity for education… growth… autonomy and calm.

Such souls who do not face trauma, never take heed and always crash and burn from that which they can not visualise. Even in my relatively short life I have witnessed many already who have crashed and burned. Such will not come back and rise from the ashes of their assessment hence forth!

Take note of any who you are sure will crash and burn, to witness how simple the reality is. Sure you can give aid if you have the relative knowledge and confidence. .. or simply direct them to wellness of advice!  Or this blog is sufficient in waking the sleeping soul of mortal fiends!

Yet, I say take note of any you are aware of who may be slipping on slippery slopes!……

For sometime in the distant future you will acquire the information that such the casting has incurred a debilitating illness, which will most probably terminate their present time on this earth.

“This Catastrophe”

Often this unwelcome prejudice is met with surprise and trepidation, disquietude and perturbation, consternation and apprehension. .. for fear arises in the most unprecedented unpredictability of scenarios. .. often unimaginable! Yet I advise and have acknowledged evidence that CANCER is no more than a court in relation to the longevity of the sentence opposed.

“Fatality is final”

This measure is the final count and highest priced payed for exploits and actualities administrated by the hostess/hoste not previously court for…. while in good young health.  Unfortunately neither did a fortune of trauma pay a visit to the newly afflicted. If trauma had been present throughout ones life, cancer would never have existed in that personal body!

“Lord Janner The Former Mp”

Lord Janner has severe Dementia. .. Anyone who knows about suffering and illness will undoubtedly be aware that this illness is one of the worst and shamefully hostile illness to humankind. All afflicted, by dementia are existing in a 24 hours hell day and night. This affliction is far stricter than any sentence (death sentence) one could ever imagine.

Karma! If the exploits are true then quite, if not then another separate exploit exists hidden in the depths of the historical favours to such brands in lords and titles!

Understand this version of torment witnessed is available to all earths inhabitants….

Protect your good self non haters and life without the possibility of being judged by the sole original court of death/afflicted punishment/sentences in existence…

The cosmos. …

Illustration Of The Nuclear Strobes Relation!

“When The Rays From The Sun Strobe Out Towards Any Location, The Location Receiving The Sun’s Rays Is Acclimatised By Heat. If Any Objects With In The Paramagnetic Parameter Of The Burning Strobe Prevent The Sun’s Rays From Penetrating Further Then The Object Shade And The Shades Metrication Will Be As Cool As Autumn…. The Sun’s Rays Only Heat The Spot Or Location In Direct View Of The Sun’s Rays…. This Is Akin To A High Powered Spot Light From A Powerful Touch, Emitting Heat From The Wattage Capacity Of The Instrument! The Precise Spot And Location Light Is Displayed From The Touch, Will Be Illuminated By Heated Atoms. These Atoms In The Path/Vicinity Of This Light Source Are  Brought Into Extra Energy/Movement/Motion/Excitability/Life/Excursion/Illustration/Illumination/Effervescence/Speed/Hostility/Nuclear/Bombardment/Communication/Commotion/expensiveness/Explosives. .. The Electricity Presented (Heat)… The Nucleation Emitting From The Sun Reacts With The Atomic Properties Of The Nucleus, Subsequently Creating Further Heat Waves. 

The Area Not Penetrated (Hidden) And Obscured From The Sun’s View (Illumination) Is Ultimately Unheated (Unelected For Heat) And Dis-scorched By The Sun’s Heat Rays!

As an example. ..


Let us for instance imagine a tall building on land being felt by scorching heat waves from the stroking sun. The Area Of The Building And A Large Part Of The Ground Will Be Felt By Heat Waves, Allowing These Areas To Be Bright And Warm. The Area Of The Building Obscured By The Sun In Conjunction With The Area ‘Less Of Sun Rays’ Will Be Extremely Cooler And Unequivocally Cold! As The Temperature Outside Of The Sun’s Rays Is Cold!

The Un equivocation That The Sun Is In Acknowledgedment Of A Location Distinguishable By View.. Fact… Reasonable Logic… Presentation Of Sun Light Rays Onto Thus Location, Will Not Effect Any Location By Also Heat (Warming From The Sun) Which The Sun Is Not In View From Or Directed Onto By Heat Ways.

Thus, the shaded area, which has been obscured by the building will be cold. The outlay or silhouette of the building is the shaded area displayed onto the service of the ground. Such an area will remain both simultaneously cold and dark! The atmosphere in the shaded area (silhouette) of the building will be inextricably cooler. This temperature of the shaded area will be lower then the temperature of the area covered by the sunshine! Though both areas are in the same vicinity and actually directly and strictly next to one another. Intriguingly enough, one human step from one area to the next, will be measured by a huge drop or incline in temperatures. A Temperature of 90° Celsius In A Heat Wave Felt By The Sun’s Rays, Can Be Instantly Reduced To… Close To 0° Celcius In Temperature, Simply By Stepping Into The Shaded Margin.

