Witnesses Of A Relunctant Messiah

ย “Show Me Your Comrades…? And I Will show you Who You Are!”

Advised here in earlier chapters… of the methodologies to personalise autonomy and the necessity to acquire suitable liaisons, in the chapters of one’s life. Acquaintances of educated and moral notability are indeed fundamental on the congregation towards personal success. Otherwise a proclivity towards solitude is equally as potent in the longevity of self preservation! The attributes of solitude is quite a simple measurement. One simply can never be dissatisfied with the arrangements imposed by self authority in decisions and reliability. The realisations of depending (where and when possible) on the self alone, often is set on stage in the scope of personal relativity in the great autonomy of existence.

“Comprehension Of The Above Synopses”

Such an acquisition, dictates a prospective allure towards dreams… quite comfortably many dreams and possibilities abound! By now one should be fully versed with the processes. .. procedures and principles surrounding autonomy?

“Please Always Remember!”

You can never have autonomy, if you lay with a poisonous rattle snake… which carefully orchestrates your demise!… Neither will one benefit from any such autonomous benign, if one constructs or dwells on unsteady groundย (Quicksand) You shall never reap true good tidings, if you spoil a future benign with instants of poisonous machinations, if you constantly construct your criticism at one body or nation, (Understanding the world is a complete synopsis with partners of metaphysically unparalleled comprehension!).

Do not walk into a blazing building searching for gold, as do not search for autonomy where obvious trouble lays, you shall neither be bequeathed with a reward for blindness or ignorance!

“Indeed, Take Heed… Take Heed

Take much needed respite, from unduly exhaustion and elusiveness of rest! One can not continue a journey, if one is ill or broken! It would be totally illogical to perpetuity in such circumstances. .. Take comfortably wisdom in “Education and logic!”

For these two pillars have guided many well! The atonement of labour and the binding forms to sphragistics of earnestness coming together as one!

LABOUR… LOVE… FRUITION… can never be favoured enough… as a beautiful autonomy to be bequeath and align with.. The nemesis of such grandeur is Misguide… Misinterpretation… Misinformation… As the opposition in the longevity of self preservation! Will often be taught by educated minds, such minds who often lack the wisdom to comprehend their own errors by misguide, will lead everyone they come into contact with wholeheartedly into severe situations of unconformability, and still will often leave the earth with the uneducated knowledge they have existed with! As stated, numerically on occasions, that it can not be stated enough!

“In My Own Observations Of Such A Detriment And Future Torment, I Have Consistently And Sadly Witnessed Many Guided Away From Prosperity Into The Patheadsย Of Demise”

The genuine ย faithful of the earth are unfortunately outnumbered, by an approximation ratio of huge “Thousand to One”ย (1000-1). By experience, personal surveys… discussions, inquisitions… and studies compiled I would assess this is as close to accurate in the understanding of autonomy!ย 

Understand Homo sapiens exist in diverse cultures, with the proclivities to acquire selfishly and often unrestricted…. A citizen can or will eat as much as desired, untill a measure of prevention is analysedย (Income/Health).

This level of insatiability will not stop at the next door ย or neighbours doorstep. Often such inclinations rampage through relationships of business or family orientation! Thus providing the understanding the modern homo sapiens, is still the untamed wild beast it long ago was, when roaming the exotic habitats of the hot jungles in the African continent! We can understand how pairing of liaisons with trusting companionship, was such a sought after affair! Often the strongest or bravest would seek out a coherent cohabitee of the opposite gender, who would be fit to nurture young childs within a common abode! Often the object of the warriors affection, would not be asked, but rather taken without objection! Quite reasonably evolution has permitted democratic changes to such a casting of spouses in the arrangements of love and marriage! A diplomacy which often is most utilised by the fairer of wage and the fairer of beauty! Often in modern day, those with power still pitch their hand in marriage ahead of all ย else! For we understand that power gives freedom… The freedom to pay for quality services… quality homes…. quality food… quality education…. quality health… quality work…. quality hobbies… quality accommodation… even remarkably quality acquaintances. .. One with such financial acumen in our era can pay for a supposed sentence removed or even death sentence to another imposed… such of the exploits of immoral men! Life is valued simply on wage or that of financial worth of person/s.

Most teenagers and the unwise or simple of folk, unfortunately do not acquaint with the posture of “thread carefully”. Often rampaging via life, their veryย own life is cut short with wholesomeness away from redemption, while amongst us in this particular journey! It is better to be careful for consequences only skew your ability to function competently!ย (Take a stroll in any neighbourhood, and realise the broken shells which are left as adults).ย  Continue reading