Interesting Enough, The Unequivocal Fact, That The Sun Is Out In Obvious View, Does Not Necessarily Change The Temperature Everywhere Instantly! This Pattern Occurs Via The Surrounding Objects Relation To The Sun’s Strobe. If Each Surrounding Object In Relativity To The Sun’s Rays Is In Reaction To The Heat Waves (Nucleus) Presented By Illumination Of The Burning Strobe, Then Each Object Will Be Hot And Give Into Heat Radiating From The Sun. As A Consequence Each Object Will Be Emitting A Relative Heat Distribution To Mirror The Sun’s Rays From The Sun To The Relative Object! As This Relationship Conspires The Relative Object Is Under Focus And Will Continue To Grow Warm To The Point It (Object) Begins To Perpetuate Heat And Sustain The Relative Atmosphere With Heat. This Sustenance Is Consequentially The Incline Of Heat In The Vicinity Is Dictated By The Relative Objects Withstanding The Sun’s Heat Rays And Reciprocating To Parallel And Adjacent Objects!

Yet objects non relational will remain cool and at natural temperatures. ..

Over all the vicinity will be heated by the objects in consistent relation to the sun’s heat waves, barring the shaded areas… which will be cooler from non compliance to the sun’s rays.

Remember! The atmosphere in outer space is at what we have deemed a minus temperature. .. The sun and relating stars and similar phenomena are all at a plus temperature. .. For all organic elements breathe life at a plus temperature… Subatomic life exist at a minus temperature in which the platform for all life can be negotiated.

understanding the temperature we embrace in the hottest regions or seasons is due to the relationship shared between all the surrounding relative objects in such regions at such seasons!

Without such thriving relationships the temperature would constantly be very cool… as if one was constantly walking in shaded territory.  The objects intriguingly enough both give cool shade and relative heat from absorbing the suns rays and hiding the suns rays.

Once the rays are hidden, a connective shadow restores the cool temperature. Simultaneously the object reflects the suns heat rays, whether the object be made of stone or natural organics or artificial materials!

All work has been researched and tested by myself

Thank you…

And be well…

Product Of Khalil Aliy 15th April 2015 (C)

Witnesses Of A Relunctant Messiah

 “Show Me Your Comrades…? And I Will show you Who You Are!”

Advised here in earlier chapters… of the methodologies to personalise autonomy and the necessity to acquire suitable liaisons, in the chapters of one’s life. Acquaintances of educated and moral notability are indeed fundamental on the congregation towards personal success. Otherwise a proclivity towards solitude is equally as potent in the longevity of self preservation! The attributes of solitude is quite a simple measurement. One simply can never be dissatisfied with the arrangements imposed by self authority in decisions and reliability. The realisations of depending (where and when possible) on the self alone, often is set on stage in the scope of personal relativity in the great autonomy of existence.

“Comprehension Of The Above Synopses”

Such an acquisition, dictates a prospective allure towards dreams… quite comfortably many dreams and possibilities abound! By now one should be fully versed with the processes. .. procedures and principles surrounding autonomy?

“Please Always Remember!”

You can never have autonomy, if you lay with a poisonous rattle snake… which carefully orchestrates your demise!… Neither will one benefit from any such autonomous benign, if one constructs or dwells on unsteady ground (Quicksand) You shall never reap true good tidings, if you spoil a future benign with instants of poisonous machinations, if you constantly construct your criticism at one body or nation, (Understanding the world is a complete synopsis with partners of metaphysically unparalleled comprehension!).

Do not walk into a blazing building searching for gold, as do not search for autonomy where obvious trouble lays, you shall neither be bequeathed with a reward for blindness or ignorance!

“Indeed, Take Heed… Take Heed

Take much needed respite, from unduly exhaustion and elusiveness of rest! One can not continue a journey, if one is ill or broken! It would be totally illogical to perpetuity in such circumstances. .. Take comfortably wisdom in “Education and logic!”

For these two pillars have guided many well! The atonement of labour and the binding forms to sphragistics of earnestness coming together as one!

LABOUR… LOVE… FRUITION… can never be favoured enough… as a beautiful autonomy to be bequeath and align with.. The nemesis of such grandeur is Misguide… Misinterpretation… Misinformation… As the opposition in the longevity of self preservation! Will often be taught by educated minds, such minds who often lack the wisdom to comprehend their own errors by misguide, will lead everyone they come into contact with wholeheartedly into severe situations of unconformability, and still will often leave the earth with the uneducated knowledge they have existed with! As stated, numerically on occasions, that it can not be stated enough!

“In My Own Observations Of Such A Detriment And Future Torment, I Have Consistently And Sadly Witnessed Many Guided Away From Prosperity Into The Patheads Of Demise”

The genuine  faithful of the earth are unfortunately outnumbered, by an approximation ratio of huge “Thousand to One” (1000-1). By experience, personal surveys… discussions, inquisitions… and studies compiled I would assess this is as close to accurate in the understanding of autonomy! 

Understand Homo sapiens exist in diverse cultures, with the proclivities to acquire selfishly and often unrestricted…. A citizen can or will eat as much as desired, untill a measure of prevention is analysed (Income/Health).

This level of insatiability will not stop at the next door  or neighbours doorstep. Often such inclinations rampage through relationships of business or family orientation! Thus providing the understanding the modern homo sapiens, is still the untamed wild beast it long ago was, when roaming the exotic habitats of the hot jungles in the African continent! We can understand how pairing of liaisons with trusting companionship, was such a sought after affair! Often the strongest or bravest would seek out a coherent cohabitee of the opposite gender, who would be fit to nurture young childs within a common abode! Often the object of the warriors affection, would not be asked, but rather taken without objection! Quite reasonably evolution has permitted democratic changes to such a casting of spouses in the arrangements of love and marriage! A diplomacy which often is most utilised by the fairer of wage and the fairer of beauty! Often in modern day, those with power still pitch their hand in marriage ahead of all  else! For we understand that power gives freedom… The freedom to pay for quality services… quality homes…. quality food… quality education…. quality health… quality work…. quality hobbies… quality accommodation… even remarkably quality acquaintances. .. One with such financial acumen in our era can pay for a supposed sentence removed or even death sentence to another imposed… such of the exploits of immoral men! Life is valued simply on wage or that of financial worth of person/s.

Most teenagers and the unwise or simple of folk, unfortunately do not acquaint with the posture of “thread carefully”. Often rampaging via life, their very own life is cut short with wholesomeness away from redemption, while amongst us in this particular journey! It is better to be careful for consequences only skew your ability to function competently! (Take a stroll in any neighbourhood, and realise the broken shells which are left as adults).  Continue reading


On a recent blog at the below website address…. A mild but acquiring discussion has risen with in the confides of socio heterogeneity. …

Importance Of Washing, That Being Cloths, It Has Become A Modern Dilemma On The Recommended Intervals Garments Should Be Cleaned/Washed…?”

I Remember Growing Up As A Child Living At Home, I Did Not Understand That Which I Know Today And The Significance Of Washing Cloths Prematurely, In Such Collective Spatiotemporally Orders…While Presentations Akin To Sphragistics, Not For Visual Importance But Rather Hygienic Importance. ..

Certainly… As Most Kids Formalities… My Attire Was Necessary Clean… But Not Over Necessary Clean..

When I Learnt To Use The Washing Machine As A Child I Remember, Washing My Cloths When I Thought It Was Now Necessary! In Primary School I Remember My Mother Washing My School Cloths Frequently As A Rule Of Necessary Sphragistic Presentation… Alternating Between Daily To Skipping A Day In between Depending On Material Of Attire And Not Fully Registering Such Importance, Yet, For Trousers/Jeans. Whereas Tops And T-shirts Were Certainly Daily, As Were Underwear And Socks/Vests. I Remember Jackets Would Be Washed On Appearance Of Uncleanness (Approximately 1 Month) Whereas Jumpers Or Cardigans Would Be Cleanse Fortnightly. ..Bed Linen Was Usually Washed Fortnightly…. As A Child I Could Not Understand What I Then Thought was An Inconvenient Fuss Over Nothing…. The Non-Sporadicalness Of This Measurements!

This perpetuated unto secondary school, then blazers washed weekly, shirts day to three days as trousers… underwear daily as sports clothing…

“Now, On The Other Hand I Visualise Matters Much Clearer!”

Now I Have Been Enlighten To Realise, That Those Washing “stats” Actually Where Not That Frequent As I Once Perceived Them To Be!

But In All Fairness I Believe My Mother Was Consistently Inhabited With Workloads As A dress Maker/Tailor/Seamstress… “The Occupation Of Her Dreams”… She Once Informed Me,  When I Inquisitioned To “What Did She Desire To Be As A Child… Growing Up And Looking Forward To The Adult Of Her Future?”

(I Often Divulge, Strange How She Was Allowed To Chose Her Dream And Chase It). Good Luck Anyway!

Personally! I Certainly Would Not Have Minded, As Long As A Person Has At Least One, No matter What It Maybe?).

Nonetheless. … A seamstress From What I Came To Acknowledge Is Most Certainly A Good A Trade Which Constantly Serenades Your Home With A Quantum Diversity Of Alliances… So Washing Was A Constant Matter…. Which I Apprehended At Quite A Young Age!

Recent Surveys Have Concluded On Fluctuating Quantums Held By Wider Majority abodes Of The Sociol Heterogeneity In General!


Some Fluctuating Statistics As Of Follows:

BRAS: After three to four wears (occasions of usage or days)

SPORTSWEAR: After Every wear (after every usage)

UNDERWEAR: Daily/twice/thrice (One to Two to Three times including night)

TROUSERS(pants)/SKIRTS/SHORTS: After three to four wears (Three to four days? of usage)

TOPS/DRESSES/LEGGINGS: one to two wears…? 

JEANS:  Apparently as less as frequently to rejuvenate the material (After Five To Six Wears?) Some individuals have forsaken their precious garment of tap water and determination!

JACKETS/BLAZERS: five to six days of wear?

COATS: Once every two months

BED LINEN: Fortnightly

PYJAMAS: After three to four nights/days of wearing…?

Would have once upon a methodology to garments utilised such a format but not today…

Myself I prefer to wash my bedding linen as regular as possible…? Anything from one complete usage (One Night) to 3 days is fine with me!

Calculate garments by hours of wear instead of days of wear, when non perspiring. .. especially in cooler weather!

For winter I would recommend the following. ..

TROUSERS(pants)/SKIRTS/SHORTS: Non-perspiration Hours Of Usage… 6-9 hours of usage per wash!

UNDERWEAR/BRASSERIE/SOCKS/TIGHTS/STOCKINGS/LEGGINGS: Non-perspiration Hours Of Usages… 6-9 hours of usage per wash!

TOPS/SHIRTS/DRESSES/LEGGINGS/TIGHT-TROUSERS: Non-perspiration Hours Of Usages… 6-9 hours of usage per wash!

TRACKSUITS/ONE-ZEE/DUNGAREES/CARDIGANS/JUMPERS/HOODIES/HATS/SCARVES/BELTS: Non-perspiration Hours Of Usage… 9-12 hours of usage per wash!

JACKETS/COATS/BLAZERS: Non-Perspiration Hours Of Usage… 12-48 hours of usage  per wash!

JEANS: Non-perspiration hours of usage… 12-16 hours for dark jeans… 6-9 hours for light coloured jeans per wash!

Training Clothing/Trainers/Footwear Apparatus: Upon every usage (Once utilised/used immediately wash)

T-shirts/Vests/Corsets: Non-perspiration Hours Of Usage…. 5-9 hours of usage per wash!

(2-5 hours of usage per wash in warm weather)

I tend to wash my cloths twice as often in the summer time due to perspiration. .. I would advise to wash garments on perspiration… foreseen that the ability of washing is available. Otherwise to wear or change at half the hour schedule above… when warm weather approaches!

An important factor  to acknowledge is not mentioned in the above surveys, is the dispensation of released skin. This does neither bequeath into disintegration from the atmosphere, But rather has an ageless deathlessness acquainted with the odour of ones deoxyribonucleic acid! The breathlessness of the cytokinesis of all organisms is certainly evolutionary and constructive aswell as inhabiting self destructiveness. .. a sincerity in decorousness of decortication!

Because our top layer genetic membrane decorticates… it floats or sticks to other objects… anything it touches at that matter, it will graft to and while liberating the stagnation of dead matter in to the ozone… The air we breath is polluted with floating debris… dead matter from poriferous organic life… trees, mammals, insects, plants, aquamarines, avialae, anthropogenic forms all shed skin at a quantum rate per day! Such as this dead matter which we can visualise in clear day when we open our curtains and a spot of light burst through into a dark space… The dust you stare at, floating in the light, is none other than dead skin fallen off organisms. Each an all organisms sheds it’s skin daily and systematically. This dead debris is once again feeding the earth and other biotic life which feed of this tiny debris as food!

Not washing your cloths or linen frequently, you will subjugate yourself to an encroachment of insects and a swarm of unpleasantness in bites from feeding frenzied proclaimed by such night stalkers and insects which habituate the proclivity!

The only things which often prevent one from washing the linen and cloths are forgetting to buy washing powder/liquid/break down in washing machine or electricity matters…

Above all else… washing is most certainly a priority… if not for your personal smell and hygiene that for your health from attracting microorganisms and nocturnal agents which feast on human biochemistry!